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#genuinely laugh at it every time
eforest · 19 hours ago
man i wish i could feel the gentle warmth of the sun on my skin w out experiencing syndromes
#both my mcas and trauma from racism just start acting out -_-#also my pots and cfs/me do not apreciate the sun but its like auuh shes so nice#also sunscreen i dont react to where -_- so tired of it i thought i finally found one i can actually put on my skin w out experiencing#symptam of my mast cells dont know how to act#its a baby sunscreen for babies w sensitive skin w out anything extra added so its like well what else it there left#so funny btw learning that ive been experiencing anaphylaxis like a minimum of once weekly i just dont react to it n my throat hasnt closed#up fully nor have i gone into cardiac arrest bc of just popping antihistamines like itsmy job#like i was fully like oh this is just normal allergy symptam haha and my dr was like girl thats anaphylaxis#like ouh okay well im alive soo#not going to contact emergency services ever suck my ass every time i survive anything its by chance and it will continue to be#besides -_- drs dont even treat u so its like what ever#like too much ableism im not going to a hospital only to face more traumas induced by medical neglect and abuse like suck my nuts#kio.exe#also -_- so infuriated again abt being trapped in western society i genuinely cant take it anymore i hate it here#white europe my detested genuinely i cant stand this life to be frank#like u just cannot be urself unless u r white they dont even give u the option theres no resources etc#i know we had to migrate at the time nd my mother is happier repressing her whole identity or whatever but it just sucks man#she talks to me all the time about how much the society and culture here is so wrong and still she keeps repressing ours#thebway she laughs at rhe racist jokes they make that are about her too just man that hits different#many feelings abt transness too rn man it all sucks#i need to change every aspect of my life to be even the littlest bit okay and its exhausting#i dont have it in me to fight that much against everyone and the whole system that is mde to fail me in all ways#i just want to wake up one day for eberyrhing to be okay#but it would be impossible#i just keep hoping delusionally that it isnt#when i say delusionally i mean based in my delusions as a schizophrenic whos chronically psychotic btw not as a buzzword#im somewhat lucid commonly ie aware enough to recognise my thinking is delusional unless i am actively having an episode but i still believe#it and whatnot and also i will sooner die than tell anyone abt the details of my symptoms truthfully#being tired of explaining myself vs the need to never be misunderstood vs the inability to put thoughts into correct words -_-#going to need all of u to start being a little more psychic and simply know things w out me expressing them truthfully
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ssomethingweird · 4 days ago
i love when dean and cas get into their silly little marital arguments because sam is always just standing there like
Tumblr media
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chidoriburst · 6 days ago
red and pink
grayyyy omg i sincerely thought i might get a black from you which is completely acceptable given i am sasuke trash and you enjoy sasuke slander BUT god this made even happier so tysm 💓 enjoy this low resolution meme of ur fav
Tumblr media
tell me why you follow me based off this post aka hurt my feelings or validate me
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emberphantom · a month ago
Finally watching the new episodes of Mythic Quest and I hate how funny this show is.
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deadthingdancing · a month ago
I feel like I need to poll some ppl to ask whether my relationship w my parents is supposed to be my responsibility to upkeep or theirs at the ripe old age of 24. I call them like once every two weeks and text them almost every day, but that’s not often enough in their opinion.
Idk. Is that really so terrible when they literally tell me that I’m a Bad Person and that I’m Going To Hell? I feel like I put up w so much conservative Catholic homophobic bullshit from them, and we just end up fighting all the time, so like... ?
Why do they even get sad that I don’t call lmao like (and I say this totally not in a self-pitying way, but) they literally don’t even like me??? 😂 they love me and feel obligated to me cause I’m their child, but that’s about it, so like ?? It’s bewildering to me, but I’ve also never had a kid, so idk. 🤷🏻
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catmaidphil · a month ago
Wait, is Phil gay? Gasp!
what could possibly have given you that idea ??
Tumblr media
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leatherbookmark · a month ago
there’s this post w/ screenshots where wwx is like ‘what if jzx ends up like his father, always taking in lovers’ and jc is like (according to subtitles) ‘how dare he!’ and everyone’s like gkfjhglghadljfsdhkfj but it stresses me out because it seems to me that he’s actually saying sth like, it’d like to see the fucker TRY but because (gestures at subtitles), it ended up like this
#and i genuinely don't know if people are laughing more at the subtitle or at haha sillay jiang cheng#which is why again.... being into a show in a language you don't speak WHILE it being your first foreign media is a mix i wouldn't wish#upon anyone because like. i've seen many people just approach translations (even those that are good) as this thing you can just#latch onto every single word because it expresses what's been said in the original text in 100% and this is not. true#like it takes years of practice (and also a lot of time to translate and edit) to be able to do that and like. i definitely wouldn't expect#that from free online subtitles. or paid online subtitles. or honestly any subtitles because translations nowadays seem to be done by#someone's high school cousin who always gets Bs on their english exams#even books. there are good translators and bad translators and sometimes you don't even know#another pet peeve is 我说你 which YES it DOES mean 'i'm telling you'but gkfhgskfjggjsf#there REALLY is no need to 'let me tell you' it every time. there's 'listen'. there's Context#like. the fact that it makes sense in the target language doesn't mean it's necessary or makes sense in the conversation ja feel#like with those fucking のに or けど that people just. LEAVE. something something BUT. except your english speaker will not know what's#hiding there so you gotta grasp the context and play with the sentence a little so that i a japanese noob don't immediately know which#grammar structure you're trying to translate#i mean i AM being unreasonable and also a hypocrite because i just said i wouldn't hold online often hobbyist translating to high standards#but still this is my personal pet peeve so essentially as long as people understand it's not to be taken literally it's cool i guess#but people often do. which is how we get caveman wangji (a literal OPPOSITE from what his speech was conveying in canon) and idiot lxc#(hiss hiss)#p
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“how the turn tables” is one of the funniest phrases a person can say and I feel like we don’t use it enough
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un-pearable · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“most famous hedgehog in the world” remains my favorite sonic tag line of all time - who is he competing against? this king just declared himself the most famous and not a single person - sorry, hedgehog - has stepped up to challenge him? where is my underdog story??
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kadywicker · 2 months ago
you: “i like reading fanfiction” / everyone in reply to your post: i don’t have time to read because i’m constantly having sex and doing drugs and that makes me better than you. also i’m 19 and don’t know what the world is like outside the internet.
little do they know that I fuck my boyfriend with a blunt in one hand and my phone in the other to read fanfiction
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fletcher-renn · 2 months ago
Nowadays I see a deadline and I’m like “that’s the day I’ll start working on the project”
#if it’s not a formal deadline that i’ll get penalised for missing i just don’t want to know tbh#oh the first 3000 words of my dissertation is due thursday? but no one will do anything to me if i don’t send it in?#cool so you can expect it in about three business weeks.#my supervisor didn’t know when the deadline was either so like... genuinely what is anybody going to do if it’s late. fucking nothing#sidenote but every so often i think about how the other student my supervisor is supervising is the polar opposite of me and i laugh#i know her; she’s in one of my classes & she’s super talkative and a really good student and really engaged in her project#which sounds very well developed#i never speak if i can help it and i only figured out a thesis statement like 2 weeks ago and i’ve already forgotten what it is#my supervisor is probably like ‘how... how and why did i get this really bubbly enthused girl and also the phantom of the opera’#and i like my supervisor. i do. and as much as i want to make her life easier by getting this stuff done on time i am just incapable of it#every day i wake up and then i fall asleep again and then i wake up again and then i complain for a solid hour about getting out of bed#and then i spend the next three hours acclimating to the new day even though it’s the same day as the day before#and then generally some stupid bullshit happens to me like someone messages me or i have to do work for a class or something#and then that takes the whole day and the next thing i know i’m in bed with a headache at midnight and then it happens again#and before i know it a week has passed and i forgot i have a dissertation to write. so.#personal
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riddle-slut · 2 months ago
You know what's real good? That scene in Batman: The Animated Series where Eddie walks into a door. Cinematic masterpiece
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dobiesboybestfriend · 2 months ago
some nick at nite commercials can be super intense for no reason and this is a perfect example (context: this aired sometime in may 1990. so dick tracy wasn’t out yet but there was Hype)
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cosmic-connor · 3 months ago
make hot takes about how ravenously insane stans can be but total drama had that shit clocked back in 2010 with sierra jesus christ
#connor talks#here i am. 19 in less than a week. getting tanked and watching fuckin total drama world tour while i knot#which is not going great lol#WOW they really said how do we make this show interesting... oh i know give like one of the most unremarkable characters a stalker#like. jeez idk how i laughed as a kid its like borderline uncomfortable MAN shit was different in 2010#i think thats the only thing keeping me from being genuinely like what the fuck im too busy being astonished they got away with it#also cody WAS my favorite character i wanted more screentime but not like this. not like this!!!#it is kind of hilarious though bc they definitely picked him because he was the most unremarkable#hes literally just some guy and thats why i liked him lol#ALSO LIKE i get he had that crush on gwen thing but like hm#if he was a mega creep it would be cosmic justice that sierra happened and i can see that being an angle theyd go for#but like. he was cool in the end! she was like dude no youre immature and he was like oh well#i dont think they were thinking about that tho bc every character sucks in their own way#except for like. leshawna. why do they keep unfairly booting her. she deserves to win#drunk connor with the total drama hot takes tonight#ALSO tyler is kind of boring. why does he keep getting so far. hes like geoff 2#ALSO ALSO THAT BRIDGETTE THING WAS EXCRUCIATING speaking of geoff#like the first season was good bc running jokes and stuff like that only lasted till the end of the episode or at most two#but that dragged ONNNNNNNNNNNN#the romance stuff in anything always needs less screen time but come on they went from parody to like actual bullshit subplots#AND ACTUALLY like because of that this season is way harder to follow bc i tune out the interpersonal relationships#but they effect who gets voted off so then im confused#like. the first season they were funny so i paid attention#ALTHO... again... trent stuff was played straight so i was like okkk :| whatever#also for the record i havent seen total drama action. no cody. didnt care#i think that season they tried to cut out some of the 'lesser' players but those are my favorite!!!#you cant just have like all the guys and girls who are prone to dating each other have catfights for a season its not as fun#wheres beth. harold. the real ones#and all the girlfight junk is tiring gwen and courtney need to stop bickering over boys and like date each other idk#WHEW i smell like BOOZE
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