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thornstone8773 · 22 hours ago
I could not recognise Touma without his hat.
The Shindai’s teamwork continued to disappoint. I guessed, I got spoiled by VV’s choreograph.
Yuuri a d Daishinji’s dynamic, was it counted as dark comedy?
Longevity turned people in Saber to villains.
Was ending the series by redeeming the villains or antagonists going to be Reiwa Rider new shtick?
Durandal reminded me of Fuwa.
Next episode, the original trio reunited. It was unfortunate Espada did not have a Final Form. It seemed, Tertiary Rider had to wait for V-Cine to receive their upgrades… and that depended on their popularity.
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asknarashikari · a day ago
Cute minific idea: Ise’s parents find him and Uncle Ren-Ren in one of their unusual napping spots
Looks like Kento’s gonna be able to use his magic carpet again lmao
“Ise? It’s time to go home!” Mei called out. “Ise...?”
She frowned when she saw the empty command room, devoid of any soul, much less her dragon son. “Where is everyone...?” 
She walked down the hallway to the training hall. Sure enough, Mei heard the distinct sounds of swords clashing and the hum of elemental energy even from several feet away. She knocked gently on the door before she entered, poking her head hesitantly. “Guys?”
“Mei, you’re back,” Rintaro said, and Kento and Touma looked up to see her at the door. All three of them smiled fondly at her, putting away their faintly-glowing swords, before going to greet her with a kiss.
She accepted their affections with a laugh and returned the gesture. “I was looking for Ise,” she told them. “Have you seen him?”
“Hmm, last I saw he was with Ren,” Kento replied. “They were just here actually... they were watching us until a little while ago...”
“Ise did look a little tired though, so maybe Ren put him down for a nap...” Touma said thoughtfully. “Those two do like their naps a lot...”
Rintaro and Kento exchanged a look that their other partners didn’t miss. “...What’s with those looks, you two?” Touma asked with a slight frown.
“Ah... well, Ren’s been known to nap in some... strange places.” Rintaro said with a hesitant chuckle. 
Kento looked up at the ceiling, then chuckled. “Speaking of strange places... there they are,” he said, pointing up.
Mei and Touma followed his gaze, their jaws dropping when they saw Ren, sitting in the rafters supporting the vaulted ceiling up, his head leaning against a beam as he napped. Ise was curled up in his lap, also just as soundly asleep. 
Mei sputtered. “What are they doing up there? How are we supposed to get them down?!” she asked in exasperation.
“I’ll go get them,” Kento said, summoning his magic carpet and getting on it. He rode up to where Ren and Ise were, and tapped the ninja gently on his shoulder. “Hey, Ren, time to get up.”
Ren blinked as he woke, yawning as he rubbed his eyes. “Kento-kun...” he groaned. “Five more minutes...” he said, trying to roll over.
“Whoa, Ren, be careful, you’re not in bed!” Kento said, stopping him before he- and Ise- toppled over to the ground. “Let’s get you back down, okay?” 
He first got Ise (who was still asleep the whole time) onto his lap, then heaved Ren into the carpet beside him. He held onto the two of them as he lowered the magic carpet to ground level, where the others were. By the time he got back down, Ise had stirred awake, and Ren was starting to fully wake up as well.
Ise jumped into his Mama’s arms as Kento and Ren got off the carpet, which disappeared with a wave of Kento’s hand. “You really ought to stop napping in the rafters, Ren,” Rintaro chided the younger Rider. “What if you or Ise had fallen off...” he fretted.
“You could crash on the couch at my place, if you don’t want to stay here.” Touma told him.
“I know, I know... it’s just so much more breezy up there...” Ren said petulantly. 
“I’m sorry, but... breezy?” Mei asked. “What does that have to do with you being in the rafters?”
“You mean you didn’t notice?” Ren asked. “We all like being surrounded by our elements. It’s windier up there, so I like it. Why do you think Rintaro hogs the tub so much?”
“Oh. That... actually does explain a few things.” Mei said. “But... what about you, little guy...”
Ise tilted his head, confusion in his golden brown eyes. “Mrrp?” 
“I think he just likes it because Ren is there.” Touma said. “He is his favorite uncle, after all.”
Ise chirped happily.
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asknarashikari · a day ago
*pointing at Saber preview excitedly* Look at our boy wielding his boyfriends’ books ❤️💙💛
Ever since it got revealed in the magazine scans I’ve been calling it Touma’s boyfriend form in my head hahaha. It’s just a shame he doesn’t end up fusing with them too 😏
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thornstone8773 · 2 days ago
Aruto: I don’t know how to deal with feelings, I only know how to tell jokes.
Fuwa: I don’t know how to deal with feelings, I only know how to shoot and punch.
Horobi: I don’t know how to deal with feelings, I only know how to destroy.
Kento: I don’t know how to deal with feelings, I only know how to bottle them.
Daishinji: I don’t know how to deal with feelings, I only know how to deal with swords.
Akamichi: I don’t know how to deal with feelings, I only know power make things right.
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Cute minific idea: Mei convinces Rintaro to do the “Lion King” thing with Ise
“...I beg your pardon?” Rintaro asked, confused and incredulous. “What do you mean I should do the ‘Lion King’ thing with our son?”
“He means the thing at the start of the movie,” Kento told him. “The one when the baboon lifted the lion cub in front of everyone on the tall rock?”
“Oh. But... what for?” Rintaro questioned, still adorably oblivious. 
“Because it’ll be super cute with you and Ise,” Mei said as if it should be obvious. “And besides, aren’t you the actual Lion King? Wouldn’t that make our son like Simba too?”
“Uh, Mei, I don’t think that’s how it works...” Touma said, face-faulting. 
“I think you mean my King Lion Daisenki form?” Rintaro questioned.
“Yes, yes, whatever.” Mei said dismissively, causing the water swordsman to stutter. “Point is, it’d be super cute if you did that to Ise, wouldn’t you?”
Rintaro blinked at her in bewilderment, then turned to his dragon son who was quietly playing with his plush hedgehog doll. “Well, what do you think about it? Do you want to do want Mama says?”
Ise gave his parents an equally adorable and befuddled look. “Oh, just come with me...” Mei sighed.
Mei grabbed Rintaro’s hand, leading him up the stairs with Ise in her other arm. When they reached the landing on top where the two staircases met, right in front of the doorway leading into the base’s sacred sanctum, she handed Ise of to his Daddy with a flourish. “Well now. Go on.”
“A-Alright then...” Rintaro said, raising Ise over his head. The dragon baby momentarily looked confused, but started giggling as he looked down on his Papa and Tou-chan, waving at them toothily.
“Uh... Mei... isn’t this a bit awkward to do with just us watching...?” Kento asked her, waving back at Ise with an amused smile.
And then, as if on cue, the other three swordsmen arrived, frog-marching Yuri between them, the Swordsman of Light having once again gotten lost in the city in the search for food. Their severe lecturing (Ryo and Tetsuo) and heckling (Ren) died as they stared up at Rintaro holding up Ise over the balcony exactly like in the movie.
“...Rintaro? What are you doing up there?” Ryo asked, looking close to bursting into laughter.
“Uh...” Touma started to say. “This isn’t what it looks like?” he tried to offer in explanation.
“Oh, no, it’s exactly what it looks like,” Ren said mischievously as he took out his phone. A few taps later, an African chant started to come out of the tiny speakers and everyone started chuckling, save for Yuri who tilted his head in confusion.
“...What is going on? I am confused,” said the sword-man as everyone around him started trying (and failing) to sing the English parts.
“Don’t you get it man?” Tetsuo said, shaking his head as the music changed. “It’s the Circle~!” he sang.
“The Circle of Liiiiiiiiife!”
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Then: minific of Mei and Mai befriending each other and bonding over their boyfriends which include one who kind of went of the edge and another who is a bit of an idiot/fashion disaster
“Do you get the feeling that this going to end very badly for us?” Kouta asked the other Riders, as he looked over his shoulder towards the two women who were at a separate table, laughing as they talked animatedly with each other.
Micchy, Touma, Rintaro and Kento sighed forlornly as they stared at their appropriately-themed fruit parfaits. They nodded, looking quite resigned to their fates, and Kouta followed suit, slumping into his seat with a groan.
Meanwhile, with the girls...
“Oh, those boys are being overdramatic again,” sighed Mai, shaking her head. “Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on in those heads of theirs half the time...”
Mei chuckled. “I can see that,” she says, eyeing Kouta’s outfit. “...He does know that he looks like a discount Jesus like that, right?”
“Discount Fruit Jesus, actually, but yes, he’s aware... and he still hasn’t done anything about it,” Mai responded with a soft laugh. She, in turn, eyed the author’s drop-crotch, cropped pants. “And him, did he really think that...?”
“I’ve tried getting rid of it, believe me. Unlike Kento, he wouldn’t let me set his horrible clothes on fire.” Mai sighed. “And Rintaro... honestly, it’s a shame he hides himself under all those layers,” she said.
“Kento...” Mai breathed. “He was the one that...” she trailed off. Mai’s breath caught in her throat. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to change the subject so abruptly, it’s just I kept hearing about it from Kouta...”
“Y-Yeah. He wasn’t... with us for a while.” Mai said shakily. 
Mai sighed. “It was the same with us, for Micchy,” she said sadly. “He... did some pretty terrible things. It took him a long time to understand that we forgave him for it a long time ago.”
“Same for Kento...” Mei nodded quietly. “He’s so stubborn... insisting that things had to be done his way... what an idiot.” she sighed wistfully, torn between affection and annoyance. 
“And then there was that awful coat of his... why he decided it was a good idea to be seen wearing that...”
Mai winced. “Yeah... I heard about that too. Is it really as terrible as they all say it is?”
Mei nodded solemnly. “But at least he let me get rid of it,” she said with a grin.
Mai laughed. “Smart man,” she said, and Mei giggled.
Over in the next table, the boys groaned as they reached for the tissues, haveing sneezed over and over in succession for the last few minutes.
“They’re talking about us aren’t they,” Micchy said, miserably sniffling.
“Most definitely,” Touma agreed with a pout. “And I doubt they talked about anything good.”
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asknarashikari · 3 days ago
What is Ise’s favorite thing to do with each of his parents, and his favorite thing that they do all together?
Touma: story time before bed
Rintaro: soaking in the tub (they hog the bathroom lmao)
Kento: practicing their lightning powers
Mei: going (window-)shopping
Everyone: Cuddling! All the cuddles~
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asknarashikari · 3 days ago
Cute idea: Ise sees his papa having a nightmare, so he goes over to cuddle him
Aw, he totally would do that. He has some kind of empathy powers toward for people he’s close with (remember, dragons are weird) so he can somewhat sense it when his Papa is troubled by nightmares. 
Kento usually tries to deal with it himself somehow, like going out of the bedroom to make himself some tea or something, but Ise’s usually already up to greet him at the door. Kento just sighs and he lets Ise in and gets back into bed with Ise nuzzling up to him. He doesn’t have anymore nightmares after that :))
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asknarashikari · 3 days ago
Ren reacts to Touma and Kento trying another way to convince him to come back instead of your standard Talk-no-jutsu. 🤭😏🤤😉🥵
Bahahahahaha Talk no Jutsu 😂
Also... by another way... do you mean... seducing him? Good grief, that’s a little desperate especially even for them.
Ren would try his best to resist but they very quickly make his resolve crumble. He’s so very weak to his Kento-kun, after all. Add to that Touma being his usual charismatic self (now with added sex appeal lmao), and he’s gone.
None of them ever live it down with the others but Ren’s back, and they all got something else out of it too, so who can complain?
Also also... is it me or are you now shipping KenToumaRen OT3??
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i-am-randomtrash00 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Made another one. Only wish I could have more pictures of the interior of Northern Base so I could use it as the background. *sighs heavily*
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asknarashikari · 3 days ago
Funny minific idea: Mei weaponizes Ise’s puppy dragon eyes (you decide for what)
Mei exploits her swordboys’ weakness to their dragon baby 
“Mei, no,” Kento groaned, “You are not asking Touma to make a sequel to Kento-kun. I’m already humiliated enough about it as is!”
“I didn’t say it had to be a direct sequel! It could be about Rin-kun the lion, or Tou-chan the dragon!” Mei argued. 
“That... doesn’t sound much better, truthfully,” Rintaro reluctantly replied, giving the author a sideways glance. 
“I never really wanted to write a series like that, to be honest,” Touma admitted. “It was a one off sort of thing?”
“Well, the Chief seems to think it shouldn’t be a one-off,” Mei retorted. “And it did get super popular, remember? Became a bestseller and everything!”
“I know Mei, I just would rather not be reminded of getting turned into a rodent by my idiot senpai every time my husband writes a new story!”
“And I would also like not to be reminded of what happened when I turned into a lion cub... or rather what happened when I turned back.”
“I guess I was pretty lucky with my own incident,” mused Touma, causing the other two to glare at him. “I mean... uh... look, Mei...”
Mei pouted at them. “I guess I have no choice. Time to use the big guns.”
“The... big guns...?” Rintaro questioned, as she left the room.
“Oh, hell,” Touma swore, realizing what she was about to do.
Kento sighed. “I should’ve known she was going to play dirty...”
Mei came back, carrying their son in her arms. Ise looked like Christmas had come early, his eyes sparkling golden in excitement. “Tou-chan! You’re writing a new Kento-kun story?” he asked excitedly. 
“I... Uh...” Touma stuttered. “I- I’m not sure...”
Ise’s expression changed to the one the three swordsmen anticipated, and dreaded at the same time. “But... Tou-chan...” He pouted mightily. “Kento-kun is my favorite... I want more Kento-kun adventures...”
The three fathers flailed at the sight of Ise nearly ready to cry. “A-Ah! Alright, alright,” Kento groaned. “Tou-chan will write more Kento-kun...”
Ise perked up immediately, and Mei also looked rather pleased. “You’re an evil, evil woman,” Rintaro told Mei, shaking his head at her. “Using our child like that...”
She grinned at him, kissing Ise’s head with pride. “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing yourself.”
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asknarashikari · 4 days ago
Saber Ot4 with a Prince! Touma, please?
Oooh. Fantasy AU anyone? 
If Touma were a prince, I kinda imagine him as the type that everyone knows to be a bit of an airhead, like he always has his head in the clouds and such. But he always takes the time to get to know all the staff and even the townsfolk in his castle city, he advocates for the people of his kingdom, so everyone loves him. They very much look forward to the day he takes his rightful place as their king.
Mei would be part of the palace staff, but she grew up there and it’s not unusual to see her in the prince’s company. She’s one of the few people who can tell the prince off and get him back down to earth, and Touma prefers her company to his courtiers and other nobles because she’s not trying to get into his good graces or anything. She works in the court as a scribe, copying documents to be distributed around the kingdom.
Rintaro is a knight at the castle, and he rises through the ranks to becomes the prince’s personal bodyguard. He tries to stay professional around his charge, but the prince befriends him, and Touma earns Rintaro’s undying fealty immediately. He also trains Touma in swordfighting and other such skills befitting a warrior prince, even though Touma is very much a pacifist and a poet at heart.
And Kento, he’s a prince from another kingdom that’s allied with Touma’s. They were best friends as kids, but their responsibilities kept them apart for a long time until they grew up. Kento went over to Touma’s kingdom as an ambassador for his kingdom, and ever since they met again they were practically glued at the hip. He is an expert at magic and sorcery, but like Touma he doesn’t actually like fighting.
And from there, proximity just takes over lmao. They spend so much time together it was inevitable that they catch feelings for one another, especially when things go to hell, and they have to fight like hell to protect each other and their kingdom. 
Eventually, Touma becomes king, and they’re right by his side when he does it. No one’s quite sure what to make of their... situation, but hey as long as they’re happy. They lead the kingdom into a golden age and live happily ever after
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asknarashikari · 5 days ago
Cute minific idea: Ise playing with a tiny fairy that turns out to be Hayato’s spirit form (guess he wants to play Grandpa)
Uh... I don’t think Hayato would appreciate being called a fairy... I think he was more of a bird? (Like... the bird that told Yuri about Tassel/Victor being captured by Isaac?)
“Ise? What are you doing laughing by yourself there?” Rintaro called, hearing his son’s laughter in the otherwise empty living room.
Ise giggled as his Daddy lifted him into his arms. “I was playing, Daddy! I made friends with a really nice bird!”
“A... bird?” Rintaro questioned, his eyes narrowing in confusion. “Do you mean... like Kento-kun?” he asked, looking at the plush hedgehog toy in his son’s arms.
“No, silly Daddy! A real bird!” Rintaro gaped at his son. “He was all glowy and magicky and everything!” Ise enthused. “It was like he was from Tou-chan’s book!”
“You mean... from Wonder Story?” Rintaro asked, and Ise nodded vigorously. “A creature from Wonder World befriended you...?” he asked, almost to himself. “How is that even possible...”
“How is what possible?”
“Papa!” Ise reached out for his other father, making grabby hands at him. 
“Ah, Kento, you’re home,” Rintaro said, and the pair shared a chaste kiss that made Ise giggle gleefully. “Ise was just telling me about his new friend...”
“New friend? Is it from school?” Kento asked, but he froze in his tracks when Ise reached out and touched the side of his head, tucking some of his longer tufts of his hair back behind his ear. “What...?”
“Ah... I’m sorry Papa...” Ise retracted his hand, tears in his eyes. “You didn’t like it...?”
“No, no, Ise, it’s okay,” hushed Kento, stepping forward to wipe his tears. “Papa was just surprised, honest...” he reassured. “But... where did you learn to do that?”
“The bird taught me...” Ise whispered. “He said... that you’d like it...”
“...The bird?” Kento repeated. 
“The friend Ise was telling me about,” Rintaro explained. “I think it was a creature from Wonder World... he was saying something about it being glowy and magical...”
Kento’s breath hitched in his throat. “A glowing bird...?” he repeated, sounding winded. “Could it be...”
“Kento?” Rintaro gently nudged him. “Love, what is it?”
“I...” Kento whispered softly into the water swordsman’s ear, low enough that even Ise couldn’t hear him. “The bird... I... I think that was my father.” 
“Your...” Rintaro trailed off with a gasp.
“Dad... he’s still looking over me... after all this time...” Kento couldn’t help but smile even as his heart cracked in his chest. 
Rintaro smiled at him and reached up to kiss his cheek gently. “Of course he will. And now, he’s looking after Ise too, isn’t he?”
Kento laughed. “I guess he is...” Kento reached for Ise and stroked through his hair, just like his father used to do.
Ise looked at him in curiosity. “Papa?”
Rintaro hummed as he transferred Ise into Kento’s arms. “I think you two should talk,” he told Kento. “Do you want me to stay, or...”
“Please stay,” Kento told him, grabbing his hand and holding it firmly as he held Ise in the other. “I want you to hear this too. I’ll tell the others eventually but... can you...”
“Alright, Kento,” Rintaro conceded.
Kento lead them over to the couch, and he set Ise down in his lap, while Rintaro sat beside him. Ise tilted his head at him, confusion apparent, and the other swordsman giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.
“Ise...” he began. “That bird... he was someone very important to Papa...”
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asknarashikari · 5 days ago
I now hc Mei to be the fashion police of the Riders, so I demand a minific of her finding Sougo and draging him away to a makeover as he tries to beg for help (bonus points if his time travelers let him be dragged and Woz is trying to take his lord back but Mei’s boys are preventing him because she shouldn’t be crossed)
Honestly, Sougo’s taste in clothes isn’t that bad... He just needs to find stuff that actually fits him right, you know?
“Look, kid, I don’t really care if you want to be a demon overlord or whatever, but if you expect to do that looking like... that, you’ve got another thing coming for you.”
Sougo blinked. “What do you mean? What’s wrong with my clothes?” he asked, looking down at himself.
“What’s wrong- Have you looked at yourself in a mirror?” Mei exclaimed. “Your shirt is at least two sizes too big for you! And what is that belt, even?”
“He has it in every color,” muttered Tsukuyomi under her breath, and Mei stared at her in horror.
“I like my clothes loose!” Sougo protested. “And my belt’s perfectly fine!”
“Sougo, you’re a dancer, you’re bound to have a great figure, and you’re hiding all of that under all this fabric!” Mei retorted. 
“Oh, he has a figure alright,” said Geiz distantly. The three junior Riders behind him coughed, and he blushed, unaware that he’d been overheard.
“Mei-san, just leave me be!” Sougo whined, trying to resist the other girl from dragging him away. “Tsuku, help me out here!” 
“Sougo, I love you, but you’re not the exactly the best-dressed person in the world.” She said. “Honestly, both of you are.”
“Hey, don’t drag me into this,” Geiz protested, his arms crossed protectively over his vest-collar thing.
“Mei-san, I understand your concern for Waga Maou, but as he does not wish for your assistance-” Woz stopped in his tracks when his kouhai put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head.
“I’d give up while I was ahead if I were you,” Touma told him seriously. “Seriously... you don’t want to know what she would do if you crossed her.”
“It involves quite a bit of fire,” Rintaro added for emphasis. Woz’s eyes widened with alarm. “Not that she’d set Sougo on fire, of course, but-”
“I don’t know, Rintaro, when she probably would’ve set that coat on fire with me still wearing it if I didn’t comply with her,” Kento said seriously.
“Wait, what?” Sougo asked, stopping in his tracks, which allowed Mei to finally budge him from his spot.
“Oh, don’t be ridiculous, I wasn’t going to set my boyfriend on fire,” Mei said dismissively. “And I won’t set you on fire either, as long as you let me do a bit of shopping for you!”
“Wait, eh? Eh???” Sougo cried out as she dragged him away. 
“We’ll see you at home, Sougo!” Tsukuyomi shouted after them cheerfully.
“I hope we still get to see him at home,” Geiz said, and Tsukuyomi hit him on the head for the comment.
“Please don’t set fire to Waga Maou!!!” Woz cried plaintively.
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