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unmistakablyunknown · 3 hours ago
Okay but reader and Connor having a friends with benefits relationship and they both want more
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unmistakablyunknown · 3 hours ago
OO I like surgeon with two speciality for Dylan than psychiatrist because it opens more opportunities for Dylan and Connor, like starting a friends with benefits relationship to relieve stress from their second speciality fellowship which is a slow friends to lover relationship
your mind *chef’s kiss*
maybe she’s a neuro fellow?
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daphneallen · 9 hours ago
Amelia fascinates me bc she’s not like Lisa where she already had a house and a kid and a life with a conveniently Dean-sized available space, she was doing the exact same thing as Sam! She was running too! Society if they’d stayed in the motel and been fwb who kind of hated each other the whole time until Dean showed back up
hard agree! they actually gave amelia some interesting pieces but. not enough. also the way they told it was so stupid (no thank u spn i dont want to sit thru 500 flashbacks) and THEN. they just dropped her. like??? im interested in the idea of amelia genuinely really caring for/loving sam while him seeing her as more of an. escape. like they have both gone thru something a lil similar (losing someone and then unexpectedly getting them back) but in the end amelia is still like. a pretty regular person. she hasnt been thru hell trauma. lol. and so she sees sam as like. the same fucked up as her while sam can idealise her as a representation of like. a civilian girl. yeah.
basically i think amelia should have showed up at sam and dean‘s motel like 2 weeks later like „i finally found you! i realised i couldn’t just let u go, sam“ and then sam has to deal with. that
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babypinkscorpion · 12 hours ago
Regret deleting my Tumblr maybe like 4 years ago. I thought it was part of growing up. Yet here I am. I deleted all my crazy ass stories and memories I wrote up on here, and I wish I could read them all again. They were all from mid high school and up to undergrad years. I miss reading my entries on all my college sex-scapades, heartbreaks, and promises.
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momoshin · 17 hours ago
omg i was the one who asked about the "you're just someone i fuck when i'm bored" prompt and now i'm super curious on ur take with how the whole fwb with ryujin started - also ill use this 💮 for identification if it isn't taken :)
i got an ask the other day about reader accidentally sending an itzy member a nude and i think that’s exactly how ryujin and readers fwb would go. since you’re only friends, ryujin doesn’t really showcase dominant traits, she doesn’t need to, you’re not sleeping together.
which is why you’re so surprised when she starts flirting back with you via text, promising all sorts of good times and all the things she could do, opening ur eyes to a completely new side of ryujin
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How Do You Feel
George Luz x OC (Part 2)
Rated T+ (Part 1)
Tumblr media
“Okay, so we’re doing this.” George stood awkwardly in front of Julia in his PT shirt, his suspenders hanging down by his thighs.
“Yep,” Julia said as seriously as she could before bursting into a fit of nervous giggles.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You just-,” she pressed a hand over her mouth as she took him in, “I’m sorry,” she giggled.
“This is not going to work if you can’t keep it together.”
“I know, you’re right. I just have never seen you so…” she gestured up and down his body.
“I’m not even undressed yet.”
“No but it’s clear it’s going in that direction,” Julia blushed and giggled nervously.
“Well, yeah, it is.” George was not nearly as amused as her.
“Okay,” Julia composed her face, “I’m ready.” She began unbuttoning the top of her dress.
“Here let me,” George said, his hands out stretched. She smacked them away.
“Sorry! Wouldn’t you say that’s kinda intimate though?”
“Well, we are about to be naked!”
“Yeah, but-,”
“It would feel transactional if you just stood and stripped. Look, we’re good friends right?” George’s voice dropped into a low, comforting tone, “As your friend, I think you’re beautiful. And, we’ve hugged and kissed and touched each other before. This doesn’t have to be weird, we just need to trust each other.”
“You think I’m beautiful?” she asked.
“Yeah, you’re a red hot tomato, kid.”
Julia stuck her tongue out at him. But, George’s words reassured her. He was right; it wasn’t like this was their first time ever touching each other. How many times had he planted a kiss on her after a rowdy darts game victory. How many times had they stumbled back to their beds with their arms wrapped around each other. They were dance partners, they knew each others movements almost better than anyone else. Theirs was a different kind of intimacy founded on confidence in the other. Julia needed to get out of her head and simply trust her friend.
“Okay,” she said in a low voice. She was calm. The previous giddiness had evaporated as she surrendered her trust to George. He moved toward her, slipping his fingers behind the button at the very bottom of her bodice. He worked steadily, efficiently sliding each plastic button through its hole so that slowly her light pink satin slip was revealed. George pulled the dress off of her shoulders, letting it drop to the ground. Then Julia took her turn. She ran her hands into the waistband of his pants and under his shirt, helping him to lift it over his head.
“I’m going to kiss you know,” he said.

The kiss was sweet but some carried the same weirdness as their last kiss.
Julia pushed him away, “I think it’s when we plan it.” George looked confused. “Just kiss me!”
“So you don’t want a heads up?”

“No, I think I think about it too much when I get a warning ya know?” George nodded and leaned in. His hand came up to cup her jaw as he deepened the kiss.
“George,” Julia squeaked. He pulled away.
“What now?” he said exasperated.
“Don’t be so sweet! It’s weird! Just be you!”
“I am just being me! This is how I kiss! I’m sweet!”
“Well don’t kiss me like one of your girlfriends, kiss me like one of your friends!”
“Oh my god, fine,” George rolled his eyes. He grabbed her around the waist, kissing her hard. The kiss was relentless; Julia barely had time to think as his lips and tongue explored her mouth, her neck and her collarbones. She could barely keep pace as he slipped her shift off and expertly released her garters. Her hands fumbled with his pants. He took that opportunity to come up for air. He released her from their kiss, leaning back to give her room to work. As soon as she had his pants unbuttoned he belly flopped onto the bed, pulling her down with him. Julia squealed in involuntary delight, giggling as they landed on the quilt.
“Shh!” George grinned and began kissing her again. They roamed each other’s bodies with a familiarity that was innate to people who had spent so much time with each other. The only pause in their rhythm occurred at the moment of penetration.

“Are you sure about this?” George was braced above her, his chocolate eyes searching hers for any indication of uncertainty.
“I’m sure!” Julia said confidently pulling him to her.
“So, thoughts?” George wrangled his arms through his shirt sleeves.
“Yeah, good,” Julia said as she reattached her garters.
“Good? That’s it?” 

“What do you want me to say? You’re a god in the sack, George?” Julia teased.
“Actually, yeah, that would be great to hear.”
“Ha ha!”
They had spent only a few moments in each others arms after they finished. But after coming down from the haze of their orgasms they realized no cuddling should be a rule. Their friendship could handle a bar booth cuddle with clothes on; naked and in bed was not conducive to their goal of platonic sex.
“So when’s the next time?” George said, tying up his boots.
“Ready to go again already?”

“As a red-blooded man I am always ready to go.”
“You need me to prove it?” George tackled her onto the bed and the two dissolved into a fit of giggles.
“No!” Julia playfully swatted him off of her, “we don’t have time anyways, get out of here.”
George stood up and smiled warmly down on her. “See you tomorrow, Jules.”
“Be quiet!” Julia reminded him as he slipped out the door, his jacket in hand.
They were overly cautious at first which meant their liaisons were few and far between. But as their confidence grew they became greedier, and more reckless. On more than one occasion George was nearly spotted exiting Julia's bedroom.
“None of the guys know right?” Julia asked one night as she dressed.
“Not that I’m aware of,” George replied. “Why?”
“Only wondering, I want to make sure things stay private.”
“You embarrassed of me?” George stuck out his bottom lip jokingly.
“No, not of you, but at the same time I don’t want every guy in the Company thinking I’m easy.”

“Don’t worry about that, they’re Easy too!”
“Bad joke, George.”
“Mm yeah, that one kinda fell flat huh?”

“I just don’t want to get a reputation ya know?”

“I understand,” George sat down beside her on the twin bed, “don’t worry, kid, our secret’s safe.” He kissed her sweetly on the cheek. “Okay, I’m off.”
As the summer wrapped up so did the men’s training at Toccoa. Julia and George discussed the possibility that Julia may not be moving on with the men. There was nothing they could do about it if that were the case so promises of letters were made.
Fortunately, however, Julia continued on with the 101st airborne to Fort Mackall. Life was good, all things considering. The dynamic between George and Julia was comfortable. For all intents and purposes, nothing had changed between the two of them. They played darts and cards and drank with the other airborne staff and soldiers just as they had before. They ended the evenings laughing into each other’s shoulders. But instead of walking back from the bar together or George escorting Julia back to her quarters, they would sneak off to find a private moment.
They were still careful. One had to know the difference in order to spot it. If the evening ended with just the two of them they would find a place to kiss - or if they could, go back to Julia’s room. Their rules hadn’t ever prohibited fooling around or kissing outside of Julia’s bedroom. So, especially when the alcohol was flowing, they found themselves taking liberties with their intimacy in dark alleyways and behind barracks.
Had this been a rule, it would’ve been the hardest to respect. But it wasn’t, so instead the couple found themselves struggling with the “sleep with other people” rule. Neither of them would admit this; as much as they each wanted to support the other (and keep up appearances) it was easy to feel lonely if one of them was occupied elsewhere. Considering the male to female ratio at the bars, it was surprising that George was usually the one with a new partner.
The bars were always filled with the airborne men, along with the army and marines. Relatively few women were brave enough to infiltrate the packed bars. Yet, somehow, George was often found charming a beautiful local.
It bothered Julia quite a bit at first. Not for the obvious reasons, but because she missed her friend. They had never been glued together at the hip, but at Toccoa they almost always ended the evenings together. Julia couldn’t help but wonder if George was getting tired of her since they spent so much time together. But Julia found solace in her other Easy Company friends. Frank Perconte was always up for a chat. Joe Toye was a more melancholy friend when he drank and they spent plenty of evening’s lost in deep conversation.
It was on nights like these, when George was absent, that Julia found herself interacting more and more with Chuck Grant. On a regular week-day evening Julia was honoring an invitation to play cards with Frank and Bull when Chuck invited her out on a date.
He had run into her as she was about to enter the building where Frank was bunked. It was late evening. The sun hung just above the horizon, struggling to say goodbye to the late summer world. The warm, fading light had Chuck’s skin glowing when he approached her. Julia had always found him very handsome, but never entertained the idea that he may be interested in her. Before their social encounters out in town she wouldn’t have expected him to know her name.

“Hi Julia,” he said politely. He looked like he had just showered. His hair was freshly combed back and she could smell his aftershave.
“Hi Chuck,” she smiled. Her palms were a little sweaty, although she wasn’t sure if it was out of nervousness or due to the last beams of the day’s heat.
“Who ya visting this evening?”
“Frank. Well a few guys actually, but Frank invited me to play cards with them.”
“You any good?” Chuck asked.
Julia shrugged, “not as good as I’d like to think I am.”
“Ah, I bet you’re better than you think!” Chuck said.
Julia smiled at him, then at the ground, trying to think of something to say next. “Well, I ought to get going…” she trailed off.
“Yeah, well hey, I was wondering, would you like to see a movie with me?”

Julia looked at him in surprise, “like watch one of the ones they screen here?”

“Well I was thinking somewhere in town? Like a date.”
“Oh!” Julia didn’t know what to say, she was totally taken aback.
“If you’re up for it?” Chuck asked sheepishly. He was usually a confident guy but standing there in front of her Julia finally saw a more vulnerable side of him. His shoulders were slightly hunched and his lips were pressed together in nervous anticipation for her answer.
“I would love to!” she said honestly.
“Great!” he straightened with renewed confidence. “We can work out the details later, I’ll let you get to your game.”
“Okay, see you later Chuck.”
He smiled a little half smile at her as she turned toward the barrack. Before entering, she stole another look at him over her shoulder and he smiled warmly at her. A little swarm of butterflies somersaulted in her stomach and Julia had to press down a wide smile.
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katslutski · a day ago
thinking about how nanami would be down to do my early morning workouts <3 we could spot each other and help each other stretch this is pathetic that I'm thinking about this god I've barely been touched in like a year
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horaetio · a day ago
mccoy and chapel seem like the type of characters who could successfully pull off being friends with benefits given their established relationship on the show; i could see them commiserating over having shitty exes and sharing strong mutual respect for each other’s medical ability and work ethic despite arguing all the time and eventually coming to the conclusion that it’s fun to fuck every once in a while on days when they’re travelling at sublight speed and it’s just them in sickbay and they’re bored to death with absolutely nothing to do
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smol-enby · a day ago
Kaeya x Reader (Drabble)
word count: 1.2k
summary: when your friend with benefits has a nightmare you have to look after them, right?
warnings: mentions of nightmares, aftermath of nsfw activity but no actual nsfw-- all fic content begins below the cut for this reason just to be safe, friends-with-benefits situations, slight angst, hurt/comfort, possibly a little ooc
this came from a concept i had that i got a little carried away with! listen i am all for the concept of kaeya being a flirtatious player, it's literally canon, but soft kaeya falling in love with his best friend (who he ended up being fwb with bc he didn't realise it was love he was feeling)? im thriving on it.
Heart pounding out of your chest, you try to catch your breath as you come down from the high of the last hour. Kaeya watches you look across to the other side of the bed and gaze over at him, still a little drunk off of your afterglow. 
"Satisfied?" He asks with a smug grin, propped up on one elbow.
You nod, breath finally returning to you. "You never fail to disappoint."
"Neither do you, my dear."
You shift as if you're about to get up, like you usually do around this time, and Kaeya moves to do the same. When you stop and laugh, simply laying back down and relaxing your head back against your crossed arms, he purses his lips in confusion.
"Not leaving straight after this time?" He isn't disappointed by this turn of events, merely curious. It isn't like he would mind sharing the bed with you for the night, you've just never stayed before. 
"Let me stay the night and I'll make you breakfast to make up for it, hmm?" You offer, eyes already closing as you move into a more comfortable laying position. 
"Well I can't say no to that," he concedes. Clearly you must have been tired to want to stay for once, or maybe you feel guilty about always leaving straight after and want to wait until he's asleep first- you've done it before. It's hard for him to tell how you're feeling sometimes.
In your triumph, you let sleep take you. Kaeya watches for a moment longer, before following suit. 
You'll be gone by the morning, you always are.
It's a decent few hours after that interaction that Kaeya wakes up. The moon is high in the sky, filtering in through the window to provide the tiniest covering of light. 
The first thing he notices is that he isn't alone. 
You've often joked in the past that you'll stay the entire night, pretend to fall asleep, then leave after an hour or so. You've never stayed. So, this time, Kaeya is left confused as to why you have. 
Your past dalliances have only ever been that- flings. The pair of you are close friends outside of them, sure, but there hasn't ever been anything more to it than that. You promised that once when another mutual friend asked what was going on between you.  
So why are you here now?
He doesn't get enough time to figure that out, however, when he notices you tossing and turning in your sleep. You must be having a nightmare, he concludes, as he considers waking you. 
Doing that could make you lash out, accidentally, and possibly do yourself damage in the process. Though letting you stay in a state that is clearly causing you discomfort isn't a very appealing option to him either. 
Making a final decision, he calls your name gently. Rousing you from your sleep this way should be less harmful, but if you don't hear it he knows he will have to resort to something else.
Luckily, you stir. You bolt upright. Your hands grip into the sheets below you, bunching the fabric up into tiny balls. 
Kaeya shushes you, calling your name softly again, telling you that he's here for you. Everything is going to be okay. There are tears streaming out of the corner of your eyes, but you ignore them as you blearily look over at the man beside you. 
He hasn't seen you like this before. Possibly once or twice you've been upset, even less frequently have you been scared, but there you sit in front of him with a trembling figure and stained face.
And there's nothing else he wants to do more than hold you close to him. 
So, he does. He shuffles to sit beside you- he doesn't want to move you around any more than necessary- and he wraps his arms around your shoulders. You relax into the touch, leaning your head back against his chest. The tears don't stop falling. 
In fact, they almost seem like they're coming more freely now. As if you don't feel like you have to hold them back. Kaeya hopes that it is because this is helping you. 
"Is this why you never stay the night?" He asks, keeping his tone light, trying to make it sound like a joke. It only half is.
"I didn't mean to wake you up with this, I'm sorry," you manage to get out between breaths. "It was just a bad dream, I'm okay, I promise."
"Must have been one awful dream to get you worked up like this," he comments. "You know you can talk to me if you're upset about something, right?"
He cares about you. He knows he does, he wouldn't give you the time of day otherwise. Much less would he have let you into his bed. For all he jokes and flirts around, you're the first person in a long time that he's trusted enough to have this sort of intimacy with- let alone to make the effort to keep the situation exactly the way you wanted it to be instead of trying to push your boundaries and ask for more. 
Since when did he want more?
From the start, he's been more than happy just keeping the whole friends-with-benefits thing as just that. Yes, he would probably class you as his best friend. Does that suddenly change things? Do you have to be friends that are only as casual as the sex you have when it's a situation like this? The answer that pops up is no, so why does he want more specifically with you?
There are too many questions for him, most of which he decides need to be answered some other time. In the moment, all that's important is making sure that you're safe. 
 "I dreamed that I lost you."
The words don't register at first. 
"Me?" He asks, confused.
"Yes you," you sigh. "I was having a nightmare that you left and I couldn't get you back."
"I'm not going anywhere, darling." He holds you tighter, gently squeezing you to prove his point. He presses a kiss to the top of your head.
"You promise?" You turn around in his arms to face him and in that moment he swears he's never looked at a more beautiful person in his life. 
You look like a mess, eyes puffy and leftover tears making their final escape across your jaw. Your nose looks like it was probably running a moment earlier, proven when you take a harsh breath in through it. To put it simply, you look a wreck.
But he loves you, it hits him like a sack of bricks. He loves you so much and even when you look like this you're the most attractive person on the planet. 
He won't tell you yet, that seems like too much to handle at the moment given the stress you're experiencing. He will soon, though, when the time feels right. 
You'll find out, Kaeya decides, when he can tell you properly. For now, he presses another kiss atop your head and leans his forehead against yours, letting his eyes close as he hears your breathing begin to steady and your body stop shaking. 
"I promise."
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gohoubi · a day ago
Mel/ruth friends witg benefits
“We won’t go any further than this,” Melanie says breathlessly.
“What do you mean?” Ruth asks.
“If we do,” Melanie says, pulling on a shirt, “I might actually fall in love with you for real.”
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heartboudoir · a day ago
“Well...because you asked so nicely...” His words trail off as he pushes slowly inside of you with a groan. “Still so fuckin’ wet...” He sets a steady pace, making sure every thrust hits the deepest parts of you, keeping a tight grip on your hips. -Bakugou
My back arches, instantly moaning and crying for more as he pushes his thick cock inside me
“D-daddy...! Fuck, s’good...!”
My tits are bouncing with every thrust, nails scrambling to grip onto him to cling on, body jolting with each harsh thrust, legs flying around his waist and hooking my ankles to keep him close. I pull his head down so our lips are ghosting and I’m panting against his lips
“Fill me up, cmon daddy cum, wanna be leaking with your cum, please, wanna feel you inside me all night, please, fill me up” I’m babbling, my eyes glossy as they meet his blown out red ones “please”
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narukoibito · 2 days ago
St. Mungos, since feeling is first who pays attention and Muggle FWB for the WIP Game?
Thank you for the interest, Anon! This took a while because things in my personal life are in chaos, but thank you for the request.
St. Mungos
This is my Healer!Ginny story that has been lurking in the back of my brain since last year. I’ve written a good amount of words, but then an entirely different plot appeared and now I may have to rewrite most of it, hence it’s lack of progress. But I still really want to finish this one day.
Ginny is a Healer on the 4th floor of St. Mungos. Her first patient is someone named Harry Evans. (This is a Harry never to Hogwarts story.)
The first thing Ginny notices is his eyes. They’re the most vivid, bright green that she’s ever seen. It’s unnerving how unseeing they are. A pressure builds up in her chest, an aching pain and nostalgia she can’t place.
The morning light from the window washes over his face, dancing off these round wire-rimmed glasses. His dark hair (black like a blackboard) appears to be on some ineffable scale of entropy — tousled and pointed in every which way, yet somehow it’s charming and works well with his sharp, unconventional features. Some of that hair spills over a bandage wrapped around his forehead. 
But it’s also the pleasant, vacancy in those eyes that strikes her, like she’s looking at the embers of a once bright flame. He looks like an innocent, half-lost child, his lips curled in a ghost of a smile.
Her clipboard and supervisor tell her his name is Harry Evans. The name creates an itch at the back of her head, something she wants to scratch at, but the odd sense of nostalgia must be misplaced significance. He’s her first real patient. 
He must matter to someone important to have his own room on the fourth floor of St. Mungo’s Ward 49. Usually they lumped all the long-term spell damaged patients in one place, let them wander under the supervision of one Healer. But this room is spacious and private, protected by complicated wards and concealing charms. Someone really cares about Harry Evans, and for some reason it causes a subtle burning behind her eyes. Maybe it’s because he looks like a newborn fawn. 
Who wouldn’t want to protect him?
“You’re new, but he’s not difficult. It’s mostly maintenance,” her supervisor says. “He makes it easy, don’t you, Harry?”
Harry’s gaze drifts toward the window.
Ginny scans his file. It’s actually surprisingly thick, but a lot of it has been redacted. The summary page sums it up though: he’s twenty-one; he has been here for three years; the diagnosis is vague (severe curse damage); there’s a long slew of attempted cures, none of which were successful obviously; now it’s about making sure he’s comfortable whatever that means.
“All right, let me know if run into any trouble.” Her supervisor is already starting for the door.
“Um — what about — I know his treatment is maintenance, but can I…?” Ginny’s not sure what she’s trying to say exactly. Harry Evans has seen a lot of Healers if the list of attempted cures is any indication, but she gave up Quidditch to become a Healer in the long-term spell damage ward specifically because she wanted to do something.
Her supervisor gives her a rueful smile. 
“Stick to maintenance. Harry Evans is a special case.”
Ginny turns back to Harry, who is facing her again, looking painfully innocent.
Somehow she doesn’t need convincing that he’s special.
since feeling is first who pays attention
This was a gift for the Harry/Ginny Discord Incognito Elf exchange. I managed to finish in time to gift it, but I want to take some additional time to rework it before posting. It is missed moments over the years as Ginny and her feelings for Harry evolve.
Ginny presses her face against the wall, peeking between the stair spindles. Her bright brown eye lands on the two boys hunched over a chessboard. Her brother Ron and Harry Potter, who, despite appearing to be losing, doesn’t look the least upset.
Harry Potter. 
The Harry Potter is in her house. Looking comfortable on their couch despite the faded, mended cushions. His face crinkles in laughter at something Ron says, his green eyes bright with contentment. Ginny doesn’t miss the occasional look of awe at the things she’s always taken for granted. It’s almost as if he can’t believe he is really here.
He isn’t what she expected – isn’t what she imagined he would look like after all those years listening to Mum recite her favorite bedside story, about the heroic Savior of the Wizarding World. She had pictured neat hair, a dashing smile, someone who would recognize a comrade in her and take her on all sorts of adventures. He would be different, he wouldn’t discount her dreams of flying and doing everything her brothers could and more.
Instead, Harry Potter has the messiest hair ever, a sheepish smile, and clothes that he nearly swims in. Oh, and he has somehow missed the memo and found the comrade in her brother Ron instead. 
Her fingers curl around the spindle. Not for the first time, a spike of envy shoots through her. If only she were a little older or a boy. Then maybe she would be the one playing chess with Harry. Maybe she would be the one to hide under his invisibility cloak and battle trolls and face You-Know-Who with him.
Ginny presses her face a little closer and lets out a sigh.
But Harry Potter is kind. He ignores all the times she has made a fool of herself. And he has the greenest eyes she’s ever seen. They are as green as those glowing jars of pickled toads at the Potion ingredients store Mum had taken her to. Pretty and kind and not dismissive of her patched clothes or her glowing red face.
Harry Potter. If he likes Ron, if he looks like he actually likes the Burrow, if his face grimaces at the attention at Flourish and Blotts, could it be possible that one day he could like her too?
Muggle FWB
Hah, so this was the first idea that I rambled off to my beta, which ended up with long, long emails back and forth on this idea that I never wrote! Here’s a snippet of that exchange:
Harry thinks he only see Ginny as a little sister, so when she suddenly proposes that they become friends with benefits in uni, he’s floored and says they’re practically family. Blinded by her anger over the rejection, she kisses him so that he knows what he’ll be missing. Of course, he then realizes his attraction to her. As their physical relationship progresses, they develop feeeeeeelings (gasp!). But Ginny thinks she only wants a physical relationship and once they have sex, it'll get out of her system. Harry has to work to convince her that she actually wants more.
But the backdrop is that Ginny doesn't think she wants more than sex is that when she was 11, she was kidnapped by Tom Riddle for as a kid (they met at the park a lot, and none of her brothers/Harry/anyone realized he'd been "befriending" her). Kid Harry figures out where Riddle took her and saves her.
Ginny wasn’t molested but she/Harry/everyone else is deeply affected by this event even though they don't realize it. Ginny thinks she's overcome it, and she's still a BAMF some the books but she's not fully over it as shown by her fear of being emotionally involved with Harry. It's why Harry refuses for a long time to think of her anything else outside of a brotherly way. 
Ginny has a really bad sexual experience (though it doesn't go all the way), and as a result she's disgusted by men (not scared), but doesn't feel any revulsion with Harry. After not being able to get close to any boy for a long time, she decides to proposition Harry. Harry, being noble, absolutely refuses at first, but she kisses him, he's very attracted to her, and is convinced by her that he's helping her get over this tick. So it's FWB but it fits their personalities, and still stays true to the Ginny is subconsciously afraid of a real relationship/intimacy with Harry, who realizes he wants more but doesn't know if just getting to be physical is more than he'll ever deserve and he wants what he can get if not real love from her - until, of course, he realizes he can't do it anymore and she has to decide if she's brave enough to actually let herself feel.
HAHA omg I’m reading over my emails and I talk about getting into The Changeling and only sleeping 4/5 hrs a night and then the exchange ends with my coming up with my alternate dimension idea of Harry getting thrown into the BWL!Neville universe. So you guys can see why this story never went anywhere despite several thousands words between me and my beta.
Whew, long post. Hope that satisfied your curiosity! 
I’m honestly not sure there are any left, but let me know if you have any other wip asks! Though note that I will be rather absent in the near-future because of life.
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tweezy18 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
HAPPY 420 ‼️‼️🤤🤤🤤
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amaltheazwrites · 2 days ago
This girl
She's a real star child
Never wanted anyone so bad
It's making me go wild
- did you mean it (when you said i was pretty) playlist
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mindofharry · 2 days ago
being h's ex or ex fwb or sumn and having him come to your house in the middle of the night and it ends in some steamy shit & him saying stuff like „can't bloody stay away from yeh, can i pet?“ FUck🤌🏻
Maybe you guys are like super causal, and do really see each other that much. But when like a year goes by, and neither of you call or text for to see each other, you just assume harrys found someone else or that he’s not about being causal anymore. What you didn’t know is that harry is trying so hard not to see you, for many reasons. The main reason is because he’s so fucking in love with you, that’s why he stopped seeing you. Harry thought if he slept with other people and gave you space, that this infatuation would disappear. The infatuation only grew.
So now harry styles is at your door, soaking wet from the rain, drunk off his ass. You can’t help but smirk at the thought of him wanting to go to your home, take that other people he’s sleeping with!
“Harry?” You asked and harry looked down at you with a dopey smile. He was wearing a suit, obviously back from an event or dinner. He looked really good, better than the last time you saw him last year. Harry had definitely been working out too, his muscles bulged through his shirt. It was hard not keep your eyes off of him.
“I need to kiss you” He said and your smirk fell. Well, this definitely wasn’t what you were expecting. He looked so dangerous and rough, but his words were so soft and sweet. Harry styles had your panties soaking and in a twist. You just wanted him to push you against the wall and take you just then and there.
“I need to be in you, my cock needs to be in your tight, wet little pussy” Harry whined placing his hands on your hips. You couldn’t speak, you were used to dirty talk, but not this much. Usually with harry it’s a few dirty words, you fuck and then he goes. This, this is not something you’re used to.
But you love it.
“Please, baby” He said placing his forehead on yours.
“Can never bloody stay away from you, can i pet?”
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penaltbox · 2 days ago
Hi I just wanted to say (what I already said) no one has to believe me I sent that first ask(?) thinking no one is going to believe me and regarding my grammar excuse me that I don’t give a fuck about it on tumblr and also sending him a DM? How low do you have to go like the one anon said it could damage my fucking relationship that isn’t even a week old and is already fragile from the beginning and also like the anon also said this will probably bring their attention back on hockey tumblr again which didn’t end well the last time for j and other blogs so good job! I wanted to thank the Michigan anon and the other anons ily 💕 but I think that I don’t want to be an anon on here anymore if no one besides a few people are believing me and I know what it looks like but I’m not ending being a anon on this blog because people think they exposed me I just don’t feel comfortable anymore which isn’t your fault j but I think you understand that people sending him DMs is a little too much and therefore probably ruining my relationship if he sees them and also we’re both normally private people (that’s why my Instagram is private) and I also don’t want to be on his Instagram page because I don’t want to get hateful DMs like Alyssa and other girlfriends or girl friends of the boys are getting even before we were fwb or a couple because girls are fucking ruthless and hateful when they see a girl hanging out with someone they think is hot - Dylan fwb anon or gf (doesn’t really matter anymore)
I’m sorry if anything came across rude or mean from anyone today. We have no clue what your story is, which is perfectly fine because it’s your life to live, but there better never be a relationship ruined from this blog or I’ll raise some hell, that’s for sure. I hope everyone chills out after this. You’re more than welcome to stay on here as whatever anon you’d like to be. I always want this to be a safe space for people so do whatever makes you feel best 😊
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frugalhoe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day Off - 4/19/21
I stayed at work late to get my full hours for the week.
I've been feeling more depressed than usual and I'm literally hanging by a thread over fwb. If I could financially, I'd quit my vanilla job now and never speak to him again.
Anyways, I left work and spent the day at home. My new stationary bike arrived!
I went to bed early and slept pretty well. Woke up and had a bagel with cream cheese, fresh berries and a cup of tea. I tossed the trash and walked my dog.
Bought some tvp and soy curls online before spending $20 at the grocery store.
Decided to go to Chili's for lunch. When I realized I forgot my hoodie to cover my scarring, I sat in my car for 10 mins debating on whether or not to go in. I did and no one said anything rude. I got fajitas and took half of the meal home as leftovers.
I went home and set up my new stationary bike. It took about an hour but was easier than expected. Exercising on the bike is one step in the right direction to getting back into escorting again (and cutting fwb out of my life for good).
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