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sorry-apsalar · 3 hours ago
Frender Week Day Two: Music
Due to how long it had been forgotten under his bed, the holophoner case was covered in a thin layer of dust, whoops. Fry hadn’t given it a single thought since he’d given up on trying to win Leela’s heart with it. It was his own fault for putting it under the bed, out of sight, out of mind and all that.
He sat on the edge the bed, placing it on his lap to dust off with his coat sleeve before unlatching it and flipping it open. He sighed as he looked at the holophoner nestled inside. He really should’ve kept practicing with it even if he was bad because it was fun and cool but… whatever, it was far from the first hobby he enjoyed that he’d quit doing solely due to being lazy. But hey at least this one he was picking back up so he wasn’t a total failure for once.
After situating himself more comfortably on the bed, leaning back into his pillows stacked against the wall, he pulled the holophoner out of its case. He then brought up some sheet music on his phone. He even still remembered how to read it so he was indeed not a complete failure here.
The small sense of pride he gained from that was immediately shattered the moment he lifted the holophonor to his mouth to play the first few notes. It sounded horrible and holographic image it conjured was nothing but a messy blob. He’d basically forgotten how to play.
He grimaced as he lowered it again. Would Bender even be at all impressed or proud of him if he mastered it? Not that he’d ever had much hope of doing so without use of the Robot Devil’s hands. So maybe it wasn’t even worth the effort of trying. What was he even doing thinking about trying to impress Bender the same he’d tried to impress Leela? If it hadn’t worked with her, why would it ever…
“I haven’t caught you practicing that thing in a while. How’s it going?”
Fry looked up to see that Bender had invited himself into his room. He already knew about the holophonor though and there’s no way he’d guess that Fry had thought to try to impress him with it now, right? So it didn’t matter and honestly his presence was a welcome distraction.
“It’s going,” Fry said with a shrug. “Or I guess it’s not really going because it’s been a long time since I played last so now I’m even worse than I was before.”
Bender strode further in not bothering to close the door behind himself. “You can’t be thatmuch worse.”
Fry responded by playing a few more notes. Maybe it was a bit better than his first attempt today but not by much.
Bender grimaced. “Wow, that sounds awful.”
“Yeah, I know. I was never good at it though so I guess it doesn’t really matter, huh?”
“You weren’t that bad. But why’d you even start playing again anyway? I thought you finally gave up on getting Leela to go out with you.”
“I did. But I wanted to start playing again because uh… just because.” No way he could tell Bender the truth. “It’s fun and cool so why not? But uh… anyway what’d you come in here for?”
“Just looking for you since you’re normally out of the couch at this time. I guess I’ll leave you to your practice now though. Good luck with it or whatever, I’m sure you’ll be back to being not that bad in no time. Oh, and All My Circuits starts in an hour, don’t be late.”
“Okay, see you then,” Fry said as he watched Bender head out.
After Bender closed the door, Fry looked back down at the holophonor. It was a very fun and cool instrument. So maybe he should stick with it for now after all. He probably wouldn’t ever be able to play a big grand impressive love song but maybe a small simple one might do? With all the bad playing Bender had probably heard from him by now, he might be impressed if Fry could learn to play even decently. It didn’t hurt to try, right?
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sorry-apsalar · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
I don't normally post stuff like this but majority of the screenshots I see other people posting are from the show so have this from the comics. I figured y'all would probably appreciate it for obvious reasons.
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punkpittie · 12 hours ago
Sorry about all the Futurama spam, I repressed how much it affected my childhood and personality lmao (in a good way). And now, by internet standards, since I am in my 20s, I am considered old.
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junesqueer · 12 hours ago
Shout out to my boyf, who, when I asked him how many times he had seen his favorite show, said that he couldn't remember. He did, however start counting how many times he had watched it since we started dating.
It's been seven months. It has seven seasons. He's watched it thirteen times
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frenderhell · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
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sitchurama · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Frender Week!
Day One: Date
Don’t try to tell me they wouldn’t get dressed up to go spit off a bridge at passing cars.
For Frender Shipweek by @sorry-apsalar!
(Edit: slight colour adjustment as my laptop screen is a bit awful)
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cosmic-connor · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
FRENDER WEEK!!! I’ve never managed to finish an art week anything and my laptops out of commission but the fact this is on TIME,
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terraxstitch · 23 hours ago
I made a thing.... badly
Tumblr media
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holistichufflepuff · a day ago
Anyone else have like a million secret Spotify playlists you created for every single thing you’ve ever hyperfixated on bc same
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sorry-apsalar · a day ago
Frender Week Day One: Date
Here's to hoping this ship week goes well.
Ditching work halfway through the day to go on that date with Bender he’d been daydreaming about for the past few weeks had seemed like a great idea up until he realized he had no idea where to go for said date. He’d been so wrapped up in the idea of asking Bender out and shifting the dynamics of their relationship to include romance he hadn’t even once considered anything beyond that. Not to mention he hadn’t even been planning to ask him out today at all until Leela had told him he should instead of going with his original plan of having the Professor turn him into a robot first. And now as they stepped out of the Planet Express building, he’d run out of time to come up with a date plan.
“So, were we going for this date?” Bender asked, sealing Fry’s fate as being the one to come up with the place. Which made sense, he’d been the one who asked after all but…
What kinds of dating rituals and standards did robots even have? Surely not the same as humans in general but especially one from a thousand years ago when so many things about dating had been different. Diner and a movie were off the table since robots didn’t eat food. Maybe just a movie then? But… they’d already seen all the movies either of them had any interest in and most movies these days weren’t very good anyway, certainly nothing date worthy. Going out to a coffee shop was off the table too so…
“Uh… you know, a place,” Fry said with a forced grin before the silence could go on for too long. “A place where people go to do date stuff.”
“You don’t have anywhere in mind, do you?”
“Well… no, not really. I didn’t actually think I’d get this far. So I didn’t really have a plan on where to go if you agreed to go out with me.”
“Eh, whatever, I know a place we can go.” Bender took Fry’s hand and started them walking down the sidewalk.
His metal hand was pleasantly cool in Fry’s. They’d had reason to touch hands before but never had to held hands, especially not like this… like a couple. Bender would probably laugh at him if Fry expressed it because it was such a small thing but it was rather nice and pleasant. Especially since it was allowed, no one they walked by seemed to care at all that they were holding hands as they made their way to wherever Bender was taking them.
Which turned out to be the bar they liked to hang out at. Other than the handholding as they entered and made their way to their usual table, they didn’t even do anything special. Which well, come to think of it…
“Dates are kind of like hanging but romantic and with handholding and sometimes kissing, huh?” Which was pretty obvious now that it had occurred to him but Fry somehow hadn’t realized that before now. To be fair though, he’d never been on a date with someone he actually wanted a romantic relationship with before this, so who could blame really blame him for that?
“And sometimes sex,” Bender added with a chuckle. “But we can worry about figuring that out later. For now, let’s just have a good time.”
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fedorarapture · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bringing back the madoka crossover
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freedemon · a day ago
Frender Week — Day One: Date
Under the Stars
Fry groaned. The alarm he had set for 9:00 must have been way too early. It beeped countlessly. Still half-asleep, he smacked the top of the alarm. He sat up, only in his briefs and T-Shirt. His best friend, Bender — and if he was honest, crush, he just didn’t want to admit it since he was still not quite used to no homophobia since he was unfrozen — was sitting on the bed next to him.
“Hey Meatbag. It’s Valentine’s Day.” Fry groaned even harder after hearing those words. “Dang, I forgot to get a bo— g-girlfriend.”, “Mhm,” Bender said, not sounding that convinced and paused for a moment. “Anyway, I’m off to get laid.”, “I thought we had work?”, “Nah, Amy persuaded Hermes into giving us all a day off because it’s Valentine’s Day, so here we are.”
“Oh.” Fry fell silent. “Well um… Bender… maybe after you, y’know, get laid, could you maybe come over and we could hang?”, “Maybe, but I’ll have to get something outta you.”, “Ok, ok! Um, I’ll pay for your date?”, “I don’t have a date, I’m just going to the club.”, “Well… maybe we could go out?”. Bender starred for a moment, a quizzical look on his face, but still keeping his glare.
“I mean as friends! Like, how we go bowling sometimes.”, “Mmm… ok then, but where?”. Now that occurred to Fry. He was dumb to most people, and he actually was dumb in a lot of situations, but here, he was willing to try for a second. “How about we go to Central Park?” Fry didn’t want it to be too obviously romantic like Cavern on the Green or Elzars, but he also didn’t want it to be seen as nothing but platonic like, as he previously said, The Bowling Alley.
“Not very classy, but it’ll have to do, Meatbag.” Bender playfully punched Fry’s cheek, which made Fry blush a little. “Wait!”, Fry called out. Bender turned on the spot, his hand on the doorknob. “What time for our… meet-up?”, Bender thought for a second, then he shrugged. “Would 7:00 be ok, Bender?”, Fry asked after getting Bender’s message. “Sure, I’ll be there at 8:00.”, Fry laughed lightly. “See you, Bender.”, “See you, Fry.”.
Fry walked up the path towards a large bridge. He could remember Leela taking him there, them strolling through the oak trees, hand in hand. He only wished that Leela had just said from the beginning that she didn’t like him and never would, instead of saying it months into their relationship. It was obvious to Fry now that Leela had just felt pity for him, but he guessed that every person that he’d remotely be interested in were never going to like him back. Fry figured that he should just give up on this dream… this fantasy of Bender or anyone else ever actually loving him, but it was Bender. He wouldn’t just step out of Fry’s life, would he?
Once he reached the centre of the lilac bridge, Fry looked down towards the stream below him. It glistened in the moonlight. Suddenly, Fry felt a pebble of some sort hit the side of his head.
“Ouch!” He yelped. Rubbing his forehead, he turned to see Bender, an Egyptian blue coloured tie wrapped around his chest. “Hey Meatbag!” Bender ran towards Fry, his silver body dismally reflecting the stars. “Hi Bender! I didn’t think you’d come.”, “Why wouldn’t I come?”. Fry paused for a moment. “It doesn’t matter.”, “Totally.” Bender replied sarcastically.
Both Fry and Bender looked at the sparkling lake underneath them. They both slowly slid together, Bender resting his head on Fry’s shoulder.
This was truly the best Valentine’s ever.
(Apologies if this came in too quick, I’m in a different country other than America so the time is different) 
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a-froger-epic · a day ago
Adagshdjkd my partner just sent me this and somehow I'd never seen it before 😂
Tumblr media
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angycryptid · a day ago
was rewatching some Futurama (bc its one of my fave shows) and I'm pretty sure i wanna make "What's happening to me? Is it puberty?" as my senior quote
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argonometra · a day ago
Artemy: Is this really happening or just being staged?
Daniil: It can't be real-
Clara: (scoffs) Not if Lillich is engaged!
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sorry-apsalar · a day ago
Tumblr media
I've been meaning to draw Zoidberg ever since I watched the first episode and now I finally have.
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