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soypabel · 5 hours ago
La loca idea
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Una ventaja de ser el hermano menor es no preocuparte por los secretos de tu hermana mayor, mientras Paula y Mariana resolvían sus problemas internos, Gabriel y Samuel disfrutaban de su nuevo compañero de cuarto y tomar ciertas libertades que con sus padres no hubieran logrado hacer con tanta tranquilidad.
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givemeabreakk · a day ago
And there’s nothing to do but scream at the drunken moon
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360magazine · a day ago
Georgel × No PutX
Georgel × No PutX
Today, queer singer, songwriter, and “funky Mexicano soul” Georgel released his new single “No PutX – Spotify Singles” together with Molotov’s vocalist Tito Fuentes. “NO PUTX – Spotify Singles” was selected as the first Pride Spotify Exclusive Single by a Mexican Artist. The track is a neo hip-hop that talks about the homophobia and hypocrisy of Latin society in a satirical way, and reaffirms the…
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wornontv · 2 days ago
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Sam’s leopard print shirt on Dynasty
Silk Animal Print Shirt by Saint Laurent at Farfetch, $1218
See this outfit at WornOnTV
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fangirl94stuff · 2 days ago
PTV: Vic Fuentes
As I turn off the Zoom hangout with the rest of the band and our fans, I sink into my chair defeated whereas before the hangout I was on top of the world. Yes, it had been a few years since the release of Misadventures and I didn't need to be reminded that Pierce The Veil hadn't released anything new, fans were understanding but only for so long. Luckily Tony and Jaime covered some of the awkward questions. 
Writing a song let alone a whole album was hard work, you had to be in the right mood and mindset to create something, or at least have some inspiration to use as a jumping-off point. I was suffering from writer's block, add to that the stress of having your younger brother leave the band, and then a pandemic sweeping the world turning everything to shit.
It was easy to ignore hurtful comments, but that didn't mean I didn't see any of the comments stating how tired I looked and how I was starting to show my age so the fans shouldn't expect any new music anytime soon. Tony and Jaime could only help me out so much before it became obvious the comments were getting to me.
Behind me, the door to my office/studio opens and y/n's calming voice fills the room, 'hey, I made some iced tea and thought you'd like a glass after the hangout.'
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soypabel · 3 days ago
...y el hermano
Samuel Lafuente
Samuel entiende lo importante que es el legado para sus padres y por ello no discute mucho cuando le obligan a realizar actividades en las que no tiene el menor interés. Una de las pocas actividades que de verdad disfruta es el hacer ejercicio y mantener una buena forma. Además de que aprendió a gozar de las pequeñas cosas de la vida, por muy infantiles que sean, le gusta vivir el momento y mostrar su creatividad de la manera que el le gusta y no como su familia le trata de imponer. Nunca fue muy apegado a su familia, pero le es fácil hacer amigos, así que nunca se siente solo.
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gladiates · 3 days ago
Spanish Vocabulary from Aura by Carlos Fuentes, Day 1
I just began my first book in Spanish! It’s a very short (~60 pages!) Mexican novel by Carlos Fuentes called Aura, published in 1962. The narrative is in 2nd person singular and present tense, so it’s a little easier than most books for a novice like me :) I’ll be reading a modest 4-5 pages a day and logging new words on here! Today’s words are below the cut because it’s a long-ish list.
la naturaleza: nature (natural world AND character)
la ceniza: ash
el historiador, la historiador: historian
ordenado: organized, tidy
escrupuloso: finicky, scrupulous
conocedor (adj): knowledgable
el conocedor, la conocedora (noun): connoisseur, expert
desempeñar: to perform, to carry out
mensual: monthly
la recamara: chamber, bedroom
llamativo: flashy; striking
el becario, la becaria: intern, apprentice
exhumar: to exhume, to dig up
sospechar: to imagine, to suppose, to suspect
la broma: joke, prank
semejante (adj): similar, like
los semejantes: fellow men, neighbors
tornar: to turn, to change
la delantera: front
tratar: to address, to deal with, to treat or cure
amodorrarse: to get sleepy, to fall asleep
acercarse: to approach or get close, to take interest
la moneda: coin
el cobre: copper
el centavo: cent
apretar: to squeeze, tighten
alargar: to lengthen, to stretch out, to reach out, to prolong
el fierro: iron
el barrote: bar (like metal bar)
el camión: truck, bus
detenerse: to stop, pause
apoyar: to support
el pasamanos: stair rail, hand rail
el costado: side
distraídamente: distractedly
los demás: the rest, the others
acudir a: to go, to come
el renglón: line (of text)
la lentitud: slowness
distinguir: to distinguise
el conglomerado: mix, conglomerate
el taller: garage, workshop, studio
la relojería: clockmaker's or watchmaker's shop
el expendio: corner store, small store
la nomenclatura: nomenclature, naming
superponer: to superimpose, to overlap
confundir: to confuse, disorient
el azulejo: tile
la tiza: chalk
la sinfonola: jukebox
perturbar: to disturb, disrupt
la baratija: trinket, knick-knack
expuesto: exposed, on display
el rostro: face, image, countenance
el tezontle: volcanic rock
trunco: shattered, incomplete
coronar: to crown, to honor
el piedra: stone
labrado: cultivated (for land), engraved
barroco: baroque
la gárgola: gargoyle
arenisca: sandstone
ensombrecer: to shade, cast a shadow over
verdoso: greenish
el zaguán: hallway
en vano: in vain
la manija: handle, knob
gastado: worn out, well-worn
el feto: fetus; monster, freak (colloquial)
el empuje: force, impact
fruncir: to gather
el ceño: brow, frown, scowl
la fila: queue, line, row
gruñir: to growl, to groan
suelto: loose, baggy
el humo: smoke
la prisa: rush, hurry
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angryrussianlady · 3 days ago
Would you ever debate Nick Fuentes? if not, why? יכול להיות מצחיק
No, because
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telltaletv · 4 days ago
Dynasty Review: A Little Father-Daughter Chat (Season 4 Episode 6)
#Dynasty Review: A Little Father-Daughter Chat (Season 4 Episode 6)
Fallon soon finds out that hiring her father may not have been the best idea, and Culhane tries to get comfortable with his newfound millionaire status on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6, “A Little Father-Daughter Chat.” Fallon giving her father another chance to make things right fits in line with her soft spot for family, but at some point, she’ll have to venture off on her own. Instead of seeing…
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irisblobel · 4 days ago
#SnippetSunday “I’m your cabin neighbour.” #MFRWAuthor #BookBuzz #amwriting
#SnippetSunday “I’m your cabin neighbour.” #MFRWAuthor #BookBuzz #amwriting
Happy SundayToday’s snippet is again from my new story, which follows Piper and Jon. ENJOY ♥THANK YOU Today’s Snippet The sobbing stilled for a fleeting moment before he heard a scream in frustration. Raising his brows, he stepped to the door and knocked. An instant silence fell upon the room, and he knocked again. Nothing. A mix of emotions surged through him which he wasn’t able to sort.…
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white-rhythmic · 4 days ago
Yo no pedí ese amor apresurado que me dio de tarde en tarde.
Carlos Fuentes - La muerte de Artemio Cruz
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ivannkadelamb · 4 days ago
Why is the Dynasty fandom so "Anti - Culhane"???
I don't get it!!! 😐🤨
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It's not as if he's still competing with Liam for Fallon's heart (Falliam is pretty much Endgame!!!) , So what is it??
Frankly, I'm happy with the direction Michael Culhane is going, after wrongful imprisonment in season 2, and drifting aimlessly for most of season 3.
That weird flirtation with Kirby? Glad THAT'S over 😐.
I've even seen some fans who prefer Psychotic Adam to Michael Culhane. WTF?!?!
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Now, he's a newly minted multimillionaire. 💵💸💰💵
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
For now, he seems to spend most of his time being a good friend to Sammy Jo & Jeff Colby. Hopefully, he gets a more defined storyline, but for now, I'm just happy that he's flexing those Black Multimillionaire Chops! 😃😁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a Michael Culhane Stan Account 💥💫✌🏾
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