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#fuck christianity
sunnylovesrainysaysa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey! Since this is my first post I thought I鈥檇 introduce myself, my name is Sunshine, I鈥檓 a digital and traditional artist with a love for frogs and a deep hate for Christianity. Here鈥檚 some of my more recent work, thank you for reading 馃挍
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gay-otlc4 days ago
(antisemitism tw, sorry, I just need to vent alksfdj;ljlaskfd and I don't really know any other jewish people on here)
ack I'm just very, very, very, very tired of people asking me about israeli politics and lecturing me on that and bringing me into that debate- for one, not all jews are israeli, and many don't have ties to israel in any sense whatsoever, and two- just because I'm part israeli does not mean I agree with their politics so stop fucking lecturing me on what I should choose. I'm just very tired of it, and I'm tired of people using their justified hate for israeli politics to be antisemetic.
Literally? It makes no sense. I mostly try to stay out of Israeli politics for the sole reason of not wanting to be bombarded by antisemitism, but do these people understand that a country doing bad things in the name of a religion does not equate to the religion being bad? Need we remind them of all the fucked up things Christianity has done? Say what you want about Israel, it doesn't even come close to everything people have done in the name of Christianity. The US government is so Christian and does absolutely horrible things, so why is Israel-based antisemitism so much more common?
Anyway, Judaism is about community and tradition and faith. Our religion is not about Israeli politics. Don't fucking reduce it to that.
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cithaerons6 days ago
this one person rb鈥檇 the jesus discourse just now and added the tag聽鈥淚 have no idea how this ended up on my dash but I can鈥檛 say I鈥檝e ever seen discourse like this before鈥 and it just sent me over the edge. i am In Tears laughing.
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greerymae6 days ago
guys the idea of heaven and hell is literally black and white thinking
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wodnes-coyotl8 days ago
i love when i see someone in a local neighborhood facebook group gifting some aggressive, absurd, poorly designed, and cringe-tastic xtian propaganda and they have the same spelling legal birth name as me (most people dont and it's not a common name anymore it's pretty dated). the opening line being smth like 'do you really think god cant use you' and then lists a bunch of biblical figures who like were too (whatever their story was) to think they could be 'useful' to god, like some kind of ragged throw-away tools. but anyways odinn i see you and i dont think thats funny.
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greerymae8 days ago
鈥渟in destroys your relationship with god.鈥
no it didn鈥檛. sin is a made up concept that you used to shame me for being mentally ill. i don鈥檛 subscribe to that bullshit lol and i hope you get help. you鈥檙e sick.
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demonicbusiness8 days ago
Quick quick! Call the pope!
What's the Vatican's number?
Thank you!
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starstruck-shadow10 days ago
hey dw about the emoji on the last post! I'm good with those ones, also ily and hope your mum shuts the fuck up!!!
Aight aight, ugywgbjfjb brain is just *sees any emoji* oh god tag it we can鈥檛 let Illusion sE E also oi why are you looking under your bl tag- that鈥檚 gonna backfire hchfgvhhvjh
Oh she won鈥檛, just like 90% of my family tbh 馃様 fuckin transphobic bastards using religion that they鈥檙e barely a part of or acknowledge as an excuse
Aaaaaaa ily too
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bubblegum-pops10 days ago
its always "why did you submit your work late" and never "how did you submit your work 2 hours after the deadline at 12 am, are you only sleeping for 4 hours????"
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hippolvte11 days ago
wait my jokes abt blasphemy and excommunication fully make me examine the ways religion fucked me up like i always thought it didnt play a massive role cause we were only culturally casually christian (ccc) and there was v little actual substance in it like i did have to grapple a bit but i thought id left that behind me but thinking how i actually want the church's attention if only just to flip them off and piss them off and also would be grand if the state and the church were separate entitites and the church didnt hold as much power as it does. like i wouldnt think twice abt religion and church stuff if i didnt HAVE to but being as i am a greek and having been one my whole life. i absolutely have to (a gay greek (gg) at that which. extra compliqu茅) but yeah ppl make fun of catholics for being guilt ridden etc sounds terrible i say but then i think that i fully grew up in orthodox greece nd had my family been slightly more religious than they were i would likely now be struggling w a lot of similar stuff huh. anyway don't rb this 馃挅鈽
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deathdrips11 days ago
when will my people be free from the shackles of christianity聽
#goddddd black christianity is so frustrating#i love my culture but SO much of black americanness is shaped by and around christianity#i wish i knew more black nonbelievers bc so much atheist convo is dominated by white ppl#it's like there is relief in knowing there are other ppl who have religious trauma and similar experiences#but there's a whole other layer when it comes to the black church.#like EYE wanna talk about how it's weird that we all collectively rallied around a book that was used to justify our enslavement#and that nobody questions why an all powerful deity would just ignore slavery and every other awful thing in history for centuries#but atheism is SO FUCKING WHITE and that's not a convo im interested in having with nonblack ppl#tangent but WHYYYY did my mom say she knew in her heart when she was pregnant with my brother that he was gonna be brown skinned#but god gave her a light skinned son bc cops target darker children聽鈽癸笍#WHAT WOULD POSSESS HER TO COME TO THAT LOGICAL CONCLUSION???? WHAT????#god said fuck everyone with darkskinned children i guess#as if my sister doesn't have dark skin????? you have a dark skinned child??? what are you saying ?????#the logical leaps religion makes you take like#i don't like voicing my hatred for the religion i was raised in/am currently surrounded by#because asshole atheism is on par with Super Religiosity in terms of annoyingness to me#but the christian god (as it was taught to me) is a whole fucking weirdo.#and i know the bible has cultural significance bc it taught enslaved ppl literacy and belief in god gave ppl strength#but the way ppl act like to seperate urself from that faith is to separate yourself from your blackness is irritating
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antisocial-xxxpert12 days ago
Oh do I feel alienated from religion because I've always been taught that "god is love" and can't feel god because I'm aro-ace and all around bad at emotions?
Well shit.
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u-u-h12 days ago
"We knew" is such an obnoxious reaction to coming out, though. Like, if they knew and they were cool with it, they would've been supportive and shown support for queer people so this person knew they were safe, had more information, and could publicly explore and express themselves.
But they said nothing, didn't offer a hand, didn't educate about differences or options; seems pretty clear what they were really feeling was begrudging acceptance. They only accepted it because they didn't have to deal with it for years and now they wanna play know it all, like a bitch.
Like why not help the person in the closet if they actually accept them? Because they wanted the person to stay in the closet for selfish reasons. They wanted to push down that part, it's not about them "letting it happen organically", they just didn't wanna deal with it.
There are reasons that person chose to come out, roadblocks specifically put in place by "friends" or "family", intentionally or not. And it's obvious by how they behave after someone close comes out if they really would've supported you before.
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pluto-dolohov14 days ago
i'm starting a new religion: Christianity 2.0 Basically, Jesus is queer as fuck. That's it. The bible is now any bible that includes copious amounts of queerity. Some examples: Judas x Jesus Jesus x Mary M x Judas Mary M x Mary Jesus x the 12 apostles Jesus and the crown of thorns used in a manner similar to flogging in the BDSM community Have fun! Let me know what y'all come up with lmao
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