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#girl help
choko-lattee · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
online classes started this week and like always, I am tired at 8 am and fucking FREEZING
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kingdumbass · 3 hours ago
I need to change my ao3 username I just don’t want it to say kingdumbass because then no one will take my serious fics seriously lol
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L’s nightly spn time this evening and:
L: Mammmmma I want da one on your writin’ notebook.
Me: ..oh, you mean this one? [pulls out notebook from redbubble with art on the cover by @castyel]
L: Yeah! One where Cas has a moooooostache.
Me: Endverse.
L:  YAH.  Cas got a beard.
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virgo-dicks · 4 hours ago
Any nice jewish boys want to lay me flat on my back & rearrange my guts? 👉🏻👈🏻🥺
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fingers · 4 hours ago
i haven't had a fever like this in yearsssss
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i-ll-be-the-moon · 4 hours ago
*slaps the me* this bad boy can fit so much projecting onto fictional characters into it
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softhyungkyun · 5 hours ago
this has been out for 13 hours and im only listening to it now skndckjndsf
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wormy-worm · 8 hours ago
I thought since everyone's posting their book four predictions I'll go ahead and post mine lmao
these are directly copy pasted from my notes app <3
B4 predictionz
Memory wipe
Min-gi/ryan and amelia/alrick parallels
Tape lore
I cry again <3
min and ryan sing a duet
Amelia lore amelia lore
Takes place at the beginning of/during amelias takeover
Kez is the one that makes me cry. kez.
Dramatic spit up
Train glitch/malfunction (202+202=404?)
it's at LEAST a queer allegory (a la book 2)
Off train episode....?
I'm just really excited for amelia lmao
It's extremely tender
They end up healthily going their separate ways at the end
Min doesn't really want what ryan wants or what he used too when he was a kid, this upsets ryan, he gets a bit pushy defensive abt it.
Kez is the best character.
Min-gi and ryan hold hands :)
Homo homosexual gay
It's 100 percent gonna be a prequel lol
Something happens to kez.
I get even MORE trust issues than the last book <3 (somehow)
Repressed ass emotions. Refusal to confront feelings, whether they be romantic or not
The astronaut car episode is (DEFINITELY) really important.
Another brutal ass death scene.
General train lore
One-one used to be just "one" n got split into two, one is kinda shitty
blease give us a song. blease
Min n ryan are just kleinsen dear evan hansen but real
I get extremely emotionally attached to ryan and min
This season is calmer than the last one....?
I just really want ryan and min-gi to hold hands man :(
Min-gi is shwshshhwhhhhhhhhwhsndj 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😿😿😿😿😿.
One of the boyz loses their boots
The cats here (CONFIRMED BABY!)
Kez is up to something
Ryan and kez cause problems on purpose <3
Min is tired. So so tired
We learn what the fuck the steward is/is for.
Amelia makes things difficult.
Kez gets dinged
Tapes are DEF gonna be important in this one
I am SO ready to look like a clown let's go
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ghoooooooooooooooost · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
ghooost goes thru it
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worldend · 14 hours ago
AUGH my back hurts so bad
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oatfreckle · 14 hours ago
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seaurchns · 19 hours ago
if i had a nickel for every time someone im mutuals with made a textpost that somehow ended up showing up in a video on my youtube recommended id have two nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice
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plaidsuitapologist · 20 hours ago
hi sedona here i woke up and the eye mask thing i sleep with was. was like resting on my forehead despite me definitely having it on all night so idk what that means but lord help me
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dreamtakers · a day ago
im finally watching the george vod from yesterday and christ why is he in the nether for so long–
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emiya-official · a day ago
before i corrected the typo in that last post i got hit with the other major problem of navel gazing under drowsiness: thinking one word but then typing a completely different one
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uraharapropoganda · a day ago
oohhhh fuck i forgot my twitch password
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plaidsuitapologist · a day ago
if i do not get the eight hours of sleep tonight i am owed i am officially entering my villain arc
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