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#four swords
wyrdweavings · 12 hours ago
Is the world ending? You don't want to ask so I did.
Is the world ending? You don’t want to ask so I did.
It’s always fun to ask the tarot an unusual question–and with the American Southwest experiencing wild temps of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes higher–and likely another summer of fire in California approaching–not to mention hurricane season–it can all start to be pretty demoralizing. So I asked the This Might Hurt Tarot, is the world ending? Short answer: Eh, not yet, but we need to stay…
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koloriiit · 14 hours ago
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so did i tell you guys about the time i worked on a vio model on vroid studio??? yeah that was months ago, i started on an octavo one too, but eventually gave up bc drawing in my own textures from a touchpad was. rough. not just the octavo one i also gave up on the vio one. but i was reminded of it and i jus sorta,,,resparked my own interest in making these, i guess!!! so i wanna continue them and make more. maybe. as for now, i'm gonna post my progress on it!!! most of the photos are from the waist up bc the legs and stuff i;;; i hardly even started to begin with so;;;
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alittleminish · 18 hours ago
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miitopia is a good game
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territorial-divide · a day ago
Cerulean, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate your brain?
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"Ignore him." -Cerulean
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determinedowl23 · a day ago
Four is Australian I don’t make the rules 😌
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Vio: *gives Shadow a monster*
Vio: Yes.
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ashnwolves · a day ago
The Links’ father will not listen to them - Green most of all - because he’s convinced they’re clones or demons of some sort.
my new setup’s on its way! until then, have this recording from a few months back, of the most musical-ish song in the collection.
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Red my beloved <3
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Please do not colour the lineart or edit this without permission.
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dreamstarmoonlight · a day ago
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Still can't get over this incredible masterpiece of a poster created by a Japanese artist on Pixiv named Ag+
The original image had a resolution of 1216 × 6650. Too bad Tumblr won't let me upload it in the highest resolution; if anyone knows a workaround, let me know!
There exists another version of 3588x19632 quality. The 1216px one is an original copy, and the 3588px one is something that someone enlarged and ran through photoshop filters to minimize quality loss. I don't have a source of who I got it from, but the quality is actually pretty nice for printing considering they made it thrice as large. Both these versions are now available as a 59mb zipped file on MediaFire. You can download them here.
In case the MediaFire link gets taken down in the future, notify me in the comments or shoot me a DM and I will fix it immediately.
List of LoZ characters in this poster
Row 1:
Farore (Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons)
Nayru (Oracle of Ages)
Din (Oracle of Seasons)
Row 2:
Rauru w/ Kaepora Gaebora (Ocarina of Time)
Impa (Ocarina of Time)
Saria (Ocarina of Time)
King of Hyrule (Zelda series)
Nabooru (Ocarina of Time)
Ruto (Ocarina of Time)
Darunia (Ocarina of Time)
Row 3:
Link (Zelda series)
Zelda (Zelda series)
Ganondorf (Zelda series)
Row 4:
Wind Fish (Link’s Awakening)
Great Fairy w/ Fairy Queen (The Wind Waker)
Great Fairy (Twilight Princess)
Fi (Skyward Sword)
Ciela (Phantom Hourglass)
Navi (Ocarina of Time)
Tatl (Majora’s Mask)
Tael (Majora’s Mask)
Great Fairy (Ocarina of Time)
Valoo (The Wind Waker)
Row 5:
Great Deku Tree w/ little Deku tree (Ocarina of Time)
Fado (The Wind Waker)
Makar (The Wind Waker)
Medli (The Wind Waker)
Laruto (The Wind Waker)
Jabun (The Wind Waker)
Row 6:
Renado (Twilight Princess)
Rusl (Twilight Princess)
Ashei (Twilight Princess)
Shad (Twilight Princess)
Auru (Twilight Princess)
Tarin (Link’s Awakening)
Marin (Link’s Awakening)
Ilia w/ Epona (Twilight Princess)
Talon (Ocarina of Time)
Ingo (Ocarina of Time)
Row 7:
Anju (Majora’s Mask)
Kafei (Majora’s Mask)
Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
Aryll (The Wind Waker)
Gonzo (The Wind Waker)
Senza (The Wind Waker)
Nudge (The Wind Waker)
Row 7.2:
Tingle (Majora’s Mask)
Romani and Cremia (Majora’s Mask)
Niko (The Wind Waker)
Mako (The Wind Waker)
Zuko (The Wind Waker)
Link’s Grandma (The Wind Waker)
Row 8:
Tijo (Majora’s Mask)
Toto (Majora’s Mask)
Evan (Majora’s Mask)
Lulu (Majora’s Mask)
Ralph (Oracle of Ages)
Maple (Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons)
Darmani the Third (Majora’s Mask)
Row 9:
Japas (Majora’s Mask)
Mikau (Majora’s Mask)
Skull Kid (Ocarina of Time)
Mido (Ocarina of Time)
Deku Royal Family (Majora’s Mask)
Goron Elder w/ Goron Baby (Majora’s Mask)
Row 10:
The King of Red Lions (The Wind Waker)
Byrne (Spirit Tracks)
Anjean (Spirit Tracks)
Midna (Twilight Princess)
Oshus (Phantom Hourglass)
Sahasrahla (A Link to the Past)
Ezlo (The Minish Cap)
Row 11:
Happy Mask Salesman (Majora’s Mask)
Bellum (Phantom Hourglass)
Row 12:
Veran (Oracle of Ages)
Zant (Twilight Princess)
Aganhim (A Link to the Past)
Vaati (The Minish Cap)
Onox (Oracle of Seasons)
Row 12.2:
Koume (Ocarina of Time)
The Moon (Majora’s Mask)
Kotake (Ocarina of Time)
Chancellor Cole (Spirit Tracks)
Row 13:
2x Four Giants (Majora’s Mask)
Moon Children with boss masks (Majora’s Mask)
2x Four Giants (Majora’s Mask)
Row 14:
Ganon (Ocarina of Time)
Fierce Deity Link (Majora’s Mask)
Link’s Mother (Ocarina of Time)
Hero’s Shade w/ Golden Wolf form (Twilight Princes
Added the link to the "Making of" YouTube video in the post.
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violet--city · a day ago
Guardian Shadow AU Chapter 2. "Ring around The Rosie"
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The story take place few weeks after chapter 1
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Working on a Shadow Link. Heres the lineart!
(Please do not colour nor edit without permission)
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phantasomen · a day ago
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all my mentally ill boys choose violence everyday of their lives <33333
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105ttt · a day ago
Green: The pan!
Blue: The bi!
Red: The aro!
Vio: The agender!
All: Together we make The Gays!
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kestiscroft · 2 days ago
I really need someone to write a fic where helmut "there has never been another steve rogers" zemo finds out what endgame! steve actually did, and he just short circuits
sam: steve just gave me this shield with no guidance or help and left
bucky: he fought for years to get me back and left me alone while he lived an entire life and got old
sharon: steve left me a fugitive and went to go marry my aunt despite showing romantic interest in me before
zemo: oh my god are you guys okay???
sambuckysharon: :((
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