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#gay and lesbian
androidgynes · 43 minutes ago
the gradient they did for bisexual is just bad also. you can't even see the blue.
meanwhile the rest are easily identifiable...
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butchtails · 57 minutes ago
tbh I dont really care about gay n bi men not wanting women on their blogs because a ton of lesbian blogs on here dont want men interacting (which is great and fine) so i just dont see the issue tbh.
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the-queer-coven · an hour ago
Update: I fixed it, and it is a little rushed for the ending, but at this point I wanna spend more time on my new au!
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badapplebisexual · 2 hours ago
if you wanna invent a new sexuality label to describe “same-gender attraction”, which basically just means spicy SSA-leaning bisexuality, sure. Go for it. There’s a million microidentities which describe bisexuality anyways, what’s one more. Make your own flag if you want. Have parades if you want. Go hog wild.
But what you’re not going to do, is rebrand same-sex attraction as a “genital preference”. If it’s a preference, it’s not innate. If it’s not innate, it can be unlearned. If it can be unlearned, it’s a choice. If it’s a choice, it’s no different from any other uncommon sexual behavior fetish. This is religious homophobia and conversion therapy 101. Let me ask you a very serious question: what do you think takes place during conversion therapy sessions? What do you think the therapist asks the patient? What do you think the therapist tells the patient? And then ask yourself, why is it the exact same as what is nowadays considered “progressive”, “inclusive”, and the only “non-bigoted” descriptor of sexual orientation?
If sex-based attraction is a choice, then there’s no reason to have legal protections for it. There’s no reason for us to be treated equally with respect to people in heterosexual relationships. If Brenda from accounting can get fired for mentioning her piss fetish at the workplace, why shouldn’t I get fired for mentioning my girlfriend? After all, they’re both sexually uncommon practices, they’re both “preferences”, they’re both choices that pertains to our sex lives, right?
I support housing for everyone. I support psychiatric and medical care for everyone who needs it. I support everyone living their lives free of fear of harassment, violence or abuse.
But you need to leave the definitions that are the foundation of sex-based protections alone. Same-sex marriage was legalized based on it. Anti-discrimination laws were passed based on it. They’re there for a VERY important reason.
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the-queer-coven · 2 hours ago
That means I have to write it all over again🥴
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goathorn--doodles · 3 hours ago
cishets are so fuckin' weird. like the doctor assigned you a gender at birth and you were just like 'okay'? you didn't say 'ah no, man, no thanks' and then start wearing arcade carpet patterned button ups just to spite them? society said 'you must have sex with and fall in love with the opposite gender' and you were like 'sounds good mate'? you didn't say 'fuck you' and fantasize about living in a cottage in the woods surrounded by flowers and red mushrooms with your platonic wife? you didn't buy knock off doc martens on amazon and cry to girl in red in your bed room at 3 in the afternoon? you didn't make sitting on tables a part of your personality?
honestly, sounds pretty fake.
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You ever just NOT consume media meant for your "demographic" because you know it was made with the intent to make money off your very personal experiences often by people who don't see you as anything except an untapped dollar bill?
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