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commandertiffany · 5 days ago
So. Thing that happens during War Eternal:
Tumblr media
I like this. It might feel as if Commander said "for Blish" with less enthusiasm, but I think it was less an energetic war cry and more a quiet-but-deadly you are going DOWN, dragon.
Tumblr media
OUCH GORRIK. I mean - I mean - he's OBVIOUSLY thinking about Blish just then.
Blish dying hurts mostly in the context of Gorrik. I really, really, really like how ArenaNet kept harping on about Blish through Gorrik, because Blish's death feels more painful than most other deaths.
Not to say the other deaths aren't painful, but ArenaNet's never really spent the same energy on making them hurt. Most people who die are swept under the rug really quick (Trahearne, anyone?) - but not Blish.
Anet needs to do that more. I play this game for the feels. Give me
Thank you Gorrik for keeping Blish's memory alive.
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commandertiffany · 7 days ago
The fact that, in the GW2-based novel Ghosts of Ascalon, we meet a norn character named Gullik.
That is all.
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rouxipanda · 7 days ago
My personal Gorrik headcannons !
Hi! these are my personal headcannons for Gorrik ! Please enjoy, and remember these are headcannons, it’s my personal takes on what we know, and what the game gives us. So with no further do, let’s begin !
- He is stronger than he looks like, why i say that ? because of this:
Tumblr media
Excuse me Gorrik, 5 CAVALIERS ??? So yeah, don’t mess with Gorrik (nor Blish nor Taimi) if you don’t want to get your ass kicked .
- Gorrik have lots of scars on his left arm. It’s due to his experiments (remember Petey growing under his skin) and since he study insects he might sometimes get stinged by them.
Which not only make his left arm less viable (i imagine him as originally ambidextrous), but also more resistant to maybe some venoms/poisons)
- Gorrik is an Holosmith, that mean he can technically wield sword, not that he would want to, but he can. Do what you want with that info.
- This phrase that Gorrik say: 
Tumblr media
makes me think that Gorrik himself got disappointed by somebody, i don’t know who could it be, but for me it might be the reasons him and Blish joined the Inquest. Again do what you want with that info.
- Gorrik is not used to compliments coming from people other than his brother
Tumblr media
I swear that’s how you react when you are not used to such compliment, GORRIK YOU ARE BABY.
-He can be and is a picky eater, it fit the fact he is on the spectrum, even if just looking at him and the way he act makes me think that.
- Last and non the less (it kinda is related to a ship but honestly i feel like it’s going to be cannon a day or another): Taimi calls him “Cuddle Bug”. Like... come on... im 100% sure that would be a fitting name, he may not look like it, but he definitely is a loving person, who got lots of love to give, in his own way of course.
Sometimes Taimi, when talking to other peoples about him, let slip accidentally that nickname, which is embarrassing for both of them. It’s cute and funny, leave me alone.
Ok i’m done with my headcannons for now, hope you like them ! Again, Gorrik is baby!
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commandertiffany · 7 days ago
"Commander of Death" Part II: Friends Old and New
TL;DR: A fated meeting between Demolitionist Tonn and another bomber we know well…
Friends Old and New
“There isn’t much call for bombs in the Mists,” Tonn is explaining to Ceera, “and I’m not sure how effective bombs made of ghost matter would be on living targets.”
Ceera frowns slightly. “You could probably find supplies at Pact Command. Have you been there?”
“Not yet!” Tonn replies brightly. “I had to find you first.”
Ceera beams at him. “Then I’ll lead the way.”
After picking up the guardianship of a few wandering explorers, they set off down the path to Pact Command in a comfortable silence.
“I suppose you report to General Thackeray now?” Ceera questions.
“Oh, yes,” Tonn answers cheerily. “I’m sure she’ll find a use for my expertise.”
As soon as they arrive, Tonn bounces up to the first asura he sees. “Hello! Do you know where I can get any parts for explosives?”
The asura blinks at him for a moment. “Officially, I couldn’t say,” she shrugs, “but I’d ask him.” She gestures towards a pavilion that contains a sylvari and an asura, and a charr that Tonn recognizes as General Almorra.
Tonn approaches the asura, who is squinting intently at a datapad. “Hello! I’m with the Mist Wardens but I don’t have any equipment. Do you know where I could find explosives or the tools and parts to make them?”
The asura looks up at him and blinks rapidly. “Ah - no. You must be looking for Canach.”
Tonn looks in the direction indicated to see the sylvari staring at him with raised eyebrows. “Ah, I see. Apologies.”
“A ghost looking for explosives?” the sylvari - Canach - remarks dryly. “I’m sure there’s a story behind that. Ah well, I suppose the Mist Wardens have to get by somehow.” He strides off and away from the tent with Tonn matching his stride.
Tonn blinks once. “I’ll have you know I used to be the Pact’s top demolitionist. Took out some very high-level targets.”
“Did you now,” Canach murmurs absentmindedly. He arrives at a supply pile and begins searching through it. “I assume you also trained your replacement.”
Tonn crosses his arms. “I did, in fact.” He turns to his wife. “Ceera, what ever happened to Strixel?” And why is this grouchy plant-man here instead of him?
“You taught him well,” Ceera supplies, “but he was killed over Maguuma alongside his own trainee.”
“Ah, you told me about Maguuma. I wonder why I never saw him… oh well. You don’t always run into everyone in the Mists.”
Finally, the prickly sylvari finds what he is looking for. He hands Tonn a rather large box. Tonn peers inside. “Oh! Excellent! These are world-class parts! Thank you, sir!”
“Make good use of them,” Canach says as he strides back to the tent. “The more the Branded feel it, the better for all of us. Oh, hello, Commander.”
Tonn looks up from the box at lightning speed to see the Commander standing near General Almorra. At his side, Ceera stiffens, but Tonn bounces up to the Commander joyously. “Commander! I’d smile bigger if I wasn’t already stretching my limits over these explosives!”
A look of wondrous joy spreads across Commander Tiffany Commander’s face. “Tonn! You came back!”
“I did!” Tonn enthuses. “I’m with the Mist Wardens under General Thackeray - so exciting! Now, I didn’t ever get the chance to introduce you to my wife, Ceera, but - “
“We’ve met,” Ceera bites out frigidly.
The smile slips off Tonn’s face as he glances between Ceera’s cold stare and the Commander’s averted gaze. “Oh.” Of course the Commander would have sought her out to deliver the news.
“Hm,” says Canach from behind him. “I take it back. I suppose you weren’t lying about your skill if you know the Commander.”
“Oh, you’ve met Canach already?” Commander asks, grasping the new topic immediately as Canach comes over to join the group.
Tonn gives Canach a questioning stare. Had he just deliberately broken up a moment of tension? “Yes, I was directed to him for parts.”
“You two working together will create absolute chaos,” Commander says, sounding, of all things, resigned to the idea.
“Why don’t you introduce us?” Tonn says quizzically. “I just know he knows where the explosives are kept - and apparently has opinions on how good of a demolitionist a ghost can be.”
“Canach’s been with the team for years,” Commander explains. “He’s been our resident explosives expert since Maguuma… even if he can have an attitude about it sometimes.”
“Commander - “ Canach protests - “you insist - “
“And Canach, this is Tonn,” Commander says, roundly ignoring him. “He blows up towers with far more initiative than you ever have.”
“Commander - “
“Go explode some things together,” Commander tells him sternly. “I insist. I don’t think you’re doing anything else useful, and the Mist Wardens could use the support.”
Canach turns to Tonn with a very put-upon expression. The Commander turns to General Almorra and begins expounding on the Mist Warden situation.
As soon as they are out of earshot, Canach grumbles, “you owe me for stepping in like that.”
“Yes, of course,” Tonn replies easily. “Speaking of, though - ” Tonn turns to Ceera - and finds he has no words. He can’t say he faults her anger at the Commander, but…
There is a long moment of silence, during which Ceera simply stares at him with an expression of mixed defiance and love that says Tonn, I wouldn’t not blame everything in existence for your death.
Tonn finally simply sighs and lays a hand on her shoulder. “It’s alright. I’m back now. You don’t need to worry about that anymore.”
She hugs him. Tonn smiles and pats her on the back. Maybe in time, she’ll be able to let it go.
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rouxipanda · 7 days ago
From the Commander Asks, 11. What is the proudest moment your commander has experienced?
When aurene became an elder dragon, thay for sure made him cry!
But there are other moments too!
Whatever Taimi or Gorrik (or both) do, whatever "awesome" things their mounts and pets do or bring back lol
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rouxipanda · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't mind me with my in game Gorrik cosplay
Mini Blish, mini Gorrik and Gorrik outfit when-
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commandertiffany · 11 days ago
"He waited. And waited. He would wait until the world ended, if that was what it took."
I saw this somewhere.
and I got vague Gorrik vibes, actually.
Not exactly sure why. I just got this picture of Gorrik waiting for Blish to come home.
And now I made myself sad.
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commandertiffany · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
I turned around and saw this field of joy.
There's a bug catching jar. And the whole field is covered with bugs.
And the heart quest there is to catch the bugs.
I knew all this.
But I turned around and I SAW it all and my brain said "ah. you know what. Gorrik needs to come here."
But then I realized that this is a charr cow ranch in Ascalon.
And in IBS prologue he was at a charr cow ranch. So I think he got an appropriate equivalent, even if technically there was no heart quest in Grothmar.
My heart is satisfied.
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rouxipanda · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Since he is my comfort character, drawing him makes me very happy ^^
... Please i need more Gorrik content pwp
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commandertiffany · 13 days ago
New Developments
For those who don't know, AFTER the end of of the Champions finale, Judgement, Taimi and Gorrik set up in Eye of the North next to Aurene! In the open world!
Tumblr media
This (Taimi) is the only character in the universe who can make me cry by sitting down.
In ALL THE OTHER PLACES we've seen her set up her workstation - S2 in Scarlet's rooms (?), in that crystal cave thing with Omadd's Machine, Rata Novus, Sun's Refuge, (did she have a spot in Thunderhead Keep?) and even partway through Champions she had a lab - I'm THINKING that was in the player home instance in Rata Sum - she stands in front of her workstation. This seems to be standard for asura.
BUT NOW SHE'S SITTING DOWN AND I'M CRYING AND ASDLKFJASDLKFASDFJ. ArenaNet isn't SAYING her condition is getting worse (but we knew it was) but they're telling us - they're telling us - MY BABY WHY.
And GORRIK MY BABY. YOU AS WELL. I think my Commander asked him something, and he said: "I believe that's a rhetorical question."
"I believe - "
And they asked me to go into the Scrying Pool and replay all of Living World.
I had not been doing this before because I don't have the time to play two episodes a week all summer.
But now Taimi and Gorrik need me to dig into my memories for something that might help with the dragons.
And I'm going, firstly, ahhh this is actually part of the storyline is to replay the things, it's not just some random event - and secondly TAIMI AND GORRIK IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT'S UP WITH DRAGONS I WILL GLADLY - and thirdly, something small and tiny in my brain is whispering, do it for the precious children.
But I will henceforth do my best to stay up-to-date by reading the wiki.
The wiki people have already found one difference in the season 2 episodes - Anet fixed the fact that Mordremoth's name is brought up out of the blue! So tell me if anything else strange happens. I'm trying to stay with you in spirit!
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commandertiffany · 14 days ago
Which College Was Blish a Member of?
Taimi says she "knew Blish from college." Even the wiki - which has a VERY firm stance on 'speculation' - agrees that this means Blish was a member of the College of Synergetics.
I have a different proposal.
When we met Taimi back in S1, there were two older asura keeping eyes on her: Zojja, and a Dynamics asura named Vorpp. This is the Vorpp who did experiments on the Secondborn (including Canach) from Caithe's memory seeds in S2, but we didn't know that at the time.
THING OF NOTE: Vorpp (he's on the wiki as Emissary Vorpp but ahaha there's like zero things there) does portal things. I dug around some maze-like wiki pages and discovered that he's the one who reverse-engineered some of Scarlet's portals so we could find her lair and beat her up in one of the S1 missions. There's a whole achievement (and, notably, as far as I can tell, he's the first one to have come up with a communicator device like Taimi's - obviously inferior, but still).
But. This is very obvious evidence that portals is a field of Dynamics. Which only makes sense, because asura gates were created and are maintained by the College of Dynamics.
My POINT HERE is this: Taimi was still hanging around and involved with Vorpp of Dynamics even though she was a member of Synergetics.
And Vorpp's field of expertise is portals. And also very Inquest-like experiments on Secondborn sylvari.
Utter and rock-solid and extremely true headcanon: this is how Taimi knows Blish.
Blish is a portal specialist. Taimi "knows Blish from college." Blish is a member of the Inquest.
We all assume that Blish was Synergetics because Taimi knew him in college. But that's not necessarily true!! My 100% headcanon is that Vorpp was Blish's college mentor before Blish went off and joined the Inquest. Vorpp's experiments on Secondborn likely happened before Blish was even born (that was in 1302 and Taimi was born in 1313, so if they're anywhere near each other in age...) but Vorpp's tastes and morals likely remained the same, which would help explain why Blish and Gorrik were so 'eh' about being in the Inquest (my other headcanon is that they only joined looking for something to help Blish, but they didn't have to be so casual about it - this would explain that).
I feel like I need to obsessively defend this headcanon, simply because the wiki definitively says Blish was Synergetics. But that's derived SOLELY from the fact that Taimi says she knew him in college, but she never specifies which college.
Dear Brain, please stop holding the word of the wiki as golden when you help edit that thing and you know full well what the source of Blish's 'Synergetics' tag is!
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choccos-aaart · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
They’re still doing dirty work if they’re forging Dyrus’ writing. My bad, haha...
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commandertiffany · a month ago
So I've been practicing. And I finally drew a thing I feel comfortable posting!
Tumblr media
Random doodle done without a reference!
I like it because, despite the technical mistakes, it has character. It's not just a wooden-looking, details-oriented did I get the slant of his ears right. I don't know what he's grinning at, but this drawing has character.
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commandertiffany · a month ago
Support Comm
In War Eternal, Dragonfall, trying to get blood from Kralkatorrik's wing:
Commander: Taimi, I'm here. (static)... Hello? Anyone? (static) Commander: All right. Find the source of this interference, find the blood, charges the spear. I can do this.
This is hilarious.
For the simple reason that the Commander needs to give themself a mini pep talk to get through not having Taimi in their ear to support them.
It's hilarious. And wholesome. And also slightly worrying. (Maybe this is the reason the Commander feels kinda apathetic in IBS?)
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commandertiffany · a month ago
Every primary asura we've had contact with in the storyline has some biological vulnerability.
Taimi has her condition.
Blish had whatever it was that he needed to be put in a golem for.
Gorrik is autistic.
Zojja... um... okay she's relatively alright.
But that's one in four.
Keep in mind we do have contact with other asura; for example, Phlunt, Kudu, and Snaff, not to mention asura from PS branches such as Tonn, Zott, Ceera, Efut, Elli, Zrii, and of course the ones from the asura storyline (which I haven't played much). But the primary asura characters? Hm.
I don't know what this means. It might be an Anet thing. It might be a Commander thing. Or a Taimi thing. (She's how we know Blish and Gorrik, at least...) or maybe it's just coincidence. But.
Food for thought, I guess?
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