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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#forks high school
teambella420 · 7 days ago
I want Bells and Jess to be a *chaotic duo* and ~~~partners in crime~~~, an unstoppable force!
I want Eddie to approach Bells and talk to her, not because he worked up the courage, but rather because Jessica keeps threatening him!!
“You’re seriously asking me about the weather?”
“Well yeah, because that scary short girl over there-“
“Yeah, her - she threatened to uhhh... “
*eddie retrieves a crumpled note from his pocket*
“Oh right- ‘Bash that pretty little face in’ if i keep being weird around you”
*an Anna Kendrick sounding voice from the back of the room then yells*
(I gave it the blue filter™️ and everything!!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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everlesslahote1 · a month ago
'Heat' Embry Call (Requested smut)
“Could you do an Embry Call x reader smut?? You can write about anything that comes to you 😁”
Tumblr media
I can! Im sorry this is late but I will do light smut if that's okay with you, enjoy lovely being. Thank you❤.
Embry Call x Fem!Reader
(warning: Light smut)
Embry and Quil were on patrol for the night as requested from Sam.
It was the middle of heat season and Embry was really feeling his, hard.
For Quill, not so much only because his imprint was a child so he didnt have those feelings during heat , same for Jacob.
But For Sam, Paul, Jared, & Embry. It was hell on earth especially when they couldnt touch their imprint right away.
'Bry i get it- well not really but i dont want to see my friend who i see as a sister naked in my head' Quils voice spoke.
He must have been to deep in thought.
Embrys wolf huffed.
Quil was teasing the younger wolf repeatedly for the last 3 hours, not giving him a break though.
Embry didnt even really care, he just wanted his girlfriend.
'Its hard...' Embry said.
'We got 10 minutes then you can go home lover boy'
Embry was sweet, everyone knew that side of him but only his imprint knew the dominated side of him.
The pack steady teases Embry about his sex life but little did they know he could make Y/n shake like a earthquake in just 4mins.
He had kinks, not a lot though and his imprint loved all of them.
Whether it was him tying her hands to the bed, overstimulating her or making her look in the mirror as he railed her.
He wanted to know her body inside and out, no matter how long it took.
She loved any and everything they did behind closed doors because she knew nobody knew them like eachother.
To the eye Y/n was a 5'1 , innocent, loveable girl who most couldnt believe was 18.
Embry was the 19 year old quiet wolf, never snapped, never rude... Just a pure sweet heart with a tiny smile always on his face.
So NOBODY could imagine what happens with them other then cuddling.
'Times up'
As soon as Embry heard Jareds voice speak those two words, his large wolf took off sprinting towards y/n house.
Y/n stepped out of her shower and rapped a towel around her small frame.
She had got a warning call about mating season being on high from Kim , Emily, & Rachel not to long ago.
Kim said it could be a long night if she let it be & tried to explain what was happening with Jared.
Y/n just hung up because she didnt want a image of anything Jared had going on.
The small girl heard a small thud in her room and knew it was her wolf.
No matter how many times she tells Embry to go through her front door , he always ended up on the tree next to her room window.
He says it gives him a late night adventure other then patrol and to let him be cool.
She walked in her room to find Embry laying back on her bed staring at the ceiling and looking uneasy like something was bothering him.
"Em... You okay?" She asked softly.
Embry was okay mentally, he was happy to be there.
He just couldnt get over his rock hard member and it bothered him that it seems like she's a sex toy.
"Your not..." Y/n said kind of hoping it had nothing to do with a fight or something he had with the boys.
Because when they fight, Emily's whole house is a completely different environment.
One time before Quil imprinted, he made a really snarky comment about y/n being sexy.
Embry having the feelings that he had for the young girl, shifted almost immediately sending Quill into protective mode also shifting.
After Sam and Paul calmed the situation down for weeks Embry and Quil did not speak to each other unless it was about Patrol.
They didnt sit at the same table, stand near each other, joke around, nothing.
Embry didn't feel they needed to.
It took quill to apologize first for everything to go back to normal.
Y/n walked to her bed and laid next to him not thinking about her being in just a towel.
They've have had sex before, he has seen her body.
So she didnt think it would have a affect on him.
"...whats up butter cup" she said poking his chin.
Embry sat up to talk to his lover but when he saw that she was only in a towel he instantly growled under his breath and turned on his side so that he was laying face down to her bed.
"Embry Call, what is the matter with you" Y/n said frowning her face up.
In a blink of an eye Embry stood over Y/n and had his large hand rapped gently around her neck.
"You want to know whats wrong with me" he said in a horse voice.
"My heat is on fire right now princess" he said as he inched closer to her face.
"And you in a towel is really making it hard for me to not fuck you where you stand"
Y/n sat there looking up at the tall boy in shock that those words even came out of her wolfs mouth.
Emrby groaned lowly which caused butterflies in the young girl belly.
Without another thought Y/n sprung toward Embry and latch her lips on to his.
Sparks linked between the two lovers as Embry picked her up and glently layed her on her back.
At this moment he wasn't really thinking of her as a sex toy, he just wanted to hear her say his name.
The wolf ran his hand under her thigh, sending chills through her whole body.
Lets just say they had a longgggg night :)
Tumblr media
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If my fake mom and dad tried to make me go to high school for over 100 years, I would simply
✨pass away✨
But seriously! Is it not trash that Edward and his siblings have to start out in high school because they “look too young”, but 23 year old carlise is a general surgeon with FIVE adult foster children? Lol okay.
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namedbear · 2 months ago
         “Well, hey there Jess.” While the sound of a bell was slightly annoying, (simply because Bear had reached a spot in his book where he didn’t want to put it down), he finds that fading at the sight of a familiar face. That’s his favorite part of the job, getting to know the people around town through the times that they decide to stop in. “How’ve you been?”
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ziraseal · 2 months ago
Wait the cullens live in forks, wa, and that’s deep redneck washington. Why don’t they just hunt deer with like... guns and bows? And then just take the deer home and drink the blood in their garage or whatever? I feel like that would be less incriminating. If the cullens actually wanted to blend in they’d wear camo and dickies and have jeeps and shit, not designer cars and designer clothes and super fancy houses. 
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madlovenovelist · 2 months ago
Book Review – ‘Midnight Sun’ (#5 Twilight) by Stephenie Meyer
Book Review – ‘Midnight Sun’ (#5 Twilight) by Stephenie Meyer
The book all the fans were begging for is finally here… Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance No. of pages: 756 When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until now, fans have heard only Bella’s side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward’s version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun. This unforgettable tale as told through…
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Has anyone visited forks high school or any fan graduated from there
i’m positive that MANY people have visited forks high school, but i’m not sure about a fan going there
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twihardsposts · 2 months ago
I saw this on TikTok the other day and I loved it, so I thought I would share it with you all!
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twilight-quotes · 3 months ago
It was there, sitting in the lunchroom, trying to make conversation with seven curious strangers, that I first saw them.
Bella - Twilight p.18
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twilight-quotes · 3 months ago
I can do this, I lied to myself feebly. No one was going to bite me.
Bella - Twilight p.14
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carllisle · 4 months ago
has anyone written a twilight au where bella and edward have already met and fallen in love and are married etc and it’s esme who’s human instead and carlisle’s singer who lives in forks and works as a teacher and it’s basically twilight but carlisle and esme instead cause I would like to see it
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h0kusa1 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
im so late to the party on customizing my home screen hahahaha. since the twi-renaissance is upon us, i made mine themed to the first twilight movie aesthetic! twilight is so cheesy to me but that first film will always be one of my guilty pleasures.
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synapsespork · 5 months ago
I decided to finally reveal the testament to my madness
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