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#gonna be posting asks probably
cold-egg · 5 hours ago
sometimes, in theatre, you meet the most delightful people. other times, you meet living incarnations of the game of thrones finale.
#sorry i’m gonna rant for a hot sec#sir you know that if you post shit on your private story about the musical you’re in. then the ppl who are on your private story and in the#musical w you are gonna see it. you know that right.#like sorry it’s been one of the worst weeks of your life king??? you asked to do all this shit tho?? you ASKED to do all the costumes you#literally wanted to do this. and you don’t let anyone help you cuz you want everything done your way and you don’t trust anyone else like#jfc!!! and ig i’m sorry you don’t feel like you fit in??? but#maybe if you weren’t a self-absorbed know-it-all who trashtalks behind ppls backs then maybe people would like you more. just a thought#or if you listened to literally anyone else like king you ONLY think you’re always in the right and you never even consider the fact that#other people might be more knowledgeable than you. you’re painful to watch onstage cuz you don’t listen to directors and you do whatever tf#you want!! you think you know best and you DONT!! maybe you would feel more like you fit in if you were more humble and tried to better#yourself by listening to your teachers and directors but unfortunately you don’t!! maybe thats why people don’t like you it’s cuz you act#like you’re better than everyone else. maybe you would fit in if you didn’t isolate yourself by trying to prove that you’re better and more#talented than other people. it’s genuinely exhausting to be around you cuz all you do is brag or complain. everything is someone else’s#fault with you. you’ll talk to someone like you’re besties and then turn around and trash talk them to the next person. it’s excruciating#you literally try to control other people’s performances and interpretations of their characters. jesus christ#you tried to convince me you were better than terrence mann. TERRENCE FUCKING MANN.#somebody’s gonna punch you in the face one day and you will probably deserve it#shut up lulu
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foolishly-snowy · a day ago
What are the prerequisites to making one of those posts that's just like "here's my PayPal babes 😍 thanx"
Literally sometimes I just see like "I'm depressed please give me money" well I want to die do I get money too
Edit: this is rhetorical btw I don't actually care or genuinely want any pity money myself I'm just goin off
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makotoisneat · 3 days ago
Oh no I have dnd today. I'm going to have to sit there, listening to them talk abt the new nintendo direct, and just hope that they don't bring up dr fhfjhng
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meladromatic · 4 days ago
ok im very thankful for all of the wonderful asks and all of the new followers but it’s getting really hard to keep up with as well as really overwhelming considering it was just meant to be a little joke quiz for my friends so im gonna have to shut it down. Sorry! it was fun while it lasted :(
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enniewritesathing · 4 days ago
i’m trying to think about what sort of story that i could do to tie in the spicy poses, and the only thing that comes to mind is “Brian givin’ it the ol’ college try with were!John” aka dealing with claws, teef, and a slightly bigger dick
it’ll probably be closer to fluff spice tho
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bazgallaghermilkovich · 5 days ago
Drish where are u I miss u 😭
Also I just tried searching drish before realizing that wouldn’t get me to your page lmao
HI Leah I missed you too 🥺❤️ Also I miss Flirty Mickey, where's he, give him back to me pls 🤲 (last seen waxing poetic about his boyfriend's freckles)
Wow😹😹 (not me immediately deciding to go search for my name on Tumblr just to see what shows up 😗)
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Hey do you mind if I maybe write a small thing for NPC Wels that involves him finding Love™? Bc I'm a system with a BadTimesWithScar fictive and in his home he was married to his Wels and me actually looking into this au is giving him Feelings, especially that fic you just reblogged
He's imagining maybe. What if he was another NPC and Wels began to influence his code kind of and slowly give him sentience? I'm not sure how I'd execute it or if I'd just let him write it himself but yeah just wanted to know about your comfort zones re this
I checked with Sky, since they pretty much own the headcanon (as much as one can own an idea lmao) as much as me at this point. And we are both more than okay with this. Go for it!
We have developed him a lot behind the scenes, but who knows when it'll be written. So, absolutely feel free to take the base idea and put your own spin on it! The base headcanon exists to be used, and I'm more than happy for you to do so. This sounds like such a cool idea as well, and I hope you have fun exploring it!
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froglegsz · 8 days ago
UHHH unless someone else hit it while i was away, only jesspicy, tea, and ZIP the newest member of the club
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