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#funny things
locke-barmecide · 45 minutes ago
Ok ok I changed my mind
Kiyo bully’s rantaro constantly (and affectionately. That’s how they show their love)
Kiyo handing out everyone their food
Kiyo: and then Rantaro, you can have breasty
Rantaro: I don’t get dinner?
Kiyo: you can eat cat food
(They obviously ended up giving him dinner lol)
Every time rantaro wears sandals Kiyo tries to step on his toes which often ends up in rantaro throwing Kiyo
Kiyo constantly tries to headbutt him as hard of possible which they rarely go through with. Rantaro just holds their face so that they don’t lmao (except one time Kiyo actually did lmao)
Kiyo will just randomly try to punch him. They always miss lmao
They make so many empty threats lmao
Rantaro doesn’t bully Kiyo back tho. He just endlessly teases them.
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hungrybabi · an hour ago
The cake I stressed baked is personally bullying me i can't look at it without feeling really upset and like I don't deserve anything
Tumblr media
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adhdfeelsandmemes · an hour ago
Me, an adhd riddled gremlin, when someone is giving me multi-step verbal instructions: 
Tumblr media
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aaaaaaaaaaahhhh-choo · an hour ago
*foreigner on YouTube video refers to DC as Washington*
me: oh that’s weird… when I hear Washington as a place I think of the state, but in context they mean Washington DC, the capital… city? territory? whatever it is. I’m used to it just being called DC. If it does become a state will we just change its name to DC so there aren’t two Washingtons?
my brain: what does DC stand for anyways?
me: …da capitol
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sereina · 3 hours ago
During the Team Flare HQ incident, the things that transpired on Route 10 were just as horrific. The stones along the path, which were put up in memorial of the pokemon that were sacrificed to power the Ultimate Weapon 3000 years ago, normally output energy. Even before the incident, when walking along the route, Serena never felt comfortable. She didn’t know why, but she could feel the energy from the stones and it deeply disturbed her, unlike anything else ever had.
So with the resurgence of the weapon, those stones that emitted energy began to absorb energy of the pokemon around the route. While Serena was caught up in the feeling of the Ultimate Weapon itself via Yveltal, she still felt an overwhelming sense of death, pain, and dread from Route 10. The scenes happening there were so gruesome that even Team Flare grunts were preventing people from going onto the route. She feels horrible for the loss of life that happened in Geosenge, and she also feels equally as bad for the pokemon who were sacrificed on the route. She feels that not many people know of what happened on Route 10, all the life that was lost there, and she will never forget that deep feeling of hopelessness she had that day.
Even now, she avoids Route 10 like the plague and refuses to step foot there. The feeling she gets makes her feel nauseous and puts her into a panic, and she can’t get the image of pokemon having their lives drained away out of her mind.
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im-only-human-221 · 3 hours ago
So, I came out as a lesbian to my family a few weeks ago and long story short, I ended up shouting "I LIKE VIGINA" very loudly in front of my mom and older brother.
All in all, not bad.
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mumblesplash · 4 hours ago
How would i go about reading batman content? The original comics have gone a little crazy with all of the alternate timelines and connections to other superheroes and i dont know where to begin in the fandom either. Is there like a guide to the family or does each fic writer have their own idea of the timeline of events and who these characters are?
people keep asking me this which like. is fair, but i seriously don’t know almost anything about the comics firsthand. as far as starting points though i think @sohotthateveryonedied has a pinned post with a lot of info about the characters and she seems to actually know what she’s talking about
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uwumqxie · 5 hours ago
You see, the funny thing qbout my blog is thqt it's cqlled "Mqybe fqnfiction" but I hqve q sepqrqte blog for fqnfiction. Why qm I sqying this you mqy qsk? Well MY FQMILY FRICKIN MISSED OUR FLIGHT qnd I hqve nothing else to do.
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theambracer88 · 6 hours ago
"My husband has to have class but also be able to surprise me in bed."
- a kid on the kid's say the darndest things talking about when they're president. She eventually said breakfast 👀 - May 2021
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