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itsjackywrites · 4 minutes ago
Chuuya x GN! Reader
Time: present
Paring: Chuuya nakahara x GN!reader
Characters: Chuuya nakahara from BSD
Warnings: angst to fluff, slight metion of rape, almost being abused, mentions of death, mentions of divorce.
Tumblr media
It was 2 AM and he still wasn't home.
He promised he would be home early this time and you were foolish to believe him. How many times had he made that promise? And how many times did he broke that promise?
The door to the fancy apartment opened. A man with a fedora on his head walked in. His shoulders slumped forward and his eyes almost shutting close.
"Where were you?"
A voice that came from the couch asked him.
"I cannot do this right now y/n. Just let me rest." A tired frown settled upon the man's face as he threw his coat over a kitchen chair.
"Oh you can't do this right now? I've been waiting for 4 hours for you to come home."
The voice wasn't angry. It sounded disappointed and tired.
"I know and i'm sorry okay. The mission didn't go as planned and we had to-." Before he could finish his sentence the figure that was once in the couch now stood before him. A disappointed and angry scowl on their face.
"Let me guess you had to put yourself in danger to finish that damn mission."
A frustrated sigh left the man's lips. He knew exactly where this conversation would lead too.
"Y/n please. I'm fine and tired. Let's go to bed and talk about this tomorrow."
He tried reaching for the persons hands, but they took a step back.
"For how long are you going to postpone this conversation?! I can't do this anymore! Waiting for you to come home. Only to find out you are on the brink of death every time you're send on a mission Chuuya!"
Tears fell down y/n's cheeks. It's been to much for them. Everyday they had to wait in anticipation if their husband would come home that night.
"It's my job y/n, you know that. You chose to live with me knowing the dangers of my job."
Chuuya pinched the bridge of his nose. Being too drained and tired to even yell back.
Y/n just stood there staring at their husband with disbelief in their eyes.
"Well maybe we should get divorced then. I'm done waiting up late and worrying for you. I'm done arguing every week over the same goddamn thing."
Shock spread over the ginger man's face. He was annoyed, tired and in pain from all the blows he had taken. Maybe that's why he said things he didn't meant to say.
"If that's what you want fine. I don't care. I just wanna go to sleep. I'm tired of you acting like the victim here." He quickly realized what he said and guilt immediately took over him.
"Wait y/n that's not-."
"No it's okay. I was the one who proposed it. I'll call my lawer tomorrow. You can have the bed. I'm going for a walk." A dark expression was laced on y/n's face. Tears still streaming across their face. They grabbed their coat and shoes. Standing in the doorway they said: "Don't wait up for me."
And with that the door closed behind them.
Chuuya threw a mug that was standing on the counter against the wall. He really fucked up. Sitting on a kitchen chair with his face in his hands. Not knowing what to do he unconsciously called one of his closest friends.
"Hey chuuya. Why are you calling so late at night? Shouldn't you go to sleep?" A female voice sounded from the cellphone in his hands
His voice shaky and tears threatening to fall he answered. "I really fucked up this time Ane-san."
The wind howling around you, you hugged your coat closer to you. Wishing you had on something warmer. The streets of Yokohama were quiet. Only a few cars occasionally passing by. It wasn't surprising seeing how late it was and how most people would be sleeping right now. Replaying the argument in your head. You regretted every single thing you had said. Fresh tears started streaming over your cheeks again. The old tear staines not even being gone yet.
You told him not to wait up, but you secretly hoped that he would. That you could just run back and tell him you were sorry and hug him, but you didn't. It was always you who apologized first. It was always you who came back to him. You wanted him to feel as hurt as you were right now. It sounds cruel yes, but you just couldn't bare it anymore.
Another wind flag hit your face and you almost lost balance. The universe really had it out for you right now.
The wind was so loud that you couldn't even hear your own footsteps. Or even the extra pair of footsteps behind you.
"Damn who's calling me this late." You muttered at yourself as you felt your phone vibrating in your pocket.
Pulling out your phone you hoped deep down it was chuuya's contact name on the screen, but when you looked at your screen a person you didn't expect was calling you.
"Is there something wrong? Why are you calling me this late Kōyō."
"Chuuya told me what happend. He didn't tell me to call you. I just want to hear if you're okay."
You halted your steps as you let the words sink in. This was so typical of her. She always looked out for you and Chuuya. Adoring the relationship between the two of you. She was the person you would turn to if you had troubles or just needed some company.
"I'm....i'm not okay. I'm just so angry and..and-."
You started full on sobbing. Everything hitting you at once. A reassuring voice at the other side of the line calming you.
"Hey, hey it's okay. Calm down. I know chuuya can be a total ass. How about you come to my place and drink a cup of tea yeah? Tell me where you are."
Calming your breath and slowly speaking.
"I'm on (random street name). Just a few blocks away from your house-."
Before you could finish your sentence a pair of hands grabbed your mouth and you felt a cold metal thing against your head. You dropped your phone and struggled to get out of this strangers grip.
"Move one more muscel and i'll shoot you through that pretty little head of yours" a deep man's voice said. His breath smelled like sigarettes and you had to try your best to not gag. Stopping your movements, the man dragged you to a nearby ally. Tying your limbs together and propping you against the wall the man spoke again, eyeing your body. "Aren't you just a pretty little thing. Maybe we can have a little fun before i deliver you to my boss aye". He winked at you. Disgust being clear on your face. "Go die in a hole you bastard." You bit back at him.
The man's flirty look turned into a scowl. Standing up from his crouching position he dialed something on his phone. "I got them boss. The wife of nakahara Chuuya. The port mafia executive."
Your eyes widened in shock. He was planning on using you as bait.
"I'm not married to anyone. I don't even know who this chuuya person is!" Giving the man a dead glare. Hoping he wouldn't see though your lie.
"Don't act dumb with me. We've been tailing you and your little husband for weeks now. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to kidnap you and use you as bait." A grin settled on his face as you looked away from him. "Go fuck yourself." You spat at him. He put his phone away. "Can you shut up!" The man raised his hand. You turned away from him ready to receive a smack, but the inpact never came. Looking at the man again tears brimmed at your eyes at the sight of your husband holding the mans hand. "That's no way to treat a lady now is it." An angry scowl was present on his face. The man tried to shoot at him, but the bullet didn't even as much as graze him.
"You should learn to keep your hands of something that isn't yours." You closed your eyes knowing what was about to happen. Only hearing some gruesome sounds and your husband yelling.
You opened your eyes again when you felt a gloved hand untying your limbs. You couldn't help but smile and sob. Chuuya helped you stand up.
The first question already rising in your mind.
"How did you-."
"Ane-san called me that you were taken by someone. Your phone was still on even after you dropped it."
He avoided eye contact with you when he picked you up.
"I can perfectly walk on my own Chuuya." You said trying to look into his eyes.
"Shut up. This is faster."
He carried you to his pink motorcycle. How didn't you hear this monstrous thing?
He sat you down on the behind of the motorcycle and he took place infront of you. Instinctively putting you hands around him and resting your head on his back. You were so tired and you knew he was too.
"Look Chuuya i'm sorry. The things i s-."
Being cut off for the second time by him he said.
"No y/n i'm sorry. I know you're worried and i'm deeply sorry that you have to go through that everyday. I don't want a divorce. I want to grow old with you and spend every second of my life loving you."
His voice broke although he tried to hide it from you. You knew he was tearing up. Before he started his motorcycle you grabbed his face and kissed him.
"I missed you."
You whispered as you pulled back. His eyes finally meeting yours. "I love so so much." You said while stroking his hair.
"I love you too y/n." He said before reuniting your lips again and driving off to your shared home.
Your head buried in his back you closed your eyes and sighed.
No matter how many times you worried over him or argued with him would change the fact that your heart belonged to him and his heart belonged to you.
I'm so in love with this man help.
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bnhatexting · 36 minutes ago
Tamaki x GN!Mc
Tamaki can’t believe that you actually want to get to know him more. He’s scared... but also excited? 
Get access to posts 1 week early and other perks when you subscribe to my patreon at the link below🧡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rionah · 42 minutes ago
when you suddenly stop visiting them
Genshin Impact x GN Reader
Featuring; Xiao, Diluc, & Venti
TW; none
pardon me for some partial errors, it's 12 in the morning and i am on xiao brainrot
Tumblr media
Xiao wouldn't think much of it at first, a part of him sighed in relief when you didn't show up at the balcony to start talking his ear off like usual. He very much did enjoy the temporary quiet.
You'll be back the next day, so he should savor this moment of solitude.
That was what he had repeated to himself until you didn't show up the day after that, and another day after that, and another day after the day after that. The adepti had grown impatient. Was he not suppose to feel happy about no one bothering him anymore? yet here he was growing anxious pacing back and forth wondering where in the world you had been for the past four days.
Even Verr had noticed how nervous his demeanor had been ever since you stopped visiting the inn, some could say four days isn't at all too long but his anxiety had sky rocketed from that short amount of time.
Where in the world could you have gone? thoughts of the possible horrible things that could have happened to you had only been swarming his thoughts. The thought of you possibly being dead scared him. He fought the urge to get up and start looking for you himself.
He himself didn't know why he was reacting like this, but tried to convince himself that the sense of duty to come and protect you was only because of his contract to protect the people of liyue. right?
But he was sure you were fine, you were fully capable of protecting yourself and he did not once doubt your abilities. Although he wouldn't be bothered at all if you'd decide to rely on him.
The nervous feeling in his stomach only grew for each passing time, he had even started to roam around the entrance of wang shu inn just incase you were to come.
Getting lost in the feeling of worry, he grew unaware of the creeping presence behind him.
Cold hands had covered his eyes from behind, and in an instinct he had thrown whoever the being was over his shoulder and pointed his spear at who had ever dared to lay a hand on him.
The adepti's eyes had widened at the sight of you on the ground rubbing your cheek, and almost immediately, an arm had enveloped you into a hug.
"wh- huh? a-ah.. nice to see you again too xiao" You awkwardly chuckled, not knowing where to put your hands in the position you were in you had settled on rubbing circles onto his back.
Xiao quickly parted from the hug and firmly held your shoulders, the half-hearted glare that was sent to you was merely brushed off by a light chuckle.
"Where have you been?" visibly wincing from his tone, the male slightly loosens his grip.
"O-oh sorry about not visiting ehe.. i was caught up with extra commissions and all that.."
From your reply, Xiao took a shaky breath that you of course didn't miss. Your eyes softened at this, honestly he hadn't know why your absence had bothered him this much.
Taking a hold of his hand you smiled at him "Sorry about not notifying you before hand and worrying you Xiao. i'll be sure to tell you next time."
Staring at you for awhile with a dazed expression, he quickly retracted his hands and scoffed at you. Quickly turning around in attempts of hiding the pink hue that had made its way on to his cheeks.
"Bold of you to assume i was worried about you. A-anyways, i have my duties to attend to, i do expect to see you at our usual spot."
Tumblr media
You were one of the familiar faces that would often visit the tavern, and surprisingly enough had done the minimal to gain his interest. Diluc had found out that you never did come to drink alcohol (strangely enough) but had taken a liking to the apple juice that they sold.
He kept a mental note about the times you would usually visit, and made sure he was the one to be at the counter. Enjoying the small conversations you both would have.
Which is why the man was perplexed when you hadn't come today.
However, Diluc wasn't one to make a fuss and jump into conclusions. So he had come to assume that you were probably just too busy or got held up with your duties being the director of the cathedral. He'd get the chance to talk to you the next time you pay a visit, which was about a day or two from now.
But alas you still hadn't come to show. At the end of the day he closed his shop in a bit of a glum, where were you? he had to admit that he had grown worry some. Perhaps he should ask one of the knights of your where abouts despite his distaste for them, then again he didn't really have a good reason to see you.
The man was organizing his wine bottles lost in thought, not until the tavern doors burst open.
There stood a panting blonde traveler, a green bard, a floating mascot, but most importantly you.
"Were clo-"
"Direct us to the least suspicious table if you would please!" The green one announced. Diluc would've swatted them away if he wanted to, but seeing as you were associated with them he decided against it. You felt him eyeing you suspiciously as you could only look down in hopes of him not recognizing you. Which was already very much unlikely.
"Huh? i guess people rarely go upstairs.. but wouldn't a bard prefer to be somewhere more noticeable?"
"Ehe great thank you good bye~!" The three quickly dashed to the second floor, Diluc could only sigh at being brushed off, but before you could run off to follow the three he quickly took a hold of your wrist and pulled you behind the counter.
Ah. He recognized you. Of course he'd recognize you.
"ahEhehaha- hello Diluc uhm you see-"
"Those three are suspicious, care to explain why you're tagging along with them?"
"Well you see-" The door slammed open as knights entered abruptly, Diluc had quickly shoved you under the counter before you were caught. Silently thanking him in your head, you kept quiet.
"Ah Master Diluc! have you seen three theives around?"
"What happened? why have you mobilized so many guards?"
"Haven't you heard Master Diluc? Three thieves were trying to steal the Holy Lyre"
Hearing this, Diluc discreetly eyed you from under the counter, a sweat dropped from your forehead with two of your hands clasped on your mouth as to not break your cover.
"Oh? how odd"
You tuned out the rest of their conversation, mostly trying to think of a way to explain how you had been caught up in this mess of a situation. Perhaps you could've avoided this mess if the green bard had decided to let you know of the plan before initiating it.
Getting lost in your head while cussing out the bard, you didn't realize it when the knights had left.
"Hm, today i think i'll have a glass of.."
"You can put down the bottle you stole from behind the counter, and [name] you can come out now."
Seeing you crawl out of your hiding place in embarrassment, he couldn't help but heave a sigh. He had been entangled in to another situation with the knights of favonious, but hey. He gets to see you, so that's a win.
Tumblr media
Venti would often have performances at the statue by the cathedral, he was quiet the well known bard with a decent amount of people stopping by to listen to his captivating voice.
And among the crowd of people he'd always recognize familiar faces, more specifically you.
After his performance he'd always stop you to have a fun little chat, and soon enough you both had become somewhat good friends. You had never missed a single one of what he liked to call 'concerts' and he on the other hand would sometimes dedicate a song to you.
He was confused when he hadn't seen you among the crowd of people who had come to watch him perform.
Feeling disheartened at your absence, the bard cut his performance short to look for you. With a few disappointed groans of course but he could care less right now. Unlike some others, he isn't the type to wait awhile.
The bard would go around town asking people about your where abouts, only to be disappointed each time they'd say they haven't seen you all day either.
A day had passed and he started to grow even more worry some, had something bad happened to you? He looked all around mondstat but still couldn't catch wind of you.
Ah if only he had asked you for where you lived, maybe then he'd be able to see if you were home or not. Come to think of it, he should try asking one of the knights for your home address. But then again, he doubted that they'd easily disclose information like that.
With another day of being unable to find you, his anxiety only grew. Trying to stay positive and telling himself that you'd be okay and just fine wasn't at all working anymore, he felt himself about to have a full blown mental breakdown.
His crest fallen face was directed onto the ground, he felt nothing but worry and distress. What could have happened to you? and was it something he could prevent? He's already asked the traveler to keep an eye out for you, though he still has heard no word of you.
"oh im sorry-"
He paused realizing that the person who had bumped into was you, you looked pale and had a mask to cover your face. The bard couldn't help but leap into your arms and give you a tight hug. Only to feel dejected after you pushed him away.
"*cough* ah venti, im sorry i-i've been bedridden for the last few days" Your voice was raspy from your cold, yet he still beamed at the sight of you. Oh thank celestia that you were fine. He blinked away the tears that had formed from the corner of his eyes.
"A-ah! wait you should get to bed then what're you doing out here!"
"i had to go get some ingredients for soup *cough* i-its fine"
He furrowed his eyebrows at this and quickly snatched away the bag of goods from your arm "Hey! what are you-"
"I'll be taking care of you till you feel better then! come now lead the way to your abode!"
You could only sigh and succumb in agreement, having someone to take care of you while you have a cold could be your best bet.
"Great! now watch as my lyre strums your cold away!"
If you couldn't already tell, the quality deteriorated as i got to the end and imsorryforthat. but it's like 12am in the morning and im kinda tired. im on my daily xiao brainrot so yes. i will be posting alot from this man <3
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katsukissy · an hour ago
babysitting again, i have three kids today though. -bakugou
awh, sweet!! you must be good with kids since you babysit so much, huh?
do ya know if they’re also fond of throwing wood chips at people?
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uchuujin-bae · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🖇️ㅤ## N0T35:: i love this song and i love gojo, perfect pairing. this story has nothing to do with my personal life 🥱 (reposting because my tags work now) 🖇️ㅤ## P4R1NG5:: gojo x gn!reader 🖇️ㅤ## LYR1C5:: basically the whole song, but mostly this: “just fight the feeling, it's all we do, // inside, it's killing me, baby // outside i'm cucumber cool // we might just really be crazy // he might just, she might just // be crazy, be crazy ”
Tumblr media
you tried your hardest to keep this relationship together. in the end, you both knew it wouldn’t work, but you wanted to try. god, aren’t you crazy. you loved him and he loved you, but this was nothing but a losing game. you might be over, but you’ll still stay by his side. you tried, that’s all that matters right? it hurt so much, there was no taking him out of you life. you two were still sorcerers, working at the college. the man you never seemed to be able to finally see, was everywhere now. you had to teach with him, fight missions together, how could you not think about the days he held you? you missed those days where he was right there, but you know this decision was for the best. inside it was killing you, you loved him so much and all you wanted to do was stare into his eyes again. with every time to talked to him, you fell more in love. you couldn’t find it in yourself to fall out of love with him no matter how much you tried. you couldn’t fall asleep peacefully without thinking of him. every pillow in your house had it’s turn with being his replacement. you held a different pillow each day, gripping at the fabric as you allowed tears to fall down your face onto your bed sheets. it felt so childish, why couldn’t just be an adult and move on? but that was when you were alone. no matter how tired you were, you still acted like everything was ok. you kept smiling, no matter how empty you felt inside. it wasn’t until you left him that you knew just how much of you, was him. all of you was empty, except the burden you had on your back. all you could do is wonder how he felt without you really. you and your students knew he was hurting, he was just trying to fake his egotistical personality. every time he was around you, he tried to stop himself from hugging you and reaching for your hand. you saw it. you wanted him back, but what would it have all been for? does he really even want you guys to be together once again? you felt like you were in grade school again, back when you were trying to find out if he liked you, back way before your relationship had began. you both still loved each other, but there was nothing to work out. there was no flaw in your relationship other than the time you two had with each other. your pours still remember the tears you shed into his shirt that day you said it was over. it hurt so much, but you couldn’t tell anyone that. you wouldn’t allow yourself to fully get over him, you were stuck trying to comprehend it all, but how could you get over him? he’s around all the time and his voice echos in your head throughout the day. there’s nothing to work out, but that shit hurts, no doubt.
Tumblr media
© 2021 uchuujin-bae // do not repost, translate, modify or plagiarize my work on any platforms. please refrain from copying my layout/theme without asking. i'm begging, please do NOT steal my work, trash bags.
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uchuujin-bae · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🖇️ㅤ## N0T35:: we not even gonna talk about the first three times i tried this- (reposting because my tags work now) i wanted to keep it short for my first time (take that out of context 🤭 ) but i really like writing, especially for my husband so- i’mma keep doing this !! this was inspired by lil nas x’ montero because that’s a bop. i just made it a lot more fluffy lol 🖇️ㅤ## P4R1NG:: gojo x gn!reader 🖇️ㅤ## LYR1C5:: "i caught it bad just today // you hit me with a call to your place // ain't been out in a while anyway // was hopin' I could catch you throwin' smiles in my face”
Tumblr media
gojo had just came back from a mission that took him 5 days to complete. it was the first time in a while he had trouble with a spirit; his ass was beat and he was definetly exhausted. however, there was no way in hell he was going to tell anyone that. no one but you. "damn, it was that bad?" you said, genuienly concerned for the man on the other side of the phone. a simple lost (that was, in fact, not even a lost) had really affected you. it wasn't even like you were the one who had to fight the spirit, but you felt his pain. ever since he stole your heart all those years ago in university, you had an unconditional love for him. a love where you and him were one. "yeah, but i'm fine," he sighed. every part of you felt the minor dissapointment in his voice. you two hardly had time together, you were both sorcerers, always one of you were off on a mission and you'd be damned if you let your time together be spent like this. "you wanna come over? i'm sure i could clear my schedule for you-" you chuckled, trying to light up the mood. "oh." you felt your heart take the elevator to your stomach. did he not want to spend time with you? "oh?" "yeah, oh. i was already on my way over there, but thanks for the invitation, i guess." an eyeroll and smile combo overcame you in response to his answer. a smile so intense it made your jaw hurt, a smile that formed because you could almost see his over-used smug. an over-used smug that you couldn't wait to see.
Tumblr media
© 2021 uchuujin-bae // do not repost, translate, modify or plagiarize my work on any platforms. please refrain from copying my layout/theme without asking. i'm begging, please do NOT steal my work, trash bags.
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manhattanincident · an hour ago
i'm still
in a dream
Tumblr media
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shotomyheart · an hour ago
quiet like the mona lisa
oikawa x mentally stable reader lol
warnings: pretty specific reader personality and lots of repetition and poetic language
note: i have a love/hate relationship with this piece.. the title coordinates with the line about the perfect metaphor btw
Oikawa is loud. He’s full of life, the main character in every room he walks in. His existence is destined for grand excitement. He gets that with volleyball.
The crowds are loud. They cheer him on by name like a life is on the line. The roar of the crowd keeps his blood pumping in his ears. Just being himself has the world’s eyes on him.
Volleyball is his destiny; his way of life. A promise that was made in the stars as soon as he was born. They are a perfect match, why would he need anything— anyone else?
There is nothing else that could get his head so high in the clouds. Nothing that could compare to the raw pain his palm feels as he serves the ball. To put all of his power behind each hit: it’s exhilarating.
And he’s right, nothing could match that feeling.
No, you couldn’t do that, you wouldn’t want to either; that’s just not how you are. You’re not exactly quiet. Quiet, to him, implies you have something to say. No, you’ve never had much to say, just enjoyed every moment.
It’s not that you were silent, either. You joke with your friends, raise your hand in class, even can flirt with strangers. You’re not hidden. You don’t hide from the spotlight, you don’t seek it either.
Oikawa’s smile screams confidence. His laugh overfills with charm. His stance: dramatic.
Nothing about you screamed. No, instead, your smile whispered kind praises. Your laugh a light lullaby. Your stance: calm and collected.
Everything about you is different.
He can’t really comprehend it. God, he wishes he could put into words how he feels. To find a perfect metaphor to capture what you two were.
Because despite you not being loud, not demanding nor dramatic, you are everything Oikawa needs.
He doesn’t need someone who flies with him in space, trying to catch a star. He needs someone who gently holds his hand and brings him down to earth. He doesn’t need someone who belts out their love for him at a party; drunk and emotional. Not when you give him such soft whispered declarations just as you fall asleep in his arms. He doesn’t need to feel the pain on his palm when you’re cuddled up next to him and he rests his hand on your thigh.
With you, he can be gentle. He can be soft. He can be quiet. He doesn’t have to demand attention when your eyes always meet his. He doesn’t have to cry out in frustration when you’re already holding him. He doesn’t need to reach for the sky when he can just reach for your hand.
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katsukissy · 2 hours ago
Boxer! Kiri is the best in his weight class, always paired up with Bakugou bc they play off each other really well. He’s also gained a lot of attention from the others so he has his little fan group (mostly girls but yanno) Boxer!Kiri making sure everyone knows who he belongs to by giving you each of the match kisses and helping him train. Sitting on his back while he does pushups and you’re just talking about your day.
Boxer! Kiri apologizing when he gets bruises because he knows that you’ll be worried about him
Boxer! Kiri <3
hello??? bitch, heLLO??!?!
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sukifics · 2 hours ago
You’re so pretty🤩🙈I envy your beauty -🥥
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katsukissy · 2 hours ago
Thank you— just realized I don’t have to worry about clicking anon anymore, which has reduced my anxiety greatly.
(Unless you’d like me to still anon, of course!)
Also, I can send pictures the normal way now!
Tumblr media
Moxies for a Moxi ^^
Feel like people have that joke by you way too many times— but did they have an actual picture of their Moxies?
and no ones made that joke before, i mean my sero anon talked to me ab how the skates match my name but no jokes 💀
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tubbos-sister · 2 hours ago
Good morning!! :D
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swanimagines · 3 hours ago
Could I request D14 + D16 with JEROME VALESKA, please? Thank you!!!
Fandom: Gotham
Prompts: D14. Betrayal + D16. Hallucinations
Warnings: mentions of abusive behavior + death + angst
A/N: For my birthday we'll publish a little angst drabble of my 2016 obsession, I miss Jerome :( I hope you like it!
Word count: 701
Tumblr media
You had put up with a lot with Jerome. You fell in love with that shy, sweet teenager all those years ago, when you were both 14 and bonded over abusive parents. He was sweet, bringing you flowers and charming you, but as you grew up, you started to see flashes of his opposite site. He started talking about wanting to hurt his mother back, while you wanted to run away together, settle in together to a nice town, but he wanted to stay, he told you that he needs to pay his mother. And during next months, he started to grow more aggressive and you saw pure hatred in his eyes whenever his mother slapped him.
But you loved him, so you stayed by his side. When he killed Lila, you covered it up with him. You loved him too much to end things, and you had tried to tell yourself that Lila deserved it as she was a terrible person.
But it had only gone downhill from there. Jerome got all meddled up with other criminals after he broke out from Arkham, he got unrecognizable and started killing people who hadn’t ever hurt him personally. He was a hitman for Theo Galavan, aiming to be something bigger, to terrorize Gotham.
But you stayed by his side, desperately hoping that you could pull him out from his lunatic state. But deep down you knew he was too far down. And when he died, you mourned for him, but in a way you were relieved, because Jerome wasn’t the same person who he had been before.
Then he came back to life, and came straight to you. His face was stapled on, scaring you at first since you didn't recognize him. He brought you to a carnival to watch his latest achievement. He had a delusion to kill that young orphan boy named Bruce Wayne and wanted you to watch, to be there to support him, and you didn’t know how to say no. You still loved him, even when he was even deeper down, and it just became worse.
He got sent to Arkham once again, and you prayed that they’d know what to do to him, to bring him back. But when he broke out again, he was just worse. His face had been reattached surgically this time, and now he was after more people. He bragged about all his plans to you, believing you still were faithful to him, not guessing you actually feared him now. You were just good at covering your fear up.
But when he wanted to kill his brother and Bruce once again, you betrayed him, you told about his plans to the cops, crying hysterically, letting all your fears and the feeling of losing your old boyfriend to flow out. They managed to stop Jerome with the intel you told them, but your intel also killed him. He jumped down the roof, and ever since then... you had seen him in your dreams every single night, sometimes you heard his footsteps, sometimes you saw him sleeping beside you when you turned around.
But the worst thing of all was when he appeared to you in a form of that 15 year old boy, back when he was that shy boy who wouldn’t hurt a fly, back when his mother wasn’t as bad in drinking as she turned out to be. Back when he was still the boy who you fell in love with. He followed you, and with a broken voice, asked you the same voice over and over again.
“Why did you kill me? I loved you. We could have been happy together.”
You never answered to him, hoping he would go away if you would try to make yourself believe he wasn’t there. But there was always a part of you who felt immense guilt for betraying him, the love of your life who you had tried to turn back into being a good person for so long. There was always that little voice inside you, gnawing you and laughing, saying you didn’t do enough, and that Jerome’s death was entirely your fault.
And that thought would never leave you alone.
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rintaroll · 3 hours ago
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sam-wilson-supremacy · 4 hours ago
damp hair |p.m.|
➤ description: after becoming drenched from the pouring rain outside, peter tries to hang all over y/n, but they push him off because his of his wet hair. so, peter takes a lap or two in the school to dry it off.
➤ all taglist: @quxxnxfhxll • @abestfu • @blognotfound •
➤ peter maximoff: @amourtentiaa •
➤ requested? yes/no
➤ requests are open!
➤ warning/s: slight swearing. if i missed any lmk!
➤ word count: 778
Rain. Y/N swears it only ever comes when they’re in a good mood. It poured down relentlessly, slamming against the roof of the school without mercy. It echoed throughout the entirety of it, letting everyone know who was listening that rain poured down outside. There wasn’t much for anyone to do now, it was a Saturday, and they were free of work. But the nasty weather prevented them all from doing anything. That left Y/N in their room, their roommate on the other side of it sleeping. Her snores filled the rooms along with the rain and the thunder. Y/N was simply reading, as the noise had shook them awake. They couldn’t go back to sleep.
Normally they’d be hanging out with Peter, but frankly, they hadn’t the slightest idea of where he had been. It was only 10:00, yes, but on days like this Peter usually sneaks into their room to sleep rather than his own. Though they hadn’t seen him yet, they'd begun to wonder where he could possibly be. It wasn’t until they’d heard slipping from outside of their room that they’d know what’d taken him so long. Peter had found himself outside before he’d come in their room.
After Y/N heard a thud from outside, and a few low curses, a loud knock echoed throughout the room.
“You can come in Peter,” Y/N called out as quietly as they could, trying not to wake up their roommate. He didn’t take any time to let himself in. Peter was drenched from head to toe. His shoes sloshed everytime he took a step forward, and he’d always leave a small puddle of water behind him when he walked.
“There’s no way in hell you’re getting into bed like that,” Y/N exclaimed as they sat down their book and stood up. They began to walk towards Peter as he began to protest.
“I’m not even that wet!”
“Not that wet my ass, look at you!”
“Why? I’d rather look at you,” Peter said with a cheeky smile. Without warning, Peter began to pull Y/N into a hug, causing them to protest. He’d quickly trapped their arms down against them, before beginning to hug them. Y/N struggled to get out from his grasp. Not only did his clothes dampen theirs, his hair began to drip water all over them. After a minute or two of struggle they’d give in reluctantly. They’d hugged him back, causing Peter to whisper a quiet ‘yes!’ in excitement.
He’d held onto them tightly, almost as if his life depended on this one hug. They enjoyed his hugs, they really did, but when he’s soaking wet it was hard to enjoy it. After he’d gotten a nice hug in, he’d decided it was enough.
“I’ll go dry off now,” he whispered in their ear. Before Y/N could reply, Peter darted out of the room with a blink of their eye. A gust of wind hit their entire body as he left and it nearly knocked Y/N to their feet. In a few seconds time, Peter was back in the room. He had the same clothes he’d been in only this time they were dry. They’d assumed he’d done a few laps around the school in the time he was out. The moment he’d entered the room again, he’d flopped down onto Y/N’s bed. He’d opened his arms up, signaling for them to come and lay down with him, but they shook their head quickly.
“You got my shirt all wet, I have to change,” Y/N rolled their eyes. They’d gone to search for one in their stuff, but they’d failed to find one. They became quite annoyed as they grunted, rubbing their eyes. Peter began to ask if they could find one, and Y/N gave them a simple no. And just like that, Peter sprinted out of the room again to who knows where. Seconds go by before he’s back inside of the room.
He was sitting on the bed, just as he was before, however the only difference was that Y/N had a clean shirt that hadn’t belong to them. It took them a moment to realize it was Peters, though they offered him a quick thank you.
They hadn’t ever minded changing in front of Peter. It never seemed to bother them at all, though the one or two comments that fly from his mouth always made them slightly flustered.
Finally, Y/N had crawled back into bed and into Peters arms, forgetting all about the book they were reading, or their wet shirt on the ground.
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sobaluvr · 5 hours ago
good morninggg <3
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glenn-coco-glenn-coco · 6 hours ago
I've been listening to this song for 3 hours 🙂
Tumblr media
Imagine you were dating Todoroki secretly when Endeveour found out 
He quickly organized an arranged marriage for his son
Shoto promised you that somehow he would scape to be with you 
But he had to spend some weeks with his fiancé to not make his father suspicious 
You had talked about reuniting in your special place 
So you waited 
And waited 
You were growing worried so you tried to get close to the Todoroki house
A wedding was being celebrated 
He was standing in front of a priest while holding someone’s hand 
He was smiling
And you knew it was a genuine one 
He had fallen in love with them 
He made eye contact with you , kinda confirmating all you were thinking in that moment
You had left everything behind for him 
Little did you know he had decided to mantain his status leaving you for someone closer to his social position and that he had recently been growing fond of
Your tired and aching heart broke completely when they kissed and everyone was clapping and cheering the new couple
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princess-of-inarizaki · 6 hours ago
A bit of an emergency request! But also like, you definitely don’t need to rush if you decide to write it! I was recently harassed on the train home from work and I was wondering how the Miya twins would each react to seeing that happen to their significant other/crush? Thank you!
Hi sweetheart 🥺🥺 of course I'll write it.
And ugh I'm so upset on your behalf, I really hope nothing like this ever happens to you, or anyone else ever again.
I'm always here if you need someone to talk to :)
Tumblr media
You often go back home with the Miya twins on the same 2.30 p.m. train every day. Osamu is always on time, while the two of you literally scream at Tsum for running late every single day
Osamu: someday the train is going to leave without you, aho
But Atsumu never seems to care, and instead ignores his twin in favour of flirting with you. “sorry I'm late y/n, didcha miss me?” 🥺🥺 (give him a break, this poor boy is so whipped for you)
Which of course earns him a forehead flick.
:( poor tsum
Anyways,, one day, Osamu was absent and if was only you and Atsumu standing up by the rear end of the train when someone unfamiliar wrapped their arm around your waist.
“hey babe” the stranger whispered, smelling faintly of alcohol. (Like COME ON you fuckin' dolt, it's 2.30 in the afternoon🙄)
Of course, you try pushing him off and protesting against that, telling him to leave you alone— but his hand only gripped your hip tighter... Until he was forcibly removed by a VERY angry Miya Atsumu.
“What the actual fuck do you think you're doing, bastard?”
The man was visibly scared, seeing how built Atsumu was,, and by God did he look angry. His eyes practically had flames in them.
No one,, and I mean NO ONE. Could hurt you in any way on his watch.
Atsumu gripped the man by his collar and brought his face dangerously close.
“If you even think about doing that again, think about how fucking screwed you're going to be”
The man could only nod helplessly, and stumble after he was released.
“now leave us the fuck alone, asshole.”
Once Atsumu turned to you, he pulled you into his arms and held you close, as you buried your face in his chest.
Silently, he ran his fingers through your hair to comfort you.
“I'm sorry darlin'. I should've noticed sooner...” he said, in an impossibly soft voice. Loud enough for only you to hear.
You shrugged his apology and shook your head. “It wasn't your fault. It was his.”
Atsumu was silent for the rest of the ride as he held you close, keeping you safe from the world around you.
You were his, even if you didn't know it, and he was going to try his level best to protect you.
From that day onward, the train rides were no longer filled with banter from the two of you. Only Atsumu, holding you close as he shielded you— and Osamu being very confused about it.
Osamu: what, did they get together or sumn' while I was absent??
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dualityofcastiel · 6 hours ago
like we knew about the market research and these news today sure are something and i try to retain a certain level of skepticism about the validity of the information and all because we don’t actually know anything for sure but it sure does make you go insane and say might as well happen. because well. unparalleled media experience and all that.
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kentoshousewife · 6 hours ago
people says that nanami is a sweet lover in bed but i know my man owns a ton of sex toys he likes to torture you with and he gets off to you pleading him mercy when you already orgasmed more than 4 times. bold of you to asume he’s gonna stop, no honey, he will fuck you dumb all night long and will make you his sweet little fuck toy.
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