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#goodness me that’s a lotta shows
For those not on twitter or RQO, here’s the news straight from RQ’s site:
Today, we launch Rusty Quill Podcast Network. RQ Network is a podcast network by podcasters for podcasters, featuring creators outside of our regular docket of shows. As part of RQ Network, creators are offered distribution, marketing and advertising. Designed to champion the best in audio drama and audio fiction podcasting, RQ Network is an inclusive platform for new and diverse voices in the audio space.
RQ Network launches May 10th with five free to listen audio drama podcasts, including:
Cryptids, produced by Wild Obscura, Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein and Nora Unkel. Written by Alexander V. Thompson. Directed by Devin Shepherd.
The Deca Tapes, written and directed by Lex Noteboom
How It Ends, written and directed by Micah Jones Rodriguez and Stephanie Resendes
Old Gods of Appalachia, a production of DeepNerd Media written and directed by Steve Shell and Cam Collins
The Storage Papers, written and directed by Jeremy Enfinger
“RQ Network will launch regular waves of content. This first wave is themed around cosmic horror, mystery and found footage… Future content waves seek to focus on comedy, action and more,” said Chief Marketing Officer Callum Dougherty “It has been a real labour of love pulling together a cohesive collection of the best audio drama content for your listening pleasure.”
To celebrate the addition of RQ Network to business operations, we have also refreshed our branding. At the heart of the redesign is a reimagining of the Rusty Quill logo, now streamlined and animated, breathing new life into the brand just ahead of its sixth anniversary. We hired the exemplary services of Guerilla Communications, a Newcastle Upon Tyne-based design and marketing agency to realise the vision.
“This rebrand showcases who Rusty Quill is and where we are going… together with the launch of our latest venture RQ Network, our passions, values and what we bring to the table are now evident for all to see. This is only the beginning,” said COO, Hannah Brankin.
“Rusty Quill always strives to represent the world of Indie storytelling on the main stage while staying true to our values. RQ Network is no exception, and we look forward to welcoming new waves of talent into our fold.”
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pricklepicklepie · 8 months ago
I'm finally on the last episode of naddpod and I'm so fuckin sad I'm so not ready but I'm also excited bc I have a lot of plans for fanart and I just wanna get it out
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cuz-reasons · 12 months ago
Sometimes I wonder why I'm so afraid to tell my friends about my interests
Sometimes my mom brings up that my interests are super wierd and how she doenst understand how someone would enjoy it completely unprompted
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iamphibolous · a year ago
Is it bad if i only want to do one thing?
An introspection by Me, wherein I don't come to a conclusion xd cuz I have no idea hhhh
Anyways I hope y'all're having some fine times in this new year! Lovin it myself, can't wait to get a driver's license!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#Personal#Geez I been Makin a Lotta personal. Posts recently.. Maybe I should just start up therapy again lol#Idk where else to put my thoughts though and I don't know anyone i can tell them to becuz of my own embarrassment sooooo#This is this. But yeah I kinda feel a bit bad about only wanting to do one thing yknow? Like I've waited before and I can wait more but god#I can't just stop being impatient anyways :d oh well..... Essentially it's the last full day before focusing on school so yeah.#Made a lot of headway on catching up on tma!!!! And cleaned a bit too :3 tho... Imma have a LOT more to clean when I get back in my room lol#Idk I just feel really worried cuz I always want to just be there and watch my siblings experience stuff I like even if they don't like it#And when I say experience stuff I mean like dumping dst lore on them and showing them the game or in this case watching iz#And I'm just worried that maybe I'm just being too annoying. Ive wanted to show them the show since August but Idk the longer time#Stretches on the more scared I am they'll just forget or they'll just be annoyed and tell me to stop liking childish stuff or whatever.#Idek why I would be afraid of that. They're really nice and haven't ever been like that in the past. Maybe I'm just worried about some#Internalized thingimabobs or whatever. Anyways we r gonna do other stuff but I really just want to show them the one thing Im focused on#At the moment and I can't help but feel a bit selfish. I don't think or at least know they would like it and I might be a bit#Apprehensive to finding out but idk.... I shouldn't even be feeling this impatient I just got to watch the first!!!!! Ep w them yesterday#Or one of them but that's ok they're just all caught up now and I'm really happy!!!!!!! But I still feel impatient and I don't like feeling#So impatient as if they don't have their own stuff they like and want to share as well!!!! So it's like jgbfjfbdhf#Idk why I feel so strongly either way and it's so confusing to me they don't seem to (though I try not to show how much I feel because again#Don't want to be judged...) Idk this is just a big ol dump of a thought mess but I don't know what else to do tbh#I've tried bottling stuff up before and well.... It's not that good. So! At least I can vent somewhere#:3 I feel better already! Anyways sorry about the dkvbdjfn new and repetitive rant I just needed to talk to#About how I feel! That's all bye bye and here's a fun fact for poor souls who read all that shit: I took a quiz and apparently I would be#An avatar of beholding (from tma lol I've just been binging those in my hours spent cleaning and lying down on the couch w Bon bon)#Rant#It's close enough to a rant that I don't want to muddy peoples feeds w a redundant mess like this lol
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chevvyyates · a year ago
colleague at work: what have you done the last days of 2019? me: nothin’ special, just wrote a bit. colleague: you still writing your story you did some research for? me: yeah colleague: that going to be a book now? me: I didn’t found an end yet colleague: you should publish it! me: uh, no? colleague: do it! Maybe I’ll read it some day me: … colleague: /talks of that her sister had published one once/ me: noone wants to read that I’m sure* *okay, a handful might.
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jimlingss · a day ago
OMG KINA so I just finished reading The End and I was going thru a whole rollercoaster of emotions u truly made me feel All The Feels™️ with this fic!!! first of all, lemme just say u succeeded in going out with a banger bec this fic was SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. LIKE EVERYTHING. originally, while reading I was just jotting down points that stuck out to me but eventually it turned into me basically live reacting bec one thing I didn’t expect was for us to spend so much
time with oc and jin after that crazy whirlwind adventure they went on when they ‘properly’ met?! I thought the fic would end when oc meets jin in the present day but I was so glad for it to continue on into what happens next bec it made me love them even more, and I’m so glad for everything that happened afterwards!!!! okay tbh I don’t really know how to make sense of all the notes I wrote down so I’m kinda just going to combine them, or at least the start of them, bec I feel like it’ll still make some sense if I do that bec they’re my thoughts/feelings about the fic/ur writing in general. but towards the end of what I wrote down it is literally just me reacting to things that happen in the fic bec A LOTTA SHIT HAPPENS so I’ll just start listing them bec idk how else to organise them and I already know this is gonna be a long message sbdkncf. before I start, please just know my heart swooned so many times even when jin and oc were talking while travelling thru time (their chemistry was just SO GOOD to me even from that point) and I also teared up/tried not to cry/failed miserably and cried multiple times even tho I didn’t mention that a lot in my notes, I felt that big lump in my throat so many times okay so that’s how u know the angst really got to me .__. The End was so thoughtful and heartfelt and amazing. I am so so so happy with the way the fic ended tho, thank u SOOO MUCH for writing this absolute masterpiece of a fic!!!!! it truly is such a good final story and I’m so thankful to be able to read it and all ur other fics throughout the years. so many of them have a special place in my heart and I think of them from time to time and reread them kinda often too so I’m so glad to be able to know such amazing fics exist :’) okay just this intro is getting long so lemme just get into listing my thoughts/reactions hehe sorry for how long and incoherent this is about to get but I’m not the best with words don’t know how else to share what I felt while reading this fic, but this is all things that I thought of while reading and wrote down bec I wanted to make sure u knew how amazing this fic and ur writing in general is to me (side note: as I’m sending this, the formatting of this ask is weird and there’s a huge space between this paragraph and the first bullet point for some reason and I can’t get rid of it but idk if it’ll actually send thru like that so if it does pls just ignore that. also I just realised there’s no word count anymore I think? rip apologies in advance for how long this is but I thought it might be easier if it’s all in one ask kjsjdnfn) :
• the dog world reference and when spring meets autumn reference :’) I love when u reference ur other fics
• I just love ur writing so much like it’s so easy to follow and get lost in the description and dialogue and works you’ve created. you’ve really outdone yourself with The End and I’m glad u seem to be proud of it too bec u should be!!!
• it’s so cool how u showed so many aspects of relationships and why some are great and some still may not work despite that and still have their own challenges within the various specific circumstances in this one fic and all the factors that go into relationships too (like oc said: family, compatibility, career, stability, etc)
• it’s such a pleasure to be able to see how much ur writing has improved and to just read all ur creative ideas in fics, both in older fics and newer fics, bec so many of them stick with me and have a special place in my heart. it just makes me want to reread them over and over and I definitely have already and I still will be rereading ur fics for a long time lol!!
• even the lil parts where jin and oc were getting friendlier or acting cuter with one another or when jin was secretly judging these candidates for oc even tho he’s trying to help potentially her be with one of them or even when jin seemed to know something that oc didn’t, it was all so heart-fluttering and exciting to read about I just love the subtleties in stories in general (it’s that show don’t tell aspect I think) and it was so well done in this fic imo!!!
• even tho I like ot7 fics I usually don’t gravitate towards stories like this where they’re all potential lover interests but at different points of oc’s life, but u just made it work so well!! I enjoyed myself reading this fic so much and I feel like everything just made sense and made me feel for oc and jin too and for the different situations oc was in and the emotions she felt within them. it was all different but somehow some similar emotion linked them that made her realise that this isn’t the life she wanted to choose for herself
• when oc found out the truth about jin u wrote ‘Your breath hitches. Your heart stops in your chest. It lodges inside your throat.’ and that’s LITERALLY how I felt. ur writing and this fic in particular made me feel SO many things and I absolutely LOVE when a story is able to do that to me. I adore ur writing so so so much!!!
• I had the fattest lump in my throat trying not to cry and I was just thinking how are u able to make me feel this way with ur writing I’m so in awe of how amazing it is?! how can someone write this well and write a story this good?!
• june 23rd the day of the car accident omg that’s ur blog’s anniversary date right? and ur last day on this blog? damn the parallels make me feel even more sad about u leaving and this whole situation with jin and oc :( they only knew each other for 2 years but from the way jin acts around oc and even wants her to choose a new timeline for herself to avoid meeting him and thus avoid the pain of his death? I can tell he really cares for oc and loves her so much :( HOW THE HECK did u manage to make me feel jin and oc’s chemistry so much when I didn’t even know what they were like when they were together?! again, ur writing is truly one of my favourites and I really mean that!!!
• when it said ‘Salt bleeds from your eyes that still hold the memory of his tender gaze but it, too, has already begun to fade.
The six love letters sit untouched on the table as if nothing had happened.
The silence of your apartment is deafening.’ I was scared oc is gonna forget about jin and this whole night she spent with him exploring possible alternate lives but I’m glad she still remembers when she woke up even tho it’s still painful he disappeared and I wonder if jin will remember :( probably not since his ghost was the one who knew everything after obviously dying but I wonder how oc would be with present day jin, knowing exactly when he dies and I wonder if she’d even tell him about anything from that eventful night?
• omfg as soon as I read that the new transfers from the Fresno branch were coming I remembered oc’s colleague talking about that at the start of the fic and THE DOTS WERE CONNECTING IN MY BRAIN I completely forgot about it throughout the course of the fic until then but I gasped and was like :O perhaps jin is one of them?!
• the way u describe jin’s lil •ᴗ• smile makes me emo for some reason I just love it :’)
• “is there something on my face?” “you’re just handsome” I KNOW OC KINDA DIDNT MEAN TO SAY THAT BUT YYYYEEEESSSS I LOVE IT HERE
• “It’s nice to meet you. I hope we can be good deskmates.” oh jin baby if only u knew
• “But I’m actually terrible with directions. Maybe you could join me and lead the way?” that’s not what u said in France!!!! oc knows u lying but it’s a cute excuse!!!
• ‘A love story with a forgotten prequel.’ omg PAIN... I wonder if jin will remember or come to know of their ‘prequel’ later on or when he dies or if he’ll reappear to oc when he dies ;(
• omg all of these snippets into their life together... usually I don’t like when stuff progresses fast but in this case I already love jin and oc together since their whole whirlwind adventure and it just feels right for them, and knowing what happens in just 2 years, I’m kinda glad they form such a deep relationship so quickly :’)
• ‘When you blow out the candle on the cake, you wish for this happiness to last.’ she got her 30th birthday wish and on her 31st birthday she’s not alone :( I hope this wish of her’s somehow comes true too :( I love her and jin, their relationship is just so cute and comforting and sweet and they’re just so right for each other I want this to last forever for them <3
• u know there’s this thing ppl say that’s like do I like men or do I like men written by women? u truly made me think that so much bec this jin was just so sweet and incredible to me I absolutely love him
• “Let’s look in July.” GIRL U KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN IN JUNE is that why she just wants to stay where she’s always stayed rather than find a new place with jin only to be alone there when he’s gone :(
• the way they keep holding hands just reminds me of their prequel adventure when they’d hold hands to travel to different places/times, I love them so much man ;(
• omg oc is trying to avoid june 23rd.. I was thinking maybe she’ll do that and hopefully something will work out in their favour but idk .... I’m stressed I’m basically live reacting at this point bec it’s getting closer and closer to the date.. I’m scared tho is something bad gonna happen if they avoid june 23rd?? will oc possibly die instead??? what in the final destination is gonna happen I’m so ?!?! lemme continue reading..
• ‘I want her to be with someone who can make her happy.’ HES WISHING FOR HIMSELF!!! HES THE ONE WHO MAKES OC HAPPY THE ONLY ONE SHE WANTS TO BE WOTH!!!! omfg I really thought maybe he’ll get a second chance bUT HES WAKING UP TO THE SIGHT OF HER ON THE 30TH BDAY ISNT HE?! BACK IN THE PAST BEFORE THEY MET AND TO THE START OF THE STORY NOOO
• the way whenever jin looks at oc his eyes soften and his gaze tenders.... PAAAIIIINNN I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER SO BAD
• wait so he’s in hospital rn.. is this the period when his ghost and past oc are going on their adventure in the meantime.. and oc picks jin at the end right? so hopefully his ghost returns to his body in the hospital and he wakes up and they can be together in the present and future then? man I’m clinging onto every shred of hope I can for them to end up happy together, if that happens I hope they both tell each other they both know about what happened that crazy night with the 6 love letters
• holding his hand while he’s unconscious :( all this hand holding is just so THEM™️ I love it
• ‘Salt bleeds from your eyes that still holds the memories you’ve made together.’ OMG THE SALT BLEEDS FROM YOUR EYES LINE AGAIN BUT SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT miss kina u are a freaking genius I love whenever u do this in ur fics I just love parallels So Much
• ‘Even if it means the present and future pain, you wouldn’t change being with him.’ AND THAT LINE IS FROM EARLIER IN THE FIC TOO ISNT IT?? omfg so jin never actually died I AM SO GLAD MISS OC NEVER CHOSE ANOTHER GUY BEC IMAGINE IF SHE DID SHE WOULDVE JUST NOT KNOWN HER DREAM MAN AKA JIN kina the way the past and present and future all tie in together is just so genius to me like ITS SO PERFECT BEC IM HAPPY JIN IS STILL ALIVE BUT ALL THE EMOTIONS I FELT BEFORE WHILE WAITING FOR JUNE 23RD FELT LIKE A ROLLERCOASTER
• omg wait so did jin and oc never talk about how they knew the future/how jin’s ghost came to her?? wait miss kina I’m genuinely asking, this isn’t rhetorical lol, so they never tell each other and never know that the other basically knew about what would happen in the future? or they do talk about it and I’m just dumb and didn’t get it lol?
• ‘For the pair of you to be together. Until the end.’ omg I would’ve wished for this too if I was oc and ‘the end’ the name of the fic are the last words of it ahhh idk why that makes me feel things :’)
...this is all kind of a mess I’m sorry but thank u SO MUCH for this amazing fic kina!!!! and for all the amazing fics you’ve posted here during ur time on tumblr!!! I’m truly going to miss ur wonderful writing and presence here so much but I wish u all the best for ur future and I hope you’ll come back from time to time to let us know how u are if u want!! just like how u said ur not gonna forget writing/ur time on tumblr, I will never forget ur fics either and will be rereading them in the future too just bec I love them so much <3 in fact, before reading The End I was thinking to myself I want to reread Sugar and Coffee just bec I was lowkey nervous The End would end really angsty (but I love the way it ended) and S&C is one of my faves and it’s been awhile since I last read it so I might go to that lol!! I know anything I say won’t come close to how much I love u and ur writing and how thankful I am to be able to read it but please know I appreciate u so so so much and I really wish u all the happiness and success in the future too!!!! sorry I’m starting to sound redundant and this got so long, I think I said most of what I wanted to say at the start and throughout that list lol, but AHHH I LOVE U AND I LOVE THE END AND I LOVE ALL UR FICS <333
Holy shit, anon. You wrote me a whole bible and i- i loVE IT!! I am so honoured that you thought so much of my story to write and rave this much about it. I am so speechless and honoured and in awe.
first off, I'm glad you thought it was a banger cause I definitely wanted to leave off with one. I'm glad you gave it a chance and that you liked it even if these kinds of ot7 fics aren't up your alley. secondly, thank you for walking me though your thought processes and highlighting certain sections/dialogue. specific feedback like that is actually the most helpful since it points out what in particular was good. It also allows me to experience the story all over again :') thirdly, it's very nice to hear that my writing has improved since I think my writing skills was pretty garbage when I first started hahahaa that being said, it makes me very happy to know that people cherish my stories as much as I do. it's definitely a pleasure to write for readers like you :')
June 23rd is indeed my official anniversary date! there's definitely a lot of parallels - not only in the story itself, but in real life and from other fics (ie the cameos) haha. also nice catch!! I don't think anyone's mentioned the directions thing yet but jin was definitely telling some white lies to get with OC hahhaha I also want to say it makes me soo happy that you ship the two characters together cause that's what all romance writers aim for!! :D
To answer your question btw, OC never told Jin that she knew the future or how Jin's ghost came to her until after the accident and he wakes up. so the moment he wakes up in the hospital (right before the epilogue), he knows she knows. so they're both caught up to speed essentially.
Anyway, thank you so much. This all really means a lot, so thank you for reading <3
Tumblr media
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marvelsassbutts · 3 days ago
You’re Tuggin On Me
Bucky manages to hide his feelings for Sam pretty well. Has been doing it for months with little to no problem or fantasy. Then Sam puts his hands in Bucky's hair.
Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; Marvel (MCU)
Rating: M
Pairing: Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes
Words: 6914
Link: You’re Tuggin On Me
Preview under the cut !!
“If you’re looking to go outside this weekend, I’ve got good news for you. Weather’s going to be in the mid-seventies and sunny, just perfect for tossing the frisbee around in Central Park, going out to brunch with the gals, just everything you could want for a good weekend.”
Steve lets out a loud and long yawn from Bucky’s right which only prompts him to let out a louder and longer yawn in response. There’s no telling how long he and Steve have been slouched into the couch cushions of the Compound’s entertainment room and there’s even less telling on how they ended up stuck on the weather channel. God, sometimes they really showed their age.
Steve says something Bucky misses over the sound of a ‘BREAKING NEWS’ alarm sounding from the TV.
“Hmm?” Bucky asks as the scene of a robbery turned high speed chase plays out in front of them.
“I said ‘The weather person is new’,” Steve repeats as the door to their right flies open and several Avengers rush in, all in various stages of being geared up. Steve and Bucky look up at the same time and while Steve lets his head eventually fall against the cushions while he watches, Bucky keeps his up for a better view of the team: Natasha, pulling up coordinates; Scott, trying to get the right fingers into the sections of his gloves; Rhodes, lifting the face of his suit to get a better look at the images on screen; and Sam, being handsome.
Bucky feels his eyebrows lower at the last thought and he pushes past it to focus on what the small group is saying.
Steve adjusts his position but still keeps his head rested. “Lotta muscle for a cop chase, don’t you think?”
“We’re not handling the cop chase,” Rhodes says and gestures to the screen. Bucky and Steve turn to see New York’s favorite webslinger on the case. “Got word of something a little bigger.” Steve raises his eyebrows.
“Washington. U.S. Agent and his cronies decided to shake up an old underground S.H.I.E.L.D. base,” Natasha chimes in and lowers the hologram projected from her wrist. “Could be nothing, could be a resurgence of Hydra.”
“If it’s that important why isn’t it on the news? Maybe you guys should wait.”
Natasha quirks an eyebrow “Rogers, you of all people should know that the media doesn’t let the public know what it doesn’t want the public to know.” She smirks. “As for waiting, some of us aren’t on our retirement plans quite yet and have better things to do than sit on our asses.”
Steve starts to smile while the rest of the group lets out friendly jeers and hollers. In the midst of it all, Bucky chances a glance in Sam’s direction, hoping to grab just another second to gape at him and that stupidly well fitted Captain America suit. What he’s not expecting is to see Sam already looking back at him. The rest of the room may as well have disappeared with how much Bucky takes notice of it now that he’s looking into Sam’s eyes, seeing the amusement that lies in them both from Natasha's quick quips and, seemingly, from catching Bucky off guard. Sam’s eyes track away from Bucky’s to just above his shoulder and then to his eyes again. Sam smiles when he looks away, head shaking just so.
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loveyourownsmiilee · 3 days ago
Crime scene anon here. Yes, oh so much yes! I am currently working on a fic with that as my premise . My head canon is Buck grabs them a couple of beers before it starts and Eddie is softly says “its back on!” when the commercial break is over (and Buck is falling asleep on Eddie’s shoulder). Eddie is totally better at solving it than Buck, but Buck is getting a lot better. And they spout off random serial killer facts when no one expects it. One time, Buck tells Chim “I know 100 ways to kill you and make it look like Winnie the Pooh did it” (Eddie and Hen chuckle; Bobby rolls his eyes and smiles fondly). I have so many thoughts on this, lol! ;)
Literally I’m so freaking into this fic idea you can’t even believe it!!! I’m like anticipating this so hard bc I love crime shows as well and like this is literally so good!! Like sign me upppp please. I want all that softness. I want Eddie rolling his eyes at Buck when he thinks he figured it out but was wrong. I want Eddie to put his arm around Buck and let him cuddle into his side while he dozes off. I want Buck to drool a lil on Eddie’s shoulder, but it makes Eddie smile and blush all the same. I want Eddie to tell Chim “oh trust me he can he isn’t messing around” because we love a supportive partner. I want them to have a date night where they order “Unsolved Case Files” and sit with a few beers and actually spend their night solving the crimes! I want Buck being a hyper excited puppy solving these crimes while Eddie looks on with his patented heart eyes and tells him, “God I just love you so much”. Cue to Buck lookin at him all wide blue eyes, then bam they’re making out on top of the case files. All crime solving forgotten about because what they’re finally doing is much better. Hahah omg I let this one get away from me. I’m so sorry I had too had a lotta thoughts on this 😂 but honestly I can’t wait to read this when it’s done 💜
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izumi-fanclub · 3 days ago
A3! Event Story Translation “Blessed Memories” [ Chapter 6 ]
Everyone goes to the mall to buy things for the wedding, but Azuma and Kumon meet a certain someone on the way.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yuki, what kind of wedding ceremony would you like to have?
Wedding ceremony?
It might be a bit too early to ask you about this, though.
I’d want to make my bride more beautiful than anyone else with my own hands.
When my sister got married, I got asked to arrange her wedding dress.
She wore the dress I arranged for her, and she was definitely the most beautiful woman that day.
Fufuu, that’s such a you thing to say, that’s really nice.
Yeah? Well, it’s not gonna happen any time soon, though.
Tumblr media
(We’ve finally decided on what to do for the memorial play. All that’s left is for us to practice hard for the show!)
“Do you wanna play together?”
“Are you okay with that?”
“Yes I am!”
Fufuu, cuties.
Honestly, this is so healing......
Then, let's finish it up for today.
Everyone, can I talk with you?
What is it?
I sent a picture of the felt welcome doll that Yuki made the other day to the bride, Miki-san, and she really liked it.
She asked me if I could give some feedback on the decoration.
Miki-san asked me to be her bridal consultant since she liked the ring bouquet I made.
The decoration department’s where I’m originally supposed to work on.
But it’s too much to deal with alone, so I’m just going to take on the memorial play and the wedding’s direction. We’ve decided that you guys would help take over too, right?
So, she felt bad asking for more than that.
But when she saw the doll Yuki made for her, she wondered if it’s really that bad of an idea.
I see.
Well, guess we gotta take it on now.
Yeah I think it’s a good idea too! If there’s anything I can help with, I’m up for it!
I don’t think I can be of much help in coming up with decoration ideas, in all honesty......
But if there’s anything we need to buy, I can carry the bags and take the car out.
Same here. You can call on me anytime.
I’ll help out in making something, too.
Of course, I’ll help you out in anything.
Thanks, you guys.
I’ll tell Miki-san that you’ll take over then.
Wanna come up with ideas after rehearsal?
Sure, alright.
Tumblr media
So we’re gonna make the decoration ideas we came up today, but let’s buy what we need to make it first.
We should split into groups and divide the shopping.
Yeah. Let’s meet back here after buying what we need.
I’ll help Azuma-san carry the bags then!
Thank you,
Then let’s get going.
We bought a whole lotta stuff!
Sure did. What else to buy......
Kumon Huh? That person over there...
Hello there, Miki-san.
Ah, Azuma-san and Hyodo-kun, hello.
You’re looking a little down in the dumps.
I’ve been wondering about the other day, when you got into a small fight with him, what happened after that?
….. Well.....
Previous Chapter [ Ch 5 ]
Next chapter [ Ch 7 ]
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