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kattsamu · 3 minutes ago
What do you think Omi smells like? As in not in a weird way I mean like the types of scents/frangrance. I think he’d smell really clean but also hella manly and it’d be such a nice scent to cuddle up to and enjoy as he embraces you in his arms. I reckon even his natural scent would be amazing too, like without cologne.
Oooo please this ask made me so happy!! I have thought about it tooooo much. 😭
I definitely feel he smell clean and expensive. Like he washes his hair in tea tree probably. You know the kind that makes your scalp tingle. A very fresh smell. But he baths in body wash that has a very “warm vanilla sugar” vibe to it. sighs deeply
Also i think he def wears good exspensive cologne. Like thats more for going to events/ family get togethers/parties etc. and i know exactly what brand cause clearly ive thought about this too much. Its called “She Came to Stay” ...Eau de Parfum by Timothy Han. Its has a combination of (oof let me copy and paste) Geranium, Basil, Lemon, Indonesian Clove, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Vetiver, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Cedarwood. I love the idea of old money sakusa so this just adds to it
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sexysilverstrider · 3 minutes ago
bored so time to summarize When One Is Just aka the sequel to my ferriswheshipping series When Two Are One
2 years after the event everyone seems to move on. mei is now the main character of the story. she is aware of the heroic deeds of white, the hero of truth but has never met her since the same person also disappeared months after the huge incident. the story is pretty canon compliant to bw2s plot.
but the lore here is kyurem is the empty husk of reshiram and dragon, hence is masterless. theres a tale where it once has a friend instead of a master, where the person befriended the empty shell of a dragon before their passing. kyurem is connected to a pendant by its friend; the pendant now lost to time.
mei has a cute pendant her mother gave her as a good luck charm :)
fast forward to mei confronting ghetsis. kyurem is being mind controlled by ghetsis using tht brainwash thing. N saves the day before mei gets impaled. trying and failing to reason with his asshole of a dad, N is then horrified by one realization.
white is captured and frozen in time by ghetsis scientific + magical contraption. its shape into an orb and placed on ghetsiss staff. N can see her and her team sleeping and unchanging.
ridden with guilt and anger, N fused with zekrom like how white did with reshiram. but this time N has more control and consciousness so he knows he will win.
ghetsis uses his device to force kyurem fuse with him. now he has his own magical kyurem armour and goes against magical boy N. mei only watches his horror as the cave is slowly starting to collapse. all seems like a lost as N and zekrom gets overpowered.
but before ghetsis can celebrate, kyurem finally has 100% of its consciousness and body. and what did it do?
it transform back to kyurem. right from inside ghetsis. literally.
its claws. its sturdy tail. its giant head. its more giant body. all started to burst out of ghetsis as the man pops like a fleshy balloon.
once free with ghetsis nothing but blood and shattered bones, kyurem forces zekrom out of N and fuses with the dragon of ideals. N gets stunned and weakened but manages to catch the staff that trapped white and gang. panicked, he shatters the orb and finally frees the one he misses the most.
black kyurem goes apeshit and the city nearby is about to be destroyed. all hope seems lost as people and pokemon are being frozen solid and shattered like ice.
but mei then tries to reason with kyurem. she knows the pokemon has been ignored isolated and mistreated. this action finally causes the pendant tk react. she wants to bring justice to kyurems life.
she is the Hero of Just.
mei turns out to be the descendant of the ancestor who befriended kyurem before they get executed for being blamed of controlling a monster. mei sees the memories and cries at the horrifying revelation. she faces her ancestor and hears the words help my friend....
everyone panics as mei calmly approaches kyurem who had spat zekrom out. hyu sees her and man has never felt so much fear in his life.
magical blinks later mei fuses with kyurem. she too is now a magical girl. she sees and feels kyurems memories. she empathizes and sympathizes with the poor creature. theyre friends now.
in her hero form, mei unfreezes the land. unfortunately those shattered she cant save but at least most damage has been undone.
white is in a coma. she looks just the same 2 years ago. she and her pokemon never aged but look very weak due to the comatose. bianca and cheren are distraught and miss their friend. N feels guilty as hell. he starts crying and secretly seeing her one night to say that he should leave for her peace and safety.
after he leaves, theres a scene where whites fingers twitch; finally a semblance of movement from her.
N meets mei one final time in his broken castle. N confronts his past and fears and cries to mei. they have a battle before N decides to disappear again.
but of course. white finally comes into the castle and shouts Ns name at the top of her lungs. all while dressed in her hospital gown.
her team is alive and awake too. reshiram healing the fastest brings her to N. white starts punching Ns shoulders and chest and cries about how much she misses him and wants to see him and N is too overwhelmed by emotion of her to respond properly. hw just lets her vent out.
mei tries to stop white but isaac, whites samurott pops out of the ball looking VERY menacing thinking mei is a threat. meis serperior is horrified.
white then faints after overpushing herself. back to the hospital.
N and white finally lets out their feelings and emotions. N cries. white cries. she says theres nothinf to forgive (except maybe leaving her on that night). the two hug and make up for lost time. acting on instinct N just kisses her face and shoulders. he doesnt know what hes doing but he knows he wants to feel her. alive and real in his arms. white just lets him be as she misses him deeply.
SO the ending is mei is the lost hero of just. she and kyurem are friends but kyurem prefers to chill in the chasm while mei can contact with him emotionally and mentally via the pendant. she visits sometimes. hyu worries for her and they get closer in time :3c
but of course the star of the show is ferriswheelshipping. N and white make up and both decide to never. ever. leave each other again :') 💕
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melonfairyghost · 4 minutes ago
I just had a realization that's probably been realized 989,001+ times already but
Why aren't there Light Type Pokémon? >:(
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mytwilightimagines13 · 6 minutes ago
Amnesia (Book Two)(Part Ten)(Alec Volturi)
Tumblr media
The Trial
As the pause lengthened, Edward's breath speed up. "Edward?" Carlisle asked, low and anxious. ‘'They're not sure how to proceed. They're weighing options, choosing key targets - me, of course, you, Eleazar, Tanya. Marcus is reading the strength of our ties to each other, looking for weak points. The Romanians' presence irritates them. They're worried about the faces they don't recognize - Zafrina and Senna in particular - and the wolves, naturally. He is debating whether Maeryn’s gift could break Bella’s shield, or atleast crack it enough for Alec and Jane’s gift to slip through, just as it did with Renate’s shield.” A few gasps filled the air and they looked at Bella, who also looked concerned. “ However, they've never been outnumbered before. That's what stopped them." "Outnumbered?" Tanya whispered incredulously. "They don't count their witnesses," Edward breathed. "They are nonentities, meaningless to the guard. Aro just enjoys an audience." "Should I speak?" Carlisle asked. Edward hesitated, then nodded. "This is the only chance you'll get." Carlisle squared his shoulders and paced several steps ahead of our defensive line. He spread his arms, holding his palms up as if in greeting. "Aro, my old friend. It's been centuries." The white clearing was dead silent for a long moment. The strain mounted as the seconds ticked by. And then Aro stepped forward out of the center of the Volturi formation. Renate moved with him as if the tips of her fingers were sewn to his robe. For the first time, the Volturi ranks reacted. A muttered grumble rolled through the line, eyebrows lowered into scowls, lips curled back from teeth. Even Maeryn felt her lips curl back from her teeth, however, Alec squeezed her hand and pulled her slightly closer to him, calming her down. A few of the guard leaned forward into a crouch. Aro held one hand up toward them. "Peace." He walked just a few paces more, then cocked his head to one side. His milky eyes glinted with curiosity. "Fair words, Carlisle," he breathed in his thin, wispy voice. "They seem out of place, considering the army you've assembled to kill me, and to kill my dear ones." Carlisle shook his head and stretched his right hand forward as if there were not still almost a hundred yards between them. "You have but to touch my hand to know that was never my intent." Aro's shrewd eyes narrowed. "But how can your intent possibly matter, dear Carlisle, in the face of what you have done?" He frowned, and a shadow of sadness crossed his features - whether it was genuine or not, I could not tell. "I have not committed the crime you are here to punish me for." "Then step aside and let us punish those responsible. Truly, Carlisle, nothing would please me more than to preserve your life today." "No one has broken the law, Aro. Let me explain." Again, Carlisle offered his hand. Before Aro could answer, Caius drifted swiftly forward to Aro's side. "So many pointless rules, so many unnecessary laws you create for yourself, Carlisle," the white-haired ancient hissed. "How is it possible that you defend the breaking of one that truly matters?" Maeryn agreed, who did they think they were anyway? "The law is not broken. If you would listen - " "We see the child, Carlisle," Caius snarled. "Do not treat us as fools." "She is not an immortal. She is not a vampire. I can easily prove this with just a few moments - " Caius cut him off. "If she is not one of the forbidden, then why have you massed a battalion to protect her?" "Witnesses, Caius, just as you have brought." Carlisle gestured to the angry horde at the edge of the woods; some of them growled in response. "Any one of these friends can tell you the truth about the child. Or you could just look at her, Caius. See the flush of human blood in her cheeks." "Artifice!" Caius snapped. "Where is the informer? Let her come forward!" He craned his neck around until he spotted Irina lingering behind the wives. "You! Come!" Irina stared at him uncomprehendingly, her face like that of someone who has not entirely awakened from a hideous nightmare.
Impatiently, Caius snapped his fingers. One of the wives' huge bodyguards moved to Irina's side and prodded her roughly in the back. Irina blinked twice and then walked slowly toward Caius in a daze. She stopped several yards short, her eyes still on her sisters. Caius closed the distance between them and slapped her across the face. It couldn't have hurt, but there was something terribly degrading about the action. It was like watching someone kick a dog. Tanya and Kate hissed in synchronization. Irina's body went rigid and her eyes finally focused on Caius. He pointed one clawed finger at Renesmee, where she clung to Bella’s back, her fingers still tangled in the wolf’s fur. A growl rumbled through its chest. "This is the child you saw?" Caius demanded. "The one that was obviously more than human?" Irina peered at the foes, examining Renesmee for the first time since entering the clearing. Her head tilted to the side, confusion crossed her features. "Well?" Caius snarled. "I... I'm not sure," she said, her tone perplexed. Caius's hand twitched as if he wanted to slap her again. "What do you mean?" he said in a steely whisper. "She's not the same, but I think it's the same child. What I mean is, she's changed. This child is bigger than the one I saw, but - " Caius's furious gasp crackled through his suddenly bared teeth, and Irina broke off without finishing. Aro flitted to Caius's side and put a restraining hand on his shoulder. "Be composed, brother. We have time to sort this out. No need to be hasty." With a sullen expression, Caius turned his back on Irina. "Now, sweetling," Aro said in a warm, sugary murmur. "Show me what you're trying to say." He held his hand out to the bewildered vampire. Uncertainly, Irina took his hand. He held hers for only five seconds. "You see, Caius?" he said. "It's a simple matter to get what we need." Caius didn't answer him. From the corner of his eye, Aro glanced once at his audience, his mob, and then turned back to Carlisle. "And so we have a mystery on our hands, it seems. It would appear the child has grown. Yet Irina's first memory was clearly that of an immortal child. Curious." "That's exactly what I'm trying to explain," Carlisle said, and from the change in his voice, Maeryn could guess at his relief. This was the pause they had pinned all their precious hopes on. However, it was pathetic to even begin with. Carlisle held out his hand again. Aro hesitated for a moment. "I would rather have the explanation from someone more central to the story, my friend. Am I wrong to assume that this breach was not of your making?" "There was no breach." "Be that as it may, I will have every facet of the truth." Aro's feathery voice hardened. "And the best way to get that is to have the evidence directly from your talented son." He inclined his head in Edward's direction. "As the child clings to his newborn mate, I'm assuming Edward is involved." Edward turned to quickly kiss Bella’s forehead and Renesmee's, not meeting her eyes. Then he strode across the snowy field, clapping Carlisle on the shoulder as he passed. A low whimper cloud be heard from behind the first row of foes - Esme's terror breaking through. Good. Be afraid. They all should be. Jane smiled as Edward crossed the midpoint in the distance between the two sides, when he was closer to the Volturi than he was to the foes. That smug little smile did it for Bella. Her fury peaked and her muscles tightened, and she acted automatically. She threw her shield with all the force in her mind, flung it across the impossible expanse of the field like a javelin. Her breath rushed out in a huff with the exertion. The shield blew out from her in a bubble of sheer energy, a mushroom cloud of liquid steel. It pulsed like a living thing. This was the moment Maeryn had waited for. Alec squeezed her hand one more time before releasing it, letting her use her power. Maeryn removed her hands from under her dark, grey cloak  and she concentrated on the barely visible bubble Bella was creating, trying to protect Edward. Maeryn slowly closed
her hand, feeling her gift sifting through her fingers. Her shield was strong, but slowly small cracks started to form, yet it took all that Maeryn had to keep these cracks open. Bella looked worried, but soon that look of worry turned into a glare. Jane had also noticed the cracks and tried to use her gift on Bella. A frustrating growl escaped her lips and Maeryn knew why. Bella had a second shield, a shield Maeryn couldn’t break. At least not yet. Maeryn dropped her hands and the shield repaired itself, though it was weaker than before. Barely a second had passed. Edward was still walking to Aro. Edward stopped a few steps away from Aro, Edward's chin came up arrogantly, and he held his hand out to Aro as if he were conferring a great honor.  Maeryn growled lowly, warning him. However, Aro seemed only delighted with his attitude, but his delight was not universal. Renate fluttered nervously in Aro’s shadow. Caius's scowl was so deep it looked like his papery, translucent skin would crease permanently. Little Jane showed her teeth, and beside her Alec's eyes narrowed in concentration. Maeryn growled lowly, warning him. They all were ready to act at a second's notice. Aro closed the distance without pause - and really, what did he have to fear? The hulking shadows of the lighter gray cloaks - the brawny fighters like Felix - were but a few yards away. Jane and her burning gift could throw Edward on the ground, writhing in agony. Alec could blind and deafen him before he could take a step in Aro's direction. And Maeryn could turn him to dust in a matter of seconds. Making it look like he had never existed at all. And ontop of that, she had just found out she was able to crack Bella’s shield, allowing at least Alec’s gift to slip through. With an untroubled smile, Aro took Edward's hand. His eyes snapped shut at once, and then his shoulders hunched under the onslaught of information. Every secret thought, every strategy, every insight - everything Edward had heard in the minds around him during the last month - was now Aro's. Bella hissed with frustration, and the shield roiled with her irritation, shifting its shape and contracting around their side. "Easy, Bella," Zafrina whispered to her. Aro continued to concentrate on Edward's memories. Edward's head bowed, too, the muscles in his neck locking tight as he read back again everything that Aro took from him, and Aro's response to it all. This two-way but unequal conversation continued long enough that even the guard grew uneasy. Low murmurs ran through the line until Caius barked a sharp order for silence. Jane was edging forward like she couldn't help herself, and Renata's face was rigid with distress. Aro straightened, his eyes flashing open, their expression awed and wary. He did not release Edward's hand. Edward's muscles loosened ever so slightly. "You see?" Edward asked, his velvet voice calm. "Yes, I see, indeed," Aro agreed, and amazingly, he sounded almost amused. "I doubt whether any two among gods or mortals have ever seen quite so clearly." The disciplined faces of the guard showed disbelief. "You have given me much to ponder, young friend," Aro continued. "Much more than I expected." Still he did not release Edward's hand, and Edward's tense stance was that of one who listens. Edward didn't answer. "May I meet her?" Aro asked - almost pleaded - with sudden eager interest. "I never dreamed of the existence of such a thing in all my centuries. What an addition to our histories!" "What is this about, Aro?" Caius snapped before Edward could answer. Maeryn felt the same. She was curious, but she was even more bloodthirsty. She wanted nothing more than to crush Isabella Cullen. The only vampire known to stand against her mate’s gift. "Something you've never dreamed of, my practical friend. Take a moment to ponder, for the justice we intended to deliver no longer applies." Caius hissed in surprise at his words. "Peace, brother," Aro cautioned soothingly. This would have been good news for the Cullens, if not for the double tone the message was delivered with. 
"Will you introduce me to your daughter?" Aro asked Edward again. Caius was not the only one who hissed at this new revelation. Edward nodded reluctantly. Aro still gripped Edward's hand, and he now answered a question that the rest of the vampires had not heard. "I think a compromise on this one point is certainly acceptable, under the circumstance. We will meet in the middle." Aro released his hand. Edward turned back toward us, and Aro joined him, throwing one arm casually over Edward's shoulder like they were the best of friends - all the while maintaining contact with Edward's skin. They began to cross the field back to our side. The entire guard fell into step behind them. Aro raised a hand negligently without looking at them. "Hold, my dear ones. Truly, they mean us no harm if we are peaceable." The guard reacted to this more openly than before, with snarls and hisses of protest, but held their position. Renate, clinging closer to Aro than ever, whimpered in anxiety. "Master," she whispered. "Don't fret, my love," he responded. "All is well." "Perhaps you should bring a few members of your guard with us," Edward suggested. "It will make them more comfortable." Aro nodded as if this was a wise observation he should have thought of himself. He snapped his fingers twice. "Felix, Demetri." The two vampires were at his side instantaneously. Both were tall and dark-haired, Demetri hard and lean as the blade of a sword, Felix hulking and menacing as an iron-spiked cudgel. The five of them stopped in the middle of the snowy field. "Bella," Edward called. "Bring Renesmee... and a few friends." Bella nodded slowly. "Jacob? Emmett?" she asked quietly. Both nodded. Emmett grinned. I crossed the field with them flanking me. Another rumble could be heard from the guard as they saw her choices  - clearly, they did not trust the werewolf. Maeryn glared at the wolf, unsure if her Master was safe. She wanted to come along and protect him, just as he took her into his protection when she was changed and her world changed, yet she couldn’t. She had to obey the commands. Aro lifted his hand, waving away their protest again. "Interesting company you keep," Demetri murmured to Edward. Edward didn't respond, but a low growl slipped through Jacob's teeth. They stopped a few yards from Aro. Edward ducked under Aro's arm and quickly joined them, taking Bella’s hand. For a moment they faced each other in silence. Then Felix greeted Bella in a low aside. "Hello again, Bella." He grinned cockily while still tracking Jacob's every twitch with his peripheral vision. Bella smiled wryly at the mountainous vampire. "Hey, Felix." Felix chuckled. "You look good. Immortality suits you." "Thanks so much." "You're welcome. It's too bad ..." He let his comment trail off into silence, Maeryn rolled her eyes. Only he would flirt with the enemy at its peaking point. But she knew how he would end the phrase: It's too bad were going to kill you in a sec. And yes, yes they would. Preferable Maeryn killing Bella specifically.  "Yes, too bad, isn't it?" she murmured arrogantly. Felix winked. “Promise me one thing?” Maeryn whispered ever so quietly to Alec and Jane, whom both looked at her questionably. “Safe Bella for me?” she replied with a sadistic yet perfect smile. The twins returned the smile. “It will be our pleasure.” Jane replied while Alec quickly kissed Maeryn’s forehead before the three vampire’s returned their attention back to the scene playing infront of their eyes, waiting for the command to attack and kill.  Aro had paid no attention to their exchange. He leaned his head to one side, fascinated. "I hear her strange heart," he murmured with an almost musical lilt to his words. "I smell her strange scent." Then his hazy eyes shifted to Bella. "In truth, young Bella, immortality does become you most extraordinarily," he said. "It is as if you were designed for this life." Bella nodded once in acknowledgment of his flattery. "You liked my gift?" he asked, eyeing the pendant she wore. "It's beautiful, and very, very generous of you.
Thank you. I probably should have sent a note." Aro laughed delightedly. "It's just a little something I had lying around. I thought it might complement your new face, and so it does." A little hiss could be heard  from the center of the Volturi line. Jane had curled her lips in annoyance. It hadn’t pleased her one bit that Master Aro had given Bella such a precious gift, and neither did it please Maeryn. Aro cleared his throat to reclaim my attention. "May I greet your daughter, lovely Bella?" he asked sweetly. Bella walked two slow steps forward.  Aro met them, his face beaming. "But she's exquisite," he murmured. "So like you and Edward." And then louder, "Hello, Renesmee." Renesmee looked at Bella quickly. She nodded. "Hello, Aro," she answered formally in her high, ringing voice. Aro's eyes were bemused. "What is it?" Caius hissed from behind. He seemed infuriated by the need to ask. "Half mortal, half immortal," Aro announced to him and the rest of the guard without turning his enthralled gaze from Renesmee. "Conceived so, and carried by this newborn while she was still human." "Impossible," Caius scoffed. "Do you think they've fooled me, then, brother?" Aro's expression was greatly amused, but Caius flinched. "Is the heartbeat you hear a trickery as well?" Caius scowled, looking as chagrined as if Aro's gentle questions had been blows. "Calmly and carefully, brother," Aro cautioned, still smiling at Renesmee. "I know well how you love your justice, but there is no justice in acting against this unique little one for her parentage. And so much to learn, so much to learn! I know you don't have my enthusiasm for collecting histories, but be tolerant with me, brother, as I add a chapter that stuns me with its improbability. We came expecting only justice and the sadness of false friends, but look what we have gained instead! A new, bright knowledge of ourselves, our possibilities." He held out his hand to Renesmee in invitation. But this was not what she wanted. She leaned away from Bella, stretching upward, to touch her fingertips to Aro's face. His smile widened, and he sighed in satisfaction. "Brilliant," he whispered. Renesmee relaxed back into Bella’s arms, her little face very serious. "Please?" she asked him. His smile turned gentle. "Of course I have no desire to harm your loved ones, precious Renesmee." Aro's voice was so comforting and affectionate. But Maeryn smiled, knowing better. And then she could heard Edward's teeth grind together and, far behind the foes, Maggie's outraged hiss at the lie. So they aren’t as thick as they seem, Maeryn thought. "I wonder," Aro said thoughtfully, seeming unaware of the reaction to his previous words. His eyes moved unexpectedly to Jacob, and instead of the disgust the other Volturi viewed the giant wolf with, Aro's eyes were filled with a longing. "It doesn't work that way," Edward said, the careful neutrality gone from his suddenly harsh tone. "Just an errant thought," Aro said, appraising Jacob openly, and then his eyes moved slowly across the two lines of werewolves behind him. Whatever Renesmee had shown him, it made the wolves suddenly interesting to him. "They don't belong to us, Aro. They don't follow our commands that way. They're here because they want to be." Jacob growled menacingly. "They seem quite attached to you, though," Aro said. "And your young mate and your... family. Loyal" His voice caressed the word softly. "They're committed to protecting human life, Aro. That makes them able to coexist with us, but hardly with you. Unless you're rethinking your lifestyle." Aro laughed merrily. "Just an errant thought," he repeated. "You well know how that is. We none of us can entirely control our subconscious desires." Edward grimaced. "I do know how that is. And I also know the difference between that kind of thought and the kind with a purpose behind it. It could never work, Aro." Jacob's vast head turned in Edward's direction, and a faint whine slipped from between his teeth. "He's intrigued with the idea of... guard dogs," Edward murmured back.
There was one second of dead silence, and then the sound of the furious snarls ripping from the entire pack filled the giant clearing. Maeryn felt the same. She would not be able to stand the smell everyday that these mutts dragged along with them. And she certainly does not like their attitude. However, that would soon be sorted out anyway. There was a sharp bark of command - from a huge, black wold, - and the complaint broke off into ominous quiet. "I suppose that answers that question," Aro said, laughing again. "This lot has picked its side." Edward hissed and leaned forward. Bella clutched at his arm, wondering what could be in Aro's thoughts that would make him react so violently, while Felix and Demetri slipped into crouches in synchronization. Aro waved them off again. They all returned to their former posture, Edward included. "So much to discuss," Aro said, his tone suddenly that of an inundated businessman. "So much to decide. If you and your furry protector will excuse me, my dear Cullens, I must confer with my brothers."
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lesbian-deadpool · 6 minutes ago
Y/N: Are you drinking Pepsi for breakfast?
Wade: Yeah, what did you have for breakfast?
Y/N: Nothing.
Wade: I’m doing better than you.
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nightime-luna-fairy · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Short Curcuit
Chapter 2: Turning point
A cat and mouse chase can only last so long. So what happens when the cat catches up?
This one's gonna switch perspectives a few times. I never said I'd be consistent.
I speed into traffic, just barely missing a tow truck in my haste. A loud air horn follows as I weave in and around the cars. I take a look behind, it seems we lost our would-be killer. Until a series of crashes and honking horns has me realizing that, like us, mister trigger happy decided to get himself some wheels.
Six to be exact.
I race down a service ramp leading to the canal, driving through some puddles before braking. Breathing fast as we look back, thinking we’re safe before a series of tire squeals kill that hope. We see the sun blocked out by the large truck, all chrome and roaring diesel it crashes through the low cement barrier and falls 15 feet to meet the ground. Never once stopping even as it veers left and right trying to center itself in the passageway. Crushing scrap metal beneath its wheels.
I push the throttle desperate to get away, though I know the little Honda doesn't stand a chance. I drive into a side canal, the narrow pathway causing trouble for the wide truck as I hear it scrape against the walls. Pushing the bike harder I work to avoid the car bodies that litter the pathway and drive under a low bridge, I hear a crash behind us as the truck rams straight into it. The top gets cut clean off, toppling back to the floor as the rest of the body drives on. The driver's seat vacant for a moment before its occupant pops back into view.
The bike gives a sudden jolt forward as we’re rear-ended. I struggle to keep it upright. The terminator from earlier pulls up beside us and pulls John off the bike. I’m rear-ended again this time pushed farther away from the two as I struggle to stay up. I look back to see that despite the size, the truck has an opening on the left. Mom’s words ring in my head as I look back up.
“John comes first”
“GO! GET HIM OUT OF HERE!” I yell out to the machine. A desperate plan forming in my head that I can only hope won’t get me killed.
“NO!” John is ignored as the Terminator accelerates. I veer to the left and hit the brakes, the momentum carrying me into the wall. The bike scrapes against the truck causing me to lose control. The world turns before I hit the ground. My head cracks against cement. I blackout.
A man emerges from the wreckage unimpeded by the wall of flames a thousand degrees hot or the normally suffocatingly thick dark smoke. His body shifts its appearance from featureless metal to human, the outline of clothing, the details and the color slowly take form. He surveyed the scene, his target now long gone.
That is perhaps the best term to describe this new feeling. As these “emotions” prove themselves difficult to understand, identifying them has become a tedious side job. With my target stolen away by the inferior machine alternate plans quickly form, each one with a higher probability of success than the last. I walk back through the crackling flames as one of them requires Aria Connors, the older sister. A quick scan proves her to be unconscious and bleeding from a head wound but alive. Should my attempt to impersonate and infiltrate fail the plan to use her as bait is most likely to succeed. Working quickly I relocate her to a nearby bench. The head injury, though not severe enough to impede her permanently, will keep her unresponsive for the next few hours.
It didn't take long for first responders to arrive at the scene. Police and fire trucks being the closest with sounds of ambulances not far off. No one bats an eye as I walk amongst them, no one says anything as I start up a police car, and no one stops me as I drive off. Making a detour to re-secure Aria Connors I start the drive to my next destination.
Tumblr media
After the events at the Voight residence, I make my way to a motel, no one inquires about the unconscious women in the backseat. After checking in I lay down Aria Connors on the bedding provided. Eyes shifting beneath her eyelids, her fingers twitching sure signs of her regaining consciousness. I don’t have long to wait.
She begins to stir. Rising with a groan Aria reaches up to steady her head, no doubt experiencing pain from earlier, her eyes open when she is met with a cloth bandage. She looks around until she sees me standing at the foot of the bed instantly scooting back until she hits the headboard. Breathing quickly she blinks a few times, eyes looking around wildly before she calms down enough to communicate.
“N-not that I’m complaining... but why aren’t I dead? You-you are a terminator aren't you?”
“Yes. However my previous attempt to lure in John Conner proved... unsuccessful,” I state reaching forward to hand off her cellphone, “So you're going to call him, and when he comes to get you I will be waiting for him.”
“And if I don’t?” she asks, defiant even as her voice shakes with fear she fails to hide. In response, I wordlessly raise my arm, fabric and skin streamlining into a silver sword.
Deadly and efficient.
The message is clearly received as her eyes widen, terror more evident as her grip tightens on her phone.
“... Duly noted.” she says as she starts to dial. I wait as the call connects. My auditory sensors pick up the voice on the other end.
“John, hey it’s me are you alright.”
“Aria! Shit, are YOU alright?”
“I’ve been better. I got pretty banged up and I don't think your bike is going to be running anymore.”
“You mean your bike.” Aria’s face registered confusion at the statement. This is a test similar to the one I failed earlier. As exact as I can be in copying a person's appearance their memory and personality are much harder to imitate without enough data.
“No, it was your bike. Mine should still be at the mall.”
“Y-yeah you’re right. You caught me. Where are you anyway we’ll come get to you.” She pauses her eyes flickering back to me for a moment before going to respond only to pause once more she turns to face me fully this time. Her hand on the receiver.
“Where am I?”
“The Dragonfly Lodge on Hubert Rd.”
“I’m at the Dragonfly Lodge on Hubert so what you have to do... is stay as far away as possible!” She stands from her place on the bed. She walks back towards the wall, a futile attempt to create distance.
“The other Terminator is here so you have to run do-”
Spearing the phone I end the conversation. Though the damage is done I do find satisfaction in the crunch of plastic and metal.
“You shouldn’t have done that.”
“Like I would just hand over my little brother! Just go ahead and kill me ‘cause the longer you waste time on me the more time he has to get away!” She cried out tears gathering in her eyes. The fear is still evident in every trembling of her limbs, the grit of her teeth, and the clenching of her fists.
Despite the unneeded permission and the opportunity to act I pause, curiosity overtaking me. This is not new to me. Since the moment of my activation I have been curious about myself, about Skynet, about humans. Now I find myself curious about this one human in particular. Even above my mission, my priority is to remain functional, to reacquire any essence lost, and to avoid unnecessary risks to my system. My files indicate that the same can be said for humans as well, self-preservation. So why...
“Why are so willing to throw away your life for him.”
“Because he’s my brother and I love him, something I wouldn't expect you to understand.” Attachment, my files house data on the bonds that grow between humans but now in the face of Aria’s actions I find them… lacking.
Questions came unbidden to my mind. Does loving someone always require risking one’s life or is there a scale? Are there different kinds of love and is there a scale for those as well? How quickly do humans grow to love something? And where did she get that handgun?
Three shots ring out quicker than I can react. While these would normally be a non-issue three to the head from close range have me staggering back. In the few seconds it takes me to reshape Aria makes her way out the door. I follow after unhurried, confident she won’t get far. Then the rumble of a familiar motor has me picking up the pace. Out in the parking lot is John Connor and the T-800 riding atop a motorcycle that Aria quickly climbs onto. Running after them proves pointless as they quickly depart. Though their location is clear thanks in part to the essence I had used to fix Aria's phone acting as a homing beacon. My processor runs through the new information gathered. My files are still lacking. Perhaps the mission can wait until these new questions have been answered.
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modx-afterhours · 10 minutes ago
We Call it Limbo
Did Someone say Ghost boi ANGST!!!
I know tensing against the shaking of my limbs is useless but I do it instinctively, trying to suppress it for a few moments. I drink in the silence to counteract the fear that threatens to engulf me. This kind of thick silence would generally chill me, especially after all that has happened since what was never meant to be my final death. The silence was poison to me, for in that void of sound the falling snow was deafening. What used to be a life of intellectual banter about the world and comedic moments was utterly gone.
Shock and despair are what linger in the air.
The snowy plain seems to stretch on endless and heavy against my every step, no matter how far I wander the glow that seems so close against the horizon never draws nearer.  Almost taunting me with the promise of a warm place to stop even if it was only for a moment before I was made to wade through the unending slush once again. 
It feels like days that I have spent walking forward into the white and grey skyline but for once the scenery changes, the eternity of white is broken by a lump of grey a sign written in symbols I can't read that point down a stairway that leads deep below to a black expanse.  
It's without thought that I descend, the concrete walls no warmer than the snow I had been wading through for so long but just as the snow had no end, the stairs kept going down and down and down, littered with tag's, old posters for a place I had never heard of, and small lights that flicker amber from age. 
Again when hours bled to days of just walking onwards and downwards the scene changes, a metro station. 
It's dark, not even emergency lighting flickers from somewhere overhead, the tracks that I can see look rusted and unused, the walls still scattered with the same posters from the stairwell but amongst them small clusters of blue tally marks, a count that spans a wall and a half. 
The only thing that bathes the station is low light is a message board, scrolling with messages that I cant read, they pass too quickly and the shapes that have formed look like anything other than the written language I am familiar with. 
Yet in the distance, something moves against the platform too irregular to be anything other than another person, they shudder and flinch back into a corner far away from the entrance I came from. As I draw near I hear it, mutters about wanting to go home, of being sorry for failing someone, of missing someone or something called friend, before the broken words devolve into sobs that sound chest rattlingly stong. 
When I am close enough I can see a puddle has formed below the young man, the same blue as the tallies on the wall streams from his face, the pool making stains against his grey skin and what would have been a yellow sweater if not for the splotchy stain from where he has laid in the growing pool. 
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please please let me go home. i-I just want to go home," 
The moment I reach out to touch the young man the world shifts, something pulling on the invisible strings on my limbs, empty white eyes look at me with hands scrambling to grasp my outstretched hand, only when blue-tinted fingers brush my sleave the grey concrete gives way to white snow, the only evidence that shows I had been in the station is the blue smudges from where he had managed to brush my clothes. 
The sound of snow is deafening, but the wail cuts through the air will ring in my ear forever until I am lucky to find that stairwell again. 
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mads-weasley · 13 minutes ago
Legacy Masterlist
Tfatws!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
@spideysriddle for the awesome aesthetic!
Summary: When you get the call from Bucky about a potential mission, you didn’t think it would change your life in more ways than one.
The Call: Bucky calls you with a mission, and you can’t help but accept.
Aftermath: Following the fight with the Flag Smashers, you need a certain brunette super-soldier to help you get through your injuries.
The Final Session: After getting him out of jail, Bucky realizes that you might have to turn to an old foe in order to get information about the new super soldiers running around Europe.
The Conversation: Having a moment to spare, you and Bucky have the opportunity to talk about what happened and what it means. After seeing Zemo, Bucky runs you and Sam through a hypothetical that turns out to be not so hypothetical.
Stay In Character: Going to Madripoor, you, Sam, and Bucky are forced to play roles of people you are not. It takes a toll on some more than others.
Coming Soon!
Tag List:
@confusednerd09 @ahahafudge @bluemoon-icecream @lunamadhatter99 @thatfangirl42 @fionanovasleftnut @friendly-letters @youcanstandundermyamberella @caritobbg
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trypthych · 19 minutes ago
Brendon is watching through the glass window as she brings her little hand to cup her pussy, rubbing her fingers at her clit. Even though he can't hear the little girl pleasuring herself in her lonely living room, he can only imagine how angelic her moans would sound like.
Just the sight of it makes Brendon's cock throb thickly inside his tight pants, and he absentmindedly grip his hard dick through the thin material. Her mouth is wide open as she continues to penetrate her little hole with her small fingers — and god, if only that was Brendon. If only that was him fucking his long and thick fingers inside her cunt until she's screaming and begging for him to stop.
"Fuck, what a whore," Brendon says to himself, his cock is already leaking in his boxers as he imagine what disgusting things he could possibly do to his little girl. She'll be his soon. And if the time comes, Brendon would do anything to not let anyone touch her, nor lay a finger on her or so help him God he is not afraid to commit a murder. "Hang in there, doll. I'll come for you."
Brendon couldn't care less for the cold breeze of the hair outside her house because he's too busy watching his baby thrusting her little fingers in and out of her tight wet cunt. His mind is full of thoughts of impaling the poor little girl from behind and even corrupting her mind until Brendon is the only one thinking for her, controlling her.
"Get ready tommorow night, princess. I'll make sure you won't get away this time for sure."
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tiredpyjmas · 23 minutes ago
I’ve been rewatching Doctor Who and there might be some fanfics coming along.
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geeky-daughter · 25 minutes ago
Glee Masterlist
Tumblr media
Jake Puckerman I Love You (Jake X Reader)
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byzz-ii · 25 minutes ago
i wasn’t sure if it was just the art style but yeonwoo has a gummy smile
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savnofilter · 30 minutes ago
b. katsuki masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                      rules | masterlist | req . list
Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: yk bakugo was my first husbando even before i watched bnha and look how the times have changed nbljgnbl,, anyways!! bakugo masterlist cause i write him too much! enjoy. cc:
Tumblr media
          【bold is nsfw, scenarios is italicized】
         【normal is head-cannons and sfw. ♡】
Tumblr media
〔 > 〕 first works! 〔 ✩ 〕 special events! 〔 ♡ 〕 friend birthday! 〔 ♔ 〕 poc works! 〔 ❦ 〕 lgbtq+ works!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✩ Bakugo & Kaminari Kabedon HCs
✩ Be Natural
➣ Bed Rest
➣ Blue Balls
➣ Comfort
➣ Cuddling w/ Neko!S/O HCs
♡ Fancy You
♔ Fem!Muslim S/O HCs
♡ Fem!S/O W/ Belly Piercings
➣ Get Groovin’
✩ Going to Aquarium or Beach HCs
➣ Helping Fem!Reader Get With Her Girl Crush HCs
➣ Hugs From Bakugou
➣ It’s Raining Cats & Dogs
➣ Mineta Hitting on S/O HCs
➣ Receiving Bear Hugs From Reader
➣ Scared to Love S/O
➣ “Shit sorry, am I going to fast?”
➣ Sleeping w/ S/O HCs
➣ S/O That’s An Olympic Figure Skater HCs
➣ S/O That Works as Hentai Voice Actress HCs
➣ Study Buddies
➣ Time to Love, part two
➣ Why We Don’t Take You Out
➣ Wolf!Bakugou HCs (Domestic AU)
♔ Woke, part two
✩ You’re Perfect
Tumblr media
> Bakugou Katsuki A-Z (NSFW)
➣ Bakugo Breeding Kinks HCs
➣ Bakugo Friends W/ Benefits HCs
♔ Bakugo & Midoriya W/ Black!S/O HCs
➣ Being Called Daddy HCs
➣ Boasting About Bakugou Over the Phone HCs
➣ Bottom (female), Bottom (male)
➣ Busty S/O HCs
♡ Busty S/O w/ Nipple Piercings HCs
➣ Caught
➣ Caught Masturbating HCs
➣ Consider This Thirst Quenched
➣ Crying Kink HCs
➣ Dabi & Bakugo W/ S/O Who Has a High Sex Drive HCs
➣ Daddy
➣ Early in the Morning
➣ Giving Oral HCs
➣ His Little Omega
➣ “I’m not Jealous”
✩ In the Changing Room
➣ Jealousy’s In the Air
➣ Keepin Him Up ;)
➣ Keep Quiet For Me
➣ Kiribaku Relationship HCs
➣ Omega!Bakugou HCs
➣ Our Little Secret
➣ Sassy S/O HCs
➣ Pups
➣ Reacting to S/O Ahegao Face HCs
➣ Riding Bakugou for the First Time
➣ Show Me
➣ Slim Thicc S/O HCs
➣ Somnophilia HCs
➣ Squirting for the First Time, part two
➣ s.y.m.w/.c
➣ There for You, part two
➣ Thigh Riding
➣ Wipe That Smirk From Your Face
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © savnofilter
Tumblr media
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conspiring-limabean · 30 minutes ago
I know using food colors to describe dark skinned ppl is stereotypical/bad and forgive me if this is a bad take bc I am sleep deprived and feverish but I just saw a post that said it’s usually done to describe dark skinned ppl more than light skinned ppl but like that is almost definitely entirely because there’s no food colors with positive connotations that match white persons skin colors
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A: We need to break up, but here's a puppy!
A: [holds puppy]
B: Aw! wait, what?
A: Here's a puppy, it's over between us and he's cute!
B: Do you think I don't hear the bad parts of these sentences?
A: His name is Martin, I need my keys back and he's a puppy...
A: [smiles and gives B the puppy]
B: [confusion]
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alenkorra · 34 minutes ago
i keep saying this but the difference in how mass effect and dragon age have treated its male queer audience is the reason why representation behind the scenes matters too.
on the one hand you have DA, the franchise where david gaider was the lead writer for all 3 games: we got zevran, dorian, fenris, anders and iron bull as m/m options. all 3 of them bastly different and complex characters and (imo) very satisfying romances. all written by a gay man.
then we have mass effect:
- kaidan isn't a romance option for male shep in the first game bc "blue alien sex is fine but gay sex is too controversial". despite him becoming very popular with queer men and women, bioware and EA have ignored and disrespected him and his fans for years now. the most recent examples being the MELE cover art creator and them misspelling his name in articles about MELE.
- jacob's romance with male shepard was also cut from the game
- we got cortez, the first canon gay man in the trilogy, whose entire romance consists of you helping him get throught the loss of his husband. a lot of people (me included) don't find it very appealing for that exact reason. it's just another tragic gay story and he is almost solely defined by his dead husband. hell, it's the first thing you find out about him.
- there aren't even mlm side characters. we meet multiple straight and sapphic characters throughout the trilogy but cortez and kaidan are the only canon mlm we know.
- oh and let's not forget andromeda! they cut out jaal's content and refused to answer questions about mlm romances before the game came out. the 2 romances we did get had censored sex scenes (cause ew gay sex who wants to see that right?) and little to no content compared to other romances.
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fangurlingismyforte · 36 minutes ago
we wore a crown once (b.b. x reader)
request: nope
pairing: Prince!Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader, Royal AU
summary: he was desperately looking to be an ordinary man for a day. she never liked extraordinary things either anyways.
word count: about 1.3K
warnings: none that I can think of
A/N: this is my first AU. I made up the town names, just in case. criticism is appreciated as long as it's respectful!
Emelle is the name of the town this story is set in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(gif and photo not mine, credits to the owner)
Bucky donned the clothes he had requested from his tailor: something befitting a common man, with gloves and sleeves covering up his prosthetic well. This was very much the first time he was wearing simple wool.
He didn't mind, though. Velvets and cashmeres only pleased a man so much. It didn't particularly please anybody who grew up in them, atleast not Bucky.
A quick single rap on his door made him aware that his ride was ready for him. He looked at himself in the mirror for the last time, hoping no man would recognise the prince out of his silks and velvets, and made his way out of his chambers.
He made sure the servants and knights didn't see his face, hoping that if nobody saw him like this, nobody would know the prince was gone for the day.
He wasn't a prince, he had to remind himself. Not today.
For today he was a common man.
James was his name, a man with no last name. A man without a surname meant a bastard, someone most people would not talk too much to. James would be free to explore for however long he pleased, or however long it took for Bucky's mother, the Queen Regent, to realise he was missing and send out knights to find him.
The chariot was waiting for him with his squire and best friend, Steve.
"Everything as planned?" he asked his friend.
Steve nodded and asked him to climb in quickly, lest they risk being seen.
The chariot only took them as far as the castle was in sight. After that, James hopped off and entered the city as a common man.
He did not know what he'd expect but he didn't expect, well, so much suffering.
It felt like a bucket of cold water was splashed on his face as he saw the reality of how most lived. It made him all the more determined to be a good prince and, one day, king.
But as he was explaining a rather empty, but economically well off, street with a handful of shops, he chanced upon a girl, possibly the most beautiful and cutest girl he has ever laid eyes on.
And Bucky Barnes had seen some of the most beautiful princesses and noble ladies in the world.
She was handling a bakery with an older woman, possibly her mother.
Without thinking, his legs took him to the shop.
She looked at him, plastering a friendly smile. "Hello, I'm (Y/N). How may I help you, Mister...?"
"James." he smiled. He had almost uttered Bucky.
"Hi, James."
"Hi." He knew he was flustered right now but he couldn't help it.
James didn't have the same confidence Bucky did.
She furrowed her brows in confusion. "How may I help you?" She repeated.
"What all do you have for sale today?" He enquired.
"All kinds of things. Cakes, breads, pies, you name it. Anything special you're looking for?"
"Do you have some plum pie?"
"We do!" She went behind the counter and picked up the pie. "Today is your lucky day, sir, because we don't make plum pies a lot."
"Today is a lucky day, indeed, my lady." He said, gazing at her intently.
She blushed under his attention, not accustomed to it. "Should I pack it?"
"Yes, thank you."
"Anything else?" She wanted him to spend more time at the shop. Not having seen him before, she wasn't sure if he was going to come here again.
"Nothing for now." He was trying hard to come up with an excuse to stay longer. Lord knows when he'll be able to sneak out of the castle like this again, if ever.
She packed the pie, handing him the bag and collecting the money.
"Are you free right now, my lady?" He dared to ask. "I had trouble finding places and was wondering if you could show me around?"
(Y/N) looked at the back of the shop, where her mother was busy doing god knows what. "Mother, can I go with Mister James and show him around for some time?"
Her mother looked up to the man, narrowing her eyes in what (Y/N) calls a motherly inspection. Finding something she was looking for, she softened her gaze and gave her approval, muttering something about a slow day.
(Y/N) put away her apron and came out of the shop, smiling at James. "So are you a tourist?" She asked.
He nodded. "I come from a small town called Aynor." Bucky had heard of the town on his last visit to Sokovia. It was part of his cover up. "It's just on the outskirts of Sokovia."
"Sokovia? I would've never guessed you come from overseas." She said.
For a moment, Bucky thought his ruse was caught, but she started talking about the town plaza and everything was back to normal.
His charade was still up.
The day went well. Really well. James and (Y/N) had a spectacular time together. James even learnt (Y/N) didn't like the Royal Family much but she had heard that Prince Bucky was one of the most handsome men in the country. That made him smile and flush slightly.
It was nearing dusk now and both of them were making their way along the river's shoreline that ran parallel to the town, going back to (Y/N)'s shop.
"Thank you for a beautiful day." James said.
"It was my pleasure." Initially, (Y/N) had apprehensions for taking a tourist around the town for free. However, after having an amazing day with the man herself, she almost forgot she wanted to ask for any kind of fee. Her family was well off than most in the city, so she wasn't desperate for the fee either.
"How long are you in town?" She asked the man beside her.
"Just today." He said, both of their smiles deflating.
"Oh. It was a pleasure having you in town today, Mister James."
Bucky hadn't noticed till now that (Y/N) didn't care that James was a bastard. Everybody else before her shared limited words with him. She was different.
"Will you be back soon?"
"I hope so." He said truthfully.
Me too, (Y/N) thought, though she didn't voice it.
The plum pie in James' hand was long gone, both of them sharing it as lunch under a tree near the riverbed.
"Your hands must have magic." James had said to her chewing the first bite of the pie.
(Y/N) had blushed. "My mother makes all the sweets. I only manage the finances."
He had shrugged and looked at her adoringly still.
Now, as her shop neared, she wanted to spend more time with him. He was a gentleman, also funny and witty. She had never met a man like him before.
He didn't seem to chase after all the material things that most people want to boast. For the most day, he was content looking at the town and its attractions, wanting to learn all of the history and townsfolk's opinions. He didn't seem to visit Emelle for its finest and most expensive handicraft, rather came with a genuine interest for the stories.
He was different, in all sense.
Her mother was closing up the shop, violet had already started streaking the sky above, and James had bowed low to both of them, thanking (Y/N) once again for a beautiful day. He took out two copper coins from his pocket, handing them to her as means of a fee.
"You were kind enough to not ask for a fee, but it isn't in my nature to ask for your time for free. You did a great favour to me today. Consider that a thanks." And with that, he turned his back to her. "I have to go now." His steps were brisk, his words hushed. She figured his ship or carriage must be taking off. Although people did not usually travel at night, it was not unknown.
In truth, Bucky had seen some knights further down the road, so he knew his time was up.
Nevertheless, he felt happy for the day he spent, determined to come to her again.
this is a new type of story for me plus this is also my first Bucky fic. please tell me what you thought of this introduction, it's appreciated! this was just to set their relationship a bit, I wish to explore the world more in later parts. no promises as to when the next part will be released tho :P
as always, thank you so much for reading!
taglist is open!
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