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#game ramona flowers
stitched-mouth · 6 days ago
Ramona Flower’s Sexuality
Guys, Ramona Flowers is not bisexual. She is canonly heterosexual. The only canonly gay characters in Scott Pilgrim are Wallace, Stephen Stills and Roxy Ritcher. (Kim Pines and Knives Chau might be questionable)
I know that a lot of the confusion comes from Ramona dating Roxie, who is female. When Scott asks Ramona about this, she mentions being ‘bi-curious’ when she was with Roxie. Which means she has been involved with a woman but decided she didn’t like it.
I know Ramona’s sexuality maybe a little confusing with her having a female evil ex, but she said herself. “It was a phase....I was just a little bi-curious.” Ramona has experimented with women, but that doesn’t at all mean she is bisexual.
She even said it herself!
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sunshinesewis · a month ago
biiiig love to the gorgeous @sebandlewis & @formulahalo for the tag✨
NO CHEATING: you’re starring in a movie with the last person saved in your camera roll and the last song you listened to is the title. Who/what is it?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging some more beautiful souls @blesshimvettel @limp-wrist-max @callumsmick @vettelbaby @mercedesgrussell & whoever else wants a go hehe🥰
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