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#good luck love !!!!
clubultravoilet · 3 hours ago
Porco lets out a low laugh when you linger over his cock. And you were telling me to behave... I see how it is...
He steps under the water with a cheeky smile and makes short work of rinsing off. When he’s done, he turns off the water and steps out, offering you a towel. We should probably let the monkey have a turn, huh?
I thank him for the towel, wrapping it tightly around my body and chuckling at his question, nudging him. You shouldn't say those things, he can hear everything, y'know? You should be nice considering you just got to fuck his girlfriend... well... your girlfriend, technically.
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armyforlifeot7 · 3 hours ago
A tip from Namjoon for game's:
Praying before playing for good luck🍀
Tumblr media
Even if it doesn't work sometimes 🙃😝
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inkykeiji · 3 hours ago
im reading all the new bmb asks and im gunna slowly shift back to the touya and dabi twins because like 2 pretty cocks is better than 1
hehehe anon bb are u asking for twins cock headcanons???
i answered an ask like that right here!! but i can try and expand upon those a lil hehehe <33
touya’s cock is impressive. he’s bigger than the average in every sense; longer than average, thicker than average, prettier than average, pushing 7 inches with a dusty pink shaft that’s smoother than silk. it’s as straight as a ruler with a rosy head that’s perfectly symmetrical, and he loves to experiment with new positions and different angling of his hips to see which fuck the best noises and sweetest expressions out of his partner, routinely twisting, bending, and folding them into any and every shape he possibly can (depending on their flexibility ofc!! don’t worry if you aren’t flexible, touya can get very creative and will still find interesting ways to pound you into oblivion, he promises) <33 
dabi’s cock is massive. it isn’t as long as touya’s, or as straight as touya’s, or as pretty as touya’s, but it’s considerably thicker and very veiny, embellished with large and defined veins that wreathe around the shaft like vines. it’s heavy when it sits on your tongue, heavy when it rests in your palms, heavy when it slaps against your cheek, and he’s never patient enough to adequately stretch you out before you take it. dabi’s cock is also lighter in colour than touya’s, with a blush pink shaft and a paler head, though he gets flushed easier, cock darkening as more blood rushes south, veins engorged and throbbing as it morphs into the prettiest ruby red <3
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chittychittyyangyang · 9 hours ago
As it is mother’s day and I’m sure some of you are like me where “complicated” is a nice way of describing the relationship with your mom: be kind to yourself today too. I understand being guilted or made to feel like you have to do something today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a treat for doing so or you can’t do something nice for yourself too. Similarly, you’re not stupid or less than or anything like that for wishing your mom loved you in a way that felt like celebrating. Take care today. 💜
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megumei · 10 hours ago
hi! i was wondering where you read the jjk manga? >_< thank u!!
hi anon ! i read it on this website :) its missing a few chapters though, but all i did was search ‘jujutsu kaisen manga’ and a ton of websites came up !
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juju-pkmn5 · 21 hours ago
If you haven't done it, I wish you the best of luck! If you have done them, well, I'm positively sure you did amazing! You're a very smart person, I know it. I CAN FEEL IT. You must have had a tiring day from all the studying and stressing, but testing is almost over! So, let's forward to that :D I just finished my chemistry final, and in a few hours, I have my physics one (unfortunately, stem classes are almost always on the same darn day). With these done, I would only have to worry about two more in the next weeks. And finally it's hello summer far as it's going to last for me XD But I really hope you end all your testing with a good feeling, and if not, I'm here! We can laugh, cry, yell, cry more, anything really together :D You know how you can reach me! Oh, with finals reaching their end, I have more time to catch up with everyone's work. I'm excited to read the last chapter to the Long Haul <3 If you need anything, I'm here for you, Jules ^_^
Omg thank you!! That bitch was 7 HOURS bc your girl has learning disablities so I get extentions lol. I was at it from 8am to 3pm oml. I was such a drama queen for a whole month tho, it really wasn't that bad. Or that might just be because I crammed for 9 hours yesterday I don't even know. Or maybe you blessed me idk haha. Soooooo happy it's over and the weight is off my shoulders. Honeslty the anxiety surrounding it is worse than the actual test, yk?
BRO, that's all you! I already know you're smart by all the nuance in your stoires and I can't even wrap my brain around physics and chemestry lmao. Seriously good luck with that! I know you'll do great haha. And jeez you're lucky! I'm still toughing it out till june 19th (shadow's birthday 😌). I'm always down to laugh, scream and sob due to stress with you any day haha, (time zones my belothed) Next up I have the Ap gov test and then driving school and then teacher recomandation and the list goes on and on so I'm not out of the clear yet unfortunetly. Same for you!! If you need to vent or anything at all I'm always here! Or we can write edgy fanfics together, that works too haha. Thanks for this oml you're an angel I sware to god.
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Wait when does Andrew meet Sam's parents? Is is before or after Masters?
definitely during the undergrad era, waaay before masters
but this just made me think of sam probably avoiding telling her mum about the break-up because she knows how much her mum likes andrew and maybe if she can delay telling her mum, there is still one place in her life where everything feels normal :(
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kitdragonflight · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~Blaz Brooks, entry 28. Perfect way to end spring~
My folks had to go, and most of the SSP group decided to go back to the it was just Blake and I, and she wanted to play a game of basketball. 
“C’mon Brooks, let’s do some dunks shall we?”
“Sure Howard, why not?”
*after a few dunks*
“So what’s got you all hot and bothered Brooks?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re constantly texting your family, consoling your Mom or your aunt, and checking your IMs like your life depends on it.”
“Well plum Howard, you spying over my shoulder constantly!?”
“No, I am just observant doofus haha.” She prodded. “Sooooo...what’s the deal?”
“Well...just family drama. My sister left home months ago without telling anyone...and we cannot find her. My cousin Cayson is at Britechester right now, and he’s pretty much gone AWOL, won’t return anyone’s calls and everyone is worried...and my other cousin Oscar is going into a secret sort of internship he won’t tell anyone about, except maybe his little sister and my other cousin, Xialla, but she’s going through a rough patch with her Dad being overprotective and an idiot....” Cause we all know he should have told her but he didn’t and now that’s his mess, but I didn’t say this last part out loud of course!
“That sounds like hella family drama.”
“What, you don’t have family crazies?”
“Nope, it was just me and my Dad, and we don’t do drama.”
“Yeah well, we’re Brooks, it goes with the territory-*PLOP* Owwwwwww Howard!”
“WHOOPS, I did not see where that ball went! Brooks, you good?”
“Oh Watcher there are three of you, that’s terrifying!”
“Oh buck up and put your big girl panties on Brooks, we gotta finish the game!”
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daddy-ul · a day ago
sks im nosey and dont speak italian(?) what was in the tags of the train post (u dont have to answer but im curious :)))
........ it's says that I'm a total dumbass bc I POSTED IT ON THE WRONG BLOG DJDJDJSJSJSJS
Lol, no, for real it says nothing exciting, just-
"Why do I like [but I used a very frilly/posh verb to say 'like'] this metaphor but at the same time I know it hides something stupid?"
But I'm glad that I can totally post on the wrong blog and you all wouldn't bat an eye. Bless ♥️ eheh.
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srbbyblog · a day ago
My name is Sarah ^ I am 13 years old, um .. I have many different hobbies ... such as anime, drama, k-pop, and I also really enjoy reading books and fanfiction ~ On this blog I will advise movies, books .. I think you understand (^^) Ah sometimes I will share my life °
Tumblr media
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honeyymistt · a day ago
hi!!! i'm a new blogger here on tumblr and i was wondering if you have any tips on getting people to send things into your inbox?
i also wonder if you have any tips for managing a heavy inbox?
hi lovely!!
i only started up this blog back in february and honestly it wasn’t until recently that i started to receive more asks in my inbox. i remember getting my first ask and being so excited!! to be completely honest, i don’t think there is any tip or trick or short cut to getting more asks. naturally certain people on this platform will vibe with you and love your content, i really believe that. those are the people who will send things in to you and who will trust you with their personal stories. i think just be patient and eventually you’ll receive more asks!!
as for managing my inbox, i just want to clarify that my inbox isn’t always full but when it does have a bit more asks than usual, i will always start with the one at the bottom. the ones at the bottom are the ones that were sent in first meaning that they have been waiting the longest. that’s the approach i use just for fairness to everyone!!
i hope you found this helpful and good luck with your blog! i already know you’re gonna love it here and you’re going to have such amazing progress :)
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livingdeadgirl-1784 · a day ago
He told me he is dating again. It stung and feels wrong but going back to his love is too painful. I wish him the best.
Tumblr media
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ddonghyuckss · a day ago
I will go on hiatus till 17 june! I have some life matters i need to focus on also until i come back again i hope you all be alright and happy💖🤍- mia
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lil-stark · 2 days ago
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