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#gay harry
stclaiirr · 6 hours ago
i love you
"i- i love you" he blurts and stutters without meaning to. "fuck no i- shit this is now how i wanted to tell you."
"i'm sorry?" the shorter boy questions with a stunned expression. draco looks down at the beautiful boy who had somehow made way into his heart.
"i wanted to say "i love you" for the first time without stuttering, but that failed." he confessed while he scratched the back of his head.
when suddenly harry let out uncontrollable giggles. "have i made the draco malfoy nervous? hmm i should alert the daily prophet." he teases while wiggling his eyebrows.
"stop it, you s'not funny." he pouts, flushing bright red.
"okay, okay, i'll stop." harry says. draco looks down at him and all he can see is someone he hopes will be by his side until they are both grey and old. he knows they’re young hell they're still in 8th year but he knows he'll fight for harry— for their love.
"i do love you, you know." it comes out soft and all hufflepuff but he doesn't care because harry's here and he'll be damned if he didn't say this.
"i love you too, draco malfoy" he softly spoke. draco took him into his arms while harry nuzzled into his neck. he kissed harry on the forehead while harry wrapped his hands around draco's neck.
"you know i'm so telling ron that you were trying not to stutter so he can tease you about it." harry admits, laughing.
"oh, you littl-"
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americanmoths · 14 hours ago
lost in translation
Ten days after they break up, Draco owls him about his snake.
“You’ve lost Sal?” Harry asks when he tumbles through the floo at the manor. He should get some sort of award for asking about Draco’s beloved white python instead of about why Draco unceremoniously broke off the Really Good Thing Between Them after only six months. The Harry Potter Award for Staying On Topic When All You Want to Do is Cuss the Fucker Out, given annually to an outstanding candidate in the field.
“I don’t lose things,” Draco snaps. “He’s somewhere on the manor ground. We have wards; I know when anything living leaves. I just don’t know his exact location.”
“Sounds like you lost him.”
“I didn’t. Are you going to help me find him or are you going to be an ass?”
Obviously Harry’s going to help him find Sal; he’ll do anything Draco asks if it means he gets to be near him. “Errrr what exactly do you want me to do.”
“You speak parseltongue,” Draco says, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“So I’m supposed to just walk around hissing?” Draco’s eyes steel the way they do when he realizes he’s wrong but has decided to continue on with his plan as though he’s not.
“Yes,” he says and walks into the garden. Harry follows behind him like a dog. He’s not even sure he can speak parseltongue unless he’s actively looking at a snake, but he really doesn’t know how to turn Draco down when he has that intense look in his eye.
What do you say to get a snake to return to you? Harry doesn’t know, and there’s a lot of ground to cover so he starts at here snakey, snakey and then transitions into come out, come out wherever you are and then to all the things he wants to say to Draco to get him to return: I wake up happy every morning because my pillow smells like you. I miss your laugh, and your ridiculously long bedtime routine, and your complaints about work. Everything in life seems duller because I know I can’t tell you about it later. I’ve never felt this way before. Thinking about feeling this way for anyone else feels wrong. I love you —
“Potter,” Draco suddenly stops. “Are you aware that you’ve been speaking in English?”
“No I had thought not,” Draco looks at something over Harry’s head, frowning, the lines around his nose and mouth turned downward in response to some internal gravity. “Everything you said is all well and good, except I’m—” He thinks for a second. “Knotty, and eventually you’re going to figure out the puzzle isn’t worth the trouble and leave. Everyone always does, and I don’t think I would do very well if I lost you.”
There’s movement in the magnolia tree, and Harry’s pretty sure he can see the tail-end of Sal, but he can’t be expected to stay on topic when Draco looks so dejected, award be damned. 
“It’s bullshit to rush to the ending you expect because you’re scared of what’ll happen when you get there. Not when it’s something like this. Not when it’s love.”
Now, Draco is gaping at him. “You don’t have to hiss at me.”
Harry steps forward, intent on finally getting the language right. He kisses Draco square on the mouth, through his little squawk of surprise into certainty.
for @drarrymicrofic​ prompt: caught
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rtlstuff · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know I’m coming in late with this but I was watching Community and couldn’t help myself once I heard this. And really when will Phillip jokes ever not be funny. 
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limp-wrist · 23 hours ago
yall need to watch episode 6 of girls5eva its super important
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larry-s-smile · a day ago
People fighting on a LGBTQ+ news Instagram acc about Harold playing a gay police officer because "nice another straight guy playing a gay man" and "yeah ok he does this and that but it's just queer baiting"
Tumblr media
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jeguluswhore · a day ago
I literally want a girlfriend who looks like Remus so we could be Remus and Sirius <3 like pls i need affection :’(
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loverboydracomalfoy · a day ago
Cedric: *leaning in* It’s not a bad place for a *arches eyebrow* bath...
Harry: 👁👄👁💧 Erm—
Draco: *bursting out from behind a pillar* You better WATCH yourself, Pretty Boy Diggory!
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transdankovsky · a day ago
new icon tomorrow from commission i’m so excited heeh hee >:)
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bi-in-space · a day ago
rose: i feel like lily is looking down on me.
charlie: that’s because she’s on the counter and you’re short.
alice: lily, get off the counter.
lily: i’m bisexual, fuck off.
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sophism · a day ago
another thing that worries me about MP is that it is another LGBTQ+ story reduced to the storyline of ‘i’m in the closet. i can’t come out. i can’t be happy’ and it’s just so tiring to constantly see LGBTQ+ stories politicised. like pls can we just have a gay romcom. why will hollywood only justify making gay films if there’s a traumatic and political event for the protagonist to go through.
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occhicerchiati · a day ago
Ho perdonato questo mondo schifoso perché c'eri tu.
Tumblr media
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sorry-i-ship-drarry · a day ago
Harry : what are you doing ?
Draco : writing a poem for you
Harry : show me
Draco : *hands over the page with one line *
Harry : thou is my soulmate
Harry : ...
Harry : who the fuck is thou !?
(What have happened to my posts )
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siriusly-ilovedraco · 2 days ago
Drarry stufff haha
This scene is taken from deathly hallows part two and its where dobby originally saves Harry and his friends at Malfoy Mannor but in this mini story Draco saves them, I hope you enjoy it :))
“You have to get out of here, now,” Malfoy swung the metal bar open with a small gold key and pushed everyone out of the cell from Malfoy Manor, he knew it was risky if anyone found out he was freeing the prisoners but he had to for him.
Voldemort would be on his way to the Manor at any minute and he couldn’t just stand here and do nothing, it was rather reckless and dumb but he had to. He had to.
“Come all of you, you  have to go NOW, hurry up,” shoving everyone he leaded them to a passage way, “it will lead you out, go, now,” everyone was at shock why would Draco Malfoy be setting them free but it didn’t matter, they had an opportunity and they took it, maybe he wasn’t that bad? Hermione and Ron nodded then followed through to the dark passage way dimly lit by candles on the walls.
He had done it, they were all safe including him, Draco pulled a small smile then turned around to be face to face with Harry James Potter, seemingly not everyone was safe.
“Why are you doing this Malfoy? It’s a game isn’t it?” They were both alone in the cellar staring cold eyes towards their faces.
“Potter don’t be ridiculous, you have to go now before the dark lord gets here, please.” His voice sounded madder more stern as if he was ordering him around.
“But why?” Harry’s voice raised slightly stopping Malfoy from escaping by placing his hand on his shoulder firmly.
“You have a chance of escape why do you care, go now!” Malfoy had pushed Harry’s hand off his shoulder shivering from his touch and started walking away, an argument would lead to them being found and he had to save them.
“No, I’m not leaving till you tell me Malfoy, now,” his voice raised even more and an alarmed expression came across Malfoy’s face, “be quiet we could be heard just leave.”
“No, tell me, your tricking us, Ron and Hermione, where does that passage really lead?” Harry had gripped both of his hands onto Draco’s wrist blocking him from walking away anymore as he held them tight, staring upwards into his eyes, demanding an answer.
“I can’t, it’s safe I swear, please Harry, please go,” he had given up not showing how much he cared about him, dropping the last name meant everything to them both.
“Why-what?! Just tell me,” Harry had pushed Draco into the wall screaming at his face while they heard shuffling from the top, they had been heard.
“No Potter I can’t just leave now,” Draco was yelling too.
“Tell me Malfoy why did you let us go!”
“I can’t because I love you, I love you Harry James Potter, I love you like crazy and you don’t love me back so I have to keep you safe so go because if something happened to you and it was my fault I would never forgive myself!” 
Harry’s face was in shock, and without thinking he moved closer to Draco’s body forcing his lips to reach his as he gracefully stood on his toes and pressed a soft kiss to his lover’s lips before breaking apart and walking to the passage way.
“I love you too Draco Lucius Malfoy and I trust you,” then he left without another word leaving Draco frozen and stuck to the ground hearing the distanced yells from upstairs.
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