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#good day
katslutski · 5 minutes ago
12, 13, 26 <33
hope you’re doing well love and taking care of yourself!! kith kith <33
smh I hope you’re doing well!!!! <333333333
12. Tell us about a WIP you’re excited about.
hmhmhmhmhmmmm I have a yandere series that is very much in the planning stages that im hype about !! also some amazing requests in my inbox omg
13. First fandom you ever wrote for? direction c. 2011-2013
26. Is there anything you’ve wanted to write, but you’ve been too scared to try?
a long series!! I would love to write one but feel like I'd start strong and then would kinda drift down in quality as I went, ya know?
fun lil ask game <3
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loser-oh · 7 minutes ago
Good pizza, great pizza is such a cute game please the homeless people i helped out both came back and gave me money and said wr are buds brb gonna sob
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soloreus-au · 8 minutes ago
Hi sorry for not posting a thing I got majorly hit with being burned out so now I sit here looking at yalls art and being very inspired but still doing nothing
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mononokeost · 9 minutes ago u
wait nvm... i realized it was reblogged from u LMAO
AHDHSJ yeah thank u tho that made me smile :]
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lesbalisious · 20 minutes ago
Going through super old tags is giving me such flashbacks to like 2016/2017 (and prior on my dodie blog, only ogs will remember) when I used to constantly post about personal stuff,,, it was fun but also there are so many gross selfies of me on this site now lol
#I had fun on this blog about myself personally#on the dodie blog not so much but that was because I was going through a BAD time and I had so many people following me to watch it happen#lol#oh to be 14 and clinically depressed d#if we’ve been mutuals for a very long time then you may also know me as doddlepoddle lol#I deleted and made this blog and have avoided dodie at all costs since because it hurts my soul too much to think about#like that blog and dodie were my life at one point and I’m thankful for the community and the friends and I needed it at the time#but good gosh that was not a healthy fixation and now even the thought of dodie sends me right back to being#15 heartbroken lonely depressed and in high school lol oops#but I love this blog so much more now bc it’s just shits and giggles and pretty stuff#and now I’ve got fun new mutuals :) than I love :)#I’m looking at u Otto in particular (not that you’ll read these lol) thanks for buying those stuff from my Etsy#you basically paid for my antibiotics that I couldn’t afford lolllllllll#idk man I’m having a day of reflection and looking back and I’m in the best place physically and mentally than I’ve ever been right now#I lost sight of that for a couple of weeks but my brain is never gonna be perfect so that’s always gonna happen#I just have to keep reminding myself <3#also rewatching buffy <3 my beloved and gotta tell you I’m having so much fun#I’m gonna talk to my dissertation supervisor to see if I can talk about it in my dissertation because I think it would link rly well#I’m doing that way horror has helped to create a queer identity#being gay and ‘other’ are synonymous and vampires have always been fruity#and there’s so many times where#gay is in buffy not even just Tara and willow ya kno I just love it
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lovelyplayground · 26 minutes ago
Good fuckin' girl.
I slap your cheek lightly twice and lean down, holding your jaw as I kiss you. It is sloppy and rushed, muffling all of our moans. Once my cum fills you completely I stop moving but my cock stays inside you.
You're so beautiful like this kitten, all fucked out for me. But you want more, don't you?
- Bokuto
Mod- hii, i'm sorry i was away for a bit! hope you're having a lovely day!
I move one of my hands up to caress your face, running my thumb along your bottom lip. I wrap my legs around you weakly and nod, slowly moving my hand down to my belly and I look up at you with a smile
Thank you daddy but I need more. This load is good but ‘s not enough. You still need to train my cunny daddy, my cunny can’t be trained with just one load
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mymagnificentself · 30 minutes ago
17.05.2021, monday
waking up to natural sunlight
my peace in the morning
good coffee
mandatory break (ie crafting time) due to technical difficulties
handchair inspo
second monitor back
all the daunting work tasks suddenly dont seem so daunting when you get started on them
i am good at what i do. and i have been good, if not since the beginning then at the very least a lot earlier than *other* people in the office at that time respectively
didnt have to make my own lunch and also got pasta
its a nice feeling when things start working out and making sense (numbers my beloved)
called and got through immediately
got my shot and also some hand creme
my car is nice
the bumble bee opera song piece from... Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow(googled that) !!! very pleasing in my ears!!
traffic jam was a bit inconvenient although i shouldve anticipated it, but i had good musoc so it was fine
good parking spot :D
playing a lil rf4s
being good and joining the meeting although some people annoy me deeply
the best baked wedged potaters i have had in what feels like ever
an attempt at fried rice and rupaulsdragraceuntucked (is this what a guilty pleasure is? although i shouldnt really feel guilty for enjoying some, some might say trashy, media, should i?)
some messaging a friend
being nice and enduring bsolutely not enlightening explanations of a game
saw a friend and good for her
met a new friend and talked a bit, somewhat awkwardly but nice i think
going to bed at a reasonable ish time
toilet paper rainbows!
back in my own space and i did miss slothy..
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talesfromthecrypts · 31 minutes ago
Almost wish they were working on a different unique alien project (please not another pacific rim 2 which is just “same thing but bad”) but at least Joe Cornish is doing SOMETHING 
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count-woe-laf · 32 minutes ago
What is the plot of spn? I would like to know, but I'm not sure I would like to watch it.
I literally don't know what to tell you- at first these brothers try to find their dad? They try to figure out weird psychic powers, don't actually deal with their childhood trauma, try not to go to hell. Start the apocalypse, try to stop it multiple times, betray each other a bunch, kill some people. They find an angel, completely ignore things they've made canon before- they punch things a lot? Technically they fight monsters every week and aim to save people but sometimes they just,,, all die and everyone gives up. Pretty sure in later seasons they fight god and the narrative-? Idk- I've watched 8 seasons and I don't actually know what's happening
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razreads · 39 minutes ago
The fear of turning into our parents, she said, is what turns us into our parents. She was not wrong – the mind designs the body.
Kevin Barry, Night Boat to Tangier
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bigmouthnatebastian · 42 minutes ago
I was having a great day and ended up writing like 2k and cleaning and stuff and then I realized I’m closing at work.
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decompositie · 43 minutes ago
today is gonna be my day tomorrowim going to start killing people 
#online work group again imliterally#- going to jsut shut off my laptop if someone complains asbt their personal life again ive had it#also. i need to catsch up on like checks watch 6 weeks of school work in one day but jow hard can it be .#also mifght just mention that im thinking abt dropping out. i might who knows feelign frisky#if we have noting to talk abt like always i might have#- to#jesus i keep accidentaly hittijng enter -_-#i mean dropping out to go to uni isnt like bad. but it still feels likeim just tappign out and idk if thats justified or if i got brain-#washed into believign not liking this study is my own fualt. which i honestly feel like it is#like i love the internship and i love workign with kids but the the fukcing essays and projects killll me i hate them so mcuh.... but i-#could see myself doing this as a job maybe not forver or fulltime but like. im good at it and i like it so why not continue for two more-#years and get a degree...... im already 2 years in..... what will i even do with an art history degree help#but like i need to decide soon because i really need to start lookign forinternships in NL and outside because i want to intern yeah tomorrwe im gonna kill mysefl and probably accidentally makesomeone cry ahgain because i said writing an essay is a personal-#responsibilty. cant make this up i hatre these bible belt bitches#also im nice so i gave her some tips and apologized dw but fukc it was so weird. jsut crying in the camera while all of us were like 😐#and i only said it because she had been takling for AN HOUR. A FULL HOUR abt her problems. literally a full hour hellphelpehopkepjeokepooje#so anyway.#13
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bldtraitrs · 50 minutes ago
tea time w andromeda but it’s actually outside on the porch with ted forgetting to bring inside his copy of “the daily prophet” & his interruption 
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gingerbread-castle · 51 minutes ago
good day spell 💛
you too friend!!!!♥️
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97choi · 55 minutes ago
leave the door open cover on the brain and it won’t leave any time soon
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