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#gay writers
valopiza · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
My hoodie just arrived today!
Love the message on the back! And it's so soft and comfy, love it!!
For the people asking you can order the hoodie in the next link! It arrives in 6 days to California
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gahrie · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Medicine by Daughter
i don’t know how i got here, one moment i had your arms around me and the next i couldn’t breathe. i remember it was our first anniversary when I came home, to see you perched on the kitchen stool. didn’t say much, i think only if i didn’t run for you, you would out run me. i remember buying the adderal, coming home early to cook with you, then work with your soft snores surrounding me.
i don’t know how we got to the emergency room, didn’t even know toxic was a drug i could overdose on.“your heart couldn’t take the speed you craved”, that was the formal diagnosis. and now you sit beside me in the hospital room, and ask me why did you take the damn medicine. golden, you had said i was golden, maybe that’s why i only shone for a while and now i’m rusted.
“isn’t late too late to chip of the ugly bits, we will make you perfect again, after all it’s Judy medicine, how big a rot could it be” you call it rot love, but you fed it with threats of impending aloneness, like a mother singling a lullaby. Couldn’t hear when I said, you took my wings and shackled me to slavery with orange bottles that haunt me even in my dreams. “wanted more but not like this” no one but the ghosts of your pride and love waiting in the waiting room, as I slept . dreaming should i finally give into gluttony or envy those who shined without worrying that their light had an expiration time.
Tumblr media
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imgayandiwrite · 11 hours ago
Bloodlust & lies: 
I could say that every time I hear a love song I think of you, but that would be fake. A simple lie. 
The songs speak of a draw to someone else, they speak of love.
 Yet, darling, I find myself going back to the quotes about love; 
How they speak of tasting the flavor of you, but I don't think of sweet kisses. 
I think of canines because we have teeth for a reason. 
When I say I love the taste of your love, I am not talking about your lipstick or perfume.
I am thinking of teeth on the skin of your body, I am thinking of the taste of matalics and iron. 
When I tell you that I think you're sweet I am not talking about personality because sweetness you may taste of candy,  but you are bittersweet at best. 
Your blood is that of venom, so I'll bite first because my teeth are sharper than yours. 
This is not love, I won't tell you that, but it is that of Blood. 
We were formed out of bloodlust and lies and I won't back down first. 
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liaroslyn · a day ago
My MCU Character’s LGBTQIA+ Headcanons
Steve: Transgender + Bisexual
Bucky: Genderqueer + Omnisexual
Natasha: Bi-romantic + Demisexual
Sam: Bisexual
Tony: Pansexual + Demi-romantic
Peter P: Transgender + Bisexual
Clint: Bisexual + Grey-romantic
Loki: Gender-fluid + Homosexual
Thor: Gender-fluid + Pansexual
Bruce: Asexual + Homo-romantic
Wanda: Pansexual
Carol: Lesbian
Stephen: Demisexual + Bi-romantic
MJ: Bisexual + Non-Binary 
Shuri: Lesbian 
Ned: Homosexual
Harley: Homosexual + Non-Binary
Rhodey: Bisexual
Pepper: Bisexual
Peggy: Bisexual
Scott: Pansexual
Valkyrie: Lesbian
Hope: Bisexual
T’Challa: Bisexual
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imgayandiwrite · a day ago
Is this how Sappho felt?
The butterflies,
Every little thing making her distracted,
Because what other thing would be greater to think about than you?
Would she drop to her knees,
In worship,
In love?
I would drop belief an any god
with you standing in front of me.
Who would need God when you stand in front of me,
In all your glory
Every ugly piece of you
Because why worship perfection
When we as humans know it to be false
Instead let us worship every part of being human.
The gods can not so we shall do it for them.
Might you do the same if I could pull you out of my dreams?
Would you greet me with that cotton candy smile,
Tell me the words I've always wanted to hear?
Would you find God in me?
I do not care which,
As long as your eyes mirror mine.
Even the gods are not perfect
A wonderful contradiction of self
Beings created to be perfect
Yet it seems,
Even they can not hit the mark.
Eros has shot his arrow,
I wonder
Has it hit you too?
For I will be Patroclus
Will you be my Achilles?
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transfairyhere · 2 days ago
Under a Starry Sky
I wrote a short mlm story if anyone is interested in reading :) The sky was a dark blue. Sprinkled across it were tiny twinkling dots. Two teenagers lay on a hill beneath it, side by side. One of them had dark skin and curly hair down to his shoulders. His hands were soft and his face was round and smooth. His fingernails were painted black. The boy wore a dark blue hoodie that was large on his thin body, a pair of black track pants, and plain vans. He gazed up at the sky, and stole glances at the boy to his left. The second boy had blond hair swept to the side tidily. His jawline was strong and his features sharp. He was also wearing a hoodie, although his was pale pink. He also wore a skirt with long black tights underneath. His fingernails were also black, but were far from pretty as they were brittle and jagged.
The boys gazed dreamily into the night sky. None of them were experts in constellations, and so they made up their own and pointed them out to each other. “That one just above us is an apple, see how the stars are in a line that is curved a bit?” The curly haired boy raised his arm up to trace the constellation with his fingertip. “I see it,” breathed the fair haired boy in awe. The curly haired boy grinned, and traced another constellation further to the left. “There are two people up there. Lying side by side. Let’s imagine it’s us.” The blond boy smiled and asked what the two boys in the sky are doing. The other boy replied, “Maybe they are waiting to see what we do next.” His words were filled with promise. The words suggested that the boys would one day have some kind of future together, that it was up to them to make it happen. The boys kissed beneath the blanket of stars before heading to their different homes. That night they dreamt of each other.
The next night only the curly haired boy came to the hill underneath the stars. He sat down slowly, staring all around him. He looked around the area fearfully for the blond boy to come. He waited there on the field for hours, alternating between looking for the other teenager and staring at the sky. Tears fell out of his eyes, but his face was blank. Emotionless. The silent tears dripped down. Before long, the boy wiped his face dry with the sleeve of his hoodie, and walked back to his home. The next night the boy was back, searching for the blond boy. The night after that, neither boy came to the hill to gaze at the stars.The curly haired boy did walk past the hill, and gave the hill and the stars above a few quick glances. But instead of pausing he hurried away, hands in his pockets and hood over his messy curls. The rain that began bucketing down didn’t slow his movements or deter him from his mission. He had to keep moving.
The blond boy was in his bedroom. He stared out of his padlocked window up at the starry sky. He sighed deeply and with feeling. A single tear fell from one of his blue eyes but it was quickly wiped away with a fast hand. The boy stood and dropped down onto his bed. The bed was small, and only had a plain white blanket and faded, old yellowing sheets. A few springs pointed up from the old mattress underneath him, scratching his pretty pink hoodie and the small skirt. It didn’t bother him. He stared up at the ceiling. The paint was peeling, revealing slowly rotting wood. Outside, rain began sprinkling down, quickly transforming into loud and heavy rain. This made the boy give a small smile. He loved the sound of rain. It was a peaceful, calming sound that always helped him drift off to sleep, no matter the circumstances. His smile vanished when a drip of water fell onto his forehead from the leaky ceiling. He tucked the blanket around his chin and closed his eyes shut, willing himself to fall asleep. He wriggled around under the blanket, adjusting to many different sleep positions. None of them felt comfortable. Sleep evaded him.
 After an hour of attempting to sleep, the boy heard a quiet tapping on his window amongst the sounds of rain. The tapping was insistent, and grew louder. Warily, he sat up and let the blanket fall off him. He stood up, his feet cold on the wooden floor, and he crept over to the window. Peering out into the darkness, his heart beat faster. The tapping grew louder still. A face appeared suddenly just outside the window. The boy gasped and stepped back in fright. After taking a few deep breaths, he drew the courage to look more closely at the face. He narrowed his eyes and forced himself back over to the window. His lips parted in a wide smile when he saw who it was. The face had stood up taller, and was gesticulating wildly. It was the curly haired boy! His hair was sopping wet and fell in a messy mop atop his head. His blue hoodie was dripping with heavy water. Despite being cold and wet to the bone, the boy outside the window was grinning merrily, his eyes lit up with joy and mischief. He signaled for the blond boy to open the window. The blond boy signed back that he couldn’t, that there was a padlock and he was unable to obtain the key to unlock it. The boys let their arms fall to the sides. Each boy's face drooped and lost their smiles. Their eyes were sad. 
Then the curly hair boy gestured for the other boy to move back, so he did, wondering what the plan was. His feet shuffled backwards into the room, and he stood next to the bed, observing the window cautiously. All was quiet except for the now gentle spittering of the rain. Suddenly a loud crack pierced through the quiet, followed by a sprinkling of broken glass. The blond boy’s face shone with excitement when he realised he could escape. His face turned from happy to scared when lights turned on in other areas of the house and footsteps could be heard. “Hurry!” Shouted the curly haired boy. So the boy inside the room skittered over the broken glass barefoot to the window, obtaining a few cuts, but nothing serious. The footsteps from further into the house grew louder as they came closer. A jingling of keys could be heard and sounds of the door being unlocked. The blond boy cambered over the window sill, collecting extra scratches from the broken glass still in the frame. “What now?” He cried to the curly haired boy frantically. The other boy just smiled, revealing his shining white teeth. “Just come with me as fast as you can. We are going to the hill.”
Fifteen minutes later two boys were lying on the hill beneath the dark night sky and the blanket of glittering stars. They were out of breath from running from the house where the blond boy had been held captive. They gazed up at the constellation the curly haired boy had seen of the two boys together. “What is our constellation doing now?” Whispered the blond boy. The boy next to him took his time answering. His brown eyes looked up at the stars, and thought deeply about the answer to the question. “I think they are holding hands, and waiting for something. I don’t know what they are waiting for,” he said regretfully. “But I know that whatever happens, they will stick with each other. Always there for each other. Never apart. What do you think?” The boys looked into each other's eyes. “I would like that.”
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lifeinashoujo · 2 days ago
I was okay until you started coming home late
I was okay until you stop calling me
I was okay until you disappeared for days on end
I became okay when I finally kissed her
My girl best friend
Tumblr media
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queerstorystop · 2 days ago
We constantly build walls around ourselves, say they're for our protection, but all we really want is for an invasion to break down those walls and rescue the monarch hiding within.
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asexual-juliet · 2 days ago
Jen Lindley: You have nice breasts... You have a really nice body... You're commanding. Hey, come on, I wish I had your stature and your long legs.
Also Jen Lindley: I’m completely hetero
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potent-cactus-juice · 2 days ago
hey guys, i am doing a school project on worldwide homophobia for global perspectives. I would really appreciate it if you took sometime to fill this questionnaire out, 'cause this topic's really important to me and if we don't get responses the project won't be displayed and we want it to get displayed because we live in a place where the LGBTQIA+ community is not accepted. here is the link:
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lesbianpetekao · 2 days ago
itsay: you will deal with the trauma of your high school gay awakening and how you maybe dealt with it poorly and hurt people in ways you didn’t understand at the time
ipytm: you will face the residual trauma of your ill-fated first gay relationship in your late teens/early twenties that you were so convinced was going to last forever frozen in perfect happiness, to the point that you completely blind to both of your faults and the way they were slowly driving you apart
nadao pay for my therapy pls i’m begging
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zire-in-space · 2 days ago
Some Helpful Stuff
Shoutout to women. Shoutout to asians. Shoutout to blacks. Shoutout to hispanics. Shoutout to latinos/as. Shoutout to muslims. Shoutout to Jewish people. Shoutout to lgbtqa+ members. Shoutout to you all. Every one of you. Don't let anyone, not even a person with an identity I just shouted out, tell you you're not suffering, or that your suffering is anything less than other marginalized groups. Don't let anyone tell you your issues are not worth using certain phrases or tags in. Don't let anyone bring you down with hateful rhetoric. Never let it bring your consious lower and make you quieter, never. Keep being kind - never stop being the person who sees others hurt and has a desire and will to help. Never.
Thats it. Thats da post.
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letters-from-alex · 3 days ago
“To the boy with green eyes.”
How funny, that it seems that I am drawn to boys with green eyes, and although I’ve been writing about one that holds a piece of my heart to this day, I can’t help but wonder that maybe, just maybe, not all my letters were to him, but to another boy with green eyes who’s waiting for my gaze to meet his for the very first time.
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savemysoul · 3 days ago
sin dall'inizio ti ho immaginata mano nella mano, vestita di niente con solo le tue insicurezze che io avrei fatto sparire
ricordo bene quando ti dissi che il mio cuore iniziava a battere per te: piccola ed impaurita speravo che tu potessi volermi bene come io volevo bene te, che non ti volevo soltanto come un'amica, che per me non eri stata solo una confusione, ma eri diventata quella roccia su cui poggiarmi durante la tempesta.
tu, forse, l'hai capito troppo tardi, quando io avevo nascosto nel dimenticatoio tutto quello che mi era rimasto di te: quei pochi messaggi che mandavi durante le feste annuali, quelle volte in cui ricordavi che per me non era stata solo una confusione.
a volte mi manca il tuo essere tossica, perché mi ricorda quanto insieme potessimo essere diverse, meno nocive l'una con l'altra, quelle amiche che amiche non sono.
mi manca più la sensazione che tu, e so che un'altra te io non la rivedrò mai in nessuno, che quei capelli blu saranno sempre e solo tuoi, che quegli occhi grandi non cambieranno mai, che ora appartengono a qualcun altro come i miei.
ma continuo a volerti bene, in modo diverso, perché nonostante tutto, ho capito che ti ho voluta per quello che avevi dentro te e per ciò che mi trasmettevi, indipendentemente dal fatto che fossi una donna o un uomo,e per questo ti sarò sempre grata, perché amare qualcuno è naturale, in qualsiasi modo e a qualsiasi persona.
l'amore è amore.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lvrsr0ck · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Home sweet home
Chris Evans x male! reader
summary: Chris comes back home from his set to hear Y/N in the shower. Chris joined Y/N in the shower and things go off from there.
random info: this is ONLY for mlm/nblm readers. i used he/they pronouns.
WARNING(S): SMUT, NSFW, DESCRIPTIVE, DIRTY TALK. (please inform me if i missed any)
It was Saturday, 9:30 PM. Y/N was in the shower. Chris walked through the door coming back from the set of infinity war. His hair all messy and his face slightly sweaty. He came in and walked straight to his and Y/N’S room. He heard the shower running. He took his clothes off in the room and put them in the hamper in the closet. He then walked into the bathroom seeing Y/N fully naked washing his hair. Y/N’S eyes were closed and the water was loud so he didn’t hear or see when Chris came in. Chris went into the shower and scared Y/N.
“C- C- CHRIS?? Oh come on don’t scare me like that.” Y/N grumbled.
“Sorry sorry, I didn’t feel like waiting for you to finish so I just came in.” Chris said.
“Yeah yeah it’s ok.” Y/N replied.
Chris grabbed his body wash and wash cloth to clean himself while Y/N was still washing his hair. Once he finished he realized Y/N still wasn’t finished, so he took his chance. Chris started to rub up on Y/N. Y/N could feel his member on his ass but didn’t say anything until he felt it getting harder.
“You want this ass don’t you?” Y/N asked.
“You know I do, Y/N.” Chris said.
Y/N grabbed Chris’s member and started to jerk Chris off. Chris was quietly moaning and enjoying every second of it. Y/N turned around and kissed Chris. Y/N felt Chris’s soft plump lips touching his. Chris’s beard tickling Y/N’S face. Chris grabbed Y/N’S face. His soft yet manly hands felt so nice against his skin. Y/N finally pulled away from the kiss. He slowly went to his knees. Chris knowing what was abt to happen, smirked while Y/N went down. Y/N finally got to their knees. Y/N put their soft lips on Chris’s member. He sucked on it. Licking it from the base all the way to the tip, then kissing it. Y/N went all the way down on Chris, he gagged a little. Chris moaned at the feeling of Y/N’S tongue on his member. Chris leaned against the shower wall while putting his hands on Y/N’S head, pushing his head deeper onto his member. Y/N used his one of his hands to play with Chris’s balls and the other to rub Chris’s rock hard abs. Y/N rubbed Chris’s chest and abs feeling every crevice. Chris put his hand on Y/N’S hand leading his hand to his nipples. Y/N started to play with Chris’s nipples while still sticking him off. Y/N sucked every last inch of Chris. He licked Chris’s member from top to bottom. Chris moaned at the feelings of Y/N’S soft plump lips on his member. Chris then grabbed Y/N’S face pulling them up to go in for a long passionate kiss. Both of their lips touching again. Y/N got hard by the feeling of Chris’s lips on his. Y/N pulled away from the kiss.
“Fuck me Chris.” Y/N whispered seductively.
“Anything for you Y/N. Get ready.” Chris replied.
Chris spit on his hand then rubbed it on his member so it could easily slide into Y/N. Chris finally lubed up his member and grabbed Y/N’S ass and pulled it in closer to him. He slowly slid his member in Y/N’S hole. Both of them moaning aggressively. Y/N felt every single inch going in and out of them. Chris felt Y/N’S tight hole around his member.
“Harder Chris harder!” Y/N moaned.
Chris listened. The sound of his body slamming into Y/N’S ass got louder and louder. Y/N moaned even louder. It turned Chris on.
“You like that don’t you? Dirty little slut.” Chris whispered in Y/N’S ear.
“Yes daddy. Keep going.” Y/N replied.
Chris grabbed Y/N’S hair, pulling it with every stroke he took. Y/N’S moans still turning Chris on. The sound of Y/N moaning and Chris’s thighs slamming into Y/N’S body echoed in the bathroom. The water was still running down their bodies. Chris kept going. He jerked Y/N off slowly and gently. Y/N’S body jerked at the feeling. Chris put his other hand on Y/N’S face. He slid his fingers in his mouth.
“Suck my fingers slut.” Chris demanded.
Y/N couldn’t reply since Chris’s fingers we’re already in his mouth, but he did as asked. Chris’s eyes rolled into the back of his head because of the feeling of. Y/N’S hole. Chris let out a big groan.
“I’m gonna cum!” Chris yelled.
Y/N quickly went on their knees. Chris jerked himself off while Y/N was waiting with their tongue out. Chris looked at Y/N’S beautiful eyes and his tongue. He came right in Y/N’S mouth. Y/N slightly moaned as he swallowed all of Chris’s cum.
“Your turn.” Chris said.
Y/N stood up.
“Get on your knees.” Y/N demanded.
Chris not saying a word, fell to his knees. He sucked Y/N off for a minute before he came right in his mouth. Chris swallowed every drip of cum in his mouth.
“That tasted amazing babe.” Chris exclaimed.
“I bet it did.” Y/N smirked.
Chris stood back up and went in for a kiss. Y/N kissed back but grabbed Chris’s ass.
“Hey hey, we just finished give me a minute.” Chris chuckled.
“Yeah yeah, I’ll wait as long as needed.” Y/N replied.
Chris pulled away from the kiss and got out of the shower. Y/N followed. They both wiped them selves off while looking at each other. Both Chris and Y/N we’re slightly hard at the sight of each other’s naked bodies. Y/N smirked at Chris. Chris blushed.
They finally put their clothes on and laid in bed. Y/N fell asleep on Chris’s chest. Chris, not wanting to wake Y/N up, moved ever so slightly to turn the lamp off. Chris dozed off not too long after.
* hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave any comment on how i can improve my writing or leave some suggestions for my next fic!*
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letters-from-alex · 4 days ago
august 29, 2017
i saw your younger brother at school today. you never introduced him to me (or vice-versa), but i recognized him from your family photos. my heart sank and my hands started involuntarily shaking. it hurt seeing him too, which was strange, because i don't even know him and i bet he doesn't know me. but i guess it was the fact that he had your eyes that really put me down. regardless, it got me wondering if he even knows my name, knows my face, knows my voice. it got me pondering if you ever talked about me to your friends or family and if they know that i exist, if they know how much of an impact i made on your life, and how i let you rest your heavy head on my shoulder when you mourned the love of your life with a still beating heart. does he (or anyone else for this matter) know the lengths i would've gone to make sure you were happy? the long nights i stayed up for you to make sure you were okay to drive home? do they know what kind of friend i was to you? anything at all? or was i just a shameful experiment? you know, i really don't know what's worse about all this-- the fact that they don't know that i exist, that i'm just a complete stranger in the crowd, just another face in the library, in the hallway, just anywhere they are or if by some mere miracle, let's say, you did tell them my name, you did show them a photo, you did share your feelings about me-- tell me, what is worse? being pitied by strangers or being a ghost in the crowd?. i wanna forget about you, but seeing someone who shares your blood, your same green eyes— it’s just too painful. and i honestly can't tell what's a worse scenario. so, tell me, who am i to the people you love?
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