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#good omens print
idanit · 19 days ago
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I have opened up an INPRNT print shop! It's something I've been asked about from time to time, and now it's finally here.
Let me know if there's a piece you'd like me to add and I'll make it happen.
Reblogs are appreciated ❤︎
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ii-vegas-ii · a month ago
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• The Serpent •
Maybe I should start posting my regular art here again, too lol
I really like this drawing I did of Crowley. Think he looks pretty rad
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aniquant · a month ago
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Gilded print of “Eden” available, if you like:
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aethelflaedladyofmercia · 3 months ago
More swag has finally arrived from @theineffablecon!
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Back in October, I preordered @whiteleyfoster ‘s comic Jazz Baby. I’d started reading the comic on Tumblr, but as I recall only a dozen or so pages were posted here. Now I can finally know what happened 😂 and I also get to support a great artist!
I also ordered this lovely print of our favorite couple
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And this adorable keychain!
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Yeeee! Likely because of the preorder, my whole shipment was delayed, and only just arrived a week and some change ago. Haven’t had a chance to dive in yet, but I’m excited!!
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enelica · 3 months ago
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News Good Omens prints are finally available on my etsy EnelicaStore! ☆ The stock is limited, but I will be able to reprint it if necessary owo
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fluffysteam · 3 months ago
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sylwritesstuff · 4 months ago
For @go-events​ OTP Prompts/Mystery Au event, @skimmingmilk​ and I’ve teamed up shocking, I know to bring you a 1940s mystery! Coming soon...
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Crowley looked over his shoulder, intrigued by such obvious displeasure at the idea of selling his books. He clearly had a fondness for the things, so there was some connection. He just couldn't decide what that was. This Aziraphale Fell was either an excellent actor or someone who shouldn't even bother having opening hours. “Not to buy, but now I'm curious about the errors.” Crowley wondered, making a turn in careful exploration of the space. He wanted to find that backroom, though the plush couch he nearly stumbled over neatly distracted from that idea. It was like stepping into someone's private living room, though the shelves still surrounded the space and he could see a desk crammed with even more books and some tools he couldn't immediately identify. Most interesting, though, was the mug with lipstick printed on the rim. 
Perhaps there wasn't a backroom, per se. Business could likely be easily conducted right there in a space where customers were treated like pariahs. Something about the theory didn't quite sit right with him, though. There was clearly something happening, but what? “Guess she didn't get the same brush off you're trying with me.” 
Aziraphale watched him in the same way one might watch a rat that promised not to take a single bite of food from the cupboard, and with the same amount of trust. “Who?” he asked after a moment, sounding legitimately confused.
“The lipstick-wearer you were having tea with.” Crowley’s grin returned. He didn't mind being a suspect. Things were often more fun that way. “Could be a he, I s'pose.”
“What are you talking about? I haven’t had tea yet. That’s why I have to close the shop.” He gestured towards the door, looking no more enlightened by Crowley’s response, though the confused crease in his brow did deepen. “Are you referring to Ms. Montgomery?”
Every bit of suspicion evaporated. Well, not every bit. Crowley wasn't a complete idiot, as evidenced by his continued aliveness. But enough of it did that his eyelids granted Aziraphale a rare, unseen blink. He'd named her. Like it was nothing. Like he wasn't doing a thing wrong. No one was this decent an actor. “There's a cup on your table with lipstick marks on it.”
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fremulon · 5 months ago
I’m a very Serious and Intellectual writer
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chotomy · 5 months ago
Top 5 favorite books? Also top 5 favorite poetry books? Also which translation of the illiad do you prefer? Also I'm in love with you Also goodbye
Books (assuming you mean modern, and fiction):
1. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
2. The Princess Bride by William Goldman
3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
4. Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
5. Crime & Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky
I don’t have favorite poetry books, but I do have favorite poems! In no particular order:
1. White Apples by Donald Hall
2. Valentine for Sally Hemings by Sojourner Ahebee
3. The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On by Franny Choi
4. The Glass Essay by Anne Carson
5. Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
I’ve only read the Lattimore and Butler translations of the Iliad--I guess I prefer the Lattimore, though I haven’t found a version yet that really Calls Me Out Specifically in the way I like my translations to. Anyone have a translation to recommend? I need to buy a new copy anyway since, as I mentioned, USPS lost my books :(((
Also I’m in love with you too anon. Also goodbye
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sleepymccoy · 6 months ago
"Let's do it, then."
"Do what, dear?"
"That house thing you were talking about. Let's try it. You and I, we can take a house and fuck off with it."
"That's quite the proposal."
"What d'you think?"
"My shop?"
"Piss the shop."
"Crowley- !"
"No, I get it, but it burnt. And it's only half yours, they've been in it and touching things with their ridiculous fingernails."
"It burnt, angel, it's not real any more. Let's go somewhere."
"Well, your silly car burnt."
"... Fine, I'll give up the car."
"No, dear, don't be ridiculous! And I'm taking all my books."
"Well, obviously."
"Oh, that's okay? Even though they've been fingernailed?"
"I meant that in a more vague, please come with me kind of a way."
"I see."
"Of course you're bringing the books."
"And the Bentley."
"To our country house."
"Just you and me."
"You and me."
"And a baker."
"I tried, angel, I really did, but I can't get pastries to go all flakey how you like."
"You've just got to practice, love."
"I've been beaten. To a pulp. In the kitchen, it's all pulpy. I give up."
"Very well, us and a baker."
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enelica · 6 months ago
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Hi everyone !
Despite the little fright that the announcement of the return of confinement (in France) made me, I finally opened my shop on Etsy! So, I will open pre-orders for a week while my stocks last. I prefer to do so to limit my trips to the post office.
Pre-orders are from October 29 to November 5 There are 28 copies of each illustration, except for the rosace where there are only 20 copies.
I am really excited by this project, I worked on the opening of this shop for a long time and I would surely have given up without the help of my dear friend @chouly-stuff​
Thanks again for your support, love you and stay safe!
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mirayladraws · 7 months ago
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Tarot Card -The Fool
(Good Omens edition)
Now I sell this as a print on my etsy! ( )
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tyrograph · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wish you were all here with me and could see first hand how amazing these are. These gorgeous artworks by the incomparable @gingerhaole are right here in my very own home. I get to look at them with my actual eyes with no screen in the way. For as long as i want. It's so amazing.
I keep noticing little details in the linework and variations in the colours and I'm just ... guh, blown away all over again.
P.S. great mangled bollocks to deJoy and his post office fuckery! For a while i feared these would disappear into international mail limbo, i am so grateful they made it 😍
(And yes, she's a very good kitty, i see you looking!!)
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janthonyashtoreth · 10 months ago
Hey everybody!! I apologize for my long absence, but I have returned with my print shop up and running!! Pre-orders will be closed and shipped on the 10th of August, then any remaining prints will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.
I’m so excited for you all to finally see my prints! I have Ink and Flowers, Good Omens, and The Witcher content all available ❤️
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