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#glow squid hate
upnormality · 16 days ago
i hate the glowsquid
it’s uglier than your mother, and that’s saying a lot
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and it’s even more useless than you and twitter combined, and that’s saying a lot
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its-elvie-innit · 7 months ago
I asked my brother 'moobloom, glow squid, or iceloger' and I have confirmed that he was, in fact, not a mistake
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squidsartblog · 8 months ago
I, for one, welcome our new Squid overlords
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failuresince2001 · 8 months ago
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justalitlecreacher · 8 months ago
I was neutral on the whole moobloom/glow squid thing but every post I see hating on people for voting for a “useless” retexture of a a squid instead of another retexture of a cow makes my support for glow squid grow
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inima · 8 months ago
pleeeeaase i want new flowers and a yellow friendly cow:((
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ranbee · 8 months ago
no more minecraft cow mobs. society had moved past the need for minecraft cow mobs.
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sea-pickle · 8 months ago
u guys better not fucking vote for the iceologer. did u not learn from the fucking phantom
vote moobloom!
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wisp-exe · 2 days ago
tiktok i do not want to see people hating on glow squids pls
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SHUUUUT UPPPP UR STUPID AND DUMB hi c how r u did u know theres already axolotl and glow squid farm tutorials im thinking of making one so i can write a bunch of signs in ur house and then makw rhem glowy i lied im not gonna do that im scared ur gonna blow up my house please dont
I thought you absolutely hated the glow squids huh?
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soupcorvus · 3 days ago
since i’ve been playing more minecraft over the course of the past few days, i’ve also been thinking about my minecraft ocs (which i haven’t done in a while, i can’t believe i forgot about them for that long), so here’s some more stuff on them (caves and cliffs update part 1 edition!)
(refer to this post if you want some context as to who these characters are)
one day, robynn finds an axolotl while exploring a cave in search of a spider, and they immediately go “oh gabriel would love this”, so they scoop up the axolotl in a bucket and bring it to him, and lo and behold he falls in love instantly
the axolotl is pink, so gabriel names it peony, and he ends up making a little pond for peony to swim around in
robynn finds amethyst shards in a chest in her family’s house and is just like “ooh i wanna take these and study em so bad” but alas they cannot do that so they just,, yearn
marigold’s family adopts a goat, and marigold hates how the goat gets into everything but still loves her very much (the goat has not been named yet)
elm (marigold’s brother) loves copper blocks, the first time he sees one is when his dad brings a couple home after a few hours in the mines, and he immediately asks if he can put one in his room
not only does he put the copper block in his room, but he replaces a chunk of the roof in his room with it because he likes the sound it makes when it rains :)
elm also takes part in caring for the goat (mostly because he kinda has to), but doesn’t like it as much as marigold does
marigold and elm’s family takes a short trip to a very cold place and all of them get to see glow squids for the first time, which they all enjoy seeing a lot, fun for the whole family yknow
that’s all for now i can’t think of anything else
thanks for reading (:
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cyrenid · 3 days ago
love how some people still hate dream for telling people to vote glow squid 😭
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