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#frog princess
fanonical · 6 hours ago
if there's one disney villain that actually deserves an edgy antihero backstory, it's doctor facilier from princess and the frog
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one-morbid-beauty · 12 hours ago
Going into the various Princess and the Frog tags are bittersweet because you can tell that it was way more lively between 2014 and 2019. I'll see cute fanart or headcanons and go onto the blog of the person that made it and find out that they either don't create content for it anymore or just deleted all the work they have ever made for it leaving us with the same gifs and screenshots repeatedly. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate the ones still involved and putting out work I'm just bitter that I missed out.
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One part of Tiana's personality that not many people talk about: as much as she initially isn't interested in romance, she's incredibly supportive of her friends' love dreams.
When Charlotte comes in the cafe and starts gushing over Prince Naveen's arrival in New Orleans, she's genuinely happy for her, and even advises her on how it's easier to win a man's heart through food.
During the party Charlotte dances with Fake!Naveen, and even points at him while looking at Tiana as if to say "I'm dancing with Naveen himself! Can you believe it????" Tiana shrugs playfully, and watches them with a smile on her face.
Of course, we're talking about Tiana and Charlotte being lifelong friends: of course Tia would be happy for her best friend. But her supportive personality is evident even with people she just met.
Indeed, it's Tiana who's curious about knowing more about Ray's girl, and shows nothing but endearment when she hears the firefly gushing about Evangeline for the first time.
The moment they all actually see Evangeline, realizing it's really the Evening Star, she's understandably confused, but at the midpoint of "Ma Belle Evangeline", right before Naveen wants to dance with her, she's sighing in a loving manner while looking at Ray singing to his love, touched by the sweetness of it all.
Even the moment Tiana tells Ray in desperation that Evangeline is just a star, it's not to tell him "Your dream to be with her is stupid": it's more a "Your dream to be with her is going to hurt you. Your love is out of your league: the sooner you realize that, the better it'll be for your heart" kind of talk. She's lashing out her own sadness, true, and I'm pretty sure she's also projecting, considering she just started to have feelings for Naveen, only to face "reality" and think "He's a prince, I'm a waitress. I'm just fooling myself". But she's also speaking out of worry for her friend: Ray thinks the world of Evangeline, Tiana knows that, and if reality already hurt her, she's certain it will only hurt even more for him., yeah! Tiana is an amazing girl, and a loyal friend, that's what I'm saying!
Tumblr media
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@tricksheart​ said:  kiss cheek and then plays dead
Tumblr media
“Kurusu-san!” Sonia cried. He’d kissed her cheek and then fallen over, presumably unconscious. Her very skin had stunned him, enough to knock him out cold. She shrieked and knelt by his side, cupping his cheeks in her hands.
“Oh, I’m so’s because I’m a low-level demon and thus I am slightly poisonous. But only slightly! It should not harm you so severely. Please, please be all right!”
She had failed to notice that Akira was, in fact, just playing dead.
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toughtinkart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Back in March, I explored some fun Tiana designs, including one inspired from her lily pad ballgown and a patron exclusive design inspired by 1920’s fashion!
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wordbending · a day ago
☕️ MTF Charlotte La Bouff. (Assuming you actually watched The Princess and the Frog.)
I have not seen Princess and the Frog since it came out and I don't care for it so I barely know who this is.
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thelittlehansy · a day ago
Tiana : I don’t know if it I was a good idea your present the southern isles to Lottie babe !
Naveen : oh you think they are bad influence for her ? I think lottie is strong enough !
Tiana : no no that’s not for her that’s I m worried that’s for Hans...
Sat on a chair on his desk in front of lottie as if he organized a job meeting...
Hans : ok honey that’s easy you want to be a princess ? «  enthusiast »
Hans : or you want to be a princess ? «  make a grimace »
Lottie : I want to be a princess !!!!! « Enthusiasts »
Hans : aaaah !!! That’s what I was thinking
Lottie : sugar I m not gonna kill anyone ! I already said it to you !!
Hans : « fake to be outraged laugh  » why so because I tried to kill queen suddenly you assume that I want you to kill someone ?
Lottie : yes !!!
Naveen : True since they have become besties
Tiana : and she had talk to him about her dream to become a princess !!!
Hans : ok lottie i think you have to listen to spider man ! With great ambitions comes great mesures !
Lottie : ...
Lottie : I m pretty sure he didn’t say that !
Hans : ...
Hans : whatever !
Tiana : I think he is too much emotionally involved in her dream
Naveen : now that you said it...
Hans : i m gonna told you a little story that’s about a little boy !
Lottie : that’s you ?
Hans : no of course that’s not me ! « Lie bad »
Hans : his dream was to be a king and to show his worth to his family so he take all the measure he can do to it and guess what he fail ! You know why he fail ?
Lottie : because he lied to his fiancé let her to died and had ulterior motives to kill the queen even thought there was an internal winter to stop and he become a morally horrible person to be ?
Hans : no...
Hans : because he wait 5 long minutes having compassion for the queen !
Hans : he wait 5 whole minutes...watching the queen...without that he could have be king his long dream just like yours to be a princess.
Naveen : ommg defintly !!!!
Hans : « sobb hysterically in a comic way » I was so close of my goal !
Tiana and naveen : yeah too much emotionally involved !!
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thelittlehansy · 2 days ago
Matchmaker Hans...
Hans : « eating his breakfast»
Jurgen ( brother 4) : hi hans ! « Huge smile »
Hans : ...
Jurgen : your fine hans ?
Hans : ...
Jurgen : have you sleep good my brother ? Oh yes I have thanks Jurgen !
Hans : ...
Jurgen : oh please I pretend your were invisible when you were 8 !!!!! Why you have to be so bitter all the time like this !!!
Hans : ...
Jurgen : fine !!! I just wanted to tell you that I want to repair our relationship even if I was an asshole to you !!!
Jurgen : and also « cough » if you could « cough » present me to one of your acquaintance «  cough » I m sick of that princess father marry me with «  cough »
Hans : «  raise his head dirty look noticing his brother just want something »
...........the day after........
Hans : «  in a dark room hair perfectly comb with a smirk while smoking sat on a table »
Lottie : «  enter in the room »
Lottie : wooo it’s a bit dark there I didn’t thought it.. 
Hans : Mrs labouff !
Hans : it has come to my attention that you wanted to marry a prince in order to become a princess ?
Lottie : YeS !!!! «  extremely entousiaistc giggle »
Lottie : oups i mean yes sir ! « suddenly very serious »
Hans : 3000$ for number 4 ?
Brother 4 : I said present me not sell me !!!!!
Hans : 1$ for jurgen ?
Jurgen : ...
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hafanforever · 2 days ago
Hi guys! If any of you remember, almost four months ago, I made this gif set of a scene from Beauty and the Beast to illustrate a cool inside joke and pun it demonstrates. And I have been thinking that I’d like to do some more like it, so here is one from The Princess and the Frog! 😉
As we see, when Lawrence wears Dr. Facilier's talisman, it allows him to pose as Naveen since it contains the latter's blood.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
However, wearing it for so long causes the talisman to BLEED dry! 😵😆🤣
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now if you don’t understand this joke, when something “bleeds dry”, it means it runs out and is gone, and it's often used to describe when a person spends their money until it’s all gone. But it works as a double meaning in this case because the talisman is filled with blood that ultimately runs out; therefore, it “bleeds dry". 😆🤣😆🤣
Clever, no? 😉👍🏻
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pansapphicpositivity · 2 days ago
Name the top 3 character deaths that fucked you up as a child.
I'll go first (spoilers for The Princess and The Frog, How To Train Your Dragon 2, and Winx Club Season 4)
Ray the Firefly from The Princess and The Frog (HE WAS JUST A LITTLE GUY)
Stoick The Vast from How To Train Your Dragon 2 (This hurt so much also Gerard Butler voiced him so well)
Last and certainly not least:
Nabu from fucking Winx Club (godDAMMIT my boy did not deserve that)
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apathetic-coffee · 2 days ago
not to be dramatic but if epic mickey was instead made into a 2d animated movie akin to the three muskateers it would literally be the best thing anyone has ever made.
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therosepurplewitch · 2 days ago
Se um homem precisa dizer “Confie em mim”, é um sinal claro de que não se deve fazer isso. Confiança é algo que se obtém sem palavras.
- A dança da floresta, Juliet Marillier.
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