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myrtleandberry · 12 days ago
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04.04.21 | happy easter, everyone!!! just finished studying 1/3 of topics for tomorrow’s exam. if I feel like it tonight, I might also push myself to study 1-2 topics for tuesday’s exam. :)
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myrtleandberry · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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good morning!!! here are photos from yesterday. it’s 830am and i just slept for 12hrs. i fell asleep in the middle of watching ocean 13 which i know is a sin but!!! i’ve only been getting 3-5 hrs of sleep since monday because of exams so thank god my 7am class just got moved to 4pm. i’ve opened the window to let the cold, damp air into my bedroom and the weather’s not hot, just perfectly cool this morning. 😌 now i’m going to eat breakfast of crepe and nutella and have some coffee while i print jaeger’s chart for later’s intro to physical diagnosis practice session. and probably do my biochem manual then. 😌
day 8: take on international women’s day. / feminism should encompass all races and gender (e.g. trans). women have been fighting for this for centuries and the fight does not end here because esp in our country, we’re still heavily patriarchal. but that doesn’t mean that there’s no hope. there always is.
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tryingmybestblr · 2 months ago
If you ever end up reading any of the books on the list, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! :)
I will! I‘ve got it in mind, but I’m also on a mission to finish all the unread books on my shelf this year so it might take a while <3
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cancerbiophd · 3 months ago
so my lab is switching over to purple gloves. and when my PI asked me about what i thought of purple gloves, i immediately thought about you and your tumblr icon 😂
awwww yissssss purple gloves are the best!! 
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55studies · 6 months ago
Send this to ten other bloggers you think are wonderful! Keep going to make someone smile! 💛
i love !! you !!! ˆ̑‵̮ˆ̑
i hope you’re doing well !
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myrtleandberry · 7 months ago
Send this to ten other bloggers you think are wonderful! Keep going to make someone smile! 💛
Thank you, Tulips 😍 I hope everything’s alright on your end! 🤗
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noodledesk · 7 months ago
Send this to ten other bloggers you think are wonderful! Keep going to make someone smile! 💛
hey thank you so much :)
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phdead · 7 months ago
Send this to ten other bloggers you think are wonderful! Keep going to make someone smile! 💛
TULIPPP💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 you’re the sweetest 🥰🥰🥰🥰💜💕💛💛😍😍💜💜💜🥰🥰🥰🥰💛💛💕💕💜
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cancerbiophd · 7 months ago
CONGRATS ON SUBMITTING YOUR DISSERTATION!!! I'm so excited for you. i guess now you'll finally get to change your blog title ;)
haha i really do!! i’ve been thinking of a few ideas, and i know it’s cliche, but i’m pretty partial to “not that kind of doctor” bc it makes me laugh every time
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cancerbiophd · 8 months ago
gliagirlphd replied to your post “My pi only does "..." To end text messages and oh boi reading those...”
My PI texts short replies and I can't figure out if she's frustrated, angry or just busy. It's a cycle of anxiety trying to decipher her texts
and on the other side of things, this is how my PI texts:
Tumblr media
when she sent this i refused to look at my phone for a good hour.
oh and i can’t forget this gem. this is an email she sent to me after my last committee meeting:
Tumblr media
i literally. copy and pasted it to word so i could double space it. and then even after that it took me like 3 whole days to finish reading/comprehending everything. 
we need a PI whose communication habits are in between mine and yours 😭
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universi-tea · 9 months ago
For the cafe ask: Old English~!
Old English : You’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you?
I’d probably bring my outdoorsy-est friend who would totally know how to build a fire with sticks and make a fishing net from vines haha
cafe asks ☕️
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universi-tea · 9 months ago
hello! cadmium yellow + rose for the ask game :)
thank you!!
cadmium yellow; when you think of the word “happy” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
wildflower fields, sunday brunch, watching the sunset with friends and a melty ice cream cone  
rose; what’s something really positive going on in your life right now?
getting to spend more time at home has actually been really nice!! i’ve found a lot of hobbies and am saving a lot of money not going out all the time (also not making any money but)
🌿watercolor asks
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55studies · 9 months ago
Vos you are such a sweet sweet human being!! Thank you for all the notes of encouragement. Also I got the song (the one you recommended from the ask game) stuck in my head now~
oh my goodness asdfjkl you are the sweetest ! and most beautiful:’)
i’m so glad you liked it ! it’s the epitome of my sophomore year in college^^
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55studies · 9 months ago
Hello~ here for the song recommendation. Name: Tulip; my favorite (recent) memory: The day my best friend came to visit me after my first committee meeting and we went out to celebrate my first milestone in grad school!
tulip my lovely tulip this is such a nice memory !! congratulations on this milestone:)) seeing your best friend is always such a nice memory
it reminded me of when my best friend kept asking me when my class ended on a really cold and windy day so that he could surprise us by picking us up in his warm car. best friends are always the best !
this song is, in my mind, a good fit ! me and michael by MGMT  congratulations once again, and i’m glad you got to see your best friend !
send me your name and your favourite memory and i’ll respond with a matching memory and one of my favourite songs
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universi-tea · 9 months ago
Hello Abby! How are you doing? I really like your Saturday sleepover idea!
thanks!! they’re always so fun i love chatting w you guys!!
i’m doing good!! it’s thundering REALLY hard and i had a nice nap :) 
✨sleepover saturday ✨
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myrtleandberry · 9 months ago
hey! I know I wished you Happy Birthday already, but I wanted to wish you again on here! I hope you have a fantastic day! You are honestly such a sweet, kind, and golden-hearted person. You're already a superhero, and I hope you have a really good day!!! 💛💛💛💛
Good morning!! Waking up to this is just 🥺
You’re very sweet! Thank you so much. I hope you have a nice day too 😌🤧
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myrtleandberry · 10 months ago
Hey Myrtle! How are you doing? P.S Your new hair cut is pretty!
Hello, you!! I’m great. I’ve just been painting my apartment walls, reading on my spare time, and arm wrestling with biochemistry as usual.
I hope your work load is better now! Don’t forget to take lots of rest and drink water. You got this!!
Also, thank you for complimenting my haircut!!! Having a trim is just so refreshing. 💛✨
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noodledesk · 10 months ago
for the soft ask: #20, #29, #9 !
9.  What’s a smell that reminds you of home?
sesame oil! we always add it to our noodles :) it’s so fragrant... and delicious
20.  What’s the sweetest thing someone has done for you?
oh gosh!!! i’m not sure if i can name the sweetest thing ever but one that comes to mind is that my roommates like to slip gifts / silly notes to each other under our doors while we’re out or sleeping!
29.  Do you collect anything? And what are some hobbies you have?
i used to collect magnets from the places i’d travelled to but stopped doing that after a while. right now i collect letters & cards (but i think everyone might do this?) and passages of writing I really love, which I copy down in notebook dedicated to them. as for hobbies i love to draw, write poetry, play piano, watch movies, cook, dance, play video games, make playlists, and read!!! i don’t know if it’s a hobby but i also really love.... coming up with more efficient systems to organize myself!
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docresa · 11 months ago
#24: what’s something you do to de-stress?
Hmm that’s a good question! :D
I’d say sitting at the riverside is something that I find very soothing. Also going to the cinema or opera is something that I’d consider recreative. I also always enjoy seeing friends - as long as we’re not preparing for state exams, in that case that can be pretty stressing, too.
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terhangus · 11 months ago
what’s your morning routine like, if you have one?
hi tulip, thanks so much for the ask!!! <3 nowadays my morning routine is my dawn routine because of waking up for sahur in preparation for fasting, which consists of: heating up rice & leftovers, or cooking ramyun lmao (with eggs ofc)!! after eating, it’s sleeping until afternoon. :( yike... im trying to change it
i’d really to have a consistent morning routine, so i’ll do my ideal: wake up at the stretch between 6-7, shower, skincare routine, then breakfast. preferably honey on toast + milk tea. list the things i need/want to do on notion & bujo. only after then do i check my social media if i needed. ugh i hate my constant need to be stimulated & i get sucked into momentary, bite-sized stuff!! instead of focusing that energy to things that have more “weight” (i can only think of berbobot in indonesian rn) to them!!
sometimes i forget how having a stable routine just grounds me and keeps me comfortable in my own skin. but that forgetting/remembering part is just part of a cycle! no need to punish myself if i don’t/can’t do it. 
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