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bellaroles · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Recently watch Blackadder. It's so damn funny! And the 2nd season got these beautiful elizabethan clothes. And I just want to draw Lymond in one of those. I'm not really drawing that closely to the reference. Just taking a lot of liberties here. And as usual, I gloss over the shoes and the hands lol.
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elizabethanism · 30 minutes ago
Francis Ford Coppola: “When you make a movie, always try to discover what the theme is in one or two words. In 'The Godfather,' it was succession. In 'The Conversation,' it was privacy. In 'Apocalypse,' it was morality.”
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thepastisalreadywritten · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
On June 16, the Catholic Church celebrates the memory of Saint John Francis Regis, a 17th-century French Jesuit known for his zealous missionary efforts, and his care for the poor and marginalized.
In a 1997 letter to the Bishop of Viviers, Pope St. John Paul II commemorated the fourth centenary of St. John Francis Regis' birth, honoring him as a “lofty figure of holiness and an example for the Church in the modern world."
“In less than 10 years of ministry, this saintly Frenchman succeeded, with God’s help, in leading back to Christ an immense crowd of men, women and children of all ages and walks of life,” the Pope recalled.
He urged the faithful to imitate the saint and put themselves in God’s hands with total trust.
Born on 31 January 1597, John Francis Regis was the son of a wealthy merchant father and a mother descended from nobility.
As a boy, he was sensitive, devout, and eager to please his parents and teachers.
Educated by Jesuits from the age of 14, he entered the Society of Jesus in December of 1616.
As he followed the traditional Jesuit path of teaching and extensive studies, John also became known as a skilled catechist.
He was eager to enter the priesthood and offered his first Mass in 1631.
John spent much of the rest of that year caring for victims of a plague outbreak in the city of Toulouse.
In 1632, John received his assignment as a missionary to the French Protestants – known as Huguenots – as well as the country's lapsed Catholics and others in need of evangelization.
The rest of his life would be devoted to this mission, with remarkable success.
John's missionary work spanned both a large geographical distance and a broad social spectrum.
In over 50 districts of France, he preached the Gospel to children, the poor, prisoners, and others forgotten or neglected by society.
His best-known work involved helping women escape prostitution.
John's labors reaped a harvest of conversions.
However, his boldness – perceived as arrogance in some cases – led to a conflict with certain other priests, a period of tension with the local bishop, and even threats of violence from those whose vices he condemned.
Against these obstacles, the priest persevered, sustained by fervent prayer and severe asceticism.
His missionary work involved difficult winter journeys, and a witness at his beatification testified to John’s habit of preaching outdoors all day, then hearing confessions throughout the night.
St. John Francis Regis died on 31 December 1640 at age 43.
Though suffering from a lung ailment, he insisted on preaching a parish mission and hearing confessions.
A penitent found him unconscious in the confessional, though he revived long enough to receive the last rites before dying.
Hailed as a confessor of the faith and a model for Jesuit missionaries, John Francis Regis was beatified by Pope Clement XI on 18 May 1716 and canonized by Pope Clement XII on 5 April 1737.
Although June 16 was established as his feast day, there are differing local and particular customs, including the Jesuits' celebration of his feast on July 2.
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moonwoken · 44 minutes ago
cw: sexual content
Tumblr media
@fortitudina​ sent: [ TRAIL ]    ~    ( for Francis from Mary. )
Tumblr media
      The day is greeted sleepily: sunlight shining into their chambers, Mary’s lips leaving a trail down his torso. He shifts thus from dreams into their reality. Better than those hours spent asleep are these precious moments, his body sending signals to his brain that this is pleasure. His fingers finding the mess of her morning hair and adoring her all the more for the tangles in it. It is raw and it is beautiful, and it is real: his wife, undressed and laid bare in his bed loving him in such an intimate way.
     “If you keep that up,” he grumbles, sleep still heavy in his voice, “I swear I’ll never leave this bed.”
     With that, he draws her up and into his arms, shifting the attention of his fingertips to her sides and hips, feather-light. “That’s it, I’ve decided. I’m not letting you out of my sight.”
     Lips press tenderly to hers, before moving to her cheekbone, the corner of her ear where he whispers, “Two can play at such games, my love.” A kiss here and there, tongue pressed to her pulse, heart connected to soul.      
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fiore-rosewood9 · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Ah yes, my three favourite things combined
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theavengers · an hour ago
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New still of Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in “Black Widow” (2021)
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amourduloup · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“If we consider [Francis Bacon’s] study of the pope screaming alongside the painting that inspired it, Velásquez’s Portrait of Innocent X, we can see what Bacon has done is to plunge his arms into Velázquez’s image of this profoundly disquieted man and to pull out a scream that is already going on there deep inside. He has made a painting of silence in which silence silently rips, as black holes are said to do in deep space when no one is looking. [...]
Bacon says we live through screens. What are these screens? They are part of our normal way of looking at the world, or rather our normal way of seeing the world without looking at it, for Bacon’s claim is that a real seer who looked at the world would notice it to be fairly violent - not violent as narrative surface but somehow violently composed underneath the surface, having violence as its essence.”
— Nay Rather, Anne Carson
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sigurism · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Alain Delon Mélodie en sous-sol (Any Number Can Win) Dir: Henri Verneuil
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terror-of-the-ocean · an hour ago
The Soul Cages; chapter one
(Big, big thanks to @hmshistorian - who's a complete doll - for their wonderful idea where Tommy Jopson is Crozier and Fitzjames' adoptive son! Its so cute, so I had to do something with it!)
Fandom: The Terror - Omegaverse AU
Relationships: Francis Crozier/James Fitzjames, implied John Hartnell/John Torrington
Warnings: Mentions of past child abuse (and possible PTSD?)
Thomas Jopson never thought of himself as a troublemaker. He'd always been a good boy; he had to be good, or otherwise his mother would fly into a rage. So from a young age he'd taught himself to be perfect, to be on his best behavior so no one would be angered.
This behavior carried on throughout his life, especially under the wing of Captain Francis Crozier. He was a teenager then and terribly small for his age. Crozier loved him like he was his own son and Thomas reciprocated by calling him 'Papa' and showing him all the affection a child would give their parent. In time he grew and flourished, full of love and tenderness, but something was missing ever still.
Thomas Jopson was an omega, but he'd never come into heat. He'd never even been awestruck by a handsome Alpha. He'd never known the love, the passion, or the aching that came with his rank. This, of course, he never questioned. Anything from serious illness in childhood to neglect could cause omegan stunting. Tommy never seemed perturbed.
Especially where his adoptive father was concerned.
Papa knew everything, and who was he to be skeptical of the man who raised him, saved him, loved him?
It was unthinkable.
"Well, I've got some good news." Crozier announced over breakfast. Thomas stood beside him and filled his cup.
"You're embracing the values of the teatotaller?" James Fitzjames gave him the teasing response. "No, tell me."
"Effective today, since the ice is broken sufficiently, we shall be returning home." He muttered something in Irish and raised his glass in a toast. "A year stuck in the ice has convinced myself along with Franklin that it would be best to go back to England."
"Really, Papa?" Thomas asked. "Are you disheartened?"
"Tommy my dear, sit with us. Eat." Crozier commanded. "No my lad, I'm not saddened. It is for the best. The crew will be elated when I give them word."
"This is grand news indeed, especially for the crewmen-" James smiled at Thomas as he watched the lad dine, happy to be close to him and Francis. "Because if word is correct, we may have another crewman soon."
Both Crozier and Thomas fell silent, gazes turning upon Fitzjames.
"Mama?" Jopson squeaked out the word, eyes wide with panic. Crozier finished off what was left in his cup, whispering an ancient swear.
"Really, both of you?" James scolded. "It's not I who is with child, but the stoker."
"Torrington's having a baby?" Thomas asked. He caught Francis' gaze, and couldn't help but chuckle when the older man began to laugh. "He's so little, though."
"That's a sight to imagine." Crozier wiped a hilarity-induced tear from his eye. "Oh, I shouldn't laugh. Who's-?"
"Hartnell. John."
"Well, I'm happy for them." Thomas straightened his back. "Hopefully its not born at sea."
James looked overhead of his adopted child, wistful smile on his face. Many years ago he'd been told he could never have children - rare for an omega - so he delighted at treating Jopson as his own.
"Mama." The young omega's voice broke his dissociation. "Could I be excused? There are many things to do-"
"Take it up with the Captain." Came his murmured response.
"Of course, Tommy. I hope you had enough to eat." Crozier smiled as his boy arose. "Oh, a leanbh? Aren't you forgetting something?"
"Oh-" Thomas' eyes widened with realization. "You'll have to forgive me, Papa. Time gets away from you here..."
"You're fine, son." Crozier stood and went straight to rifling through a cabinet, pulling out a small bottle of liquid. "Your tonic."
"Thank you." Thomas took the bottle from Crozier, grimacing momentarily. Papa made him drink it for his health, and so far it had done its job; Jopson was a specimen of perfect health. The taste of the liquid was not that unpleasant, the aftertaste was enough to kill a polar bear. "Could I ask you, what's in this?"
"Botanicals and such, herbs. Dash of cognac for morale." Crozier replied. "I know it must taste awful, but its necessary for you. You were quite ill as a child."
"Was he, now?" Fitzjames asked his mate. "He's recovered under your loving care nicely."
"And yours, too."
"Thank you both." Thomas gave them a small smile. "If you don't need me, may I be off?"
"Yes, sweetheart." James dismissed him with a warm smile. He then began to pick what was left on his plate. He gave a small sigh. Moments went by since Thomas' departure, and everything was quiet.
"Mo stór, what is the matter?" Francis finally asked. "Did I say something to offend you? Is it about the cognac?"
"No, Francis." Fitzjames' voice seemed quavery. "Not the cognac."
"Surely, you can't be upset about the stoker, can you? My god-"
"No. I'm sure my irrationality shall soon pass. You know how omegas can be." James finally looked at his mate, forcing a smile. "I love you, Francis."
*end chapter one*
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moonwoken · 2 hours ago
Rules: please repost, don’t reblog! Bold and italicize what applies accordingly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ANGER:  jaw clenching, hands balling into fists, teeth grinding, yelling, going nonverbal, stuttering speech, rushed speech, slow concise speech, rambling, quiet, arms crossing, shaking head, tearing up, animated, expressionless, projects, internalizes, vents, withdraws, tighter movements, passive aggressive, direct, physical outbursts, verbal outbursts
JOY:    easy smiles, fighting back grins, suppressed laughter, loud laughter, giggles, chuckling, smirks, whole body laughs, covers mouth when laughing/giggling, throws head back when laughing, slaps leg, touches people around them when laughing, looks down when laughing, looks for eye contact when laughing, sparkling eyes, bubbly happiness, quiet subtle happiness, obnoxious happiness, wants to spread joy, quietly savors joy
SADNESS:    crying, bottling it up, seeks distractions, wallows, meditates and processes, avoidance, seeks out comfort, withdraws, swallowing thickly, talks it out, internalizes it, sad smiles, depression naps, uses alcohol, uses drugs, seeks out sources of joy, fidgets with sentimental item, sits in silence, broods, gets moody, wants someone to share the misery, tries to hide negative emotions, nurtures others to make themselves feel better
EMBARRASSMENT/SHAME:    blushing, looking away, rubbing at back of head, covering face, laughing nervously, laughs it off, overthinks, lets it go, self deprecating humor, deflects, gets irritated, smiles, withdraws, crossing arms over stomach, crossing arms over chest, hands in pockets, shoulders sinking, shrugs, falling into silence until comfortable again, talking a lot to compensate
GUILT:    avoiding eye contact, shoulders sinking low, head hanging down, crying, chest aches, lashes out, internalizes, apologizes, deflects, communicates, withdraws, grand gestures for forgiveness, accepts fault easily, punishes themselves, martyrdom, victim complex, over-active guilt complex, healthy conscience, internalizes even after forgiveness, seeks redemption, moves on easily, denial, lack of guilt/conscience, sorry they got caught more than caused harm, can’t handle knowing they hurt others
FEAR/ANXIETY:   trembling, crying, sarcasm/sass to cope, rambles, goes silent, gets angry, fidgeting, impatience, clenching jaw, picking at nails, chewing at lip, pulling at clothes, adjusting jewelry/clothing, swallowing thickly, eyes widening, over-reacts, under-reacts, calm, logical, panic, irrational, overthinks, carefully analyzes, talks to themselves, breathing exercises, flight, fight, withdraw, fawn
tagged :   @hatilead​   (mani, my moonlight, my joy.) tagging :   you, please. tag me because i’m interested!
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frankierokin · 2 hours ago
arrests ur brother for juice related crimes
i will .... rest in peace my mouse 🙏
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honeyhunches · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I made this during my break at work cuz we’re barely receiving any guests during workdays so I got plenty of time to sketch 😊😊 and I’m sorry I keep disappearing from time to time, I come home from work around 7pm and I’m just dead after 😂
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Unlike Freud and unlike the sexual moralists, Hirschfeld wasn't interested in arbitrating on acceptable practices (assuming always that acts were consensual). He was resistant to the grand Victorian project of cataloguing and classifying in a hierarchical way, determining what is and isn't legitimate. Instead, he wanted to document what people actually desired and did, a venture he carried out decades before Kinsey began to investigate the sexual behaviour of Americans. Over the years, Hirschfeld interviewed tens of thousands of people about their activities and fantasies, taking them through a questionnaire that could take months to complete and run to hundreds of pages (according to Francis Bacon, there were clubs in Berlin that specialised in acting out Hirschfeld's discoveries on a stage as titillating tableaux vivants).
These interviews revealed such a diversity of sexualities, not to mention differences in genitalia, that Hirschfeld's belief in the existence of anything so simplistic as two genders was eroded. No, the line between make and female, straigh and gay was decidedly blurred. In 1910, he calculated that there were forty-three million possible combinations of gender and sexuality, a near-infinite spectrum of human possiblity that goes far beyond our own era's tentative acceptance of gender and sexual fluidity. Imagine telling J.K. Rowling.
’The number of actual and imaginable sexual varieties is almost unending' he wrote that year, sounding very much like Virginia Woolf in her gender-swapping, time-travelling masterpiece Orlando. 'In each person there is a different mixture of manly and womanly substances, and as we cannot find two leaves alike on a tree, then it is highly unlikely that we will find two humans whose manly and womanly characteristic exactly match in kind and number.' Reading that sentence, I understood why Isherwood was so beguiled by Hirschfeld. I loved him too.
Olivia Laing Everybody: A Book About Freedom
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McQueen: This is bothering me.
Dooley: Well, we are digging up a corpse.
McQueen: No, not that. That's, uh, pretty par for the course, actually.
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vivizcroissant · 4 hours ago
"Francis Forever" is a Sasha Waybright song. And no, I don't accept any criticism
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vincentvangay · 5 hours ago
 Here’s my Henry Winter playlist! 
Track list:
* Oblivion - A. Piazzolla, arranged by Hauser
* Perfect Day - Lou Reed
* Oscillate Wildly - The Smiths
* In the Woods Somewhere - Hozier
* In the Androgynous Dark - Brambles
* Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra
* Libestraum - Franz Lizst
* Lullaby - The Cure
* A Moment - Toshifumi Hinata
* Vancouver - Jeff Buckley
* Reflections - Toshifumi Hinata
* We’ll Meet Again - She and Him
* Menuet - Toshifumi Hinata
* This Night Has Opened My Eyes - The Smiths
* You’re In Love - Joe Hisaishi
* The End - Sibylle Baier
* A La Maniere De Borodine - Maurice Ravel
* I Know It’s Over - The Smiths
* The Sixth Station - Joe Hisaishi 
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chiefmedicalelf · 6 hours ago
I fell into an icy firehole named The Terror and boyohboyohboy and was soooo not prepared for what I found at the bottom there, but let me say this, the thirst for Jared Harris is part of my life now...
The Terror fandom seems very fabulous to me, Thank you for all the amazing content! I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Last time I wrote fanfiction myself was a decade ago, but I’m seriously thinking about taking it up again...
If someone wants to scream with me about everything and The Terror, I‘d be so happy…
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sloppyhay · 6 hours ago
Can we have more FrUK posts pls? The frog post was so adorable °^°
Tumblr media
please have this wip which I'll probably never finish
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