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#fuck it [cuts perfect circles out of your plant]
adobe-outdesign · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[8/13/20] Leafcutter Bee, Genus Megachile.
If you have a plant that looks like some maniac took a large hole punch to it, it’s because one of these guys is around.
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drachoesimp · a month ago
could you do one similar to your recent (where the reader guides draco), but reversed? where draco guides the reader through her first time?
warning: first time, vaginal fingering
draco x fem!reader
a/n: this is really similar to my other one called ‘first time advice’ but it’s fine, enjoy
draco was on top of me, leaving gentle kisses down my neck and collarbone. i felt my nerves rise with each movement. laying in front of a very intimidatingly attractive boy, with nothing but laced lingerie on.
the boys fingers itched down to my thighs, taking my hand and placing it on my clit. "move your fingers like this" he moved my fingers to rub at my swollen clit, and my breathing quickens.
"oh- merlin, it feels-" he smirks as i close my eyes. he bends my knee slightly so i have better access to my clit as i hit the perfect spot, bucking my hips up for his touch.
he moves my hand, rubbing me through the material of my panties and brushing it aside as his finger slowly entered me. his long finger moves in smoothy due to my slickness. i winced and dracos other hand rubbed soothing circles on my other thigh. his fingers pumped in and out of me slowly, and the pleasure arose as i grabbed his wrist, screwing my eyes shut. "fuck-"
he continues kissing my skin, one hand snaking up to squeeze my breast, and a twist of my nipple sends a shock through my body. he gives a few more thrusts of his fingers, before pulling out. "are you ready, my love?"
i nod, grabbing his shoulders and taking a deep breath as he aligns himself. the feeling of dracos pre-cum spreading across my opening makes me grab him tighter, and he slowly pushes into me. "there we go, you okay princess?"
my eyes shut tightly as i nod, gripping the sheets, "your doing so good for me" his hips roll in and out of me slowly, and i adjust to the feeling of intense fullness. a moan glides off my lips as his connect with my pulse, sucking and nibbling on my skin.
"fuck, you feel so good wrapped around my cock, baby" his hands find my hips and he holds them down.
"draco- i-" my sentence gets cut off as he rubs in a figure 8 motion on my clit, and i lean up to kiss his neck out of pure euphoria
"a-am i doing okay?" i shyly whisper in his ear, making his hips dig deeper into me
"your doing so perfect, so, so perfect" his thrusts become sloppier against me
"look at you, taking me so well" his eyes scrunch closed, as his head tilts back. the sweat forming on his forehead glistens, and his grip becomes tighter. i watch him carefully, unable to move my eyes from his entrancing form.
i grab ahold of his face with both my hands, landing a kiss on his soft lips as he flicks my nub between us. "im close-draco" i cooed into his ear, making him instantly fall apart as he presses harder into me. i feel his cum paint my wall as i release around his cock.
profanities spill out both of our mouths at the intense orgasm, as i lean into his shoulder, and he collapses on top of me. draco plants one last kiss on my forehead, as we look into each others shallow expressions, and breathe heavily, enveloping in one anothers warmth
message me requests
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satozai · a month ago
Hii bby!! Can i pls request a comfort oneshot for kirishima and bakugou ( I just love them so much 😭✋), their s/o is very insecure and they keep doubting themselves, this can be gender neutral :) sorry I just got body shamed by my family again 😀— then again, I’m totally okay if you don’t wanna do this request, I love you and your writing so much, thank you <3
## insecure s/o who doubts themself
pairing: eijirou kirishima ; katsuki bakugou x gn!reader
notes: comfort ; warnings — self-doubt, self-degradation
a/n: SUMIII ofc i would write this for you,, ilysm and i will literally stomp them because you’re so beautiful and talented and smart and loving <3 i'm sorry if you dont like it/for the grammar errors.
Tumblr media
his heart dropped when he found you, collapsed on the ground in front of the full-length mirror, sobbing as if that was your only purpose in life. the mirror was cracked, and you had your head in your hands. seeing you in that state sent him into panic mode, rushing over to you, without questioning anything, and just held you close.
"shh, i'm here," kirishima rested his chin on your head, which was laying against his chest, staining it with tears.
"s-sorry," you barely choked out the whisper, your tears suffocating the words. "i told you i wouldn't give in to the thoughts again, but when i looked in the mirror..."
pulling your face up, to look him in the eye, kirishima looked into your red eyes, seeing how broken you were in the moment. wiping away one of the tears as it fell, he planted a soft kiss on your nose. "there's nothing to apologize for."
"i'm just tired of not being enough eiji, i just-" you cut yourself off, another sob approaching, your voice breaking. he began to massage tiny circles on your arm, that led up to your neck, and then your cheeks. not losing eye contact, he held your face in his hands and began to rest his forehead against yours.
"y/n you are're more than enough. you're the most wonderful person i have met, and you changed my life. you're a blessing and more than i could ever ask for. in my eyes y/n, you are the definition of perfection."
this was the third time this week, bakugou had caught you like this. holding yourself, head leaned against the headboard of the bed. at this point you couldn't cry, you just felt so alone, even though you weren't. your mind just wouldn't let you be happy.
"what is this time?" he asked actually concerned, but it came out irritated, causing you to let out a small squeak of a sob. he made his way over to you, sitting on the edge of the bed. he wasn't exactly an expert on comforting someone, but he knew he needed to be close to you.
"why are you with me?" your soft innocent question, sounded so broken and dull. "there are so many fans, who fawn over you...they're why me?" your insecurities seeped out of you. this wasn't the first time you had told bakugou you weren't good enough, not just for him, but for anyone. you felt as if nobody was meant to truly love you.
"what kind of question is that, dumbass?" he mumbled as the question ended, but you learned to understand his mumbling, and the simple ‘dumbass’ made a slight smile appear, but it only lasted less than a second. “you gain nothing from being with me...i’m just worthless.”
bakugou was fidgeting around with his fingers, trying to think of something he could possibly say. he wasn’t good with words, or emotions in general. he pulled you over to him and propped you up on his lap, and turned your head to look him deep in the eyes, his own teary from seeing you in so much emotional pain.
“what kind of fucking thought process is that,” he began, as blunt as ever. “listen y/n, i know you’re hurting, and questioning everything..i’ve always told you i would help you through it, so i’ll try harder. you’re everything to me a-and i don’t know where i would be without came into my life, you were obnoxious, but i loved it. i still love it. i love you y/n, only you forever.”
Tumblr media
© SATOZAI — do not copy, claim, or repost my works as yours on tumblr, or any other platform.
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levijaegerist · a month ago
Promise You’ll Stay
(Erwin x Levi)
Warnings: sexual content, angst, like MAJOR angst, mentions of major character death (spoiler for season 3 part 2 episode 4 of attack on titan)
Credits: @LeviJaegerist
Word Count: 2.3K of angst and softness
these two fan art images are for a reference as to how i see these two in this fanfiction <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I listened to this song while writing this fic
Happiness was a strange phenomenon to Levi. It shone brightly in children’s eyes as they discovered the world around them for this first time. Much like how Erwin’s eyes were shining now. Those beautiful blue eyes sparkled with so much hope, curiosity and love that it hurt Levi’s heart to look at him. He cleared his throat and took another sip of tea. He couldn’t cry now. That would be a stupid thing to do.
“What are you thinking about?” Erwin asked, closing the book he’d been reading. He’d felt Levi’s eyes on him the entire evening.
Levi shook his head quickly. “Nothing, I was just thinking about how you haven’t shaved yet. Should I help you?”
Erwin ran a hand over his chin and sighed. “Might as well. it’s not like I can go to Shiganshina unshaved.”
Levi scoffed at that as he stood over the basin, filling it with warm water. “It would be a damn right shame, wouldn’t it?”
They fell into a comfortable silence after that. Levi cupped Erwin’s jaw gently as he ran the blade over his chin. The shaving cream smelt like Erwin. Lavender and alcohol. Clean and safe. Levi wondered if he would get to do this again. All these mundane tasks. If he would be able to live peacefully with Erwin after this was all over. Maybe they would find a home together outside the walls. Somewhere quiet. And a garden. Flowers even. Yes. They could plant lavender in the garden. Right outside their bedroom window…
Erwin noticed the slight smile Levi gave, lost in his own thoughts. He loved it when Levi got like this. Soft and gentle, with all his walls down. It was something he was blessed to see. He supposed he was the only one to see the Corporal so vulnerable.
Levi set down the razor and ran a wet cloth over Erwin’s skin. Before Levi could put the cloth back in the basin, Erwin stopped him. Levi gave him a confused look, those beautiful eyes of his searching his own.
“You’ve hurt yourself too, you know,” Erwin murmured, rinsing the cloth and taking it up to Levi’s brow. The cut was small, but it was an excuse to return the favour in some way.
“It’s not that bad, you know,” Levi mimicked him, earning a low laugh in return. Even so, Levi leaned into Erwin’s touch and sighed. It felt wonderful to be safe.
Erwin leaned forward and gently kissed Levi. The breath almost got knocked from him at how Levi’s own breath hitched. Levi’s lips were soft and oh so cautious in return.
Levi gently ran his hands through Erwin’s hair. Levi felt strange. He had done this so many times. He had loved this man for years, he knew every small trigger point this man had to offer, and yet tonight, he felt as if he would never see this man again.
“I love you,” Erwin murmured against Levi’s lips. “I don’t want you to forget that.”
A choked sob was the only response he got. Levi lunged forward and pressed himself so tightly against Erwin that he had no idea how to react. Levi didn’t want to let Erwin go, ever. He wanted them to stay in this room, in this bed for as long as they should wish to. He didn’t want to fight anymore. He wanted to love this man and this man alone. The world could forget about them for a while, couldn’t it?
“E-Erwin, please s-stay he-here,” Levi finally got out, his voice muffled and weak against Erwin’s chest.
“It’s alright…” Erwin felt his own tears fall down; his voice thick. “I’m not leaving you. Not tonight. It’s going to be alright.”
“Y-your arm, i-it’s not good,” Levi stuttered, his sobs catching in his throat. “H-how are you going to defend y-yourself? With th-that arm?”
“Levi, stop,” Erwin pulled Levi away from him and looked him in his eyes. “Levi, I am going to be fine.”
Levi hated himself for sounding like a child. When had he stooped low enough to beg Erwin to promise him anything? He shook with each breath he tried to take, ashamed of the panic he’d managed to get himself into. He had to calm down.
Erwin ran a thumb over Levi’s cheek to brush away his tears, and in a soft voice said, “I promise with as much love as I have to give you.”
Levi nodded and sniffed, looking down at his hands. After a few more deep breaths, he met Erwin’s eyes again.
“I love you,” Levi whispered.
“I know you do.”
Truthfully, Erwin had no idea what was in store for any of them in Shiganshina.  He knew it wouldn’t be an easy fight. He knew there were millions of things that could go wrong. If he sat down to calculate every single threat and solution now, he would surely drive himself mad. He would have to take another gamble with this journey, whether he liked it or not.
Levi wrapped his arms around Erwin and held him close. He left gentle kisses on Erwin’s jaw, savouring the small breaths Erwin offered.
“Levi,” Erwin stopped the man, his voice breathier than before, “I think we should maybe get away from the razors if possible. I would hate for us to hurt ourselves.”
Levi couldn’t help but laugh at that. “And yes, Commander, I wouldn’t want us spilling this water anywhere either.”
Erwin allowed Levi to push him onto the small bed behind them. The mattress was far from comfortable, but the sheets were soft, which Levi was eternally grateful for. He hated rough textures and it simply drove him insane.
Levi lay next to Erwin and continued leaving small kisses along his neck. He was slow with his actions. He wanted to remember this moment, etch it into his memory for good. He carefully unbuttoned Erwin’s shirt and kissed his collarbones. They were beautiful. Erwin was a strong man and his chest was toned, his skin golden and smooth as ever. Levi kissed a trail down Erwin’s chest and stopped at his belt to mouth at the scar there. Erwin couldn’t help but suck in a breath at that. He could feel Levi smile against his skin.
Erwin closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath as Levi made his way back up. Levi kissed the tip of his nose and ghosted his lips over Erwin’s again.
Erwin tilted his head up and kissed him impatiently.
“You are such a tease, Levi.”
Levi quirked an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that? You’re the one hard between my legs right now. If anything, you’re the teas- oh” Levi moaned and squeezed his eyes shut as he felt Erwin grind their crotches together.
“You’re going to be the death of me, Erwin Smith,” Levi said breathily, holding onto Erwin’s shoulders as they grinded against each other.
Levi felt his arms give in when a wave of pleasure went through him. Erwin groaned as Levi’s hips pressed fully against him. He wouldn’t last long like this.
“Levi, lay down for me, will you?” Erwin asked, gently brushing hair away from Levi’s eyes.
Levi gratefully fell onto the bed. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to truly feel Erwin on him. His lips against his cheek. His neck, his chest, his stomach. Everywhere.
“You’re beautiful, Levi.” Erwin softly stroked Levi’s cock and squeezed the tip, revelling in the high-pitched whimper Levi let out.
“Erwin, please,” Levi huffed, “Please.” He pulled at Erwin’s hair, desperately trying to get him where he needed him most.
The moment Erwin took him fully into his mouth, Levi blushed heavily at how loud he moaned. He wasn’t usually like this. A small part of him was terrified of someone passing by their door and finding them here. But he tried to keep that out of his mind. This moment was for him and Erwin. And them alone.
“Fuck, Erwin,” Levi whimpered, soft little gasps leaving that sinful mouth of his. “Erwin…” Erwin felt a warning hand on the back of his head. He took that as an encouragement to carry on.
Levi thrust up to meet Erwin’s mouth, lost in the feeling of Erwin’s hand kneading the flesh of his thigh to keep his hips firmly on the bed. Erwin felt the vein along the underside of Levi’s cock pulse. He knew he was close, and so he sucked harder.
“Wow,” was all Levi could gasp out as he came. Erwin groaned and moved his hand to Levi’s abdomen, feeling his muscles tense and relax at his release.
Levi let go of Erwin’s hair and helped him up, admiring how red Erwin’s lips were. When they kissed, Levi could taste himself on Erwin’s tongue. Their breath mingled together as they gasped into each other’s mouths. Hungry and desperate to feel as much of the other as possible. Levi could already feel himself hardening again.
“I need you inside of me,” Levi whined, clutching at Erwin’s shirt. “Now.”
 The warm drip of oil between Levi’s legs as Erwin entered him sent a tremor through his body.
“You’re killing me here,” Erwin said between kisses, watching Levi move above him.
Levi gave a smug smile and pushed down further onto Erwin, enjoying the burn the stretch gave him. Erwin thrusted up into Levi, causing the man to breathe harshly out his nose.
The circles Erwin drew on Levi’s left hip drove him mad and urged him to go faster.
Their sighs and moans filled the room for a few moments as Levi focused on Erwin. He looked down at Erwin with so much love, his eyes hooded with lust.
“Have I told you how beautiful you are, Erwin?” Levi placed both hands on Erwin’s chest as he continued. “You are perfect. And mine. All mine.”
He unbuttoned Erwin’s shirt fully and leaned down to suckle on one of his nipples.
“Levi…” Erwin panted a little and gave a harsh thrust up into Levi.
“Shit,” Levi released Erwin’s nipple and buried his face in his neck instead and he continued thrusting.
Levi stayed like that, breathing Erwin’s scent. He lost himself in the feeling of Erwin inside him. It was perfect. He was perfect. He couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for anyone better than Erwin.
Erwin’s moans turned into soft, well hidden grunts as he got closer to his release. Before Levi could process what was happening, Erwin had pulled him away from his neck and pressed their mouths together again in a bruising kiss.
“Ah,” Levi moaned as Erwin took his bottom lip between his teeth.
“Can you come for me again?” Erwin asked, out of breath.
Teeth, tongues and sweat was all Levi could remember. He clung to Erwin for dear life and lurched forward, fucked senseless in all ways possible. Everything that came from his mouth was an incoherent string of “Erwin” “I love you” “oh fuck, yes” “just like that” and multiple other curse words.
“Erwin,” Levi sobbed, reaching for Erwin’s hand and pinning it above his head, their fingers intertwined tightly.
Erwin came with a shout and Levi squeezed tightly around him, feeling his own release building up inside of him. His cock was aching and leaking onto Erwin’s stomach.
When Erwin made a move to try and let go of Levi’s hand, Levi held on tighter.
“Don’t,” Levi said.
Erwin looked up at Levi in that moment with such a heavy gaze of admiration that it caused Levi to completely black out. The pulsing of his orgasm flooded through him unexpectedly and the overwhelming nature of it caused him to feel lightheaded. Erwin sat up and held Levi as he trembled, eyes closed and ears filled with a low thrum as he came, riding Erwin frantically.
Only once he had calmed down, did he realise he had tears in his eyes.
“My angel…” Erwin whispered, hugging Levi close to him.
“My commander,” Levi whispered back, kissing Erwin’s shoulder.
They lay in each other’s arms against the headboard for a while, catching their breaths. Levi closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He would miss this. This comfort. This closeness. After so many years of war, he had only wished for more of these moments with Erwin, even if they were rare and fleeting.
“After this mission is over, we should run away, don’t you think?” Erwin spoke, his voice rumbling in his chest.
“Hm,” Levi hummed. “We should.”
Erwin squeezed Levi’s hip and kissed his cheek tenderly.
“No, Erwin,” Levi laughed and brought himself up to move Erwin’s hand away. “Have you forgotten that I’m ticklish?”
“Oh…” Erwin squeezed Levi’s hip again and smiled mischeviously, “Is that right? I must have forgotten.”
“Fuck you,” Levi pushed him away and made a move to get off of him. He grimaced at the feeling of Erwin’s come leaking out of him.
Erwin’s eyes went down to admire how sinful Levi looked and sighed.
“I think we should get cleaned up,” Levi said, trying to move away.
“Wait,” Erwin gently moved out from under Levi and went to the basin.
Levi lay down on the bed and closed his eyes, exhausted. The adrenaline had worn off and all that was left now was the exhaustion he’d tried to keep at bay. He heard the water running. It was a welcome sound. Erwin was humming to himself. Levi smiled a little. He loved it when Erwin hummed like that. It meant he was happy. Levi was honoured to be the man making him happy.
He jerked as he felt a warm cloth wipe over him.
“Shh, it’s alright,” Erwin told him, pressing a kiss to his hip, “You fell asleep.”
“Come here,” Levi reached out to Erwin, his eyes still closed, his eyebrows furrowed.
A few moments later, after he was clean, he felt Erwin lie down next to him again.
“I love you,” Erwin murmured into Levi’s ear, wrapping his arm around Levi tightly.
Levi turned around to press his forehead into Erwin’s chest.
“I love you too.”
As they fell asleep, bodies intertwined, Levi dreamed of their little house in the forest, with its lavender garden and silk sheets. One day. One day they would be free to do that.
Levi could only dream.
A/N: let me know what you think! This one hurt my soul 😭
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oasisfound · a month ago
Tumblr media
An Afternoon Haze Pg 3 Ch1 The sun was setting and darkness would soon be upon them. And still, he could see the wreckage behind him, too far to turn back, too close to be a decent distance. He closed his eyes, beginning to shake the uncertainty and guilt creeping in... “Come on now, we can't keep our eyes back there, we need to keep going- it was fun! No...don't say that. It still hurts too much” he shuddered and continued onwards. Dragging Ables makeshift sled as he pressed through the ever-deepening blizzard... he had been too afraid to check for a pulse in the last hour...two...three hours?...the sun was moving so swiftly perhaps it was just a few minutes. But his knees ached, now his head hurt...shut up shut couldn't save them “STOP” looking down at his browning petals, he noticed his motion had been slowed so severely to the frost; it had crawled under his jacket and began stabbing through his flesh.He observed the frost..exquisite designs, scorched into his skin...and he started marching on once again. The sun had reached Paradises opening and was casting beams of golden, once hopeful light throughout the snow, Elliot closed his eyes, biting his lip hard...he couldn't block out the memories...he had to relive it, he had to…So... This is how it happened. It was the day we were going to make a point. We were going to speak out against the religious massacre. We were going to bomb the lower storeroom where our parents maintained all the artifacts. It was one bomb one small bomb. Its radius was tiny it wasn't anything it would've barely wiped out the artifacts. We double, triple checked, it even had glitter in it, it was supposed to coat the lower cellar in glitter and ash. But something else transpired.Think…Think…What went on just hours ago… “This one's going to be big. We’ll show them those stupid artifacts are just hurting the people around them” “Elliot I think you’re taking out some pent-up aggression on old collectibles…” “NAH. anyhow it is going to be fabulous. It’ll coat the whole lower cellar in glitter” “oh yeah perfect then they’ll know exactly who did it.” “A bit late I already set it up…” “You- what? Without me.” “I told you my plan, you’ll have no part in it Able, you’ve gotta keep up the perfect child look” “Where’s no perfect child look” “Good good, keep it up, they’ll never suspect us” KNOCK “yEllOW?”  From beyond the closet door came the ear wracking ring of Lady Elizabeth’s voice. Elliots Fiance. “I’ve been out on the balcony all day waiting for you! You just left me standing there looking like a complete fool. You made me look stupid. You hurt me AGAIN. You’re the absolute worst possible Fiance I've ever had that’s lived this long and HONESTLY. I can’t wait for you to bite the dust after all you’ve put me through.”  “Can we maybe put her in the basement-” “No. go talk to her Elliot. You really need to get it together, you know how her father is, keep this up and you won't make it past the first hour.” “Might be the preferable option…” “well would you rather take the pledge of chastity-” “NOPE!” Elliot kicked the door out, spinning around and taking her hand gently “I’m terribly sorry to have left you there, again, on purpose” “At least I'm trying to make this work, you’re a child.” “A child shouldn't be married off~” “Oh, whatever. Just dance with me and look pretty. You’ll be dead by sunrise” “Oooh, fun, I'm sure I will be.” And we danced and danced...and, was actually nice...I should’ve been kinder to her...I should've seen it from her side, how horrible it to be treated with such distance before death. We danced for hours and I was bored sick. I made it clear too, I hurt her, and at the time I didn't care...we talked so much about wanting each other dead, but she didn't deserve it… The banquet. “I could probably eat all of this in one bite” “Yeah, and it would be disgusting.” “Aaaooooommmmn” “Oh wow look at that, I was right, you’re a pig” “You’re jusht jealoush “  Able couldn’t stand looking at me, heheh… But what was he looking, who. Taking a moment off himself he realized there was someone else in Ables vision, someone that caught his eye not just once but twice...and not in a good way. ...ah, an Ebonwood. Lady Elizabeth family, a father more likely...Able was watching him like a Hawke, probably covering my dumbass as always…Fast forward...who was in the gala, looking at creepy pictures of my uncle...someone id never really seen before, I didn't pay much attention then, but he feels so familiar...brown hair, dead eyes, pale skin, wheelchair...why do I know that? Ugh...whos next then... mom, dad…? “No no no, can’t do it, nope, they’re fine, they’re ok, they’ll catch up.” He started to shake again “This was supposed to help c-c’mon I get it I was an asshole, b-but I didn't cause this I didn’t I just lived I lived and others might've too so did Able, and all the ones with wings, that's like a lot of them, a lot of them lived, it wasn't me” His legs caved and he hit the snow. “N-no c’mon. C-c’mon they’ll be fine” He started to curl up “S-stop it body s-stop it, we need to keep g-going” He felt his eyes shut, flashes of his mother and father coming to the surface. “S-stop s-stop.” The sun was setting...and the frost creeping under his petals. “I can't make it on my own…” “I'm sorry…” his petals began to shift black, he felt the sludge creeping up his throat and down his eyes “Let go~” his petals flared into the sky, he was pulled up by his back and thrown onto his feet. A wave of black swept over the snow and an eye began to open on his forehead “FUCK. OFF.” Elliot punched the eye, sending himself backward, the eye squinted, and shut. “S-stay down.” he shivered, shutting his eyes, covered in freezing sweat, he squinted, looking into the distance...headlights...about six of them...scavengers. Elliot dragged himself to his feet, quivering as he raised a hand to the sky, a beam of light shooting up from the snow reflecting through the final of his shimmering gold petals, and creating a lance. Untying the cord from his waist he took a defensive stance...and headlights...tinted green...a gang without a doubt… He stood his ground, prepared to fight. And as they arrived, circling, blaring their horns, flashing their lights. His ears dropped, he winced but stood idea where they were, his shaking was evident, becoming more violent as they laughed, his petals changing darker once more, he felt the sludge crawling up his legs. A silhouette made sharper before him, a woman, advancing gradually, reaching a hand out “a Zephline all the way out here? So you must know what transpired” “SH-SHUT IT” he raised his spear, and she pushed it aside with ease, she pressed her hand to his forehead. A wave of green shooting out from him as she pulled forth a necklace of emeralds. Grabbing him by his collar she lifted him up, looking to Able. “get that one too” The dark shot up to him like fractures in ice pitch-black arteries filling his skin, petals falling and skin turning white. The eye opened and two thorn horns jet out from his skull “oh that was a mistake bitch.” They dug their sharpened talons into her chest ripping out a chunk of flesh, she dropped them, tumbling to her knees, he kicked her down turning to the men who already had pulled the emeralds from Able. “heheh...back. The fuck. Off.”  He charged, ripping into the first man, while the other stabbed him in the side twice or thrice, sending him down clawing and punching, a third being stepped forth and pressed his hand to his forehead. And the last thing they could Manage was a gargled, defeated laugh.   “The afterlife feels funny…” Elliot opened his eyes, sitting in a field of turquoise, on a mountaintop overlooking hills and seas… “there’s no way I made into the elysian fields.” he looked around with a rising grimace “there's no way Able didn't.” he rubbed his head closing his eyes “no...this isn't okay at all, but wherever I am I'm not ready to wake up yet…” he sat down “so...ill wait till I'm ready to wake up…” and there he sat, playing with grass and blossoms, gradually beginning to sense the dull aches drawing him nearer to awareness. “Did you hear that? I think he said something” “He's just breathing Plant boy, dead people don’t breathe so be glad he's at least doing that.”   The scavenger muttered, putting on tea in her warn down tiny shack of a house, everything compressed to two rooms and dawning two windows with a skylight. She sat by the old wood stove, watching Elliot with narrowed eyes, bandaged, surrounded by warm embers with blankets stacked up, a few poorly put together tubes attached him to a DIY iv. Bandages wrapped around his chest and arms “the frostbites pretty bad, if he doesn't pull through in the next week I'm pulling the plug.” “no, no-no. I’ll pay you” she raised an eyebrow “with what? You’re a nobody”  “you’re a mechanic right?”  “scaven-gggg you know what, yeah sure I'm a mechanic.”  “we’ll, I could help you out with your shop”  “pfff. What shop.”  “We could..make one?”  “I'm not making a shop to keep your brain-dead brother alive.” “then don't do it for him, do it because you want to! and ...also because I really need your help…” “fine~ but like I said. If it doesn't work in one week, he's out. And so are you” Able let out a relieved sigh, sinking back “This is doable”  “PFFT. hah. Sure.” She sat back, pouring tea into a can, and handing it to Able “calm before the storm I guess. Sip up” “no rest for the wicked…” “yeah whatever, so like, do we steam this vegetable or how do you hydrate it” “I could just stick his hand in some water and as long as he gets light he’ll be ok” “Your plants are so...weird. And kind of impressive, if I got cut and just needed some sunshine that’d be-but you plants are usually stuck up so nevermind~” “not all..” “said all.” “point taken, do you have any paper I could use? I have some ideas for your shop” “Already?” “my brother's life is on the line, I’ll be working at this until we get your shop up and flourishing.” “you don’t want to investigate how you got out there?” “what I don’t know can't hurt me, right now is what's important, and right now he’s losing time the less I work” “ok ok desperado.” she scoffed, handing him some paper and a charcoal pencil “thank you…” “uhuh.” she eyed him as he worked, sketching out blueprints and floor plans, signs and locations, he seemed to have a good idea on her inventory “I keep a keen eye out on everything...well...I feel like it's a habit anyways…” 
“is mind-reading also one?” Able bellowed out a deep, gentle laugh. “ I try not to do it too much” Her eyes widened “Ok ok not really, we can't read minds, I don’t think so anyway” “let’s hope not. For your sake.” Able moved Elliot's palm into a little dish of water, and opened a window over him, kissing his brow and heading outside to start demonstrating his ideas to the Scavenger, her back and front yard consisted of a junkyard that Able was determined to organize, build and prepare for selling spare parts and presenting his trash to treasures vehicle repair service.  Their distant voices brought a tiny smirk to Elliot's lips, sitting in this dull dark pain, listening to his brother work, so long as Able was in earshot, Elliot could count on him...and focus on this long patient recovery...hours of sitting, unable to even open his eyes. It was pure torture. But so long as he had Ables voice to guide him...He knew he could pull through on top.
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animesmutfest · a month ago
Tumblr media
Bokuto x reader
Pink Pussycat Pt.2
As he begins to carry you to the bedroom, his dick still inside you, you move your hips a bit while sucking at his soft skin on his neck. His heavy breathing making you even wilder. He kicks open the door and sits his phone on the nightstand next to the bed recording, he wanted to show you later. He then turns to the bed and sits pulling you into a deep kiss as you moan. You pull away from his mouth and push his torso onto the bed. He looks at you smirking a bit as his hands dig into your hips while pushing himself deeper inside you. You get on your feet with your hands planted on his chest and just start slamming down on his dick. He throws his head back into the plush bed while moaning your name and filthy praises. "Ohh fuck yes princess~ fuck fuck you feel so fucking good- ahh god!" You were practically feral on top of him. Your pussy gushing all over the place as your skin slapped against his. Sitting up you rub your clit with one hand and the other pinching your nipple. "Mm your so fucking big daddy~ ahh god I'm gunna cum again" you cry out. "Cum princess please cum all over my dick. I- wanna feel it" his moans are broken up when his eyes meet yours. Tears falling from your eyes as you desperately rub your sensitive clit for a faster relief. He moves your own hand and places his thumb on it instead. "Let me do it baby. Let me make you feel good" you nod and not shortly after he starts rubbing tiny circles on your pussy your legs begin to tremble.
You almost stop fucking him but a slap to your ass from bo keeps you going. "Dont you dare fucking stop baby... Fuck yes... Yeah like that pretty girl" your eyes roll to the back of you head as you scream his name. Your hips stuttering as you feel yourself come undone. Liquids spraying on his lower abdomen, thighs and dick.  His eye glowing with amazement as he watches. He removes his thumb from your throbbing clit and strokes your legs to calm you down a bit. Your eyes flicker and you return to your knees slowly grinding on him. He flips you over on your hands and knees and slams back inside you. Grunts flowing from his lips as he chased his climax but he wanted to do one more thing before he came. He puts his thumb in your drooling mouth collecting spit. Then as he fucks your throbbing cunt he presses his thumb into your tight ass. You flinch a bit but let out a long moan as he puts the entire thing inside you. He has never done anything like this to you so he was a bit nervous on how you would respond. But as he hears the lewd noises you made and seeing you move your ass against him more only made him more and more excited. He curled his finger inside you as his hips snapped against your ass. "Fuck! Fuck its too good~ m' gunna cum again!" You cry out as your pussy clenches around him. "If-ha fuck- if you keep squeezing me like that I'm not gunna last long princess" he groans through clenched teeth. You look back at him and your face was anything but innocent. Eyes dilated and full of lust, your hair a mess and curls falling on your face, drool and tears on your chin and mouth agape begging for him to fill you up. Your such a good for him so why wouldn't he do this simple thing for you right? The sight alone making his dick throb. He dug himself fingers into your hip while railing you mumbling and moans nonsense as he loses his mind inside you. Your arms reaches back as you cum again, your toes curling into the sheets and your nails leaving deep scratches on his arm. He pulls out his thumb and grabs your hair hard as your legs give out and you fall on the bed with your back still barely arched. The headboard almost breaking the wall behind it as it slams over and over again.
H e no longer had a rhythm in his thrusts, only thing he could do was fuck you hard and deep. He knew he was close, so close it hurts in fact. Slam after slam your body trembled. And with one final thrust he cums, its more violent than he expected making him grip on you even tighter without thinking. "Oh god oh fuck! Ah mmmph~" as he stilled inside you, without a second thought you let your body sink into the bed with him following. After you both calm down again he pulls from you and lays next to you. You finally pass out before you could reach for his dick again, your body still craving him. He cleans you up of course before bandaging up his arm that has a deep cut on it from you. He remembers the video and  stopped it. Climbing into bed and wrapping his arms around you after a night like that was perfect and in no time he was sleeping. The next do you woke up like you always have but you were in so much pain. Your body ached and you had bruising on you hips. Bo heard you whimpering and jumped up to see what was wrong. "What's wrong baby? Are you hurt?!" He asks panicked. "My body hurts so bad... wtf happened last night??" You ask with tears eyes. He quickly grabs his phone while explaining what happened in the kitchen. "I only recorded it because you were acting out of character" he says with a guilty expression before pressing play. You watch with wide eyes  and the more the video plays the wetter you become. You could never admit it to Bo but seeing all the things you guys did last night compared to your pretty vanilla love life was such a turn on. He looked like an animal and you just taking it. No matter how much pain you were in right now, you secretly wanted him to fuck you again. And from the tent in his boxers it looks like he was just as turned on. You press your thighs together and let out a low moan catching his attention. "Babe?" He asks looking at your blushing face. "Again..." you mumble. "Huh?" "L-lets do it again... ple-" you feel his lips clash with yours. "Ill be gentle... i promise" he says panting. "No. I want it just like that" you say pointing to the screen. It didn't take long for you to regret that statement.
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not-safeforsanders · a month ago
Tell me how you want me
Ship: Royality 
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1747
Plot: Someone asked for trans!Roman and another person asked for soft dom Patton w/ dirty talk and this is the product of these. 
Roman met Patton a year ago, they’d flirted and befriended one another in a very slowly escalating relationship that inevitably ended up with them tangled up in Patton’s bed. He’d surprised Roman then, for many reasons, but the first and foremost one is that Patton is very shy, right up until he’s not. 
Roman could not have imagined the same man that blushed from an offhand comment on how his jeans look on his body, would be the same one to sweetly call him ‘baby’ with his hands gripping his wrists underneath his body. Sometimes Roman gets whiplash from the two sides of his boyfriend. 
Today, for example, they’d gone on a date and it was lovely. They went to see a movie and Patton curled up to Roman, resting his head on his shoulder and quietly commenting under his breath. His little commentary makes the film all the more enjoyable, and Roman has to bite his own lip at intervals to hold back a laugh. Then they’d taken a walk through the market, Roman bought Patton a little plant that would definitely get bigger. He’s the sort of person who doesn’t like flower bouquets, because it makes him sad when they die. Roman was not that sort of person until he saw Patton’s face fall at cut and uprooted flowers. 
After they’d gotten back in, Patton was still giggling from a joke, his cheeks flushed as he bounces a little in his step, the door falling shut behind them both. Roman had told him he looked pretty, and he blushed in response. He’s just the sort of person who is easy to fluster with kindness and flirtation. Except, he doesn’t really stay that way. 
Later that evening, Roman is stretching out on the bed, the hem of his shirt riding up his stomach as the long day rolls off of his aching muscles. Patton hums at the sight, placing his bottle of water down on the bedside cabinet to crawl onto the bed. “Did you have a nice day darling?” He asks sweetly, pressing a soft kiss to his boyfriend’s exposed shoulder, the shirt sliding off him a little. His hand comes to rest on Roman’s lower stomach, fingertips tracing his skin. 
“I did,” Roman smiles warmly, tilting his head to the side to press a gentle kiss to his boyfriend’s forehead. “I hope you like your new plant,” he feels the other man nod, distracted tracing circles just below Roman’s navel. “The film was nice, I like happy endings but I think if I have…” Patton’s hand slips under the waistband of his boxers wordlessly and his breath catches in his throat.
“Hm?” Patton utters innocently, his nails running lightly from the top of one of Roman’s thighs to the other. “Something the matter?” Roman clears his throat, shaking his head. “Then don’t stop talking.” 
“I think if I have t-to watch one more straight couple settle for someone who is really not a good match for th-them…” his breath hitches in his throat as Patton’s fingers run over his small cock, down to his entrance “ I’m going to lose it.” He exhales shakily as the other man presses his fingers slowly into him, his own thighs spreading automatically as he bends his knees to shift his hips. 
“What would your ideal movie be?” Patton asks nonchalantly, his fingers pressing inside the other man in a slow rhythm. Roman squirms, his mind drawing a blank on a topic that at any other moment he’d be able to talk for hours on. “Hm?” 
“I...fuck,” Roman exhales shakily, his cheeks flushed as he rocks his hips into the fingers fucking in and out of him. “Pat…” he whines softly, burying his face in his hands. He feels the grin against his skin. “I..I don’t know, ah, y-you cannot expect me to have an answer right n-now.” Patton leans up to press a soft kiss to his cheek, nuzzling against his hands to remove them from Roman’s flustered face. “I’m sorry, am I distracting you?” His tone is teasing and playful “...Would you like me to stop so you can think a little better, baby?” His hand stills and Roman whines softly, his eyes fluttering shut as his hand coming down to grip his boyfriend's forearm tightly. 
"Pat, please," he whispers.
"Tell me what you want, darling." Roman shivers under the commanding tone, his cheeks flushed as he tries to force the words out. Patton loves to watch him squirm, his smile wrapped in the enjoyment of watching his lover struggle to formulate words. 
"I want you to fuck me," Roman blurts out, biting his own lip like Patton has ever denied him or ever will. "Please, I need you to fuck me," he spreads his thighs a little, but doesn't dare rock into the touch. Patton smiles warmly, leaning down to kiss him as he presses his fingers deep and hard into Roman. The other man whimpers against his lips. 
"That wasn't so hard now was it, baby?" Roman exhales shakily as Patton's hand slides out of him, his hands instead tugging his shorts down his legs to be discarded to the floor, then Patton's own. Their lips meet again, Patton's body over his own as his hand grips the back of his thigh and pushes it up towards his chest, grinding his cock against Roman's wet cunt. Roman moans gently, his eyes falling shut as he grinds up against him, his hands gripping Patton's shirt as hard as he can, submitting himself to his lover's will. "There's a good little prince, look at you, you're so cute baby, you know that?" Roman makes a soft noise in the back of his throat. Patton's hand leaves his thigh to guide his cock into him, pushing in with a quick, smooth movement. Roman moans, his thighs tensing as he takes a deep breath in, eyes falling shut once more. Patton's hand returns to the back of his thigh, easing out and pushing in again, the sound of skin on skin filling the room. "So pretty, so beautiful," Patton mutters, leaning down to kiss Roman again, stealing his breath as Roman's hands come up to cup his cheeks in his own, fingertips trembling against his skin. 
Patton presses into him again, and again, causing an arch to Roman's spine as his head presses into the pillow, hips grinding with the thrusts. "Everytime I see you," Patton mutters, somehow keeping his composure "...I think about doing this, sometimes when we're outside, I just think about sliding my hand into your jeans, or up your skirt, and fingering you there and then." Roman inhales sharply, a weak whimper passing him. "I think about this more than I think of anything else, because I know you want it, you always want it, don't you darling?" Roman nods quickly. "Sorry, I can't hear you, baby, what was that?" 
"Yes, I do, I always think about it, think about you," his words are breathless, strained. 
"Today, whilst we were in the cinema, I thought about how easy it would be to slide your skirt up and touch you right there and then," Roman shivers, his breath ghosting Patton's lips as the heat in his tone falls through his body. The idea of sitting in the back of that cinema with Patton quietly uttering that he keeps quiet, pressing his fingers inside of him, making him squirm, makes him feel so hot. "Would you have liked that? Desperately trying to keep your mouth shut as you cum at the back of a room full of people?" Roman whimpers. "Use your words baby boy." 
"Yes sir," he manages out, one hand gripping Patton's shirt as their hips meet even harder. Roman is practically shaking beneath him, his face screwed up in concentration as each breath shakes his body, gasping for air. "Fuck, Pat, please." His other hand slides to the back of his boyfriend's neck, nails digging in. 
"Are you going to cum for me darling? Already?" Roman whimpers, biting his own lip so hard he can feel the dents his teeth leave behind. Patton moves a hand down to rub Roman's small cock in time with the thrusts, and the other man crumbles beneath him, his back arching ever so slightly as he feels himself leak around Patton's cock. The thrusts slow, before he eases out, letting his boyfriend catch his breath as he leans up to stroke himself. 
"You never fail to astound me," Roman whispers once he's finally caught his breath. "One second you're all shy and soft, next I'm calling you sir." Patton grins, a slight flush to his cheeks as his shoulders shrug. "Did you really think about it? In the cinema?" 
"At any given moment…" Patton mutters, leaning back over to kiss Roman sweetly "...I am thinking about fucking you." Roman exhales shakily, his hand coming down to take over Patton's movement, stroking him quickly. "I mean you look so perfect all the time, such a beautiful, pretty boy, what else is there to think about? Nothing in life could ever measure up to how you look right now, all flushed and pretty and tired out." Roman leans up to kiss him, because he's not sure how he can handle any more of Patton's sweet, yet lustful words. The other man moans softly, shifting his hips into Roman's hand with his movements. He leans up a little, breath still ghosting Roman's lips as he concentrates, eyes falling shut. 
He's quieter than Roman, but he bites his lip on reflex as he cums, hips jerking into the grip around him, marking Roman's flushed skin. Roman loves that sensation more than he should, the warm liquid splattering against his stomach and staining his shirt. He likes anything that makes him feel like he belongs to Patton, because he does, not in a controlling sort of way, but in the sense that his heart and body is shared. He likes that, he enjoys it. Patton enjoys it too, leaning up to admire the mess he's made of Roman with a small grin. "Don't look too pleased with yourself," Roman mutters. 
"How can I resist?" Patton replies, a shimmer to his eye. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." Roman doesn't really want to do more than sleep, but takes Patton's hand anyway. Because he always does as he's told.
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bakugosbigtoe · a month ago
Wowowow this month has been crazy.
Here’s a piece for the BNHA March collab. This months topic was a Sex Worker AU, and I actually had a lot of fun writing this!! It’s the first thing I’ve actually finished in a long time. So I hope everyone enjoys!!!
Himiko Toga as a sex worker
Content Warnings! Nsfw, hints of dark nsfw, degradation, knife kink, blood kink, death, murder, talk of sex work
Word Count: 3,190
It was a cold winter night, as Himiko Toga walked the lonely streets of Musutafu. Her hair was down instead of in her normal messy space buns, and instead of her classic button down shirt and skirt, she wore a long overcoat that covered the black and red lingerie set she had on. She had dabbled in the trade of sex work a few times, but it didn't sit right with her.
Until now.
Now she had a reason to do what she was doing.
And that reason was for you.
By now you and Toga had become good enough friends to know what her side job was, even though Toga had promised to never tell a soul. She was scared to tell you at first, since being a sex worker was frowned upon, but of course. You were supportive, you always were. And Toga loved that about you.
The blonde woman stood outside of the hotel your husband agreed to meet her at. She assumed he made another bullshit excuse as to why he wasn't coming home to you, but she also lied about her whereabouts tonight. Toga pulled her coat tightly against her body, mostly to try and comfort herself, rather than for the fact she was cold. She didn't want to have to be the one to break the news to you about your husband's antics. But.. she also didn't want to see you sad anymore.
She would've done anything for you. Whether it was showing up to your place of work with your favorite breakfast and coffee on mornings you were running late. Or coming over and spending the nights when your husband didn't come home.
And for the past week she had been living at your house and your husband? He was nowhere to be found.
Until the night the two of you hatched this plan. Toga was swiping through Tinder when she stumbled across your husband. So of course she showed you his profile, it broke you. Toga held you while you cried, reassuring you everything would be okay. Once you had calmed down enough to form a sentence you asked her to prove he was cheating on you. You needed proof, because you still didn't believe it.
And when he took the bait all too easily, Toga was furious. How could someone cheat on you like that? You were perfect! She never would have admitted it out loud but she may have had a small crush on you.
That was a lie.
It was more than a crush and Toga knew that. She had been in love with you since the moment she met you. But you were married to a cheater nonetheless.
So Toga told you she would take care of it for you, and that's exactly what she planned to do. By any means necessary.
Around midnight, your husband's car finally pulled into the hotel parking lot. He had made a reservation at your favorite hotel, which Toga thought was just cruel. So instead of waiting outside for him any longer she walked inside. She pulled her bane mask over her face so he wouldn't recognize her by the reflection in the crystal clear glass.
While speaking to the nice woman behind the counter, Toga felt two hands on her waist and a kiss was planted on the top of her head.
“Sorry, I took so long parking the car babe.” The familiar rough voice sent a shiver down Togas spine. She didn't want to be in this situation, but she needed to do it for you.
Toga smiled up at him behind her mask, and spoke softly. “Dont worry about it.”
His smile faltered when he heard Togas voice, but he didn't make any notion suggesting he knew who she was. And for that she was thankful. Once Toga was given the room keys she tried swallowing the lump in her throat, the situation had just become surreal. She turned on her heel and started walking up the staircase to their room on one of the top floors.
Sure enough, your husband had chosen the room you two spent your last ‘staycation’. Toga remembered you flooding her snapchat with the fact there was a balcony, floor to ceiling windows and a large tub that both you and your husband fit in together. Togas stomach flipped as she watched him unlock the door for her, holding it open for her. He was trying to seem like such a gentleman, but that only made Toga more angry.
Once he let the door close behind them, he took his shirt off and hung it on one of the hooks before turning his attention to Toga. He waited until she made eye contact before he pulled off the wedding band he had supposedly been wearing for the past five years. But seeing how easily it came off, Toga was now convinced this hobby wasn't just something that he had recently picked up.
The blonde let her bag slip off her shoulder onto the floor with a clunk as she turned to set up the camera you insisted on making her bring. You needed to see what was happening, so you could move on. Which.. Toga knew that, but she never wanted to see you hurt in any type of way. She also knew that this could probably kill you. It was obvious looking at your husband that you were head over heels for him. And he couldn't even bother to be faithful. That sent a wave of rage through Toga’s body.
Fueling the anger that was already inside of her.
“What are you waiting for?” Your husband asked as he started unbuttoning his shirt, a shirt you had bought him. “I want to see that pretty face underneath that mask.” He stepped towards Toga placing both his hands on her shoulders, and slowly rubbed them before lightly squeezing her upper arms. “If you wanted to keep it on, you should’ve said that when we set this up” He squeezed her arms painfully tight.
Only no matter hard he squeezed, Toga never made a sound. Instead she looked into the camera that had started to record the encounter she and your husband were about to have.
Toga turned around to face him and pulled him towards the bed before taking off her mask, “All you had to do was ask, no need to get rough. That costs extra.” She ran her hand down your husband's chest as he cupped her cheek, running his rough finger over her bottom lip as she spoke.
“Mm, how much extra?” He asked lowly, while running his hand through her long blonde locks.
Toga’s eyes widened at his question but answered confidently. “It depends on what you want to do. We never did discuss limits or what you would like to do with your time here.”
“Well” His hands left Togas body as he slowly circled her. “First off, you will only address me as sir from here on out. Secondly, I will call you.. y/n.” He waited to see Togas reaction as he stated your name.
“Y/n?” Toga choked out. He wanted to call her your name. Your name? “It’s lovely, is she someone close to you?”
“You could say that, I guess.” He brushed Togas hair out of her face and brought her mouth up to kiss him. The kiss was awkward and down right gross.
But because she needed the proof, Toga kissed him back. She unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way, while dragging her nails down his chest. His hands went to the tie on her overcoat and undid it swiftly before pulling back to admire her body.
His hands roamed hungerly down her body, roughly grabbing her breasts through the lingerie set. “What are your limits, y/n?”
Your husband's eyes stared into Togas, with nothing but anger and hatred. “I don’t have any, sir.”
“None whatsoever?” He asked as he kissed down Toga’s jaw, before roughly grabbing her throat, cutting off her airway. He let out a soft growl in her ear and chuckled, “Then get on your knees.”
She hesitated for a moment, and he must have seen that. Because instead of letting Toga kneel on her own, he forced her to the ground so now she was eye level with the tent in his pants. He grabbed a handful of her hair and made her look up at him.
He was getting off on her distress. She was sure now, you had no idea this side of him existed. The cruel man who hired sex workers, and called them by your name, and doing the things to them you never would allow him to do you.
The man in front of Toga reached down to his waistband and unbuckled his belt then hissed through a clenched jaw, “What are you waiting for? I'm the one paying you.”
Toga swallowed her own pride for a moment and unbuttoned the man's pants, letting them drop to his knees as he slid his boxers down as well. She was rather surprised by the size of him, and now understood why you were hardly able to walk after one of your date nights. Your husband seemed well aware of how endowed he actually was and watched Toga intently. She sighed softly and gripped the base of his cock. She slowly licked over his tip, ridding it of the pre-cum that seemed to coat the entire head.
A moan was heard from the man as Toga went further down on his cock. Hearing him moan sent a shiver through her body, so she swirled her tongue around him as her hand pumped up and down his shaft. He was already practically hitting the back of her throat and he wasn't even halfway in her mouth. At this point she was grateful she didn't have a gag reflex and forced his cock down her throat.
His hand went into her hair, pulling her further into him. “Fuck, y/n~”
Toga inhaled his musky scent and pulled back for a moment, letting the trail of her saliva string from his cock to her puffy lips. She stroked his cock quickly, earning breathy moans with every pump of her hand. Without warning his hand in her hair pulled her forward until her lips pressed up against his tip again.
“Open your fucking mouth,” He growled as Toga stopped her motions and braced herself against his thighs. Once she did as she was told, the man grabbed her by jaw, pulled her to her feet and then spit into her mouth, “What a fucking slut. Get on the bed.”
At this rate, it would be a miracle if Toga didn't leave the hotel room without bruises on her jaw. She thought back to you, wondering if he ever marked you like that.
Toga pushed that thought to the back of her mind as she climbed onto the bed. As she went to turn back to face him, the man came up behind her and grabbed her hips. Turning Toga onto her back, he- quite literally- ripped the lingerie set off of her, tossing the torn lace to the side.
His hands roughly groped her body as he made his way down to her throbbing cunt. He brushed a finger up and down her slit before slowly inserting his index finger. The man may have been rough with her until now, but it seemed he at least wanted her to have a good time. When the first moan left Togas mouth, she swore under her breath. She hated that his hands on her body felt good, and that he kept calling out your name.
A second finger was inserted as Toga’s body responded to his movements. Right as he gained a consistent pattern, he stopped. She looked down at him, wondering why, and the second she made eye contact with her. He twisted his fingers inside of her, sending a sharp pain through Togas abdomen.
“I didn’t say you could look at me. Did I y/n?”
Toga shook her head and laid back down on the bed, the pain lingered inside of her. “No, sir.”
He clicked his tongue and stood up. Forcing Toga onto her stomach. The man brought her to the edge of the bed and pressed the tip of his cock against her entrance. And with no warning he inserted himself inside of her.
Toga clenched the bedsheets into her hands as she tried to stay quiet as he soon bottomed out inside of her. He moaned with every little move he made, until he gripped her hips tightly and started thrusting. He didn’t start out slow either. He slammed himself inside of her repeatedly, only seeming to use her to do the job. And somehow fill the role that- you- his wife hadnt fulfilled.
The blonde girl moaned into the sheets as he railed into as if he was trying to obliterate her organs. Soon after what only seemed like a few minutes he reached up and grabbed a handful of Togas hair. On top of pulling out of her. He practically picked up the much smaller girl and made her knee in front of him. His fingertips dug into her jaw and his other hand stroked his cock until the hot white, sticky threads of cum was released into Togas open mouth.
The second the first drop hit her tongue she tried not to gag, but it was useless. When he saw her gag as taste of his seed, he let go of her jaw and slapped her. The force was enough to knock her into the bedframe behind her.
The sound of the slap echoed through the now all too quiet room as Toga sat back up. Before she could actually process what happened, the man grabbed her arm once again and jerked her to her feet.
“What the hell was that?” Your husband squeezed Togas arm tightly as she tried pulling away from him. When she looked up at him she saw the anger and the hatred in his eyes as he slowly became more violent.
So now the situation had flipped to where instead of rough kinky sex- it was life it death. He was going to kill her if she wasn’t careful.
Toga managed to get one of her arms free of his grasp and slapped him in the face. She managed to slip her other arm from his grasp in that one split second of shock. Running across her room to the bag she had brought with her, Toga rummaged through it until she found a small letter opener.
While twisting the small knife in her hand, she looked at the camera that was still filming and mouthed, ‘I’m sorry.’
Your husband came up from behind Toga and wrapped his hand around her neck, while placing something cold and thin on the girls spine.
“You have spunk.” The man brought his hand around her to place the small pocket knife against the base of her neck. “I don’t like that, y/n. You’re supposed to listen.”
He dragged the blade across her skin slowly before ripping it away. Leaving a small shallow cut in her skin.
Togas eyes widened as she saw the blood dripping down her arm from the cut on her shoulder. He.. really was going to kill her.
She turned around and looked up at him. Keeping the letter opener behind her arm so she had at least one means of self defense. Even if it didn’t seem like much.
“I’m sorry, sir. I won’t do it again~” Her goal right now was to try and sound convincing. Despite the panic in her chest.
He reached up to touch Togas face with the pocket knife, dragging the flat part of the blade down her cheekbones. He flipped the blade so the sharp end was cutting into her soft skin, not quite hard enough to make her bleed.
Chills went up her spine as she subconsciously moved against his touch. She had always had a thing for knives and blood.
“Oh? You like that, y/n? The blade cutting into your skin? Who knew you were such a dirty little slut~” Your husband teased and pressed the knife into the artery on the side of Togas neck. “If you act up one more time, Himiko, then you’ll never see my wife again.”
Togas heart dropped into her stomach, he knew who she was, and he probably had known the whole time. Now she really was in danger.
“Not because I’m going to kill you, no no no. That,” He folded the knife and put it back into his pocket. “That would be too easy.” He tugged on her long blonde hair so she was looking up at him once again. “I’ll kill her instead, but not after telling you what you do for a living.”
A wave of anger ran through Toga's body as she listened to what he would do to you. Before she knew it something inside of her flipped and she pressed the sharp end of the letter opener into his neck.
“You think she doesn’t know?” Toga laughed, and not the cute laugh from before. This one had a sort of manic presence to it. “Y/n was the first person I told, because we have a mutual respect for each other.”
“She respects me for what I do, and I respect her for staying with a dirty cheater like you.” Toga pulled her arm back and jabbed the letter opener into the artery on the side of your husband's neck. His blood was pouring out of the small wound onto the carpet of the hotel room.
Toga reached into his pocket and pulled out the pocket knife before opening it, pressing the tip of the knife into his sternum. “If you haven’t realized I, unlike you, love your wife. So~ I’m going to leave you here, to hopefully bleed out before someone finds you.”
She stood up and grabbed her overcoat, putting it back on before walking back over to your husband's body. He had managed to pull the letter opener out, so now his blood was steadily coating the floor.
The girl grabbed a small glass vial from her bag and filled it with your husband's blood. Taking it to the small box of vials that she kept tucked away into her bag. Another cheater down and another wife to comfort..
Before she went to leave the room, she walked back over to his belongings and took his wedding ring. She could at least return this to you. Regardless of her hatred for your husband she wanted you to be happy.
She pulled the bane mask over her face and pulled her bag over her shoulder as she left the hotel quietly, completely unbothered by the fact she had just killed a man.
She waited on the edge of the sidewalk for a cab, giving them your address once she sat down inside.
She couldn’t wait to see you.
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bichellejones · a month ago
circle of inveiglers {t.h.}
note: wow me writing a full tom fic?? og fans now this is a TRUE feat! this is definitely heavily inspired by “the way i loved you” by taylor swift; i’m not a swiftie ok her story telling is just really good oh!!! i forgot this is frat! tom :D
warning: alcohol consumptions and mentions, cheating (kinda?), toxic relationship, allusions to sex but v lightly, swearing like the most swearing ive ever written in a fic ever (listen. tom swearing in cherry every other line awoke something in me), angst theres fluff in the middle and beginning but its mainly angst (if i forgot anything pls dont hesitate to let me know!)
wc: 5.5k 
summary: tom and you broke up and agreed to be friends. but now that you’re dating someone new, he doesn’t quite like that. 
“You know, I used to have a personal vendetta against this movie,” you said, snuggling up against Riley. 
They looked at you inquisitively, eyebrow raised. “You had beef with Ratatouille?” 
Their phrasing made you laugh out loud. “That's impossible because ratatouille is vegetarian. No but, really! I had a love hate relationship with this movie.”
With a smile, “why?” 
“Because everytime I watched it, I would get hungry!” Currently, Remy and Emile were arguing over food, and your stomach made a noise in response to back up your argument.
“Well then, here.” They raised their spoon, shoveling some ice cream, and hovered it, signaling for you. Expectantly, you opened your mouth with a giggle but before anything could even reach your lips, they ran the ice cream all over your nose. 
You scrunched your face at the cold contact. “Hey!” 
Riley said,“oops,” grinning. You lunged forward to rub the sticky chocolate over their face. With your hands on each of their cheeks, you held on tight to minimize their squirming away from you. 
“No sex on the couch!” Your roommate Drew yelled, announcing a return from the party. Your other roommate Alice kicked off her shoes to the floor with a thud, while Drew shut the door behind them.
“Fuck off,” you scoffed at him, but settled back. You began wiping what was left on your nose with the palm of your hand and Riley held out a napkin for you. “Thank you,” you smiled at them.
“Wait, what time is it?” Riley asked. 
“Around 1:30.” 
Riley pulled themself off the couch. “I should prolly go.” 
“What?” You were surprised, grabbing onto their arm to get them to change their mind. 
Alice said, “no, stay!
“Yeah, we don’t bite.” Drew winked. 
They turned towards you. “You have work tomorrow. And you,” to Drew, “you can’t trick me into a haircut that easily.” 
Drew pouted. “Just a little trim?”
They shrugged,“sorry.” Riley leaned down and planted a kiss on the lips. “Bye Y/N.” They grabbed their shoulder bag and Alice opened the door to usher them out.
“I like them.” Alice said once Riley was gone.
You grinned, “yeah, me too. Short party.” 
Drew shrugged, walking to the kitchen.”Yeah, we missed you is all.” 
You rolled your eyes, pushing yourself up off the couch to clean up. “Shut up.”
“Okay you’re right but you know who did miss you?” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Tom.” 
Placing the bowls in the sink to get washed, you scoffed in disbelief. “What?”
Alice walked up to the counter. “Yeah! He asked about you.”
You gave her a look. “Oh did he? What’d you say?” 
“Does he know about Riley?” Drew asked.
You hesitated. “Riley isn't a secret.” 
“So he knows.” 
The two of you had a silent staredown. You were half trying to understand his reaction through intense eye contact and half waiting for the other to expose themselves first. You repeated yourself slowly. “What did you say when he asked about me?” 
Drew bit his lip. Alice cut in, chewing on some chips. “I told him you had a study date with Riley.” 
You bit your top lip trying to hold in your laugh. Your stomach definitely sank to your stomach but the entire chain of events still humored you in a way. It was just your luck for things to turn out like this, especially tonight.
“Alice!” Drew’s jaw dropped.
“What? Was I not supposed to?” Her eyes grew wide with fear. 
You shut off the water and walked over to the towel to dry your hands. Avoiding eye contact, “What’d he do after that?”
“Um, well. He choked on his drink a bit and then excused himself.” 
Under your laugh, you said an “oh my god.” 
      ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
It was only a matter of time before Tom ambushed you with his newfound information. You just weren’t expecting it to happen right after exiting the bathroom. After opening the door, you looked at him in unrelenting shock. “Tom.” 
“Hey.” He was dressed in your favorite outfit of his - dark red flannel paired with a white t-shirt. It was so simple but there was something about it that brought you to life. And Tom knew that. “So listen. I’m really struggling with this one class, I think the teacher has it out for me, to be honest, and I was hoping-” 
You rolled your eyes. “Cut the bullshit, Tom. Say what you wanna say.” 
He looked at your face for a minute, reading your reaction. Then he squinted his face and said, “really? Riley McPherson?” Shaking your head, you repositioned your books in your arms and walked away from him. You couldn’t believe him. Except you could. You couldn’t believe that you couldn’t believe him. He followed you, matching your pace. “I mean, come on Y/N. I know you were upset with me because of … whatever, but … Riley?” 
“What? You think this is about you? Typical Thomas fucking Holland. Everything, especially poor Y/N’s world, revolves all around you.” Gripping your books tighter, you walked faster. It wasn’t going to shrug him off but it might stop you from punching him in his perfect chiseled face. 
“It has to be! It’s the only logical explanation for this. They’re so… blegh. They’re in improv for heaven’s sake.” 
“You can’t be serious right now.”
“You liked our school’s improv team! You’re the one who suggested we go. Or do you not remember that?” 
For the first time, he looked offended. “Of course I remember that. I was there.”
“You even said that you would like to be on their team.” The left side of your lip tugged upwards a little. 
Tom grabbed onto your arm, stopping you and forcing you to stand directly in front of him. He wanted you to look at him but your eyes were stuck on his hand. “Hey. If you’re gonna start spreading lies about me, can you do it much quieter? Silent, even.” You let out a laugh and your eyes landed on his, softening a bit. His voice was softer this time when he spoke again. “It’s just me and you, Y/N. You can tell me.” 
Rolling your eyes with a sigh, “why do you always get like this?” 
He grinned. “What do you mean?” 
“We were having so much fun as friends, weren’t we? I liked grabbing lunch with you and sometimes helping each other with our homework and going to different parks, guessing what each kid was going to grow up to be. There was no…” your hands shook a bit as you made a gesture with them. “It was just us, existing, with each other. But you just had to go and do your thing.” 
You weren’t exactly sure when but Tom’s face had definitely fallen while you were talking. Not that it had mattered, because he got it back just as quickly. He shook his head, gleamed, and took a step closer towards you. “You miss this.” He gestured his finger between the two of you. 
Tom had one move left before he could seal the deal. He could lightly exhale, which would be him gently blowing onto your face. There was no way to explain it, but it would simply cast you in such a trance. You saw his chest move up just the slightest and you knew you had to move. 
You stepped back on your heel away from him. “No. No, no. Riley’s good and I’m with them now. And we’re good, so.” Pivoting away from him, you walked towards the direction of the library. 
“Fine,” he called out after you. “At least come to my party this weekend. The boys miss you.” If you were going to roll your eyes one more time, they would set the record as the first ones stuck in an eye roll. Then he added, “Bring Riley.” 
      ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
“You’re not going, right?” Drew sat across from you on the couch, while Alice was on the floor at your feet. 
You puffed your cheeks out, blowing air. “Riley wants to.” 
“You told Riley?” Drew looked up from his computer. 
“About the party that Tom told me to bring them to? Yeah.” 
“Everything?” Alice asked. 
Nodding, “They know we’re friends. And that we used to…” you trailed off, unsure how to complete the sentence. There was no singular word to quantify the relationship you and Tom had. 
“Make each other crazy,” Alice filled in. 
You let out a nervous laugh. “We didn’t…. Tom doesn’t,” you stammered. 
“Oh please,” Drew threw a spare pen at your direction. “You can lie to Riley but don’t start lying to us.” You fell silent. “Riley really likes you.” 
“What is that supposed to mean?” 
Alice crossed her legs. “He was supposed to just be a rebound remember? You were feeling confused about everything with Tom, so we took you out to the bar, then we met Riley. But then they started coming over more often. Next thing we know, I’m friends with them, and,” pointing towards Drew, “they’re friends. And then all those times they met your brother and Riley gave him that shirt he now loves.” 
Your eyebrows furrowed. “You don’t trust me?”
“No! We do!” But her words came out so high pitched, the way her voice gets when she lies. 
“It’s Tom, we don’t trust.” 
“Yeah! The Tom when it comes to you, Tom.” 
You looked between your two best friends, reading their faces. “It’s okay! Despite everything we went through, Tom and I are just friends. We’ll always be friends.”
      ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
The Alpha Sig, Tom’s frat, parties always ended in some form of insanity so naturally they were a blast. You and Riley had been at the party for a good few hours or so without too much of a hiccup, to your surprise. Tom was very much around, especially when he was facilitating the shot contest, but for the most part he kept somewhat of a distance. However, when you and Riley beat Tom and his partner at beer pong, it set Tom off. He spent the rest of the night up and close with various different girls. You had spent well enough time with Tom, on both ends of his ways, to know that he was trying to make you jealous. Everytime your eyes would meet, you would roll yours at him and simply pull into Riley. 
But as the night went on and you were catching up with Tom’s frat brothers, you realized you had lost Riley in the crowd. He went to go get you drinks and Harrison, the brother you were currently talking to, was onto his third story recapping you on events you had missed when you respotted Riley. 
A little “oh no” escaped your mouth as you accidentally cut him off. “What is it?” Harrison asked, matching your apprehension, trying to follow your line of sight. You had found Riley carrying two drinks and directly in front of him stood Tom. 
“Who’s that with Tom?” 
“That’s my…” you trailed off as you looked back at Harrison. He raised his eyebrows at your hesitation. “Um… Riley.” 
He smiled coyly at you. “Oh is that what they call it now? Your Riley.” 
“Shut up.” You walked away from him and towards the two. 
He called out after you. “Say hi to your Riley for me!” 
You shook your head at him, flipping him off behind you. Suddenly you felt very embarrassed at your choice of words, or lack thereof, and the entire journey to where they were left standing you wanted to melt into a puddle. You walked up right beside Tom as he was closest and rather uneasily said, “What’s going on?” 
Tom immediately smirked upon seeing you standing beside him instead of Riley, and immediately you began to regret your decision. If Riley noticed, they didn’t act on it. Instead they simply held out your drink to you. 
“Not much really, just talking. What about you?” Tom asked. 
“Haz was just catching me up on all the mess you’ve been making.” Tom’s smug behavior was pissing you off so naturally you had to undermine something he deeply cared about. Evidently, it worked as his smirk fell directly into one that was glowering. His mouth had opened and he was about to argue back at you right as a girl walking past the three of you threw a drink in your face and yelled out, “skank!” 
Of course Tom and Riley endured a good part of the backsplash, but you had to bear the brunt of it. You shut your eyes and right away could feel the stinging start to build up. While the music kept playing, the people around you reacted in various ways. There were slight screamings, gasps, people looking for the culprit that somehow got away. Harrison had walked up to you with a clean towel, Riley grabbed onto you maintaining a protective position, and Tom peered over the crowd to try and find whoever did that. Numerous people were talking over each other, asking about your well being, and the whole ordeal was incredibly overwhelming. The only thing you could manage to do was grab hold of Riley and ask them to take you out of there. Promptly they nodded, and held tight onto your hand as they guided the two of you out. 
The minute you left the frat, the cool night air hit your skin and you finally felt like you could breathe again. 
“Are you okay?” Riley asked you, squeezing your hand to reassure you they were there for you still. 
You squeezed your eyes, rubbing your face with the towel. “Yeah. I’m better now. I think I got some alcohol or whatever in my eyes though.” 
Riley guided you towards their car. You heard a car door open and they helped you into the passenger's seat. “Do you know who that was that threw the drink at you?” 
You shook your head, removing the towel from your eyes testing your sight. Everything was blurry and it stung so much so you had to shut them again. Tears tracked down your face from the pain as you said, “no. I didn’t recognize her at all.” Riley let out a small hum and the rest of the car ride was occupied with the radio playing in the background. 
Once you felt the car stop, Riley helped you out again and said, “You should take a shower like immediately. Try to get the stuff out of your eyes.” 
You nodded and let them guide you up to your apartment. As you reached the door, you handed them your key to open the door. You heard the door swing open and you both stood in the doorway. Riley waited for you. They were the first to speak. “Is everything okay?” 
You moved your face towards where you guess their voice was coming from. “Aren’t you gonna kiss me goodnight?” 
They let out a dry laugh before leaning down and kissing you. “Don’t you need more help getting in?”
You shook your head moving forward into your apartment. “I think I got it; thank you. Goodnight.” 
“Goodnight, baby.” They shut the door behind them. 
It was a mystery to you but somehow you manage to paw your way through the dark towards your bathroom. You stripped yourself of your now sticky clothes and got in the shower to wash everything off. Afterwards, you were in much better shape than before, especially with your eyes. While some blur remained, it didn’t hurt to look. 
Wrapped in your towel, you wadded your way to your room and got dressed. Then grabbing your brush and computer, you walked back out towards the living room and sat down on the couch. Brushing your hair in the dark, you did some class reading. You began to feel your eyelids grow heavy but yelling from outside your window woke you back up. Curiously, you set your computer aside and walked towards the window to see the commotion about. Opening your window let you hear the yelling a bit clearer. 
“... I’m sorry, okay! I thought that was my friend’s window but clearly it’s not.” The man on the ground below shouted up. 
“Oh, fuck off,” your neighbor yelled back. 
Squinting your eyes at him, “Tom?” 
His face widened. “See! There they are. I wasn’t making it up.” 
Your neighbor to you, “Y/N? You know this kid?” You nodded. “Well then can you please go down and deal with him already? It is two in the fucking morning and I have work tomorrow.” 
Instantly nodding, you shut your window and ran towards the door. Throwing a hoodie and jacket over your head, you slipped some shoes on and grabbed your keys before running down the stairs to deal with Tom. When he saw you exit the building, his face lit up again. 
“Y/N!” He clapped his hands together and held them out for a hug. His words were slurring slightly together and you shook your head at him. Of course he was drunk. 
Awkwardly you accepted his hug and walked forward, him following you. “What are you doing here Tom? Why are you annoying my neighbors?” 
“Well, I thought it would be romantic if I threw rocks at your window to get your attention. That way, instead of calling you, you wouldn’t be able to ignore me. But then I quickly realized that I had no clue which window was yours.” 
“Clearly.” You looked up and down the street in front of you but his blue pickup was nowhere to be found. “Did you walk here?” 
“Yeah, I think so. See when you left and…” He didn’t finish his train of thought. “And then it began to get hectic again so I was like I’m gonna go for a walk. Next thing I know, I’m outside your apartment getting into a screaming match with your neighbor.”
You looked at him, taken aback. “That’s a long walk, Tom.” He shrugged as if it was no big deal. You nodded your head in the direction of his house. “Let’s get you home, okay?” He nodded, walking forward instep with you. You noticed he moved with a shiver, so you shrugged off your jacket and put it on Tom. Normally he would reject your offer, but he accepted it fully.
Crossing your arms, you asked, “did you ever find out who that girl was? That, you know.” 
Tom inhaled. “No.” He shook his head. “I mean, yeah. That was actually meant for me.”
You scrunched your eyebrows. “She meant to call you a skank.” 
He nodded his head. “Yup. But she uh, she tripped.” 
“I mean,” you shrugged. “Makes sense.”
“Fuck off,” but he was laughing and you laughed with him.
“Did she get you?” 
“Yeah.” You looked down at his unchanged attire with not a drop of wet or sticky on it. “My good looks repelled the shot.”
“Ah, of course.” 
Just at that moment, it started raining. You tilted your head up at the sky and opened your mouth to catch the droplets. As you felt them landing on your tongue, you let out a scream of laughter. You looked back at Tom when you felt him lifting both your hoods over your heads. As he fixed your hair, he was looking at you in a certain way that made your entire face soften. 
Then he took one step back and held out his hand for your taking. “May I have this dance?”
You let out a chuckle. “Been watching a bit of High School Musical , have you?” You slipped your hand in his and resumed a dancing position. 
“It’s really good.”
“I told you so.” 
It continued to rain very lightly and the two of you were dancing and laughing. To your surprise, Tom managed not to step on your toes. He guided you into a twirl and landed back into his arms, making him plant a kiss on the cheek near the outer corner of your eye. The movement caught your breath. 
“So,” he started, in order to distract you. “Did you and your Riley have fun tonight?” 
His newly formed cocky smile made your face tense up into slight bitterness. Dropping his arms you began walking again. “Harrison has a big mouth,” you said through gritted teeth. 
“Harrison  is just very observant and enjoys sharing his observances.” 
“It’s none of your business.” 
“I would contest otherwise, given previous circumstances.” 
Briefly, you shut your eyes. “Tom, we’re over. We have been for months.”
His words came out harsh. “That’s not fair, and you know it.” 
Somehow, you were already at the street his frat house sat on. Stopping in your tracks, you said, “Why did a girl I’ve never seen before throw a drink in my face and call me a ‘skank?’”
He huffed. “I told you; that was meant for me.” 
“Stop fucking around, Tom.” You poked him in the chest. 
“Fine! It was partially meant for you. It was meant for me. You weren’t exactly exempt, though.” 
“And why is that?” 
“Because,” he kicked his feet with a sigh looking past you. “Because I cancelled my date with her when you called.” 
“What? Why would you do that?” He laughed darkly. “And I’m guessing she wasn’t the only one.” 
“You would guess right.”
“How would she even know you cancelled for me?”
“I dunno. She prolly saw us when we would hang downtown after we, yanno.” 
You bit your inner lip to hide your embarrassment. “Oh.” 
“Look. It’s late and cold. Just come inside and spend the night. “
You shook your head. “No, I really should-”
“You are not walking home alone in the pouring rain.” To prove his point further, it started raining harder. 
Letting out a sigh, you said, “okay,” and the two of you ran inside. Tom walked towards the stairs while you walked towards the living room. “What are you doing,” he whispered at you. 
“I’m going to the couch,” you whispered back. 
He shook his head in disgust. “You don’t wanna do that. Come on,” he gestured his head up the stairs before climbing. Hesitantly, you followed. 
Removing yourselves of the wet jackets, you asked him if he had any pants you could borrow. He grabbed one of his sweats and you changed in his closet. When you entered again, you saw Tom, changed clothes, laying on the far side of his bed. “Well, where am I gonna sleep?”
“The bed.” He said it like it was obvious. 
“And you’re sleeping on the bed?”
“I’m not sleeping on the floor.” He quickly added, “and you can’t make me. I’m not gonna do anything, so just come to bed.” You nodded, and as soon as you were wrapped up in the warm sheets, you melted right to sleep. 
Tom kept his word, something he was mostly good at; he didn’t do anything. However, sleeping Tom was a different matter. You woke up with his arms wrapped around your waist, legs intertwined. You loved how familiar it felt, and that broke your heart. 
Carefully you untangled yourself from him, getting up from the bed. Luckily he didn’t wake. Changing back into your now dry clothes from yesterday, you quietly went downstairs. That was when your luck ran out. In the kitchen you were met by several of Tom’s frat brothers. They tried to hide their smirks as smiles upon your entrance, but you all knew what they were thinking. “It’s not like that,” you swiftly said. 
“Good morning to you too, Y/N,” greeted Wyatt from the stove. He was busy making pancakes and didn’t even bother to hide his grin from you. 
“Shove off.” Turning to Harrison, you said, “are you about to leave?” 
Grabbing his keys, “yeah. Why?”
“Could you drop me off at my apartment?” He nodded, and the two of you left the kitchen. The other boys shouted out goodbyes but you ignored them. Harrison opened the door and you looked to your right, eyes meeting with Tom right before you exited the house. 
To your pleasure, the car ride was quiet, with the exception of his radio playing. His car slowed to a stop in front of your apartment complex and you felt obligated to say something. “It really wasn’t like that.” 
A hint of a smile ghosted upon his lips. “Don’t worry. I’m not even friends with your Riley.” 
Your hands rubbed your eyes. “I need you to know it wasn’t like that. Nothing happened, not in that way.” 
“I heard you the first time.” He was still smiling. 
You accepted defeat that that was the most you were going to be able to get through to him. You left Harrison's car with a swift thank you and walked towards the building. 
      ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
The rest of the week felt off for you. It was impossible to get the events of that night out of your head and you couldn’t stop hearing Tom’s words. Of “trying to be romantic” and “your Riley” and “previous circumstances.” And don’t forget the dancing in the rain. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t. You felt double as guilty when Riley asked you a question just as you were thinking about how it felt to have Tom’s arms around yours. 
You shook your head to clear your thoughts. “Sorry, what?”
They chuckled. “I said, are you gonna eat that?” 
With a look down at what was left on your plate, you said, “no. Can I ask you something?” 
“Sure,” they said as they switched your plates. 
“If someone came up to you and asked you who I am, what would you say?”
“You’re Y/N.”
“No, I know but.” You repeated the words with more emphasis. “If someone asked who I am…” 
“Oh! You’re who I’m with. We’re together.” 
You picked at your lower lip. “Right, no yeah. Of course. “ If you were alone, you would scream a string of obscenities out loud. 
      ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
It just so happened to be that when you were home alone, Tom managed to stop by. You opened the door to his figure and he was holding out your jacket to you. “You left this,” he said. You stepped aside to let him in, taking the jacket from his fingers. 
“Oh, thank you. It’s um,” you looked down at it with a small smile. “It’s yours actually.” He tilted his head to the side, eyes looking at you wistfully. “What?” you asked. 
“Nothing,” he shook his head.
Setting down the jacket on the couch, you asked, “do you want something to drink?” 
“No, thank you.” He rocked back and forth on his heels quietly. 
“Tom,” you started before he cut you off. 
He looked up from his feet and saw you frowning. “Don’t.” 
“Tom…” Your shoulders slouched forward as you reached for him.
“Are we really gonna do this now?” He bared his teeth.
“Yeah, we’re gonna do this now.” 
Tom held the side of his face with a “Jesus.” 
“Why did you say all that stuff?” Your arms were flying about frantically. “Why did you say ‘to be romantic’ and why’d you cancel on all those girls and why didn’t you tell me?” 
“Just drop it,” he was begging you, face stone cold. 
“After how rude you’ve been with Riley, you owe me this.” 
“Because I’m in love with you!” He yelled out, stepping forward.
You stumbled back against a chair. “What?” 
“Yeah,” he let out softer this time, stepping back. He rubbed his hands up and down his legs. “I’m in love with you and I have been for a long time now.” 
“Even when we were dating?” He nodded. “But, wh-why didn’t you say anything?”
He shrugged, stretching his hands over his head. “I was scared so I waited for the right time but then you wanted to break up. I’ve never… before and it just never felt like there was a right time. Then you kept calling, so I thought you knew and this was just our new arrangement. I would cancel for you and you would cancel for me. Next thing I know, I’m hearing about this new douche Riley, and not even from you.” 
“Hey,” you defended. 
“What do they got that I don’t have?”
You couldn’t help the scoff that left your mouth. “Where do I begin? They’re sensible, tell me what I need to hear, open doors for me, and I’m just overall content.”
“All I’m hearing is boring, tells you what you want to hear, time waster, oh and what was that? Boring; you’re bored.”
You were left baffled. “Th-that that is not true.” 
“ I tell you what you need to hear. Why do you think we fight so much?” 
You gave him a sardonic smile. “Okay. But Riley is never late, and all of my family likes them. My friends have never had a problem with them, which is much more than you can say, and I’m-” 
Tom cut you off. “Comfortable? You know in a relationship that can also mean that you’re bored right. Is that all you got?”
“Riley is the best thing I could ever ask for.”
Tom marched towards you. “Except that’s not true! I can be romantic. Throwing rocks at your window-” 
“You didn’t even get my window.” 
“That’s not the point. Dancing in the rain, that’s romantic. Spontaneous dates, that’s romantic. You know I’m good for my word. So we fight, occasionally. Call it passion.” Tom’s nose was inches away from yours. 
“You- You don’t get. You don’t get to-” You let out a groan of frustration as you struggled to find the right words to say. “You’re just saying all this because you’re jealous of Riley.”
“Of course I’m jealous; I love you!” 
You let out a shout directly in his face, except you could help but smile. He was right. You may have argued a whole lot but it was filled with passion. Your heart beat increased hearing those words again. Tom shouted back in your face, matching your reaction. Your face lifted in surprise. Maybe everyone was right; maybe you did make each other go crazy. He began to inhale. “Stop it,” you shoved him in the chest to walk past him. 
He grabbed hold of your arms, spinning you around. Landing into his embrace, he kissed you. You let a gasp against his lips, but that just let him kiss you deeper. Once he lifted a hand to the back of your neck, you were a goner. He pushed you back against the wall, and you ran your hands down his chest to reach under his shirt, feeling his stomach. Tom moaned against you lightly. He moved his kisses from your lips to your cheek and then down your neck. At this opportunity, your eyes fluttered open. Your eyelids hung heavy in a daze as they landed on the leftover Chipotle bag Riley had bought you for lunch. 
You could feel Tom making his way back up. Unfortunately for Tom, he simply wasn’t fast enough. Your eyes opened suddenly very aware of everything. Riley. Taking your hands out from under his shirt, you pushed him on his chest. 
“Stop. Stop stop stop.” He looked up at you concerned, and you said, “Riley.” 
Groaning, he ran a hand through his hair. “Oh come on! It’s not cheating if you can’t put on a label on it.” 
Your mouth fell open. “They said we’re together.” 
“And you called them ‘your Riley.’” He put air quotes around the words. “Not my fault if you can’t communicate.” He moved closer to you but you ducked his arms. 
“‘Can’t communicate?’ You’re the one that ‘can’t communicate!’ You don’t tell me you’re in love with me until I’m with someone new. Look, okay. You made some really good points. Of course I loved 2 am ice cream drives and kissing in the rain. And yes, most of the time we were fighting it was driven by a lot of passion. Sometimes, I couldn’t tell if I wanted to kill you or kiss you. But after the fights and before the makeups, I’d be really fucking sad. With Riley, there’s none of that.” 
“Well,” he ran his hands down your arms. “Maybe that’s the way I love you.” 
“Then that’s the way I loved you.” 
He leaned back in hurt and mouth the word “loved?” All you could do was bite down on your lip, hard. “So that’s it.” The tension left your body. Tom looked away from you but you could still see the tears falling down. He let go of you and walked to the door. Holding it open, he said, “keep the jacket.” 
Tom slammed the door shut and you sank to the floor. Letting go of your lip, it began bleeding and the tears finally fell. You may be able to get rid of the boy but you can’t get rid of his behaviorisms you adopted. That included lying for his benefit. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If I Fall (7/??)
The Better Love Series
pairing: Javier Peña x Fem!Reader/OFC (Ears). Part of the Better Love ‘verse.
summary: Life in Colombia never goes quite as planned.
words: 2.8k
warnings: Dead Dove. Warnings discussed in detail on the masterlist.
a/n: unbeta’d. Gif by @javier-pena, series banner by @cassandras-nest , title card by yours truly. Italicized quotations are in Spanish. More notes to follow.
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Bogotá, Day 2, 2:26 pm
Javier is making a list of potential contacts when a small, paper wrapped package drops onto his notepad. 
“What the fuck?” he hisses as he jerks back in his chair. Stress and lack of sleep have made Javier overly sensitive to every little sound. He glances up to find Steve hunched over his desk. 
“Eat,” Steve commands. His tone brooks no argument, but his blue eyes are soft and searching as he stares down at Javier.  
Something about the concern in Steve’s expression drives a crack straight through the center of Javier’s defenses. He clears his throat against the swell of emotion that’s rising in it. Javier can’t remember the last time he’d eaten, probably two days ago in Medellín. Ever since he’d come home to find you gone, Javier’s been running on fear, caffeine, and adrenaline. 
In fact, even the thought of food is enough to set his stomach churning.
Steve must read the distaste on Javier’s face, because he folds his arms and turns to lean his hip on Javier’s desk. “Jav,” he starts in a voice that so, so gentle. “You’re no good to her half-dead, man. Seriously.” He gestures toward the little packet that is smearing dark grease stains over Javier’s copiously written notes. “Eat.”
Javier sighs deeply, suddenly exhausted. Steve’s not wrong, food is a biological necessity, and if Javier can swallow past that ever-present nausea that seems to linger in his gut, it might actually do him some good. He’s been feeling threadbare and tired, his focus dwindling far faster than it should, all things that might improve if he can force himself through a meal. 
Slowly, he unwraps the paper. His lips twitch in appreciation. It’s only an almojábana from the market down the street. The soft bun is about the size of Javier’s fist, still warm, and Javier picks at it slowly, grateful that Steve seems to have sensed that Javier couldn’t tolerate anything heavy right now. He doesn’t enjoy it - Steve watches like a hawk the entire time, and Javier’s stomach rebels fiercely at the first few bites. The bread feels dry and mealy in Javier’s mouth, but he chokes it down with yet another cup of coffee, and manages to feel better for it. 
“Thanks.” He refuses to look Steve in the eye, just rises to his feet and throws the wrapper in the trash. 
Steve is already back at his desk, pulling out yet another file to peruse through. “No worries, man.”
Silence falls over the office. 
Bogotá, Day 2, 5:54 pm
Steve has gone for the day, apologizing that he’s got to take a phone call from Connie this evening. Javier had waved him off, intent on combing through the last file in the cabinet related to Pablo’s sicarios.
Of course, Feo doesn’t belong to Escobar. Javier knows this, and now, so does Steve. But for months, all of their sources had pointed in that direction, so Javier assumes it’s worth it to glean through the each file in search of old intel with a new context.
He’s nearly finished, and with nothing substantial to show for his efforts, when a familiar shadow glides past the glass windows of the DEA office. 
Javier is on his feet instantly, file folder forgotten. “Stechner,” he calls as he bursts into the hallway. 
Stecher stiffens a bit, then turns on his heel. Javier slows from a jog to a brisk walk as he catches up. 
“Javier.” Bill’s voice is slow, concerned. “What can I do for you?”
“I was hoping you could give me an update on Ea-” Javier cuts himself off. He’s never liked how Bill Stechner feels at perfect liberty to refer to you by your nickname, decides that in this context, formality is critical. “An update on the Hannah Aarons investigation, please.”
Your name feels foreign, stilted on Javier’s lips.
Stechner smiles a grim smile and places a hand on Javier’s shoulder. “We do have some things to discuss,” he admits, guiding Javier toward his office. “Come with me, Javier, this isn’t for the hallway.”
Hope leaps fierce and glittering in Javier’s heart. He tamps back his reaction, reminds himself that if Stechner had already found you, surely Javier would have been the first to know. 
Still, it seems that Stechner is onto something, and any step toward bringing you home safely is worth celebrating. Javier can hardly contain himself to sit sedately in Stechner’s leather chair, he’s so wound up by the idea of news. 
Stechner circles his desk, plants his palms on the woodgrain.
“Well?” It bursts out of Javier, but he’s not sorry. Stechner had heard that tape. He knows you well. Surely he understands how Javier must be feeling. 
Javier decides he doesn’t give a damn.
“Javier,” Stechner sighs heavily. “I hate to have this conversation with you, but I think there are some things that you just aren’t understanding.”
Javier’s entire body stiffens. Dread jolts down his spine, and he stands. “What kind of things, Bill?” 
Bill straightens, too. “Chain of command things,” he says carefully, looking Javier directly in the eye. Javier bites back the instinct to bare his teeth, just holds Bill’s gaze unflinchingly. 
“For example,” Bill counts on his fingers. “Ears, or ‘Hannah Aarons,’ as you’re suddenly adamant to call her, is a member of the CIA.” Bill’s eyes glitter as they fall back on Javier, and he leans forward, his gaze as sharp as if he sees straight though Javier’s carefully constructed defenses. “And therefore, the investigation as to her whereabouts is also under my jurisdiction.”
All of the breath leaves Javier’s body in a whoosh. “She’s not an agent,” he protests in a hoarse whisper. Javier’s heard countless stories of high level CIA agents who’d been abandoned to their fates when their covers had been blown. The CIA would rather sacrifice one man than an entire operation. Their ruthless reputation precedes them.
Javier refuses to let you fall through the cracks. 
“No,” Bill admits, twitching his lips in a wry expression that Javier fails to recognize. “Hannah not an agent.” His gaze sharpens. “But she is an operative of the CIA.”
Fear thrums loud and insistent in Javier’s ribcage. “But what good would that do, Bill?” he speaks quickly, worried that Stechner will cut off any argument before Javier can deliver it. “Abandoning her to Feo? Where is the -”
“Feo?” As predicted, Stechner interrupts. He paces around his desk, each step purposeful, like a predator stalking prey. “What do you know of Feo, Javier?”
Javier grits his teeth until his jaw aches. “Almost nothing.” He considers for only half a second, decides it’s time to lay all the cards on the table. “Only that he’s running guns for Escobar.”
“You’re right.” Bill narrows his eyes, looks Javier over for a long moment. “Almost nothing.” He leans forward so that they are face to face, eye to eye. “My advice, Agent Peña, would be to keep it that way. You’re dipping your toe into a whole cesspool of shit that you can hardly understand.” Stechner’s voice falls to a harsh whisper. “And the fallout of any interference is more than you’re prepared to handle, I assure you.”
“I’m prepared to handle anything to see Hannah safely home.” Javier’s voice is like steel, his stance unwavering.
He won’t give up on you. Not now, not ever.
Stechner clicks his tongue. “I hope you mean that, Javier,” he warns, resting his hands casually in his canvas pockets. He dips his head toward the door. “I think we’re done here.”
“I think we are,” Javier spits, spinning on his heel with single minded determination. 
He’s got a phone call to make.
Cafe Correa, Medellín, Day 3 
“I need to know everything you can tell me about Feo.” Javier doesn’t bother with the pleasantries, just dives headfirst into the purpose of the meeting. 
Time is slipping away. Javier’s chances of seeing you again dwindle further with every second that you’re gone, and he hasn’t forgotten your frantic note. 
The port, the port, the port. 
It’s likely that you’re beyond Javier’s reach already.
Berna’s brows lift. A lazy smile curls at his lips, and he hunches over the table ever so slowly, a show of calculated intrigue. “Javier, Javier,” he chides, and Javier’s gut churns at the admonishment of his tone. “You seem to have forgotten your manners, Javier.” Berna glances over his shoulder, and  Navegante springs forward, one hand reaching back to where Javier knows a gun rests in his belt. 
Javier meets Berna’s gaze unflinchingly. “And you seem to have forgotten your loyalties,” he counters, nodding toward Navegante. “Whoring yourself out to Cali now, Berna? What would Judy Moncada say?”
“Whoring?” Berna laughs openly. “Listen to yourself. Whoring. I am a man who cultivates relationships in the interest of business.  We use, and we are used. That is the way of things. Judy Moncada understands this.” Berna leans forward, his dark eyes still dancing with amusement. “The question is, do you?”
“I understand perfectly,” Javier hisses. He wonders if approaching Berna had been a mistake. 
But no. Anything that can point Javier in the right direction, no matter the source, no matter the cost, is worth his whole-hearted pursuit.
Javier only wishes he’d contacted Berna sooner. 
Slowly, Berna shakes his head. “No, I don’t think you do.” His expression is one of contrived pity. “If I am the whore of the Cali cartel, Javier, then you are my equal.” Again, he smiles. “We are the same, you and I.”
Rage and indignation set a fire licking beneath Javier’s skin, and he swallows back his reaction, sets his face in a stony semblance of careful neutrality.
The goddamned, ugly truth is, Berna is not wrong. 
“So, compañero,” Despite Javier’s best efforts, Berna seems to read Javier’s thoughts, and worse, accepts them without further comment. “What interest do you have in Feo? And why should I offer you my assistance, when you’ve proven so untrustworthy in the past?”
Javier reads what Berna isn’t saying. The question isn’t about Javier’s history with Duque, not at all.
Berna is asking ‘What’s in it for me?’
And the second, even more terrible truth is, Javier has nothing to offer. 
Javier settles on honesty. It’s all he has. He leans heavily on his elbows, sighing deeply. 
Berna sips at his tinto, completely unaffected. 
“Feo has one of our operatives,” Javier says carefully. There’s honesty, and then there’s giving Berna more information than he really needs. Javier walks that line delicately, especially when it comes to you.
Javier treads carefully everywhere, when it comes to you.
Berna cocks his head, looks over Javier with eyes so probing that Javier is tempted to shiver beneath the weight of them. Javier takes a deep, bracing breath and wills himself to stay still, silent, unwavering.
“Oh, mi amigo,” Berna sighs. He folds his arms beneath his chest, his broad shoulders seeming to slump. “Is this operative a man or a woman?”
Javier sets his jaw, does not blink, does not breathe. 
Berna shakes his head sadly. “There is nothing to be done, Javier. Feo is a dangerous man. If your operative is a man, then he is dead already.” Berna’s dark eyes dart to Javier’s, a question glittering in them. “If she is a woman, she only wishes for death.”
Horror lances through Javier’s entire being, and he flinches from the sensation, closing his eyes and sagging against his chair, breathing heavily. 
No, no, no, no. Javier can’t listen to this, refuses to accept it. 
You’re alive. You’re okay. 
You have to be. 
Berna reaches across the table to grip Javier’s fist with meaty fingers. “They have your esposa, no?” he asks softly. “The one with the hair. We’ve watched you with her. Petardo, we call her.”
Javier’s breath catches. Firecracker. They’ve seen you, observed you long enough to know your very nature, to name you accordingly. 
The word beats at him, punching a dull, aching hole of grief and lingering regret straight through Javier’s core. Berna has observed him, too, far more deeply than Javier has observed himself. 
You are everything to him, his pareja, his media naranja, his vida entera, and fuck him, Berna had spoken the words first. 
“Yes,” Javier whispers brokenly, his eyes blinking toward the dirty, chipped tiles beneath his feet. “They have her.”
Berna hums, a rumble of empathy that originates deep within his chest. Those thick fingers squeeze the delicate bones of Javier’s knuckles in a vice grip. “Then you know what you need to do, Javier.”
“Anything,” Javier breathes. 
He will do anything, anything, anything for you.
The look Berna sends him is significant. “Feo is a difficult fish to hook,” he cautions, withdrawing from Javier’s hand in preference of leaning seriously across the table. “I will need any information you can offer.” The flimsy plastic creaks beneath his weight. 
Javier nods, paying rapt attention. 
“Feo is careful, and he has a group of loyal followers that he controls through…” Berna pauses, swallows in a way that suggests he is choosing his words precisely, “nefarious means.”
Javier’s gut churns, but Berna offers no additional information, so Javier lets it go for now. His only priority is to find the man, and hopefully, to find you with him. “All I know is that he exists, that he is Escobar’s weapons man.” he admits quietly. 
“Then again, you and I are equals,” Berna seems frustrated to concede this, but Javier’s heart leaps at the potential of finding a true ally. Berna seems as equally invested as hunting Feo as Javier is, regardless of his motivations.
Javier decides that he can work with that. Nothing matters more than bringing you home safely. “I know he has a port,” he supplies quickly. Again, the words remind Javier that time is ticking, that he has absolutely everything to lose. “We need to move quickly.”
Javier closes his eyes against the onslaught of emotion that rises in him at the thought of losing you. Now is not the time to be caught up in his grief, not when he’s finally so close to some real information. 
But Berna shakes his head. “No,” he cautions, cutting off Javier’s thoughts with a quick look. “Feo is not working from a port city. He’s based from one of the rivers, that much I can verify.”
Javier’s breath catches. “How do you know?” Hope flares in him, threatening to bring tears of relief to his eyes. 
If you’re still in Colombia, then Javier still has a chance.
But Berna only stares at Javier blankly. 
Javier resists the temptation to bite his cheek, to scream, to punch a wall, or better yet, Berna’s fat face. “What do you need from me?” he rasps, stomach sinking at the question. 
Berna doesn’t work for free, that much Javier knows. And Feo is like a ghost, slipping between Javier’s fingers just when he thinks he has something tangible to cling to. 
“Whatever you’ve got, Javier.” Berna leans back against his flimsy cafe chair, rocking so hard that Javier fears it will break beneath him. “Anything that you can give me. All I have are rumors. Whispers.”
Javier drops his aching head into his hands, fighting against the sticky fingers of helpless doubt that threaten to drag him into a deep pit of depression. 
He’s got nothing, and he and Berna both know it. 
“Javier,” Berna’s voice is low, his chair scraping protest across the tiles as Berna lifts his bulk from it. A shadow falls across Javier’s face, but he refuses to open his eyes, refuses to acknowledge the cold comfort that Berna is offering by slinging a heavy arm over his shoulder. “We both want Feo,” Berna whispers hotly in Javier’s ear. 
Javier shudders. Berna’s breath smells of tinto tinged with stale peppermint, two potent scents that should never, ever mingle. 
Berna pats, pats, pats heavily at Javier’s bicep. “You want to bring her home, yes?” 
Javier flinches, just barely, beneath the weight of the reminder. 
Esposa, esposa, esposa. 
The word plays on repeat in Javier’s mind.
Berna grins, exposing gleaming white teeth, and Javier is reminded suddenly of a cartoon shark, a nearly forgotten caricature from early childhood. 
Cold dread gathers in his belly.
“Remember, we are the same, you and I.” Berna’s gaze remains sharp, assessing.
Javier pulls away from Berna’s grasp and rises from the table, the earth reeling beneath his unsteady feet. 
He knows exactly what he needs to do, has no idea how to actually do it.  
Berna’s voice follows him out the door. “I’ll be waiting, Javier.”
Javier bites his lip until it splits between his teeth. He sucks sharply at the blood, reveling in the salty tang of it, in the sharp pain as he laps at the gash with his tongue. 
Javier is running out of options. 
He is running out of time. 
author’s notes/confessions:
Javier refers to Ears as his partner, his better half, and his whole life. Media neranja, in particular, is a phrase that will get a lot of attention in the future, so keep it in the back of your mind. 
Big, big thank you to all of my sweet friends who have reached out to me in this time of turmoil. Your kind messages, notes, and even the silly asks that have kept my mind occupied have been a godsend. Tentatively, I think it’s safe to say that we will return to somewhat regular updates to Better Love, but Mom and I are still reeling from the fallout of our loss, and we absolutely appreciate thoughts, prayers, vibes, or positive energy, whatever you feel comfortable sending our way. Grief is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are not through the darkness yet, not by a long shot.
On that note, forgive me if there are errors and inconsistencies here. I’m doing my best, but I’m still not as sharp as I should be. I’ll address any problems in the next update, but please don’t be shy in bringing them to my attention.
Much love and tightest hugs, 
Tags:  @jedi-mando, @perropascal, @hotspacepilots, @mostly-megan, @starlight-starwrites​, @thirstworldproblemss, @knittingqueen13, @yespolkadotkitty, @lv7867, @pascalisthepunkest, @sarahjkl82-blog, @corrupt-fvcker, @artsymaddie, @leonieb, @justanotherblonde23, @princess-and-pedro, @ennuiandthebourgeoisie, @mandoandgrogu, @penajavier, @hells-bells-x, @javihoney
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Have a Coffee
Chapter-1 Chapter-2
So, people who like angst. There won't be much angst here. I hate it! There would be hurt/comfort at best. This is going to be a fluffy story. And if I get anything wrong in the airport scenes, it's because idk how they work. Never been to an airport.
"Flight 204, to New York, from Air France will leave soon. Passengers please board the plane. Flight 204....." The voice was heard from the speakers
"Queenie, it's our flight. Let's go." Marinette called Chloe, who was busy fighting with a person, because he didn't recognise her and it's 'ridiculous, utterly ridiculous'
"Hmph, you better keep up with the celebrities. I am the Chloe Bourgeois. The only daughter of Style Queen, Audrey Bourgeois. The person who has her own amazing business. The best friend of cocci-"
"Chlo!" Mari put her hand to prevent her from speaking more than necessary. "Our flight, let's go."
"Je suis désolée Monsieur." (I am sorry sir)
"C'est bon." (It's okay)
"Let's go Chloe."
"I can't wait to go to New York! It's gonna be sooo much fun! I am so excited" Adrien squealed heading towards his seat
"When are you not excited?" Kagami asked rolling her eyes at her boyfriend's behavior
"Don't put your cloudy shade over my sunlight." Adrien said dramatically, in response Kagami again rolled her eyes.
"If you think I am such a rain cloud, why are you dating me?"
"Because I love you, Duh!"
Kagami's face went as red as a tomato.
"Aww, you're blushing!"
"No, I am not."
"Yes, you are."
"No, I am not."
"Guys as cute as you are, can we just please move." Luka said moving to his seat
"Sorry Lukes."
"Luka-bear, window seat is mine."
"I know Bee."
"Mari, you get the aisle seat. And Lu you'll have to sit in the middle." Chloe pointed to everyone's seat
"Yes Queenie!" Marinette saluted
"Perfect, now I will sleep for hours, I need my beauty sleep after all. If I will get dark circles it will be ridi-"
"Melody, your soul mark is in English, right. Maybe you'll find your soulmate here."
"Yeah, probably. My luck is not that good though."
"Don't lose hope yet Marinette, who knows maybe something good will happen."
"The flight is ready to take off, passengers please wear their seatbelts. The flight is ready to…"
"I think we should get seated." Kagami took her seat "And Mars, don't worry, you will find your soulmate soon. It's destiny."
"You're right. It's destiny."
They all got seated, and Marinette was dying from lack of her coffee.
"I need my coooooffeeeee."
"No, sleep."
"Mel, for the last time, Sleeeeep!! Please."
"But I don't wanna. I have work-"
"That can wait. I am sure your clients will understand. And even if they won't I am sure you're ahead of your schedule." Marinette opened her mouth to say something but closed it again, it happened for a good three minutes before she gave in.
"but you are working as my mannequin later."
"If it gets you to sleep."
"Why are you obsessed with making me sleep?"
"Because I care." Came his soft reply.
~After 5 hours~
"Marinette~ Where are you?~" A maniacal voice was heard
"Marinette! Answer me before I come there! Guess I will have to teach you another lesson!"
"Why don't you just die, you stupid piece of shit?" A punch
"Why are you even alive?" A kick
"You're nothing more than a waste of space." A push and marinette fell to the ground
"Nobody ever loved you, and nobody ever will! You don't even have a soulmate!" Marinette tried to say something, deny it, tell them that she had one, but she couldn't "And your "friends" they just hang out with you for pity!"
"I can't even believe I was friends with you!"
"You're nothing more than a jealous bully!"
She tried to do something, anything! But she wasn't able to, it was almost like she was bound by an invisible force.
"I hate you! I can't believe I was besties with you! You are just a liar and a bully!" Another kick, it didn't hurt. Not more than their betrayal.
"Waste of time!"
She sat there, listening to them. All of their insults, she didn't care. Not anymore.
"Guess I will have to put an end to it all, huh? I feel sad, you were a good playtoy." Her da-, no Mr.Dupain said, and the knife came down, she was screaming but no sound came out
"Marinette!" Huh? She didn't die?
"Marinette!" Adrien, she recognized the voice
"Marinette!" Marinette woke up with a shock
"What happened?"
"You were screaming and thrashing in your sleep."
"Oh, I had a nightmare." Adrien wiped her tears, she'd been crying? She didn't know.
"Wanna talk about it?" No she didn't, it will make it all real. It would bring flashbacks and she would have a panic attack.
"Not really." It was good that Adrien respected her wishes and didn't push it. "How long till we reach?"
"Uh, it's been five hours, so I am guessing three hours more. You wanna eat something?"
"N-" Adrien cut her off
"You know what? You do want to. You will obviously deny it, but I am not gonna let you starve."
"Why are you all like this?"
"Like what? So caring and such good friends? You deserve it."
"I hate you, each one of you."
"Aww, you know you love us! You looove us"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Mari rolled her eyes. She knew she loved them, they knew she loved them. They all loved each other, platonically obviously. But, there was a part of her which always wondered if they hung out with her just because they pitied her. They wouldn't do that, right?
Would they?
Finally almost eight hours passed, she had eaten and now she was working on some new designs while her friends slept peacefully.
"There has been a technical issue, the flight would land right here, in Gotham. Passengers are required to please wear their seatbelts and not panic."
WHAT!? The flight had to make an abrupt stop at Gotham at all of places, the fucking CRIME CAPITAL!! Oh no, oh no, OH HELL NO! This is a disaster, this is a disaster, a disaster. Wasn't luck supposed to be on her side? Did the miraculous mean nothing?
She quickly wore her seatbelt and checked all of her friends' too before waking them up.
"Umm, guys, there has been a technical issue, the flight's gonna land now, so you may wanna wake up." It didn't work, the formal and polite option didn't work "GUYS WAKE UP! THE FLIGHT'S GONNA LAND RIGHT NOW IN GOTHAM!" That worked! It jolted awake all of them.
"Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!!"
"You've got to be kidding me!"
"In the fucking crime capital?!"
"Maybe it is destiny." Marinette gave Luka a weird look that said 'are you crazy or something?'
"Maybe you will find your soulmate here."
"Of fucking course. In the crime capital. Maybe my soulmate is a criminal too, huh?"
"Don't be such a pessimist Mari, there are good people too in Gotham."
"So any idea what we wanna do?" Marinette asked once they were out of the plane.
"Let's order a cab to New York?"
"Yeah, let's do that. Let me check the cabs… There's no cab available for where you wanna go….. " Blood drained from Adrien's face as he read that.
"So, we are forced to stay in Gotham?"
"Well what should we do now?" Luka gained their attention
"Let's go shopping!!" Chloe, obviously, cheered "Before either of you deny, Kags, you need new clothes, no offense, but you really have a bad fashion sense. Luka-bae, I need you to carry my bags. Adri-kins, Kags need you. And Mari-bear, you have a good fashion choice." Luka and Adrien sighed, guess they have to carry their bags forever.
"I don't know Chlo, I really need some coffee and have to do some work. I guess I will go to a café instead." Marinette said sheepishly
"Hmm, if you say so." Marinette was genuinely surprised that she let her off the hook. Usually she would be dragged with them. "You can send us your location and we'll meet you there in two hours?"
"Sounds like a plan."
"Okay, bye, don't have a overdose~"
"Bye queenie!"
"Now let's find a café with an internet connection and quiet environment." She quickly searched all the café near her, fortunately the nearest café was within walking distance.
She walked for ten minutes before she reached the café "coffee and joy" apparently this café has amazing coffee and the batfam, mostly Red Robin, always comes here. The atmosphere was good, not too crowded but enough for it to be good.
She walked inside, it was good. As soon as she walked in she was greeted by the fragrance of coffee. The circular tables had plants on the side, couples were talking and chattering. There were families enjoying themselves, and a person who was typing away on his computer, huh, he almost looks dead. Well, who was she to judge, she was sure she looked the same while she was working.
She went to order. The workers there were happy and cheery. Weird, this is Gotham. Aren't people supposed to be gloomy and annoyed here? Well, Paris, the supposedly city of love, the people there are--the ones she knows the rest she is sure are good--are evil. She is not even exaggerating.
"Hi! How can I help you today?" The worker, she learnt the name was Sam, asked her.
"Hey can I get a black coffee with…..eight espresso shots? thank you!" The worker looked shocked, obviously anyone would be shocked if someone ordered this much caffeine. She muttered something that she couldn't quite make out but it sounded like 'there's three of them' . What did she mean by three of them? Eh, whatever.
"What name should I write on the cup?"
"Marinette." Marinette, the only reminder of her fam- the people she lived with. The name that was given to her by her grandma that she loves dearly. At Least her grandparents are good people.
"Okay, why don't you wait and I will call you?"
"Sure" She went to the table in the corner. So she would not grab any attention but will be able to go to the counter easily when called.
Tim was having a sucky day. Firstly, he was almost late to the meeting because Bruce thought it was good to let him sleep in. Fuck you Bruce! I don't need to sleep. Then Alfred banned coffee. Why? Because apparently he had a little too much coffee. Thirdly, his brothers were still obsessed with making him sleep, he already slept last night!
"Ughhh" Tim groaned, luckily his favourite café was just around the corner. He would go and grab some coffee there and work in peace.
Upon entering the café he was greeted by the sweet fragrance of coffee. Oh, how much he loved it. If he didn't find his soulmate he would marry coffee. Bruce wouldn't have a problem, right?
"Hey Sam!" Tim greeted the always cheerful barista
"Hey Mr. Drake. Your usual?"
"It will be ready soon!"
Thanking her Tim made his way to his usual table and took out his laptop to go over the meeting details. After a minute or so grabbing his coffee and feeling alive again Tim started working on the documents. He was so lost in his world that he didn't realise someone coming in. Only when her name was called did he realise that.
Out of curiosity, Tim looked at her, and what he saw was something he would remember forever. That woman was beautiful. He knew that it was wrong, he knew that he had a soulmate, he knew he should wait for them wherever they are, but he also knew that he felt a connection with her, he also knew that he had to take his chance. So that's what he'll do.
Waiting for a while to gather some courage and thinking about what to say. He started to make his way to her. Only to be stopped by her sad expression, she was angry, mostly sad looking at her laptop. Huh, looks like she's not having a great day. He decided that he will go to her with coffee, after all what was something that coffee couldn't solve. He ordered two coffees for them, he knew that her order was the same as his.
He took a deep breath and made his way across the café to her and offered her the beverage in his hand. "Having a rough day?"
Marinette was relieved that she got her coffee. She hasn't had any since morning. Why does the world have to be sooo unfair to her!? Opening her laptop she found some new commissions…..and some emails from her old class. Can they just suck it and move on? How childish can anyone be.
She knows that she shouldn't be but she was sad looking at it. She was just about to delete them when a voice startled her.
"Having a rough day? Have a coffee, It will make it better." Marinette being Marinette jumped at the voice.
"Ahh! You scared me! Wait a second….. You are my soulmate! Thanks for the coffee by the way." As soon as their hands touched there was a golden glow around them, a welcoming glow.
"Hey, soulmate. I am Timothy Drake-Wayne please call me Tim."
"Hey Tim, I am Marinette. Nice to meet you."
"The pleasure is all mine, Marinette." Tim kissed her knuckles to which she responded by blushing.
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attackonbug · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
-levi ackerman college au
pairings : levi x fem reader
genre/ warnings : modern / college au, mild nsfw, headcanon, fluff? angst , drinking,
summary: you and levi had developed a serious friendship during your sophmore year of college. however, a drunken mishap had caused things to shift, tension rises during a party.
a/n: i prOMISEd this would be up sooner i’m sorry ARGH!! i just wanted to perfect it , if it’s a lil messy i apologize ): enjoy tho!! i’m taking requests <3
“f-fuck youre so pretty. you’re all mine, understand?”
“m all yours, m only yours, please-“
your hooded head lifts from the desk, being blinded by the fluorescent lights. you can hear the bodies rushing behind you, aiming for the door. you give your eyes a rub, and a notebook slides onto your desk, slightly bumping into your wrist. “you slept through class again, twit. use my notes.” as your eyes finally meet him, levi is hovering over you with a plain gaze, you notice his cheeks flush pink.
“my algebraic savior strikes again!” a yawn breaking up your sentence, you grab your bag and leap up, relieved yet uncomfortable seeing him. “tch. you’re just lazy.” you give him a gentle shove, walking side by side. his hoodie was soft and plush, his body heat radiating. you walked in silence for a moment, trying to meet him with a smile, levi’s eyes met the floor again. “so... are we gonna talk abou-“
“levi ! y/n!!!” eren sprints towards the two of you from down the hall, his bag violently shaking and spilling random shit every move. “me and armin, well mostly me cos’ yanno. anyways, we’re having another kickback at our place and-“
“i’m busy.” levi spits, gripping the straps of his bag in an attempt to brush eren off.
“BULLSH-“ “with what?” you practically cut erens tongue off with how quickly you interrupt him. “stuff that i don’t wanna be around my drunken idiot friends to do? he had tried to make the statement roll off of his tongue, as if there wasn’t anything or anyone holding him back other than, he’s “busy.” but you know what it was. you know why he won’t come, who he won’t come for. neither of you refuse to break eye contact.
your heart sped up , your face turning red. he can’t pick and choose when to regret what happened, when you guys were friends or when he decides not. it’s not fair. you can’t hookup with your bestfriend, listen to her drunkenly tell you how in love she is with you, and .. act like this.
eren spots the eye contact, despite how uncomfortable he is he’s a natural born party animal. he’s decided you’re both coming, so you are. “okay. welp, starts at 9. you know where i live.” he digs his ringing phone out of his pocket, and starts to creep away. “NINE O CLOCK ACKERMAN!” he shouts from his shoulder as he dashes down the halls.
“ i hope he catches onto the fact we’re not goin.” “we? since when do your choices make mine?” you love so many things about levi, except for the fact he’s oblivious to unspoken emotions, including anger. “well normally when i don’t go to functions you complain and say they sucked.” “just- just pick me up at 8:30 okay?” you sped away from him.
you keep replaying last weekend. he took you upstairs, you kissed him, he kisses back, you sleep together, you tell him you love him, he loves you too, you’re not talking about it. your feelings for levi were never a problem before, you never got angry at him. or, over him. in fact you loved finally having the perfect dynamic with someone, you’re never angry especially at him, he’s always angry and always at you. youve both ruined this. your stupid brain chemicals and, stupid sexual frustration.
when levi pulled up to your building tonight, your stomach felt as if it was weighing you down, either with stone or butterflies. as you slip into his passenger seat, already warmed for you, levi sighs, sitting back up to start the car. “and the guy who says he’s not going, is here at 8:29 hm?”
why is this so hard, you’re angry. hurt, confused, you WANT to be mad at him so badly. “and he’s only here on time because you’re demanding.” despite this, hurt. in all honesty, you don’t like parties. you hate hangovers, chaotic and cluttered environments, touchy people who can’t say excuse me. this, is what you enjoy. being his passenger.
“well.. that’s what you get for trying to be ‘busy’ when eren makes plans.” “ i was busy, brat. some of us don’t sleep through class.” his voice felt as if it hummed in your chest, and you remember his whines. his smile, when he called you a pretty mess. your anger, transforming into something else. you fiddle with the strings of your ripped pants. “levi can we talk about erens party?”
the car comes to a stop, “well i sure hope you still wanna go to it because we’re here.” “not, not this one levi.” “oh god he’s already planning another?” your head falls into your hands, your chest feels as if it’s slowly filling with sand. thick, heavy. “nevermind idiot. are you driving tonight?”
“yea.” “awesome.”
leaping from levi’s car, you head inside immediately finding eren. both himself, and ymir handing you drink, after drink, after drink. you hate drinking, levi hates drinking, but he hates you drinking even more. you examine levi from across the room, regardless of your spinning vision, he’s still so pretty. his hair, gently resting along his brow bone, his nearly gray eyes locked within yours. focusing on his figure made you lightheaded. a firm hand grips your shoulder, preventing the tumble.
“just, talk to him. i don’t like seeing you guys like this, especially when levi is.. levi.” eren whispers into your ear, practically holding you in place. “what’s there to talk about clearly nothin!” you slur, realizing you haven’t left this spot. feet, still planted on the same panels, head still empty, stomach and cheeks still hot from booze, and you’re still looking at him.
eren, intoxicated himself is struggling to hold your stumbling body up. “y/n, you’re not friends with complete idiots. okay? we all know, about what happened, why it happened, why-“ “SHHHHHH!!” being your only attempt at silencing him. levi, glaring at eren at how tightly he’s holding you, how he’s managed to worm his way so tightly around you. “he loves you too. he just-“ “yeah. i know.” he rests his chin atop your head, jean and sasha dancing so obnoxiously they almost send the two of you flying. eren wraps his arms tighter for support, levi’s frown is genuine now.
the dance floor swallowing everyone who steps near it, you wiggle free from erens grasp and you hobble into levi’s direction. just talk, that’s what he wants. his voice purrs in your head, “ you have to use your words, pet.” you squeeze your eyes shut tightly, wanting to erase last weekend, this situation. just talk. the floor feels as if it’s stretching, making the distance between the two of you wider. just talk. “heyy.” “is that why you asked if i’m driving?” “what?” “because you’re drunk.”
“oh- uh- no.” your right hand is pressed firmly on the cold wall, as the left runs through your hair. you trip over your own feet, standing in place. “tch, youre... ridiculous.” his lips form a thin smile, but it’s quickly erased. “i may be uhh. i’m not drunk drunk but yes i am DRUNK!” you stomp a foot. “but! we need to ta-“
“i cant hear you, idiot!” he shouts, pointing to the loud wave of drunken fools that are your friends. his eyes scower each body, each movement. “i said we need to talk!” your head pounded at the level you were shouting, “okay? we are talking, y/n!” you don’t remember how you had gotten up the stairs, how you ended up in erens bedroom, simply to wallow in the silence. “it’s fuckin gross in here” levi huffs, his arms crossed with disapproval of erens life style. “it just LOOKS sticky, like a kids room.”
“levi, shutup.” your skin feels hot, your head bubbly, you regret every sip that had touched your lips. “can you tell me you love me again?” levi’s eyes go blank, crimson spreading across his cheeks and nose. “please, levi. hold me, tell me you love me, call me yours. kiss me, touch me.” youre mouth becoming an open book that can’t be closed, your brain simply pushing the words out of your throat.
your eyes begin to sting, the tears oddly feel cool amongst your cheeks. “wh- well, y/n uh“ his chest rising and falling quickly, “do you love me levi.” you feel pathetic, weeping, gripping the corner of erens sheet. his response is silent, staring at the wooden floor and scratching his undercut. you swallow hard, “f-fuck you.” abruptly ripping your tipping body from the bed, only to find yourself gripping the doorknob.
his hand slamming directly onto yours, forcing the knob still, a grip to kill. “oi! you- you can’t just ask me that and and and- goddamnit y/n you fucking brat!” his lips collide with yours, you’re so weak in the knees you nearly collapse in his grasp. levi’s hand creeps up your back side, gripping your hair in his fist. you can’t help but allow a whine to escape your body.
levi pulls away, his eyes searching your facial figure. “ i love you .” his head bobbing down in one motion, as a sign of reassurance. “are you sure.” “yes i’m fuckin sure idiot!” he kisses you again, he’s starved for your touch, your taste. “then why-“ “because i just, i really. i- i really just uh -“ your eyes slowly close, taking a breath. you maneuver your way around him, still spinning youre able to pin him, sitting atop his lap.
no, levi did not answer all your questions. the wonder of why he remained so distant, the pain it caused, the relief you feel now. is he scared to love you? ashamed even? no, no. because he said it. levi’s word is a sealed oath. you sit in silence, lightly tracing circles along his clothes. he’s smiling. a genuine, honest smile. “do you wanna get out of here and go back to m-“ the door swings open, jean stands in its entrance.
i hope y’all liked it !
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 2 months ago
Can you write a smut with Tom riddle where the reader and him are dating, and he’s obviously used to being in charge but one night something happens (you can decide that part) and suddenly the reader wants to be in charge but Tom doesn’t want that so she ties him up and teases her till he’s begging her to let him cum or something like the idk.
I absolutely love ur writing, it’s absolutely incredible I could never write anything as good as you!😊
pairing: tom riddle x reader
warning(s): 18+, dom/sub roles (ish), begging, magical ties, oral (make receiving), mentions of oral (female receiving) 
word count: 2.0k
a/n: and we’re back to our regularly scheduled smut. i have a ton of requests so be patient - i will get to it! thank you all for the love and support so far! 
You and your boyfriend, Tom, were strolling through the halls of Hogwarts on your Prefect rounds, enjoying the complete silence of the massive castle. It was rare the halls were this quiet, but late at night tended to be the perfect time to stumble upon echoing walls and corridors where you could hear a pin drop. 
Suddenly, Tom stopped in his tracks and stuck out a hand to stop you as well. “Do you hear that?” He asked in a hush whispering, pointing somewhere off to the left of where both of you stood. 
Following his direction, you turned your head to the left and saw that it was a typically abandoned corridor but you did hear the faint rustle of clothing and distant female giggling. You rolled your eyes and began walking in that direction, already knowing you’d have to break up two young people just wanting to have a bit of fun. It wasn’t that you wanted to spoil their good time, but it was an unspoken rule that if a Prefect caught you, they had no other choice unless they themselves wanted to end up in trouble. 
As you approached, wands drawn in order to cast a lumos charm, Tom put his body in front of you, taking charge. 
“I can handle it,” you whispered, a pout brought to your face. 
He didn’t even stop his movement, just kept walking even as he shot you a smirk. You rolled your eyes in frustration. He did this every time. You were perfectly capable of breaking up two horny teenagers and sending them off to bed, but he always had to be the one in charge. You were growing quite sick of it.
He got there before you and handled the situation with a dominant grace that only he seemed to possess, and he sent the two fifth years scattering on the way back to their respective common rooms. Without even another look in your boyfriends direction, you went stalking the other way and were determinately headed back to the Slytherin common room. 
“Get back here,” he said with a warning in his voice, following you nonetheless. 
“No. I’m going to bed,” you said rather loudly, not faltering in your steps. 
“Oh for the love of Merlin, what’s wrong?” He asked, his long legs giving him the ability to catch up with you. 
“You,” was your bitter reply. 
“Me? What have I done?” He asked incredulously. 
“Yes, you, Tom,” you said, finally halting in your steps and swinging around to face him. “You always have to be the one in charge. I could have easily handled that, like I said, but no. You just had to go and- and-,” you explained, waving your hands animatedly, but you trailed off once you realized this entire conversation was pointless. He wasn’t just going to change his incessant behavior no matter what you said. Besides, the smirk on his face as he looked down at you just proved it was a losing battle. 
“Darling, I hate to burst your bubble but you’ll never be in charge while I’m around. You don’t have to be,” he explained, attempting to be gentle through his cocky demeanor but his words only sent you into another flurry. 
“You want a bet? That I can’t be in charge?” You asked heatedly, your mind already slipping straight into the gutter. 
He paused for a moment, then finally sighed and raised an eyebrow. “Fine,” he agreed, “but you only get one chance so don’t mess it up for yourself.” 
The moment the two of you entered Tom’s private room, your lips were on each other and you took the initiative to slowly back him up into the bed until he had no choice but to sit with you standing before him. His grip on your waist was tight, but you had other plans for his hands anyways. 
The entire walk down to the dungeons, you had been plotting. You needed to prove to him that you could be in charge. Sure, it was nice that you had a boyfriend willing to take charge in all situations and you never had to worry about a thing, but you still felt the incessant need to prove yourself. 
“Take your clothes off and lie on the bed,” you told him when you pulled away from the kiss, attempting to emulate the demeanor he always gave off in situations like this. 
You heard him chuckle to himself, still under the impression that you couldn’t pull this off, but he did as you asked anyways. Finally, he was laying naked on the bed, completely relaxed against the pillows and looking at you expectantly. 
“Do you worst, Y/N,” he jested, his hand moving to trail down to his half erect cock but you stopped him in his tracks. 
“Did I say you could do that?” You asked, holding his wrist in your grip. His eyes darted up to yours and he looked shocked for a moment, but that look in his eyes went away in a flash as the signature smirk came back. 
He put his hand back down on the duvet and you climbed into the bed with him, straddling his legs. When he had been busy undressing, you undressed yourself down to your bra and panties. Little did he know what you had hidden underneath was a matching set. 
“Keep your hands right there. You’re gonna be a good boy for me tonight, right?” You cooed, trailing kisses from his neck down to his abdomen as you spoke. 
“The best,” he shot back with a sarcastic wink and it only made you chuckle to yourself because he truly had no idea what was coming. 
You continued your trail of kisses until you were firmly planted between his legs and your mouth was inches away from his cock. He was fully erect now and could feel your breath against his, making his cock twitch with anticipation. 
“Beg,” you demanded, refusing to touch him until he did at least the bare minimum, only placing kisses on his pelvis and thighs. 
“Please, Y/N. I’d love to cum down your throat right now,” he said lowly, but you could tell the begging was noncommittal. That would change. 
You easily complied, wanting him to think he had the upper hand, and immediately brought him into your mouth. You loved sucking his cock. He was warm and heavy on your tongue, and the noises he made always made you dripping wet. He wasn’t disappointing tonight. 
He released a low groan the second he felt his tip hit the back of your throat and he bucked his hips up, but you pushed the back down with force. You continued your ministrations, just waiting for him to lose himself. When you took him all the way down your throat, he lost it. 
His hands tangled in your hair as he tried to hold you down on him, cutting off your air supply, but you were prepared for this. He loved face fucking you and you knew if you had his mouth on his he just wouldn’t be able to resist. You reached for your wand that was strategically placed beside his leg on the bed and cast a silent spell. Immediately, his hands were removed from your hair and magically tied to the bed frame, locked into place. 
“What the fuck, Y/N?” He asked, seething. 
When you pulled off of his, you could see it in his eyes how angry he was. He didn’t think you had this in you. But how could he be so naive when you had learned from him? The best? 
“Where did I tell you to keep your hands?” You asked him, using one hand to lightly stroke his cock as you spoke. 
“The bed. Fuck. Let me out,” he demanded, struggling against his confines. 
“I don’t think I will,” you answered, suppressing a laugh. “After all, I am in charge.” 
You didn’t even give him a chance to reply, taking him in your mouth again and keeping your hands on his hips to hold them down. He didn’t have much leverage from this angle, so you knew it would be no problem. 
You dragged moan after moan from him, bringing him right to the edge and back down quite a few times until he was a sweating, writhing mess below you. You knew he was frustrated beyond belief, he had done this to you too many times to count. How did he like the taste of his own medicine? 
You weren’t even sure how long it had been going on for, but your jaw was beginning to ache and you were praying to Circe he cracked soon. That non committed begging from earlier was about to be real genuine soon if you had anything to say about it. 
You pulled off of him once more and your eyes snapped to his face. His hair was stuck to his forehead and neck, his chest was rapidly expanding and contracting, trying his best to get his breathing back under control, and there was a fury in his eyes so unmatched that you knew you’d be paying for this later. 
“Tell me what you want, Tom. Beg for it. Be a good boy for me, yeah?” You instructed, your hands massaging small circles into his tense thighs, willing him to relax into it. 
You could see the conflict in his face. He didn’t want to concede to you, wanting to prove his own point that you couldn’t, or shouldn’t have to be, in charge around him. But you knew how badly he wanted to cum. He cock was flushed such a dark shade of red that you were sure it had to hurt by now. He was aching for it, aching for you to get him there and let him cum in your mouth. 
“Fucking hell. Please, Y/N, let me fucking cum. Please,” he said breathlessly, his whole body limp against the bed as he stared up at you imploringly. 
A rush of power shot through, knowing you deny him so easily in the moment - leave him tied up and begging and wanting and aching. If you kept this up for much longer you know you’d end up on some sort of power trip. You knew he was letting you have this, letting you have his submission, but it still felt so damn good. 
“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” You asked with a gleeful grin before immediately getting back to work, your sights set on getting him the release he had begged for. 
“Fuck. Please don’t be cruel. Let me cum Y/N,” he continued to babble when he felt the warmth of your mouth again, his mind lost to the pleasure his body was feeling. 
That only made you work harder, wanting to show him a shred of mercy for the night he had endured. After all, he was a good boy for you throughout most of it. 
His entire body tenses again right before he exploded into your mouth was a loud groan. His body trembled as warm ropes of cum shot down your throat and onto your tonugue. You suckled greedily from the head, getting every last drop out, until he was squirming against the sheets. When you finally came up, he was still breathing heavily and his head was thrown back against the pillows. 
You crawled up the bed to lay beside him, looking over his body in appreciation. He was glistening from sweat and completely still now other than his breathing. 
“Are you going to let me out now?” He asked bitterly, attempting to move his hands from the ties as he looked over at you. 
“Oh c’mon. You know that was fun. And besides, I think I’d like to sit on your face next,” you said with a giggle, watching his face fall into another shocked expression. You would forever remember this night as a lesson well taught.
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fett-djarin · 2 months ago
YOOO its that time once more Literally have minimum inspiration for writing fics unless its for the Boys
This is for @jangofctts​ disaster chaos bottom Fuse x f!reader!
thanks for coming by yall
Rating: 18+
Length: 3.1k I’m avoiding my schoolwork dont @ me
Tags: SUB FUSE, light dom reader, praise kink, riding, choking, oral (m & f receiving), light bondage, unprotected sex, creampies, multiple orgasms, lemme know if i missed anything pls!
NSFW under the cut!!
"Fuse," you singsong at him, watching as he scowls and pulls against the binders keeping his wrists immobile. He refuses to look you in the eye, bare save for his briefs and you seated on his hips in your underthings.
You lean forward, hands running across his chest as you nip at his jaw, peppering him with light kisses before worrying his earlobe between your teeth.  He sucks in a sharp breath when you whisper in his ear, "Aw, c'mon, baby, don't be like that." And you rock your hips ever-so-slightly, the sensation dulled through the layers of your clothes, but just enough to make him choke back a noise. Fuse swallows heavily at the way your eyes darken.
You had been teasing your boyfriend throughout the day; brushing against him, planting a wet kiss on his neck, wearing a particularly low-cut top that hugged the curve of your breasts and bending over at the waist to pick things up off the floor, giggling and wearing that red lipstick that was his favorite because it matched his tattoos--
Tattoos you now traced with your tongue. The long stripe he had inked from chin to hips was one of your favorites and you especially loved the way his abs jumped when your hot, wet, sinful tongue flicked over them. You had said once, jokingly, that it was like instructions on how to get him off, which he did not find funny at the time--but it worked and he was moaning under you later.
You grind your clothed pussy down and back against the bulge in his briefs, a spot of wetness darkening the grey fabric at the tip of his cock. At the same time, you suck a bruise into his skin, marking him. You loved to mark him. His hips bucked up, desperate for a little more friction, and you clicked your tongue at him. You took his chin between your forefinger and thumb and turned his head so he looked at you, want shining in his dark eyes.
“So pretty,” you smile at him. His face flushes, staining his cheeks, and he squirms at your compliment. You press your lips to his, softly at first. Fuse gets impatient and tries to stick his tongue in your mouth to deepen the kiss, but you wind your fingers into his hair and tug, guiding his head to where you wanted it, making him groan. He practically melts under you as you run your nails along his skin, through the shorter hair at the back of his neck. You kiss him until he’s huffing, squirming under you again, trying to grind his harness up into your body. Your headboard rattles as he pulls once again against the bonds.
You release the harsh hold you had on his hair, instead carding your fingers through it soothingly, brushing the dyed strands back. “Been so good,” you kiss his throat, feeling the rumble of his pleasured noise under your lips. “Should my good boy get a reward?”
Fuse nods, still too cocky for your liking, and you nip at his collarbone. “Good boys use their words.”
He swallows again. Tongue darting out, wetting his lips. His pupils are blown wide, and as much as he liked to act like he called all the shots, you knew better. He made a small noise when your hand traced down his body to cup his cock through his greys, squeezing lightly.
“Y-yes. Please,” Fuse says, wonderfully compliant. Stars, he would do anything you asked if you always smiled at him like that. It took a long while before he was comfortable enough with you to accept being your ‘boyfriend.’ You weren’t like the others--you weren’t going to abandon him when he inevitably fucked up. But now...he would happily burn the whole fucking galaxy to the ground to keep you looking at him with such love in your eyes.
“Good boy,” you coo, and you feel him twitch in your hand. You move down his body until you knelt between his legs. Humming, you lean forward, nuzzling and mouthing at his cock through the fabric, staining the grey dark with your saliva. Your hands rest on his hips, holding them down, stopping him from bucking into your face.
“Please,” he says again, and you glance up to see him watching you hungrily. His bottom lip was swollen from his biting it.
“Please, what?” You palm him through his briefs, touch slightly firmer. Fuse throws his head back in frustration, groaning your name.
“Fucking touch me,” he growls. You pulled your hand entirely away, sitting back on your heels. A bright spark burned in you knowing he was so desperate for you, that only you could get him frustrated this way. But you keep your features schooled--if he knew how close you were to just giving in, he would never shut up.
His gaze snaps back down to you, eyes wide, lips parted, like you wouldn’t dare walk away now with him tied to your bed. You raise a brow at him. “If that’s how you’re going to behave, maybe I should leave you here a little longer until you remember your manners.” You shift back, making like you were going to get up, and Fuse honest-to-Maker whines. Good. He was getting there…
He pulls against the binders again, no doubt trying to reach for you. “Babe--please, baby, I’m sorry--” he makes another noise, and you stop, waiting for him to continue. “Please touch me.”
“Good.” You move back down, biting gently at the soft, sensitive skin of his inner thigh, making him jerk. You could tell him I am touching you, but you wouldn’t push it tonight. You were just as needy as he is. He lifts his hips when your fingers ghost over his erection, then tug at his waistband. He helps you slide them down, off his legs, and you make a gratifying noise at the sight of him.
You smile at him again. “Beautiful,” you sigh, and he squirms. You would never get tired of seeing him stretched out below you. As much as he scoffed when you told him so, he was beautiful. Silvery scars scattered across his warm tan skin, the large one covering his shoulder making your heart ache knowing he was hurt so. The bright red tattoos were striking and matched his fiery personality. You kissed across them again, sucking a dark mark on his hipbone.
Fuse hisses in a breath through his teeth as your hand wraps delicately around the base of his cock, stroking him once base to tip. He’s harder than beskar, thick and perfect in your hand and flushed a rosy red. Beads of precum drip from his tip, slicking your motions. You lift your hand to your lips, holding his gaze while you licked your fingers clean, moaning at the taste of him. Leaning forward, you unhook your bra, Fuse’s eyes glued to your breasts as you let the straps fall from your shoulders slowly, teasingly, before tossing it away.
You return your hand to his cock, pumping him with firm, long strokes. You lean up to kiss him again, just the briefest touch of your lips, and move up further so your breasts are now in his face. He takes the opportunity to lean up and pull a nipple into his mouth, licking and nipping gently, sucking hickies into your flesh. Each drag of his teeth against your sensitive skin sends little shivers through you, building warmth in your core. You move your hand on his cock faster, tightening your grip at the head each time. His hips twitch up into your hold for some more friction. You wind your other in his hair again and yank his head up, meeting him in a desperate, wet kiss full of teeth and tongue. You moan into his mouth and he eagerly takes each and every noise.
You tease the sensitive strip of skin at the head of his cock, rubbing little circles on it with your thumb. He breaks away with a gasp, eyes scrunched closed. “Gonna--ah--gonna cum,” he grits out, tapering off into a groan as you stop your touch. “Baby, please.” “Not yet, sweet boy,” you peck his nose as he looks at you with longing, eyes pleading. You kiss your way back down his body, taking his cock into the wet heat of your mouth without warning. Fuse swore loudly, and his hips thrust up involuntarily. You suck at the head of his cock, tongue dipping against his slit and licking up the precum before laving over his frenulum and pulling a loud moan from him. You let your saliva drip, working the rest of his member with your hand, wrist twisting on each stroke. Each pump drew soft noises from him, and if it weren’t for your weight pressing his hips down, he would be thrusting up into your mouth. You drag your tongue to the base of his cock before moving down, licking over his balls before bringing one into your soft heat, sucking gently, before doing the same for the other.
You knew he was getting close again from the tight little ah’s that pulled from his throat at each stroke. His hips twitched up into your touch more and more. Fuse again lets out a frustrated whine when you pull away once more, head tipped back onto the pillow, showing the long line of his throat decorated with the bright red stripe. You sit on his hips again, grinding your clothed center along the hard ridge of his cock and gasping at the sparks it sent through you, the needy warmth coiling in your core.
You reach up, undoing the binders that held his wrists to the headboard. You rub his wrists gently, soothing the marks, tipping forward for another kiss.
“C-can I...can I taste you?” Fuse says. His eyes are dark with want, and you can’t help the shiver that goes through you.
“Since you asked so nicely,” you say, climbing off him and sitting against the headboard, pulling your panties off along the way. He rolls to his stomach and between your spread legs, calloused hands running up the sensitive skin of your thighs. His arms wind under your thighs, holding you open. Hands palm your ass and tug you closer to his mouth, making you squeak.
“Fuse--oh,” you cut off with a tight moan as his lips seal around your clit and suck. He goes right in, tongue dipping down to your entrance and collecting your wetness. He moans at your taste. Your hands shoot down to hold his head, gripping the dyed strands hard enough to sting. If anything, it encourages him. His tongue teases and slides inside your entrance, and he chuckles breathlessly at you clenching around him. You tug his hair, guiding his head to where you want it. You move his mouth back against your clit and he lashes the little bundle of nerves with his tongue, sending shockwaves rippling through you.
You grind yourself harder against his mouth. “Use your f-fingers on me, baby,” you murmur, and he needs no further prompting before two of his fingers press against your entrance, easily sliding in down to the knuckle.
“Fuck, just like that,” you card your hand through his hair, your head tipped back. His own hips rut into the bed for the barest scrap of sensation. He curls his fingers as he pulls them out and thrusts back in, dragging against the spot inside you that makes your legs shake. You angle his mouth using your hold on his hair and the feeling of his lips on your clit brightens like a live wire.
“Give me another,” you demand, but it sounds more like a plea. A third finger instantly presses against you, and the stretch as he works it inside you makes you gasp. “You feel so good, Fuse--make me feel so good.” The vibration of his moan against your clit is heavenly, and you find yourself toeing the edge of release.
“Gonna cum, baby. You gonna be good and make me cum?” You ask him, your voice breathy. He hums his assent against you, putting more pressure on your clit and working his fingers faster. Raw sensation arcs up your spine, and you fist his hair, grinding yourself harder against his mouth. Your release rushes up, the coil inside you tightening and bursting. Your pussy clamps down hard on his fingers. Fuse chuckles against you, smug bastard. His tongue slows down, continuing to circle and caress your clit, each swipe making your legs jolt until you pull him off you.
“Such a good boy,” you praise, guiding him up for a kiss. You love his little noises, love how compliant he gets when you start bossing him around. Poor boy must be wanting to cum so bad. “Been so good for me.” You reach down to palm his cock, taking in how his breath hitches. “Lay down.”
He obeys instantly, laying on his back, lounging with his arms folded behind his head. He would normally look smug and cocky, but you can see the heaviness in his breathing, the way his slick cock strains towards his navel, and the flush in his cheeks. You straddle his hips once again, reaching down to glide his cock through your folds, coating him in your wetness. He takes a hold of your hips, fingers digging in greedily. The head of his cock catches on your entrance before sliding up, grinding against your clit, making you both moan in tandem.
“Ride me,” he says, breathless, “Please.” Remembering his manners…. His fingers flex on your hips, pressing into the flesh of your ass in what would surely become bruises tomorrow. You shush him, soothing, and guide the head of his cock to your wet heat. His head tips back as you sink that first inch onto him, and your nails press stinging half-circles into his chest. Slowly, you sink down, reveling in the stretch and the slight ache until your hips were flush with his.
You rose up on your knees, so just the tip of him remained in you, before bringing your hips back down hard, making him gasp. The slap of flesh meeting flesh was addicting, and the wet slide of him through your heat made your toes curl. The noises as you fucked him were obscene. Fuse’s breathing stuttered, and he looked up at you with half-lidded eyes. You took one of his hands off your hip and guided it to your chest, encouraging him to pinch and roll your nipples with his fingers.
Fuse’s hips rolled up, thrusting into you each time you came down on him, reaching something deep inside you that sparked electricity through you. His other hand on your hip helped guide you up and down as you bounced on his cock. He swats your ass and thrusts up, making you keen as his pubic bone brushes your clit and you glare down at him and the smug smirk on his face. You take his hand off your ass and pin it above his head--he could easily throw you off him if he really wanted to, but you knew he wouldn’t.
Each hard snap of your hips drove you both closer to the edge of ecstasy. Your fingers tangle with Fuse’s where you have his hand pinned to the mattress, and your other hand creeps up to wrap lightly around his throat. His pace stutters, and you smile, leaning down to bite at his bottom lip. Squeezing lightly around his throat, his mouth opens in a gasp, and you take the opportunity to slide your tongue in to caress his in a filthy kiss. He makes the prettiest noises.
You rock your hips, circling them on each downstroke, your clit dragging in just the right way against his skin pushing you closer and closer to the edge. If the breathy moans from Fuse told you anything, he was close too. Your grip around his throat tightens the slightest bit and you felt him throb inside you. Your slick coats your thighs, easing your movements and making obscene sounds that added to the warmth building inside you.
“Fuck,” Fuse bit out. “Fuck, I wanna--let me cum, please, please--” His voice was absolutely wrecked.
“What a good boy, asking permission,” you coo. You slow, drawing a high whining plea from Fuse. You tilt your head, pretending to consider it. “You’ve been so good, I suppose you can cum.” He moans loudly, and you figure he might wake up your entire apartment complex at this rate--but you don’t care. Your pussy clenches around him as you rock again, taking him as deep inside you as you could. His cock brushes up against that spot inside you and your toes curl.
“Cum for me, pretty boy,” you say, holding his gaze. Your hand releases his throat, instead tracing his tattoo down his chest. “Cum inside me, Fuse.” Your voice was steadier, demanding--a command--and he groans loud and long, throbbing inside you as he cums deep. You bring your hand down, stroking tight, fast little circles over your clit and tipping yourself over the edge after him. Warmth surges through you, pussy spasming around his sensitive cock, making him let out a keening moan as you finished together. Your orgasm rolls over you in devastating waves, leaving you trembling and heaving for breath above him.
You’re both boneless and pliant, laying together in your bed. You rest on top of him like his own personal weighted blanket, head nuzzled into his throat and leaving sweet kisses along his jaw, murmuring about how good he was, how well he listened, how hard he made you cum, how beautiful he sounded. He grumbled when you lifted yourself off him, feeling his cum begin to drip out of you. You moved to the side, smirking as he watched, entranced, as you scooped it up with your fingers and pushed it back inside you, moaning unabashedly. He would never admit it, but the sight of you fingering his cum back into your dripping pussy and then licking your fingers clean might nearly have been enough to make him cum again, if you had worked him up like you did before.
“Come here,” he says, voice rough, and he winds his arms around your waist to pull you to him. You giggle, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, and he pillows his head on your breasts. You run your fingers through his hair, gently scraping your nails along his scalp and making him shiver. He tightens his hold around your waist, hugging you to his body. You turned on some random holodrama for background noise, more focused on holding Fuse in your arms, both of you curled together and warm. He traces random patterns into your skin, and you cup his cheek, tilting his head up for a soft kiss. After the long mission the Sunburst Squadron had just returned from, this was exactly the relief he he was safe, and if he could, he would never let you go.
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queensynderella · 2 months ago
Catching Your Dom Off-Guard - Mini Scenarios (Part Two)
A/N: Ahh, these took forever but I had a lot of fun interwining the stories on these too thanks to a thirst session with @lady-bakuhoe​ .  I hope y’all enjoy! <3
These are based on this TikTok , the jist being “catching your Dom offguard by praising them like a pet.”
Warnings: 18+ Content, Minors DNI. (Light NSFW, D/s dynamics, brat things. [Some Quirkplay/Spanks])
Part One! 
Featuring: Eijirou Kirishima & Katsuki Bakugou
Eijirou Kirishima 
Tumblr media
You lay in bed, eyes darting between the incoming text messages and Kirishima as he stood in front of the floor length mirror opposite you. Watching as his muscular arms seemed to strain against the black cotton of his dress shirt while he threw his tie around his neck. You had managed to tune out Bakugou’s voice booming from the phone sitting on the dresser, the two discussing whatever press event they had to be at within the hour--the conversation you were having with your friend was much more amusing anyways. 
The two of you were always sending each other random tiktoks, especially trends or challenges to try out on your respective men. Today was no different and as you continued eyeing up the redhead, it seemed like the perfect time to try one of the newer ones out. Your head angling to get a better look at the reflection in the mirror as Kirishima began knotting his tie.
“You’re so good at that, babe.” You murmured with a soft smile while he perked up a brow before chuckling softly, the barest hint of pink dusting his cheekbones.
“Thanks, babe, I’ve had a lotta practice I guess?” Kirishima responded, but it wasn’t enough it seemed as he jumped right back into his conversation with the loudmouth blonde on speaker as you quietly huffed your annoyance.
“Have I ever told you how much I love it when you leave your hair down, Eiji?” You asked, tone sweetened as you briefly captured your lip between your teeth as he glanced over his shoulder at you. “Such a pretty boy, aren’t you? My pretty boy~” 
While that brought more of a rosy hue to his tanned skin, he seemed to still be unphased by your praises, collecting his phone off the dresser as he strode toward the bathroom. At least, that was what you thought, burying your nose in your phone again with a pout that your little game had failed. Until it was being plucked from your hands and tossed aside mid-typing as Kirishima kneeled on the side of the bed, leaning forward until you could taste the slight mintiness on his breath. 
“Is that so, little one?” The redhead purred lowly, ignoring the phone in his own hand as he easily crawled on top of you, arms planted either side of your head on the pillows as he flashed you a toothy grin.
You tried to choke down the small whine crawling up your throat at the petname, determined to not let it get to you--but Kirishima was already slipping a leg between your own and kneading his knee against your clothed cunt, earning a much louder whine. 
“Such a gorgeous little girl,” Kirishima drawled, nuzzling his nose against yours in slow circles meant to tease as his lips grazed your own with each pass, “but such a devious brat.”
Fuck. Your next breath hitching at his taunts, your hands flying up towards his broad chest to try and push him away before he could notice the heat rising on your face. But you should have known better, this man wasn’t just a Pro-Hero, he also knew you like the back of his hand. He was dropping his phone instantly as Bakugou prattled on, easily capturing both wrists in one large hand and pinning them up above your head.
“You aimin’ for a punishment before I go, huh?” He demanded, freehand grasping your chin to keep your gaze locked on his while his thumb traced along your jutted out lip. “Want me to spank that cute ass, that it, babygirl?”
“N-no...I--” You were at a loss for words, it was no use trying to lie when that steely glint was present in those crimson eyes of his; he had you right where he wanted and you both knew it.
“No?” Kirishima repeated back, brows furrowed in faux confusion as he dipped his head until his lips were flush against your ear. “You want me to edge you then? Leave you on that cusp, tied down so you can’t do anything but ache for Daddy to come home?”
Shit. A moan escaped as his words alone lit a fire in your gut, making you squirm in his grasp and inevitably grind yourself down onto his knee. Only to have the agitated voice of his best friend bark at you through the speaker.
“Fuckin’ hang up if you’re gonna do that shit, c’mon we ain’t got time for you to have a fuckin’ quickie, Shitty Hair, we gotta go!!”
It was almost enough to spoil the mood ensnaring the two of you together but before the blonde could continue to bitch, Kirishima snatched up his phone with the hand that had been at your chin. Bringing it up to his face without his carmine gaze ever leaving your face, scarred brow cocking high as he smirked down at you earning a whimper.
“Gonna be late, Katsu...gotta take care of somethin’.” His voice a low drawl and his thumb swiping to end the call before Bakugou could retort before tossing his phone aside. “Now, where were we, my bratty little Princess?”
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
You had been listening to Bakugou bark into his phone as it rest on the bathroom counter for half an hour already, rolling your eyes as you paced back and forth around your room to put laundry away. You had been huffing your annoyance at the blonde all morning for hogging the bathroom and carrying on his conversation with Kirishima about the press event they had today. Of course on his day off, Bakugou just had to have plans instead of staying home with you. 
Your thumbs tapping away at your own phone as you messaged your friend, eyes not missing the way your blonde boyfriend leaned towards the mirror as he carded a hand through his messy locks. It gave you the perfect view of his sculpted ass as the material of his slack pulled taut over it. No sooner had your phone dinged with a new message than your ears perked up at the barely audible whine ringing through the phone in the other room--the sound and the words on your own screen making a grin crop up.
You had sent her that particular tiktok trend, one you both agreed would be a blast to test out on your men. And it seemed your friend had chosen now to give it a whirl, leaving you to want to do the same. As you watched the three little dots appear and quickly disappear on your screen while more lewd noises sounded from Bakugou’s phone, you set your own aside and strolled over to lean in the bathroom doorway.
“Damn, you fill out that suit so fucking well, baby.” You commented, drawing the blonde’s attention to you as you reached out a hand to let your fingertips dance along the thick muscles straining against the arm of his dress shirt.
Had you not known what to look for, you might have missed the tiny hint of pink dusting Bakugou’s ears at your compliment, while a haughty smirk cropped up and a good natured scoff passed his lips.
“Damn straight I do.” He shot back, eyeing your fingers on his arm before going right back to his conversation with Kirishima as you huffed again. “What’s the problem, woman?”
“Nothing...just you’re sacrificing your day off to go do press.” You muttered, your words a mixture of defeat and awe--certainly drawing his attention to your forming pout. “Such a good hero, ‘Suki, such a good boy~” 
You managed to turn your back, pretending to head back to your chores while you sulked and you thought that was the end of your little game as Bakugou was busy shouting into his phone at Kirishima who promptly hung up after rattling off a reply. But your foot had barely made it over the threshold before the blonde was securing a large hand around your much smaller bicep and twirling you around to meet his narrowed ruby gaze. Now no one could miss the red tinge coating his ears, the only visible sign of having flustered him.
“The fuck did you just say?” He demanded causing you to shrug and grin.
“You know what I said, babe.” You replied nonchalantly, testing the grip on your arm to no avail.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard ya right, Princess…” He barked out gruffly, leaning in until your noses brushed every so slightly as he fixed his glare on you, locking you down. “Ya wanna try again?” 
“I said: such a good bo--ooh fuck!” Your teasing words cut short because the second you made to repeat yourself, your Pro-Hero boyfriend had easily leveraged the arm he had behind your back and bent you over the bathroom counter until you were blinking stupidly at your own reflection.
“I think…” Bakugou drawled in a low, icy tone as he curled his bulky body around yours to keep you pinned as his lips met your ear. "You need a fuckin' reminder of whose in charge. Don't ya brat?!"
You tried to stifle the soft whine trying to escape your throat at his tone, that glowering gaze in the mirror. But the widening of his smirk told you that Bakugou had still heard, his free hand was quick to jerk your pajama pants down, a groan rumbling up from his chest when he saw you weren’t wearing any panties. 
“Whadya think, huh? Think this’ll fix that attitude ya got, Princess?” He demanded as he straightened up, free hand held where you could catch the small sparks against his palm as he taunted you--the crackling sounds alone were enough to have you rubbing your thighs together.
“I dunno, you want me to text Kiri,” You asked, free hand picking up his discarded phone as you shot him a defiant grin through the reflection, “tell him you’re gonna be late too?”
An animalistic snarl ripped from deep within the blonde at your taunt, causing him to land a sharp slap against the curve of your ass. His quirked up palm leaving behind a near perfect handprint as you let out a loud pain laced moan, eyes widening when he snatched the phone from your hand. Bakugou snapped a few quick pictures, scrolling through and loading up the one that captured both the handprint on your ass and your submissive position, thanks to the mirror. 
“There.” He grunted as he shoved the phone back in your hand, a sickly sweet smile curling up his lips as he lit up his palm again in warning. “Go ahead and send Shitty Hair that, why don’tcha, little fuckin’ brat...I’d love to see ya type while I spank this cute ass of yours until you remember whose in charge. Maybe you’ll even learn to be a good girl, hah?”
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miss-smutty · 2 months ago
hii i just discovered ur blog and whew wow- tumblr is severely lacking some daddy hemsworth fics so tyyy
idk if your taking requests rn but could i please request something with thor or chris where he’s had a rough day at work or something and is very angry so he’s really rough in bed with you that evening and you love it! also could it include lots of dom!thor/chris and dirty talk bc that’s my weakness
tyyy if u do this sorry if it was too detailed idk ive never sent a request lol but ty hunny <3
So first of all thank you @mysticbonkoperavoid , I'm so glad you like my fics ❤️
And secondly thank you so much for your amazing request, I literally got lost in this filth 🥵🥵 I hope you like it 😘
A/N- This is just pure filth, so consider yourself warned 😂🥵🥵 strictly 18+ only. Dom!Thor literally had me ✨ clenching ✨
Summary- Thor's had a tough day and nothing you do is helping until you let him take out his frustration on you and become his little slut.
Word count- 3,243 of pure filth
Pairing- Thor x reader
Warnings- Smut, filth, dirty talk, rough sex, swearing
18+ only!!!
Taglist-: @innerpaperexpertcloud
Posted: 22nd Feb 2021
Tumblr media
⚡A Push Too Far ⚡
Thor had come home from a mission in a foul mood, you'd tried everything to cheer him up. You'd made him his favourite snack, put on his favourite show and even massaged his big, worn out feet. Nothing was working and you were exhausted with the effort. You selfishly couldn't stand the negative atmosphere and just wanted to know how to make him feel better. If he wouldn't tell you what was wrong how could you help? You were so used to him being overly enthusiastic about everything and hated when he was in one of these moods. Something pretty bad must've happened to dampen his mood this much.
"Just tell me what's wrong and I can help" You huff.
"Will you please just forget it? I don't want to talk about it" Thor said, pushing you off gently when you try to touch him. 
"I want to know what's happened to put you in such a sulky mood." You said teasing him, trying to get his attention. If you couldn't get him to talk to you then you would just have to help him take his frustration out in the best way he knows how.
"Please Y/N, stop talking about it" He says exasperated, you're pushing the last of his nerves and you know it. It's exactly what you want, you know what he's capable of when he's angry.
"Make me." You say, seeing the switch in his eyes as his jaw clenched tightly, the muscles in his neck straining against the skin. You backed away from him slowly, knowing all too well what was coming.
The ground shook around you as bolts of lightning flew from Thor and his eyes glowed brightly making you shield your own eyes from the sudden glare. Immediately knowing you'd pushed him too far. You were frightened but more than that you were massively turned on, your pussy clenching with ferocity. You knew he'd never hurt you, well never more than you could handle but still, angry Thor was a feast for the eyes. Delicious.
Tumblr media
"You better shut that pretty little mouth of yours before I put it to work" He bellowed, his eyes still glowing and his jaw clenched together tightly.
"Is that a promise?" You say under your breath, watching Thor through your eyelashes as he towered over you.
"On your knees" He commanded, with the power of a God, making you weak as his voice rebounded from the walls of the large, almost empty room with a dramatically high ceiling. 
"But..." You start before he cuts you off.
"Did I stutter? do as you're told" He urged, looking down at your petite frame before him. His powerful demeanor making you do exactly as you were told. Looking up at him with innocent eyes as you knelt on the hard, wooden floor.
He circled around you, like a wolf and his prey, taking in the sight of you kneeling like a victim. Purposefully not touching you, the anticipation of when he would strike making you hold your breath. Your panties are already soaking wet and the buldge in his pants is straining against his trousers.
Thor moves to stand in front of you, his legs planted a foot width apart while he gazes down at you, a slow, wicked smile appearing on his lips. Tortuously, slowly unzipping his trousers and pulling out his lofty length, gripping it firmly with his two hands.
"I think that pretty little face deserves to be fucked" oh fuck, Thor, now you're talking. Now was your turn to smile devishly at Thor, ready and waiting for him to feed your slutty little mouth with his fat cock.
He disappears behind you, you try to turn around to follow him with your eyes but he grabs your hair, pulling you back. It made you ache but not your head, it made your pussy ache. 
"Don't move" He whispers into your ear, still pulling your hair back so you're looking up at him. Pulling a hair tie from his wrist and wrapping it around your hair at the nape of your neck. Wait a minute, where did he get that from? It dawns on you that he's had this planned since the minute he'd got home, the only way he knows how to take his frustration out. Probably knowing you wouldn't be able to take his silent treatment and push him too far in the end anyway. Oh you sneaky man, Thor. 
It feels like a painstakingly long time before he's finally back in front of you, his trousers and boxers now discarded on the floor behind you. Taking in the sight of his thick, muscly thighs and his long, thick cock have you licking your pouty lips. You want to reach up and pull his t-shirt off too but he grabs hold of your wrists as they snake their way up his torso. 
"Ah ah ah, are you going to be good? or am I going to have to tie you up?” He asks in a gruff tone making you put out your bottom lip as you sit back on to your ankles. Your knees beginning to ache from the hard floorboards.
"Does it hurt?" He asks, watching you whince with a satisfied look on his face "Do you want a cushion?" He says in a teasing voice while you nod your head with pleading eyes.
"What do you say?" Bending to pick up the cushion from the couch and holding it out of arms reach, smiling sinfully.
"Please" You say sweetly, more than happy to play his game. Your whole body aching with need. At last he pulls his t-shirt over his head, his biceps flexing as he does, your heart racing at the sight of his ravishing nakedness. That perfect body is all yours.
"Strip" he says seductively looking you up and down, throwing the cushion on the floor by your knees and pulling you up and against his rock hard cock. A squeel emits from your mouth, his hands gripping your cheeks firmly.
You look at him for a second, dumbfounded. You're used to him taking the lead and ripping your clothes off in a heated frenzy, this is new.
Elated with the fact he's allowing you to give him a show for once, you drape the straps of your dress over your shoulder, pushing him down on the couch with a hard shove to the chest. Watching that slow smile spread on his lips and his cock bounce, satisfyingly, with the impact.
Pulling the dress down to your feet and stepping out of it, standing proudly in your lacey underwear. Cocking your eyebrow at him as you hook your thumbs into the side of your panties, pulling them down a fraction. You stop to move closer to him, reaching your hands out to touch his bare skin.
"No touching or I swear I'll tie your hands" He says nonchalantly, his eyes hungry with lust, you pout at him, disappointed you can't touch him.
He watches you intensely as you finish taking off your panties and bra, holding in a giggle when you throw them at him and they hit him square in the face.
"You smell, delicious" He surprises you when he licks his lips, no hint of a smile on his face just that deep intense glare of a predator. The word 'delicious' rolls of his tongue, delectably. The way he stares into your soul, taking in every inch of your nude body, makes your stomach clench, your pussy dripping with arousal.
"Now back on your knees" He says, standing back Infront of you, his cock eye level.
Grabbing your ponytail with one hand and guiding his cock to your mouth with his other. You open your mouth instinctively, widely, like the good little slut you are.
Thor takes no prisoners and rams his cock deep into your mouth, making you gag instantly. Your lips wrap around his cock, the length and thickness filling you up. He yanks your hair backwards so your looking into his eyes while he slams his cock in and out of your mouth.
"Look me in the eyes while you take my cock" oh for the love of God... and Thunder. your pussy is dripping, aching for it. "Good girl" 
He pushes your head down on his cock, as far as you can go. You can feel the tip hitting your tonsils and the shaft throbbing in your mouth. You're gagging, spit dribbling down your chin in a disgusting manner. Your eyes brimming with tears as he rams his cock to the back of your throat. 
"Choke on it" he groans, his head hanging back. You feel the confidence to reach out and cup his balls, knowing he wouldn't chastise you when he's too consumed in the ecstasy of your lips and tongue wrapping around his cock.
"Is that better? Are you satisfied now you've got my full attention?" He looks down at you, a deep hunger in his eyes. You were nowhere near satisfied yet, not until you felt his cock stretching your walls but you couldn't tell him that, he'd just tease you for even longer.
"Mmm" you mumble around the length of his dick.
"Don't talk with your mouth full" he scolds huskily, his voice filled with lust.
You hold onto his firm cheeks while you suck his dick, letting your tongue do the work, running over the full length and teasing the tip. Sucking on the tip, hard, while you grip the base with your hand. You can feel his cock throbbing in your mouth, amazed with how hard he is. You know he's struggling with restraining himself, just as much as you, he'll just never admit it. 
Thor lets out a deep growl, thrusting his dick into your mouth one last time before sharply pulling out with a pop. You were actually upset he'd stopped you, you were enjoying sucking his fat dick. He pulls you up to stand before grabbing your cheeks in his hands and lifting you up, wrapping your legs around him.
You want to kiss him so bad. You hang on to him as he pushes you back against the wall, hard enough to leave a bruise. The feel of his cock thrusting against you has you mewling as he bites hard on your neck. Shivers travel through your entire body, finally feeling his lips against your skin and the thrill of his teeth biting against your neck. The fine line between pain and pleasure being well and truly explored.
You're lost in the feel of his teeth against your skin and muscle, moaning loudly, you barely notice when he sets your feet back onto the ground. Sucking loudly on your neck, your head hanging to the side giving yourself to him freely.
"Im gunna leave marks all over your skin so everybody knows you're mine." He says breathlessly against your skin, his breathe tickling your neck making your hair stand on end, your pussy clenching, agonisingly.
Thor pushes his forearm against your throat so you're locked in between him and the wall, no where to go. Staring into your eyes, making you blush as he pushes two fingers into your mouth without warning.
"Suck" he commands, his voice gruff and deep, oozing authority. You know his fingers are going to delve into you and you can't wait, sucking eagerly on his legthy, stocky fingers.
Before you have time to draw breath, he thrusts his fingers into your opening. Immediately curling them around to find your G-spot. Satisfaction plastered on his face when he hears your moaning, knowing he's got you right where he wants you. 
"You love this, don’t you? Let me hear how much you love it.” He whispers into your ear, his arm still pushing against your throat. You can barely take anymore, his sultry words and his thick fingers making your head spin. Nothing else in the world matters right at this moment, he fills you with narcotic desire. Like a drug to you, you can't get enough, always wondering when you'll get your next fix. If you could get away with making him lose his temper on a daily basis, just so could feel this amount of pleasure, you would.
You moan for him obscenely, you're eyes pooling with desire and hunger. His fingers repeatedly hitting your spot, harshly, bringing you over the edge. Your mouth hangs open, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as your pussy clenches around his fingers.
"Does that feel good" he asks captivatingly, holding is arm against your throat and fucking you with his fingers.
"Amazing" You say breathless, the huskiness of your voice surprising you. His face is so close to yours and your senses so hightened that his masculine scent hits your nostrils. His otherworldly fragrance. The smell you long for on those long nights he's away. It hits you and you're consumed by it, your legs starting to shake as your mind loses control. The orgasm rushing from your core.
Then it's gone, just like that. You open your eyes, noticing they're about to burst with tears. You were so close!
"I don't care how good it feels, don't you dare come yet" he says venomously, you honestly feel like your about to start crying. The build up was so intense and then it was just gone and you still feel that deep need. Thor is looking pleased with himself and if you weren't so turned on by the look on his face, you would've slapped him straight across it. Cocky shit! 
You were about to protest, but he saved you from the punishment when he stuck his fingers into your mouth again. Your slickness coated all over them.
"Now see how good you taste, how wet I make you" you looked him in the eyes resentfully and for just a moment you saw his eyes soften. Only a moment before they're filled with fire once more and he's pulling you to the bedroom across the room. Still fighting the urge to finally have his way with you, taking his precious time to tease you beyond your limits. To show you who's the boss around here. As if you ever had any doubts.
Throwing you onto the bed and pushing your knees open with force. You can feel your pussy throbbing with anticipation knowing it's not long until he finally gives you what you've been craving from the start.
Tumblr media
Thor effortlessly clamps both of your wrists above your head in a vice like grip with his big, manly hands, leaving you writhing, like his prey, on the bed below him. You breathe a sigh of relief when he finally reaches down to kiss your lips, biting on your bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.
"Keep your hands here" Emphasising 'here' with a squeeze of your wrists. You try to stay perfectly still while he moves down your body, straining your neck to watch what he does next.
“What a perfect sight, you, all spread out for me to do whatever I want to” he says, positioning himself in-between your legs. Seeing you in all your glory, your pussy dripping wet making him lick his lips.
You gasp when his lips latch on to your inner thigh, so sensitive to his touch. Biting and sucking all the way down each thigh, your going to be covered in hickies come tomorrow morning. You know that's his plan, he loves to see the remnants of the night befores dirty sessions. Even if no one else can see them, he knows they're there, a reminder that you're his.
"Just marking my territory" he reminds you, confirming your suspicions.
"I know exactly what you're doing" you say through gritted teeth, the pain and pleasure unbearable.
"Let’s find out how much you can take before you're begging me for my cock.”
All you can do is nod your head while you bite down on your bottom lip, afraid how shaky your voice will be if you try to speak. 
The sudden slap to your pussy makes you shout out, completely unexpected but hot as fuck all the same, sending shockwaves throughout your whole body.
"You like that?" He slaps you again, hitting your clit with his fingertips and making you convulse uncontrollably. You can see the restraint on Thor's face, the vein protruding from his neck and the tightness in his jaw are the tell tale signs. You know he's about to burst.
"I love to see you squirm now I want to hear you moan" he grabs onto your hips and turns you over, pulling you on to your knees. His movements getting sloppy and desperate now, the lust taking over him.
You inhale as Thor presses the tip of his cock to your opening, brushing it up and down and gathering your wetness. Your legs threaten to give way as he teases you with his cock, you can't stop yourself from pushing yourself back onto him.
"Do you think you deserve my cock?" his voice was heavy with desire. 
"Yes, Thor... Please" you plead, more than worthy after the torture he's put you through.
Thor eases himself in gradually, while you push yourself backwards, no more patience left in you. Holding on to your hips and exhaling, the satisfaction of finally feeling your walls clamping around him. You whince as he slams himself into you with full force, his balls slapping against you. The sounds of sex filling your ears in a glorious way.
"You won't... be able... to walk... after I'm done... with you" he says between every thrust, knocking you forward with every slam. Your orgasm is building already, you can feel your walls tightening, trying to push him out as he holds on to your hips relentlessly.
He grips hold of your ponytail, yanking it backwards, so your head is as far back as it can go, your neck straining. He squats above you, dipping his dick into you, so deep you can feel it in your stomach. This position is fucking everything, he knows you're about to come and sends a slight electrical charge straight through your core just as you release around him. It feels fucking amazing! 
Thor reaches forward and hooks his finger into your mouth, pulling your cheek back as he continually pounds into you. Orgasm after orgasm gushing all over his cock, dribbling out of your aching pussy until you're kneeling in a puddle of your arousal. Your screaming his name, your pussy throbbing, squeezing against his cock. You know he's struggling to restrain when he inhales sharply.
"Dirty fucking slut" he says venomously.
"You fucking love it don't you?" His voice is breathless and deep, you can't take much more. The power of your come is pushing him out, making you ridiculously tight. You can feel his cock twinging as his powerful come shoots into you, he roars so loudly the bed shakes around you. You finally collapse into the bed head first, your knees giving way as he rests against you with his cock still inside of you, twitching and convulsing.
"Are you ok, baby?" Thor asks sweetly, his frustration finally dissipated, rubbing your ass cheeks tenderly.
"More than ok" you say breathless and tired, rolling over onto your back underneath him and pulling him down on to you.
Finally his lips are on yours, passionately, forcing your mouth open and stroking your tongue with his. Kissing you like his life depended on it, making up for the hours spent without the feel of your lips on his. A deep feeling of satisfaction washed over you, he's yours and you're his and you can fuck like animals but still collapse into each other arms lovingly afterwards.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong now?" You tease, making him laugh a great big belly laugh as he pulls you over on top of him.
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genderborscht · 2 months ago
cw for sex and metaphorical suicide // I once wrote a story about a boy whose father died in a car accident; he was there, this boy, when it happened. I wrote about his subsequent PTSD, his trauma, while he fell in love with another boy whose perfect blue eyes needed a thousand names-- including “ceruclean corneas” and “dazzling” and “like the ocean” and “a thousand spring skies.” Neither of them were named Andy; it doesn’t feel right referring to them in the past tense, so I’ll refer to them in the abstract. Maybe once I’m feeling less shy I’ll tell you all about the fictive gay lovers and their not so fictive counterparts. You’ll have to wait for clarity. I’m waiting too-- until the right sentence comes along, the right thought. It’s got everything to do with selves. Multiple selves. Andy knows about the car accident and his father’s death and it’s enough to turn his stomach (in this universe) inside out. Like Formal and Casual. Like the Top and the Bottom. There is always a pair, unfortunately. I am without another. Like myself, this person, Andy, he moves himself manually-- with the legs; he moves himself to appointments, to the bathroom, to eat a meager snack. He’ll stand in the pantry of life and try and see what lives on the top shelf way up there; was all of it expensive? Who else wants those baked, fried, turned-over foods with expiration dates printed right there on the package? Andy walks with his materials on his person. As he moves, the place between his legs jostles; his prosthetic is some expensive American version of a white-person-penis with the vague indentation of veins and the foreskin all pulled back. He’s perpetually “hard” but never actually soft to begin with. That’s medical grade silicone for you. I’m writing about Andy because he’s closest to me. Or, he’s going to be once I write enough of him. He’s my escape character-- or, pardon, my escape self. There is a song called Escape Artist by the Zolas that encapsulates this perfectly. Look it up on your own time if you like. “My Alter Ego / He’s an escape artist / he’s only truly happy when he’s under duress.” I am not any of these people I write about-- wrote about. I just pour myself down their throats and watch them vomit my body right back up again. It's not even a fetish. More like an obsession, though. Maybe. Nothing ever feels definite anymore. Today I finished reading Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I keep thinking about how Woolf goes on and on about the many Orlandos she has Orlando conjure up towards the end of the novel as Orlando herself drives home from London in the early twentieth century. Apparently some people have about two thousand selves living in the darkest backside of the brain, the part furthest from the eyes. Most people have at least a few selves, which come to being and make one the person one knows and whose friends see now and again. I’m not talking here about dissociative identity disorder. I’m talking about the pages where Orlando says aloud to herself “Orlando?” and waits for a self to appear. So we return to Andy. Andy is a part of me but is fictive. Is abstract. This all has something to do with the hypersexual manic state I survived a month or two ago. Andy doesn’t have a last name. He’s simply Andy B. That’s not B-E-E, either. It’s the letter. He’s more anonymous that way. Andy is mentally ill like me, but he’s a much better off person. He’s better off. He’s better. Andy lives alone but it doesn’t make him want to die. He’s a part of the universe. He’s not going to forget to feed himself, but he isn’t overtly hungry the way I am, either. Maybe Andy isn’t so different from me afterall. Maybe I’ve got to admit my fantasies came out harder than I intended, pushed everyone away. Andy pulls people in. See? Even when he pukes. He has a handkerchief on-hand. Sometimes he’s just sick. Sometimes he oversleeps. Andy lives alone. Remember this. His girlfriend, Oswald, is never home. She lives in another town not far from here. “Here” is where Andy lives: A small house with an orange door and one window looking out over the street. The road he lives on is not paved. The plants growing in heaps below the front window are in fact overgrown and heavy with rain. Andy walks down the gravel road. His shoes are wet all the way through to his socks and his dick is falling out of his underpants. He feels the phallus shifting and pulling down with gravity so he does a little skip and a hop and tries to readjust. He’s always readjusting in public. “Tell me when you get home safe,” the friend at the cafe said. Andy is thinking about them and their process and the promise he made, saying OKAY, before he left to have his panic attack in private. As he approaches the front door, Andy bends down to untie his tennis shoes and then retrieves his keys from the outside pocket of his satchel. He lets himself inside and sees that he left the living room lamp on again-- wasteful, he thinks, and flings his shoes across the room. They land with a soggy thud beside the sofa. Once, in a world I wrote so long and hard it makes me want to die, somebody came home and met their roommate and agreed it would be the perfect time to have sex. But this is not that story. I’ve been advised to avoid that story-- by myself, my therapists, by the woman I wrote it with. The woman and I agreed: That’s dead to us. We didn’t say it out loud on the phone or anything. But I know it’s dead. All of them: Dead. But so alive in my own psyche-- it’s a disaster, a hurricane, a storm. The “perfect” storm. So they’re dead for now. For now, I’m writing about Andy. Andy doesn’t have a roommate and if he did he wouldn’t fuck them after work, or fuck them to feel better about his mental illness. He wouldn’t use a friend like that, okay? He just wouldn’t. I say they’re dead and I won’t keep writing about them, but maybe this is the Critic that needs to own it— to pen it out or, as it were, type it. If Andy lived in that universe that is dead (it killed itself, or tried to— jumped off a cliff and hasn’t yet hit the ocean and therefore hasn’t yet died), Andy would fall so in love. Especially with the moment when, after the u-cut christmas tree lot, there was a tender threesome orchestrated in the living room. In my mind, the house looks a lot like this house I lived in when I was in eighth grade, when we first moved to Portland; the living room and the kitchen and the dining room and the bathroom and almost the downstairs bedroom were the same-- in my world and in theirs. Andy would interrupt the threesome. Would make it a 4sum with some chaotic transgender fuckery. Would make the singer-songwriter character more genderqueer, less domineering. Would make him entertain a they/them pronoun among a huge farm of he/hims of all different sizes and shapes but mostly uniform and all of them, of course all of them, pine trees. If Andy joined in, the soulmates wouldn’t get together. That’s what I mean when I say he would fuck it up. And the singer-songwriter would realize there’s more to life than sex with pretty cis boys. Andy would help him realize he looks really fucking pretty with lipstick on. With Andy, they’d start a queer band: one with a fierce femme undercurrent and lyrics about water and making love in Mexico-- a sparkling pop anthem, actually-- and they would go on tour in America. And the two who fucked on the couch after work? Those two? They wouldn’t be as pivotal as my friend and I once thought. In fact they would become pen-pals to the stream of in-person correspondence, to the song writing, the circle-jerks, the sober sex in the back of the van— seesh, I wonder if they’d even come to any of the shows. I wonder what would happen to them.
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ephemeral-sunsets · 2 months ago
eren x reader (nsfw)
warning: rough sex, semi-public sex, slapping, dirty talk, vaginal sex 
Tumblr media
Eren wakes you up in the middle of the night.
You were in the midst of an enthralling dream, but the details of it are lost on you as soon as your eyes open.
How could you be expected to form sentences, let alone recall details, with the way Eren is looking at you?
“y/n…” Eren says, and you force yourself not to look away, to stand your ground, the heat of his eyes on you causing your stomach to stir.
“Yes?” You say, deciding to feign ignorance. He furrows his eyebrows, and roughly pulls on the sleeve of your shirt.
“Come outside with me.” he says simply, and yanks you up, ignoring your yelp of surprise.
The moonlight splays across your skin as Eren leads you to a clearing surrounded by trees. You take off your shoes, and the grass is soothing underneath your feet as you wait for him to set down a blanket. He is clearly agitated, his eyes travelling across your body as you sit down.
“So. What did you-” Your question is immediately cut off by Eren’s mouth on yours. You feel a brief flash of confusion-the two of you had gone out at night before to kiss under the moonlight, but it had never this.
No. Today is different. Today, Eren wants something more.
“Tell me what you want, y/n,” he says in between sloppy kisses. His tongue, hot and slick against the crook of your neck, causes a moan to escape your mouth, and Eren stops to look at you, clear frustration evident on his face.
“Stop it. What if someone hears us?” You nod and bite your lip as he continues his assault on your neck once more. You feel your back hit the blanket, only realizing that Eren has pushed you down until after the fact. His kisses are aggressive and incessant, his hands yanking up your shirt to expose your chest to the cold as you feel him grind against you.
Your heart is racing faster, and you can feel the heat between your legs start to grow, aching and insistent. You’re not sure what has come over Eren tonight, but you don’t want it to end.
“Answer me. Tell me what you want,” he says again, out of breath, his mouth so close to yours you can feel the heat of your breath against your lips.
Well, there’s no reason to be shy.
“I want you to fuck me,” you say.
You hear Eren’s breath catch in his throat, and suddenly he is kissing up and down your stomach, stopping at your breasts to suck and them and kiss them, biting slightly down on your nipple. You gasp slightly at the mix of pleasure and pain, and you feel Eren smirk against your skin in reply.
“Shut up and flip over,” he says to you, and you oblige, turning over to your stomach. He grabs you around the waist and pulls you toward him until your legs are spread open and your ass is flush against him. He pulls your pants and underwear down to your ankles, and you wince as more of your skin is exposed to the cold night air.
You hear him adjust, and suddenly you can feel his hardness against you. You turn back to look at him. His hand is wrapped around his cock, and he strokes up and down, slowly, his face locked in concentration, and seeing him touch himself in this way sends a thrill through you. He locks eyes with you and frowns, slapping your ass with his other hand. You wince at the sting as his hand connects with your bare skin.
“Don’t look at me like that.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re gonna make me come.” You turn back around, your face hot, and you only have a second to catch your breath. And then you gasp as he enters you in one thrust, holding in a moan as he bottoms out.
Your eyes sting from the pleasure, and you turn your head to the side so you don’t swallow a mouthful of grass.
You reach your arm out, attempting to reach out to Eren, to grab onto something, anything, and he curses, slapping your arm.
“No.” Eren holds your wrists in his hand, keeping them above your head as he pounds into you. “If you hurt me, I’ll-” you see now. He’s worried that if you scratch him too hard, or bite him in the heat of the moment, then he’ll transform.
And then the two of you will really be in trouble.
“This has to be on my terms...fuck…”he grunts as he thrusts particularly deep into you. “You got that?” You nod weakly. The blanket has shifted down slightly, and so the wet grass sticks to your chest as every hard thrust of Eren’s cock causes you to shift back and forth across the ground, moaning as your nipples get stimulated with each stroke.
“Your did this to me…” Eren repeats over and over, under his breath, the heat of his breath sending shivers through you as he buries his face in your neck, your ass stinging as his pelvis makes contact with it over and over again, his cock pressing deliciously against your g spot with each stroke.
A moan escapes you despite your best efforts.
“Shut up,” he growls at you, before continuing his assault, sucking and licking at the soft skin of your neck. “Does it feel good? Huh? It does, right?”
You nod.
“That’s what I thought.”
Eren leans over as he enters you again and again, and his stomach is flush against your back as you grind into the blanket.
“Arch your back. I can’t get to your clit if you do that.”
You do as he says, lifting your ass off the blanket slightly, and his fingers never leave your clit, and his lips are against your neck, nipping and sucking hard enough to leave a mark.
“Yeah. You like that?” he whispers to you.
“Yes,” You whimper. He smirks against your ear.
“Of course you do.”
Just when you are at the brink, he pulls out of you. His hand is around your throat as he kisses you, his tongue intermingling with your own.
“Flip over again. I want to see your face,” he says, and once again, you lie on your back. He spreads your legs and plants himself between them, his body pressing against yours so that his skin is flush against you once again. And then he enters you again, and his cock hits that perfect spot, and his fingers circle your clit, and you ride wave after wave of pleasure as you clench and unclench around his hardness, leaving the both of you gasping for air.
“Eren-” You call out his name as you come, feeling the orgasm shoot through your body in tingles down to your toes and back up again. And as he groans in pleasure, clamping a hand over your mouth to silence you, his breath labored as he comes down from his climax, you realize you have never felt more happy.
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rat-suki · 2 months ago
Fire for You » Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WORDCOUNT : 1.8k words.
WARNINGS : smut, angst, dubcon, cheating (with reader), defloration, unprotected sex, toxic behavior, manipulation.
A/N : i’m late, but this is my submission for the whorehouse porn collab! thank you for letting me participate, miki mouse!!also, if you want, i recommend listening to fire for you by cannons as you read this. happy (late) valentine’s day ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why her—Why not you?
You shouldn’t have let him in.
Should’ve told him you were busy, that you had other plans, though he’d know that was a blatant lie. Because what else is someone like you to do on Valentine’s Day, save for hole yourself up within the confines of your home. 
You shouldn’t have let him touch you.
Should’ve pushed him away when his messy, blonde spikes tickled the curve of your jaw. Should’ve said something, told him to stop, when his fingers went exploring beneath the hem of your—his—t-shirt, shouldn’t have given in as he mumbled about how cute you look in his clothes. 
You shouldn’t have them in the first place.
Though your heart, body, and mind scream at you to take what he gives you, to let him engulf you in a warmth that’s so utterly Katsuki, so unlike anything else, the only thing you’ve ever wanted—you know this is wrong. 
It’s been wrong, for a very long time, but..
“Katsu, it’s Valentine’s Day,” you whine, fingers digging into his broad shoulders as he lowers you to the bed, eyes glazed over, already so needy. 
You blink up at him, chewing on your lip as your head races with possibilities, with a million different feelings, however guilt at the forefront.
“Isn’t she waiting for you?” 
She being the only she that should matter to him on a day like this, though he’s already found the loopholes in your logic: I’ve known you longer, know you better, love you more. 
Regardless of the fact that she’s his girlfriend.
And you aren’t. 
He doesn’t answer your question, instead chooses to shove your shirt up to your chin, kisses his way up until his nose brushes along the bare, underside of your breast. You shiver, naturally, and Katsuki takes that as his invitation to proceed as he suckles on you.
His name rolls off your tongue, again, far too naturally. It’s been like this for weeks, maybe even months, you try not to.. think about the details too much. It’s just—
You love him. 
Katsuki’s palms wrap around the small of your waist as he raises you off the bed, before trailing his grasp down to your hips, to the thin material of your sleep shorts.
“I wanna fuck you, shoulda done it a long time ago, but today’s perfect, hm?” 
You’re nodding your head no, and he knows why, but you complain anyway, “Katsu, I’ve—I’ve never.” 
He sighs, hot breath fanning over your belly button, “That’s why. Today’s gotta be the special day for my special girl.” Your heart thumps, crumbling a near second after with images of his actual ‘special girl’ filling your mind. Not you.
“This isn’t right..” 
You think you might cry.
“I don’t care, ‘member, all that matters is you. Keep tellin’ you that, dumbass.”
He’s right. He does. 
All the time, everyday. Hell, he might talk to you more than her, and he does know you longer, better. You swear to every god that ever existed, too: that you love him the most—definitely more than she does. But then the question still rings, the one you can’t bring yourself to ask.
Why isn’t he with you then?
As your thoughts race, Katsuki already has your shorts peeled off, your bare cunt exposed to his eyes and the wintery air of your room. He doesn’t hesitate to dive in, tongue lapping at your folds that are wrongfully wet for a man who doesn’t belong to you. 
He feels amazing—practiced. Has he done this with her, before? You won’t ask. Your heart might not survive long enough to endure the answer. 
When he begins circling your clit, you start to feel lightheaded, so delirious, so focused on the feeling of him and him alone, nothing else. Just Katsuki, Katsuki, Katsuki...
He groans, vibrations knocking the breath out of your lungs, “Keep moaning for me, Princess.” The nickname has your toes curling, something you’ve always adored, consistently melting into a puddle at the mere sound of it rolling off his tongue.
Does he call her that too?
Katsuki has you nearing your orgasm a moment later, pulling away with haste as you whine and thrash your hips in search of stimulation. He smacks his lips, wiping the mess you’ve created on his face with his forearm before his hands return to their rightful place on your fleshy thighs. 
“Don’t worry your pretty little head, ‘m gonna make you remember this.” 
And he holds himself to that. Your eyes roll into your skull, muscles clench, eyes sting with tears at the initial press of his cock. He’s big, that much you can tell, but you can’t bear to look. 
Instead, you focus on your breathing, in and out, breath hitching when he sinks into you another inch, jaw dropping when he tries to distract you by pitching your sensitive bud between his thumb. 
“A-Ah, Katsu, please,” you cry, lashes fluttering as you struggle to keep your gaze fixed to him. You know he likes it that way, likes it when you keep your eyes on him. 
“Yeah, my cock feel that good?” He’s losing it, you think, corners of his lips pulled into a nasty grin, you swear he drools a bit into your neck as he leans into you. 
Katsuki grunts when you clamp down around him at his words, tossing away his willpower as he selfishly drives the rest of himself inside of you, fingernails tearing through your sheer skin when you squeeze down immeasurably hard. 
“Fuckin’ shit, knew you were a virgin, but this pussy’s gotta be the tightest.” 
Of course it is, you’ve been saving yourself since the two of you were kids. All for him. 
“Hurts, Katsu,” he knows, maybe he likes it that way, gets to expose his true, sadistic nature with you, gets to use you without shame, gets to do whatever the hell he wants. You belong to him, more than he could ever belong to you.
Then, he pulls you flush against him, balls deep, grinding into the fat of your mound, trimmed pubes ghosting over your nerves as he begins fucking into you without an ounce of mercy. It’s almost too much to handle, yet still not enough.
There’s something crucial missing, something you try to make up for by pulling him down to you, sealing your lips together as yours begin to tremble. He chuckles when he notices, hastening his pace as he asks, “You cryin’ for me?”
You shake your head, blink your tears away. 
“Sorry, Princess, give it a second to start feeling good. I promise.” You nod, but it isn’t that. 
He already feels good, mind-blowingly good—how could he not, this is your Katsuki after all? 
But that special something. Not love. He loves you plenty. It’s—
“Want you so bad, please, more,” you mewl, locking your ankles around his back. Maybe it’s not too late, maybe you can still..
“Don’t have to ask me twice.” He has you flipping over the next moment, face down, the disgusting feeling of your tears soaking into the pillow alarming you with a gasp before Katsuki slams his cock into you from behind. You choke, fisting the sheets as he clings to the fat of your hips, roughly fucking into you like he didn’t just steal your virginity away.
“S’too—too much!” You cry out, but he can’t hear you over his own grunts, groans, incoherent slurs. 
“Shit, shit!” He’s leering over you, glued to your back as he rams you over and over again, “Thank fuck I decided to do this today.”
You’re nodding in agreement as your insides twist and crumble. This isn’t what you wanted at all. You shouldn’t have agreed to this. 
You try to raise your head up, back twitching with how aggressively Katsuki has you arching, only for him to force you back down, fingers digging into your scalp as he completely overpowers you. 
“So good, Princess,” he continues his furious rut, never hesitating, diving headfirst as he seemingly uses your body to get himself off, “So much better than her.” 
At that moment, every muscle in your body goes rigid, a string of moans falling from his lips as your cunt locks up, finally in agreement with your mind. Are you crazy? What exactly are you doing?
You shouldn’t be doing this.
“Kashu, shtop,” you mumble, muffled by the mattress, hands desperately trying to pry his hold off of you, “Stop it!”
He does, for a moment. Sighing, likely in annoyance, as he releases you. You collapse forward, legs curling into your chest, breath ragged and raw from crying for so long—how long had you been crying for?
“You good?” Is what he asks. It’s cold enough to have you flinching away in disgust, shoulders caving in as he tries to pry your face free, fingers pinching your cheeks together. 
Are you? Your mind races, what do you.. What are you supposed to say? Just then, the blaring ring of his phone cuts through the heavy atmosphere. You assume, trust that he’ll ignore it in favor of your obvious distress, but he’s tumbling out of your bed and racing towards the device anyways.
The rush of air that flies your way is unbearably icy.
You overhear him on call in the other room, hoping he’ll make it quick and return to your aid as you bundle yourself in your comforter. 
He doesn’t. 
When he finally returns, he’s got his brows pitched together, clearly irritated. You almost ask what’s wrong, but hold your tongue, waiting for him to express the same concern. 
He doesn’t. 
“Uh,” he starts, sitting on the edge of your bed, “I’ve gotta head out.” 
You wish you could say your heart drops, but it seems to be at rock bottom, already, shattered into an infinite amount of pieces. 
Katsuki laughs, maybe scoffs, raking a hand through his hair as he leans your way, plants a searing kiss to your temple, “You’re smarter than that, Princess.” 
You’re beginning to doubt that, actually. 
Wordlessly, he begins to dress himself, flashing you a look of sincere fondness every now and then, but you feel nothing but emptiness. Was that the last of you that he took? 
Was that the only thing plugging yourself together before the final wind inevitably shoves you over the edge, sinking into the grave reality of the situation you’ve been slowly inching towards for the previous.. You can’t bear to think it. 
“Katsuki,” you call out as his hand rests on the doorknob, “Will you be back?” 
You’re stupid. So fucking stupid, you already know—
“Nah, not today.”
You already know the answer. It’s the same every time.
You paw at yet another tear that slips free, scalding down your cheek, “Okay.. Happy Valentine’s Day.” 
Some people never learn. Some things can’t be unlearned. 
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eideticprongs · 2 months ago
pretty boy
harry potter x female!reader
(softish) smut; sub!harry, making out, grinding, oral (female receiving) (i feel like there’s more so pls let me know if i missed something)
2k words
“hello, i was wondering if you could do a sub harry one pls! thank you and also your writing is🤌🤌🤌!! have a wonderful day!!”
thank you,,i tried my best anon :)) enjoy!
You looked hot, there was no doubt about that. You almost didn’t want to put your dress you looked that good, you’d be depriving half the people at the wedding such a sight. Your hips were accentuated by the thin stretch of lace that enraptured the bottom of your waist. Your knickers did a poor job at covering anything, much like your bra, but who would want to hide something that looked so good.
As you were admiring yourself you heard the creak of a floorboard behind you, you whipped around to see a red faced Harry with eyes practically falling from his skull.
“oh hi harry, did you need something?”
“n-no just erm-” he cleared his throat, “molly was asking for you, it’s starting soon”.
Any embarrassment you were experiencing soon dissipated and excitement began to flare as you took in the boy’s flustered state.
“right, i’ll just be a min”, you turned back to the mirror leaning forward enough to do a final check of your makeup, your back was arched ever so slightly as you braced one hand against the pane of glass. As you pushed yourself back you took a final scan of yourself, almost missing the dark mess of curls belonging to the boy still by your door.
“harry, are you okay?”
“y-yeah ofcourse, brilliant”, he rushed out mumbling small goodbyes as he darted out of the room.
You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t noticed how Harry had started to lose his impish features, his face had started to become more defined and his body had started to bulk out slightly as he grew. You’d always admired him, the way his dark unruly hair completely contrasted the green hue of his irises was absolutely hypnotising. It felt wrong thinking about him like this, you were best friends with the twins for goodness sake, he was almost like a brother to you. Your relationship with Harry always felt like it missed something, you could talk with Hermione and Ron for hours on end but when you were with Harry an awkwardness would always suffocate the air between you two. So that was your plan for this evening, you’d do whatever it takes to dissipate this nervous tension, what’s the worst that could happen?
Once you were clad in your heels and dress you headed down to the kitchen to help Molly with any last minute preparations. You were greeted by both Fred and George courtseying before you and blowing kisses your way, you were quite taken back by how smart they looked.
“m’lady”, both twins reached out for you to take their hands, you took ahold of each boys hand, letting them lead you outside towards the huge tent.
“you two look rather dashing on this fine day”, you held your chin up and put on your most aristocratic voice.
“well thank you m’darling”
The three of you were in fits of giggles as you stumbled inside, rushing to take your seats next to eachother. You made sure you were sandwiched between the redheads, not wanting them to pull any pranks on Bill and Fleur’s day.
You were hardly paying attention to the ceremony, only occasionally looking up at the couple to admire how perfect they looked as individuals and together. Your gaze was drifting across the backs of heads in front of you, the majority red heads, once again the tufts of raven hair caught your eye. You couldn’t completely appreciate the sight of him in front of you as you were interrupted by elbows nudging you from either side.
“what the bloody hell do you want fred?”, you whisper yelled at the boy making sure he caught your stern glare.
“well I thought you’d appreciate to know that the ceremony is over, but you’re welcome to stay sitting here, staring, if you like”
You looked around to see everybody else standing up, making their way over to the round tables for the reception.
“oh sorry, didn’t realise” you mumbled. You let the twins lead you to a table, where you sat for a few hours picking on the food and enjoying the drink.
The twins had left you to do go on the dance floor and perform some jig that was far to upbeat for the music playing. You shook your head at them giggling into your glass as you sipped from it, out of the corner of your eye you noticed the object of your recent affections. He was sitting alone a few tables over, his face slightly glowing as he flicked his lighter on and off. Merlin he looked so hot, the flame beneath him highlighting his most prominent features.
You flattened your dress as you stood, trying your best to even out your breathing as you approached him. why was he making you so nervous, you’re never like this around guys.
“dance with me?”, it was more of a statement than a question. The boy’s eyes flicked up to meet yours, you could tell he was studying you, probably looking for deceit upon your features. You reached your hand out to him praying he’d take it. He did. You smirked up at him and led him to the dance floor, guiding his hands to encircle your waist. The two of you swayed for a while in silence, you held his gaze the whole time whilst linking your hands around his neck. A momentary bout of confidence surged through you.
“did you like what you saw earlier?”, you let your fingers comb through the curls at the back of his neck as you questioned him.
“I- uhm, I didn’t really see much” he forced out in a rush, “I promise”.
merlin he was adorable.
“so what you’re saying is you need a better look?” you teased letting a simper fall across your face.
His grip on your waist tightened and a small groan passed his lips. You removed your hands from his neck and let them fall to his on your waist, you tugged him off you and took hold of his hands as you led him out of the tent.
The two of you stayed as quiet as possible as you snook around to the back of the house, far from prying eyes. You pushed your palm against his chest, forcing his back to collide with the solid brick behind him. A soft grunt escaped him at the impact, you let your palm stroke his chest as you led it up to his exposed collarbones. You delicately traced his protruding bones, following your touch with barely there kisses.
His hands fumbled against you as he tried to find a place to situate them, you took your hands from his shoulders and guided his hands to your arse and applied enough pressure for him to knead against you.
You didn’t return your hands to their previous position, instead you let them skim down his clothed torso, allowing you to untuck his shirt from his trousers. Your kisses were chasing the blush that was rising up his neck, darkening the pink hue as you pulled his skin between your lips.
Your moans were drowned out by his as his confidence grew. His hands that were once massaging against your arse moved up your spine and began to fumble with zipper. You let him continue his attempts to undress you whilst you moved on your tip toes to brush your lips against his. You swallowed each others moans as your tongues traced eachother, you felt his mouth widen as a grin settled upon his lips. The feeling of cool hands against your back told you exactly why the boy was so pleased with himself.
You pulled back from him, ignoring the desire bubbling inside you from his beautiful sounds, and hooked your fingers beneath the straps of your dress. Harry was completely hypnotised by you, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth and his eyes zoned in on your partially exposed chest.
“harry, as fun as it sounds and it does sound fun believe me” you giggled, “but i’m not gonna let you fuck me with about a hundred people not even fifty yards from us”.
His head dropped as he let a small laugh fall from him, he looked up at you and nodded his head.
“cmon y/n/n, we can find a room”, this time it was his turn to put his hand out for you to hold. You let him lead you towards the house in search of a room.
Minutes later, you found yourself in a similiar compromising position with him up against a bedroom door, this time however you let him drag the straps of your dress off your shoulders as your thumbs dipped beneath his waistband. You shimmied out your dress giving time for Harry to fully appreciate the sight he was deprived of only hours ago. He surged forward to press kisses across the curve of your breasts, he nuzzled himself between the valley of your breasts.
He dropped to his knees in front of you, looking up at you with huge eyes. He pressed faint kisses along your abdomen trailing down towards your clothed pussy, his fingers began to fiddle with the thin string of lace that circled your hips.
You planted your fingers in his untamed hair, letting them scratch against his scalp as he started to kiss closer to your clit. The feeling of your hand in his hair felt euphoric to him, small groans escaped him, you felt the vibrations reverberated against you.
“such a good boy for me Harry, doing such a good job”
He nudged your thighs apart, you were still a bit unsteady in your heels. He pushed the dark lace aside, exposing you completely to him. His tongue skilfully traced the length of your slit up to your clit, he peppered kisses in all the right places and sucking at the your clit with a pressure that further built up your excitement.
“s-stop” you whined pulling him away by his hair.
“did i do something wrong, i’m sorry i shouldn’t hav-” you cut him short.
“get on the bed and lie on your back” you ordered, trying your best to ignore the feeling of your pulsing walls.
He stood up and stumbled over to the bed, shrugging his blazer off his shoulders. He collapsed onto the bed, settling his head against the pillow adorned headboard.
You sauntered over to him, stripping him of his shoes and tie. You straddled the tops of his thighs, only now noticing the bulge that had formed in his pants as you grazed against him. He squirmed beneath you, his fists gripping the sheets as you let your fingers trace the outline of his cock in his trousers.
“please, need more” he whined.
You leaned forward to press your lips to his, letting your hips grind against his with such a pressure that had you moaning into eachother. Your lip lock began to deepen as the boy beneath you began to buck his hips into yours. His hands moved from the sheets to you hips as he pushed you closer to him than you thought possible. Your moans mingled with his from the blinding pleasure and his hips started to stutter against yours. He let out one final deep guttural groan before his pace began to falter.
You pulled away from, shifting your hips back to his thighs to get a better look at his tented trousers. A patch darker than the rest of his trousers was growing slowly at the bottom of his zipper.
“m’sorry, didn’t mean to” he shied away from you, turning his head into the pillows beside him.
You took ahold of his jaw drawing his focus back to you, “don’t apologise for that ever, merlin such a pretty boy for me”. Your lips returned to his at a much slower rate than before, his breath was laboured as he panted against you, his tongue melded with yours as he engaged in a more sensual kiss.
He pulled away from you once again, “you didn’t get to finish”.
“we’ve got all night haven’t we”
ty for reading,, love u
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