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09x0630 minutes ago
amara 馃 me: lesbians suffering from jackles comphet
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toprankexpress-blog55 minutes ago
Curso Genius naci贸 en 2008 en Italia de la mano de tres amigos Giacomo Navone, Massimo de Donno y Luca Lorenzoni quienes, sentados a una mesa, so帽aban con cambiar el mundo a trav茅s de la libertad que da el conocimiento.
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beholdthememan hour ago
Like objectively I know it is one, probably illegal, and two, extremely unhelpful, but in a way I kind of have to respect Aelwyn spotting a market among her nerdy repressed private school classmates and immediately locking that down.
Who among us, if given the opportunity to make a shitload of money by conjuring up fake cheerleaders on demand for parties thrown by rich losers, would not jump on it in a SECOND??
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neouglyan hour ago
More rant and 2AM Attack on Titan-the-ending-is-good thoughts
I really don鈥檛 understand aot fans being mad that the world Isa made continues to move after the story, like it鈥檚 only realistic? Like obvi there鈥檚 more war???
It鈥檚 not a sad ending, but it鈥檚 also not completely happy, almost as if the whole series played with shady gray areas of morality and war - like that鈥檚 the whole point
Like life goes on? Things keep moving? Like everyone, at least in tumblr, seems to have expected only butterflies and roses post-main story like cmon it鈥檚 been over a decade you should know Isa isn鈥檛 that type of creator. Context clues bud
& I still don鈥檛 understand why fans think Mikasa got the worst ending just cuz she was shown at Eren鈥檚 grave? Like I simply don鈥檛 see the implication that she is incapable of moving on at all. Its shown that she鈥檚 independent person, making her own choices outside of Eren, away from Eren, against Eren鈥檚 own wishes, yet everyone still boils her down to her relationship to a man; it鈥檚 disappointing to see other fans mischaracterize so much (as well as in Eren鈥檚 behalf) - like I really understood her final scenes as just a woman in mourning over someone she loved very deeply; not the 鈥渙h she鈥檚 a wallowing mess who cannot function healthily anymore, she鈥檒l never know happiness now.鈥 Like grief and mourning take time? I feel the reception of her final scenes are so close minded? Narrow? It鈥檚 left open for interpretation, yes, but so many fell into the 鈥渙h she鈥檚 hopeless now鈥 assumption and I just don鈥檛 think it fits her character at all
She really spent so much time away from Eren throughout the series and acting on her own, especially when the conflict peaked at the end and she had to kill him, choosing to not just let him go but love him against his own wishes & just all her strength as a person, physically and mentally, she鈥檚 just not a sad character, she is very hopeful to me and I just don鈥檛 get the hate against the ending at all or the assumption that her 鈥渆nding鈥 was different then the others - they all got the same ending
Many commenting about the ending making things pointless but the characters who did survive were able to live their lives however they鈥檙e wanted and desired, without the fear of Titans. How is that pointless? That was the goal. That was what Eren wanted & it鈥檚 what was achieved. But because Isa showed the tree being discovered again everything cancels out? It鈥檚 just small brained conclusions being thrown around. Like whoever is finding that tree is not Cured Ymir. It鈥檚 just not obviously
& fans are angry, I feel, because it didn鈥檛 end like the typical shounen, surprisingly didn鈥檛 have the typical shounen protagonist and that in fact Eren has feelings like a person despite them willingly ignoring certain images throughout a COMIC that hint to his love. It鈥檚 all been about love and relationships.
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sah1x1san hour ago
Continued from here
Tori sighed to herself flustered that she had to take her shirt off in front of him. 鈥淵our just trying to see me without my shirt on.. I don鈥檛 mind letting this tea dry on my way home. It鈥檚 fine..鈥 she said hugging herself.
Tony rolled his eyes and turned his back to her.聽鈥淪weetheart, if I was actively trying to see you without your shirt, you would know it. I wouldn鈥檛 resort to something like this, believe me. If it makes that much of a difference, there鈥檚 a bathroom two doors down to the left, just ask FRIDAY if you get lost. Honestly, that wasn鈥檛 my intention.鈥
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sah1x1s2 hours ago
鈥淚鈥檓 not going to take off my shirt鈥澛
(For Tony please? From @elemental-surprise )
Tony stopped what he was doing and turned to stare at her. "But I startled you enough that you ended up spilling your tea all over it! I can get it cleaned and you are free to steal any of mine?
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sah1x1s2 hours ago
Continued from here:
For fucks sake鈥 She narrowed her eyes and took a step closer to Tony, looking him in the eyes. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 leave without a shirt Tony. I don鈥檛 believe you鈥hen did you have time to get it to the cleaners?
Tony gave JJ a grin and a wink, before wisely backing up and resting his back against the countertop.聽鈥淥r you could just stay. I鈥檓 enjoying the view very very much.鈥澛
Unable to stop himself, he runs his tongue over his lower lip as he tilts his head to take in said view even better.聽鈥淢mm.鈥
He almost forgot what her last question was before he realized what it was.聽鈥淥h, no worries. I have a cleaner in the tower, my lovely JJ. Discrete and everything.鈥
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sanjoni2 hours ago
I want a movie about Tumblr
Okay here me out
I want various actors acting out shitposts or viral Tumblr threads, the more stupid it gets the more famous the actor is
Every few threads there鈥檚 going to be someone from the supernatural cast rolling by on wheelies sipping iced coffe with shades on wearing merch with their face on it
Almost just as frequently there鈥檚 the cast of Harry Potter wearing and robe and wingardium leviosaing in the background
Bonus points if it ends with John green and Ben Barnes sitting in a cafe typing furiously
Just 2hrs of pure chaos and gay
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makedonsgriva3 hours ago
you: simon snow trilogy
me, an intellectual: penelope bunce being iconic for three books straight
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barkdivine3 hours ago
I'm gonna start lassoing tall men every time I have to crane my neck looking at a tall man I think of the fucking princess nokia video
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hiimei3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Comet is just upset that I am a comedic genius.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A lot of weird stuff (maybe not synthetically weird, but still) here. It took some work to match these things to known characters in the book:
In the bottom left, the numbers 23 refer to a passage in the book where Salby goes on for page and a half about what people eat for dinner. The number after that says that when the synths were being redesigned, someone had the clever idea to make them "the size of a small car."
In the center column, we have "Synth" and "Makeu4," which are both names of synths in the book. The weird thing about the first, as I mentioned last night, is that Salby decided to name the character that keeps telling you he's a bad person in the story "synth" even though his name is clearly "Salby."
"Makeu4" is named for one of the synths described in the book 鈥 it's a fancy model with a beautiful, elaborate, in-built organ.
In the third column from the top, it looks like Salby is saying that people can talk to the synths by writing small words on a tiny piece of paper and then putting it through the synth's "lateral gyrus." The reason this is hard to interpret is because I can't figure out what he's referring to when he says "the lateral gyrus." Is it the piece of paper? Is it the synth? Both?
(The "gyrus" part might be an abbreviation for "gyrating.")
The third-to-last line seems to be saying that the synth gave the person the "rapid metabolic function" back. It's hard to make sense of this one, and I can't find it anywhere on Google, although it might be the medical abbreviation "RBF" (the one I'd guess from). (The word in the bottom line, "Quad-Processor," might be an abbreviation for "quad-processor," i.e. one has four processors.)
The last line could refer to "Atem," a very powerful synth-like object described at the end of Ch. 23. Atem is a gigantic, elaborate, expensive, presumably illegal thing that has the same "double-dimensions and sesquipedaliform" shape as the book's other synths, and can fly and teleport people. (I don't remember whether it uses "energy" to do this, though I'm sure that's how the books would say it. But I'm not sure whether the books refer to these things as "synths" if they aren't just called "energy.")
In the last three lines, the first one looks like it could be a way of saying "can record" or "can save recordings" or something. I'm interpreting it as referring to the recording of the synths' thoughts, and then reconstructing those thoughts with the recordings.
The second one seems to be a simple question, and the answer to which is "yeah, they can get in the way, and some people have trouble talking to them." The fact that it looks like it's talking about people talking to synths but it's actually about people talking to other people seems like a joke on Salby's part. (Or possibly a joke based on Salby's own writing?)
The final line looks like it's saying that the synth has some unusual power, and that this power includes the ability to record sounds. (The "extragenerator" part might be a medical term. The book describes some synth-like objects called "extragenersators" in Ch. 23.) The final bit, "almost killed me," doesn't sound like it refers to the power to record; it sounds like it refers to one of the powers used by the agent from Ch. 22. At first I thought the "Uber-preche" was a reference to Ch. 22, but that chapter has nothing like that phrase, so I don't think it's that. And I'm still not sure what he is referring to with "Sional forms."
Some notes on what comes next:
After this comes a huge section ("Toward 鈥 a synthesis") about why Synth has so many weird powers. It's much more detailed and much more self-referential than anything in the last couple of columns, which are mostly descriptions of one-off powers. For instance, some of the powers in the first part of the passage are a "distributed kinetic structure," a "cognitive-complex adaptive memory structure 鈥 capable of reconstructing a wide range of information," and the ability to "self-generate 鈥 a form of energy." All of these sound like descriptions of the energy-creating power from Atem.
The last line of the first part can't be an explanation for what "quasientropy" means because Salby never explains what it is.
The part starting in the middle looks like it's all about the question of whether Synth really wants to help Orsopolis 鈥 is it just doing things for its own sake, or is it trying to get humans to help it build more Orgons?
After that comes a description of what Orgons are, a sort of "table of contents" for Synth. And then the whole thing wraps up with some moralizing stuff in the last four lines. He goes back over all the bits that he's already explained, and says that if you take his explanation and look at it in the right context, it makes sense and doesn't contradict anything. (The way he's saying all this reminds me of the post he was responding to from last night that I can't find.)
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Frank lots of people have sold their soul for immense power.
Have you considered gathering immense power so you can sell it for a soul?
This is probably meant to be funny to some degree, but really, I'm only in this position because I sold my soul quite some time ago when I was a young kid and couldn't do much about it (I also ended up with a broken computer, which made me really sad, but at least it wasn't my soul)
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phoenixyfriend3 hours ago
ok wait. OBI-WAN vs anakin's genome being 50% the Force. go
Okay I'm assuming this is in the context of GG Stewjon AU
In which case! We're in luck! Obi-Wan is a Spark, and Sparks have a very tenuous grasp on the whole 'respect for procedure' thing and are going to be much less upset, on average, than a lab manager type like Karin.
So we'll assume they've been doing the whole "Obi-Wan teaches Anakin how to do A Science without going completely bonkers, how to time your cackling so that you feel like you're releasing a valve on your emotions instead of just throwing it around for no reason, how to avoid electrical arcing with dramatic effect," thing for a year or two. Anakin's got a good grasp on it, and he's primarily a mechanics spark, so even though his projects are often significantly more dangerous than many people's, because things go boom, he's generally considered less worrying than Obi-Wan, because Obi-Wan is an adult, on who often comes out of the lab covered in blood and spinal fluid and--
Anyway. They're used to each other.
Qui-Gon always sits in the corner with a book, some tea, and a wealth of experience in managing a baby Spark. The corner has a square of tape on the floor that's labeled to make it clear this is his corner, and also the only section of the lab where people can eat and drink. Maybe there's a low-level forcefield that people can walk through but keeps out unfortunate gasses that could land on the food. If he's not available, someone of a similar level of "can control these madboys" will be. Yoda likes taking this duty. Nobody wants him to, but he does anyway.
(He has an unfortunate habit of encouraging them.)
There's a rotating cast of healer/starfighter padawans who get assigned to play lab assistant for practice with high-stress situations where it won't get a patient/pilot killed if they fuck up, and also so they get used to being able to tell someone with COMMAND to fuck off and stop doing something stupid before they get everyone killed. Anakin might be eleven, but he has the harmonics, okay. Most people listen instinctively to the first few seconds of orders and then go "wait, he's a baby" and stop. Obi-Wan is harder to ignore, so it's great practice for learning to tell Authorities With Bad Ideas to shove off.
So, now that we've got that set up, we can say that two years in, Obi-Wan asks Anakin if he can pretty please take a look at his genome, because he's circled back around to midichlorian counts in his studies and he recalls the actually quite fascinating--
Er. Yes. Right. Well, Anakin, your blood had some anomalies that I'd like to take a closer look at, do you mind?
And they do that! Obi-Wan gets a blood sample, Anakin goes back to doing questionable upgrades to a zeppelin--he was inspired by some of the stories Obi-Wan told about his and Qui-Gon's last "I need to talk to experienced Sparks who can give me advice on how to manage this incredibly rare neurotype that is pretty much nonexistent outside of this one planet" trip to Albia's Empire, he wants to make zeppelins for a few months, it's fine--and Qui-Gon keeps reading his book. Obi-Wan Does A Science to the blood. What kind of science? Unclear, but he's doing it.
I'm not sure what he finds, but I am sure that it makes him happy, and he spends a significant amount of time trying to tease out answers from the cells. Why is the DNA wrapping in this specific way?! What's with the error message he's getting from Chromosome 12?! Why is the mitochondrial RNA the wrong color?! What are these organelles?! Why are they glowing in ultraviolet?!
He's having a lot of fun and Anakin's eager to help him make Neat New Scanners to figure out more weird blood things.
Qui-Gon got in a new brand of tea, would any of the padawans on rotation like a taste while the madboys have their Maniacal Laughter break?
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phoenixyfriend4 hours ago
Oo, hey, speaking of accidental misuses of the ranting voices, I bet older Jedi are better at resisting- or at least noticing what's going on. Noticing what's happening to them and controlling themselves is their job! But. I bet younglings are vulnerable to it. Tiny padawan Anakin, accidentally trailing half the younger creche behind him while they all work on installing flamethrowers into the mouse droids to revamp the Initiate obstacle course training ground and expand it across the Temple.
It's just the coffee shop scene, but baby. Anakin just thought people were being nice! And helpful! He was excited and wanted to show them things! He didn鈥檛 realize he was doing sparky mind tricks!
(Images under the cut.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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walkingshcdow4 hours ago
鈥淚鈥檝e been subsisting on some muesli in my top pocket for the last fortnight.鈥 (zhara @ victor)
"As the only other physician aboard this ship, I feel obligated to tell you that that can't be healthy," Victor says, continuing to examine the bacterial cultures he'd brought aboard the Erskine to turn into antibiotics. He looked up from the microscope. "And as your friend, I feel obligated to tell you I stocked the third drawer on your right with snacks."
They were mostly spicy snacks, the kind whose chemical burn was like a swift kick to the lips, which kept him awake when caffeine didn't do the trick.
"You're welcome."
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phoenixyfriend4 hours ago
Spark!Obi-Wan and Anakin should have helper droids that follow them around and spritz them with water when they get too far into fugue to stop themselves from doing horrific things. Like, they're Jedi. They literally train their *entire* lives in self-control. They're mostly fine, and they can channel their urges into appropriate times/places. But. Obi-Wan still gets itchy during funerals and struggles when left alone in graveyards or in zoos. Or jungles! Having an aid to remind him is helpful.
Hey anon! I'm not sure what your familiarity with GG is, but for a Spark that's taught control from a relatively young age (and not raised in a toxic environment or with the social pressure to be unhinged), many of these urges aren't actually intrusive! Sparks are very liable to get carried away while already fugueing or when in an altered mental state (e.g. Agatha's building while asleep or sleep-deprived tends to be impressive, but she can't always track what it is that she did), and they don't always have the best filters, but if they were raised with an idea of how to be respectful of things like the dead, then they don't get 'itchy' or whatever.
It's hyperfocus and tunnel vision, not really... magpie addiction, I guess?
There are absolutely Sparks for whom it is like that, and definitely there's a cultural component to it; that Mechanicsburg kid with the dead rat cites that it's been his family's job for literal generations, after all, and Mechanicsburg as a place/culture is just... really fucking weird.
It's also not just corpses. There's a point in the Paris arc where Agatha starts taking apart a vehicle she's in... while it's moving... away from people who want to kidnap her and force her to become a vessel for her mother's mind (which she already is, but still has somewhat under control). And she has a reason! She's building something important! She needs parts and is actively trying to handle the part where people are trying to kill her by building the thing in question! But it stands to reason that taking apart the vehicle you're in without even warning the friend who's driving it is like. Not great forward thinking.
But Agatha also spends the entire trip from Paris to Londinium completely fine, with no urge to take anything apart or even fiddle that much.
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walkingshcdow4 hours ago
鈥淚 have to keep moving or I may well die鈥 or worse.鈥 (anya @ victor)
The Sunshine Treatment | Accepting!
"Are you certain of that?" Victor asked, cocking a brow at his experiment turned traveling companion, who now paced the length of their train compartment. Reaching into his breast pocket, he procured a small notebook and even smaller pencil, jotted down a few notes, and looked up. "What do you think is worse than death?"
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