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#get me outta heeeeere
iamafmf1 · 2 months ago
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it’s been a full year since I’ve been out of Kansas — thanks Bear Force One for that last flight home 😔🙌🏻
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sleepyrintaro · 3 months ago
Me at you
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get outta heeeeere, you sweet thing xx
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pinktatertots99 · 10 months ago
You dragged me into this hell so I'm going to give you some asks! ‘You know, you’re not supposed to EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE, YOU COULD DIE’ ‘Your skin is like a pillow, are you an angel?’ ‘Great, now you’re high’ for Qi, Liang and Uno please? (Basically my favorites lol) I just want to see Liang and Uno getting high hehe
JKHDHJKDKHJD god this reminds me of an old highschool au me and my bud sinny have lol. but anyways; au where the guys are allll outta prison. also ya faves are valid.
Did anyone say idiotic fluff prompts?
‘You know, you’re not supposed to EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE, YOU COULD DIE’ ‘Your skin is like a pillow, are you an angel?’ ‘Great, now you’re high’
“OI damnit your worser then rats!” uno coughed as he took a gulp of the brownie in his hand. “oh...heeeeey old man hows it goin?”
“firstly NOT old. secondly,” he moved to gesture his hands to the half gone brownie tray. “you know, your not supposed to EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE RIGHT!? YA COULD DIE!”
“okay okay firstly, that was like that when i got here.” he replied as he took another bite from the brownie. “i dunno who the fuck ate that much. secondly i consider myself more as a purebred hamsta-AAAAAAAAH!” he exclaimed as qi gave a yelp in response feeling something on his ankle. both looking down they found a messy mop of raven hair and hot pink manicured hands gripping them both.
“...oh fuck me no.” qi stated as liang’s head rose, hair a mess as he looked up to them both, whites of his eyes almost as pink as his eyes. “your skin is like a pillow, are you an angel?” he asked them both as qi sighed. “great, now your high.”
“get ooooooff!” uno exclaimed moving his ankle as liang latched onto his more. “so bright and shiny.”
“well yeah i wax myself daily-”
“okay so i’m gonna take my brownies to my room while YOU deal with him.” qi stated as he took the brownies as uno whined. “oh come ooooooon don’t leave me on high duty i just got heeeeere!”
“you still ate a brownie of mine so your paying for it!”
“is the rest of you soft?”
“GET OFF ya look like s*mara m*rgan it’s creepyyhyyyy!”
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jbwhaley · 11 months ago
"Come ONNNN man! Let's get OUTTA HEEEEERE! This whole heist is going wrong and it's FREAKIN' ME OOOUT, MAAAAAAAN!!!"
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icouldbemoreclever · 3 years ago
My dad gets all his news from right-wing radio pundits and then tries to lecture me about things that I am actually educated about (and of course, when he doesn’t like the actual facts, he just pretends they don’t exist)
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rotwhyler · 5 years ago
i just need to not sleep in my own bed for a while?? u know??? i wanna be somewhere not here. im bored of this place and it makes me sad and it doesnt feel like home anymore :/
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sweetbasll · 7 years ago
i can hear my parents talking and they're saying stuff like "kids these days always argue and question and stuff and we just let them get away with it" wow people UNDER 18 can...,..?? tHINk for..,,,., for THEMSKEVES????!!!!!
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mildorb · 7 years ago
vinegar in my hair wassup
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