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#fuck outta here with that nonsense
agustdef · 9 months ago
I love seeing people throw a fit about the multi getting into the BTS meet and greet, but not directing even half that energy to a whole fucking anti of some of the boys getting in.
Tumblr media
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great-slackergami · 11 months ago
I am too tired to understand shit rn... a new problem comes up regarding owing a bank 3k coz my father stole her 3k from her atm and something something my mom is worried about the triad coming to collect debt and I am just...????
Man what the actual fuck. Where am I gonna shit out 3000 dollards so you can close your account, fam? Damn, I don’t understand anything, much less bank and money talks like fuck off.
I just want to sleep and force myself to do commissions so I can pay for next rent or put food on the table... damn...
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hardtobcmysxlf · 11 months ago
Don't you just love it when people like assume stuff about you and make it sound like you're the crazy one?
Tumblr media
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transboydororo · 11 months ago
hey why was there just pewdiepie fanart on my favorite dnd blog
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soapteeth · a year ago
me: -types a shady petty post about ships i hate- :)
me: -deletes it bc i know i shouldn't care what other people ship even if i would quite literally rather die than acknowledge their ships as canon bc they make no sense and i hate it all-
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proship-selfship · 13 days ago
Here’s your routine reminder that trauma doesn’t give you an excuse to romanticize things such as pedophilia, incest, and abuse!! 💕💕 yall clearly don’t know what a coping mechanism is because literally anything could be a coping mechanism
if someone said “i murder people as a way to cope” the fact that they have trauma doesn’t change the fact that murder isn’t good! Does that make sense to you? Just because something works for you doesn’t mean it’s healthy or good <33 if you need to produce your nasty shit so badly then keep it private :D
Classic behaviour control tactic. See, when you say things like this, I hear "you don't cope how I cope or cope in a way that I approve of, therefore I think you are a psychopath". Your example hasn't held up in courts of law, either. To suffer and try to cope in private is what creates more of the psychopaths who hurt others. "Literally anything could be a coping mechanism" , fuck outta here with that uninformed ableist nonsense.
I'm going to make this very clear: You do not get to judge another person's coping mechanisms when you do not know them. And god forbid you're that person's therapist because I would be campaigning to get your license to practice revoked. Your thinking promotes victim blaming. I would highly recommend you educate yourself before you send shit like this to my inbox again, or to anyone else.
Routine reminder that you are not an evil person for using problematic fiction to explore your trauma. Disregard everything this Anon says.
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simptasia · 15 days ago
Sorry I'm a bit late, but here's some Lost nonsense from my brain:
If Jacob's & MIB's adopted mum didn't adopt them, then a whole lot of mess could have been avoided.
Why didn't John's dad just say he was moving after he stole his kidney and see him like once a year? (That way if you need to borrow a lung later down the line the option is is there.)
If I knew my past self was gonna kill my son I won't let that happen. Screw the time space continuum, I'm doctor who-ing this nonsense.
And on top of that.
How come no one really tried to mess about with time in the 70s? I know there was a bit of "ahh don't effect the future" but like, if I was stuck in the past I'd have a go at screwing around with time. I'd be like suck it universe, there's no Internet and I've got people in the present I care about. I know alot of the Lost people had reasons not to, like Jin's trying to keep his family safe and Sawyer doesn't really have anyone outside of the island. But Julie's sister? Kate needing to find Claire? WHY WASNT THERE A DANIEL FOCUSED EPISODE ABOUT HIM TRYING TO CHANGE THE FUTURE AND SAVE CHARLOTTE THAT JUST MADE THE FUTURE HAPPEN MORE SO THAT THEN WHEN SAYID SHOT CHILD BEN I COULD HAVE BEEN ALL LIKE nah bro thats no gonna help, when instead I thought there was gonna be some funky timeline nonsense that I'm always here for AND THEN THERE WASNT. Also more Daniel.
Last thought (sorry I can't shut up)
Now I'm thinking about it, why was everyone's reaction to Sayid shooting child Ben as a bland "this is bad" ?? Im not trying to say it was good, but its like the whole 'go back in time and kill Hitler as a kid' argument? I thought characters would at least have thoughts? Like no one even talked about it beyond face value?? Or even had an emotion?? Everyone was just like: "this is bad, but let's leave him with his abusive dad" ???????????????
Epilogue Thought: i genuinely thought when Kate handed child Ben over to the Others she was doing to say something to him along the lines of what adult Ben said to her at the beginning of series 3 when they had breakfast together. (My memory is so bad, but it's something like "I wanted you to have a nice memory to cling onto because a lot of bad is going to happen.") And then it was gonna be like a weird time loop thing of who really said it first, like Ben doesn't remember them properly or anything (but it might help why he didn't just ask Jack for surgery help when they first crashed.)
lost spoilers ahead
Okay, first of all, how the fuck did you send a message this long. Whenever I send messages, I'm given a character limit???
If Jacob's & MIB's adopted mum didn't adopt them, then a whole lot of mess could have been avoided.
"Adopted", yes that the's word for it. And yeah... yeah. The entire plot of LOST, down the drain. Isn't it ironic, this show is known for so much daddy issues and all of this fuss was caused by mommy issues
Why didn't John's dad just say he was moving after he stole his kidney and see him like once a year? (That way if you need to borrow a lung later down the line the option is is there.)
Short answer: Because Anthony Cooper is a cunt
Longer answer: it's pooossible that anthony genuinely didn't wanna spend any time with locke at all. as you pointed out, this isn't pragmatic on his part. but he's a dick. he also has a history of not sticking around the people he's conned
If I knew my past self was gonna kill my son I won't let that happen. Screw the time space continuum, I'm doctor who-ing this nonsense.
I've had this same thought. Offense to Eloise, but I'm different.
like, yeah, even if it turns out to not be possible, there's merit in fucking trying to prevent this. like, morally, emotionally, i'd respect eloise if she'd fucking TRIED to not kill her baby boy :(((
legit, same, if i knew i was destined to kill my boy, i'd be like "no"
and at the very fucking least, i'd give the best life possible! which, paradox or no, is what a parent is SUPPOSED to do, eloise!!
not only does eloise not even try to not do this, what makes it so much worse is that she didn't allow him the life he wanted. you know he's gonna die young, bitch, let him have love and piano!
HES NOT EVEN ASKING FOR MUCH. free will??? please???
i Cannot talk about eloise without going on this rant, it seems
and the rest of ur message, i won't copy paste, but what ur saying about time travel. i'm kinda indifferent to a possiblity of them trying to change more but thinking about it, it's odd that they didn't Try more. however this can chalked up to like, not enough run time. but yes i'm all in favour of the characters ties to other characters mattering more. and charlotte mattering more. grrrr
oh boy the ben thing. well, i don't blame them for the This Is Bad thing. because it is. it's very bad to shoot a child. i wanna say, sayid is so fucking out of character when he does this. the writers mishandled sayid pretty bad in seasons 5 and 6, sigh. personally i don't believe its anywhere near okay to try to kill somebody because they're gonna be a bad person One Day. but yeah i am surprised there wasn't more of a debate about this in canon. we have people of different morals here... plus, it's a debate in real life. i'm in the "punish the people who have actually done something wrong" camp
it's fucked that he has to stay with roger though. i don't put that on our losties tho, overall i blame the others. because they could have accepted ben into the others way sooner and they really should have. richard could see this kid was suffering and they let him stay with his abusive dad. that's awful. then again, charles was in charge during this time period so that makes THAT make more sense but ugh
and finally. inch resting... i always saw kate's sympathy for little ben as 1. he's only a child, he's Not big ben. and 2. she grew up in an abusive home too so she sees a kindred spirit
regarding ben's memory, it annoys me how the writers felt the need to erase some of little ben's memories to supposedly Make It Make Sense but i felt that was unneeded. i think it's perfectly viable for ben to remember all the stuff that went down in season 5 but he never mentioned it because why the fuck would he. for one thing, he was henry gale at first, he's hardly gonna be like "oh hey are you the guy who shot me when i was a kid??" no, he'd keep his memories to himself. i think ben keeps a lot of things to himself for tactical reasons so i think the lost writers employed a get outta jail free card when they really didn't need to
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loonyloopylupxn · 16 days ago
Feral • Biker!Bucky x f!reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: creepy old men, unwanted touching, smut, oral sex (m!receiving), penetrative sex, dirty talk, swearing, Dom/sub undertones, unprotected sex, cum play if you squint, cream pie
There’s something about how you stand up for yourself that makes Bucky go feral
Tumblr media
“You pretty little ladies have been hogging the pool table all evening. Why don’t you go get yourself a drink and stop playing around?” You rolled your eyes so hard you were surprised by the force of it and Natasha hid her smirk by taking a sip of her beer.
You straightened up, turning around with a bright smile to find exactly what you expected to find. A balding man in his late fifties if not early sixties with yellowing teeth and a beer belly his shirt did nothing to cover.
“You offering to buy?” You asked with a laugh, leaning against the pool cue and looking him up and down twice. “Because I’ll have a beer and so will my friend.”
“A beer for a pretty little thing like you? Shouldn’t you be drinking one of those fruity cocktails?” He teased, elbowing his buddy who snorted a laugh.
“Nah, but my boyfriend is partial to a Long Island Ice Tea if you wanna buy one so bad.” You told him with a shrug and his nose scrunched up, his eyes hard.
“That ain’t no boyfriend baby if he can’t handle a beer.” You’d never understand the hate in some peoples heart over a damn drink but you didn’t let it bother you, shrugging at the man.
“So if you won’t buy me a drink and you won’t buy my boyfriend a drink, I’m afraid I can’t help you.” You told him honestly, turning back to the game of pool you were currently losing.
Bucky was watching you from the bar, smirking at your conversation, idly stirring his drink. You winked at him before taking your shot. You smiled proudly when you potted the ball but before you could stand up there was hands on your waist and hips grinding against your ass making you scowl. Bucky on the other hand looked excited.
You straightened up, turning around and shoving the man back, teeth grinding when he only laughed, raising his hand. “I was just giving you a hand pretty girl.”
“I don’t need one. And if I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t be asking you.” You spat, shoving the man again, pushing him out of your space. “So back the fuck up before I make you.”
“Gonna call that cocktail drinking boyfriend of yours? I’m shaking in my boots.” He laughed and you smiled sweetly, holding up your right hand.
“Touch me again and I’ll castrate you using this pool cue and the ring on my pinky finger.” You warned and he laughed before stopping abruptly.
“You got a smart mouth, missy. I might have to teach you a thing or two.” He warned, stepping back into your space and you tilted your head to the side. “Put you in your place.”
“Try me.” You smirked. He stepped closer and you made a show of checking your watch before kicking the end of the pool cue, letting it swing up between his legs. He crumpled to the ground and you looked to his friend with raised eyebrows. “You want to get him out of here? Before I decide to get pissed off?”
Old and balding’s friend helped him up and the two of them scampered from the bar, leaving you to return to your pool game. You drained the last of your beer, grinning when another was set in its place and a strong hand grabbed your hip.
“Hey baby.” You tilted your head back, letting Bucky kiss you slowly. “Enjoy the show?”
“You fucking know it, Doll.” He pressed his hips against you and you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. “Go wait for me in the back room. I’ll be in soon.”
You did as you were told, passing your cue to Sam to finish the game as you grabbed your beer and shuffled in behind the bar, perching yourself on a keg, waiting.
Bucky didn’t make you wait long, coming in with his own beer, the knuckles on his flesh hand busted. He was sporting a grin, making his way to you slowly.
“Did he cry?” You asked eagerly, tipping your head up when he took your chin between his metal fingers. He leaned in close enough that you could smell the alcohol on his breath.
“Like a baby. Begged for his Momma too.” Bucky assured you, finally lowering his head to you, pressing your lips together. “Was still walkin’ funny when I got out there. Called you a bitch.”
“I am a bitch.” You mumbled against his lips and he smiled. “I’m your bitch though.”
“Exactly, so no redneck with an attitude problem is gonna touch you and get away with it.” He assured you. He cupped your jaw gently, rubbing his thumb over your bottom lip.
“I can take care of myself.” You grumbled and he laughed cruelly, pushing his thumb into your mouth to hold your tongue in place.
“I didn’t say you couldn’t. I know for a fact that if he got any more touchy you would have made good on the castration threat. But nobody touches what’s mine.” He told you, watching you drool over his thumb and down your chin. “‘s why I let you kick his ass before I did.”
He pressed down harder on your tongue and you closed your lips around him, hollowing your cheeks like you knew he wanted you to. “That’s it, baby. You gonna thank me?”
You nodded your head slowly, sucking on his thumb dutifully and he grinned, using his metal hand to unbuckle his belt, pushing his pants down past his thighs and taking hold of his cock. The tip was red and leaking, evidence of how long he’d been hard. “Makes me so fucking hot seeing you stand up for yourself.”
He removed his thumb from your mouth, gripping your chin tightly. “What you hit him for?”
“Putting his hands on me.” You mumbled, pushing against his grip, meeting his intense stare. “No one can put their hands on me.”
“Except?” He asked, his hand traveling from your chin to your throat, flexing slightly.
“You. Because I’m yours.” You told him and he groaned, pumping his cock twice before pressing his tip to your bottom lip, spreading his pre-cum over your mouth. You flicked your tongue out, tasting him before accepting the tip into your mouth.
His hand around your throat tightened just slightly as you began to bob your head back and forth, taking as much of him as you could and he groaned loudly. You ran your tongue against the vein on the underside of his cock and he flexed his hand, causing you to gag.
“That’s it baby, choke on my cock. Show me who owns you, baby.” He groaned and your eyes rolled back in your head at the feeling of him beginning to thrust into your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat over and over. Tears dropped down your face when you blinked and Bucky grinned. “Such a hot fucking mess for me. You gonna let me fuck that tight pussy of yours, remind me who owns it?”
You nodded as best you could with his dick in your mouth and hand against your throat. You moaned against him, the vibrations causing him to shudder. He pulled out of you roughly, hoisting you up off the keg and turning you around, pressing your ass to his cock. “Bend forward baby and hold on tight. I ain’t lasting long.”
You groaned, bending at the waist to support yourself on the keg. Bucky pushed your jeans and underwear down, landing one sharp smack to your ass. He gave very little warning, swiping his tip up and down your pussy to gather you wetness before pushing in one long stroke. “So fucking tight, every time.”
“Cause you’re so fucking big.” You groaned, arching into his thrusts. The sound of skin slapping echoed in the back room and you delighted in it, knowing the others at the bar could probably hear you both. “Gonna fill me up Bucky? Remind me who owns this tight cunt.”
He loved your mouth, always fucked you harder when you talked him through it. Sometimes he fucked all sense out of you so all you could do was babble nonsense at him. “Feel so good, baby. Swear I’d sell my soul for this pussy. Can’t believe that fucker put his hands on you. Almost came when you knocked him in the balls.”
“Didn’t want his hands on me. Just wanted yours.” You moaned, rocking with every thrust. “Hate when anyone but you touches me.”
Bucky threaded his flesh hand in to your hair, gripping tightly and the other to your clit, rubbing wide frantic circles. “Come on baby, cream all over my cock. Make a mess for me.”
“Fuck Bucky, gonna cum.” You groaned, arching into his touch on your clit and then back to meet his thrusts. “So fuckin’ good, almost there. Gonna cum in me, Buck? Gonna fuck your cum into me until everyone knows I’m yours?”
Bucky came seconds before you did, thrusting through your orgasm until he collapsed over your back, supporting you both with one hand around your waist, the other on the keg. “You never disappoint.”
“You knock any of his teeth out?” You asked as he pulled out and went in search of something to clean you up with. He raised an eyebrow when you pulled your underwear and jeans up, shooting him a filthy smirk.
“I like the thought of you leakin’ outta me.” You told him with a shrug.
“At least two teeth, knocked ‘em down his throat.” Bucky pulled you close, kissing your forehead. “You okay?”
“Better now that my big brave hero fought for my honor.” You laughed and he rolled his eyes, pushing you out the door in front of him. He landed a smack to your ass right when you stepped out the door causing his guys to hoot and holler at you both.
How big is fuckin’ big?” Steve asked Tony when you walked past and you laughed, smacking the back of his head.
“Shut up, Rogers.” You warned. “Or I’ll set him on you next.”
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gothgfsandhazbinhotel · 18 days ago
Must say you have great taste in fictional wives, but I'm curious how'd you interact with each one of them?
You basically just asked me to write about me with a self insert with each of my big fictional crushes and I am such a major self shipping simp that I am down for it
So yeah self shipping stuff for those that aren't interested lol
Tumblr media
Fun fact, Entrapta is canonically autistic and so am I. That means I personally relate to a lot of her personally experiences and bond over similar emotions
I myself have trouble reading emotions (such as when others are joking, mad at me or I'm making them uncomfortable) and I commonly talk with her about it. She's one of the few people that understand that
We have very different interest, me being into art, writing and goth music, while she's into science and inventing. Yet, we take turns rambling about our interest
I try to help her with inventions but I'm deadass not that helpful. Rip-
I do learn how to make tiny food for her since I know she likes it (I can pretty much almost already do it)
We're both pretty unorganized and fidgety so trying to talk to both of us at the same time is a cluster fuck. As we're both recalling things, going off topic, making bad jokes (that's mostly me) and missing all the social cues
She probably thinks I have a fever a lot cause I blush easily and it's very obvious since I'm pale af
Tumblr media
The wife I need but don't deserve
Vaggies the type to help me keep in line when I really need it. Making me take a break from work or school, reminding me to eat, clean and various other important things I forget cause I'm trash
Also gives me serious reality checks when I need them, especially whenever my anxiety or depression is super bad
Takes an interest in my writing and the number one person I ask for advice for as she's mostly honest without being mean
Stands up for me whenever I can't do it, which any time she does watch me in the background all like "😍"
I probably go on too many rants about how I don't deserve her and constantly feel like I have to make up to her, which she always tells me to shut up and stop worrying
I show her my knife collection and she be super impressed even tho most of them are decorative
Makes fun of me when I blush which makes me blush more
We bond a lot over sense of style since we're both goths though one of us more extreme than the other
Tumblr media
Has a blunt and serious nature that I'm not use to, it doesn't help that I'm kinda similar. Though we quickly learn to work with eachother
She has to be painfully honest with me since i can't understand others people's emotional cues
I try to make her laugh constantly with my jokes with varying degrees of success
She's seven feet all so naturally I'd let her carry me around like a rag doll
My natural instinct when I blush around her is to bury my face in her chest, she always pats my head afterwards
Also the type to stand up for me whenever I can't or unable to
Watch us recreate that "excuse me she asked for no pickles" meme
I'd love to watch her train with all her bending powers cause it be epic
Tells me to lay off the degradation humor since I never take seriously until she threatens to wack me if I call myself trash one more time
Tumblr media
We're both socially awkward so it's always a mess when we hang out or try to have a conversation. Both probably getting embarrassed by what we say and the other finding it adorable.
We both blush a lot and I'm probably the only confident enough to tease her about it
I'm sure she be in total awe of my Gothic style, I might even get her to indulge in it a little herself
I can guarantee she love my writing as long as I keep her away from my darker fics. I can also see us liking a lot of similar shows and gushing over our favorite characters a lot
Anytime i have a bad day she there immediately to cheer me up and I go running to her arms
I have to stop myself from making Mr. Krabs jokes around cause she probably wouldn't get them in the first place
Watches me draw and asks a lot of questions which occasionally I indulge in and other times I jokingly give wrong answers to mess with her
We're both terribly at flirting so we end up both becoming a flustered mess, while trying to do stuff
Tumblr media
Don't know what she's doing dating my disaster lesbian ass when she can have anyone else but regardless here we are
She's definitely high maintenance while I'm totally not, but I think more often than not we usually find a compromise.
She rolls her eyes and groans whenever I say something weird or make a fool outta myself especially in front of other people. Yet always assures me that she's not really bothered by it
I'd come to almost all her shows and each time with little gifts for her like roses or something else she like
We both drink a lot (don't call me an alcoholic I'm not-) so we probably both enjoying drinking and getting drunk together
She's very affectionate and it makes me all red faces which she always takes advantage of. Teasing me for it all the while.
All fun and games before my chaotic switch ass turns the table
Drags me outta my house every once in awhile whenever I'm in desperate need of socialization which is something I'll complain about but ultimately appreciate
Lilith Magne
Tumblr media
I'd say this is unlikely but considering she married Lucifer, she probably be into a chaotic goofy gremlin goth girl
Guess it be similar to me with Vaggie, bonding over makeup, clothing, etc
She laugh at a lot of my jokes, shaking her head and telling me how corny they are.
I'd play with her hair and lot cause omg it's so long and I bet it feels super soft
Also has to remind me to do a lot of basic shit which is again for the best
I ramble a lot and she probably wouldn't remember most of it but would happily pat my head while I talked about a lot of nonsense
I'd awkwardly follow her around during any events she bring me to unsure of what else to do.
She be interested in most of my writing though might not understand a lot of it but is supporting nonetheless. Might suggest a few ideas every once in awhile
Laughs whenever I blush, jokingly asking if I'm hot or have a fever to mess with me since she knows I'll blush more
Tumblr media
Someone way too good for me yet again (tjo ngl their all too good for me)
I think I have to get her to lighten up in most scenarios as she can be strict or stubborn at times. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
She likes some of my jokes but other time just rolls her eyes unable to believe I said something so corny
Both of us have trust issues due to past relationships so we take the relationship pretty slow
Genuinely likes some of my writing but also has some strong opinions. Granted she keeps most of those to herself and they are more of a 'agree to disagree' type thing
I think we both help each other with stress one of us having to get the other to calm down or making the other stop working
Both of us calling the other a hypocrite whenever we do.
Genuinely takes an interest in learning about her daughter and everything that's happened with her.
Alcina Dimitrescu
Tumblr media
This woman knows I'm disaster gay and takes full advantage of it
Picks me up no problem and carries me around which I have no issue with
Gives me playful bites which always makes me a flustered gay panicking mess
She genuinely likes my sense of style and gives me some useful makeup tips
Shes sighs at a lot of my antics but sometimes appreciates them as they can make a downer day actually a lot better
I also would probably get along with her daughters real well and she enjoy watch us all do things together
Watches me write with passing interest occasionally reminding me not to hunch over considering I already have back problems
Ngl I probably hide behind her half the time when it comes to confrontation cause I suck at it and I like to see her fuck people up like the badass she is
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rpdepartment · 20 days ago
Khonjin House sentence starter - part 1
30 starters || general nonsense || suggestive || TW: death
« can we get pizza? »
« that's not a real gun. »
« i'm a youtube celebrity! »
« just give us the pepperoni. »
« turn that fucking music off! »
« i've never been guilty before. »
« you guard the door. don't move. »
« you have yet to see my true form. »
« dear diary. i owned everyone ever. »
« i despise every fiber of your being. »
« didn't you hear what i fucking said?! »
« what a wonderful day to be the king. »
« i'm breaking up with you. get owned. »
« why have you forsaken us, kitty kitty?! »
« get the fuck outta here, you scumback! »
« i'm not involving myself with you. at all. »
« my wife and i have a beautiful marriage! »
« i think it's time to order a pepperoni pizza! »
« don't worry. i know how to disable bombs. »
« what a wonderful day to take a single step. »
« if we steal the pepperoni... no more pizza... »
« god have mercy on all of us. but mostly me. »
« welcome to the gay spaghetti cooking show! »
« neat! i've never burned down a house before! »
« i'm not looking for women! i'm looking for pizza!! »
« no... it can't be... you're dead! i killed you myself! »
« look, i had a rough day. i'm not looking for trouble. »
« i'm the supreme overlord of owning people to death. »
« what the fuck! you guys are fucking in my living room! »
« do i look like someone who knows what the hell that is? because i am. »
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