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butchosprey · 17 hours ago
i think youtube has the record for platform i’ve blocked the most people on, i think im close to 150 comments i’ve had to delete / block the users of
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moon-arts02 · 17 hours ago
the glimmadora fandom is dead as fuck sorry
I unfortunately noticed! On Instagram they are a little more awake :)
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pikamikalikapika · 19 hours ago
Glimmadora stans really show their colors everyday and they are not great. No one cares about it anymore because y’all are racists fuckers 
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iholli · 21 hours ago
okay but like. I spent literally the entire first four seasons of She-Ra absolutely 100% certain Glimmadora was going to be endgame and then s5 was like wait what the fuck? so yeah c*tradora was a fucking joke tbh
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hagutan · 3 days ago
I can’t believe it’s canon that Adora is Glimmer’s beacon of hope and they don’t end up together
Tumblr media
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fannishcodex · 3 days ago
What if poly scorpia/adora/glimmer?
Tbh I did start thinking of that. Part of that's because I remembered Scorpia and Glimmer seemed to mostly nicely bond toward the end of season 4.
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fannishcodex · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shipping Glimmadora or Adorpia in my Spacebat!Adora AU with some screenshot redraws/edits, and there won’t be that other ship in my version at all.
ETA: Fixed Adorpia pic, forgot a detail on Spacebat!Adora’s design.
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ao3feed-glimmadora · 4 days ago
by LaChienJaune
“You’re embarrassing me,” said Adora light-heartedly. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, you just don’t know the game that well.” Catra had said that matter-of-factly and without malice, but Adora did not interpret it that way. “And you do?” said Adora in a defensive tone. Catra gestured at the board, still set up in the winning move. “Better than you, obviously.”
In which Catra and Adora make bad first impressions but just can't stop running into each other.
Words: 1183, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/F
Characters: Catra (She-Ra), Adora (She-Ra), Glimmer (She-Ra), Scorpia (She-Ra), Perfuma (She-Ra)
Relationships: Adora/Catra (She-Ra), Adora & Catra (She-Ra), Adora/Glimmer (She-Ra), Adora & Glimmer (She-Ra)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Chess, Romance, Drama, catradora, Glimadora (minor), Glitra (minor)
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obi-troll-kenobi · 4 days ago
I posted my latest Glimmadora video edit on a fb spop group. I already get some sad reactions and negative comments.
Everytime someone comments with “no” I just reply with “ haha glimmadora go brrrrrrrrrrrr “
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xsynhvx · 4 days ago
I can totally picture Glimmer not the S5 imposter, the real Glimmer running an anti c//a blog
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athetos · 5 days ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Adora/Glimmer (She-Ra) Characters: Adora (She-Ra), Glimmer (She-Ra), Original Characters Additional Tags: Fluff, family bonding!!!!!, Fankids - Freeform, references to memes because i love making adora a cringy mom, they love their daughters so much and they love their moms so much, some will be modern au others will be canon divergent Summary:
Adora and Glimmer were blessed with two daughters - who while getting into shenanigans of their own, have done nothing but make their lives brighter.
(A non-chronological collection of canon-verse and modern oneshots about their family)
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raiicore · 5 days ago
glimmadora doodles mayhaps 👉 👈
Tumblr media
i literally love them so much ugh
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unknownmorsel · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Angst gfs
(Second pictures provided by @freezingmyblitzballs)
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freezingmyblitzballs · 7 days ago
Chapters: 15/? Fandom: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Adora/Glimmer (She-Ra), Catra/Glimmer (Implied), Perfuma/Scorpia (She-Ra), Adora & Catra (She-Ra), Catra & Glimmer (She-Ra) Characters: Adora (She-Ra), Glimmer (She-Ra), Catra (She-Ra), Luna (OC), Ash (OC), Willow (oc), Like... literally the rest of the cast too, so im not tagging everyone, all the OGs are here Additional Tags: Coming of Age, Teen Angst, Family Fluff, Family Drama, Family Feels, second generation adventure, Trigger Warning: stillborn baby, Action/Adventure, Fluff and Angst, Domestic Fluff, Fankids - Freeform Summary:
Years after the war, Adora and Glimmer's happy ending is brought to an abrupt halt when their baby barely survives her own birth. Years later, as she grow up in a world of magic dubbed the 'Powerless Princess', Adora is forced to confront her own short comings as a mother. When her daughter reaches a breaking point and runs away from home on a desperate search for power, Adora embarks on a quest to find her--realizing too late that her own daughter's actions might mean the end of Etheria as they know it.
Two Part Finale: The Heart Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
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kylethebabyboy · 9 days ago
the way glimmer and adora always hug and tenderly touch one another.......
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a-dauntless-daffodil · 11 days ago
glimmadora being disasters at flirting is 100% <3, but consider
everyone else THINKS they’re terrible at it & oblivious to love, actually though, they are both on exactly the same wavelength. The wavelength is mainly swords
- A blushing Glimmer compliments Adora’s fighting
- Adora says 'thanks you too' and walks off
- Bow facepalms
- little does he know Adora walked away specifically so she could be out of sight when she hugs her sword to her chest and grins like an idiot
- 'she thinks I fight good…. she… LIKES me???' :)
- Adora spends a whole mission leaving Glimmer to run ahead and smash through any obstacles in their path
- their friends groan bc the mission was SUPPOSED to be an excuse for them to spend time TOGETHER
- That night Glimmer lays awake giggling over how cute Adora’s flirting was~
- Is there anything more romantic or sweet than a girl swinging her sword around, eagerly looking over her shoulder to check that you're watching her as she destroys stuff for you? Glimmer thinks not!
- The library scene from the original animated Beauty Beast movie except it's Glimmer showing Adora the real official Bright Moon armory AND letting her know she can borrow any sharp thing she likes from it, whenever she wants
- Adora doesn't swoon, but she does have to sit down for a while. probably on a giant crate full of swords
- Bow gets really excited reading Glimmer's diary that night but then shrieks in frustration when he realizes the Super Amazing Thing that Glimmer did with Adora that day was test out the durability of of her armor by beating at it with various weapons
- you can BET that Adora specifically offered to help Glimmer into her armor the next time she wore it into a fight
- 'its fine I don't need help' Glimmer says, a split second before seeing the Look that Adora is giving her
- 'ON SECOND THOUGHT SURE YES PLEASE HELP ME' she yells, a little unnecessarily, since Adora is already bending in close to help adjust her coat of plates, double check her chest plate, and make sure her sparkly glitter cape is flowing properly
- Their friends watch them, exasperated
- Mermista flatly points out that this is, like, the exact opposite of the kind of gay progress they're looking for-
- Cue Perfuma gently strangling her with vines, even though Glimmer's too flustered and Adora's too intent to notice literally anyone else
- Angella sets up a big fancy ‘family’ dinner and then invents some "urgent" reason to leave but Glimmer and Adora should absolutely stay and enjoy the candle light meal!!! Alone. Together
- instead Glimmer followers her, pestering to help with whatever the urgent thing is while Adora gets her sword ready
- a frazzled Angella suddenly finds herself planning an attack on the Horde just to keep from being caught out in her lie. Dinner ends up getting eaten cold while they’re all dead tired and still covered in soot from the fight
- Next day Glimmer and Adora are still beaming because of how they finally got to fight back-to-back in a big battle and it was So Fucking Cool
- Princess Alliance taking bets on when they’re finally confess
- Soonest bet is a year from now. The average is more like ten years to possibly a hundred, depending on how long of a life span She-Ra and the daughter of an immortal queen end up with
- Meanwhile Adora reads the dictionary definition of marriage and asks Glimmer if they got married on her first day in Bright Moon
- Glimmer’s like 'uh no not really'
- 'Oh', Adora says, clearly disappointed
- Glimmer explains that marriage is usually kinda hopefully about being with someone you love and get along with real well and want to build a life with….
- ….Adora just quietly says ‘I know’ and ‘I liked the idea of being married to you’ and ‘so is there anyone you would want to be with that way?’
- And Glimmer stares at her for a full minute before blurting out-
- ‘Nice’ Adora approves, ‘Bow’s really cool’
- ‘That he’s cool?’
- ‘Well it doesn’t have to be anymore. You have lots of friends now, Glimmer.’
- ‘Yeah… um, Adora? Can I say something really, REALLY awkward?’
- ‘Sure.’
- ‘...I’ve started daydreaming of marrying you, too.’
- Adora considers this
- ‘Huh…. Couldn’t we just…. get real-life married instead?’
- Glimmer bursts into hysterical laughter. Adora is confused right up until Glimmer hugs her and suggests ‘lets wait a year and see if we’re still into it then, okay?’
- Adora frowns, ‘if we beat the Horde a year from now, would that make a good engagement present?’ - ‘THE BEST’ – ‘I’m on it’
- Bow sees them tenderly holding hands afterwards and LOSES HIS MIND OH MY GOD WHY WON’T THESE TWO USELESS GAYS JUST KISS ALREADY???
- kisses didn’t exist in the Fright Zone
- Headbutts of affection did though
- Angella watches helplessly as her daughter slams her forehead into Adora’s and is utterly bemused when they both laugh and hug each other afterwards
- no one else gets what’s going on with glimmadora, and that’s ok. They get each other juuust fine <3
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