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prettylilacsapphic · an hour ago
i’m honestly speechless, am i just supposed to function when you’re being so perfect ugh i want to hold you but i can’t because you’re so far away how is this fair
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glitteryandgay103 · an hour ago
Just watched Luca and it is the cutest motherfucking thing I have ever seen!! And it’s so queer, like SO queer its amazing. Definitely my favorite Pixar movie 😌🥰
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Go watch it please 🥺😭💞🧜🏼‍♂️🐟
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cynnarose · 2 hours ago
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My response to an anti LGBTQIA post from my hometown 🥴
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antacidsnake · 2 hours ago
So I saw the no kink at pride thing and it reminded me that I used to be like that when I was a baby gay and I was feeling so much pressure just from the thought of dating. Ya know cuz I was 20ish (younger than 25) and had NEVER had sex (gasp! 😱).
So I was originally uncomfortable with kink and everything being open and out there Bc I had NO experience with sex and no basis of how I felt about myself sexually (I’m fine as fuck by the way). And it was this uncertainty that made me nervous Bc (I’m guessing but this feels right it’s been awhile) “what if someone sexy interacts with me?”
Of course nowadays it’s like “so what do I even like you?” but I wasn’t there yet, instead I was thinking how do I interact with someone dressed “sexually” as a person in a perceived sexual zone (pride, being gay, anything really)? And that anxiety was alleviated somewhat when seeing posts about how there should be more non sexy pride parades and lgbt coffee shops to avoid clubs.
And it’s good on paper (plz give me a coffee shop I don’t drink) and the less sex idea had me taking that point for awhile before it was pointed out to me just how much we (as a community, as queers, and especially gay men) were really brutalized and left to die. Reagan and his ilk murdered too many of us for us to just roll over and present ourselves in a straight enough fashion.
Around this time I actually started dating too and I had my best friend (also gay) stress how important it is to have boundaries with guys and respect for myself (he helped hammer it in after I acted a fool once 🤦‍♂️) and that made this anxiety around sex/prude attitude toward kink at pride start to lift.
Anyways after the realization that 1) I existed in a time and place that pretends they didn’t murder us just years before actively 2) Having respect for myself also means respecting my own personal sexual desires and boundaries and 3) This civilization still paints me as a sex crazed creep just Bc I can admit I like cock, I dropped the no kink at pride bit.
Oh and the cherry on top of it all was that on further retrospection it’s clear the subject is always about making us look good to the straights, same as the argument to make A for allies instead of Asexual. We need the straight approval except when we don’t. As in we’ve never had their approval any step of the way and if anything the moment their opinions outweigh our own is a sign they’re up to something.
Also also for the younger gays and everyone else in the lgbt+community remember this, it’s not actually what someone’s wearing that makes them some sexual creep. It is directly what that person does. So any gay teens who may be nervous about going to pride I say go and have fun and if some douche canoe doesn’t get the hint when you dodge him or say no then splash his drink on him cuz he’s aa loser.
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chadersonx · 2 hours ago
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1700s were wild u shouldve been there
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prettylilacsapphic · 3 hours ago
i just want to sit in a car in an empty car park at night and listen to music really loud and eat homemade cookies and chinese takeaway with my darling partner, while we look at each other adoringly and kiss under the stars, i mean come on, is that too much to ask????
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estoyputito · 3 hours ago
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impala1967dwinchester · 4 hours ago
Bobby Singer: Boys, Boys, Boys
Pride Collection 2021 June 19th
Tumblr media
Pairing: Father!Bobby Singer x Male!Son!Reader
Pov: Bobby
Warnings: Fluff, Understanding, supportive father figure, coming out
Summary: Bobby grew up in a much different time, but he'll do anything to support his son.
Word Count: 577
A/n_ Gay @firefly-graphics for dividers.
Main Master List
Pride Collection Master List 2021
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Now I know what you are about to say, 'Bobby he's your son. you've got to support him." And I do, but I don't need every other person in the world telling me what to do with MY son.
My son had come out to me years ago, but I knew long before. His mother had died from a car wreck, and that left me to raise my boy all on my own.
I did my best, the best that a father can do for his son. I also drew a line in the ground when I found out that my wife was pregnant to never end up like my father.
To never end up the abusive, shitty asshole I called my father. So when my son was born into life I knew right then and there that I wouldn't be anything like him.
My son grew up with both his mother and me. We both loved him more than our lives, something about being a parent, about having this small innocent human being that is now in your care.
But like I said Y/n's mother died when he was young.
Now he's an adult, and dating his boyfriend. Now I will tell you when he told me I was shocked, but I can only imagine what my son went through. How scared he must have been to tell me.
I think people believe that just because I was born in a different time and had different things affecting my life, but I wasn't allowed to be myself. Nothing I ever wanted to put on my son.
I learned long after my father passed away that I'd have to accept my children, I learned that I'd have to be the exact opposite from him. Teach my son that it's okay to be different actually I wanted him to be different.
Never in my life did I want to watch my son fear me. Fear himself, fear what he was comfortable with. Years of teaching my son, of being there or my son.
I'd do anything for my son. So, if that meant I had to accept my son then so be it. Just because the past said something doesn't mean I can't see that the past has no reason to be the future.
Y/n deserves better than what I grew up in. He deserves a good future for himself, for his husband, for his children. He deserves the best of life, and I don't want to lose that chance to be a part of his future, all because of my past.
I don't want to end up like my father. I don't want to be a thorn in my son's side. I want to grow old with my grandchild in my lap. I want to tell embarrassing stories about their father to his kids.
I want to be the supportive person in his life. Someone that he comes to because he isn't scared to. I want to be so much for my son. Not because I'm making up for everything I lost out on, but because he deserves that person.
I want to encourage Y/n. I want to support him, so he can at one point support himself. I want him to believe himself because I believe in him.
And for what it's worth. I'm so happy that I had a son because Y/n is really the pride and joy of my life.
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Completed on: 06/18/2021
Posted on: 06/19/2021
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nickslenses · 5 hours ago
"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further." - Richard Dawkins
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Photo by @nickslenses
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