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#gaz membrane
jthmaau10 hours ago
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esthyradlera day ago
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stress doods because I鈥檓 gonna have a bad time tomorrow and i want to feel something wholesome
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Screw Me!!
I was resting with the Dib after another battle to stop me from 'taking over Earth.'
He knows about my mission and how the Tallest Red and Purple were trying to get rid of me.
Ever since then, we formed a 'bond,' and it goes like this-
Dib and I were to fight to the 'death' once a week, and then, we can hang out like normal hooyman friends. It did start great, but lately, it seems that neither Dib nor I had that same spark anymore. So, we agreed that this was our last fight, and we would give out our anger at each other.
I huffed as I know that the Dib would be tired already.
"Wanna hang at my place?" I asked, getting better at English (a bit)
He nodded, panting like crazy, and we soon got up to leave.
On our way to my base, we saw that pizza place that Gir loved so much. Bloaty's, was it?
Anyway, we went in to get some pizza, although I hate the smell of pizza, and got Dib's and Gir's.
Once we got there, Gir was screaming again, and I told him that we brought his pizza.
He stopped crying and grabbed all of them but one.
"THANKS, MASTER! AND YOU TO MARY!" He said before leaving to who knows where.
Dib placed the pizza on the table and began to eat while I just stared at him.
It's boring since I'm allergic to meat, but he did manage to snag me in one cheese pizza.
I took one look at it before biting it, instantly loving it.
I ate it so fast that by the time I was done, I wanted more.
Dib laughed lightly at me and told me that it was just one.
I pouted but couldn't refuse to smile.
I just love the way Dib laughed and smiles; it makes my squeedily spooch swirl with delight!
"L-Let's go watch a movie!" I suggested, turning away from seeing the Dib.
The reason for that was because my face was covered with blush after I thought about Dib's laugh and smile.
"Okay?" Dib said, confused about my attitude.
We sat down on the couch, and the movie started playing.
While I was watching it with boredom, it did help me out with my blushing.
It died down, and now, I can relax.
Only, it didn't seem to end...
I saw Dib scutting over to me and laid his head on my shoulder.
I flinched, and that made him pulled back.
"A-Are you okay?" He asked.
"Sorry if I startled you, Zim."
"It's fine, human. Nothing too serious," I lied.
Dib didn't say anything, but he knew that something was bothering me.
He turned off the movie and asked me the same question.
"I told you, human, I am fine," I lied, avoiding his face.
"I told you that I'm fine! Why pester me?!"
This got Dib fired up a bit, and he yelled back, "Because you're my friend, Zim!"
"Stop asking me questions then!"
"No, Zim! Tell me what's wrong!"
"I will not!"
"Zim, come on! Why can't you-"
"Because you don't have to know what's my problem, Dib!"
"I just want to help you-"
"Help me with what?! Screw you!"
"Screw me then-"
Dib stopped talking after realizing what he just said.
I was kind of confused by what he said, but then, he got up and left without saying goodbye.
'I wonder what that was about,' I thought.
I decided to investigate what the Dib say by typing what he said.
What I didn't know was something more than I originally thought...
With Dib
'OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG-' I thought while blushing intensely.
'What the hell did I just say?!'
I slammed the door as soon as I was home, not greeting Gaz and heading up to my room.
I locked it and sighed.
'OMG, what am I going to do?!' I thought, grabbing a pillow before screaming in it.
'I can never face Zim ever again!'
After that thought, I changed into my pajamas and tried to forget today.
'If only it was easy...'
Time skip, one week later
I was not expecting Zim to be in my room after a whole week of avoiding him.
He did try to talk to me, but I didn't want to see or hear him.
And after that, he gave up, and I thought it was over.
But it is what it is, right?!
"Dib-thing, I searched up what you said to me one week ago," Zim started.
'Oh god, please no-'
"And, I'm surprised that you would like someone like me."
Okay, what did he just say?
I thought he was going to be disgusted and never want to see me ever again.
"What?" I finally mumbled out, confused at what he said.
"I said-"
"I know what you said. It just surprised me, you know?" I said, blushing.
I sat down in bed right next to him and said, "Look, you told me that Irkens can't fall in love-"
"Yes, except Zim, of course," Zim said, forming a blush.
"I like you, Dib-human."
My face went from normal to a red tomato after hearing Zim said that.
I covered my face while screaming, 'OMG,' in my head multiple times.
"S-Since when?" I stuttered out.
"Since forever, I supposed. I mean, you were the only one that ever paid attention to me, hang out with me, letting me be myself, having fun with you, and-"
"Okay, okay! Just one question, why me?"
When Zim tilts his head, I sighed and said, "Why did you choose me out of everyone? Heck, even you could've chosen Keef!"
Zim, unexpectedly, pinned me over and stared lustily at me.
"Because you're the only one right for me, Dib-love~"
I blushed, and before I knew it, he started kissing me.
I shiver in pleasure as I slowly closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around him.
He started taking off our clothes, and I admit I was nervous.
But I know that Zim wouldn't want me to feel hurt at all.
"Ready~?" He asked, wanting to make sure I wanted it.
I bit my lips, but I nodded.
And with that, we had our first time together with Zim as top...
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tsoholidaya day ago
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Tumblr media
sapindale, my sweet lad
booted up animal crossing in the first time since last year and huzzah! I found some joy
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rllyaangrlly2 days ago
*shakes you* Tell me about the Resisty au please
So due to a series of unfortunate events (including alien abductions and brain damage) Gaz has ended up aboard the Resistys ship.
Meanwhile Dib and Zim are desperately attempting to find her and many hijinks ensue, from Zim not so accidentally shooting Dibs boyfriend to them reconnecting with an old friend
It鈥檚 a tale that includes love, loss, redemption, and a whole lot of Star Wars references
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izpride3 days ago
i know you did one kind of similar to this one but can you do gaz with the pan, poly, lesbian enby, and trans flags please? thank you so much!
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Gaz Membrane + Trans/Polyamorous/@more-moodboards's Nonbinary Lesbian/Pansexual flags!
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queery-geek-ash3 days ago
If you don鈥檛 mind me asking, how did you come up with the CorDibPines AU? I鈥檝e heard of just Dipper and Dib, but adding Coraline is so smart! I can really see those three being friends.
I absolutely don鈥檛 mind, in fact I encourage you to. So it was me and a friend that thought of CoraDibPines. We thought that because they all had encounters with extraordinary mystical things, they would bond with each other. Form a group that has experience the extraordinary. Also it gives me the chance to share a ship I made that I think may work out well: Gazaline, Gaz x Coraline
But the first one was the main reason. Plus, when you add Wybie, You get 3 dorks and a girl. Lol. Add Mabel then finally you get a squad. Idk if Gaz would consider joining, she may join but only because their secret layer/chill cave has a gaming station and mini fridge .
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l-ii-zz3 days ago
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Space Junk AU: Current Characters
There will be more joining soon.
I'm sorry for my absence but work has been a nightmare lately :/. I'm gonna work on the plot again very soon!
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rllyaangrlly3 days ago
Please bless the world with your resisty gaz design
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Don鈥檛 fuck with her
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warandconquest3 days ago
Proposal for the drawing prompt :3
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No one ever told Gaz about Irken traditions
shes all 鈥漬ice sword thanks?鈥
Thank you so much for the ask!!!!!!!!!!!
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ihaveissuesandrage4 days ago
Randomly thinking about Dib singing Mysterious Force from Phineas and Ferb to Gaz. Linda should be replaced by his father.
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When you go watch movies with your nemesis after a fight and pass out
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Am I Worth It?
Warning- Dark angst as well as suicide. Read at your risk.
No one POV
"Am I worth it?" Dib asked, wiping the blood coming out of his mouth.
Dib was in the middle of a fight to destroy Zim's new latest plan.
"Worth it?! What kind of a question is that?!" Zim exclaimed before activating the bombs.
Dib quickly got up to try and stop it but not before feeling a stab at his right arm.
He hissed, but that didn't stop him.
He managed to deactivate the bomb, making Zim pissed.
"HOW DARE YOU?! I'LL GET YOU BACK FOR THIS, DIB-STINK!" Zim yelled before running off.
Dib sighed, walking away as well.
'It's been a long day...' He thought before sighing again.
'Can't let Dad or Gaz see this, not that they care anyway...'
Dib felt tears forming, but he withheld it.
He couldn't show weakness right now. Not when Earth is at stake.
But really, does he had to hold it in for so long?
"Am I worth it?" Dib asked Zim, walking right beside him.
"What do you mean by that? Well, yeah, of course," Zim said, looking at Dib with a suspension look.
"Why do you ask that?"
"It's nothing, just curious," Dib admitted truly.
It's been one year ever since Zim found out that his mission was a lie.
To cope, Zim and Dib decided to go out with a truce.
Ever since then, Zim and Dib became somewhat friends.
"Hm... You better not be hiding something, Dib-friend," Zim said, looking at Dib intensely.
Dib nervously laughed as they entered the class, going to their assigned seat.
'Damn, does he care or not?' Dib thought, nervously scratching his arm.
'I mean, we're just friends right now; it wouldn't matter that much to Zim, right?'
Dib stared at the window, ignoring Ms. Bitter's teaching, and sighed.
'Even so, let's just hope that nothing goes wrong...'
"Am I worth it?" Dib asked nervously at Zim.
Zim smiled at Dib as he held his hand and said, "Yes, Dib. Yes, you are."
This made Dib smiled faintly too, but not much joy was on his face.
'Of course, he would say that to make me feel better...' Dib thought before blushing.
He cuddled up to Zim after their 'fun' time, if you know what I mean~
Dib sighed before looking at Zim again.
'Thank goodness he thought that these scars are from our old battles...'
"I love you..." Dib said before cuddling in Zim's chest and falling asleep.
'I love you too...' Zim thought, hugging Dib tightly.
"Am I worth it?!" Dib exclaimed, slamming his hands down onto the table.
It's been three years since they were together, but something broke that spark a long time ago.
Lately, Zim became more distant, always finding excuses in his life.
Of course, Dib thought it was something small, and now, this is happening.
It left Dib's heart completely break causing him to cry.
'I knew it. I should've known for a long time... He hates me just like everyone else did... Why me?'
Dib looked at his hand that slammed the table and sigh.
'That's it, huh? It's over...' Dib thought, grabbing his things to leave.
'Goodbye, Zim,' He thought before closing the door to finished what he thought to do a long time ago...
'"Am I worth it?"' Zim heard Dib's voice inside his head.
He kneels to place the flowers that he purchased for his Dib.
Then, he felt tears coming down his face.
Dib's death hit him hard that night.
It was the last time they ever spoke, and, unfortunately, Zim found Dib dead by a river.
He tried to save him, but it was too late.
Dib was gone... and he wasn't coming back.
'Oh, my love, you were always worth it...' Zim thought, crying out as he apologized over and over again.
"Zim- I'm very sorry, Dib-love. Just let this be a prank, please come back..." Zim pleaded, clutching onto the necklace Dib gave him.
'Please...' Zim thought, but he knows that nothing will make him come back.
'You were always worth it, my love...'
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