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#god his skin is perfect
rudystree · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
can i please read a 10 page paper on how this man has the most amazing features?
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cadykeus-clay · 11 months ago
just finished rewatching the briarwood arc and it really sticks out to me that matt Never said cassandra had been charmed by sylas and delilah. he never mentioned in meta any kind of magic effect, never described her “shrugging off” anything. she did say that her actions were made ‘not in her right mind’ but that doesn’t necessarily mean a charm effect, and matt also referenced stockholm syndrome. 
so all evidence on the table, there’s a very high chance that cassandra was never charmed by the briarwoods in a magical effect sort of way, but instead in a mundane sort of “your brother left you for dead, but we saved you, because you’re worthy, not like the rest of your family, they hardly cared for you anyways, lonely youngest daughter, always forgotten, always left behind, but no more, we will love you, we will cherish you, you’ll be the sole object of our desire, and you’ll see that all cruelty is just means to an end, you’ll come to understand why we had to do this in time, no one purely evil would have saved a dying girl in the snow, but we did, because you’re so important to us” sort of way. 
and i’m thinking especially about her white-knuckle gripping percy’s hands and choking on her words as she asks him “can i be trusted?” and archibald refusing to look her in the eye for days after finding out she was double crossing the rebellion attempts she feigned leading with him, and the fact that she kept a picture of her with some of her brothers, but her parents had been burnt away, and delilah’s final words to her being “YOU COULD HAVE BEEN MY DAUGHTER” and like .... cassandra ......................... what did you Go through
#critical role#critical role campaign 1#vox machina#cassandra de rolo#briarwoods arc#all the various insight checks on her throughout the siege of the castle never revealed an ulterior motive#and i truly believe that until that moment that the glass walls came down in the acid pit she was really thinking that percy had come back#to save her. and she was willing to trust him and turn on the briarwoods#and then she saw him and his friends trapped#and her free#and delilah came and whispered in her ear#and it was the exact same as before where percy failed to save her#he failed again#and it was a perfect chance to even the scales#to leave him behind when she was the only person who could save him#delilah may have killed her family but percy abandoned his and a part of her is going to relish walking away as He lays dying so he knows#just how bad it fucking hurt#and then they come crawling to the zigguraut barely scathed#and she's so god damn angry that he got away again#he saved his stupid fucking skin and is going to ruin her life yet again#and then she gets knocked out and when she comes back the first thing percy does is give her a sword and tell her to run#to save herself#to get out while she can#and maybe. just maybe. he means it this time.#and maybe. just maybe. she was right the first time in trusting that he loved her#and she looks at delilah. armless and dying. begging for vox machina to finish the job.#and she's fucking sick of people swearing to love her and then leaving and sylas and delilah; who swore they'd never be felled and they'd#stay with her for eternity; are dead or nearly there. and if she's going to lose them no one else is going to fucking take them from her.#she's going to be the one to get rid of them. not the other way round#and she puts her sword through delilah's chest.
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pouchpocalypse · 3 hours ago
Now I believe aot is close to perfect except all the over-explaining that anime tends to do, HOWEVER, the hair logic is unforgivable.
Tumblr media
This is how Hanji usually wears their hair right? Looks like they have very long hair from the look of that big ass ponytail, BUT
Tumblr media
This is actually their hair down and it’s short! They have about the same length of hair that I have and I can assure you my hair doesn’t fit into that big of a ponytail.
Now my next critique in hair goes to Annie. It’s shown that she has quite short hair in the earlier seasons from that one scene of her waking up in the military police place. I can’t find an exact photo of it and I don’t wanna go back and mess up my brothers queue so I’ll illustrate it with her titan form
Tumblr media
Like that’s about the length she has. As we’ve seen before some people’s titans forms get their hair too. Like with Reiner, Frida and here; Annie. So again, she has the same length I have, but I can assure you my hair doesn’t fit into this kind of bun.
Tumblr media
And if we talk about the fact that titan forms get your hair we need to talk about erens titan.
This is eren with his basic ass hairstyle, luckily he diversified in later seasons, thank god.
Tumblr media
An then his titan form which has hella hair.
Tumblr media
Now idk if I’m just missing something but yeah. In the case of berototlodotodoolroodolt and rod it seems their titans arent meant to have hair. Berororoorrltlsltld (and later armin) because his titan has no skin and Rod because it’s literally just a blob. And then ofc the monke man but it’s supposed to be a monke so. Yeah. Enjoy my critique.
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10blue10 · 4 hours ago
Wedding Day
Hiccup was...nervous, but also excited. Tonight’s the big night, he thought as he washed his face and cleaned his teeth. After months of anticipation, he was finally going to marry the person of his dreams. Just the thought of his lovers beautiful shining green eyes sent a shiver up his spine. Hiccup couldn’t wait.
First he had to prepare, however. He stripped off and dumped a bucket of water over himself, then scrubbed thoroughly until his skin was pink. Dried off, shaved and dressed in his underclothes. Now to put on his wedding outfit.
A pair of white trousers and a white long sleeved tunic, embroidered with thread dyed by the algae that glowed under Arvundil’s Fire. Intricate patterns looped around his cuffs and hems; coiled around his legs and arms, splayed over his chest. A single tiny emerald was sewn into the front of the tunic.
Then the cloak, a garment covered in dragon scales; black around his throat and shoulders, cascading down to grey, yellow, orange and crimson. It was like being wreathed in fire. Oh, the wreath! He’d almost forgotten. Hiccup placed it carefully on his head; smooth woven stems decorated with scarlet flowers.
Was it overly complicated? Maybe. Did the colours clash? Probably. Did he care? Of course not, and nor would his future husband. “Okay. This is it. I’m ready” he told himself firmly. “The best night of the rest of my life”
“Hiccup?” a voice called, and there was a knock on the door, startling him. The door opened and his mother stepped in. “Oh my...” she pressed her hands against her mouth and beamed at him. “Look at you! Son, you look incredible.”
He swallowed. “Thanks, mom. Is the cloak too much? I feel like it’s too much.”
“No, it’s” -
“I really hope my idea with the algae dyed thread works...”
“I’m sure it” -
“Oh gods, what if this seems like too much trouble and they call it off...?”
Valka gripped his shoulders. “Son, you need to calm down. The cloak is fine, if your idea doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world, and of course Toothless isn’t going to call this wedding off. That dragon adores you. The fact is, you two are perfect for each other” she insisted, stroking his cheek with her thumb.
After a deep breath, Hiccup replied “Yeah. Sorry, I dunno what came over me.”
His mother smiled. “It’s your wedding. I can’t blame you for being nervous. But trust me, the moment you see him? Everything will fall into place” she assured him. They smiled at each other, tears in their eyes, and shared an embrace.
Cloudjumper called to them from outside. Valka went to the door and peered out. “The sun has set. Are you ready?” she asked Hiccup. He gave a nod.
They left the house, and hoisted themselves onto Cloud’s back. The sun had slipped beneath the horizon; the cloudless sky was a tapestry of starlight. After all, when better to wed a Night Fury than the middle of the night?
In what felt like no time at all, Cloudjumper was landing in the cove. This was where he and Toothless had first become friends; where Toothless had first offered a courting gift and confessed to being in love with him. There was no better place to be married to the dragon of his dreams. Hiccup let his mother help him down and straighten his clothes; then Cloudjumper moved aside.
The guests, dragon and human alike, were seated at the edge of the lake; but Hiccup only had eyes for Toothless, waiting in front of the roots of the largest tree overlooking the cove. The dragon’s scales had been groomed and buffed until they shone; his green orbs gleamed, brimming with love and trust. The short walk towards him, arm in arm with Valka, was still too long for his liking.
At last they were standing face to face; and with perfect timing, as if the gods themselves had planned it, Arvundil’s Fire illuminated the sky. There were gasps from the crowd, as Toothless and Hiccup both started to glow - literally. The dyed thread on Hiccup’s clothes, and the lines of paint on Toothless, were lit up by the aurora. Beautiful intricate patterns looped around and over them.
Toothless was pleased to see that emblazoned on the front of Hiccup’s tunic was a stylised Night Fury with one fin and one green emerald eye.  He loved it when Hiccup wore his scales too; it was like he’d marked him as his own. *You look beautiful* he purred. Hiccup’s smile grew even warmer. “You too, bud.”
He took one of Toothless’ paws in both of his own, rubbing his thumbs over the scutes. Gobber stepped forwards and began to loop a tapestried cloth around their joined hands. It showed their story in pictures - Toothless pressing his nose to Hiccup’s palm, a single tail fin curled around a missing foot, the two of them gliding together, when they challenged and defeated the Bewilderbeast...
The blacksmith, on Gothi’s behalf, read out some prayers to Frigg and Freyr. He mispronunced something, and the dimunitive elder whacked him on the head with her staff. Hiccup giggled. “Ow!” complained Gobber. “Eh, where was I? Oh, right. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you...err....married!”
The couple beamed at each other, then shared a kiss as the crowd cheered. They rested their foreheads together, knowing all was right with their world.
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yamatocult · 6 hours ago
Chateau Aiguille 01: Sunder
i think its meant to be wrapping words into a scrunchie written in the rolling papers cresting my heart black eyes turn down from the sky worn green skin fades to grey we were never meant to love each other in different houses, in different places digging in the dirt & wrapping in furs, i lose control of my fingers. when i dreamt of technicolor you were given the pixels, the shades that i burned for. how you had the collection of my pining, how you had the perfect complexion. i sink in the mud & i see myself above. but my arms are still broken. i turn my face away from the sky just as i did then in scraping my raw knees under the watchful eye of your sickening god. ever loving in me breeds this resentment that i always feel in me coursing through my body, clogging up my veins in a shadow of you i watch the sunlight fade behind the treeline & into the backyard, & into the shell of the barn. cold & damp & sunk into the decayed wood. i wanted to taste through your mouth i wanted the acceptance you always got that came so easily to you. the belonging you were born with that i would never know. & we were meant for this. ever loving god in your sky smile himself down upon you & rejoice in your glittering, your every success as i sink in the black water further & further down, a sea of tears & years of starvation, i grow accustomed to that burning gnawing within me. & you are healthy. all your life. & i should be happy for you. flesh & blood seeping out of me & into the black hole in the soil. but im not happy. my eyes have long since clouded with tears of longing & of rejection, your god smiles upon you, never knowing apartments or homelessness. (or ghettos on bended knee tiles) your god bakes you tan in his loving sunlight embrace. i spend years entombed & years trudging through the tundras. & we were made for this. to create a facade of love for familial ties & didnt i? didnt i deceive even myself? my eyes rent to black & hung on puppet strings. i cauterize the limb to try to kill away the feeling, phantom pain you make of me in a dream of reciprocating family. we were meant to be this resentment on a summers day & neglectful thinking. five years & maybe more. all your dreams of idealistic family start & end when youre looking at me. no escape from the prison of flesh & bone wrap itself around you in womb & here i will keep you, splintering like glass caught inside your tissue you will have me. for all eternity until flesh, blood, bone, & spirit can wane. but i dont think it ever separates. a mask of the same woman differing between the lenses. everything that you have deprived from me & stolen from me, & i will hate you. hate growing like a sunflower, like a spitbloom in the basement ash pile. never separating only enveloping more & more.
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chimielie · 6 hours ago
on the way home
summary: Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader. He comes to you to cure the bad vibes.
word count: 801
cw: fluffy fluffy fluff with the minorest of angst at the beginning. no set timeframe but they’re adults.
a/n: no thoughts just hajime. god i’m in love with him
There’s a light that flashes in his vision no matter how he angles his curtains when he shuts them for the night. On, off, on, off, a little pinprick of red that reminds him that he’s no longer in his childhood bedroom, but instead in his own apartment, in his own adulthood. Sometimes, the light keeps him up, sometimes a blinking, obnoxious force of nostalgia, prodding him further and further along until he breaks down and calls Oikawa so he can reminisce over their golden days together and pretend he’s not sick with fear of the future. Sometimes, it’s a comfort, a reminder that he’s a man in charge of himself and his life, that he can go out in the morning and buy blackout curtains. He hasn’t yet, but he could.
Tonight, he’s only barely managed to sneak his way into dreamland when he jolts awake again, cold sweat covering his shirtless torso. He feels awake almost instantaneously, even though he usually drifts for hours in a half-asleep haze before falling asleep and it’s two A.M. He groans loudly and fluffs up his pillow, turning it over and hoping the fresh side will help him. He closes his eyes and the light blinks, blinks, blinks, shining through his vision, and he sits up again.
“Fuck,” Iwaizumi grumbles, shoving the sheets off and making his way to his dresser to grope blindly for a shirt. “Y/N.”
He’s halfway to you when he realizes that this is a little crazy. He doesn’t want to wake you up, but— he needs to see you. You’ll understand.
Keeping an eye on the road, he composes a text to you during the course of a few red lights, about as cut and dry as his average message. On my way, it reads. Answer the door.
You do, once he gets there, sleep shirt slipping off your shoulder, pajama pants looking far too hot for the temperature of the night. You’re yawning, rubbing your eyes, and he grins at you, pleased.
“Thanks for answering,” he says. “I thought you were asleep.”
“I was, asshole,” you say, but you tilt your head and kiss him when he crosses your threshold, and you cling sleepily to his side when he walks in.
The two of you go straight to the bedroom, and you collapse onto your bed immediately, back hitting the soft surface and legs falling open. You beckon and he crawls up between them, laying his head on your chest and looking up at you with soft, adoring eyes.
“Why’d you come, anyway?” Your words are slurring with exhaustion, and he can feel your chest vibrate when you speak. He entwines his fingers with yours and nuzzles his way up to below your chin.
“Had a bad dream,” he says, and even though he only slept a little, his voice is raspy and deep. It usually is, but you imagine that if an earthquake could speak, it would sound like your Hajime in the hour after he’s woken up. “About you.” You can feel him go very still in your arms, the way he does when he doesn’t want you to think he’s upset.
“Mm?” You hum, closing your eyes, rubbing at his shoulders with your free hand. Wow, that muscle is solid. “What happened to me?”
“I dunno,” he says. “I forget my dreams fast. Woke up with a big sense of doom, so I wanted to come see you, make sure you were okay.”
“I’m okay,” you tell him. “Perfect, actually, now you’re here.”
“You are perfect always,” he tells you, voice rumbling into your chest. “Shit, it’s hot.”
You cease the lazy, one-sided shoulder massage so he can sit up, yanking off his shirt, a green shirt for an American band you’re sure he’d never have touched beyond laundry day if he were fully awake or getting dressed in the light. You put your hands on him, on his golden skin, always warm to the touch, and he leans up to kiss you. Kissing him is approximately a million times softer and goofier than his appearance might suggest, as is the rest of his personality around you. You can feel him smiling, pressing closer, and your own lips curve into a smile, dopey and lovestruck.
“You know,” you say when you separate, “overheating causes nightmares. That was probably what it was.”
“Probably,” he agrees, settling down on top of you again. “Comfy?” The two of you wriggle, adjusting, until you can cuddle comfortably.
“So you didn’t have to come,” you say, voice teasing. “Could’ve let me sleep.”
“Sorry, baby,” he says, and you can tell he’s drifting away quickly.
“Kidding,” you murmur. “I’m glad you came.”
“Love you, baby,” he says. You close your eyes and savor the scent, the feel of him.
“Love you too.”
It’s dark in your bedroom. He falls asleep peacefully, and your body is warm and soft, and he has nothing to worry about in the world.
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igotathingforoutlaws · 7 hours ago
How would the gang react to a demon reader like she has horn, Greyson skin , red eyes, sharp teeth and claws, a cloak and a grim reaper scythe
So you are a Demon— aaaaaaaand you’re a bit lost— 
You know, you know your fucking boss is gonna fuckin KILL you when he finds out. 
But for now you’re stuck on the earthen plane.
You look like a normal human in your transformed state, except for a few things— in your true form you have horns that pull back and curve from your head like ram horns on either side of your skull, they are dusted with silver like starlight and jet black underneath. Quite pretty. you also have a long tail with a spade like dagger on the end. It’s good for grabbing things.
Your eyes are like rubies, literally. They look like rubies and have no pupils, when in human form to trick mortals they are a deep crimson.
Your skin is a dusting of gray, so pale that you look dead, you hide this by using a parasol that when in true form is your weapon. Problem is, you feed off of mischeif, you’re not even one of those big bad demons who feed off of like murder and shit or sex.
You wish. 
So you sit and wait. 
You’re busy looking at your pocket mirror picking at your blood red victorian dress and black corset that makes your figure look sinful— hello demon?— the pristine white blouse and high neck making you almost look like a high end lady with the cameo set in red harboring a hell hound in white facets. Oh miss her...
Long black hair, with blood red sheen if light hits it is piled high in a Gibson girl style, and you primp your jet black cloak like a vampire villain with a giggle.
Your “Weapon.” Is a reaper scythe. 
You used to be a Reaper and preferred the blade, some fucking promotion. 
Huffing you bite your lip a plump pink, running your tongue along your very sharp teeth, in human form it’s just your canines that are longer, but your teeth are strong. Your nails look rather perfect, tapered long nails that are oval to points…they are claws.
But what humans don’t know won’t hurt hope...
So here you sit on a god damn suitcase waiting.
And who finds you but a cowboy.
Meeting the Van der Linde gang is great, you make a deal with Dutch, you protect the gang and they don’t throw your ass out on your bustle.
“But are you really a demon.” Dutch asks.
You sigh. “Yes. Hang on.” You shake yourself a bit and BOOM DEMON MODE.
“Belive me now?” you ask holding Dutch up in the air with your tail.
All the gang members nod rapidly as you giggle.
Arthur: He does not trust you, but after a while he realizes you’re a tad lazy for a demon, and actually quite pretty. You’ve taken to him quite well because he’s quiet and gentle. Not normal for demon kind. He likes listening to you jabber about the thousands of years you’ve been around and enjoys your cynical humor. But he loves your eyes. He asks to look at them and also asks to touch your hair, you’re a bit startled, he has no fear. You kinda like it. “This one I shall protect.” And you do. Arthur just laughs when you pop up in his tent flinging your cape about like a bat "boo!" Yeah yeah I see ya.
Dutch : You and Dutch annoy one another, he is far too pompous and you and I quote ‘get enough of that shit underground.’. But he is your contract and you grumble when he asks for help on a plan, but you are quite inventive and as Hosea has put it anything is better- YES even a DEMON compared to Micah’s plans.
Micah: He isn’t mischievous in the flavor you like— he’s mischievous in the get ahead way. You prefer the giddy kind of playfulness not the sickly sweet of evil. You want to be full not die of demon diabetes. He somehow things that you can tell the future, “DE-MON not GE-NIE I don’t wiggle my god damn nose” you can tell the future but fuck him he don’t need to know that.
Miss Grimshaw: Can you work? Do you help? Do you bitch? Yes, Yes, No? Fuck she don’t care. You and her actually play quite a few games of dominos together and bitch about things.
Javier: He is fine with you, but he yanks out a rosary every once in a while. “You know those don’t work right?” He’s so torn between having a blast with you and then seeing your demon form and remembering oh god she’s a fucking demon. But so pretty! But a DEMON.
Hosea: He gives no fucks, the man just is like oh that’s nice Dutch finally made a pact with a demon good for you honey. You love Hosea, he’s mischievous in the way you like, and his thoughts are teasing, so you’re always up for him being around giving you a boost of energy. He’ll think something truly snarky. “I know you heard that y/n” because he can hear you laughing with him.
Charles: He is more fascinated, asking a lot about your doings, how you fight, what you eat physically, raw meat or blood by the way, so he makes a point to get your your favorite, he’ll also canteen blood from his kills for you. So sweet, so confused, so kind.
Bill: He is smitten. He loves your horns, and you actually like them being pet, so you allow him to trace patterns on them. “They look like stars.” He mutters one day and you hum appreciatively. 
Lenny: Boy don’t know what to do. He’s just like my mama is gonna kill me whenever I get to heaven for being near a demon. “Oh it won’t be that bad!” You smirk, “I been there it ain’t that grand.”
Sean: you and him are TIGHT. That is your buddy, that is your bestie, he’s really your dinner but whatever. “Ya just around me because I give ya energy.” He snarks. but he likes it, you come up with the best fucking ideas. 
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krystalfm · 9 hours ago
 she  strikes  a  nerve  again.    my  god,  didn't  she  always  ?    huang  sijian  works  his  jaw,  muscles  moving  slowly.    it  feels  like  it's  about  to  unhinge  open  ;    spew  venom  that  sticks  and  pricks  onto  jun's  flesh.    a  thought  that  brings  a  nearly  joyous  expression  on  his  features,    tugging  at  the  corners  of  his  mouth.  but  it  halts  at  the  reminder  of  the  information  he's  just  received.    rumor  or  not,    he  needs  to  get  to  the  bottom  of  it.    makes  his  skin  crawl,    an  unsettling  chill  itching  up  his  spine.  "    so,    were  you  going  to  have  me  walking  around  like  a  dumbass  ?    "  silas  asks,    gritting  his  teeth.    molars  press  down  in  a  perfect  concoction  of  jealousy,  envy,  and  rage.  "  i  found  out  from  one  of  the  guys.    i  mean  really  jun,    did  you  think  i  wasn't  going  to  ?    "  his  voice  is  calm,    eerily  calm.    hollow  and  still.  he  looks   over  to  her,  eyes  sharp  and  pointed  on  her  silhouette.
Tumblr media
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txzierbaby · 10 hours ago
I can show you
armin arlert x reader
Tumblr media
part 1 – try something new
Tw: bleeding, really fast spark between armin and reader, armin being hot, eventual smut
commander armin yum
Tumblr media
You’re mother had always told you to stay out of trouble. She wanted the best for you in this dangerous world. It reeked of blood and just living this life was enough to make someone depressed- well, at least it was for you, left in this world with no one to care for or vice versa.
you missed your family, though there was no way to revive them. You missed your friends, but there was no telling if they were even alive.
You had to keep going. There was no room in your life for anyone anymore. No romance, no friends, nothing. Only your baby boy mattered to you. No one else.
But all of that changed one day.
You stumbled into a small building, it being the closest place to reach. Were you going to make it? Your head pounded as you looked around the place.
You caught the eye of a nearby blonde, whose ocean blue eyes filled up with worry. You noticed he wore the new and improved uniform for the survey corps.
You were covered in blood head to toe. Your body littered in bites and gashes and so, so much blood.
“A-ah! Are you okay? What happened?!” He rushed to your side, his slender arms making their way around your waist and setting you down. Only now had the stranger noticed the small child you cradled into your chest.
He picked up the baby and examined him before calling for someone. A girl with dark, short hair tended to your child as the blonde man focused back onto you. “Oh no, you’re side!”
Your baby must’ve blocked your largest wound from the man because his eyes blew wider and ushered you to lay on your back.
More people came with bandages and first aid kits. They were all wearing that damned uniform.
You hadn’t kept up with the survey corps since commander Erwin died, he was a close friend of your mother’s, the only thing you had left of her, so you’d visit his office often. He was always busy, yet it would be worth the wait to hear him tell you stories about your mom or how he thought you were just the perfect mixture of your parents.
So, when he died, you had stopped caring. There was no one for you to visit with.
That was years ago, though. You were almost sixteen then, while now you’re twenty-one. So crazy how nothing has changed. The titans still want to kill humans and Marley and Eldia still hate each other.
Now, all these scouts were surrounding you, asking you questions, but your throat was dry. You couldn’t speak. Eyes still on the ground, you grabbed onto the thing closest to you. It was the blonde stranger.
He let you hold onto his hand as he got a better look at your wound. “Are you okay? Please tell me what happened,” you looked up at him with pleading eyes, “I- I got chased into a forest by some titans... this was the closest place I could find!”
And thank god you had found it.
“It’s okay, it’s okay. We’re gonna take care you, alright?” he gave you warm smile, “Do you mind telling me your name?”
“It’s (name).”
He nodded, “Okay (name), do you feel any other pain besides your side?”
You dismissively shook your head, “I’m fine, really. Where is my son? I need to make sure he’s alright! Can you bring him to me? Please?”
A look of pity spreads across the man’s face. “Connie, go get her child from Mikasa please.” A soldier with gray frizzled short hair nodded and went off in the store. “We still need to worry about your wounds too, (name).”
“I can assure you; I am fine.”
He sighs and grabs a bandage to wrap around your torso, “You can barely stand. Please, let me help you.”
And you let him.
He made small talk with you while he cleansed your cuts and bruises.
Soon enough, your baby boy was being carried out by the gray-haired solder, Connie, and who you assumed to be Mikasa followed him.
You let out a sigh of relief as you saw his beautiful s/c skin to be clean. They must’ve bathed him.
When you were handed your baby, it felt like a weight had been lifted from your shoulders.
“What’s his name?” your head peaked up at the sound of the familiar voice. After the people had tended to your wounds, they asked you lots of questions, which led to you accidentally revealing that you didn’t have an exact home. The blonde man, the on you had been talking to, offered you stay with him or at the scouts’ headquarters, since it was safer for you and your son.
You hesitantly obliged, but for now they were resting in this building because it was too late at night for them to continue to their base.
“Elijah,” you replied, smiling down at your baby in your arms. He had beautiful dark hair and shining eyes. He was so good, especially for having to deal with you and your situation. He was the best son you could ask for.
Looking up at the larger figure hovering over you, you said, “I didn’t catch your name, by the way.”
A puzzled look crossed the handsome strangers face- which, by now you could tell because you weren’t dying on the floor of some bunker, but he was extremely handsome. He looked matured but not too old. He still had a boyish face which brought you to believe he was right around your age. His blonde eyebrows crinkled in what seemed to be confusion. “You don’t know me?” Now it was your turn to be confused. “Why would I? Am I supposed to?” He gave a soft chuckle at your cluelessness.
“I’m Armin Arlert, the fifteenth commander of the survey corps.”
“Oh. The fifteenth?” you asked, tilting your head a little, “Who was after Erwin?” His eyes wondered about the room for a bit. You had probably said something that pulled at his heart strings, a bad memory perhaps. “It was Hange Zoe.”
Hange? Weren’t they Section Commander at the time Erwin was alive?
“Wow, that’s crazy,” you whispered, feeling bad for bringing up a visibly touchy subject for Armin. You could tell he must’ve felt the same because he turned the conversation back onto you.
“Anyways, are you hungry? They’ve got plenty of food in this place! A large variety too! I can cook something if you’d like,” He offered a smile which you returned, but you shook your head, “Armin, you don’t have to make me food, I can manage, I’m sure.”
Armin was not taking no for an answer.
“Its really no big deal! I’ve already made up my mind! I’ll go fix something.”
You defeatedly sighed, “At least let me help! Let me lay Elijah for bed first.” You said while looking around, eyes scanning for a nice warm cot for your baby to rest.
“We have a large bedroom in the downstairs area not too far from the kitchen. It’s the only one downstairs so you and him can have it all to yourselves,” he gave another warm smile. “There are plenty of pillows as well! We can makeshift a barrier around him, so he doesn’t fall out, I’ll show you to the room,” he says.
He led you to the room, which he did not lie about its size. It was a huge room decorated with soft neutral tones and a simple queen-sized bed with light gray sheets.
You placed Elijah, who had now fallen asleep in your arms from you and Armin’s hushed conversation, onto the center of the bed as Armin collected some of the long body pillows that laid at the foot of the bed. The blue-eyed man put the pillows around your baby gently, not wanting to wake him.
“I don’t think he’s slept better than this,” you say as you stick out you hand and brush away some of Eli’s hair away from his face.
Armin turns to you, eyes locking with yours. “He’s beautiful,” he says genuinely, “just like his mother.”
A heat crawls to your face as you turn away, was the frickin commander of the survey corps flirting with you?
Realizing what he said, Armin stutters out an apology, “I-I’m sorry! I guess I just assumed that you were single, b-but obviously there’s someone, I mean, you have a kid! And I-” You cut him off with a quiet laugh. “Armin, I’m single, Elijah’s dad and I split up a while ago. It’s okay,” you say, calming him down immediately.
“O-oh, well, do you still want to help me cook?”
The kitchen was nice and big. It had many ingredients as well as sheets of recipes. One of them caught your eye, there was a strawberry pudding with lots of other sugary sweets littering the sheet. A dessert recipe sheet that could give you a toothache just by looking at it. Maybe you could make it after dinner.
“Do you know what you want?” you asked Armin.
He hummed to himself, “I was thinking a soup maybe? Possibly potato,” the thought of warm potato soup had you nodding along to Armin’s words.
“I’ll get the ingredients!”
As you cooked you noticed the way Armin’s hands would brush against your lower back when he shifted. Though you just met, you felt comfortable with Armin.
And when you finished making and eating the food, you were extremely tired.
“Why don’t you go lay down in that bedroom with Elijah,” he offered, but you didn’t want him to go. You grabbed onto his shirt and pulled him with you. “Stay with me?”
And of course, he couldn’t turn you down.
He laid next to you with your peacefully sleeping child between you. “Thank you, Armin.” He gave you a lazy smile, “Of course.” And you laid together, and it was nice. It had been a while since you had been so close with someone. You really liked this. You really liked him.
Tumblr media
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shadowofthelamp · 13 hours ago
More Together
Decided to finish off this thing I started back in Janury in honor of the Carnage trailer. Zadr Venom AU. Yes, Zim is named Doom, because how was I supposed to resist? Likes, replies, and reblogs appreciated!
Rated: T
Warnings: Mild mentions of gore/Venom canon-typical cannibalism, alcohol, and a brief moment where Dib remembers that he likes aliens a lot. 
Wordcount: 1175
In his twenty-four years of life, Dib had seen and been through a lot. He’d been knocked on his ass by more paranormal creatures than he could count, had lost six bs for one reason or another, and had worn his throat out screaming into three different pillows, two of which he’d then torn to shreds.
This, though?
This was new.
His arms rested against a creaking oak banister as a head made of a viscous substance that wasn’t quite black (but it was so deep of a red it may as well have been) settled on his arm, thick strands woven around his bicep underneath his sleeve.  That head had enveloped his entire body, had- had-
God, he could still taste the viscera sliding down his throat, still feel the crunch of skull between his teeth. He reached his free hand up, tugging his top lip up to make sure that he hadn’t grown shark teeth outside of the transformation. The sharpness of his canines wasn’t very encouraging.
There had been rumors of an alien crash. It had been dark, and he’d only had his flashlight and a taser, and yes, it was incredibly stupid, but that was what he did. Went off into dangerous places to prove the unprovable, to capture the uncapturable, to find the truth that no one else could or would. There had been searchlights, and he’d ducked behind a tree and cursed himself for forgetting to charge his phone. A cat had wandered past, and he’d only had seconds to consider how strange its eyes were when the searchlight had flashed on them before something had leapt forward and smothered him, an icy chill sinking through his skin and through muscles and bones to curl around his heart like a fist.
He’d run, ripped up his entire apartment for whatever food he could find, and then had started hearing voices other than his own. That was something he had been certain he’d grown out of, at least outside of hauntings. (Getting kicked out of the kid’s asylum three times meant you were either sane or so round-the-bend nobody could do anything for you anyway.)
An hour later, he’d turned into a monster, ripped a man’s head off, and stuffed it down his throat, so needless to say things had gone rather downhill from there.
The voice had pulled itself out of his skin with ruby pupil-less eyes and the most oil-slick and disgusting head Dib had ever seen, called itself Doom, declared they would be perfect together, and then passed out on his arm, half-sinking back into the skin. Which was where they were now, on the back porch of a bar that Dib had long since learned didn’t ask many questions as long as he paid his tab on time. He was glad he was wearing the trench coat that had both sleeves fully intact to hide his new “friend”, because even apathetic barmen may have been just a bit curious about the literal fucking alien chilling on and squirming under the skin inside a patron’s arm.
The porch had cleared out with the November chill, and Dib swigged a third shot of whiskey to wash the taste of guts from his throat.
“Stop that.” Oh, goody, the eyes were back.
“Stop what?”
“That horrible tasting sludge. I command you!” Dib’s arm jerked. He would have spilled the drink if he hadn’t already finished it, condensation dripping down and flattening a bit of hair on his wrist.
“I needed to-” There were other people staring at him. He narrowed his eyes, snarling, and they quickly looked away. Still, he dialed down the volume. “I needed to get the taste out of my mouth.”
“Intestines taste delicious, that liquid just burns!”
“Intestines taste like- like guts, guts don’t taste good raw!” Dib hissed back.
“They do, your unrefined human palate just has to adjust, then you’ll see.” Doom flopped Dib’s arm around a little more. “You need more muscle, muscle comes from meat!”
“Look, just because protein’s expensive-”
“Eating people is free,” the alien still hanging out on Dib’s arm said smugly, tendrils creeping down Dib’s other arm and shifting around his neck.  
“Eating people’s going to get real expensive if anyone catches us,” Dib said, fighting back his immediate monkey-brain xenophiliac responses to what felt like tentacles caressing his skin, pressing down just hard enough that it was clear Doom was only arguing as a formality and could probably regain control at any time. “Look. It’s not that there aren’t people who don’t deserve-”
“Of course there are! We’re on the same page!” Doom pulled back, reforming next to Dib’s neck, and the man pulled his coat collar up. “There is pain in you, Dib, rejection and fear, but together, we can fix it. Together, we hunt both man and beast-”
“-Sort out the frauds and the stupid cops and people who deserve to be eaten, and manage catch the real things,” Dib muttered as Doom purred, actually nuzzling against him. Like some kind of gooey alien cat.
“Yes, yes, exactly! You have strength and intelligence, I have power beyond your wildest dreams. Humans have rejected you-”
“Thanks a lot, goo-boy,” Dib interjected before Zim continued, one tendril tightening around his thigh as a warning but only drawing a rush of blood to his cheeks.
“-But I have not. On my planet, they misunderstand my genius, but here- here, I can be more. We can be more. You are the only being worthy of me, Dib-human. Be honored!”
There was something to the bright echoey timbre that Doom had that didn’t quite fit the fact that the only solid thing about him (them, it?) were the rows of razor-sharp teeth, but it was rapidly endearing Dib to the alien. Maybe it was the edge from the booze, or maybe that guy they’d ripped to shreds had been running high enough on adrenaline that the hormone was being digested and processed by now and making him go stupid.
“You know what?” Dib licked his lips, getting the last of the whiskey taste out as Doom gagged next to him. “I call the targets.”
“Is that a yes?”
“On a trial basis, understand? I can still find some way to fry you out of me, but I’m not about to look a superpowered gift alien in the mouth. Yet.”
He really hoped that the nip Doom made on his neck was supposed to be playful, but the fact that the alien was rumbling happily and pulsing joy through his body meant it was probably a good bet.
(Dib ended up puking up the whiskey twenty minutes later while Doom alternated cussing at him and crowing about being right. It was only remembering just how strong he’d felt when they’d been together that kept Dib from trying to make him stop with the blowtorch stuffed in the back of his closet.)
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cherrytenko · 14 hours ago
Thank you! So again I don’t have many specific details Just dubcon/noncon somno with Shiggy?
shigaraki x f!reader 
word count: 760
cw: special guest star: d*bi (he’s only there for a sec), somnophilia, noncon, creampie, one (1) death threat, degradation 
“Just do it, she’s not gonna care.” 
“Are you sure?” 
“Yes, I’m sure. I do this shit all the time— fuck her or I will.” 
The conversation had been going on for a while now, Dabi encouraging his boss to take advantage of the new recruit, and Tomura questioning his every word, feet planted firmly to the floor as the two of them watch you sleep. 
He takes one step forward, cock stirring in his jeans at the sight of your body splayed across the bed, your shirt riding up, the pretty lace stretched over the plushy flesh of your ass on full display. It’s almost too perfect, the position you're in, one leg hiked up, arms tucked under your pillow, ass perched in the air just a bit, every part of your body laying oh so prettily for him. 
He sits on the edge of your bed, trailing a finger up your thigh before wrapping three more around it and squeezing hard, so hard you stir in your sleep, letting out a soft whine before settling again. He lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in before continuing his soft, slow movements, stroking up and down your thigh with care. 
He palms his cock with the other hand, eyes moving from your lips, down your back, over the curve of your ass. He lays a hand on your panties, sunken eyes watching the fabric disintegrate to dust. 
“Get out.” 
His voice is strained with desperation as he begins to unbutton his jeans. 
“Oh, so you finally decided to-” 
“Out. Now.” 
Dabi strides out of the room, a sick grin painting his face. Tomura doesn't pay any mind to whatever slick comment falls from his lips, he's far too focused on you. Your thighs, your ass, your pretty little cunt sitting right in front of him. 
“Hm,” he trails a finger up and down your slit, letting out a small gasp at the heat radiating from your cunt. “So beautiful, can’t believe you let someone as filthy as him defile you.” 
His voice is tinged with genuine sympathy; he believes that pretty little things like you should be kept away, hidden from prying eyes and filthy hands. 
“Such a shame.” 
He sits up on his knees, pulling his jeans down his thick thighs and moving his spit-slicked hand along his cock in slow, languid strokes. Sweat beads at his forehead, eyes squeezing shut when he presses the fat, drooling tip against your tiny hole. He sinks in slowly, his mouth falling open at how warm it is, hot and tight and so good. It knocks the air from his lungs, a short, choked gasp falling from his lips as he bottoms out. He takes a moment to lift his shirt up, tucking it between his teeth so he can watch as his fat cock stretches you out. 
“Mine now.”
His hips jolt once, then twice, and then he’s fucking into you with all he’s got, growling and drooling as his chest heaves and drips with sweat. His hips pat against your ass, mixing with the sound of his heavy breaths and pitiful demands that you stay with him, belong to him, become his pathetic little cumdump. 
He groans, heat licking in the pit of his stomach as his thighs tremble. He falls forward, shirt falling from his mouth as he uses both of his arms to hold himself up, humping you with vigor. He lets out a small choked noise, his mouth falling open as he dumps his hot load in your tight cunt.
“Yeah, yeah, take my fucking cum. Oh, God, fucking take it.” 
He keeps cumming, he doesn’t stop for a while, trembling and gasping above you as his cock jerks and spazzes inside you. He sinks his teeth into your shoulder once he’s done, chuckling as you groan and blink open your pretty eyes, only to find your boss hovering above you menacingly. 
Before you can scream, four fingers are wrapped around your throat, the fifth one hovering too close above your skin, a not-so-subtle reminder that you’re powerless against him. His mouth is against your ear, hot and wet and sickening as his voice engraves itself in your brain. 
“Make a single noise and I’ll fucking kill you.” 
He grins when you clamp your mouth shut, trembling and shaking against him. 
“That’s a good little bitch— my good little bitch.” 
taglist: @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein, @lunar-nebula, @dukina, @shiggysvixen, @callmefeibnha, @applejuicesuxx, @katsukichu
join the tag list here
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decimater · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
FULL  NAME: ezekiel jäger MEANING:  god’s strength NICKNAME(S):  zeke, the beast titan, boy wonder, ape, that fucking monkey, beardy GENDER:  cis male, he/him ETHNICITY:  eldian HEIGHT:  6″
AGE:  29  ZODIAC:  leo SPOKEN  LANGUAGES:  marleyan dialect  PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: grey eyes, platinum blond / grey hair, glasses HAIR  COLOUR:  grey / platinum blond EYE  COLOUR:  grey SKIN  TONE:  pale BODY  TYPE:  tall, very lean and athletic, a lot of upper body strength primarily in his arms and shoulders. broad chest, not overly muscular. very flexible, and very graceful in his movements. VOICE:  deep, very smooth and has a calming tone to it. his voice displays a lot of confidence and rarely wavers. strong vocal cords, altered following the inheritance of the beast titan. allowing for a stronger scream and a louder pitch. DOMINANT  HAND:  ambidextrous. POSTURE:  a soldier’s posture. straight, never slouches, always alert, even when he’s alone. he rarely allows his posture to relax. SCARS:  small scars across his arms and legs from his days as a warrior candidate. scarring around his ankles and calves, perfect slices from levi’s blades. while ezekiel did heal and regrow the parts of his body that were sliced off, when they regrew, the places that were met by the blade, were left with a thin, but prominent scar. the emotional mindset he was in at the time, stained his healing from completely taking full effect, leaving him with some scarring. TATTOOS:  none in canon. in modern, he has several. MOST  NOTICEABLE  FEATURE(S): glasses, his beard, his pitchers stance. CHILDHOOD: PLACE  OF  BIRTH:  liberio internment zone. HOMETOWN:  liberio. MANNER  OF  BIRTH:  natural. FIRST  WORDS:  mom. SIBLINGS:  eren jäger ( half - brother ). PARENTS:  grisha jäger ( father , deceased ), dina jäger nee-fritz ( mother , deceased ) PARENT  INVOLVEMENT:  his parents were very hands on in his childhood, pushing him towards their own ideas and future for him, rather than allowing him to find his own way or have his own dreams. 10/10 wouldn’t recommend. viewed mentor tom ksaver as more of a parental figure than his biological parents, also 10/10 wouldn’t recommend. ezekiel has no real understanding of how parent’s should treat or behave around their children. definitely wasn’t hugged enough as a kid. ADULT LIFE: OCCUPATION: warchief of the warrior unit / titan shifter. CURRENT RESIDENCE:  liberio. CLOSE  FRIENDS:  colt grice, pieck, yelena. RELATIONSHIP  STATUS:  main verse, romantically involved with pieck. FINANCIAL  STATUS:  his family had a fairly stable income. DRIVER’S  LICENSE:  yes. CRIMINAL  RECORD:  mass murder, war crimes, unwilling participant in genocide, attempt at mass sterilization.  VICES:  smoking, throwing rocks. SEX / ROMANCE:  romance isn’t a priority for him, and neither is sex. enjoys sex as a relief, and as a way of expressing his emotions without having to verbally. SEXUAL  ORIENTATION:  bisexual ROMANTIC  ORIENTATION:  demisexual. PREFERRED  EMOTIONAL  ROLE:  depends on his partner. with pieck, he's comfortable enough to let his guard down, and let her see him for who he really is in the moment. PREFERRED  SEXUAL  ROLE:   dominant, though he will be submissive for pieck. ezekiel has difficulty with allowing others to have any form of control over him, given how often he was used in his childhood, and how he’s used by marley. trust needs to be established before even beginning a relationship, and when that bond is formed, he is more likely to allow his partner to have control. LOVE  LANGUAGE:  touch, verbal communication, spoiling his partner. LIBIDO:  can go from high to low. often leans more on the high side. RELATIONSHIP  TENDENCIES:  ezekiel is on the possessive side. though he does enjoy privacy, he feels more at ease when it’s just him and his partner. is very unlikely to involve himself in a relationship with someone during his thirteen years, unless his partner is also cursed. MISC: THEME  SONG:  believer - imagine dragons HOBBIES  TO  PASS  TIME:  reading, baseball. MENTAL  ILLNESSES:  ptsd, depression, depersonalisation disorder,  schizoid personality disorder PHYSICAL  ILLNESSES.  n/a LEFT  OR  RIGHT  BRAINED:  left PHOBIAS:  unknown SELF  CONFIDENCE  LEVEL:  he’s very confident in his ability to wield the beast titan, and even more confident in his abilities when he’s inside his titan. outside of it, he has a fairly average self confidence level. TAGGED BY:  no one TAGGING:  @goetiya  ( for eren ) ,  @rosemagicked ,  @atenden ,  @leistung​ ( for hot flash )
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thegreymoon · 16 hours ago
Word of Honor
Oh, he absolutely knows!
Tumblr media
But Gu Xiang is too smart to slip up. 
Oh, so you deserved to be skinned alive 😠
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine whipping a baby!! 💀💀
Aww, look at my murder gremlin taking advantage of the situation to get pampered by A-Xu 🤗
Tumblr media
And A-Xu is so gentle with him here, I cry!! 😭😭
Ah. So I guessed right. 
Tumblr media
OK, it wasn’t the biggest leap of logic, but still! 
Yes, please figure some things out and make better choices in life! Make friends with the Ghost ladies and team up to murder your groomer!
Tumblr media
I know he’s murder-happy and insane, but Zhao Jing makes my skin crawl. I want him dead. 
Oh, sweetheart 🙁
Tumblr media
Do we want to know what it is you’re trying to forget?
I love her so much 😭😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She is everything that is adorable and perfect! And her relationship with WKX is the best thing!! He loves her so much and wants all the good things for her! 
I love him to pieces!! 💙💙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poor CWN 🤣🤣 He has no idea how close to death he is and that the only thing protecting him is the fact that she loves him! Also, I love how WKX feels like CWN has no redeeming qualities except for the fact that he is stupid and therefore easy for A-Xiang to manipulate 🤣🤣
And I feel like I have to take a moment to appreciate the parallels here. All her fears about CWN rejecting her if he knew the truth about her are the same ones that he feels about A-Xu 🙁 
Don’t touch me, I’m crying 😭😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LMAO, of course 🤣🤣
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Brb, crying forever 😭😭 He said he wants to retire from the martial world and live a tranquil life with A-Xu 😭😭
Tumblr media
Be afraid. Be very afraid 😠😠
Tumblr media
Your beloved Scorpion killed him and you have no idea! He may not be as malleable or as obedient as you think. 
Look at this literal paradise they are coming home to! 
Tumblr media
There is zero chance this ends well. It’s giving me so much anxiety!
Oh, be quiet 🙄
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was fully expecting to see a pile of (possibly reanimated) corpses when they walked through that gate and they found a few cobwebs instead! Just go get a broom, boys, and check if the roof needs repairing!
Well, shit 😶
Tumblr media
So, WKX has been exposed. Good thing that manor has all those inbuilt defense mechanisms, then!
OMG 😭😭
Tumblr media
You should really give Chengling his own room, boys!
Tumblr media
Then you can cuddle freely when you have nightmares! 😋
I’m so stupid, but it occurred to me only just now that Wen Kexing has been shown as having healing/soothing skills from the start of this show. 
Tumblr media
I never paid too much attention to this because the killer side of his personality was the more entertaining one and I just took the healing as another aspect of of his martial arts... which, now that I think about it, makes no sense. It took me way too long to connect these dots. 
I think it’s best if you sleep with him every night from now on!
Tumblr media
You know, to keep an eye on him! Just in case! 😋
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attentionplease · 18 hours ago
May the smut be with you #3
Today is the time for #TeamSaints ( When you want to get tagged in the next ones, don't be shy, write me. I won't bite, maybe )
And now are you ready for Connor ruining you?
Find the whole May smut list HERE
Tumblr media
11.05 - Boondock Saints - Connor MacManus - You deserve to be ruined
( Connor tells you what a good girl you are, begging, destroying orgasms )
gif by me
Tumblr media
"Now be my good girl and beg for it" Connor gasps into your lips as his hands claw tightly into your hair to hold your head in place. He's been waiting with his hard cock inside your vagina for what feels like an eternity now, waiting for the perfect moment to make you scream his name, to feel your nails in his back.
"Please... Connor... Fuck me!...please for God's sake..." your voice sounds more pleading than ever as you're only able to breathe the words into his mouth. Trembling, you lie in his grip, brought to a point where you would sell your soul only to make him move. Usually he's not the type to tease you that much. And luckily you feel the smile forming on his lips as he slowly pulls his hips back and thrusts into you in full hardness, making your moans shrill and you begin to squirm under his body. Again he hesitates for a moment, seeking your gaze, and when he pulls out this time, he doesn't waste any time ramming right back into you so your moan is only a desperate whining this time. Again and again he repeats his thrusts, getting faster with each move in his pace, pushing you without mercy to the edge.
Your gaze becomes wet, the more of this unbelievable feeling he builds up inside you. As your nails claw into his back, leaving visible traces of your pleasure as the tingling sensation intensifies, he chuckles without reducing his speed.
He enjoys every whimper that leaves your lips, the more you groan, the more he tries to get more of that sounds by pressing himself closer to you, trying to get as deep as possible.
But then suddenly, as he clings hard to you,pressing his lips so hard on yours, that it hurts, he quickens his pace in a level that you begin to push his face away from yours to beg him to slow down. But he doesn't want to hear you and clutches even harder on you.
" You're so perfect... and now I make you come… like never before..." he whispers and pecks your lips once again before raising his body, but without releasing his forehead from yours. Because he’s correcting his position, his thrusts are now slower, so you can finally take a shuddering, deep breath. Your grip on his back easens at the same time, while you never lose his gaze.
“You know...I'm going to fucking ruin you tonight... deserve it…my good girl...” at this panting words you freeze for a moment, and as you can see the mischievous smile and that sparkling in his eyes you get a bit scared.
As he then braces his arms next to your body and keeps slowly thrusts into you a few times, he kisses you so soft over and over again. He takes his time. For preparing himself, for destroying you.
You moan in a low voice into his lips, as you feel his hot tongue brushing against yours. Your breath is calmer, your pulse not that fast anymore, so that your hands now can brush soft over the skin of his back instead of scratching it, while he still keeps searching for the perfect angle.
As he then suddenly he hits a spot inside you, THAT spot, your nails immediately sink into him again. Your gaze widens in shock and for a moment every breath of you is filled only with a whimpering moan. When he then shoves himself deeper inside you, hitting over and over again, your whole body tenses because of the sensation that builds up inside you.
“This is it... so perfect…you gonna come so hard for me...” he whispers into your lips, and you feel his hands back at your head again. He waits another moment, observing your face for a long moment with every slow and deep thrust, drowning in your gaze with every time he hits that spot inside you.
And then you don't know what happens to you, because without hesitation he finds his fast pace from before again, causing a feeling of fainting out for a second. You’re not even able to whimper his name, you only claw harder into his skin.
“You’re such a good girl… just look at you, so fucking perfect… coming only for me…oh for fuck’s sake...” he pants into your lips, and without loosing your gaze a deep moan escapes his throat as your nails finally break his skin and don’t stop to drill deeper. Your breath goes only pressed through your nose, your mouth open without a sound, while he keeps ruin you with every following thrust. Every muscle in your body is tensed, and trembles all over, in preparation for your upcoming climax.
“Come on… be a good girl… let got...come for me…now… I want you to cry for me…scream for me...” he pants smiling between his thrusts as he can see the tears building up in your eyes. He doesn’t stop, doesn’t give you time to welcome this climax.
And then you can’t control it anymore. Even if it’s too much to bear, and you have the feeling it will kill you, it forces its way from your core through your whole body within a second. You never felt shattered like that, and when the world would going down, you wouldn’t even recognize. The only thing you feel, see, taste is him. Over and over again pushing into you as if he never wants this orgasm to stop.
“Scream my name… Let everyone in Boston hear … be my good girl…” he prompts you between his moanings and grips your head harder than before.
“Oh fuck...Connor...please...” you curse trembling your mouth as his thrusts getting harder then before forcing the sensation to flame up again. But from his furrowed brows, his tensing body, his fastening gasps while repeating your name whispering like in a silent prayer, you know he’s about to follow you. And when the first tear leaves you, he stops with a deep moan inside you, trembling all over his body. When he pushes a bit deeper then, and pecks your lips so carefully, as he’d be afraid to hurt you, you feel light as a feather, not a single thought circling in your head, which forces much more tears from your eyes. His twitching cock is trapped inside your squeezing walls, pulsing in a same rhythm as you. With every breath that hits your face, he trembles all over his body, shoving his hips closer to yours. You didn’t know that the aftermath of an orgasm can be that satisfying, like a little reward for the final touches, like a little aftermath-orgasm. So much softer the waves are rolling over your body now. Like the same way his lips hit your face all over again. So full of love and caring, you never experienced before.
Even when you know, you couldn’t even turn around in your bed now, because your body is too weak, too busy to come to terms with that tingling sensation. You know one thing: You never want this feeling to stop.
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andersoncharm · 19 hours ago
In Mysterious Fathoms Below-Friday, May 14, 2021
Para: In Mysterious Fathoms Below
Rating: PG.
Pairing: Seblaine.
Blaine: @andersoncharm
Sebastian: @smythesm
When: Friday, May 14, 2021
Location: Sebastian and  Blaine’s apartment in Cambridge Massachusetts and Marblehead, Massachusetts- Blaine’s gifted beach cottage.
Notes: Blaine discovers that his father has left him and Seb a little guardian. (Also known as the mysterious rattle from the night they set up their new sacred space.)
Warnings:  None for this particular Para. However, this RP in general includes; Mentions of death. Parental Death (Blaine’s Mom), Mentions of toxic past relationships. Mentions of brief past Klaine. Depression. Anxiety.
Extra Warnings: (This RP is not Kurt Hummel friendly. You’ve all been warned.)
Under cut for length. Work is mostly unedited as usual.
Para Title Taken From: Fathoms Below- The Little Mermaid
Blaine’s POV:
Blaine had been lying there awake for gods knew how long, his body still singing and tingling from his intimate evening with Sebastian, when he realized that he was staring at his boyfriend. How long had he let himself Edward Cullen out without realizing it? He internally shrugged and snuggled closer to Seb, figuring he might as well keep at it, it wasn’t like the other man hadn’t caught him before. He bit his bottom lip as he openly looked- Seb was naked except for the clear quartz crystal that Blaine wasn’t quite ready to take back yet. It sat against Seb’s chest, above his heart like it belonged there and Blaine supposed it did. He originally thought the time away from it might make him miss his mother more, but it only made him feel better that she was able to help protect his person. He reached out and laid his palm over the charm and let his fingers curl against Seb’s chest, the positive energy apparent and thrumming in his palm. He smiled.
Seb had fallen asleep in Blaine’s arms, safe and secure and curled into Blaine like he was the most important person, but now he was sprawled out on his back, the glow of the moon splashed through the curtains and gave Blaine a full view of Seb and his long legs tangled up in sheets, one of them hooked over the sheets to display his winter pale skin. Blaine wanted to reach out and run his fingers up his thigh, but thought better of it. Sebastian had a busy day tomorrow, had to be up early for work and Blaine shouldn’t interrupt that, no matter how enticing his exposed flesh was. And even though Morpheus surely had him tucked away in dreamland, Seb still managed to  keep in contact with Blaine- Seb’s arm was still reaching towards him, his fingertips gently pressed into Blaine’s hip. He looked beautiful and so perfect and imperfect at the same time it made Blaine’s head spin with desire. 
He let his eyes roam, sweeping over Seb’s hips, just barely hidden by the sheets, and up his torso speckled with freckles, Blaine’s very favorite constellation, until he finally landed on his boyfriends sleeping face. Seb’s lips were slightly parted, his breath coming in deep and slow between his front teeth and if Blaine listened closely he could just hear the start of a gentle snore. He was completely out of it, so much so that his boyfriends head was lulled slightly to the side so that Blaine had a good look at the little double chin Seb had but rarely let people see. That would involve smiling and openly laughing and so few got to see him that way and Blaine knew his privilege. 
Against his better judgement Blaine leaned forward and pressed his hand to Seb’s jaw, his thumb brushing over his adorable little chin affectionately. He smiled to himself, a full smile in the dark as his knuckles brushed over bits of Seb’s skin as he slowly let his hand fall away. He sat back against his pillow and let his fingers toy gently with Seb’s absently as he tried to relax. After a few minutes it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep. Normally sex made him sleepy and lovey, but while he was still very much lovey, his body felt just keyed up and antsy, like something was scratching at his flesh and begging to get out. Everything he did seemed to amplify it and now he couldn’t calm down. It was like he was being beckoned. It was the magic, he knew, but this felt like a pull. Ever since his trial and the muzzle they’d forced on him for so many months he frequently woke up in the middle of the night, or would get buzzy in the middle of his early shifts at the Snowed In, and if he didn’t do something about it it felt like his bones might come right out of his skin. Tonight it felt worse than normal. He supposed he’d have to get up and go let out his energy.
He sighed and quietly sat up, sad that he’d have to leave his sleeping lover, wishing he could transport him to their magical beach cottage without waking him. He could, of course, if he wanted to, but sometimes magic travel made Seb sick, plus Seb really did have to get up early. 5:30 wasn’t too far away now. He should just leave him be. He leaned over, his lips close to Seb’s ear. He pressed a kiss there first, and then wrapped his boyfriend into his arms, pulling him close and turning him towards him so he could whisper to him.
“I’m gonna go to the cottage for a bit, baby.” Seb responded by stretching, and reaching and slurring his permission and while doing so pulled Blaine closer to him so that he couldn’t really leave without untangling himself. He chuckled and leaned down to press a kiss to his lips before whispering again. “You gotta let go. Promise I’ll be back before you wake up for work, yeah? Love you.” Seb sighed but it wasn’t  the grumpy sort, it was more dreamy as he nodded and mumbled his very soft- love you back, B. He was back to sleep before Blaine even managed to get out of the bed. 
He quickly dressed for comfort, pulling the sleeves to his long sleeved red t-shirt down over the permanent magical scars that ringed his wrists like bangles, the one am morning was cool for Spring and he welcomed an excuse to not have to glamour them away. That sort of magic always kind of drained him and upset him. They were painful reminders of what he’d been through and what he and also Seb had lost, but they also showed him that he would be okay, that he got to keep Seb by his side and that he would get to grow old with his soulmate. The double edge wasn’t lost on Blaine. He shoved his phone into the pocket of his sweats, gave Ras a gentle pat from where he was sleeping at the foot of the huge bed, and nodded at Freya from the spot in the window to follow. He felt the tingle of magic, and gave Sebastian one last look as he popped himself out of the apartment and into the cottage. He raised his hands and all of his candles lit themselves and even that bit of magic felt so damn good. He set to work making himself tea while he contemplated what he might do to feel his energy. As he sipped his tea, ginger for focus, he thought about something Tony had mentioned to him a couple of weeks ago about how there was a shortage of Sleeping Draughts among the hunters in the Order. She had told him they just couldn’t keep enough in stock. He may have been exiled from his community but no one could stop him from helping his friends. Perhaps he could assist in that, at least he could make a few batches for Tony and Hunter and maybe he could put together a few protection kits for the two of them to take on one of their long trips. It always worked better when it was personal and Blaine cared a great deal for both of them. Of course he couldn’t tell Hunter that, he’d never shut up about it.
Blaine busied himself, his fingers working fast and his magic flowing freely around the whole place, ingredients fell into place around him and he hummed to himself as he worked. The whole house glowed with his magic, lightly up the little patch of land that was hidden by his and his fathers magic. His bones sang with the release and it wasn’t until Freya sat herself right in front him that he realized she had been trying to get his attention for hours. LIttle rows of amber bottles sat in front of him, he’d outdone himself with the draughts and protection kits. Still, he was a little annoyed at his familiar for getting in the way, she knew how much he needed this and she rarely interrupted. She usually just helped by bringing him things when he had too much stuff in the air.
“What is it, Freya?” He tried to keep the grumpiness out of his voice, but the edge was still there. She glared at him, her big silver eyes narrowing and he put his hands out in front of him as id to ward her off. “Sorry, sorry, I was in the zone, Frey. Let's try that again. What do you need?” She spoke to him in a voice that went directly into his head- follow me. Confused and not wanting to walk away from his task Blaine sighed and followed her as he led him out onto the patio of the little cottage. They hadn’t really had much time to decorate the porch in the last few weeks since they’d come out to set it up. Seb was incredibly busy and Blaine had been working so much at the café that he only came out here to practice his magic. It was clear now that it had been a mistake not to come out and check the front yard…
The little wooden crate Blaine had placed on the porch when they decorated a few weeks ago was now busted open. There was still a bit of salt water resting at the bottom and the faint scent of salt still lingered in the air. Freya placed a paw on the steps that lead out into the sandy front yard and then into the ocean and Blaine noted that there was a fresh trail of salt water leading out into the ocean. Whatever was in the crate had within the last few hours let itself out. Perhaps that’s why Blaine had been so keen on coming here and doing magic tonight, he’d been compelled by whatever magical creature was out there waiting for him now. There must have been a miscommunication and his father had failed to have Hunter let him know that he might have a new pet… That was unlike Will Anderson to do. He’d have to find a way to get in touch with him without the Council knowing which would probably be impossible so he’d have to contact Hunter. That ought to be fun. He glanced at Freya and sighed before making his way down to the water's edge, eyes widening as he was greeted by two big, almost puppy or catlike black eyes. 
“Oh, Gods…”
He made it through the day pretending everything was normal. Went to work, ate lunch, worked out a little. Came home and made dinner and afterwards teased Seb with kisses and soft touches and laughed with him about random things they’d done over the day. Blaine told him about all the sleeping draughts and protection kits he’d made Hunter and Tony and everything seemed perfectly normal. But, finally Blaine needed to admit that it wasn’t really. And it was later than he’d have liked when he finally worked up the nerve to ask Seb to come to the cottage with him. 
“So, I know it’s late and that you’ve been up forever, but tomorrow's Saturday and you won’t have to go into the office until later and I can always give you an energy draught if you need it… And I was kinda hoping and wondering if you’d come to the cottage with me? There’s something, uh, important that I need to show you and I needed you in a good mood to see it.” He grinned up at Seb, knowing it felt a little forced. “I mean, everything’s fine, nothing’s happened or anything, it's just kind of… big? Or at least it will be...Uh, I mean, yeah, what do you say? I’ll make it up to you tonight when we get home. I promise.”
Sebastian’s POV:
Sebastian always slept hard. He would be embarrassed if he saw himself sprawled out with his lips parted, if he heard his own snoring. Seb had a bad habit of kissing Blaine with sleep on his lips, with his eyes barely opened. His “I love you’s” were always slurred and his head always hit the pillow hard after. Blaine was very sweet about it, would giggle and playfully roll his eyes, not that Seb noticed as sleep swept him back into his dreams. Sometimes B would mention it later in the day, how cute he looked asleep and how silly and whiney he sounded. It took a lot for him to get embarrassed but he always scrunched up his nose and groaned as B would playfully poke him and pull him into kisses. 
It was no surprise that once again, Sebastian had barely registered the goodbye and left a sloppy kiss on his boyfriend’s lips, his arms reaching for him, sleepily trying to pull him back into bed before he fell back into the pillows. When the sun crept into the bedroom and he slowly woke, his arm’s empty he knew that B was at the cottage. Seb could hardly remember their parting but this was commonplace now. Blaine would often go at random times of day and night that were meant for certain practices and preparation and Sebastian had grown used to it. Sometimes his boyfriend would just feel a certain pull and he had to go. This all came with dating a Witch, that was a sentence he’d never imagined thinking. 
Seb spent his morning doing his usual routine. He filled Enjolras’ food dish and gave Freya a new moon blessed water (Though she wasn’t around currently.) in her tiny silver bowl, he drank three cups of coffee with two pieces of peanut butter toast and took his pup for their run. The day passed, he worked and Blaine came home. Blaine had made an awesome dinner and the two of them found themselves kissing and joking around on the couch. Sebastian loved this part of the evening, it was simple but sweet and he felt close to Blaine. He liked hearing about the things the other man did in his safe space and B always listened intently about the cases Seb was researching or what Ras did on their run. 
He tangled his fingers with the other man’s as he spoke. Seb watched his face and noticed that his smile seemed a little forced and possibly slightly worried. He shrugged, “I don’t mind going to the cottage. Are you sure everything’s okay? I won’t need a draught tomorrow but I'll need  a nausea one tonight. I know it has been forever but I’m still getting used to this magical traveling shit. Are you sure everything is okay?”
Blaine’s POV:
Blaine almost hated to interrupt their evening, everything about the quiet time between dinner and bedtime was always so perfect. So domestic that he wondered if Seb ever felt baffled at how easily it came to them. It made him feel good knowing that Sebastian had gone from rarely letting people sleep in his bed for more than a few minutes to giggling about Ras trying to lick a very surprised baby bunny into playtime. Blaine loved every minute of it, and how normal it was. If he squinted they had normal couple problems, except instead of someone bringing a new puppy home, they’d acquired a whole fucking sea monster. He laughed, trying to brush it off.
“Everything’s fine, yeah, just well, I think we may have a new pet? You’ll have to see him to really get a feel for him though.” He gave one of his best smiles and pulled his boyfriend into a standing position before going into the kitchen and getting the little glass amber vial of anti-nausea potion catered specifically for Sebastian’s body weight and height and made sure to grab Ras’ personal potion as well. The pup still hadn’t gotten the hang of magic travel but he absolutely loved going to the cottage. He’d already talked to Freya and she was to keep the pup content while Blaine introduced Seb to their new friend.
 “If you change your mind about the energy draught tomorrow there’s one up there with the rest of your little collection, it’s labeled. Make sure you only drink one or your boss will be wondering why you’re actually trying to climb the walls.” He watched as Seb tipped the contents into his mouth before leaning down and showing Ras’ vial to him, the dog knew instantly what it meant and jumped up to give Blaine a wet kiss before opening his mouth expectantly. He really loved the little private beach where he was the only dog for miles that got to chase all the seagulls. He drank it happily and without prompt moved into position between Blaine and Seb’s bodies. 
Blaine wrapped one arm around his boyfriend, pulling him so close as if he might lose him and knowing he wouldn’t, his free hand stroking Ras’ golden head gently before pressing into his scruff to keep him close while they traveled. Blaine closed his eyes and focused on getting all three of them to the cottage. A snap and sharp whiff of ozone and Blaine’s feet were on sandy ground. Ras was already running off to join Freya at the tip of their peninsula. Blaine wrapped his other arm around Seb to steady him and then stole himself a kiss before letting go. 
“I’ve got you. Come, follow me.” He smiled and then linked their fingers so he could guide Sebastian to where they needed to be at the shore which was far enough away that Ras wouldn’t really notice and close enough to the cottage that if Seb got nervous all he had to do was take about fifteen steps and he’d be safely behind the walls. He led Seb to the shoreline and looked up at him before hesitantly letting go of his hand and kneeling down at the gently lapping waves. The water was just deep enough. Blaine thought to himself that they’d need to make a little dock as the thing grew and could no longer safely come this far up to land. He pressed his hand into the cool saltwater and wiggled his fingers, letting the creature know he was a friend and also a Witch so he was safe. Within seconds the water was rippling and a slick oil spill of a creature was emerging  from the ocean to press it’s whiskered, snakelike head into Blaine’s palm, nuzzling him like a cat. He was beautiful, his skin painted in swirls of greens and blues and inky back with a dusting of soft gold, his eyes huge and intelligent and so curious. He looked radiant against the slowly setting sun, his row of back fins expanding and closing to show happiness. 
“Hey there, buddy.” he took a deep breath, a little overwhelmed from the magnificence of it all. It wasn’t every day you got to meet a creature like this- even if you were a Witch. Plus he got to share it with Seb? He thanked his gods that he’d protected this sacred place a thousand times over, gods knew what the Council or Order would do if they knew what his dad had given them. “Gods you’re even more stunning by the light of day…” He mumbled to himself before he slowly turned his head to look back at a wide eyed Sebastian.
“It’s a sea serpent. You remember that box that rattled last month? He was that tiny then, and now well, he’s almost as big as Ras… But look how friendly he is!” He grinned and rubbed the spot just under his chin. The creatures mane and whispers flittering with joy from the touch.
“There’s lots of sea serpent or sea dragon, uh well...mythology,” He used air quotes with his free hand to emphasize that it was very much not myth and in fact all true. Humans just needed to make themselves feel better when his world messed up and let something slip into their line of vision. Witches and hunter’s worked overtime to keep things under wraps though.  “Mostly they symbolize protection. The most famous would be the Norse Jörmungandr, but let's hope that he doesn’t get that big… that would be disastrous.” Blaine hesitated and let that thought sink in, hopefully this little guy was just a cousin. Even still Freya was looking at him from the end of the beach as he played with Ras like he was nothing but  trouble and Blaine wondered if she had ever encountered the original during her time as a warrior Witch all those years ago. Either way, he was adorable and friendly and looked at Sebastian and Blaine like they were his new parents. “Some even consider the Loch Ness Monster a fresh water sea serpent and yes, she’s one of ours, someone got into big trouble the day Nessie was spotted.”
“You’ll hear the word monster thrown around a lot when it comes to these guys as not many of them exist anymore, and some kinds are monsters, but mostly they really just want to keep you safe. I don’t know fucking know how it slipped my dad's mind, but he seems to have forgotten to mention that he acquired one for us to help keep us safe when we’re out here but yeah, he forgot and I can’t get in touch him safely right now. I’m gonna have to contact Hunter soon. And I say us because well, we’re a packaged deal and just look at how he’s looking at you.” He smiled as he watched the slick sea creature move on from Blaine and slithered up onto the sand the best he could using his wing like fins to get closer and to  try and nuzzle up to a nervous Sebastian, his little (for now) head nuzzling at leg.
“You can pet him, Seb, it’s safe. I mean, I get it if you’re afraid to, but he seems very taken with you, I think we have a new child. I uh, well, I’m sorry? I know this is a lot, but we won’t have to provide much for him, just love and company. I mean the whole Atlantic is his home, but he’ll more than likely stay right near here and I’m hoping that means he doesn’t grow to legendary size…” He reached for Seb’s hand.
“You wanna try to pet him?”
Sebastian’s POV:
Seb followed Blaine to the shore behind the cottage. Their fingers linked as he got his land legs back, Ras already playing on the beach. He watched as the dog played in the sand but was suddenly distracted when he felt his boyfriend’s fingers fall away from his. Sebastian watched as Blaine gave him a look he could only describe as nervous before he crouched down to the water and dipped his hand in. He wasn’t sure what to expect, he never really knew what to expect when Blaine had a surprise or something to show him. Seb’s mind couldn’t even come up with an idea of what could possibly happen, why Blaine was swirling his fingers around the murky water as if he were playing one of his beloved instruments. 
He definitely didn’t expect for the water to ripple and surge, for shiny black fins to poke out from the surf. Sebastian subconsciously took a step back, his fight or flight instinctively kicked in and he wasn’t sure what exactly he was looking at, why B was still crouched and comfortable on the shore. The thing looked like the baby of Godzilla and an Axolotl. The thing nuzzled it’s face into the other man’s hands, his long catfish-like whiskers seemed to trill with a satisfied sound that was almost a purr. Obviously the creature wasn’t dangerous and the more he looked at it the cuter it got. 
“, this thing is...related to Nessie? And Nessie is real? Of course she is.”
Sebastian felt stupid that that was all he could think to say. It always took his logical brain a second to catch up with the magical world he was now head over heels deep in. 
Blaine was right. They were both in this together and this thing was somehow meant to protect them. He took a deep breath and crouched down next to the other man. His stomach was still a jumble of nerves but the...sea guy was looking at him with giant cat-like eyes and seemed to almost be smiling. Sebastian tentatively reached his palm out and let the sea serpent sniff his fingers before he pressed his soft, slimy head in his hand. He had never held or touched a frog in his life but he imagined that this was probably what they felt like. Sebastian only flinched a little bit and was proud of himself for not screaming or falling backwards. 
“But, it’s not a monster, right? How big could it get, hypothetically speaking? What exactly does ‘legendary size’ mean?”
Blaine’s POV:
“I think so, but Nessie is a different type, she’s also freshwater and there’s a difference there too, but yes, I think he’s most certainly a cousin of hers. Nessie is also much smaller than her Norse cousin. I truly hope this guy is even smaller than Nessie. I don’t know though, the ocean is huge, but I suppose if he’s going to hang around here he may not grow as big since he’s not out in the open ocean as much.” Blaine smiled as he watched his mostly athiest, logical, suit wearing, lawyer boyfriend reach out and pet a very real creature of myth. The sight was so strange yet at the same time, heartwarming for Blaine. He noted that Seb hardly seemed fazed except for a very slight flinch which, of course, Blaine couldn’t blame him. He moved in closer, his fingers stroking very gently up and down Seb’s arm to comfort him, his free hand giving the sea serpent  a little scratch under the chin, eliciting little trills and coos that made Blaine feel happy.
“Oh yes, she sure is. Almost every cryptid-like sighting you’ve heard about is probably real. People just tend to get the details wrong and some label them monsters because they don’t understand them in the brief time they get so see them. Humans see something and just run with it so often that they never get the full picture. Nessie was dubbed a “monster” because she was big and unknown. I’m not going to say that all sea serpents are the nicest in the world though, but this one most certainly is. He’ll protect us when we’re here. If you ever want me to bring you here so you can work by the waves or even just to be at the beach on your own then this little dude will make sure no hunters or other Witches will come near you. How he plans on doing that might be less than nice, but that’s what it means to protect.”
Blaine hesitated as he thought over what he knew about the legendary old sea serpent. “You’re not gonna like it…” He laughed a bit, looking up at Seb through his lashes. “Jörmungandr was known as the World Serpent.” He raised his eyebrows and gave Seb a pointed look. “Meaning he was big enough to wrap himself around the whole of Midgard or Earth as you know it. He was almost 25,000 miles long. But, don’t worry, I highly doubt this one gets that big, he looks quite a bit different from the books I’ve read. Plus I don’t think my father would give us something that got so out of control big. That’s not to say he won’t get big though. I mean, you saw the little crate he was in when we were unpacking… Now he’s as big as Ras. So, just be prepared for this little thing to get much bigger, and don’t be alarmed.” He was still a bit baffled that his father had forgotten to mention a whole creature, or maybe he did and Hunter forgot to pass the message on. Either way he’d have to wait to find out.
“We can think of him as kind of like a familiar for the both of us now. He’s not really a true familiar because he was never a Witch or anything, but he’s our protector. He won’t follow us around like Freya does, but he’ll be a constant here. That also means we’ve got to come visit him as often as possible that way he knows we care about him. Think we can do that? Or is this just way too much?” Blaine bit his lip all at once worried that he was giving Sebastian too much to digest. What could he do about it now? His thoughts were interrupted as Ras bounded over, somehow getting the jump on Freya, and gave the sea serpent the biggest lick on the face. Blaine tensed but the serpent just nuzzled his head into Ras and made that little happy noise in the back of his throat. He wasn’t really speaking into Blaine’s head yet, and Blaine wondered if it was because he was so young. The serpent tried to nuzzle Freya but she put her paw up and actually pushed him away. She was not ready to invite yet another family member into her life yet, it seemed.
“Gods, you’re a grump, Freya.” He laughed and watched as Ras darted into the sand and rolled onto his back, taunting Freya to come play with him. She obliged because of course she did, she loved Ras the most. “I guess we’ve got Ras’ approval, and pretty soon we’ll have Freya’s, I’m sure of it.” He reached for Seb’s free hand and linked their fingers again, all while still petting the serpent. 
“Since he’s kinda got to stick around, I think it’s only fair that we name him. I mean, the bond really starts once they accept a name that we’ve given them. Wanna give it a shot? Anything that pops into your head, he’ll tell us if he doesn't like it.”
Sebastian’s POV:
“Curiouser and curiouser,” Sebastian stroked the beast a few more times before he instinctively wiped his palm on his pant leg. “Remind me to bring hand sanitizer next time.”
He was good at taking in large amounts of information at one time, used to jotting down notes as his boss filled him in on cases and speed reading documents. But, as always, Blaine’s info dumps made his mind feel a little dizzy. It was always so illogically logical that it made him short circuit and fail to find anything educated to say. 
‘“I’ll always be mystified, won’t I?” Seb paused and watched the sea serpent’s tail swirl around in the foamy water. “How did anybody survive a creature the size of the earth?.” The creature’s scales were glowing blue and gold from the reflected light of the sunset. “I can read law books and listen to gruesome stories at work all day long but this stuff always confounds me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to learn and I’m here for the ride. But, is it just me or do all humans struggle, since you know, we choose to ignore the magic around us.” He wondered what his mother would think of this situation, how his Cousin Luke would love to pet it, how Hunter has known about this stuff since the day he was born. “Well...most pets do grow bigger. Usually not the circumference of the globe but, you know, not for lack of trying. You’ve seen how Ras eats.” Sebastian smiled and nudged his boyfriend in the shoulder with his arm. 
He knew Ras would catch on quickly because the dog had never met anything he didn’t like. Frey’s reaction was hilarious and the two of them laughed. It seemed like the serpent didn’t notice the cat’s disapproval as he still hummed and looked up at them with his big, onyx eyes.
“You want me to name him? That’s a lot of pressure.” Sebastian looked over their nameless protector and gave him another pat on the head. “What should I name you?” He liked names from books or movies but wasn’t sure of any of those would fit. Seb chewed on his bottom lip, eyebrows knitted together in deep thought. Sea, ocean, books about the ocean. Moby Dick? No way, everyone knew that that shit was boring ( no matter what pretty guys with thick glasses in cafes insisted over stale cups of coffee.) Movies about the sea? He loved The Little Mermaid when he was 4. Sebastian tried to run through the characters' names in his head. Wasn’t there some eels that hung around with Ursula? They were sort of like her protectors, right (not that she needed it)? 
Blaine’s POV:
“Such a Virgo.” Blaine rolled his eyes playful and reached out for said hand. “You know I can always clean your hands for you, but if sanitizer helps keep everything more normal for you then we can get you as much as you want and keep it in the cottage.” He smiled fondly at Sebastian as he spoke, a little in awe that his man was able to keep everything in his head and not go a little crazy over all of it. “You might be, but I promise to be here whenever it gets too overwhelming. We’ve been through so much already and you’ve dealt with worse. I mean, you survived my trial and not knowing what was going to happen to me or even to you. I think you’re doing an incredible job with everything.” And Blaine meant it. Sebastian was doing better than he ever thought he would.
“Uh, well, that was a long time ago and Thor defeated him and it was all very tragic and it’s nothing you need to worry about it, okay?” Blaine wondered if Seb really would want to learn about the old stories he was told as a child. About all the gods and goddesses in the world and their journeys. Probably not, but the fact that he was willing to learn was important to Blaine. He thought about how humans treated the unknown and worried his bottom lip.
“Humans have the tendency to either overdo everything and they come up with crazy conspiracies, or they try to hunt what they don’t understand or they brush it off and tell you it was a manatee or a giant bear or something to that nature. Most humans don’t have the privilege to know the truth, and the ones that do have a job to do to keep these sacred things protected. Not many are at the level you are, you who gets to know whatever he wants because of me. And we had to fight for that and almost lost. Had to give up a great deal just to get it. Even still, you have to rely on me to tell you what’s real and what’s actually myth or else you’d come up with it in your head on your own. Humans just see what they see and what they see is what they make it. Does that make any sense?” 
He laughed, “Ras just thinks he’s the size of the world, he’d probably eat it if he thought he could do it without hurting anyone.” Blaine laughed and nudged Seb back, “and Freya thinks she’s the ruler of said world. Who are we to tell them they’re wrong. I mean, Freya is thousands of years old and if you think my life has been crazy… She has some wild stories about her time as a Scandinavian warrior Witch of old. She doesn’t often share, but maybe one day I’ll share a few with you.”
“I think you can do it.” He watched as his boyfriend addressed the creature and then as Seb’s face settled into one of thought, his perfect nose scrunching up a bit and his teeth  worrying his bottom lip in concentration. His heart did a little flip when he spoke to him and then when he gave him a name. A smile broke out onto his face when the newly dubbed Flotsam nuzzled his head into Seb’s hip so hard his boyfriend almost lost his balance and his snakelike tongue slithered out as if to say thanks. To Blaine he actually looked up at him and said, plain as day, into his head, in a small not yet matured voice that sounded a bit like the trill of happiness he’d heard earlier. ‘Thanks, I’ll take it. You’re safe now, have a good evening.’ and then nuzzled them both one last time and then promptly turned and swished back out into the ocean. Blaine knew the bond had been formed.
“He accepted it! And might I say that’s an adorable name, baby. I approve too. I used to watch that movie over and over again when I was a kid.” He grinned up at Seb and pulled him into his arms so that he could give him a few giggling kisses. “We’ve made a bond and now we can come see him whenever we like. We can feed him and give him trinkets and all sorts of stuff and in exchange he’ll make sure we’re safe.” He stood there with Seb, the sun almost completely gone into the sea now leaving them with just a moonglow and the permanent magical candle glow from the cottage. Freya and Ras were now curled up and cozy on the little wooden porch, tired from their games earlier. Blaine felt a new happiness settle into his belly. He may have lost his world, but somehow he was rebuilding it right back and Seb got to be a big part of it now. It was more than he could have hoped for.
“I’m proud of you.”
Sebastian’s POV:
“You can hear him now? Awesome.” Sebastian, usually graceful, fell back into the sand from the unexpectedly powerful nudge. He barely had his bearings when Flotsam nuzzled his shin one last time and swam back into the deep. Sebastian wondered how he spent his time under the water and how far he traveled when they weren’t on the beach in need of protecting. The little (sort of big) guy was pretty cute and Seb had a soft spot for animals (Wait, was this thing an animal?) and he could get used to seeing him in the surf. 
“I’m glad. I don’t think I could come up with another name right now” He stood up and wiped the splashes of ocean water and sand from himself.. The beach looked peaceful, the waves gently lapped at the shore and the light from the cottage fell on the ground in a way that made the sand sparkle like old gold. Their pets were tuckered out and snoring softly and the whole scene looked like something from a dumb Nicholas Sparks movie; that special east coast splash of weathered beach that was romantic in it’s simplicity. “We’ll have to bring him something nice the next time we come out. Hm, what cologne do sea monster’s like?” Sebastian laughed and smiled into Blaine’s kisses and wrapped his arms around his waist. 
“What do you think about staying here tonight? I’m pretty beat and you can get me back in time for work, give me some magical extra caffeinated coffee. Plus, look at Ras and Freya. They obviously want to stay, too.”
B agreed and the two of them walked hand in hand towards the tiny house. Sebastian looked over his shoulder one last time at the dark, moonlit sea wondering where their new friend was.
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aeriine · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you suppose that the sight of your own bedroom ceiling shouldn't surprise you all that much, especially since you've woken up to it more times than you can count, but your current predicament leaves you wondering just how? and why? there's a throbbing pain in your head, and your skin feels hot; too hot. you make a move to turn over to your side to at least look at the time or reach for your phone, but the very attempt of doing so makes you feel like your limbs are weighed down by... you don't know, grim after kalim has finished feeding him at one of his parties again.
but you're stubborn – incredibly so – and you make another attempt to sit up. however, a sharp voice cuts through the room before you succeed.
"don't you dare sit up from that bed."
your head whips around to see the man sitting by your bed (how had you not seen him there before?), arms crossed over his chest and a frown upon his beautiful face. even on his day off (or at least, you hope it's his day off. god knows how guilty you'd be if he skipped a day in his busy schedule just to take care of you, as much as your heart would flutter at the thought of him caring for you so much), vil schoenheit is the epitome of perfection. his hair of blonde lightly dipped in lavender is tied up in a neat bun, some strands tucked behind his hair loosely to frame that face you thank the gods for blessing you with the opportunity to wake up to every day... except this one.
"vil...?" you try before suddenly startling yourself. since when was your voice so hoarse? the odd sting of your throat suddenly begins to make itself known to you, making you burst into a fit of coughs, "ow–"
"mhm," vil only makes a noise of discontent, narrowing his eyes at you. but despite the unimpressed look on his face, he still hands you a glass of water, only saying, "drink up before talking."
"t-thank you," you manage through a cough, gulping the contents of the glass slowly. when you finish, vil takes the glass and sets  it down on the bedside table, before glaring at you like a mother scolding her child silently. desperate to avoid that look in his eyes, you avert your gaze and whistle casually, before you suddenly catch sight of the stack of books and papers still sitting on your desk. 
oh. oh no. 
you scramble to your feet despite the screaming protests of your entire body just as vil opens his mouth to break the silence;
"you're in very big trouble, pota– what in queen's name do you think you're doing?" he screeches when you suddenly stumble over your own feet, nearly falling over if were not for vil jumping up to catch you, an arm around your waist stopping your fall. but even then, you struggle;
"my work–"
"no. absolutely not," he insists, using the arm wrapped around your waist to lift you up. you yelp, flailing around helplessly, "vil!"
"stop struggling, potato," he hisses, setting you down on your bed. when you make a move to get up again, he huffs and plops down next to you, pulling you onto his lap.
"why do you think you're lying on this bed right now?" he questions you suddenly. you stop struggling on his lap to glance at him over your shoulder, puzzled, "because–"
he doesn't even wait for your answer before continuing, "can you even remember, in clear detail, what happened before you passed out?"
passed out? vil raises a brow, waiting for your response as you sputter.
"n-no, of course not, but that's because i just woke up–" you try, but vil shakes his head. a sigh passes through his lips as he pinches the bridge of his nose, brows furrowed.
"no. you woke up after passing out. because of how much you have been overworking yourself these past few days, might i emphasise."
"i haven't been overworking myself," you protest. lilac eyes narrow into a glare directed at you, and that's all it takes for you to quieten down.
"rook tells me that you've been sitting at your desk all weekend, only taking five minute breaks to go to the bathroom, and even those were rare. you've been living off of this disgusting mixture of caffeine and energy drinks – what have i said about having balanced meals? and getting enough sleep? i expected better from you, y/n," he scolds, fingers carding through your hair to undo the knots that had gathered in your sleep. at his words, you curl into yourself.
"but that's because–"
that frown tugs on his lips again, but for a different reason entirely. vil sighs, fingers clasping your chin to make you look up at him, "that's enough. i know very well why you're working so hard, but this has to stop. you have limits, dear," he says softly, catching a tear on his index finger as you sniffle. vil shakes his head, gathering you into his arms and against his chest, still chiding you gently, "i thought you weren't foolish enough to disregard them like this..."
you fall silent. he's right, of course he is. vil would know better than anyone what it is like to lose oneself in their work. he had even told you about some times where his manager forced him to take a break because of how hard he was pushing himself for his career.
("i'm telling you this so that you may learn from my mistakes," he had told you once, so stern and serious; but even then you had heard that underlying concern and fondness in his tone, "you are a magicless student in a prestigious academy for the very thing you lack. i know that you are more than capable of proving yourself worthy of walking through the halls of night raven, but you cannot even imagine the things pressure can do to you, especially if it is you who places that pressure upon yourself.”)
oh, how those words bite back at you now. vil is a celebrity, juggling his career alongside his education, and there are times when his schedule is so full that you rarely see each other, but he always knows. that attention reserved solely for you is not something he flaunts like a golden trophy, but you know it’s there; evident in the care packages he'd sometimes send you when he's filming away from campus, or the messages sent at the exact right time just to remind you to eat your meals and hydrate yourself, do your skincare routine, go to bed, et cetera, et cetera. vil cares for you, and the reason that he couldn't extend a hand in the time you needed it most was because you didn't allow it. and you're sure that vil is furious, even hurt, by how you purposely locked yourself in your room to work, your phone turned off to keep yourself from being distracted by any messages or notifications. hells, you even made sure to lock the windows and close the blinds so that rook wouldn't sneak in without you knowing somehow.
but it was clear that vil had heard what had happened, because when you glance at the calendar (it had been the only thing you ever touched besides your workload and the cup of energy drinks/coffee, if only to remind you of the deadlines looming over your poor, poor soul) you realise that it is, in fact, not your boyfriend's day off. the date indicated that he was back in nrc two days earlier than he should have been, the reason being quite obvious. but instead of that heart-fluttering sensation you would normally feel when vil shows his love for you in his own little ways, you can only feel guilt.
"tsk, tsk," vil clicks his tongue, clearly not having any of your moping around. he wipes the rest of the tears still gathered at the corner of your eyes gently, saying, "stop thinking so hard. you deserve a break from that."
"...i'm sorry," you murmur. there's quiet for a moment, broken by vil's sigh again.
"we'll talk after you've gotten enough rest, food and water in your system," as he says this, he moves you from his lap to the bed, standing up to prepare your meal. you hadn't even noticed the tray on the table, but it was clear that vil had been the one to bring it in. the room was also relatively cleaner, with a garbage bag near the door with what you can probably guess is filled with all the energy drink cans and ramen cup noodles that had accumulated in your room during the course of your study. the windows and curtains were open as well, letting the fresh air and sunlight in.
"v-vil," you call out to him. he hums in acknowledgement, but otherwise doesn't look up from where he's reheating the soup with his magic pen.
"what is it?"
"i'm sorry for cutting your filming short–"
vil suddenly chuckles, turning to glance at you over his shoulder. his eyes are crinkled in amusement as he approaches, a bowl of warm soup at hand, "did you really think i cut my filming short, potato? i'm quite fond of you, yes, but i just got home early because we already finished filming all my scenes ."
"but didn't you say that you had to go model that commercial if your filming ended early–"
"though," vil clears his throat loudly, giving you a pointed look as he sits back down on the chair by your bed, "i will admit that i was... worried as well. you're a troublesome potato, you know?"
"mhm," you laugh as he pokes your forehead, "i'm yours though."
"sweet words will not get you out of taking your medicine," vil tells you blankly. you make a face.
"don't give me that look," he chides, "you brought it upon yourself."
you grumble. vil narrows his eyes at you, making you sink further against the headboard, "yes, sir."
he shakes his head, sighing at you, "but... i suppose you should eat a decent meal first after all. here, i made something for you. scarabia's vice helped as well."
"you asked jamil for help?" you tilt your head, surprised. vil nods, setting down the soup on the bedside table so he can reach over to drape a napkin over your lap, "i happened to meet him on my way to get ingredients from the main school building. unsurprisingly, he has a lot of experience making soups to cure colds and the like."
"ah, right. that makes sense," you muse, thinking about kalim. jamil did help take care of him growing up, so it really isn't a surprise to know how much experience he has in the field.
"that's enough chatter. open up," you jump when you notice vil holding up a spoonful of soup near your face, palm cupped underneath it in case anything spills. he raises a brow upon noticing your hesitation, "well?"
he frowns, "did i stutter? open your mouth, potato."
"do..." you cough awkwardly, "do you really need to feed me though?"
"do you think i trust you to hold a spoon on your own in that state? absolutely not," vil shoots back, scoffing, "i'm feeding you, and that's final."
"that's a bit of an exaggeration though..." you trail off as vil narrows his eyes at you, "what was that, potato?"
"mhm, that's what i thought," vil nods, satisfied. slowly, he begins feeding you spoonfuls of soup. you hum as you taste the herbs, the temperature warming your stomach and clearing your throat, "this tastes good."
vil smiles proudly, "thank you. i'm glad that it is to your liking."
as you finish the last spoonful, you can't help but tell him something that's been lingering on your mind.
"yes, my dear?"
"why does this taste like my favourite food?"
the silence stretches on awkwardly, filled only by the clinking of utensils as vil begins to clean up. he doesn't meet your eye even as he dabs the napkin around your mouth to clean it. you tilt your head, a smile growing upon your lips at his silence.
"vil~," you drawl, fighting the urge to laugh, "did you somehow charm this soup into tasting like something i like?"
he's silent for a minute, then two, before he turns to glare at you, "don't get it into your head. i just wanted you to finish your meal quickly."
you burst into a fit of laughter, heart warming at the  flush of his cheeks and your full, satisfied stomach. vil sputters, "it will be a one-time thing! a one-time thing!"
"ah, really," you giggle, taking his hand in yours when he has finished putting aside the empty bowl, "thank you, vil."
he huffs, "you can thank me after you finish your bath and skincare routine. look at the state of your face! i'll need to adjust your routine to make up for this."
oh dear. you manage to breathe out a little laugh, leaning into his palm as he cups your cheek, scanning your face for any clues on what he should add into your skincare routine. it might be a little more troublesome doing it every night but... you know that your lover only has your best interests at heart.
you smile, soft and warm; "thank you."
he looks at you for a moment, at the fond upwards tug of your lips and the pure love in your eyes, and finally, finally softens. vil shakes his head, brushing your face to kiss your forehead.
"my, i have quite a troublesome potato, don’t i?"
“mhm, you love me though.”
“that i do.”
Tumblr media
a few days later, you find yourself sitting beside vil's bed as he sniffles, a warm cloth set on his forehead.
"you really shouldn't have kissed me then..." you mutter, laughing to yourself while vil gives you a dirty look;  which would be very intimidating if it were not for the fact that he is currently wrapped in a little blanket burrito, looking like a baby swaddled in their blanket.
"well excuse me for showing love and affection for my partner. would you have preferred that i did not kiss you?"
"i never said that!" you exclaim.
vil huffs, "hmph. such a troublesome potato."
"says the one who's sick."
"and whose fault is that!?"
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Summary: Just a trip to the store (Requested)
Universe: Harry Potter
Rating: Mature
Warning{s}: SMUT. Exibiotinism, lingerie showing? Dom!draco, sir kink, size kink.
Tumblr media
"Dear God, is this what I get for falling for a muggle-born?" Draco groaned as his girlfriend dragged him to another store.
Another groan comes from him as he tiredly scratches his neck, however it gets cut off midway as his eyes fall on a certain store.
Victoria Secret
Gulping as his eyes roam around the lingerie, imaging it on her.
"Darling, do you mind if we?" He cocks his head to the side gesturing for her to go inside.
"Men" She playfully scoffed, but went inside with him nonetheless.
Draco eagerly tapped his foot as he sat on the bench, waiting for her to walk out.
"Y/N, how muc–"
His breath caught in his throat as she stood in front of him, a dark forest green lingerie decorating her perfect body. Her breasts more fuller, ass more defined. It was truly the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.
"Do you like it? Sir" She taunted, placing her hands on her hips, batting her eyelashes at him.
"Fuck" He growled as he shot up, before she could utter another word, he had draped her over his shoulder, arm tightly wrapped around her thighs.
He looked around a bit, then entered the small changing room.
She gasped as a harsh slap was placed on her ass,
"How many fucking times have I told you not to call me that in public"
"Sorry sir" She said timidly as he placed her down, he grabbed her waist, jerking her forward and smashing his lips on hers. Taking out his wand he muttered a quick muffliato before pushing her against the wall.
"You're so fucking hot"
His arms held her up tightly as he kissed her exposed neck and shoulders. When her hand went down to take off her panties he slapped the aside.
"Leave them on. I want to fuck like this" He husked as she let out a whimper, he rubbed her clit in circles, getting her ready for his dick.
Quickly unbuckling his belt, she bit her lip as he pushed her panties to the side, rubbing his tip on her slit.
"Please" She begged as he smirked, teasing her entrance some more before slamming his cock inside of her.
She gasped as he filled her up. Draco started to pump into her slowly, starting off steadily. Soon enough his thrusting became faster, as she squirmed in his hands.
"My slut can barely fucking take me, pathetic" He grunted as he fucked.
His gaze was fixed on her body, taking in every detail of her in her lingerie. Fucking her harder.
"Fuck, you're so wet" He grunted as he rocked his hips into hers violently.
She squeezed his shoulders as he hit her g-spot, pounding into her. The noise of skin against skin filling the small room.
"Fuck, f-feels so good"
Her legs beginning to shake as he pounded her pussy. His thrusts were powerful and rough. Chasing his high.
"Little fucking whore. You love to get fucked like this don't you?"
She didn't answer too much bliss running through her veins as he thrusted into her.
"Answer me!" He yelled slapping her thigh harshly.
"Yes! I love it"She cried out as he rubbed her clit,her small body trembling in his hands. Draco's cock sliding in and out of her.
"Cum with me, baby"
Moaning and screaming she reached her climax. Pure pleasure running through her veins as Draco kept snapping his hips, releasing his seed inside of her.
"Maybe falling for you wasn't all that bad"
@drachoesimp @bellatrixscurls @malfoysbiitch @abigailmalfoy @marrymetheonott @trashyvicks @elevatorsdoor @dracomalfoys-wh0re @riddleswh0r3crux @wh0re4blaise @lunar0se10 @methblinds @savagelysarcasticsilence @orignal-wolfie
AN: Forgive me if this sucks. I wrote it in like 15 minutes so...
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sunshyngal · a day ago
Silk and Lace.
Park Jimin x OC
Genre : Romance . Angst .
Rating : 21 +
Warnings : Mature themes, Dom/ Sub undertones, painplay, impact play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, camgirl oc! dom jimin!
Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3   
Chapter 4
 I spent Saturday in a daze because I hadn’t slept the entire night. 
10 million won. 
Hwangjimin95 had spent a whopping 10 million won to send me a DM. 
It was so outrageous that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. The only reason I’d set such a ridiculously high rate to unlock my DMs was because I did not want anyone to unlock my DMs.
 I was supposed to be the next princess. I sure as hell did not want to get caught spreading my legs on camera. And opening DMs or building friendships on that channel would only be a terrible risk. 
My bank account ( a secret one I used only for my sex work ) was 9 and a half million won richer and my heart felt a few hundred pounds heavier. 
There were two very pressing questions here, 
Whomst the fuck was this person?
What the fuck did he want?
My first absolutely paranoid conclusion was that it was a reporter. Some tabloid owner was going to try and blackmail me with this.... some dude who  had recognized my.... vagina? 
Unlikely, seeing as I did not walk around with that part of me on display. 
The other more rational part told me that perhaps it was just .... a viewer being curious. 
Well, I couldn’t deny that I’d always paid the guy extra attention. He just fit in with the kind of dom I would be into, very soft well mannered and with a slightly mean streak as well. Big on after care. It also helped that the way he talked to me always helped me get into my sub headspace really quick.
 And so, of course, he must’ve noticed that I only ever responded to his comments.  So maybe he thought we had a connection and wanted to get closer. 
Perfectly reasonable reaction on his part. 
And now the next thing that bothered me was the money. 
10 million Won wasn’t loose change so either this guy was filthy rich and could throw that kind of money around .....
or he was some psychopathic stalker who likely robbed a bank just to send me a dm. 
Neither of the options were very appealing to me. 
I hadn’t replied. 
He hadn’t pestered me either and that somehow calmed me. 
If he was a weirdo  looking to wear my skin as a dress, surely he must’ve blown up my phone by now? Hell, even a sane guy who spent that kind of money on someone would expect at least a text back....
But HwangJimin95.... ( that made my stomach turn , the fact that his username was Jimin. It confused me and made my heart pound. ) had been patient , having sent just the one message in the span of thirteen hours . 
I had another show tonight and while I knew that it would be better to talk things out with this guy, tell him I wasn’t interested and all that... i couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. The truth was... I liked him. He had been a very early subscriber and he had always been respectful. Had been curious about me. Had offered advice and insight when I complained about something. Almost a friend, you could say. 
And now with him spending so much money, I began to wonder .
Was he perhaps someone from the upper class? A chaebol heir? Because that would explain the perfect grammar, respectful and intelligent conversation and the ease of spending ten million won on a camgirl. 
Did shit like that even happen in real life or had I just watched too many dramas with Yoongi?
I stared at the app, the small notification in the corner letting me know that i hadn’t replied to him. 
I was just considering logging out when another message buzzed in. 
My entire body thrummed in surprise, throat going dry. 
I’m sorry if i over stepped. 
If you’re uncomfortable, I won’t contact you again. 
I stared at the messages , swearing. God, trust him to be reasonable and polite and rich and sexy...who was this guy???!!! 
I you didn’t overstep... 
I just never expected anyone would spend that much money to dm me. its a huge surprise. 
I sent the messages in quick succession before i could chicken out. 
You’re worth it , kitten. 
An entire kaleidoscope of butterflies in my tummy. 
Oh fuck. I fought the ridiculous smile threatening to take over my entire damn face but it was impossible . Shit.. Shit... don’t do it , you whore.... Don’t fucking fall for a guy you don’t fucking know ... he could be a serial killer ...he could be stalker...he could be.....
But it was a little too late. The next messages came in quick and I felt my mouth grow dry.  
You’re probably wondering why I paid for your dms yesterday, after being here for the past nine months. I just wanted to explain. 
You turned off comments last night. 
I felt... terrible.
 Wanted to talk to you after.
 Ask you how you felt and tell you , you did so good... And when i couldn’t ... i just.. felt kind of helpless ? It kind of happens with me when I get too deep in my headspace. 
Its a very foreign feeling for me. I like knowing that the person I’m....involved with is okay.... 
I wanted to talk to you and so I didn’t think twice about paying to get to your dms. 
So, I may have been in a different headspace when I sent you that first dm.
But i don’t regret it. 
Like I said, you’re worth it.  
I felt warmth fill my insides, soft and soothing and my skin chilled a little at the sudden change. I wrapped my arms around my self, feeling jittery and nervous. Guilt churned. I had felt terrible last night as well. Lonely. Empty and kind of ... adrift inside my own head. 
I never let myself go too deep into subspace during my shows. Because I couldn’t afford a drop , with no one to help me out of it. And I hadn’t gone too deep last night either. It had stung a little, the aftereffect of coming so hard and not having anyone with me blurred the lines sometimes. 
And I wondered if perhaps it hadn’t been that easy for him. Maybe he had sunk too much?
I’m sorry. 
Are you alright now?
I’m fine , now kitten. So you’re okay with this right? We could do this? I really like you....
Well, we could talk... and see how it goes from there? I’m not shutting you down but ... let’s just get to know each other a bit ?Before we ... do anything serious ? 
 Of course , kitten. Or should I call you something else?
No.... I like it when you call me that.  And i don’t mind sexting. 
And I’ll be honest, I was a little freaked out when you DM’d me but you seem really nice so I don’t mind talking. 
 I’m glad to hear that . 
But just.... are you single? I know we’re just going to talk but I don’t want to catch feelings or something...if you aren’t available. 
The reply didn’t come. 
I waited for about ten minutes and then felt a painful twinge of regret. Why on earth did i say that? So what if he had a girlfriend, big deal. 
We were just going to talk right? When was the last time I’d had someone to talk to.? 
Someone who didn’t see me as the estranged princess or  the rejected fiancée or the pitiful sister ??
But I knew deep down that it wouldn’t be right, if he was in a relationship. And a guy this polite, this respectful...what were the odds of him being single, huh?
Wondering if he would want me to transfer the money back as soon as possible and if I could actually transfer all the money back in one go, I moved to the table by the bed, reaching for my charger .
The phone buzzed. 
Swallowing, I all but dived for it. 
I’m single.
 I’m all in, kitten. 
He’s lying, a voice said inside my head. I just knew he was lying and for some reason that just made me grin a little. Made me feel more wanted. desired. Maybe I wasn’t as nice a person I thought I was, after all. 
But honestly, i didn’t really care. if he was going to cheat on his partner and i didn’t know about it then that absolved me of all guilt didn’t it? It was his choice. He could deal with the repercussions. I was only going to take what he was offering. 
Then we can talk , daddy. 
I was almost late for my show that night.
Being on time was important because if you don’t show up people get impatient and move on to other channels. That's just how the mind works. 
So i had to scramble a bit to be on time but managed it anyway. 
My phone buzzed just as i finished setting up the shot. 
Do i get a sneak peak for tonight’s show? 
I smiled a little and carefully propped the camera up against the headboard, tugging the neckline of my pure white babydoll down , till my breasts spilled out a little, the dark of my nipples visible. I knelt on the bed, spreading my thighs wide and pulling the hem up just enough to show that I wasn’t wearing any panties inside . I sent him the fic quickly, while moving to the center of the bed to settle down. 
So fucking pretty, kitten.  
You should log in too. Or are you still in the office?
 I’m working on a proposal actually . I’m supposed to be acquiring a bunch of stuff for our...outlets and the vendor just randomly decided to ghost us. 
That sounds stressful.
It is kitten. 
I’m really sorry I won’t be able to watch you tonight. Is that okay?
Of course it is. But are you okay?
It’s just going to be long tiring evening. I have this splitting headache as well and I’m supposed to be meeting someone for dinner too. 
Why don’t you cancel?
I can’t disappoint that person. 
why not? 
It’s almost time for your show, baby . I don’t want to distract you. 
I glanced at the clock. He was right. But I couldn’t bring myself to reach for the nipple clamps on my right. 
It’s okay... I’m feeling a little tired myself. I went a little hard last night and I’m still sore. 
You should take the night off then, kitten. 
But I can’t . 
What? Why not? 
Because i can’t disappoint all those people. 
Bullshit, you can take time off if you’re feeling unwell, kitten. You need to keep yourself safe first. 
Hmm, couldn’t have put it better myself. 
You should listen to your own advice , daddy. 
Ahh... i see . 
Exactly. Now, I want you to cancel on your dinner date and to close that proposal whatever it is and I want you to go home.
You don’t want me to log in? 
No. I think I’m gonna cancel tonight as well. I wasn’t lying about being sore. 
Poor baby... if i was there I’d give you a warm bath...and a massage. 
That sounds heavenly. 
 So that’s it? We ditch our appointments today and take the night off? Both of us?
Yeah. Both of us. 
Okay... can i text you again after I reach home, kitten ?
I’ll be waiting , daddy.
I turned to my laptop feeling entirely off kilter. I did feel sore but i had never missed a show before. I just didn’t. But then that was because I needed the money right? Now i had a whole lot of money in my account. So what could go wrong with missing one show ? 
And this wasn’t like...going to be a habit or anything. I wasn’t doing this for him, I was doing it for myself. That’s right. 
Typing a quick apology and a promise to be back next week on my follower feed, I quickly logged out of the camsite. 
I’d just finished showering and changing into my pjs when the phone buzzed again. Making sure the doors were all locked, I turned off the lights and made my way to the bed, settling in comfortably on the sheets before opening his texts. 
Hey kitten. 
Are you home?
Yes, I am. Fresh out of the shower and in my favorite sweatpants with no shirt on. I haven’t had an early night in ages. I owe you for this, baby. 
Owe me what?
Anything you like. 
Of course. 
There’s this …. lingerie set , I’ve been eyeing. 
How much is it? Tell me and I’ll send you the money.
Oh my God, daddy, I’m only joking. 
But I’m not kitten. I wouldn’t have taken today off if it hadn’t been for you .
Well, how about you tell me about your day. I’m bored and not very sleepy. Entertain me for a while. 
Alright. The day was... boring. I woke up a bit later than usual, it being the weekend and all. And then I went to the gym and then to the office. Fixed whatever screw up came my way . Had some lunch and then worked some more. 
You work a whole lot. 
That i do. 
What do you do for fun?
I like to dance. 
Just surprised. 
A friend of mine owns a dance studio. I like dancing with him. He’s a phenomenal dancer. 
I have a friend who owns a dance studio too. I visit him sometimes. I want to learn how to pole dance someday but I’m not sure . 
Fuck, I would love to see on the pole.
Yeah? How else would you love me?
Ah, kitten. 
Come on daddy. You told me you were tired and you hate work. Let’s talk about something fun. Please? 
Well, I can’t say no to you now, can I ? 
No you can’t daddy. That would make me sad.
And we can’t have a sad kitten, can we? 
No. I love daddy because he always keeps me happy. So tell me, how else would you love to see me? 
Let me see. Right now, i’d love to see you in my room. in my bed. 
What would you do with me?
I don’t know kitten. Daddy’s really tired so maybe he just wants his pretty little  kitten to take care of him.       
I can do that.
Can you? How?
I’d give you a massage. Rub your shoulders and back. 
That would feel good baby. What would you do after that? 
And then, if you like, I could kiss you.
I’d like that. I’d like that a whole lot. Bet you’d taste all sweet and amazing  my pretty baby. 
And then because you’re tired, you can cuddle with me and we could sleep. 
Hmm...but what if I don’t want to sleep. What if I want to fuck my pretty little kitten? 
But, daddy,  you’re tired. You need to rest. 
It doesn’t have to be rough, kitten. What if I could just spoon you from behind , lift your thigh and fuck you like that. Nice and slow, keep my arms around you as I fill you up. 
Are you touching yourself?
Just a little. 
Did i tell you you could do that, baby? 
No daddy.
Thought you were going to help daddy feel good baby, but looks like kitten only cares about herself. Only wants to make her own greedy little cunt feel good, yeah baby? 
I felt my breath catch at the sudden shift, shame building inside me along with guilt and i tugged at the sheets a little feeling jittery. 
I stopped touching myself daddy. 
really? I don’t think i should believe you , kitten. 
Daddy, I’m sorry. I won’t touch myself I promise. 
Like I said, nothing I can do from here, is there kitten?
I could start a camshow for you , if you want. You can see.
Hmm.. thought you were tired , kitten. Its alright. You can go sleep. 
No.. No I’m not tired . I want to be good for daddy, want to make him feel good. 
you’re a pretty little liar aren’t you baby. You don’t want to make daddy feel just want to make yourself feel good. Want your hungry little pussy filled because you can’t go a day without getting fucked. 
Daddy... please? pretty please? 
Pretty baby, begging so soon. I’ll indulge you this time, baby , but we need to make sure this doesn’t happen again. If we’re doing this, you need to remember that your pussy is mine. And you don’t get to touch daddy’s things without his permission. 
i won’t daddy, I promise. Can we play now? 
 Only if you promise that the next time you touch yourself, you tell daddy . You ask me if you can touch your pretty little pussy  and if I say no, you listen. Is that clear kitten?
Yes daddy. 
Alright. Perfect. Now get on the camera , kitten . Do you have a tie? 
Yes daddy. 
Now what I want you to do is set the camera up, make sure its streaming and then I want you to get your biggest toy and set it up on the bed. And then I want you to tie your wrists together .  You can ride your toy and make yourself cum. 
But i need to rub my clit to cum, daddy. 
Ah yes, how could i forget? Kitten needs her little clitty rubbed just right to be able to cum, isn’t that what you said yesterday baby?
It’s true daddy.
Oh, baby of course it isn’t true. You only think its true because you’re a spoiled little slut who never denies herself anything. You’ve been rubbing your clit everyday to feel good and now you think you can’t cum without it. 
I’m right aren’t I baby? You’re always jumping right into things, filling your cunt, rubbing your clit , playing with your nipples...doing just whatever the hell you want with that slutty little body of yours.... my greedy little whore. I should slap that hungry cunt of yours... teach it a nice lesson. 
I just like feeling good daddy....
There are ways to feel good without being a selfish little cumslut, baby. 
I’m not selfish...daddy..
Aren’t you baby? Daddy wants to see you with your hands tied but all baby wants is to rub her clitty like a bitch in heat. Doesn’t that make you greedy, baby?
I’m sorry daddy. 
 You should be baby. You’re such a greedy little kitten, very ungrateful too. I let you use your favorite toy, and instead of thanking me, all you want to do is complain about your clit. 
I’m sorry daddy. Thank you daddy. 
Thank you for?
For letting me use my favorite toy to make myself cum.
You’re welcome baby. Now do as I told you and let daddy see.... Wanna see your ripe cunt wrapped around that toy.
I scrambled to fix the camera, starting the feed with just him. A private show and I felt my heart racing. I’d never done this either and i felt nervousness bloom. But why should it. it wasn’t the first time he’s seen me. But it was the first time he’d been the one in control. 
And it was thrilling, not having to worry about keeping the attention on me. Just knowing that i just had to listen and I would be rewarded. 
I turned the stream on and grabbed a silk scarf, tying my wrists together quickly. 
I had shrugged out of my clothes and I was already wet, dripping. 
The laptop pinged and I swore. 
“Can you see me daddy?” I whispered.
 yes kitten. I’m surprised you haven’t already stuffed yourself full with that cock, kitten. 
“Wanted to wait for your permission daddy, because my pussy belongs to you.”
 Fuck kitten, that filthy mouth of yours. Shameless little slut. Okay baby, get on it... let daddy see how well you can take it. 
 I braced my knees on the bed, parting my thighs and scooting forward till the tip of the toy brushed my slit. It slipped a little because of how wet i was and I bit my lips.
“Can i use my hands, just to push it in daddy?”
Ah, is my little slut too wet for the toy to slide in? Okay baby.... you can use your hand but when your ass hits the bed i want your hands off. 
 I did as he asked, sinking low till the entire length of it was buried inside me. 
 Good, now ride it till you cum baby. 
It was hard . Way too hard and I felt a little like crying because I’d never done this without rubbing myself. It felt good of course it did but I needed more. 
 What’s wrong baby?
“Can’t cum like this , daddy...”
 Sure you can baby...what about that guy you wanted to ride yesterday.... What if he had both your hands in his grip, and told you to fuck yourself on his cock, had you bent over his desk in the office.....
“Fuck.” I let my hands fall limp, , mind zeroing in only on the words on the screen and they didn’t stop.... he kept typing. Kept feeding into the fantasy and my thighs quivered as I kept fucking myself with the dildo., 
“That’s right, bent at the waist with your slutty cunt on display, what a fucking delicious view that would be , huh kitten, your plump little pussy all wet and swollen, bet he’d spank your slutty pussy for being so wet... so wet his cock keeps slipping when he tries to fuck you. 
“Oh, God... Daddy..." i choked a little, feeling my insides clench. 
Tell me baby, you're so fucking wet ...have you ever tried fucking yourself in the ass... ?
I choked, crying out in arousal. 
cos I can just imagine that pretty pink hole of yours, all puckered and empty... If you were bent over my desk with your cunt all open and wet for me, I’d take some of that sweet, wet slick of yours from inside your pussy and I’d let it drip into your hole, slip my finger in and feel your tight heat. 
 i was so close i could feel it...could taste it almost. 
 That’s right baby, I’d fuck your slutty cunt with my thick cock and your greedy little hole with my finger, make you feel good and full and maybe I’ll slip a couple of fingers into your mouth too, huh baby?
 That way all your fuckholes will be full and maybe you’ll stop being a greedy little slut,,,A cock in your cunt, fingers in your pretty pink hole and fingers in your dirty mouth ..... maybe that should fill my little cumslut  kitten up and maybe that will be enough to make her  cum, huh baby? 
My orgasm hit me so hard I blanked out for a second, losing my balance and crashing a bit to the side. I couldn't help but swivel my hips in desperation chasing friction as I rode out the waves of pleasure and when I finally came to, my cheeks were flushed, teary. 
I lay there for a second. 
And then when I finally glanced at the laptop my gaze softened. 
 Baby? You okay? Sweetheart?
 “ I’m fine.” I whispered. 
 Can you get rid of the tie around your hands for me baby?
 It wasn’t tied at all, merely looped a couple of times and I shrugged it off easily. I felt sleepy and exhausted, thighs aching. 
But i remembered what he had said earlier and kept my gaze on the laptop.
“I’m okay, daddy Don’t worry.”
 You were so good for me baby. So pretty and so perfect and you made daddy so proud. I loved watching you kitten. Loved watching you listen to daddy like the good little kitten you are. 
 “ I’m good”, I smiled, settling into the warmth of my pillows. 
Yes you are baby. The best. My number one girl. That’s you. Are you sleepy baby? Okay... drink a lot of water and make sure you turn off the stream baby. You were so good for me. Sleep well kitten and daddy’s going to sleep too. 
 “Okay , daddy.” 
 in the back of my head something tugged. A memory ...the phrase oddly I’d heard it before. 
But i was too exhausted to dwell on it. 
I settled into the pillows and sleep came swiftly. 
Author’s note : So I got that out of the way whoo. More plot in the next chapter... also i’m like exhausted. 
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miss-tc-nova · a day ago
In The Moment - Neku Sakuraba x Reader
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie, this one was hard. Between hectic life, writer’s block, and abandoning my first idea, I really struggled coming up with something good and I’m still not 100% on this one but it is long overdue. Thank you, anon, for patiently waiting for me and thank you for bringing me back to a fandom/game that I truly love. 
              Today is proving to be simply perfect. After mulling over ideas for weeks, going through all the necessary channels, and hours of tedious prep, I’m going to start my final art project today.
              Stepping back, I take one last look at the two-story building that will serve as my canvas. With my paint all prepped, the rarely-used road blocked off, my favorite music blasting in my ears, and perfect weather, I begin hurling balloons at the blank wall. It takes only a few balloons before I’m entirely engrossed in my own little world of music and art. The stone wall is already livelier with a handful of pink, blue, green, and yellow splats.
              In my own little paradise, I bounce towards my bucket of ammo. Another balloon rolls in my hand while my groove has consumed me. I turn back to my canvas, launching the paint.
              My heart stops. The balloon soars through the air in what feels like painful slow motion, inching ever closer towards its unsuspecting victim. It’s like a horror scene watching the projectile make contact with his face, molding against it before the rubber skin breaks. A wave of pink paint bursts forward, crashing down on the poor boy before the actual impact takes him to the ground.
              Hand to my mouth, I gape at the casualty before my senses snap back to me. Ripping my headphones out and snatching up a towel, I rush towards him.
              “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?!”
              Sitting up, he pulls down his headphones and rubs the paint from his eye. “What the hell?” He looks down at the smear across his hand. “What happened?”
              I push the towel into his hand. “You kinda got caught in the crossfire.”
              His orange brows scrunch together. “Crossfire?”
              “Yeah. I’m working on an art project and you walked right in the middle of it.” My hand waves to the dripping wall.
              More in awe than anger—which I found surprising—he stands up to look at my work. “An art project? Isn’t it illegal to tag buildings like this?”
              “One, it’s not a tag, it’s a project. Two, this building is scheduled for demolition, so I got permission from the city; that’s why I blocked the road off. Didn’t you notice?”
              We look back at the “road closed” signs.
              “Oh…No...” he mutters.
              “Hmm, maybe I should’ve put some on the sidewalks.”
              My gaze turns back on my victim. Beneath the neon color sprayed across the side of his head is a wild flay of orange hair and fair skin. His cloudy-sky eyes are outstanding, somehow lending themselves to the bright interest despite how soothingly cool they appear. I’d be clearly amiss if I didn’t admit that he’s cute.
              “Sorry for getting in the way.”
              He’s looking at me, and by the time I realize it, I feel my skin alight at the thought he caught me staring into his eyes.
              “I’m sorry you’re…pink,” I reply. “I might be able to save your headphones but I don’t think your shirt’s gonna make it.”
              He tugs at his shirt, a corner of his lips pulling back in disappointment. “At least it wasn’t my favorite, I guess.”
              There’s something strange about this guy, like he doesn’t quite know how normal people react; most people would be upset after being covered in paint and having their clothes ruined, regardless of whether or not it was their fault. However, next to this unusual naivety is the light of someone completely open, someone out to actually see the world for what it is. This is someone I want to understand, to aspire to be like.
              The words leave my mouth before I can even think about them.
              “Do you wanna join me?” I’m an idiot.
              The idiocy continues when I jam a thumb towards my buckets of supplies. “You’re already covered in paint. Why don’t you join me? It’ll be fun.” I pull this innocent kid towards the paint station, reaching into the bucket to plop an orb into his hand. “Here.”
              He glances between me, the balloon, and the wall. “Are you sure? I might ruin your project.”
              I grin. “You can’t ruin arbitration that easily. Besides, the whole point of this part is to just make a mess. So go on, throw it.”
              He shrugs and tosses the balloon against the stone where it breaks.
              “There you go!” I pick up another balloon, flinging it across the road.
              School projects aren’t traditionally fun, but I was having a blast with this school project from the start; with the guy—who introduced himself as Neku—helping me out, this might be the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. He genuinely puts his heart into simply throwing balloons, like a bubbling stream of inspiration, spurring my inspiration and turning this project on its head.
              My hand meets the bottom of the bucket—an empty bucket. “Damn. All out of balloons.”
              Neku looks up at the dripping wall. “Yeah, but I’m pretty sure there’s at least three layers of paint here. Might’ve been overkill.”
              “I had to make sure there was enough to cover every brick. Better too much than not enough in this case,” I say, starting to pick up scraps of scattered rubber.
              He helps me collect the garbage. “So is this all there is to this project? Hurl paint at walls?”
              “No, this is the background set up. Later, I’m gonna get some spray paint and do the more tedious work later.”
              “What was even the point of this project?”
              “Well, it’s an art project so…a good grade, first off. Second…” I pause to really think about how to word it. “I guess I really wanted to capture the spontaneity of life. That every moment can be a bright and colorful splat.” Neku chuckles, bringing out a more bashful side. “I guess that makes it pretty obvious who my role model is, huh? But I try to remind myself every day: Enjoy every moment-”
              “-with all you’ve got.” Neku finishes my sentence with an all-knowing grin.
              Even if the embarrassment burns between my shoulders, I can’t help laughing. “Is it too obvious where my inspiration came from?”
              “If it’s any consolation, I’m sure CAT would approve of your methods.”
              “That actually makes me really happy.” I look back at the mess I hope to turn into something incredible. “CAT’s art that got me through some tough times; I’d love to be able to inspire people someday the same way CAT’s art inspired me.”
              My brain short circuits. For a split-second while, I attempt to process what just happened, all I can feel is buzzing just beneath the skin. A hand reaches up to brush the spot he’d grazed but the fingers come away with pink paint. Neku, on the other hand, stands there, avoiding eye contact, a different shade of pink peeking out from beneath the paint across his face.
              “What-…” I can’t even come up with the words to finish my question.
              His face still blushing, he gives me a warm smile. “Just living in the moment.”
              The buzz surges into my chest, crashing against my heart with a wave of happiness. Building up my courage, I follow his lead.
              “Would your moment object if we maybe extended it by a couple hours?” A brow arches in question. “Tomorrow, six o’clock? Maybe with less paint?”
              When he understands, he shrugs. “Less, more, I’m sure it’ll be fun either way.”
              “Great.” Lifting my phone, I snap a picture of the paint-riddled kid.
              “What was that for?”
              “Your picture for my contacts,” I reply. “I assume you’ll be giving me your number, right?”
              He smirks. “Nah, I’ll just walk down the street and wait to get pelted with more paint balloons.”
              “So you’re gonna ignore more traffic signs?”
              The simper is marred with a laugh. “Worked the first time.”
              I shove my phone into his hands. “Don’t push your luck, buddy. You already got the date.”
              We swap numbers and clean up the rest of the remnants scattered about. I’m sure he can tell how reluctant I am to say goodbye, but we inevitably do and part ways. Once I’m sure he’s around the corner and out of sight, I literally jump for joy like a child on Christmas.
              My entire plan for the afternoon was to work on my project—taking into account both prep and clean up. I had absolutely nothing else in the books for today. Never in a million years would I have guessed that, in the midst of my work, an artsy accident would end up with a spontaneous date. I know my adopted motto says to enjoy the present, but tomorrow just cannot come fast enough.
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