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#getting the laundry
bimbocatgirl3 days ago
Awww poor baby... Sounds like someone really does need to be collared and fucked into mindless bliss... Have someone pull you to them with a leash before forcing themselves into you, teasing you about how adorably pathetic you sound underneath them. I know I'd bend you over in front of a mirror so that you could watch yourself get your mind broken with bliss, see how cute you are when you're crying out of desperation to cum for me, to be a good little bimbo for me.
Yes, that sounds quite lovely... fucking you till you can't speak anymore, then snuggling you up in warm fluffy blankets and turning on a show to watch with you as I hold you and give you soft gentle pets. Praising you for being such a good little dumb slut for me as you relax, knowing you were a good lil bimbo, and that now you're snuggled and safe and I'm so proud of you for doing so good for me.-馃挏
G-d I actually started subconsciously sucking my fingers while reading this >/////< I would be oh so easy to break and turn into a mindless toy, my poor prostate is already throbbing just at the thought of getting to be a good girl and be filled and used, having all those pesky thoughts pushed right out of my little bimbo brain when you slide inside me, losing control and bucking my hips back to get it as deep as possible, desperate to be a good kitten for you~
Also the aftercare is so on point i鈥檓 afraid that getting taken care of that well would just make me horny again, what a cruel and torturous cycle that would be... >.>
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deeisace10 days ago
I never watched Supernatural passed uhhh an season finale maybe or like y'know a big bit, where the world was ending and they were in a church? Outside a church and the sky was falling?
I feel like that could be any one'v em
Like, there was Cain? And that big knife made out of a jawbone but like badly? Thing didn't even look sharp but the guy killed so many other guys, wth. I was passed the whole of that, I feel like
Anyway I always see a whole bunch of supernatural stuff on my dash still, I sorta want to go back and watch the first episode?
Idk I will, I have Primeval to watch yet, and line of duty I think it's the last episode tonight? It was interesting I guess, that is the sort of shows I watch sometimes, but I'm mostly watching it to have smth to talk to my boss about on delivery shift days :/
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sunbratz19 days ago
Tumblr media
honestly i think these are my favorite pieces of ducktales merch i own i love them so much theyre SO cute
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theirtheretheyre27 days ago
so i remember in like 5th grade maybe? we did this activity that i still remember very well and idk if there was a "moral of the story" type lesson to it but,
our teacher brought out all the supplies to make a pb&j sandwich(peanut butter, jelly, bread, plates, a butter knife(dw a plastic one)) and asked us for the directions to make a pb&j. a kid was like "you put the peanut butter and jelly on the bread" so our teacher put the jars on top of the loaf of bread and said "like this?" "no you put it on the bread with the knife" and our teacher put the knife on top of the bread too. and then someone explained to open the loaf of bread and spread the peanut butter and jelly on the bread with the knife and he still did it wrong and then eventually i explained exactly how to do it with super detailed instructions like down to "check if the jelly is unopened" and "close the loaf of bread so it doesnt go stale"
and like idk all the other kids in my class were neurotypical and even tho im autistic and often suck with instructions, i knew exactly how to make a pb&j and didnt take any of the instructions as a given. "you should know how spread the jelly" well someone who's never made a sandwich wouldnt know??? and idk sometimes i do take some steps as a given bc ive repeated them in my head so many times i forget it isnt ingrained in everyone else's brain how to use the shower at my house but sometimes i know all the steps and can give you every little one
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