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#gotham jerome
valeskakingdom · 2 days ago
Could I request a part 3? Jerome keeps the reader as his hostage for popularity and attention. Reader is really fond of the attention she gets as well and eventually sleeps with Jerome again? In the end she sees how Galavan kills him and is really sad?
Requested by @violentvaleska
So guys, here's part 5!!
Credit gif: @jokersbabe27
Tumblr media
Jerome x female reader (part 5)
Warnings: mentions of violence and murder, depression
Word count: 3378
*Later that day at the charity*
"Already excited for my show, doll?" Jerome grinned through his magician costume. you hated that costume. It hid Jerome's beautiful face with a shitty beard, his hairs were under a stupid wig and a black cylinder. And that tuxedo...gosh, you hated it thought not as much as the wig or the fake beard. The worst on it was his name...'Rodolfo'. You were disgusted by that name.
No magician in that universe would ever call himself like that! It sounds so ridiculous!
"Of course! Though I already know you'll be amazing as always." You smirked pressing a kiss on his cheek "Give them the best show they've ever seen!"
"That ain't be a problem for me" Jerome grinned "Even Hundini wouldn't have seen such a great show." You giggled at his comment.
"Without further ado, please allow me to present you the Great Rodolfo!" Immediately, Jerome walked on stage, everyone was applauding - even you. You were excited for how he was acting as a magician. Of course, you knew he was doing it well anyway. Jerome was professional. He could play every role in this Earth perfectly!
"Ha! Greetings ladies and germs," Jerome walked on stage "I am indeed the Great Rodolfo! Please ogle my lovely assistant. Ohh, for my first act, I'll require a volunteer. Let me see. Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, goose!" Jerome pointed at Bruce Wayne, the richest orphan in Gotham that was hated by every villain - really, everyone wanted to kill him.
"Hello, young man. Does this handsome gentleman have a name?" You heard Jerome saying after she went out to the crowd to bring him back.
"Bruce." The boy responded.
"Bruce! Well, Bruce. This won't hurt a bit." He clapped two great blades together "Is there a doctor in the house?"
Jerome sticked one of the blades in the box along with the other one. The audience gasped, them applauded him.
While watching you were astonished about Jerome's well, acting. Nobody noticed it was him. Neither Bruce nor the other guests recognized anything. Almost unbelievable for you.
"Some people say Bruce has a split personality." Jerome laughed loud while Barbara brought the little kid back to his actual place "For my next illusion, I'd like to call to the stage esteemed Deputy Major Harrison Kane."
Barbara pushed a rolling table, covered with a tarp, forward that it stood in front of Jerome. She pulled the tarp back and you could see any kind of knives laying down there. You were thinking about what was coming next. Is Jerome still playing with him or is he about to kill that guy?
Barbara bended down making the others noticed the next illusion was incoming. But a mistake happened, her mask fell down.
They're fucked!! You thought panicking. If anyone of the guests recognized them, they all would have a big problem. People would call the police, others die, the police finds you and eventually become informed about Theo, as well.
But Barbara kept being professional. Nobody made a move to start panicking or to call the police. Everything stayed normal.
"By the way, nobody is getting out here alive." At first the crowd laughed because they thought he was just joking - of course, he did not. Jerome killed the Deputy and the gunfire started. People were screaming and hiding in hope they weren't the next victim.
You flinched a little in surprise, although you might have expected it. Who would Jerome not kill expect you? He killed his mother, now the Deputy was just a matter of time to see who was his next victim.
For you, that all was pretty exciting, but also a big feeling of unpleasantness came over you. This situation reminded you of the day Jerome kidnapped you. You had flashbacks. You fear, you uncomfortableness, the nervousness, the wish to go home...everything came back - you knew best how the victims felt right now, and.
And as the last time, something told you that this situation wouldn't turn out well.
You wanted to be with Jerome right now. You just wanted to hug him, you wouldn't care whether he liked it or not, you just needed it.
But you couldn't go to him. You promised him to stay backstage to watch his marvellous show. And you knew, as everyone else knew what would happen if you broke the promise. His mood would change again and you needed to see whether it would turn out well for you or not.
You just stared at your lover. Finally he took the cylinder from his head as the wig, his black mask and the beard. Finally he presented himself again. You couldn't help but smile. You saw him being excited, being happy. He was the star in the show as he was the boss. You loved to see this: him standing there calm and managing everything while around him was pure chaos.
He was so professional you thought.
Out of nowhere, another woman was brought on stage, it was Lee Tompkins.
She was handhuffed, her gaze expressed fear and panicking.
They probably have taken her from behind as she was about to call the cops to tell what was going on.
You saw Jerome gazing at her with a smile - immediately, you hated her. You hated how you Jerome looked at her, how he smiled at her. It looked the same as every time he was smiling at you.
"Hey, darling" You felt shivers down your spine and jealousy came over you as he said that, you hated when Jerome was acting kinda flirty with other women. You always got the feeling they'd be much better than you but you also that your thoughts are wrong "I need to borrow your phone for a moment. We wanna tell Jimbo how the show's going on, don't we?"
And so he called him:
"Sorry Jimbo, it's just little old me!" He said nothing for a moment, then "Are you outside? You are, aren't you?" He cackled" Oh, goody!"
"Breathe, James. I haven't touched a hair on your girlfriend's pretty head." See for yourself. This is live television after all." You heard Jerome laughing after he responded to 'Jimbo'.
Then Jerome and Barbara tied Lee up on that big wheel pretending to shoot her head. It was all to entertain the crowd, to make them love. No one loved though - besides you. You loved their show. It entertained you and you loved to see your lover in action.
"True, but not the point. Hey, let's talk about what I want." Jerome walked down the stage closer to the camera "$47 million, a helicopter, obviously, the dry cleaning I left at Mr. Chang's be careful, the man is a crook, and mm, I don't know, a pony. Uh, you got ten minutes or I start killing people. Remember this is being broadcast to every home in Gotham, so, don't let people die. Bye!" Jerome laughed into the phone as he hung up "I think that went well." Jerome looked at you giving you a wink with a smile.
"Enough! You need to pack up your pathetic little sideshow and leave!" You suddenly heard Theo yelling from the other side of the stage. You were confused. What was he doing here? He told them to do this! Or did this still belong to the show?
"Is that right?" Jerome asked with a smirk.
"It may be presumptuous to speak for all citizens of Gotham. But we are sick of you! You're a small, vicious man with a pathetic need for attention. Enough man, for God's sake, enough!"
You were even more confused about Galavan's words. Something was in the bush. In his tower he spoke in high claims of Jerome that he was the star in the show, that he trusted Jerome most that he'll do it. What was wrong now?
"I'm curious what your leverage is here, Mr.?"
"Theo Galavan"
"Well, Mr. Theo Galavan, if you don't sit down, uh, I'm gonna shoot you. In your face."
"I know there is some human decency left in you. If you need a hostage, take me. But let these people go home! To their families, to their children." Before Theo could continue his speech, Barbara knocked him out with a some kind of pan. You giggled for yourself, almost laughed loud. It looked so stupid for you how he fell on the ground. It was like in a real blockbuster.
"Boring" Barbara stated.
"Right" Jerome cackled loudly, then he made his way to you with a big grin in his face. Automatically you grinned, too.
"How do you like the show doll?" Jerome grabbed your hands and pulled you close to him. You felt a slightly blush spreading over your cheeks as he pressed his lips against yours. His hands grabbed your cheeks softly to intense the kiss.
"I love it! It's very exciting" You grinned wrapping your arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around your waist "But I'm much happier about you not wearing this cruel costume anymore. It covered your face, I hated it."
Jerome just chuckled about your comment and kissed your forehead.
"I have an idea," You just raised your brows looking at him in interest "Wanna be the star in my show?"
"Of course I do!" You smiled wide before he pressed his lips against yours quickly, then you both walked out. Gasps filled the room, all eyes were on you. They all knew who you were. You were the missed girl everyone was looking for. They either thought you were dead or that you were left at a lost place. But now you stood there - healthy, happy, self-confident.
"I know what you all think: That's (Y/n)! What is she doing here?! Where has she been?! I tell you all a secret: She was with me all the time." Jerome grabbed your face soft making you giggle "She's gorgeous, isn't she? Always has a pretty smile in her face."
Barbara pulled a next man up on stage positioning right in front of you and handed you a gun. Then she placed an apple on the man's bald.
"You know how to hold a gun, doll?" Jerome grinned wrapping his arms around you from behind. You felt his lips and his warm breathe touched your cheek. It was giving you chills in arousal.
"I'm not that stupid, Jerome." You made sure the gun was loaded. You positioned yourself to keep stable and pointed the gun at the apple. That was what Barbara and Tabitha have taught you over the days you were at Galavan's.
The man in front of you was shivering with wide eyes, his sweat was dripping down his forehead. His eyes expressed fear and you could see he wished you didn't kill him.
"Hold very still." Jerome growled at the man, then he covered his eyes with one hand "I can't look! Someone tell me how it turns out."
You inhaled deeply and concentrated on the apple. But as you pulled the trigger, just water came out and splashed into the old man's face. At that moment, you thought that Jerome jerked you around with tell you time the star.
Jerome just sighed in annoyance grabbing your gun and gave you a new one assuring you that he didn't know the gun was fake.
"Damn! Turn around." The man looked at you in fear and turned around. With his eyes he literally begged you not to shoot or at least to hit the apple. He was about to stop moving as you shot the apple from his head. The crowd gasps in shock and relief that the guy wasn't dead yet.
"Whoo!" Barbara cheered happily. You knew she was proud of you that you didn't blame yourself and missed the apple. You were proud of yourself, too. You shot without hesitation, not even thinking of missing the apple and accidentally shoot the guy.
Every one else kept quiet tho.
"Well, clap!" Jerome shouted kinda aggressively to the crowd - then they did it. Nervously and fast. He laughed slightly pressing a kiss on your cheek "Well done, doll."
"Thank you, Jerome." You grinned. He took the gun out of your hands and placed it on the table with the knives. Then he kept staring at them for a while, you could see he was thinking about something.
"Do you know how to use a knife? Just wondering." Jerome smiled at you.
Before you could answer though, you saw Lee kicked Barbara in the stomach making her grunt.
As Barbara looked up at Lee, you could see fury was written in her face. She was angry, mad...these words just described a very small part of her feeling. It was incredible how much hate a person could express.
You looked at Lee. You could see she didn't give a fuck about her consequences.
"Haven't been ten minutes," Jerome hissed holding Barbara's arm tight that she was unable to stab Lee "We need to buy you a watch." Soon as Jerome turned around back to you Barbara punched Lee in her face. The crowd and you all gasped in surprise. Jerome instead, just looked at you shaking his head in disappointment what made you chuckle.
"Well, I think it's time for tonight's first official victim. You all know and love. Poor rich boy...Parents murdered in an alley, and my favorite volunteer: Where is Bruce Wayne?" Jerome claimed waiting for the little boy's appearance - he didn't come though. Everyone looked around for the boy hoping he would come. They, as you, knew what would happen if he did - someone will die.
"You know, I'm an orphan, too, Bruce? I killed my parents, though." Jerome spoke to the microphone, then stepped away from it "Where are you hiding?"
"Bruce!" Jerome screamed in anger making you flinch a little - you were always surprised about his temper. It came rapidly and was gone after a few seconds "Where are you buddy?!"
"That little kid's afraid of you, Jerome." You giggled wrapping your arms around his torso kinda in hope to calm him down a little. You had no idea his temper could ride that fast. "Give that boy some time to realize how much fun he's gonna have with you."
"We don't have time, right now. We have a plan to follow." Jerome grumbled looking around for Bruce and slightly pushing you away from him. In your eyes, Jerome was  a mix of an infant and a monster or the evil itself. His impatience reminded you of a child that didn't get his will. And his eye expression expressed fury, evil and the strong wish to kill the kid. It was fascinating, and almost frightening.
"Kill his butler!"" Barbara suggested.
"Alright, last chance Bruce but it's about to get very butler-brainy out here." Jeromekept looking around. While that, some of Jerome's colleagues grabbed the butler's arms right pushing him forward to Jerome. He was an older tall man in a black tuxedo looking very concerned for the little boy - understandable.
"Brucey!" Jerome yelled looking through the crowd but the boy still didn't appear "I'm bored. Shoot the butler." Jerome turned to you with a grin, not even really paying attention to what was happening around him. He just wanted you.
"Stop!" Bruce claimed panicking and ran fast in front of the stage to his poor butler.
"Let's get this started, huh?" Jerome gasped pulling Bruce back while pointing a gun at his head "You! Check behind the curtain! Make sure no one's playing silly buggers"
One of Jerome's colleagues nodded and walked to the curtain. He moved it aside the entrance,  he got shot.
"Drop the knife!" James Gordon shouted pointing a gun at Jerome, but he just laughed and pressed the young Bruce Wayne in front of his body, a sharp blade was pressed on his throat almost cutting his thin skin.
"I don't have a clean shot!" Gordon shouted.
"Stay calm, Bruce." The butler tried to encourage the little boy after he took a gun, as well, pointing it at Jerome. He totally ignored what Gordon said. His mind was all around Bruce.
"It seems like we've got ourselves a pickle." Jerome stopped laughing but pressing a knife against Bruce's throat. "What do you say Brucey boy? Wanna boost our ratings, huh?" Jerome cackled insanely again "Smile."
"I said enough!"  All of a sudden Theo appeared behind Jerome. He looked mad, very mad. Again you got that feeling of uncomfortableness. And again you got that feeling that something bad will happen now. You saw it on his gaze. This devilish grin. Something was in the bush.
And you weren't wrong. Shortly after Jerome turned to him slowly, Theo stabbed a knife into his neck.
Everyone gasped in shock, you were the loudest though. You heart dropped, you couldn't move for the moment, your legs became weak, cat got your tongue - you weren't able to breathe normal. You felt poor as you stared at Theo's hand that pressed the knife in Jerome's throat deeper and deeper - and that all right in front of you. Your whole body shivered, you were about to throw up every minute.
Tears built up in your eyes and some even streamed down your cheeks. This couldn't be real, this mustn't be real! You couldn't loose him, not now, not again, not forever.
Things have happened not quite perfect and you were mad at him, you didn't want to be with him, you even hated him for a moment, you were afraid of him... everything. You could say for one moment he was your biggest fear in your life because you were scared he'd kill you every minute, or every time you did something wrong. But that faded, it was forgiven, your love was refreshed. It was stronger than the night you two met for the first time. Your connection was stronger than ever before - you knew you belonged together. Why else did fate decide to let you two meet again? Why else would you fall for him again? Why else did he all you his doll, his girl, his queen? That weren't just was more, a lot more.
You knew Jerome couldn't show love as usual people did, but you knew he loved you. His soft side towards you, him trying to make you smile, him protecting you when Greenwood teased you or harassed you..,that was all real. He didn't act at all!
All the memories came up. His smile, how you two hold a conversation for the first time at the circus, you felt the warmth on you hand again when you remembered how he held your hand. You could feel his arms wrapping around your body, and you could hear him calling you 'doll'.
And all this was gone forever now.
"I know, I know." He pressed Jerome down to the ground "Im so sorry, Jerome. You have real talent. But now you see, the plot thickens. Enter the hero." You saw Theo grinning slightly.
You could kill him for what he has done to him - and to you. He took all your joy away, he ripped your heart in two and three it away that it shattered in thousands of pieces. He had to die in your eyes. He just deserved it. You wanted revenge. You wanted to make him feel what he has done to you. You wanted to make him feel how you felt - sad, broken, shocked.
"I was gonna be.." With his last breath and his last courage, he looked up to you still having a grin in his face. His mouth opened shortly as if he was about to say something to you, but too late.
He was dead - dead as your happiness, your joy, you will to live. Your heart felt so heavy that every beating was exhausting you, as your breathing. The world was spinning around you. You body and your psyche couldn't handle what has happened just a few seconds in front of you.
He died, your love, your everything - your Jerome. And he will never come back.
And you died - inside.
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gotham-swag · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jerome sir pls stop being so pretty I am going to loose my mind 😩
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valeskakingdom · 3 days ago
Could I request a part 3? Jerome keeps the reader as his hostage for popularity and attention. Reader is really fond of the attention she gets as well and eventually sleeps with Jerome again? In the end she sees how Galavan kills him and is really sad?
Requested by @violentvaleska
For sure!! But again I gonna split this part in 2 because I noticed it would have been too long instead ahaha. I try to hurry with part 4!! Honestly, it's really cool to write oneshots!
And here it is:
Jerome x female reader (part 3)
Warning: mention of sex, depression and death
Word count: 3459
Gift credit: @jokersbabe27
Tumblr media
"And here is our bedroom!" Jerome opened another wooden door and lead you into it.
You were irritated by his assertion 'our bed'. You weren't a couple or something. He just kidnapped and called you his property.
You examined the room. White pained walls, claret velvet curtains, a king size bed with while pillows and blankets, and some furnishungs. It didn't look that bad, much better than your little apartment.
"It's...pretty." You gave him a short smile hoping he would believe your faked comfortableness.
Actually you didn't feel well about that. You were around lunatics who either killed or are people...and you, you were the only sane one. You were clearly a victim for them. Sooner or later they would cause you problems.
You started to think about all the cruel things they could do to you in case, Jerome was not there: they could scare you away, haunt you for fun, or...leaving their sexual needs out on you. It was horrible, you literally lived in hell now.
The worse part was on it: you would be a loner if Jerome was gone. A nobody. Nobody would help you. Hell, they'd probably just mock at you that Jerome's property was just an anxious fool and that they couldn't understand what Jerome liked about you so much - you didn't even understand it. You were just a one off.
"But uhm...Jerome?" You turned to him.
"Yes, doll?" Jerome gave you a wide smile glaring at you with his big blue eyes.
"I need clothes... And all my clothes are in my apartment and-..." You knew you couldn't go back.
Not because of him and all your feelings for him- oh no, you wished you could go to your friend to forget the moment where Jerome frightened you to death. His permanent mood changes exhausted you a lot. On your way to his hostage, he made everyone clear that you were his property. No one was allowed to touch you nor to talk to you...They weren't even allowed to look at you. It was crazy. You should just belong to him, he was literally crazy about you.
So yeah, you couldn't go. If you went away, he'd chase you...and if he caught you, you'd probably end up dead.
"You don't need your old clothes, doll." He walked to one of the shelves and opened it: Lacy underwear, seemingly expensive but nice dresses, and some shirts with pants filled it.
"Uhm-..." Before you could say anything, you were interrupted by an older man in a black tuxedo and yelled dark brown hair.
You knew this man: Theo Galavan, the one coming into office of Gotham's major.
But what does he have to do with all the lunatics? And why were they living in his tower? It confused you a lot. In the TV, he seemed to be a good guy. Rich, clever, apparently cared Zabout all citizen's wealth. He wanted to safe the city, or even makes it a better place for everyone.
Your feeling told you though, he was the total opposite: a villain who wants to reign over Gotham.
Why else would he keep lunatics in his tower?! You thought.
"Jerome," Theo Galavan slowly stepped forward with a grin in his face, his hands were folded into each other "I see, you show our new guest her new hostage." He turned to you "I'm Theo Galavan, call me Theo."
"(Y/n)." You gave him a nervous smile.
"I'm sorry, you've been arrived during such ordinary circumstances." He placed his hand on his chest "It wasn't planned to scare you away. But I think we both know Jerome's little tick for an overdramatic show, don't we?"
"O-ohhh, yeah, uhm... it's... it's fine?...yeah," You stammered a little while trying "It was uhm... adventurous." You chuckled nervously completely ignoring his little question.
"Indeed," Theo chuckled darkly rubbing his palms, then he walked a few steps to Jerome and whispered something in his ear. You couldn't understand what he was saying though. You just felt uncomfortable about two people talking behind your back but right in front of you. You just could see Jerome nodding with a grin as both looked at each other. Something was wrong, that you can tell.
"Anyways," Theo turned around with a smile in his face "I leave you two alone now. Some privacy should be appropriated. It was a pleasure to meet you (Y/n) and welcome home." He shut the door and left our room before you could say anything.
"That guy's amazing, did I tell you? If you know him, you'll understand me. He's a big authority and-..."
"What did he tell you?" You interrupted him giving him a stern look "It was about me, wasn't it?" You didn't know where you've got that brave from. Maybe because you were a little scared about what exactly Theo whispered into Jerome's ear?
"I really hate it when some interrupts me..." Jerome grumbled giving you a death stare, his bearing was cramped and he clenched his fists; it looked like he was about to kill you every minute "It's very impolite to interrupt someone, don't you think?"
You couldn't say anything so you just nodded quickly in panicking and fear. More and more you just wanted to go home. You wished you never took the bus to your friend, instead you just could've ask them to hook you up then you wouldn't have been here.
You really didn't want to live like that: being frightened from your oh so called partner because he could kill you every time you were doing a mistake in his eyes.
"Good," but then his death stare and cramped bearing faded instantly and as always he gave you a warm smile "Now to answer your question..." Jerome grabbed your waist pulling you close to him, his nails were dug in your skin that it almost hurt a little "He and I made a little deal before know...kidnapped you."
"And what for a deal?" You frowned confused.
"You should stay here telling nobody about him keeping me and the others here and so on...because if not he kills you." He chuckled louldy "Isn't that fun? He really thinks he can kill you."
You widened your eyes in shock and fear. You hoped you haven't heard it right. Theo will kill you if you lose any word about this here? You won't be able to go back to your home? To message your friends? Nothing?
More and more you felt like a prisoner...and more and more you felt like an object than a human. You were pressured, they decided everything for you... practically your only task was to entertain Jerome...however he wanted it.
"Don't worry, doll, he won't even dare to lay a finger on you." Jerome grabbed your cheeks softly and leaned his forehead against yours, his lips hovered over yours "Because I am the boss. Really no one wants me to be mad because you know... they'll end up dead."
He pressed his lips on yours roughly, his grip on your cheeks tightened. His tongue slipped into your mouth while he nibbled on your lower lip. You let out a little moan in arousal. As if it was a reflex you automatically wrapped your arms around his neck.
Jerome's hands wandered down; along your breasts what made you shiver and gasp, his hands stopped at your waist.
"I almost forgot the feeling when I touch your soft lips doll." Jerome interrupted the kiss and let out a sigh in arousal throwing his head back.
You blushed hard, a slight giggle escaped your lips.
With this kiss, Jerome calmed you down a lot. It let you remind of that one special night again: the butterflies in your stomach, the happiness... You could say, for a short moment you almost forgot about his craziness and him being a murderer.
On the other hand, you still felt strange about the whole thing. A criminal was obsessed with you, his obsession was that big that no one was allowed to do anything with you...and also that you couldn't go back to your friends... You didn't like it at all. Your friends were more important to you than Jerome. You knew them for years and him... You've just met once.
Jerome kissed you again deeply, then he made his way down your jawline to your neck. You let out a little moan as he kissed started to suck on your sweet spot. His hands travelled under your shirt up to your bra clip to open it. You unbottoned his shirt and ripped it off his body while he tugged your bra from your body. You felt him biting your neck, first slightly then harder. It hurt a little and you knew that you'd be marked sooner or later - but you didn't mind. You knew what was coming right now. It was exactly like the first time you two had sex.
Jerome ripped your shirt off from your body and then stopped every single actions. He was eyes you, he stared at every little part of your body. He was like a wild animal staring at its prey and just waited for the perfect moment to catch it.
It made you shiver, but you loved it anyhow. It was very new but you could get used to it.
"Oh, how I missed that view," Jerome bit his lip with lust still viewing your whole body "Time to make up that whole year."
Jerome grabbed you by your waist and literally threw you into the king size bed right behind you. He was so eager to rip your clothes from your body to feel all this pleasure he has felt one year ago. He wanted to feel your soft skin on his, to hear you moans every time he thrusted into you, he wanted to be into you. He couldn't wait for it, so violently he unbottoned your jeans literally ripped them off your body.
You blushed hard. You were excited, surprised, but still you felt uncomfortable. You wondered whst was happening now. Does he expect any dirty kinks from you? Calling him daddy? Any pet names? Or other ordinary kinks?
You hoped for the best, you hoped nothing would have changed and you could just go on.
Jerome grabbed your face again and kissed you deeply nibbling on your lower lip. While that he pulled down your panties and inserted a finger into your cunt. You let out a sharp moan and your hips bucked quickly through the strong intensity of him hitting your sweet spot. You couldn't help but digging you nails in the sheets of his bed and arching your back as he speeded up.
He was rougher with you than before, almost violently. It hurt and was fast but it felt so good at the same time. You started liking it even more than the soft stuff one year ago. Your pleasure was stronger and him being rough kind of turned you on.
Jerome inserted another finger into your wet entrance what let you moan a little louder and your hips bucked.
Jerome curled up his fingers inside you harder and faster what made you moan louder. You grabbed the sheets of the bed tight to handle this big amount of pleasure.
Your back arched as he hit your g spot for another time. There again, you had this incredible feeling, all the upcoming pleasure in your body caused you a cribbing feeling in your abdomen that spread through your limbs up to your shoulders - this time it was much more intense though. Your core was aching and you became needy for his cock. Indeed, you were well pleasured but you want more. You wanted him to bury his member inside of you, filling up every inch of your cunt, making you scream and cum over and over again.
All your sorrows and worries disappeared all of a sudden. You didn't do anything for it; You just had eyes for Jerome and how he'd make you done undome several times. You didn't care about whether the others would hear you or not, you didn't care whether you'd rip the sheets apart or vice versa. You didn't care about anything.
You bit your lip in pleasure after you let out a loud moan as you noticed you were close.
Jerome pressed his thumb on your clit while continuing to pleasure you making you gasp. Your moans became louder and it became harder to hold them back. They way he did it just made you feel so good.
"Close already, huh?" Jerome pressed his thumb harder on your clit rubbing it in circling motions "Come for me, doll." His eyes kept staring on you. He loved hearing you moan his name through all the pleasure he was giving you. It aroused him much more than usual. He missed you and all this - he really did. The things that happened in his cell were nothing compared to you.
"Ahh fuck!" Right after he finished his sentence you released yourself with a lot cry.
The sweat was dripping down your forehead, you breathed heavy and uneven, and your legs were shaking and felt weak.
It was amazing for you. You admitted to yourself how much you missed this and you now remembered how good he made you feel.
With his strength, Jerome turned you around on your stomach waisting no time.
You blushed hard being a little worried about what's coming next.
"On all four, kitten." You blushed harder and did what he said. You felt a little strange with that nickname, it was very new to you, and honestly you would have never expected that from Jerome. His first impression to was him being a soft guy who rather prefers the normal way of how sex goes like...and generally, he didn't seem to be a dominant and rough guy.
You heard him walking a few steps backwards taking something. You were a little afraid what was coming now. You were afraid that he was taking a knife or other kind of weapons to do with you some dirty acts.
"My, my, my...You have such a beautiful body, you know that kitten?" Suddenly you felt something cold and sharp wandering down your spine. It made you shiver and gasp. You knew it was a knife and you just waited until Jerome started to hurt you "How many boys might have touched you when I was absent?"
"N-no one...w-where-...." You stammered in fear hoping nothing bad will happen. You didn't know where he's got that from suddenly. Was he jealous? Was he 'scared' that you could have a boyfriend and that he needs to make a plan to kill him?
"You really want me to believe that?" Jerome unbottoned his jeans and grabbed your waist violently inserting his dick into your wet entrance "It sounds a little surreal, don't you think? Who would not betray a blood-thirsty and cold-hearted murderer who's busted in Arkham?"
He didn't move though. Instead he pulled pulled on your hair tight that your head fell back what are you moan again. But instantly, your breathe hitched as you felt a cold and sharp knife pressed on your throat. Now you were scared, almost panicking. You hoped he didn't slit your throat.
"You know, I'm not a fan telling me a lie." He pressed the knife harder against your throat. You cut feel how the sharp blade cut your thin skin. Your body shivered in fear, your pulse was running and your breath was uneven. It felt like every minute could be your last one, it was just a matter of time until he killed you.
"I-I would n-never lie to you." You stammered quickly "H-honestly, I j-just though about y-you..." It was the truth. You really did. The whole year where Jerome was gone you didn't even think of dating a boy or of a simple one off. You were too much stuck in your thoughts about him, how he was doing, what he has become...
"Is that so?" Jerome didn't really sound convinced what let you panicking more.
"Y-yes," You gulped because you knew what you had to say now: you had to say you liked him "You J-Jerome...the l-last year was...i-it was hard for me b-because-..."
"Because?" You felt how the blade was pressed deeper in your skin and slightly moved to make a longer cut in your throat.
"Well," You gasped as Jerome stopped moving the blade " y-you..."
This was not completely true but not completely wrong, as well. You did like him, but the old him more. You weren't scared of the old Jerome, you liked him being soft and kind...not frightening with this permanent changing behavior.
He said nothing at first, you could just feel his grin against your ear.
He put the blade aside what let you sigh in relief. You calmed down a little seeing the blade on the floor.
"I know, doll." His head moved from your ear, his hands were both placed on your waist.
And again, he started to thrusted violently into your wet entrance. You swore with a loud moan and arched your back.
Immediately, Jerome speeded up permanently pushing you against him to drill his member deeper into your cunt. His nails were dug into your waist what made you biting your lip.
Your whole body felt weak with every thrust he did into you. You body shivered slightly through this overwhelming pleasure. Every thrust hurt more, each of your moans became louder. Your nails were dug into the sheets of the bed deeply but still the pleasure he was giving you was too much. You couldn't handle it.
You moaned louder, almost uncontrollably, then your body gave in and you slightly collapsed in the bed.
Jerome though didn't waist no time - he kept drilling his member into you, grabbed your hair and pulled you upwards by your hair again.
"Oh my God, Jerome!" You cried out in pleasure while your legs shivered.
"So eager for my cock, you little slut, aren't we?" Jerome grunted and speeded up a third time.
You moaned louder, almost screamed. You felt how your walls clenched against his cock - you were close. You didn't know whether you could hold it back. It all was too much for you. You felt a knot in your stomach that was built up. It hardened with every thrust Jerome did.
"Fuck, I'm gonna-...!" You almost screamed digging your nails deeper in the sheets of the bed as you came. You couldn't even finish your sentence. With a few more thrusts, Jerome came as well.
You both collapsed on the bed. He still laid on you not even pulling out his member.
Silence filled the room for a while, just your gasps for air broke it here and there.
You felt Jerome's warm breathe on your skin every time he breathed out.
You closed your eyes for a moment enjoying this half broken silence.
Many thoughts crashed in your head together:
You told Jerome that you liked him and he surely will take advantage of it. Maybe he wants to force you to violent things like shooting at people or hurting them otherwise? And every time, you refuse he'd tell you stupid stuff like but I thought you like me, doll. You kinda regret what you said because you knew it will have consequences.
Another point would be his now increasing obsession and possessiveness towards you. Now he had the final proof that you wanted to be his and no one could ruin him that. He could call you his property because you liked him which meant for him: you wanted to be with him, you wanted to be his queen of Gotham, you wanted to spread chaos with him. Everyone else was his rival.
But then you thought that on the other hand, it was okay to be his. Everyone knew crazy Jerome could probably be so no one wanted him to be mad, as he said. And so nothing would happen to you.
"Even better than the first time" Jerome rolled off of you staring at the ceiling for a while while taking deep breathes.
"I agree," You slightly chuckled.
"And doll, " Jerome grabbed your cheeks pressing his face against yours that his lips hovered over yours "Never forget who you belong to. We don't want things turning out bad, do we?"
"N-no." You shook your head fast.
"Good...because you're mine."
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gotham-swag · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When I am him but am also destined to end up with him 🙄
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gotham-swag · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Baby face <3
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gotham-swag · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
-Jerome Valeska Mood-board-
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valeskakingdom · 6 days ago
hello, my fellas! Here you see my masterlist with all my (upcoming) oneshots!! REQUESTS still open for those who want me to write a oneshot!! Just as a reminder: yes, I worship Jerome Valeska but for those who are into Jeremiah or other Gotham characters, i wouldn’t mind writing a oneshot for them too!!
Jerome x reader
ONE: part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4, part 5
TWO: part
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valeskakingdom · 7 days ago
Jerome met the reader at the circus ... They spend the evening together (well, maybe have sex)? And then the reader leaves Jerome (he gives her his grey coat, what a gentleman) and comes back the next day, only to find out that he killed his mother and is sitting in Arkham. A year goes by (like in the show, I guess?) and the next time the reader meets Jerome, he’s on the bus with the cheerleaders and of course Jerome remembers her! ;) Is that too much? ;-;
Requested by: @valeskaduh
So guys, here's the final part 2 of my one shot. Hope you like it as much as part 1!!
Wordcount: 3510
Here's part 1: "
Warning: mention of murder and violence
Credit: @gotham-swag
Tumblr media
It was late, something after midnight already.
You both, Jerome and you, still laid in his bed fully covered in sweat thinking back about what has happened before, all the feelings, the pleasure... Everything.
Your clothes laid strayed on the ground; your underwear laid next to the bed while your shirt and pants laid elsewhere in any corners of his room.
Jerome had wrapped is arm around your waist to comfort you whilst you rested your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. It was even and slow.
"That was great, wasn't it?" Jerome broke the silence between you with a slight chuckle.
"Indeed," You chuckled "It was worth it."
"It was. Haven't met a girl that could give that good blowjobs."
"Jerome!" You slapped his chest in embarrassment widening your eyes, a strong blush went over face. You were a little shocked about his assertion, but otherwise you felt honored.
"No need to be embarrassed (Y/N)," Jerome chuckled caressing your side "You could see it as a compliment. I'd choose you over others."
" I feel...honored." You mumbled in embarrassment.
"You're cute when you're shy like that." Jerome smirked, sitting up and took a cigarette from his nightstand and lightened it to smoke.
You hummed saying nothing, just gave him a little smile.
You liked it how he called you cute, and that he liked your shyness. It gave you some hope that maybe that this,between you and him, could turn into something more than just a simple one off. All the sweet nothings he whispered into your ear, all the compliments and intensive kisses... That couldn't come just out of nowhere. You had the feeling something was special between you two; you couldn't say what it was though. All you knew was: you felt different in Jerome's near. It was like you two would know each other for ages.
While Jerome was smoking his cigarette off, his smoke spread through the room that you inhaled it. It didn't bother you, you were used to it from home.
You think took your phone out of the pocket of your pants to behold the clock: 00:37
Time for you to go, you needed to get ready in a few hours for your work.
"Anyways, I think it's time for me to go. Need to stand up early," You sighed grabbing your underwear to take them on "You know, work and such."
"Awww really?" Jerome gave you a little pout while admiring your body for one more time "I enjoyed the time with you."
Again he viewed you from head to toe, admired your curves and your flawless pale skin. His view was giving him chills again and he had the urge to touch again. He missed this feeling of your soft skin, this incredible feeling of him inside you making you moan, or the feeling when you dug your nails in his back because he pleasured you well.
"Me too," You giggled and pulled your pants up to buttoned them, then taking your shirt on "But yeah, I don't wanna be late. My boss becomes mad if anyone's late."
"How's your boss when he's mad?" Jerome asked with a certain leery undertone mixed with jealousy.
He looked at you frowning, his breathe became uneven, he kinda seemed to be upset like if you say a wrong word he's about to explode.
It confused you a little, but you didn't give a shit about it. You thought you maybe were just imagining this jealousy. How could he be jealous anyway? He didn't know you at all so he had nothing to loose when you go.
"Let's say you don't wanna mess around with him. He can be a little scary." You took your shirt on. Now though it wasn't as tight as usual anymore because Jerome tugged it from your body.
"Is he touching you?" Jerome gave you a stern look, his tone became rougher what confused you even more.
"Oh no. No, no, he's just yelling and he hears grudges." You turned to him "It's just annoying, that's all."
"Alright," He nodded standing up to take his boxers on "But wait, before you go..." Jerome walked to his wardrobe taking out a dark grey coat handing it to you "Here, it's cold outside."
"Thank you, but you don't-..."
"It's fine, you can keep it," Jerome smiled "See it as a little reward for the gorgeous night." He winked at you making you blush.
"Thank you." You smiled at him taking his coat on. You smelled his cologne, it smelled like any usual cologne but knowing that it was his made it special.
You both walked to the trailer's front door.
Jerome opened the door, you walked a few steps but turned around to face him. With a smile. You looked at his beautiful shining blue eyes for one last time. More and more you recognized that you liked him. You realized that you've never felt this huge amount of comfortableness and happiness. Sure, in an another relationship you've been happy, too, but not as much as with Jerome.
It was strange, very strange. You couldn't understand how you'd be so attached to a stranger. Maybe it was because Jerome was the perfect guy in your eyes and something gave you the feeling that you two belonged together?
"Well, then," you kissed his cheek quickly "See you around, Jerome."
"See you around, (Y/N). Hope to see ya again." One last time, he gave you this amazing smile before he shut the door.
With a little smile you walked out of the circus. You couldn't wait to visit the circus again to meet Jerome and have an amazing time together.
Days went by.
You couldn't stop thinking about Jerome - how kind he was to you, how good he treated you, and let's not forget about the sex, of course. The sex was amazing.
Though you still had his coat. You know you couldn't keep it, you wouldn't feel right about it.
Due to different circumstances, the circus was still in your city. On the one hand, you were curious about the reason why. Maybe there were some complications with travelling? Or maybe they did an extra show and had a lot of work to do to prepare for the show?
On the other hand, all your thoughts focused in Jerome. You were excited: you imagined to hug him, talking to him, laughing with him... Everything you wanted to do when you were able to see him again.
You made your way to Haly's circus with Jerome's coat.
As you arrived, everything seemed to be normal. The circus tent was still constructed, the trailers stood still on the same places as on the day where you visited the show, and the artists still walked around the yard.
You looked around to find someone you could talked to and who you didn't bother; then you saw the Ringmaster who was taking his rings to pack them into his case.
He was a tall colored man with some kind of clown makeup: red cheeks. white makeup was smeared around his face and a fake beard was glued on his upper lip. He was wearing a red suit and a black tophat.
"Hey, uhm...excuse me?" You hesitatingly tapped on his shoulder.
"Hm?" He turned to you with a grunt "The circus is closed for visitors. There ain't be a show today."
"Oh, I know but," as the Ringmaster was about to turn around, you grabbed his arm and turned him back to you "I was just looking for Jerome. He gave me his coat a few days ago and I wanted to give it back."
"Oh, haven't you watched the news? Jerome's in Arkham-..." You widened your in shock, you hoped you haven't heard it right.
"Wait, wait, wait...he's what?!"
Arkham?! Has he really said 'Arkham'?! The asylum where murderers, cannibals and other lunatics are living in?! What is he doing there?! Why is he in Arkham?! What has he done to be busted in there?! These were the thoughts that couldn't get out of your head. Jerome was a criminal? How could he?! He was so kind to me, so polite...was that all just acting? Did he play with my mind?
"He killed his mother with a hatchet. You might know her as the snake dancer." He sighed shaking his head slightly while he kept packing the rings in his suitcase "Let's just hope she didn't have a painful death."
"A-alright...t-thank you..." In shook and disgust, you slowly walk back to your car.
You couldn't believe what you've heard. Jerome was a killer: a blood-thirsty, psychotic and cold-hearted killer. You felt poor, you had the feeling you were about to throw up every minute. You slept with him and you liked even wanted to meet him again!
You were disgusted by yourself.
Now you just wished that you could have changed the past; that you've never slept with him, never let him kiss nor touch you...that you've never even talked to him! You just wished that as he bumped into you, that you ignored him or snapped at him that you and himwoukd have never dealt with each other - everything.
*1 year later*
It was a rainy and cloudy day in Gotham.
It was cold, your window panes were fogged through the high temperature difference between your room and outside. In your room, it was warm and comfortable while outside it was cold, almost as cold as in winter.
You were just sitting on the couch eating some sandwiches, drinking a Coke in the hope something new and excited happened in your life.
This day was bearing you down, you didn't know why though. Maybe it was just the weather? You had no idea. You just felt empty inside since last year. And you exactly knew why.
You still couldn't believe the fact Jerome was a killer. You couldn't imagine how an actual kind and smart boy with a gorgeous smile, ginger hair, blue eyes and some abs could grab a hatchet to kill his own mother. You just wished it was a lie and that reality played a bad game with you. For sure, you didn't know Jerome completely, you've just met him once but still you could say that this all felt so wrong.
It was the disgust that caused this feeling. You were disgusted by the thought that you allowed a murderer playing with your mind to get in your pants while he was about to murder something behind your back. You were disgusted by the thought that you imagined you and him being a couple, that you wanted to date him... You were disgusted by everything that included him because it reminded you of all this. When you just heard the name Jerome, you felt shivers down your spine and a feeling mixed of disgust and feeling poor.
One thing that confused you was: you couldn't throw his coat in the trash can. You kept it, it hung in your wardrobe and you smelled on it every day because his cologne was still buried in it, then you remembered the gorgeous night you had with him and all the feeling you felt...But then you remembered who he really was and what he has done right after the meeting of you which caused you to close your wardrobe fast and walking out of our room to quickly forget all that - day by day.
Full of boredom, you turned the TV on hoping something could entertain you there.
But then you saw this:
"Hello, Gotham City! We're the Maniax and I'm Jerome, the shot caller of our little gang. We're here to spread the message of wisdom and hope!"
You couldn't believe your eyes. It was Jerome with a bloody nose who cackled shortly, then shot a cop because he coughed and groaned in pain - he apparently disturbed his little show. He was back, he escaped out of Arkham.
Your body was shaking, your breathe was uneven - you were paralyzed.
You started panicking. No place felt safe for you anymore, especially not your little apartment. You needed to be with someone. You thought, when you're alone you'd be fucked. Maybe he remembered you and wanted to look for you? You remembered that he told you, he'd choose you over others. Of course, they could have been just words but now you never know... He was a psycho who might remember everything.
"Some people have no manners." He took a deeper look in the camera "You're all prisoners. What you call sanity, it's just a prison in your minds that stops you from seeing that y'all are a just tiny little cogs in a tiny absurd machine! WAKE UP!"
Jerome yelled in the TV what made you flinch and you curled up in your couch wrapping your arms around your legs tight. Your face was half hidden being your knees that you were still able to watch his little show - but with fear.
"Why be a cog? Be free like us!" Jerome started to cackle "And just remember, smile" he cackled squishing the dead cop's cheek while cackling louder.
Then you heard horns honking, the police was haunting him.
"Oh, time to go!" He crawled down do the ground taking a police head on and still held the camera tight "But dont worry, we'll be back very soon! Hang onto your hats folks, 'cause you ain't see nothing yet!" Jerome cackled insanely but you immediately turned the TV off.
You grabbed your phone fast to call your best friend (Y/bff/n). You needed to be with them. Being alone in a little apartment would just driving you nuts, especially when Jerome was out!
Your best friend was the only one who knew about Jerome being your one off as they knew that Jerome was a killer so they surely understood why you were so scared. You didn't want to risk anything - whether he'd remember you or not, you didn't want to be alone.
Your phone was ringing, you hoped they'd pick up the phone:
(Y/bff/n): hey (Y/n)! Wha-...
(Y/n): Have you watched the news?!
(Y/bff/n):, why? And why are y-...
(Y/n): Jerome's out of Arkham!!
(Y/bff/n): Wait what?! Are you sure it's the Jerome you're thinking of??
(Y/n): he was in the TV...he's planning something... Can stay with you? I can't stay alone. It's driving me nuts. I already have the feeling he's eyeing me from several corners.
(Y/bff/n): Of course! Come over now. We'll get your stuff later.
(Y/n): Thank you! I'm on my way already! See you!
You hung up, immediately taking your jacket, your phone, your keys and some shoes.
You ran out of your apartment, locking your door and walked straight to the next bus station.
You were in a hurry. Outside you didn't feel well at all. You felt being watched, being haunted. You had the feeling Jerome was everywhere and that he just waited the perfect moment to catch you. Everytime someone was walking past you, you felt shivers down your spine and you were scared that any person was a member of 'the Maniax' and kidnap you and bring you to Jerome. You walked faster to the bus station to arrive your best friend's home as fast as possible. You turned your head to the left, to the right, to see whether someone was haunting you. No one did though. It was just your mind.
As you arrived station, the bus came immediately.
You entered the bus as it stopped and chose a seat in the back.Everywhere around you cheerleaders were gossiping, laughing, squeaking about any boy who kissed a friend and such. You instead kept quiet and looked out of the window.
After a few minutes of driving, the bus stopped through a red car from the fire service that blocked its way. Its horns were honking and you could hear someone was getting out of the car.
You saw a ginger guy dancing out of the car on his way to the entrance of the bus. Your heart stopped. Was it Jerome? Was now the moment where you life will end?
He knocked at the door with something, the cheerleaders started to scream.
Something bad will happen now was what you thought while your pulse was running, your sweat was dripping down your forehead, and your hands were shaking. You wanted to cry, you wanted to crawl back in a corner and hope everything will be fine.
Suddenly the door opened, strangers in white suits with guns entered the bus and put us all in handcuffs that were sticker on chains while they pointed their guns at your heads. But for an unknown reason they went out immediately after everyone in the bus was handcuffed.
Cheerleaders were screaming louder, some even started to cry, to son, and to beg for mercy. You instead kept quiet. You couldn't scream. You were in shock and panic, in fear, some tears were already streaming down your cheeks while you tried break free - you failed.
"I want you all to know," you suddenly heard a familiar voice that paralyzed you in shock - he was here "this was a very difficult decision for us. It was between you and uhm... senior citizen bingo party. In the end we decided to skew a little younger. Youth won the day. Sorry." Jerome walked through the bus eyeing each cheerleader girl and pointed his gun at their heads.
With every step he did, you could hear a clicker-clacker caused by his shoes.
Your heartbeat felt like it could explode every minute. You had the feeling you would die soon. More and more tears streamed down your face, you were sobbing in fear, your hands shook uncontrollably. You just wished, you'd come out here alive.
Then Jerome stopped walking, he was eyeing you in surprise and excitement.
"(Y/n)?!" He bended down to you in astonishment completely around him that all the cheerleaders around him were crying and sobbing, and so were you "My, my, my, look at you. You've grown up in that time we haven't seen each other. How you're doing?"
You said nothing, you were just confused about his behavior.
What was wrong with him? Just a few minutes ago he was about to kill us and now he's behaving like an innocent child?! Was what you thought as you just gave him a confused look.
You were still scared though, maybe again he was just playing with your mind as one year ago just to get you?
"It's so good to see you (Y/n), you know that?" He sighed with a smile on his face leaning his elbow against the seat in front of you to lean his head against his hand "I really couldn't stop thinking about you when I was busted in this dirty old shack. The night in my trailer with was marvellous! I still know each part of your body in brought me many good nights in my cell." Jerome chuckled dark.
You didn't know what to say. Was he about to kill you now? Was it all just a trick again? Do you have to feel honored now that he thought about you every night and jerked off your body?
You stared into his blue eyes, you could tell he was planning something new - and this time it included you.
"Yeah," Jerome kept staring at you with his grin in his face "Anyways, what's new in your life?"
"U-uhm...p-pretty boring...," You sniffed "Nothing has r-really changed since l-last y-year." You stammered feeling odd about having a normal conversation in such an actually dangerous situation.
"Hm..." Jerome hummed flicking his tongue "You know, actually I wanted to splash gasoline all over the cheerleaders and burn them that you are here... I take you with me and THEN I continue my plan." Jerome uncuffed your hands taking them tight and ran with you out of the bus, the other cheeleaders started to scream and cry again and again begged for mercy.
As you and Jerome stood in front the open entrance of the bus, he softly wiped some hair strains behind your ear. With his thumb he caressed your soft skin and wiped all the tears and smeared mascara away.
Jerome smiled at you admiring your face for a while. He looked deep in your eyes, then down to your lips. With a finger snip your fear was gone, the feeling of uncomfortableness faded slowly. Your breathe was uneven though, his personality changes scared you still. Your hands was still trembling, your knees weak. But something told you that you didn't need to be scared of him anymore. He at least safed you.
"From now on, doll, you're mine."
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gotham-swag · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stinky little Jerome doodle <3
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valeskakingdom · 8 days ago
Jerome met the reader at the circus ... They spend the evening together (well, maybe have sex)? And then the reader leaves Jerome (he gives her his grey coat, what a gentleman) and comes back the next day, only to find out that he killed his mother and is sitting in Arkham. A year goes by (like in the show, I guess?) and the next time the reader meets Jerome, he’s on the bus with the cheerleaders and of course Jerome remembers her! ;) Is that too much? ;-;
Requested by: @valeskaduh
It's not too much don't worry. But I think I spit that oneshot in two parts because it's really really long haha...and I don't wanna let you wait too long.
So guys hope you enjoy my oneshot :)
Credit: @theunquenchablethirst
Tumblr media
Jerome x female reader (Part 1)
Warnings: swears, mention of sexual content
Just a little reminder: it happens BEFORE Jerome was sent to Arkham so yet don't expect this extreme craziness!!! (It's also written in the request)
Craziness and guns and murder follows in Part 2 of the Oneshot ;)
Word count: 3272
Another day where you make your way to Haly's circus.
Another day full of joy and excitement, full of happiness and astonishment.
You loved the circus. Every year you eagerly waited for the circus to arrive near by your city to visit the show. You've had butterflies in your stomach when you recognized the oh so cold, frosty and dull winter with bald nature changed into a mild sunny and blooming spring. Not long you need to wait until the day would come.
Haly's circus would arrive soon! was what you always thought when you looked out of your room's window seeing bushes and trees had springing buds and on their branches the first few green leafs grew again.
The circus was like your second home. You knew every show, how many trailers were built around the circus tent, whom they belonged to. Due to the fact they never really changed something on their shows you knew the show by heart. Every footsteps the artists took, every word they said, and every moment where a show was over and the next started.
It never became boring to you, not matter how many times you visited the circus.
After buying your tickets, you were about the enter the circus tent as unfortunately some stranger bumped into you. You stumbled, almost fell on the ground but you could rally yourself and luckily missed a quite embarrassing situation. You tugged your shirt right as your jacket. You were annoyed, that's for sure. An accident can happen, you understood that, but you disliked people's seemingly inability to use their eyes. You looked up and couldn't believe your eyes. You heart rate increased, you noticed slightly your sweaty palms, and blush spread over your pale soft skin. You felt pins and needles all over your skin. Right in front of you, a tall, somewhat mueculous ginger with eyes as blue as the ocean and lip as red as blood stood up and tugged his shirt right. Each of his moves were smooth, you could follow them easily with your eyes. You examined his body. He was dressed formal for the circus: black coat, dark blue jeans and some black leather shoes.
"Oh, fuck, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you!" The ginger gasped for air hectically. He looked up at you he couldn't and he couldn't stop it. The young boy viewed you from head to toe, examined your curves with his eyes. A slight blush wnet over his face as he noticed you kept staring at him.
"No, no it's's really fine." You gave him a slight nervous smile "No worries."
"Alright." He panted with a slight smile, then looked down to the ground.
An uncomfortable silence came over you, you both kept standing in front of each other. No one of you took the option to move forward. You could just make your way to the inside of the circus tent, taking a seat and wait for starting the show.
It was clearly to see that you both didn't know what to do right now. You both were confused about the other. You didn't understand why no one moved, just stared at everywhere but at each other.
"Yeah, uhm... I think I should go getting a seat. The show is starting soon." You finally said.
"Right, I should go back to my trailer, I gue-..."
"Sorry, but," You interrupted him not sure whether you've heard it right "You're living in one of these trailers?"
"Yes. My mother's the snake dancer."
"Must be amazing to live here." You glanced at the circus tent imagining that you're one of these artists who has the pleasure to live here with all the other artists and animals. It surely has to be amazing!
"It's not as amazing as it seems to be. Here and there...there's a lot of arguments and scrambles." He let out a kinda sad sigh gazing at the circus' entrance "Otherwise, you experience a lot of wonderful moments, as well. Visiting different places in our country, meeting cute girls..." The ginger winked at you with a smirk what made you blush.
"Sounds very varied." You hummed with a smirk.
"It is." The ginger smirked "By the way, I'm Jerome."
"I'm (Y/N)."
"Pretty name for a pretty girl, huh?" You both chuckled "I could pick you up after the show and we walked to my trailer. It's a little one but quite nice. You could see how it is to live in a circus." You couldn't help but smile to his offer. Of course, you'd love to! Why would deny his offer?
"I'd love to." You smiled wide.
"Wait for me right here after the show, I'll be there." Jerome winked at you with a kinda mischievous smirk and walked past you. You instead kept stand there for seconds with a big smile in your face.
Something told you that's gonna be a great night.
The show was over.
For you it was great as always seeing all the artists either making you laugh with your funny actions or let you be astonished about their talents.
Usually you'd drive home, take off your clothes, have a bath and go to sleep.
But now you eagerly waited for Jerome in the cold evening of a normal spring day.
The cold wind that was slightly blowing your hair out of your face, this feeling of it was decent on your skin. You looked from one side to another wondering where Jerome was. Was he still busy? Or did he just forget you?
Then you heard footsteps, first slow but they rapidly fastened.
In the dimmed light that fell down on you from the tent's lights you recognized Jerome jogging in your direction.
"Hey, hope you didn't need to wait too long," He shortly gasped for air "Had some stuff to rule. Guess, you know how parents are. They're nagging all the time."
"I know that too well," You chuckled but instantly stopped as something remarkable on Jerome's neck caught your eye - it were some bruises; a mix of yellow, purple and red dots. It looked like someone was strangling him a short time before. It shocked you a lot and worry was written on your face. Who on earth would do that?! And why?! For you Jerome didn't seem to be a rebel, rather a shy innocent guy who apparently is in trouble. "W-what's that on your neck?"
"Hm? Nothing, I guess." He tried to overplay and hid his neck under the coat nervously. His facial expression told you it was embarrassing to talk about it.
"If you have any trouble-..."
"No, no! It's all fine now. We can go to my trailer." Without letting you answer he grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him that you could walk together.
A knot was built up in your stomach because you couldn't stop thinking about his bruises. You felt sorry for him, the way he acted showed you it wasn't the first time. You wanted to help but you didn't know how - and you were a stranger to him, he wouldn't trust you that much. He would just laugh it off.
Suddenly you felt his grip tightened on your hand what brought you out of your train of thoughts.
Saying nothing you looked down at your hand. His fingers were tangled in yours, his nails were slightly dug in your skin and the warmth of his hand warmed up yours. His touch was pleasant for you. It didn't let you feel strange in a my way as in other situations when guys grossly flirted with you and wanted to get in your pants.
Through Jerome's touch butterflies were built in your stomach and it made you smile.
You couldn't explain why. You just felt comfortable with him.
First it was just enjoying a normal conversation.
Then it was just a kiss because he told you that you caught his eyes and he couldn't stop thinking of you during the show.
He complimented you, told you that you were a beauty; a beauty he hasn't seen before. He was astonished about it every time he looked at you and then he couldn't turn his head away of you. He told you it was like a need looking at you that he couldn't avoid.
A kiss turned into a make out, and this turned into something unforgettable for you.
Jerome tugged on your shirt after a wild making out session, it was almost ripped apart but you could fast pull it from your body. His thumbs caressed your soft cheeks, he pressed you in his old squeaky bed, his crotch against yours. Moans and gasps filled the silence in his trailer and the bed quietly squeaked every time Jerome moved or pressed you more into his bed.
You unbottoned his shirt fast while his tongue slipped into your mouth and he nibbled on your lower lip. You were excited about it, you felt your panties were slightly getting wet from your upcoming horniness.
Your fingers were ranged in his ginger hair slightly pulling on it showing him you wanted more. You were eager, you wanted him.
You started thinking about all the things that will happen. The way he pleasures you, the sound of his quiet moans, his hard thrusts into your cunt with his memner, your moans and gasps every time he his your g spot, or the feeling when he cums inside you. That all was making you needy and you couldn't wait for it.
Jerome didn't wait long. He exposed your breasts with unclipping your bra and threw it on the ground. He stopped every action just to admire your body. He viewed you from head to toe, examined every little free body part with his eyes. You were a beauty to him. The flawless pale skin overflowed with pins and needles was giving him chills, every touch in your soft skin was excited for him and his need for you just grew further.
Then he made his way downwards; kissed you from your lips down to your jawline, down to your neck. He started to suck on it, first slightly and then harder when moans of joy escaped from your lips when he found your sweet spots.
His hand wandered down to the hem of your jeans unbottoning it to pull it off from your body. His one hand made his way down your panties right after he left some sloppy kisses on your lips, the other was placed on your breast and massaged it gently. It made you shiver when his fingers touched your nipple when his hand ran up and down your breast.
Suddenly you felt a finger entering your already wet entrance of your cunt curling up to hit your g spot.
You let out a sharp moan and your hips bucked quickly through the intensity of him hitting your sweet spot. You couldn't help but digging you nails in the sheets of his bed and arching your back as he speeded up.
It was an incredible feeling, all the upcoming pleasure in your body caused you a tingling feeling in your abdomen that spread through your limbs up to your shoulders. Your core started to ache, your cunt became wetter, the need of having member inside of you increased rapidly. Your moans repeated slowly; first they were just a mix of moans and silent gasps, then they repeated faster and became louder whilst biting your lip in pleasure.
"So wet for me, huh?" He whispered and bit in your earlobe inserting another finger in your wet cunt.
"Mmm, yes!" You moaned.
He speeded up, his thrusts with his fingers became rougher, and suddenly he pressed his thumb on your core and rubbed in circling motions - first slow, then faster.
You moaned louder but immediately covered your mouth with your hand. You tried to hold them because it kinda embarrassed you and you didn't want anyone was getting aware of this.
Jerome whispered you sweet nothings in your ear, told you you were so beautiful, that your body was perfect, and that he wanted you more than anything right now.
The effect was there. You were becoming hornier and enjoyed this feeling of the increasing pleasure in your body.
"Fuck, Jerome!" You let out with a loud moan "Please don't stop!"
Jerome speeded up again and became rougher with his circling motions.
Your legs shivered a little and accidentally crossed them to adjust this great pleasure.
But Jerome continued, spreading you legs again and looked at you with a grin in his face. He knew you were close and he totally enjoyed the view seeing you moaning because of him. It was arousing, his bulge grew and the space in his pants decreased. Jerome imagined you riding his dick, your tits were bouncing every time he thrusted into you. He wanted to hear you scream his name when you came over and over again while overstimulating you until he was pleasured enough.
Inadvertently, Jerome became rougher with you. He didn't just want imagine all these things, he wanted to see them now!
It just took you a few more pumps and you came on his fingers.
Jerome pulled his fingers out of your wet entrance and sucked your juices from his fingers. You moaned a little and gasped for air coming down from your high.
"You know what's coming now, gorgeous," Jerome's lips hovered over yours staring in your eyes deeply as he leaned his forehead on yours; you wanted to kiss him so bad but you couldn't due to he always pulled his head back slightly when you leaned in for kiss "You ready?"
"Yes" You breathed out.
Jerome grinned giving you some sloppy kisses before he pulled his shirt from his body and unbuttoned his pants to pull them down. You bit your lip admiring all the abs on his pale body. Godamn, he's so hot! Was what you thought when you kept staring at him. You pressed your legs together as you felt horniness coming over you and your core staring to ache.
His member sprung out of his boxers. You gulped through his unexpected length becoming a little nervous. You wondered whether you could even adjust with his size but you surely knew, it'll be worth it.
Jerome grabbed your cheeks pulling you into a deep kiss before he spread your legs wide and inserted his member into your wet cunt. You moaned louder and sharp but short digging you nails into his bare skin on his shoulder trying to adjust his length. His thrusts hurt, he stretched your entrance wider than anyone ever did. But you loved it, you didn't want him to stop. This feeling of him inside you was marvellous. Never have you ever thought you'd experience a boy who can stimulate you perfectly.
You wrapped your legs around his waist after you finally adjusted with his size and your head flipped back as you moaned enjoying all the pleasure he was giving you. With each thrust Jerome did he hit your g spot. His face was buried in the crook of your neck, you could hear his grunts and gasps when he pulled in and out. His soft lips touched the thin skin of your neck giving you chills and one of his hands were around your neck and squeezed your throat a little. A softly touch turned into kisses and bites and with it he squeezed your throat tighter, you knew you would be marked in the end - and that not too less - right now, you just enjoyed how his hand squeezed that little throat of yours and becoming rougher with you with each thrust.
You both rolled your hips in sync that the other was pleasured as much as possible. It was heaven for you. You wished this moment never ended. Though Jerome was actually a total stranger you didn't regret any of your decisions. You didn't regret that you let him kiss you, touch you and take your clothes off. You enjoyed it all.
"Fuck, yes!" Was what you couldn't hold back when Jerome hit your g spot over and over again.
Short time before you just adjusted with his pace, but now there's the point where he noticed you loved what he did and wanted more. It hurt a little with feeling his whole length drilled inside of you. It first felt unpleasant, your body cramped a little not being assured whether you could resist it - but you could.
"So eager for me, aren't ya?" Jerome grunted when thrusting harder in your cunt and bit your neck.
You just could moan in pleasure biting your lip and scratched his back down. He let out a growl signalizing you he liked it.
Again you both rolled your hips in sync making the other moan. You tugged on his hair to get along with this big amount of pleasure, he then started sucking on your neck again, hitting a sweet spot there that made you moan a little.
Jerome sucked harder, his thrusts became harder and faster, as well. You knew he was close, you were, too. Your moans became louder and you couldn't stop moaning. A knot was built in your stomach, his thrusts felt more intense that let you arch your back and you bucked your hips. The sweat was already dripping down your forehead due to two heated bodies were literally glued together whilst this intense action.
Your legs started to shake a little, you grabbed the sheets of his bed tightly digging your nails in it.
Jerome pumped faster and harder, he breathe became uneven and his gasps and grunts became a little louder. You knew he was close and so were you. Meanwhile you were at that point where you could cum every second. Your moans were loud and uncontrollable, the knot in your stomach became tighter, and pins and needs were sent all over your body this feeling of overwhelming pleasure.
"Oh God, I'm gonna-..." You couldn't even finish your sentence, you came already. Jerome right after you, he literally filled you up with his cum.
Silence filled the room for a while.
He collapsed on your body not even pulling out, you both heavily gasping for air. You felt the heat of his body, you both sweat much which made you feel like you were glueing together. Breathing became hard for you since his Jerome still laid with his body on you not moving at all. It didn't matter to you tho, you even liked it.
You liked how his face was still buried in the crook of your neck, how his warm breath hit your sweaty skin every time he breathed out, or how you could feel his and your rapid heartbeat.
Staring at the ceiling, you still couldn't believe what has happened. You had sex with the most amazing boy in your life - a same aged circus boy called Jerome.
You would have never ever believed that the circus brought you the guy that was impressing you most - in sex as in his appearance and as in some features you recognized while talking. For you Jerome was the perfect guy, and it was set for you already that you wanted to meet him again.
"So," Jerome broke the silence looking up at you with a smirk "I don't know about you but I'd be ready for round two."
You both just chuckled about his comment before he grabbed your cheeks and pulled you into a deep kiss again.
Here's part 2:
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