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jellyforum · 3 days ago
Fellas is it gay to invade heaven, losing a foot in the process, specifically to get your bro back and say so to his face holding a sword made of a letter he sent you
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princeofnerdytrash · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I drew Bryson and Mia Fry 😄 the Freeler twins
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sitchurama · 10 days ago
Hey folks!
The blog’s moving a little more slowly these days as I’m giving a lot of my time to a frender fic I’ve been meaning to write but I’m still very much here and I’ll have more content to share in the coming days! I don’t plan on leaving this place anytime soon. Or ever.
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sorry-apsalar · 10 days ago
Frender Drabbles: Going Crazy
"Having seen Insane In The Mainframe recently, I’d love to see Bender be a little (maybe a lot) more concerned about Fry being trapped in a cell with stab-happy Roberto while in the asylum."
Humans were far too fragile for their own good. Getting attached to one was the opposite of a good idea but it was far too late for Bender. The fact that Fry seemed particularly soft even by human standards only made that attachment more annoying. It meant Bender felt bad for him when he complained and whined about their situation and how bad being in a robot asylum supposedly was for a human – rather selfish of him, almost as if Bender wasn’t also having a hard time. He was even tempted to try to comfort or help Fry at times and might’ve given in to that impulse if he didn’t have a reputation to maintain. But he’d reached a breaking point and had to risk ruining that reputation or risk Fry getting himself killed like a moron. As bad as the former was the latter was worse.
Breaking out of his own cell was far easier than getting into Fry’s was proving to be. Finding it was the issue, there were no name tags and breaking into the front office proved to be a waste of time since it wasn’t written down anywhere in there either – which made sense, the bots staffing the place probably just had that kind of information memorized. He was forced to resort to going down the hall and pressing the button to open every door to check and immediately closing it if it wasn’t the right room all the while hoping that the night warden would continue to not show up.
Every minute that passed Bender became more and more convinced that Fry was probably dead. Roberto was a stab-happy maniac with no love for humans. He’d probably proceeded to slice Fry to bits the moment they’d been locked in together. Stupid humans and their stupid fragile squishy bodies. And stupid Fry in particular for being cute and endearing and then getting himself locked in a small room with someone who’d have a fun time killing him. … Okay so maybe that wasn’t Fry’s fault. Maybe this whole situation was more Bender’s fault for being the one who…
Like every other duo he’d interrupted tonight both Roberto and Fry froze as their door opened. Out of habit, Bender almost immediately pressed the open/close button again but stopped himself just in time.
“Bender!” Fry said doing nothing to try to hide the relief in his voice. “Boy am I glad to see you.” He was pressed back into the corner of the room, looking dirty and ragged as he’d been ever since they’d ended up here. He was bleeding now too; a rather nasty looking cut on the side of his face oozed blood and there were a quite a few cuts visible on his arms too, mostly on his forearms from obvious attempts to shield himself from Roberto’s knife.
“What do you want?” Roberto asked, giving Bender a suspicious glare. He still held his knife up, its edge dripping with Fry’s blood.
“Uh…” Now that Bender was here, he wasn’t really sure what to do. Considering how very alive Fry still clearly was, his worry had perhaps been unwarranted. But then again if he hadn’t come than things could’ve and probably would’ve continued to escalate to a rather bad place so… “I need to talk to my meatbag.” Extending an arm, he grabbed Fry by the wrist and pulled him out past Roberto, earning a small pathetic squeal of fear from Fry. Before Roberto could try to follow him out, Bender pressed the button again, closing the door in his face.
“I thought he was going to kill me,” Fry said, still shaking. “Thanks for saving me. Now let’s the get the fuck out of here.” He took a step and then paused to look back at Bender, desperation on his face. “Uh… how do we get out?”
Bender hadn’t exactly been planning on escaping tonight, he’d just wanted to make sure Roberto wouldn’t kill Fry. And breaking out of places was always substantially harder than breaking in. Also if they got caught trying to break out they’d be thrown in solitary confinement for who knows how long? Which was the last thing Fry needed right now since humans needed water and food or they’d die. So… “The easiest way to get out is to give them what they want. Convince them you think you’re a robot and they’ll let you out no problem.” It would also guarantee he wasn’t immediately thrown back in if he was caught for another crime later on.
“But I’m not!”
Bender shrugged, going back to pretending he didn’t care. “Just act like robot and they’ll…”
“I can’t! I’m on the verge of going crazy here. I haven’t properly slept in… days? Weeks? I didn’t even fucking know any more. So I just… I… I can’t.” Fry needed to be let out of here sooner rather than later. Ugh, stupid fragile humans.
“Shut up before someone hears you.”
Fry whimpered and huddled closer. “Please Bender! I got to get out of here.” At least he was finally whispering now.
“I know.” And Bender had to find a way to solve this because he cared way more than he ever wanted to admit even to himself but it was too late to stop now. “Just uh… temporarily convince yourself you’re a robot and that should get you let out in no time. You already said you’re going crazy, right? Just embrace it for a bit.”
“You really think that’ll work?”
Bender had no idea but repeating a lie often enough always made it feel truer, meaning it could theoretically work so… “Yeah totally.”
“Okay I’ll uh… try that then. … I’m not going back in there with Roberto though, he’d kill me for sure.”
“I know. Come on.” He looped his arm through Fry’s and started them walking down the hall. “You can switch rooms with me tonight. I got a new roommate tonight too. They’re an insane welding unit who’s been driving me crazy. They’re physically harmless though so you should be fine.” And Bender could put up with Roberto for a little while. It might even be fun.
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futurama · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
quick frender because i miss them
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sorry-apsalar · 13 days ago
Frender Drabbles: I Got Something to Show You
Having battled my way through the depths of writer's block, I bring you this. The request was "We’ve seen Fry pull off some major romantic gestures on the show. I’d love to see Fry do something big and wonderful for Bender like that." It's another drabble contingent upon art because I regained my ability to draw before I regained my ability to write.
“Bender, wake up.”
Waking up was the last thing Bender wanted to do but with Fry also giving him a firm shake it was too late now. So, with a sigh, he opened his eyes to look at Fry hovering over him. “What?”
“I got to show you something.” Fry was far too excited for how late at night it was, or super early morning depending on how one looked at it. It might’ve been cute if it wasn’t so annoying. “Come on.” He grabbed Bender by the hand and pulled him towards the open bedroom door.
Bender didn’t budge from the bed though, instead letting his arm stretch out. It didn’t take Fry longer than a few seconds to notice and turn back. “You’ll like it, I promise. So let’s go.”
“Why show it to me in the middle of the night though? Surely morning would be better.”
“You’ll see why when you uh… see it.”
Refusing on principle for being woken up so late was still an option but… Bender couldn’t help but be curious. Besides, he was already fully awake so he might as well. Also it was Fry and he’d do almost anything for Fry. So… he got out of bed and followed him out of the room and then out of their apartment.
“Does this have something do with whatever you had to do at the Planet Express building after work and why you didn’t come home last night?” he asked as they boarded the elevator at the end of the hall. Bender had stayed up a bit longer than usual waiting for him; another reason being woken so late was a bother.
“Yep, exactly.” Surprisingly Fry pushed the button that would take them up to the roof instead of the ground floor. “It took a lot longer than I thought it would though. I meant to get done before our usual bedtime. But it’s still dark out so it’s fine.”
A few seconds later as the elevator came to a stop, its door opening with a small ding Fry took Bender’s hand again and led him outside. “Ta-da!” he said, gesturing up towards the night sky.
Tumblr media
“I overheard the Professor and Hermes talking about how that star moving thing is still attached to the ship. So I thought it’d be fun to sneak out on the ship and move some stars around. I was going to bring the idea to you but then this idea occurred to me instead so I…” he cut off as Bender hugged him.
Too excited to hold still for long, Bender only gave him a quick squeeze before letting go and turning back to look at his name written up in the stars. “This is the greatest thing anyone’s ever done for me!” What a legacy, his name was literally a constellation. Everyone on Earth or who visited Earth would know of him now.
He went closer to the edge to look out over the city. “You see that New New York? That’s my name because I’m the greatest! Woohoo!”
Fry’s small chuckle drew Bender’s gaze back to him. “I knew you’d like it.”
“I love it.” And Bender was going to make sure no one ever forgot his name was written in the stars now. “Thanks meatbag, you’re the best partner a guy as great as me could ever ask for.”
“I love you too.”
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fuchsialilypads · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
fun little collab done with @sitchurama !! this is actually a meme redraw i have no idea why we put our all into it but im glad we did lol
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mmmmmmjanet · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Concepts for a fanfic I’m thinking about writing :P
The plot is pretty much Bender gets kidnapped. there’s also yearning and angst because I’m like that.
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freedemon · 20 days ago
This is more Frender proof, BUT, if you haven’t watched Disenchantment PLEASE do not read on, I am using some of its storyline for further evidence. It’s not my fault if I spoil you.
If you have watched Disenchantment and Futurama, or do not care for spoilers, you’re welcome to read on!
Don’t you find it a little odd how the main trios of Futurama and Disenchantment correspond to each other, keeping in mind that they’re by the same creators?
Take this: Bean = Leela (badass girl with family issues), Luci = Bender (smokes, drinks, makes dark and sarcastic jokes and pretends to hate their friends but proves to love them later on), Elfo = Fry (idiotic bb but such a sweetheart).
Are you seeing this or am I just tripping!?
There’s also a couple parallels between them;
Tumblr media
Bender flying Fry and Leela out of Robot Hell (left) VS Luci flying Elfo’s soul and Bean out of Hell (right).
Tumblr media
Elfo in the red tubes from Heaven to Hell (left) VS Fry in the light turquoise tubes in NNYC (right).
There’s most likely WAY more references between these characters and I couldn’t find any images that show Bean and Leela being similar, but I’m hoping you now get the idea.
Now we can hopefully get on with this uh… I’m trying not to sound like a teacher XD
At the first season, we can see how Elfo and Bean could end up together (which I personally think would be a stupid idea lmao) Just. Like. Freela. Guess what it is???
Elfo/Fry gazing away at Bean/Leela,
Luci/Bender usually just shaking their head,
Bean/Leela ignoring and/or not realising Elfo’s/Fry’s attempts.
Elfo and Bean kiss twice and it seems like they are together but then the writers swiftly change lanes and start to make Bean a bisexual bitch (like she full on deserves!!!).
So what I’m saying is that maybe the writers of Disenchantment maybe were going to make Bean and Elfo be a couple, realising that it would be a mistake to have the exact same concept and have their main character be heterosexual like they’ve done with every other show.
They didn’t do this in Futurama since it would’ve decreased the amount of sales because then it would’ve been the late 1990s - early 2010s, where homophobia was more uncommon, but not non-existing — not to mention that the AIDS pandemic was only a couple of years back.
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