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#forbidden lust
excouple212 days ago
First 5 people to reblog all 7 of my pics I'll send you the uncovered picture 馃槝馃挦
Tumblr media
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nadiamistspost4 days ago
I believe the Naughtier the Better! I'll prove it
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tc-chemistry5 days ago
I fucked up.
EDIT: for those checking in, thank you. 鉂わ笍
Unfortunately, it seems like I may have overstepped my TC's boundaries. It had been a while since our last conversation and I just wanted to confirm with him that we were still okay in spite of everything. Maybe he wasn't in the mood yesterday, but he just completely ignored me when I reminded him that I saw him as more than a friend. I didn't get a reply back or something so we might not be as in sync with our feelings as I thought. That's what I hate about him. One moment he showers me with attention and love and right after, I get the coldest shoulder. I will always love him, but it's getting hard making sure that we're always on the same page. I might have to let go at some point.
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drowning-lotus-tcc5 days ago
I always promised not to be a liar,
But I make up a huge lie.
I tell them that I don鈥檛 love you,
That I don鈥檛 care about you.
The tone of my voice betrays me,
And I can鈥檛 deny this.
I鈥檓 in love with you my teacher,
I just realised too late
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drowning-lotus-tcc9 days ago
You鈥檙e like poison to my mind.
I want so desperately to get better,
But whenever I see you, something inside of me crumbles.
Maybe it鈥檚 your soft jumper or silky hair,
Or maybe it鈥檚 the way you smile, half shy and half confident,
Maybe it鈥檚 the way you鈥檙e not scared to be different.
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parvulous-writings9 days ago
Some Things Can鈥檛 Be Resisted // Patrick McKenna x Reader
Request: hi lovely!!! I read your camerlengo reader oneshot and just want more hnnnnnnngh!!! how bout the seven deadly sins prompt, specifically lust ?? 馃槒馃槒馃槒 with lots of kisses from those sinful lips of his 馃敟馃敟 you are incredible !!!!
Requested by: Anonymous鈥
Summary: The request!
Warnings: Breaking the rules and vows of the Papacy-聽
Words: 1.6K聽
Notes: This is possibly one of the best ways we could have kicked off the 7DS prompts! I鈥檝e been wanting to start it for a while, but I didn鈥檛 know who to write for or which Sin to use.聽馃槶 Also, when I tell you I squealed upon seeing this request, I mean I screeched. Slight dodgy middle, I鈥檓 sorry for that, but the make-out is at least semi-decent I think.聽聽 Sidenote: I didn鈥檛 delve into full smut here, it鈥檚 mostly heated makeout and suggestiveness :)
Tumblr media
Not my gif, but you know I just had to use this one
You kept your head down as you briskly walked through the vast and towering halls of the Vatican, keeping to yourself and desperately hoping that none of the Cardinals, Priests or other officials of the Church noticed your odd and slightly suspicious behaviour.聽 You were on edge, the most apprehensive you had been in a long time. All you had done was visit the man you had found yourself entangled with of late- in more ways than one- and yet, you felt like even the walls of the old building were chastising your choices, even though only you and your lover were truly aware of the entire situation. You had only spoken to him for a few minutes, but the thoughts that had been running through your head through every moment of the conversation, they had been what you could only, and rather ironically, describe as sinful.聽
You rounded a corner, your eyes still firmly glued to the floor, as you drew into yourself a little bit more. You tried to push the dirty thoughts from your mind, desperate to not focus on them, but you were suddenly wrenched from your anxious mental playground when you felt a hand around your wrist. You gave an audible gasp as you were yanked into a slightly shadowy corner, quickly pinned against the wall, with a hand covering your mouth to stop you from crying out too loudly. After a moment given to you to focus, you realised it was only the man that you had departed from a few minutes prior.聽 鈥淧atrick, what on earth do you think you鈥檙e doing?鈥 You asked him, glancing over your shoulder to make sure no one could hear the hushed conversation between you two.聽鈥淚 left you barely ten minutes ago!鈥澛
鈥淚 needed to see you again,鈥 He whispered hastily in reply. His eyes darted back and forth just after yours, before landing to rest back on your face again.聽鈥淚 can hardly take my mind off you...鈥 He admitted, his face dangerously close to yours. You鈥檙e slightly shocked by the sudden comment, and you try to step back from him.聽鈥淧atrick... We can鈥檛 do this here...鈥 You warn him, not wanting to get caught by any passers by. He grabbed your hands again, clutching them in his own.聽 鈥淭hen let鈥檚 go to my office... Please... Just a few minutes.鈥 He almost sounded like he was begging you. You gently place your hand on his cheek.聽 鈥淎lright, alright...鈥 You soothe him, and he starts to lean into your touch.聽鈥淏ut you have to walk beside me, without holding my hand. I don鈥檛 want you getting in trouble with anyone.鈥 You tell him seriously. He hardly seems to be listening, but nods slowly in agreement before reluctantly pulling away from you.聽
He briefly looked over his shoulder to you, gesturing discreetly for you to follow him. After a moment鈥檚 hesitation, you do so, jogging slightly to catch up with him. You鈥檙e about a pace or so behind him, not getting too close, so that your legs didn鈥檛 get tangled up in the deep black robes that he had to wear.聽 It took you both maybe about two minutes to make your way to his office, which was formerly the office of his father. He shut the doors as soon as you had come in behind him, making sure that they were securely locked, so that no one may walk in on the pair of you.聽
Patrick leant against the door for a moment, trying to compose himself, before straightening up, and turning to face you.聽鈥淵ou must forgive me for my behaviour, I... I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 come over me...鈥 He told you, starting to pace over towards his desk. You move along with him, taking a seat on one of the two chairs in front of the dark-wood desk. He looks at his hands, palms spread out on the cold, lifeless surface, trying to shift his mind from the constant, lustful, sinful thoughts of you. It was of little use, and to no avail. After another minute or so of being lost in his thoughts, he brought his hand up to quickly pull the pure white collar out from around his neck. He let it fall to the table, his piercing blue eyes focusing on it before moving up to lock with yours. He straightened up again, beckoning you over to him with two fingers, not saying a word.聽
Without breaking eye contact with him, you rise from your chair, edging around his desk, you are standing just in front of him in a few seconds. You open your mouth to quietly ask him what鈥檚 on his mind, but you are silence before you can speak by his lips pressing against your own.聽 You鈥檙e shocked at the sudden action, and push him away slightly. Though you knew he couldn鈥檛 get you out of his head, you鈥檙e mostly surprised by how forward he鈥檚 being, especially in his place of work, his place of worship.聽 鈥淧atrick, what do you think-鈥澛 鈥淧lease.鈥 He whispered hurriedly to you,聽鈥淧lease, my darling.鈥 He cupped his hands over your cheeks, keeping you close.聽鈥淲e needn鈥檛 do anything too much... A-and no one will ever know...鈥 He assured you. You debate it for a moment, before pressing your lips slowly back against his, only giving him a small taste of your sweet lips.聽
鈥淪lowly, Patrick. Calm yourself.鈥 You soothe, and for a moment, he does regain at least some of his composure. However, he quickly loses it again when he feels his lips touch yours again. His side of the kiss is hungry, wanting more, lusting for more, lusting for you and your touch. Your side of the kiss is more calming, trying to get him to slow down at least a little bit. It didn鈥檛 work very well to say the least. He turned you both a little bit, backing you up until your rear hit his desk. He still hungrily attacked your lips, his hands moving to rest on your hips and the small of your back.聽
You started to melt against him, letting him devour you in more than just one sense. You lips slid against his as he hummed quietly in approval, his teeth nipping affectionately at your bottom lip. Your hands moved to his neck and up into his hair, tugging gently at the mousy brown strands as you feel his slightly kiss-swollen lips trail over to your jaw and down to your neck. He was moving slowly as he paid close and loving attention to every inch of skin exposed and available to him. Occasionally he would nip at your skin, but was careful not to leave a mark.聽 Oh how sinful it would look for you to leave his office, leave his presence, with marks of how much and how well he had loved you.
You let your head fall back for a moment, giving your Holy lover more and easier access to your neck. He pressed some gentle kisses over your collar bone towards the crook of your neck. You gave a quiet yet audible gasp as his lips brushed over a particularly sensitive area, and he immediately picked up on the reaction. He pressed another, slightly hotter kiss to the area, almost testing the waters, seeing if you would tell him to stop before he continued. You pressed your hand on the back of his head, and at the cue he dived right in, nipping gently at it with his pearly white front teeth, thoroughly enjoying himself. After a minute or so of him repeating his actions, of him basking in the small gasps and whines you let slip past your lips, he pulled back.聽 鈥淚 hope you can cover the marks I give you...鈥 He mused quietly, stroking the side of your face delicately with his fingers. You nodded slowly, and pulled his face towards yours again, giving him another deep, and more loving kiss.聽
You chuckle as you pull away, smiling rather cheekily at him.聽鈥淵ou better put that collar back on, Father McKenna.鈥 You tell him, picking up the fabric and pressing it against his chest for a moment.聽鈥淵ou have an image to uphold, don鈥檛 you?鈥 You tease quietly, and he laughs gently at you, pressing another quick kiss to your lips.聽鈥淎lright. But I only do it because you ask me to.鈥 He rubbed his nose gently against your own, before reluctantly stepping back and fastening the collar back into the neck of his robe.聽 You get to your feet, straightening out your clothes to make yourself a little more presentable.聽鈥淵ou know... If you really can鈥檛 get your mind off of me, then... We could always go... A little further.鈥 You suggest quietly with a rather sly smile. Patrick returns a similar look to you.聽
鈥淥h?鈥 He replies, in a very teasing voice.聽鈥淧erhaps I will take you up on that.鈥 He subtly gestures for you to move with him as he walks to unlock the doors, and you do so without question.聽鈥淲ould you object to meeting me on the steps of the Vatican? Tonight, at nine, perhaps?鈥 He suggested, raising his brows as he spoke. You pretend to consider it.聽 鈥淲ould the Cardinals be suspicious?鈥澛 鈥淣ot likely, they would most likely be at home, saying their evening prayers.鈥 He informs you. You nod slowly in understanding.聽
You then lean forward just before your lover can open the doors for the pair of you, pressing your swollen lips to his again, tilting your head slightly as you slip your tongue carefully into his mouth, exploring it as his tongue pressed back, fighting to gain dominance. Eventually he did win, and your lips continued to dance for a moment longer, before you pull away.聽 鈥淒oes that answer your question, Father?鈥澛 鈥淥h, yes. Yes, that鈥檚 perfect.鈥澛
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drowning-lotus-tcc10 days ago
I told myself I was over it,
That I wouldn鈥檛 allow my heart to break for you no longer.
Then I saw your name pop up on my Facebook,
My heart is beginning to crack into a million pieces once again.
And once again I use the blood from my failing heart to write a message,
鈥淚 hate you and every single thing you do!鈥
But those who write those words are the furthest thing from hate
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anythingforasunnyday11 days ago
For me thinking about teacherxstudent is a bit of a turn on. Ive always had an interest in female teachers, prolly bc i have a thing with breaking rules and authority. Im charismatic and like the toxicity so developing personal, inappropriate and toxic relationships with teachers who are already fucked up as ppl rlly does it for me. Just curious about ur experience- was is inappropriate in friendly or romantic/sexual way?
While I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 entirely abnormal for a teenager to fantasize about an attractive teacher, there is a thin line between healthy daydreaming and it becoming a problem.聽 Especially聽if the teacher reciprocates.
My relationship with my teacher was sexual, but at one point I started to have romantic feelings.聽 We didn鈥檛 actually have sex until after I鈥檇 graduated, but I only did it because by that point I was still captivated by him and had this dreamy image of him.聽 It fucked up both my romantic and sexual life in my early 20s, all because some 30-year-old pervert wanted to sext his 18-year-old student.聽 There is a special and healthy relationship that a teacher can build with their student -- a supportive and professional one.聽 A teacher that looks at his students the same way he鈥檇 look at a woman in a bar deserves to lose their career.
I know you鈥檙e talking about fantasies, but I don鈥檛 see how someone can fantasize about the stuff you do and feel okay about it.聽 Your fantasies are mirroring real abuse that happens to minors.聽 Think about that.
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drowning-lotus-tcc13 days ago
My baby, lemme take a photo of you,
I want to remember every single second I spend with you.
I wanna remember your tri-tone hair, soft as the sweetest silk,
I wanna remember your gorgeous eyes, small and bright with the wonder of the world around you.
I wanna remember your sweet melodic voice, the sound of the sweetest song I鈥檝e ever heard,
I wanna remember the tone of your voice when you鈥檙e asking me a question and the anticipation in your eyes as I respond.
I wanna remember what it鈥檚 like to hold you in my arms and how soft your sweet body feels against me,
I wanna remember what it鈥檚 like to sit in front of you and listen to your voice as you rattle on about something which interests you.
I wanna remember every single silly joke you tell me,
I even wanna remember what it鈥檚 like when you say things which hurt me.
Very soon, you won鈥檛 need me anymore,
You鈥檒l have your own life to enjoy.
So, please my sweetheart, lemme take a picture,
So I鈥檒l have something to remember these times by forever
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anythingforasunnyday13 days ago
I鈥檓 writing a book about the inappropriate relationship I had with my high school History teacher as a Senior.
I don鈥檛 know where to go for this, but I thought I鈥檇 try on here.聽 I鈥檇 really like some help, if anyone could give it to me.
When you hear about the topic of romantic/sexual StudentxTeacher relationships, what questions pop into your head?聽 What do you wonder about it?
Or if there鈥檚 an anecdote or anything else you want to share, I want to hear it.
This applies for anyone, even (and especially) students that have crushes on their teacher and wish it would become something more.
Even if it鈥檚 a dumb question, I鈥檒l take it.聽 I think it might help me get some structure for my book.聽 Please and thanks!
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tungfu-mastur13 days ago
I'm curious as to how many females out there masturbate AT LEAST once a day or more? At what age did you start? What's your preferred way? Do you use toys and what kind and why? Do you enjoy phone/cyber sex? Please don't be shy. Be as descriptive as possible.
Tumblr media
And any females who would like to maybe have some naughty chat with me, just HMU at (812)453-1818 anytime and we can have some discreet, safe, satisfying, MULTIPLY orgasmic fun as ofte as you desire. Hope to hear from you real soon. Kisses&Licks, TJ
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queensgetdamoney13 days ago
Is an unexplainable chemistry love??? Or lust??? Am I wrong every time I go back ??? Even tho I know the outcome ???? How do I kno if I鈥檓 suppose to keep going or end it before it hurts ??? How do I know ??????
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drowning-lotus-tcc14 days ago
4 years ago, I never could鈥檝e imagined loving another person more than I love myself,
Then 4 years ago, my baby came into my life, as suddenly as a bolt of thunder.
Now I truly understand that when people say that they would die for the person they love,
They mean it
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