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#girl crush
sandymoon55 · 36 minutes ago
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awshlay · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Top row: Aimee & Alaina
Bottom row: Devyn, Chelsea, Nate, & Danielle
They’ve all gotten so big! They’ve gotten close over the years too. It makes their momma’s so happy 🥲
They’re headed to middle school and we don’t know how to handle it.. we’re starting to notice some crushes happening within the friend circle, so us mommas gotta keep an eye on that as well. 🤔
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bitchboypussy · a day ago
Tumblr media
It is not your fault
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lovelywomanlover · a day ago
7 Minutes in Heaven
After being invited to a party by Luna, you find yourself in a game of 7 minutes in heaven ;)
Tumblr media
You wiped your clammy hands against your black thin, strapped, short dress. All the houses decided to have a massive party in the room of requirements. You chose to put on something a little sexier than usual, considering none other than your year-long crush would be there. Ever since you and Luna had been partners in herbology last year, you had been enthralled with the quirky blonde.
Finally deciding to enter the door, immediately met with absolute chaos, the sound of loud music and alcohol filling your senses.
“Y/n! Come here!” Yelled Luna from a beat-up-looking brown couch. You smiled through the butterflies and walked over to the beautiful blonde who was now in a dark green slip dress with large hoop earrings that had a small cannabis icon at the bottom of them.
“Hey, I didn’t think you’d come, nerd,” laughed Fred, who was higher than a kite. You rolled your eyes and gingerly sat beside Luna, smoothing out the bottom of your dress. Your mind racked through conversation starters, desperate to impress the stoner blonde who was always on your mind. Before you could say something to embarrass yourself, a loud announcement came from a very drunk Ron.
“EVERYONE IN A CIRCLE FOR A GAME OF 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” You were about to deny the game until Luna grabbed your hand, smirking and dragging you down to the ground with everyone else. Your heart was going haywire as you tried processing the situation. As pairs slowly walked off and the numbers in the circle dwindled, your nerves only spiked. What if you got paired with someone else?
“Alright, Luna, you’re up. Spin the bottle,” slurred Harry. Pale, thin fingers gripped the empty beer bottle, and as the bottle slowed, Luna stopped it with her foot right as it passed you.
“Hey! That’s cheating!” Yelled an annoyed Ron.
“Oh shut up, Ronald,” Hermoine nudged her oblivious boyfriend with an eye roll.
“Come on, cutie,” laughed Luna leading a stunned you to one of the separate rooms. You were still trying to work through if this was a dream or not as you allowed the blonde to drag you into the room. A soft click of a lock dragged you out of your stupor. Luna made her way towards you slowly, a glint of lust in her eyes.
“I’ve seen the way you look at me,” she whispered into your ear, her lips tickling you; they were so close—soft kisses trailed below your ear and down your collarbone.
“I-I don’t know what you mean,” you stuttered, trying to contain the moans that were desperately attempting to escape.
“I know when you’re lying, kitten,” she mumbled against your neck as she slowly pushed you against a wall that you were unaware was there. The smell of vanilla and honey mixed with weed, filling your senses, already addicted to the drug of her scent.
She slowly brought her knee against you, coaxing a long moan from you. Hands snaked around your hips as she began a steady rhythm.
“Such pretty sounds. Gonna be a good girl for me?”
Your eyes tightened, your underwear getting impossibly wetter. Unable to respond, you quickly nodded your head whining.
Her knee came to an abrupt stop as her hand caressed your cheek, “words, princess.”
“Yes, I’ll be a good girl,” you moaned.
“Good’ she smirked, proud of the effect she had on you. Continuing her torturously slow pace, you began to buck your hips, desperate for her to go faster. She complied, deciding to give you what you wanted, and started going faster. Throwing your head back, you moaned loudly, no longer caring about all the foreign sounds coming out of your mouth.
“You’re so good for me, y/n.” You felt so close to the edge despite neither of you removing a single garment. You heard Luna muttering ‘you’re so wet,” under her breath, making your face flush even more. You secretly wanted to be choked but were far too embarrassed to ask.
“What is it? I can tell you want something.” Embarrassed at being caught, you decided to grab her soft hand and bring it on top of your neck.
“Please,” you whined out. Luna’s eyes darkened with lust as she groaned, tightening her hand around your neck. The mix of choking, her knee, and the way she had started sucking your neck, leaving visible marks, became all too much.
“I-im close,” you exclaimed, knowing everyone outside the room could probably hear your declaration. Luna grunted, fastening her pace.
“Me too, baby, but don’t come until I say,” Screwing your eyes shut, you tried holding back, waiting for her to grant your sweet release.
“Now,” she yelled into your hair, allowing you to finally come undone. The feeling was too much as your legs gave out, and you sank to the floor, her following soon after. You were still dazed, barely processing the light kisses Luna peppered across your face.
“ I think we may have taken a little more than seven minutes,” she laughed, nestling into your neck.
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idolsgeneration · a day ago
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darkaestheticsxx · a day ago
I want a girlfriend but I keep crushing on guys
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Tumblr media
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takemehomef · 2 days ago
I got a heart rush it ain't slowing down
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vvalfer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
That's my boy 😎🔥
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dirty-littl3-th1ng · 2 days ago
I make out with a cute goth girl while we listen to Girl Crush by Boys Noize and Rico Nasty
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fyeahluckydreams · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
She is a queen 👑
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eveantoi · 3 days ago
Sharing some love affirmations as my first Tumblr ❤️
I’ve been married for 5 years now (I got married at 21) & I was a single mom prior to finding my twin flame/husband.
I wasn’t always lucky with love before, so I just want to help someone who is manifesting love into their lives!
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