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id-rivera · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
fundy sketches
just trying to practice fox anthros
it is pain
there is one human fundy in the corner
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indecisiveaesthetic · 30 minutes ago
c!Philza was assigned dilf at sight
c!Wilbur was assigned dilf at revival
c!Fundy was assigned daddy issues at birth
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amphibiouscretin · 40 minutes ago
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enchantment-tables · 47 minutes ago
when fundy and phil were talking, they both talked about the lmanburg flag.
fundy says that the three x’s on the flag are a reference to the flag of amsterdam, which is the capital of the netherlands. if you didnt know, fundy is dutch. it has been said by wilbur that the x’s were in honor of “the dutch member”, which could only be fundy
phil says that the three x’s represent the three original members. the first three people of lmanburg were wilbur, tommy, and tubbo. obviously, that group does not include fundy.
fundy was told the flag was in honor of him, but phil was told it was for a group that didnt even include fundy.
wilbur lied to someone. was he trying to keep fundy a secret from phil? or did he not want to tell fundy he isnt part of the founding group of lmanburg
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acidtabletz · 2 hours ago
He’s My Father. || Fundy and Phil
Tumblr media
Not X Reader.
A/N : this is based off of a clip i saw, the dialogue is basically from the clip, but with the description i see fits :D
Contains : angst
Word Count : 312
Tumblr media
Phil looked at Fundy. He was folding over on the ground. He felt like he had just gotten kicked in the stomach with the news of his father being brought back to life. The warmth of his tears stinging on him.
“I know it’s a lot..” Phil sighed, looking away from him. His eyes couldn’t stand to see Fundy, his *grandson*, hurt like that.
Fundy’s sobs filled the air. “Initially I was happy, but then instantly..” he paused, picking up the smaller to hold him close in his warms. Feeling the warmth of his tear stained face against his neck and shoulder, bleeding through his clothing.
“Cause.. I.. It’s..” He jumped from word to word.
“He’s my son, Fundy.” Phil said, his own eyes filling up with tears. His voice had no emotion in it. He wasn’t proud of that statement. Of that fact. He felt like he failed Wilbur, it was his job to make sure he didn’t turn out a failure.
And that’s what he was to him. A failure.
He wanted to sympathise with Wilbur just a bit. He wanted to see if he could be good— maybe if he just give him another chance, another shot. Everything would be okay..
Fundy quickly pushed away from the older man. The face Phil was met with was full of anger and hurt.
Phil paused. Fundy’s voice was scratchy and rough, it cracked during the sudden increase of volume. it was hurt and full of pain. He was distressed.
They were talking about the man that abandoned Fundy. That treated him like shit until his death.
“I know..” Phil mumbled once he finally felt ready enough to speak again.
Fundy started breaking down even more. His vision was nothing but a blur. “I..” He stumbled out before falling back into Phil’s arms. He felt weak.
“We have a lot of question we need to ask him..”
Tumblr media
general taglist : @basilly @disastrousdream @luluwinchester @forutheworld @mayasimagines @losingvienna @big-gay-nerd-420 @xyanduck @ohhonk
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radiumray · 2 hours ago
To everyone comparing Ranboo to Arron Burr and Wilbur to Alexander Hamilton: take a second to imagine them singing Dear Theodosia. Picture Ranboo singing all nice to Michael, and then Wilbur tries to sing and Fundy just starts shouting.
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lilyminer · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
“With every heartbeat I have left, I will defend your every breath. And I'll do better”
-Light by sleeping at last
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a redraw of a drawing I posted way back in December, I liked the concept and I got Fundy and his family on my mind so why not?
total drawing time: 5 hours 17 minutes
click for better quality/reblogs are appreciated!
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clairedreems · 3 hours ago
Fundy Harem as Obey Me
- 🌺
oh 👀 they be demons??? 👀👀👀
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justarandomsideblog · 3 hours ago
You know how Philza just kinda always monitors everyone's stream chats? Like he's everyone's chat's mod and has literally said he has a program running in the background that lets him keep an eye on his friends' chats?
So anyway new idea (not hc, though) that c!Phil has crows that kinda check on the people he cares about/considers family, like a crow that just follows them around and reports anything concerning to Phil later, which he starts doing after seeing Wil's spiral/death in the hopes of preventing more people he loves dying.
(A crow follows Techno, Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo and Fundy. Even when he's angry at Tubbo and Fundy and Tommy, even when he says he hates them, because they're Family (whether or not by blood) and he wants to know that they're okay. He wants to protect them, even when he says he wouldn't care if they died. Even at their worst, he still loves them.)
(Him not knowing about Fundy's nightmares, because the crow couldn't follow Fundy into his dreamscape/limbo. The crow not able to warn him about the danger Tommy was in, because the crow couldn't follow Tommy into the prison. Ranboo, knowing about the crows, making sure it's not around before doing his experiments so it doesn't get back to Phil.)
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shepard-ram · 3 hours ago
🦇- was the first L’manberg war just a really big game of pranks? The betrayal not as deadly and it was just Eret pointing a water gun at their now enemy? Is Fundy just a friend of Wilbur and it’s just a bit that Fundy is Wilburs son and his mother is a salmon?
All the strange family trees are just like tried and true friend dynamic of "I'm adopting you now" and wars just being pranks and water gun fights??? Please- the "it was never ment to be" thing just ending in the Dream team popping out of the corner with a crap ton of water balloons nzkznzjzjz
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tangerine-55 · 4 hours ago
Why I want the Dreamon theory to be real:
1. The angst
2. Imagine all the cool Fanart and animatics??? (and there already are amazing Dreamon fanarts/Fan comics)
3. I want c!Dream to be redeemable (So we can see more of him during streams again and just him running around the server)
5. It would be really interesting to see WHEN the Dreamon started to take over
6. Dream is somehow connected to DreamXD and I wanna know how the God reacts to/has to do with this
7. Did I mention the possible Angst we can get out of this?
8. Would be funny to see something that was only made because Tubbo and Fundy thought about it as funny to suddenly become that important in lore
9. Dreamon Hunters!
10. That also includes more Sapnap lore!! (Pls I want Sapnap lore)
11. In case you haven't thought about this yet: Angst
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baka-monarch · 4 hours ago
((Zoo au))
Fundy does tours/educational shows for very young children, in a fox mascot/costume.
He is not a furry. Please stop calling him a furry, Wilbur.
Sometimes, tiny!Tommy sneaks into his costume, giving Fundy a huge scare whenever he's putting it on.
It was Karl's idea to use the costume (Fundy used to just give normal tours but none of the kids payed attention), not just because kids love foxes but also there was one fox character in one of his books that kids seemed to love.....
Unfortunately, Wilbur and Tommy seem deturmined to make fun of him for being a furry
Mcyt g/t tag list:
@nomynameisanon @trashpumped @loriepoptale @encaos @i-am-a-weeb @wyforyu-gaming @shy-septic-dragon @5unfl0writ3r @colorfulsiren @moonmwah @iwasgoingtohellanyways @echoslime @wilbur-simp @trouble-off-grid @the-misfits-system @lilsyxx
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mayaaminmin · 4 hours ago
i’ve seen the username bsk1999 in the top gifter leaderboards of at least 5 different streamers in the span of like a week and they are definitely secretly an oil prince
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rainwithoutfeeling · 4 hours ago
does anyone have the clip of fundy saying when he was moving to england
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clairedreems · 5 hours ago
fumndee and dadbur brainrot is everyday for me
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static-paws · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Grandfather / Grandson bonding
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skinnysyd · 5 hours ago
In a world where a green teletubbie can revive people from the dead, there are no villains or heroes just people put into situations that paint them in different lights in different circumstances. Where people are are gods with unknown powers at play, it's impossible to categorize people with stereotypical names.
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I think now that Wilbur is back c!Wilbur should apologize to c!Eret
did she kill him? yes
But does she deserve all the treatment she gets in later seasons when people act like Wilbur is already redeemed? no
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a-wild-rosette · 6 hours ago
A Vault Hunter team in MCC (Hbomb, Fundy, 5up, Tubbo).
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