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#golden wind
Giorno, kicks in the door to Bruno and Abbacchio's room: If you're chased by a serial killer you're both running for your life!
Abbacchio: *throws a shoe at him* Get the fuck OUT!
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Bucciarati: I'm going to fight the next person who insults Abbacchio.
Abbacchio: I hate myself.
Bucciarati, rolling up his sleeves: Alright, square up.
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oh btw i also write!! and i will be taking writing requests in my inbox!!!
i’ll write just about anything as long as it’s not illegal or just straight up smut
i can write suggestive fan fiction, though, just nothing too explicit
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timetowritefic · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello dear anon! Welcome back! In all honesty, you request IS my top entertainment now. I laughed so hard when I first read this like laugh out loud. 😂😂😂 The comparison with the kicking scene is priceless AHHAHA. I imagine it as a reaction when a girl sees something she hates (likes bugs or rats) and goes berserk mode lmaooooo. I am terribly sorry that it took so long for me to answer. I just want it to be perfect😎😎
You're riding a bike happily, wind in your hair and smile on your face. You also dressed up for the date with your boyfriend today! You couldn't wait to see him react to your cute outfit.
That's when the wild uninvited catcaller appeared. You just wanted to be away from him but he forcefully stopped your bike and gripped your shoulder. You gasped in shock and fear.
With a rush of adrenaline, you instinctively lifted the bike above your head and smacked down full force at the guy, screaming for him to go away and calling for help frantically.
Unknown to you, your boyfriend was only 6 meter away behind you. And he saw everything.
-He is carrying some flowers he picked on the way, a happy grin on his face. The smile quickly faded when he arrived at the scene where you are smacking your bike at some guy repeatedly.
-His eyes grow wider as he watches you beat the ever living out of the guy. His expression is a perfect combination of confusion and impression.
-Found it funny as heck that you scream for help when the guy is already unconscious beneath your feet. If he isn't busy laughing so hard, he might stop you.
-Expect him to bring this up whenever and wherever like "Oh, I know you could beat me" or "Give her some credit. She beats up a guy with a bike and her wittle feet"
-Probably has heard rumors about your little scene before but didn't fully believe it until today.
-Illuso isn't a confrontational man himself. He usually uses threats and manipulation. He also loves your sweet harmless look because he can be a knight in shining armor for a princess like you.
-Now his princess is out here kicking butt. You scream on the top of your lungs while stomping the guy to the dirt. He stares at the scene dumbfoundedly and questions his life purpose at that moment.
-Honestly he thinks it's the funniest thing he has ever seen and he will never let you live it down. He knows now that his princess is tougher than she looks and he loves you still.
-Honestly, he is surprised when he sees that but he's also proud of you.
-His sweet bambina doesn't need a rescue after all. Look at you now. You prove you're a big strong girl. 😤😤😤
-Will approach you and say that the guy is out cold now. Will pat you as a compliment and also comfort you because you look so scared.
-”It’s alright now, cara. You’re safe” He will say. “Now don’t let this guy ruin our day. Let’s go find a better place”
-If you want, he can teach you some self defense to protect yourself just in case.
-He NEVER expects his sweet girlfriend to be capable of doing that. You just blow his mind.
-Stands there awkwardly for straight two minutes until you are huffing from exhaustion. He slowly approaches you and asks out of concern. You turn to hug him, still scared and he comforts you while looking into the shell that was once a guy.
-Two words: Di Molto
-Such a stunning phenomenon. It is the side of you he has never seen before and it is surprising in the best way! He will awe at the way you swing the bike down like nothing. He notes that it is the power of adrenaline.
-In his head, it is a slow motion scene with a classic opera soundtrack in the background. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
-"My love is so strong" He will proudly exclaim.
-He is about to kick some butt when he saw what the catcaller did. He was stomping his way to you when you LIFT the bike up like a pro weightlifter. He FROZE on his track.
-He watched you beat the guy in surprise and also impress. Woah, so he's not the only one with an intense outburst. Guess you two are more similar than you realize.
-He won't make fun of you because he can relate. He breaks stuff when he's angry too.
-He saw what the catcaller did and there was a shadow casting over his face. His protective instinct kicks in. That man is going to have a problem.
-But he is one step slower than you. You already beat him to it.
-He stares at the scene with a mostly unreadable face except for his wide eyes. He's actually impressed.
-The guy caught a glimpse of Risotto standing under the shade of a tree and thought that he’s a grim reaper coming for his soul. The guy passed out.
Sorbet & Gelato
-If they could have popcorn right now, it will be even better.
-They stand there, hips touching and snickering at the scene. Gelato has this amused look on his face while Sorbet is greatly impressed.
-They find it INCREDIBLY HOT. Oh! their sweet girlfriend has this wild side. What a little nice surprise like when you bite down a sweet candy with sour center. They chef kiss.👌👌👌
-They let you beat the guy to your heart's desire. Only when you huff from exhaustion that they will approach you, cooing how hot you are and that they will join in the fun.
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yandere-lovebites · 8 hours ago
Prompts 21 and 28 for Giorno?
I actually used to hate Giorno, but all of these fics I’ve written about him made me love the guy! (^O^)
Yandere! Giorno Giovanna x reader
Tumblr media
Prompt #21: “Don’t worry, my love, I’ll protect you.”
#28: “I just want us to be happy. I had to kill them”
Cw: afab reader, yandere, manipulation, implied violence, noncon touching, forced marriage
(y/n) fumbled with the white fabric of that godforsaken frumpy wedding dress she was forced into, the torso constricting her like a snake, although the only snake she was concerned with at the moment was the man what would become her husband in a mere few hours; Giorno Giovanna, the feared yet respected don of Passione.
Even when the Italian male wasn’t around she could feel his presence, wether it he from a strategically placed security camera or a guard keeping a close eye on her at all times, she couldn’t take it any more, she wanted out, but all her attempts were always in vain, only succeeding in making security around her tighter. It wasn’t until recently that Giorno decided that he’d tie her down with something other than chains...
(y/n) had never been interested in marriage, homemaking, and being a mother, she was more focused on her education then anything like that, so she didn’t particularly want to get married, and she especially didn’t want to get married to Giorno fucking Giovanna of all people, the man who stole her away from her mundane, yet comfortable life.
Almost as if on command, the familiar sound of dress shoes tapping against the floor alerted (y/n)’s attention and prompted her to stop fiddling with the fabric of her dress as she peered her head upwards towards the door, anxiously anticipating her ‘fiancé’s arrival. When he arrived, his emerald gaze was still rather blank, although there was a certain affection and warmth behind it as he smiled softly at the sight of (y/n) in her wedding dress, her beauty making his heart swell.
“You look beautiful cara...” he said with a smile, god that smile never failed to piss (y/n) off... she wanted to slap it off of his face, but she knew better than to do that, lest she get a harsh punishment, so she decided that she’d try one last time to beg for her freedom, although deep within herself she knew it was futile, that foolish part of herself still wanted to give it a shot. “Giorno please... my family, my friends... th-they need me..!” She said, a clear desperation in her soft voice.
He simply sighed, placing a hand on her cheek, the splay of spindly fingers against her skin made (y/n)’s skin crawl. “Don’t worry about such unimportant things my love...” he told her, a fair bit of sternness in his voice. “I’ve told you time and time again that I’ll protect you.”
Protection. That just made (y/n) sick. The only thing she needed ‘protecting’ from was him, but the damn bastard would never admit that would he? Not that he was delusional per se, but he was just stubborn in his methods and refused to admit any wrongdoing. Before she could voice the plethora of thoughts ringing through her head, she was interrupted by Giornos cold as ice voice. “Besides... we both know that you don’t have to worry about your parents anymore..” Giorno told her, the slightest hint of smugness in his deadpan voice.
(y/n) could feel herself tearing up. She missed her parents, god she missed them so much... But that’s what they got for disapproving of her ‘choice’ of a husband... that’s what they got for ‘denying their love’. At least that’s what Giorno told her over and over again. She wasn’t going to cry, no she never wanted to show weakness to the monster before her ever again...
“I just want us to be happy. I had to kill them. Surely you understand that...” He huffed out, his statement blunt and heartless. (y/n) just looked down at her lap, tears threatening to spill from her eyes and stain her dress, but she still held herself back, starting to resign herself to the fact that she’d never see her beloved parents again.
Giorno didn’t say anything, simply gripping her face and planting a kiss on her lips, (y/n) felt too dejected to resist, she figured that if she was just a good girl for her ‘lover’ then maybe she could stop it somehow. But for now she just wanted him to leave the room so she could let her emotions out and cry.
“I’ll see you in a few hours... I love you dear..” he said gently before turning away, the clack of his shoes growing more distant with each step. And with each step he took, another tear fell from (y/n)’s eyes, and it didn’t take long for those tears to flow nonstop, leaving her to her own despair.
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zorrybrine · 9 hours ago
Basically have no friends to share with so anyone want to see my 4+ pages (still being written) essay on why fugio is canon?
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carro-carrot · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Loved the outfits in the last post. You can't escape the father and daughter
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jjba-actor-au · 10 hours ago
Introducing mama Sia (Saifa Michen/Nero)
I'll do an apearence reveal for her later but anyway backstory time
she was a normal and happy chinese girl in italy (her mother is chinese and her dad is Italian) But one day her mother had to leave her and her father because her mothers stand was going berserk and she was afraid that it would cause harm to her family so she left. Comepletly enraged her father neglected her and sold her (she was 6 at the time) to her uncle (from her mom's side), Who just happened to be a pimp who ran an italian brothel. her father said "Turn jer into a slut and let her die of AIDs or something will ya [Code Name]" ( i haven't decided a name for her uncle yet) and her uncle was pressured so he asked her (Saifa) "Do you want to join Uncle's Buisness? You don't have to if you don't want to" her uncle was a Kind man with Mercy, therefor he asked her first to see what she (Saifa) wanted to do. Saifa Said she wanted to join his said "Buisness" because she wanted some of her own allowance to not be a burden. so then she became entangled into the Brothels spiderweb and she was treated coldly after that, but she then found a motherly figure to look up to. She was a fellow worker that Later Died of aids 3 years after Saifa's arival. Since prostitution is illegal, her uncle worked in the shadows until saifa was at the "age of consent" (which is 14 years in italy). Once she became 14 years if age she was officially introduced into the "Public Buisness" and once day she had a "customer" that didn't respect her boundaries and the "condom policy" so he then impreganated her. 4 months later he came back under the influence of liquor and became enraged at Saifa for some damned unknown reason and cut her tongue off, she started choking on her own blood and then hid from him, packed all of her allowance she had built up and then escaped from the back door after stumbling onto her uncle's dead body. her stamina couldn't keep up with her (bc she pregnant duh) and she then happened to stumble into rissoto nero (who is 23 in this flashback) and she tried to avoid him but he niticed that she was young, pregnant, and bleeding, sp he took her with her and basically became her dad. Later she birthed a son which she named Merlin, After her favorite fictional character.
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standsymbolism · 10 hours ago
squalo: i know im gunna regret asking but i have to know. what were your childhoods like?
secco: my parents never let me have sugar :/
cioccolata: my parents never let me have pets :)
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incorrect-unita-speciale · 23 hours ago
Tiziano: Boss, I heard you were off smoking meth somewhere.
Diavolo: No, not somewhere, here. I’m gonna smoke meth here. Get me a fucking lighter.
Squalo: You can't smoke here.
Diavolo: Pfft- “Okay.”
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iscubbe · a day ago
I put a lot of time and effort on this piece and I'm quite proud.
This is a DTIYS from Instagram but also decided to post it here for a better quality.
🎶Song used: Mxmtoon - Please don't
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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♡ Home
A 'home' doesn't have one set definition. A home can be a building you return to every evening after work or a sweater you stole from your dad's closet. It can be the feeling of belonging or the relationship you've built with your team.
It can be a sum of those things or none at all.
Of course, he'd tell you that obviously he has a home, that he doesn't sleep at Libeccio like everyone teases in secret. That there's a place waiting for him after hours where he can go and rest his heavy head. An escape, if he can call it that, from the grind of life He's grown accustomed to. He's lying. Not about the apartment, god no, he's had that on his own since he was 16, but the feeling there - one of a cold silence even on the hottest days - wasn't that of a home.
Truthfully, Bruno hasn't felt like he's had a home since the attack on his father.
There hadn't been much of a home then either. After his mother left, his father tried his hardest to raise Bruno to be a man that would make any father proud. He listened to him, guided him, helped him understand what it was to grow up and apart from people at times. And grow up Bruno did -- much faster than he was ever expected to. Choosing to stay in the sleepy port town with his father over the well off city with his mother wasn't the choice of a child, but of someone clinging to the memories of what his home was. And as broken as a home it had been at times, full of fights and arguments that he pretended to sleep through, slammed doors, and a mother that would flee responsibility for a night, it was still his home.
Now, years after his father's passing, he can't stand to go into that building. So it's sat untouched; a husk of sea crusted memories and handwoven nets. Weathered smiles and storm battered dreams. It was a monument of ruins ransacked by a power stronger than Vesuvius and rooted deeper than the Mariana. A power he found himself helplessly and desperately swept up into in order to save and preserve the last figments of the home he'd once had.
He wanted that home again. He wanted it more than anything. More than ridding this temporary home of drugs, more than avenging the years of turmoil he'd had to go through. He wanted the life that could have been instead of the life that happened.
Even now with a team, no, with a family that looks to him for strength and guidance, that longing for the home he'd lost still tugs the furthest corners of his mind; waiting, watching, biding time until he's back at his weakest moments - curled on the cold, hard floor at the foot of his bed with Sticky prying a nearly empty bottle of wine from his bruised hands - to strike and prick his eyes with tears that refused to come.
And at the end of it all, when he thinks that maybe it's all good and gone from his system, he'll blearily stare up at the moon through billowed curtains and hear his mother's old lullaby. And he'll laugh and laugh
Because he knows that that's not home either.
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standsymbolism · a day ago
fanfics will be tagged like "cioccolata isnt trans because i dont care about him" 
i care about you cioccolata ill trans your gender king
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