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avatar-state-kate · 2 days ago
So, in “the Sting” during Leela’s dream within a dream she states “ Oh, Fry! You must be alive; I've never been treated so romantically by my own imagination before.”
We know that Fry has been getting through to Leela, so my headcanon is that these “dream dates” are Fry talking to Leela about all the things they’ll do when she wakes up from her coma.
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princeofnerdytrash · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I drew Bryson and Mia Fry 😄 the Freeler twins
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borbs-net · 6 days ago
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accidentprone · 8 days ago
futurama is probably the only show where i don’t mind the heterosexuality
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cerinelle-stellarium · 10 days ago
All Pairings That I Support!!
OTPs I Ship
Rayllum (The Dragon Prince)
Quinnary (Final Space)
Rigleen (Regular Show)
Janaya (The Dragon Prince)
Linbob (Bob's Burgers)
BrOTPs I Root For
Sprig Plantar and Anne Boonchuy (Amphibia)
Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu (Amphibia)
Gary Goodspeed and Avocato (Final Space)
Ezran and Zym (The Dragon Prince)
Soren and Rayla/Corvus (The Dragon Prince)
Gren and Amaya (The Dragon Prince)
Bob Belcher and Teddy (Bob's Burgers)
Spongebob and Sandy/Patrick (Spongebob Squarepants)
Fry and Bender (Futurama)
Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show)
Dipper and Wendy/Pacifica (Gravity Falls)
Couples I low-key ship but am not too invested in
Marcanne (Amphibia)
Rudlouise (Bob's Burgers)
Kifamy (Futurama)
Freela (Futurama)
Ruthari (The Dragon Prince)
Ezris (The Dragon Prince)
Anything that involves incest, pedos, dub con, all levels of toxicity and manipulation.
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weedle-testaburger · 17 days ago
there's two kinds of ships in media: 1) this is the cherry on top of a thing I absolutely love, and 2) this is the one thing I'm clinging to in this trash pile
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weedle-testaburger · 22 days ago
Amity getting bad dating advice from other couples I ship
(well it’s other couples @chronowix​ and I ship and we were brainstorming this but yk :p)
Amity: any advice how to flirt?
Fry and Stan: do stupid shit and maybe she’ll notice you
Amity: 😶
Amity: ...and you two?
Leela and Wendy: be the dom one in the relationship, bi dudes and gals all love that
Tumblr media
Amity: and what about you guys?
Steven: umm, basically don’t rush into anything and be really great friends, eventually you’ll realize you love each other
Connie: oh and don’t propose when she’s 15!
Tumblr media
Fry: oh and don’t get stuck in a time loop while proposing to her either!
Amity: ...y’all so fucked up
Stan: also, if she dumps you do NOT get in a goth phase!
Amity: too late
Amity: alright so they're all crazy, maybe two GUYS can help with this?
Shinji: if you love someone and they love you unconditionally, don’t kill them and end the universe
Kaworu: and tell your partner you love them, not that they’re ‘worthy of your grace’
Amity: never mind
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sorry-apsalar · a month ago
Excuse me for a second while I complain about how Freela is portrayed in canon again because I have more thoughts that I’d like to shout into the void because my salt has been renewed once again. Leela forgives him way too easily. Like he literally outed her as mutant in front of a bunch of people who are bigoted against mutants, resulting in her getting banished to the sewers. She’s mad at first as she should be but then she’s all ‘maybe I was too hard on him because he didn’t do it on purpose’ and forgives him. The fact that he didn’t do it on purpose isn’t really important because he was dumb and careless and did it anyway, the harm was done and it was entirely his fault. I get storywise why she had to forgive him but I feel like in terms of them settling that conflict in their relationship it would’ve been better if she’d done it after he’d jumped into the mutant sewage lake instead of just deciding to randomly forgive him.
This isn’t even the first time she’s done something like that either. In a prior episode he uploads a video featuring an embarrassing boil she has to the internet after she very specially told him not to. But then she forgives him because ultimately it turns out that everyone knowing doesn’t really matter because as soon as the next big thing happened they didn’t care anymore. But that doesn’t change the fact that he literally betrayed her trust in uploading the video after she told him in no uncertain terms not to.
Why is she still dating him? He’s a terrible boyfriend. And since they started dating most of the storylines about or heavily featuring their relationship have had them arguing or featured Fry being a bad partner and Leela just forgiving him. Also, it’s just not well written in general, they have no real romantic chemistry. Like even the people in the fandom who ship it have to admit it’s not well written, right?
Also, an unrelated side note because Frender’s my jam. While Fry was looking like a horribly gross mutant, Leela, his supposed girlfriend, refused to touch him even though he’d jumped in solely for her, but then as soon as Bender sees him he hugs him without any real hesitation. It was adorable and gosh I wish they could’ve been canon.
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freedemon · a month ago
Frender - Should’ve been canon (part one) — PART TWO IS OUT!
So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and the only reason I’ve gotten this Tumblr account is to make this.
A short short analysis on Fry and Bender (more parts will be made, but you don’t have to read them).
Let’s go to the beginning of the show.
We first start the show with our opening scene with Fry explaining space in a video game. He seems to be your average 1990s loser who either lives in his parents basement or lives in a crummy old apartment.
When we get to see Bender, who can’t go on living once realising the girders he bends are for suicide booths, we can clearly see that he is the 31st century equivalent to Fry.
Fry is running away from Leela at this time, who apparently is supposed to be his future SO. Fry is running away from her, like running away from a bad, unhealthy relationship. It’s also clear that Fry has been in at least two unhealthy relationships (Morgan and Michelle, Michelle whom he dated twice). Fry even described how Michelle was his “on again, off again girlfriend” in the The Cryonic Woman (Season 2, Episode 19), while later on, Leela described her and Fry’s relationship as “off again, on again” in Overclockwise (Season 6, Episode 25).
Tumblr media
(Apologies for the huge formatting).
In Rebirth, when Leela is put into an “irreversible coma”, Fry makes Lego minifigures of both himself and Leela, while saying “my soulmate is gone.”. In Silence Of The Clamps, Fry creates a minifigure of Bender:
Tumblr media
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mutedbrowns · a month ago
while i’m out of art to upload, i’ll just share my fry, lars, and leela playlist x’))  (songs from ‘start again’ to ‘never forget you’ is a whole section i’ve dedicated to lars lmao) it can be very cheesy so im apologizing in advance x’)) this is what i have on loop x’)))
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fedorarapture · a month ago
I think I’ll post the rest of my Futurama ship playlists 🤔 🤔 (YES THAT AMONG US FANSONG HAS TO BE HERE I WON’T ELABORATE)
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gloriawportfolio · a month ago
Vídeo criado como homenagem às funcionárias do Hotel Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro pelo Dia Internacional da Mulher.
Desenvolvi este vídeo como um projeto freelance de comunicação interna.
Tendo como inspiração a imagem de Rosie The Riveter, famosa representação das mulheres trabalhadoras da Segunda Guerra Mundial, foram gravados boomerangs das funcionárias do Hilton Barra fazendo a icônica pose, que passou a representar o empoderamento feminino. Com esse material em mãos, desenvolvi um roteiro e uma identidade visual para o vídeo, condizentes com a mensagem almejada pelo cliente. A maior parte do trabalho de edição foi feita no After Effects, mas também utilizei o Illustrator e o Premiere pra incrementar o projeto. O vídeo foi projetado no formato dos stories do Instagram e foi veiculado na conta interna da empresa.
• English translation •
Video created as a tribute to Hilton Barra’s women employees for International Women’s Day.
This video was developed as a freelance internal communication project.
Inspired by the image of Rosie the Riveter, famous representation of the working women of WWII, boomerangs of Hilton Barra’s women employees were recorded. They imitated Rosie’s iconic pose, which came to represent female empowerment. Upon receiving this material, I developed a script and a visual identity for the video, both consistent with the message intended by the client. Most of the editing work was made with After Effects, but I also used Illustrator and Premiere to boost the project. The video was designed for Instagram’s stories and aired on the company’s internal account.
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sorry-apsalar · 2 months ago
Is This a Date?
Another request, yay! It was, “It's maybe a little convoluted, but I'd love to see you write something involving Leela and Fry breaking up and Bender using the chance to whoo him and show him there's other people worth dating. It takes Fry a lot to realize what's going on so Bender tries to pull all the stops for Fry, finally convincing him with some grand gesture.”
“Stop moping.”
Fry rolled over to look at Bender standing in the doorway of his bedroom. “What do you want?”
“I told you. I want you to stop moping. I’ve tried being nice about it, giving you your space and stuff but you’re still moping and it’s starting to get annoying.”
“I’m doing it alone in my room though. So if it really bothers you, just don’t come in here.” Especially since he hadn’t been invited.
Bender wasn’t budging though. In fact, instead of fucking off, he stepped further in. “It’s been almost a month now, it’s time to get over it.”
“How can I possibly get over it?” Leela had agreed to be his girlfriend only to turn around a few months later and say she didn’t feel ‘that way’ about him, that she’d been trying to for his sake but just couldn’t. Meaning she’d never actually been into him at all. How could Fry ever possibly recover from that? She insisted she loved him as a friend but… if she really did why had she led him on like that? It wasn’t fair.
“Just uh… ugh. Try dating someone else maybe? Like uh… Amy did when Kif broke up with her that one time. She got over that real fast, remember? You could try that too, I’ll help. Maybe it’ll even make Leela jealous, wouldn’t that be fun?”
“I can’t date anyone else though because I’ll never love anyone as much as I love Leela.”
“Now you’re just being dramatic.”
Maybe so but Fry didn’t care. He was in a rather dramatic mood. And Bender trying to pull him out of it was only making it worse so… “Just go away already. If me being sad is really that annoying to you then you shouldn’t…” He cut off with a yelp as Bender stepped closer to grab his wrist and yanked him partially off the bed.
“Come on, I know what’ll cheer you up.”
Fry was forced to scramble the rest of the way off the bed and to his feet or risk being dragged across the floor as Bender turned to leave while still tugging on Fry’s arm. He was tempted to hold his ground and refuse to leave but if Bender really wanted to physically force him out of his room, there wasn’t much Fry could do to stop him so he followed willingly for now. That didn’t mean he was going without compliant though.
“Look, I appreciate the thought but I don’t really…”
In the living area, Bender pushed Fry onto the couch, making him cut off again. “We’re watching TV like we used to.” He sat down right next to Fry. Grabbing the remote off the coffee table, he switched the TV on to of course All My Circuits. His favourite show. Fry’s too but he wasn’t in the mood for it or TV in general right now so…
When he tried to stand back up, Bender put a not subtle hand on his shoulder, holding him in place. Not hard but the threat for such was there.
“I’ll even share a beer with you.” Bender’s tone was causal as if he wasn’t forcing Fry to be here with him. He opened his chest compartment to pull out two beer bottles. One of which he handed to Fry after even opening it for him. “Better already, right?”
He didn’t willingly share his stuff often, refusing would likely only make him mad and well, the fact that he was serious enough about making Fry feel better to share was rather nice. So, with a sigh, Fry accepted his fate. “I guess so,” he said as he relaxed back into the couch, lifting his feet off the floor to rest on the coffee table as Bender did likewise. Maybe he was starting to feel a little better. It had been a while since they’d sat and watched TV together at home.
A few days later Bender had to drag him out of his room to make him stop moping again. This time he brought Fry all the way out the apartment and to the bar they used to hang out at. Leela didn’t like it so Fry hadn’t been here in while. Heck actually…
“We haven’t hung out outside of home in a while, huh?” he said as they settled at their usual table, sitting across from each other. “Like… just the two of us and no one else.”
“Yep, because you’ve been too busy being preoccupied with Leela to spend time with anyone else even your best pal.” Bender gave him a mildly annoyed look which well, Fry couldn’t blame him for, huh?
“Oh uh… yeah, sorry.” Fry hadn’t been being a very good best friend, huh?
“Eh, it’s whatever. You two tried the whole dating thing, it didn’t work out and now that you’ve broke up, you can finally move on from her. It’ll be like old times, just you and me except maybe better because you’re not focused on wanting to date Leela anymore, right?”
“I don’t know, I still feel pretty focused on her and uh, wanting to date her. You think maybe she might change her mind eventually? Like maybe if I stop being clingy and stuff. Or uh… maybe if I try to be smarter or something?”
For some reason Bender seemed to deflate a little at Fry’s words. “No.” He sounded fine though and quickly recovered so it was probably nothing. “Face it buddy, you just don’t have what she’s looking for in a romantic partner.”
“Yeah… you’re probably right.” As sad as it was and as much as Fry didn’t want to admit it or believe it, he couldn’t deny that anymore. Even when he tried to his best to force it he just wasn’t what Leela wanted.
“I’m always right and you know it. Now no more talking about Leela, we’re here to have a good time and get shitfaced, got it?”
“I uh… you know what? Yeah!” Fry hit his fists on the table, making it rattle. “Let’s get drunk and have some dumb fun like we used to.” He could certainly use the distraction. And maybe Bender was right in general, maybe it was past time he at least try to start getting over Leela even if would be hard.
A few weeks of Bender trying and failing to get Fry to notice him romantically later
“Are you sure this a good idea?” Fry asked, leaning over the pilot’s chair as Bender started up the ship.
“It’s a great idea.” Bender brushed off his concern with a dismissive wave his one hand. “Now go sit down unless you want to fall over when we take off. … Nah actually on second thought, watching you fall over would be funny so feel free to stay standing.”
With a sigh, Fry went over to his usual chair and sat down to buckle up. “Yeah, but remember what happened last time we took the ship out for a joyride? We almost got fired. … We did get fired actually. We’re lucky the Professor decided to hire us back on. He might not be so generous this time.” While Fry didn’t like working, this job did let him see other planets and he was getting pretty decent at flying the ship which was pretty cool, so losing this job would be less than ideal. Especially since he’d then have to look for a new one that would undoubtedly be far worse.
“Nah, don’t worry about it. I made sure that won’t happen this time. And I stole enough dark matter to completely fill the tank twice. So we could run her all the way out, refuel and still return with enough to fuel top her off again and hide that we ever took her out. Meaning no one will ever know about this so stop trying to be a killjoy.”
Fry didn’t have time to respond before the pilot’s console beeped, signaling that the ship’s engines had finished warming up. With an excited chuckle, Bender took off, he was getting rather good at flying the ship too.
As they exited Earth’s atmosphere, Fry let go of his doubts. Taking the ship out when they weren’t supposed to was fun. And Bender, an expert at getting away with things he wasn’t supposed to do, was probably right; as long as they were careful, they wouldn’t ever be found out and thus no one else need ever know about this adventure of theirs.
“Where we going?” Because after how insistent Bender had been about dragging Fry out here after night fell for this, he had to have a cool destination in mind, right?
“Nowhere or anywhere we want, it doesn’t matter. It’s just you and me with the entire universe as our playground.” He made a grand gesture towards the cockpit window and the vast expanse of stars that could be seen through it. “So we can go wherever and do whatever the fuck we want.” Or that worked too.
“Uh… all right let’s go do something fun then.”
They spend the next few hours taking turns flying the ship around to random planets to see what sights they might have and occasionally messing with the locals – in Bender’s case, stealing from them sometimes too. With no one around to tell them to stop messing around or to be responsible or more careful or anything else of the sort, it was reminiscent of the first time Fry had been set free in a theme park but on a much larger and therefore more fun scale. The fact that he was with Bender made it even better.
Eventually Bender brought them to one of Jupiter’s many moons, the largest one according to the some of the signage. On it some rich person was hosting a fancy dance party of some sort. It was Fry’s idea to sneak in for a bit mostly because rich people’s parties were always fun to sneak into and because they always had fancy food and drink that if nothing else was often interesting to see and taste. The fact that Bender had brought along fancy clothes they could wear to make sneaking in even easier was odd but not surprising, he carried strange but often useful things with him all the time. But what was surprising was his suggestion that they go for spin around the dance floor.
Fry had agreed to it because why not, it seemed like it could be fun. He’d figured that Bender had suggested it to use it as a way to move around the room more and pickpocket stuff off of more people. But while he was doing a little of that, it didn’t seem to be his main goal. Instead he seemed to be far more focused on actually dancing with Fry. Which, now that Fry thought about it, Bender had been noticeably more focused on him than usual during this whole outing. It was nice but… odd.
“Did you plan to come here to do this?” Fry asked once he was sure he was settled into their slow dance enough that he could continue to follow Bender’s lead while also conversing with him. How close they their bodies were made it a bit harder because… it was kind of distracting. Bender had been the one to teach him to dance like this – in another failed attempt to impress Leela a while back – so it was nothing new but still weird, not in a bad way though.
“Maybe.” Meaning ‘yes’ based off his teasing tone and the fact that if he hadn’t planned it, he’d have just said ‘no’ and possibly made fun of Fry for thinking such a thing.
“Why though?”
Bender groaned. “I swear you’re the densest guy I’ve ever met. It’s cute and funny most of the time but sometimes, like right now, it’s really frustrating.”
Fry stumbled and missed a step at being called ‘cute’. That wasn’t a word anyone had used to describe him in any way since he was a small child. And the context of it coupled with what they were currently doing made it seem almost… “Is this a date? Like… a date that’s supposed to be romantic?”
“Bingo! Thank you for finally realizing, it only took you just about a hundred not dates to figure what I’m trying to do.”
“Oh.” Fry looked away as his face grew uncomfortably warm. Had Bender really been trying to go on a date with him for a while now? Come to think of it ever since Bender had decided he was done with Fry moping about Leela he’d been taking him out of the house fairly often, going out of his way to make sure it was just the two of them too. And he’d mentioned multiple times that Fry can and should move on from her now and try dating other people. More like another person because hadn’t he more often than not phrased it as a singular? As if maybe he wanted Fry to consider him for that role.
“Yeah. I can guess you’re not interested though, huh?” His tone edged with bitterness, Bender slowed their dance to a stop and started to pull away. “If you were, you’d have…”
“No, no!” Jerking back into motion, Fry pulled him close again. “Don’t stop, I’m having fun.” Bender wasn’t resisting so Fry took the lead in their dance. He was much clumsier and uncoordinated but whatever. Even if he didn’t know what to think about that revelation, he did know he didn’t want to stop dancing yet and even more he didn’t want Bender giving up and pulling away from him.
“So… you are interested?”
“I uh… uh… I’ve never thought about you that way before but… uh… Yeah. Yeah, I’m interested.” And saying that, even with how impulsive it was, didn’t feel wrong or like a lie. “This had been a… great date so far. Even if I only just realized that that’s what it’s supposed to be.”
“Good because getting invitations to this place was a real pain in the ass.”
“You mean we didn’t even actually sneak in?”
“Nope. Getting caught and kicked out would’ve made getting you to finally realize what I was trying to do almost impossible. So yeah, this was planned from the beginning. Or did you really think I carry around a fancy suit in your size for no reason?”
“Well, you might’ve. You do carry a lot of weird stuff around inside you all the time.”
“I guess that’s true.” With that Bender took the lead back, making the whole dancing experience much smoother and easier.
Fry was more than happy to let himself sank into the rhythm of it, matching Bender’s pace. He could consider what the new dimensions of their relationship was later as well as how they were going to tell the others if at all, they could just let them figure it out on their own. For now he was going to enjoy the rest of the time they had alone together for this date until they had to return the ship back to the Planet Express hanger.
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