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anindecisivespirit · 22 minutes ago
This just in; Glanni Glæpur is a complete and utter disaster.
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shiftythrifting · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5 peice tea set, apple pie cabdle, the WORST cup, lighthouse fountain I really wanted, these glasses were glittery on the outside and felt disgusting to the touch.
Sioux city IA 4/16/21
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mariecoded · 34 minutes ago
Glitter and Starlight
Summary: Reggie has been there for Bobby through thick and thin. He's seen him at his worst and at his best. Despite everything he's been taught, he falls for the other boy.
Warnings: Homophobia, Internal Homophobia
A/N: Howdy! This fic does not have a set update schedule.
Chapter One: Kids Again 2014
Reggie is late on his first day of school. It's even worse considering that it's his first day at this school. He holds tightly to his mother's hand as they walk into the front office. He bites on his lip nervously.
"Hi, I'm here to fill out my son's paperwork. He's a new student."
The kind woman at the desk smiles. She smells like fresh baked cookies. "What's his name?"
"Reginald Peters." His mother smiles at the cookie smelling woman.
She types on her computer and a moment later, the printer whirrs to life, causing Reggie to jump. He stares at the printer as it spits out several pieces of paper.
The cookie smelling woman takes the papers off the printer and hands them to his mother along with a pen. Reggie watches his mom read the papers then sign them.
The cookie smelling woman turns to Reggie, "Would you like a lollipop sweetheart?" She smiles kindly.
Reggie nods, "Yes please."
The woman hands him a lollipop. Reggie peels off the paper and sticks the lollipop in his mouth. It tastes like a watermelon. He smiles gratefully at the woman.
Reggie's mother hands the completed paperwork to the woman, "Is that all?"
"I need to see some ID, then yes it is."
Reggie's mom searches through her bag for her ID. She hands it to the woman, who hands it back a moment later.
Reggie's mother kneels down next to him, "You be good, okay Reggie?"
Reggie nods, "Yes ma'am."
She stands back up and looks at the cookie smelling woman, who says, "I can show him to his class, thank you Mrs. Peters."
"Thank you." Reggie's mom smiles gratefully.
The woman behind the desk stands up and walks around the desk as Reggie's mother leaves the room. Reggie attempts to follow her, but the cookie smelling woman stops him. Reggie looks at her.
"I'm Rose, you're Reggie, right?"
Reggie nods.
"I'm going to show you to your class, okay?"
Reggie nods again, "Okay."
Rose stands up and leads Reggie to a classroom. She knocks on the door and it's opened by a tall man in purple. He smells like smoke. Reggie wrinkles his nose.
"Mr. Covington, this is Reggie, he'll be joining your class this year."
Mr. Covington smiles. It isn't a nice smile. Like he's planning on stealing your Twinkie at lunch.
"Well Reggie, it's a pleasure to have you in my class this year. Come on in." He steps aside and Reggie tentatively walks into the room. There's a lot of kid in here.
Mr. Covington grabs Reggie's arm and leads him to the front of the class. He calls for the class's attention, "Reggie, would you like to introduce yourself?"
Reggie fidgets with the hem of his tshirt as he talks, "Hi, I'm Reggie. I'm eleven and my favorite color is red." He turns to Mr. Covington, "Can I sit down now?"
Mr. Covington nods.
Reggie hurries to the only empty desk at the back of the class. The kid next to him smiles, "Hi Reggie, I'm Alex."
Reggie smiles, "Hi Alex."
That day at recess, Alex introduces Reggie to Luke, Bobby, and Julie.
Winter 2018
Reggie leans on Alex's shoulder, looking at his phone. Alex is showing him his boyfriend. "Isn't he the cutest?" Alex grins.
Reggie nods, "He's adorable." He doesn't mention all the times his church had put it in his head that being gay is wrong. It's to the point where he feels broken because of it. He remembers when he'd found out he wasn't as straight as he'd thought. That hadn't been a very pleasant day.
Alex clicks off his phone, "I can't wait to see him again. He's in Montana visiting his cousins." He has the biggest grin Reggie has ever seen on his face.
"You really love him, don't you?" Reggie's smile is a bit sad.
Alex's eyes glitter with joy, "Yeah, I think so."
Luke barges into the room a few moments later, "Who want's to quit school and start a band?"
Reggie and Alex jump, they hadn't been expecting Luke for at least another hour. He had guitar lessons.
"I'm down." Reggie grins.
"Luke, we're not old enough to drop out of school." Alex points out, "But other than that, I'm down."
Luke grins, "Sweet! I've already got Bobby as the rhythm guitarist. Alex you play drums, right?" Alex nods, "You can be our drummer, and Reggie you can play bass."
Reggie raises his hand, "I don't have a bass and I don't know how to play."
Luke points at him, "We can solve that."
They agree to meet at Julie's house because she has a studio/garage there.
The next day Luke shows up at Julie's house carrying his guitar and a bass.
"Where'd you get that?" Reggie frowns at the bass when Luke holds it out to him.
"I found it in the attic. It should work."
They spend the next few months teaching Reggie bass.
Summer 2018
"Reggie, we need to talk to you."
Reggie had know this was coming. His parents had been on the edge of divorce for ages. Fighting almost nightly.
He sits on the chair opposite of his parents, "What's up?" There's a nervous tone in his voice. There's a part of him that is worried they found out he was bi.
"Reggie," His mother takes his hand, "Your father  and I have made a decision to separate. We know that this is going to be hard for you, but it really is for the best."
Reggie nods, "Okay." His voice is barely above a whisper. At least there won't be fighting anymore.
His father smiles, "We wanted you to decide who you go with. Your mother is staying here, but I'm moving to Chicago."
Reggie takes a shaky breath, "I want to stay here, but I'll get to see you on breaks, right?"
His father nods, "Yeah kiddo. You're going to be with me on breaks, or for most of them at least. On the bright side, you get two Christmases."
Reggie doesn't see how that makes it better. "Okay."
After that, he walks to Julie's house He knocks on the door and Rose opens it. She was the kind woman who smelled like cookies and gave him a lollipop. She doesn't smell like cookies much anymore.
"Hey Reggie," She grins, "Is the band practicing today?"
Reggie shakes his head and his voice breaks as he speak, "No, I'm just here to hang out with Julie."
"What's wrong?" Rose's face softens, "Are they fighting again?"
He comes over a lot when his parents are fighting, "No. Not this time. They told me they're getting divorced." Then the tears start flowing down his face. No matter how prepared he was for this, he still wasn't ready. He never would've been.
Rose pulls him into her arms and holds him tightly. She was like a second mom to Reggie. She keeps whispering over and over, "It's okay, everything's okay." But everything wasn't okay. He was broken. His parent's marriage was broken. His family was broken. Everything was the opposite of okay.
When Rose finally lets him go, he's all but stopped crying. Reggie wipes his face on his sleeve, "Thank you." His voice is hoarse and cracking.
"You're welcome, Julie's in her room." Rose smiles sadly as Reggie walks by her to Julie's room. She's laying on her bed reading.
Reggie knocks on the open doorframe, "Hey Jules."
Julie looks at him over her book and smiles. She sets down her book and sits puts down her book, "Reggie, hi. What's going on?"
Reggie smiles sadly, "My parents told me they're getting a divorce. I didn't want to be over there for a while."
Julie nods, "Come here." She holds out her arms, "You need a hug."
Reggie walks over and sits on the bed next to her. Julie wraps her arms tightly around Reggie and quietly hums We're Gonna Be Friends.
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demolding · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍓 - source {don’t use without credit}
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glitter text
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kedas-stimgifs · 2 hours ago
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💙💗》 feel free to use with credit
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pipemanradio · 2 hours ago
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slimetek · 2 hours ago
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tommyinnit (dsmp) stimboard with glitter in bright pastel blue and red for @newyearsdaywar! hope you like it :D
credit: x x x | x x x | x x x
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night sky request
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requested by anon
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