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midastouch4ari · 32 minutes ago
Is anyone talking about how Julie Plec beats out Stephanie Meyer when it comes to Mary-Sueness. She was obviously living vicariously through Caroline. I wonder if she stood in front of the mirror saying “I AM CAROLINE” in the morning or at night. Even down to having Caroline and Alaric and Matt surviving and even giving Alaric a whole show. She LOVED those shitty racist idiots Zach Roerig and Matthew Davis 😤😒 She would suck their dicks from behind if she could. Sickening. 😂
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exhausted-aizawa · 3 hours ago
New York’s Residential Market Is Poised To Rebound In A Big Way. Here’s Why.
As New York’s residential market heats back up amid the easing of commercial restrictions and lower Covid rates, questions remain about what the recovery will look like and how soon investors can expect the market to return to pre-pandemic levels or higher.
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stardomorth · 3 hours ago
Jacqueline Mars Net Worth 2021: Company | Bio
Jacqueline Mars Net Worth 2021: Company | Bio #jacquelinemars #JacquelineMars
Who is Jacqueline Mars? She is an American investor. She is the daughter of American businessman Forrest Edward Mars Sr &  Audrey Ruth. Her father Forrest Edward the co-owner of Mars Candy Empire. American multinational manufacturer of confectionery pet Foods and other food product provider of animal care service. He is also known for introducing the chocolate confectionery bar manufacturer…
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lizziefcrbes · 3 hours ago
can someone please turn this into a klaroline fic PLEASE !!
like klaus calling caroline "my love" or/and "my light" (or idk) in his mother tongue (or any language she doesn't know really) and she has no idea what it means and he refuses to tell her every time she asks him which irritates her even more but once they're finally together he tells her what it means
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exhausted-aizawa · 3 hours ago
13 Ways To Have Difficult Conversations With Clients
Managing the expectations of clients means developing and maintaining trust and clear communication.
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exhausted-aizawa · 4 hours ago
What The New Roaring '20s Could Mean For Real Estate Investors
As life slowly but surely returns to normal just in time for summer, a sort of thaw is taking place across the country.
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exhausted-aizawa · 4 hours ago
The Future Of Corporate Real Estate Is Smart, With A Human Touch
The future needs to be smart and intuitive. If not, it will be thrown away.
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exhausted-aizawa · 4 hours ago
Airbnb And RealPage Partner To Make Housing More Affordable While Fattening The Pockets Of Apartment Renters And Owners
Apartment renters and owners can now earn money with a new home sharing application launched by Airbnb and RealPage that removes previous challenges.
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exhausted-aizawa · 5 hours ago
Tech Adoption Is Key To Organizational Resilience For Property Management Teams
Technology was gaining traction before the pandemic, and the acceleration of tech adoption is going to continue to rise, even when our environment starts to feel a little more “back to normal.”
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exhausted-aizawa · 5 hours ago
Soho China Soars 21% As $4.3 Bln Blackstone Purchase Signals Confidence In Country’s Real Estate
China's GDP rose by 18% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2021.
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shyangelbookworm · 10 hours ago
Season 3: Episode: 14. = C, Sorry
So… the cult. I loved the idea. I loved the execution. I loved Lizzie! The girls were the entire comedic entertainment this episode. Lizzie once again uses her mind as a shield. And also uses it to get out of their problems. I like the parallel of this episode. MG says a weakness isn’t a weakness anymore if you turn it into your strength. Lizzie counts her mind as her weakness, yet once again, it’s her unique mind that get her and others out of their situations. Whether it’s her brain chemistry that back fires against magic or her literally being smart about situations and thinking them through instead of relying on magic. Lizzie is awesome.
Love that MG is coming back to school. If him and Kaleb don’t patch things back up to brotherhood I am going to be so disappointed. I liked that MG was doing his own thing. I still don’t like Alaric, but I’m glad he was giving MG the benefit of the doubt. No disrespect to Dorian either! I understand where he was coming from too. Rippers are a sensitive subject. I would have liked them to dive deeper into MG and his Ripper tendencies though too. In the hospital MG said he was trying. Did he mean with his blood urges or his behavior? Because he didn’t leave Salvatore School because of blood lust. He left because the School turned their back on him over the ascendant. So… speaking of which. Hope and MG also need to have a talk about that too. This would be the second time. The two have been at odds with each other and never communicate it out afterwards. (First time being when MG killed Landon. After that episode we see no Hope or MG together until the season finale and Hopes talking about getting the Squad together and uses MGs name. So bygones are bygones?) Yea, MG needs a whole group apology, except from Lizzie, since she already gave hers.
Uhm. No offense to the Star Wars people out there. I’ve never seen any of them, so while I know who Darth Vader is and immediately knew where things were going when he came out of the whole. I didn’t jump for joy. Therefore I’m not looking forward to next episode in Star Wars land. My apologies. And no disrespect to all the people who love this world.
The cult leader was lack luster to me. Andi was not discussed more or her life before hand. We just know she was a witch. She was used. And she pressed the repeat button for freedom. The wendigo was a cute tidbit I guess. Everybody wanted a wendigo but now that it’s here, they don’t know what to do about it, because they thought the chances were slim. But still. None of the best monsters this episode.
This episode I guess can work as a catalyst bringing all the characters back together. The girls, MG, Dorian may all be apart of Salvatore School again. Dorian admitted he didn’t completely leave their world behind. I’m glad everyone’s coming back together. But the episode just was t significant to me. Yes, Hope admitted what pretty much I think everyone knew everyone else was thinking (if that makes sense). So that wasn’t surprising. The episode felt short. In length, content, my review (I think this is the shortest I’ve ever written), and my ratings. C.
Better luck next episode.
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things-to-be-chipper · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Look, you want insights and cat pics? Or, do you want to read the best F&%^#* book that’ll Change Your World? Yea, thought so . . . cat pics. FINE! You can have both . . . “This might sound crazy, but . . .” is coming to Amazon Kindle in 2 weeks. Enjoy friends! :D
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simply-ellas-stuff · 14 hours ago
Trigger Warning: SA
Did Tyler r×pe Caroline in the books??
It says it's possible he did on the Tyler Smallwood wiki page and I want to see what readers have to say.
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seesgood · 18 hours ago
icb we’re all just out here. with random characters from random pieces of media, shitposting about them and having other people be like “lol yeah i agree” like? what? or or we’re all just out here with ocs based on vibes and a few thoughts and maybe that one weird dream we had, picking up little pieces of content here and there to add to them like beavers making a dam out of whatever stick-like things they find. the world is a giant lump of rock floating in an infinite expanse of cosmos and stardust, everything is meaningless, and we are playing barbie dream house trying to figure out how to shove the most random combination of characters together and making it work
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sckyie · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
word count: 1.4k
genre + warnings: fluff; daichi's siblings, use of nii-san & nee-san
pronouns used: she/her
a/n: sum light since im writing angst soon
From a long boring day of school to overworking himself in practice, Daichi dragged his feet on his way home. Suga had always teased him for looking so tired. Who could blame him? Daichi was swamped with homework, his younger siblings to take care of, and most importantly the pressure of winning nationals. He never had any time to himself to finally relax and take a breather.
"I'm home," Daichi sighed. His younger siblings ran over to their drowsy brother and greeted him with hugs and kisses. "I'm too tired to play right now. Let me rest and maybe we can play."
"But nii-san, you promised to play yesterday!" His younger brother whined.
"Pleaseeee! Mama said you'd play with us when you got home!" His youngest sister tugged on his shirt.
"I know, I know," Daichi yawned. He walks over to the couch without detaching his siblings who were clinging to his body. He takes off his bag and seats himself, making the kids disperse. "I just...wanna..." Within seconds of him laying back on the couch, he falls asleep before finishing his sentence.
His younger siblings huffed as their big brother took up the entire couch to fall asleep. They all groaned that Daichi couldn't play with them today so they all retreat to their respective rooms, leaving him to sleep soundly.
You stared at your phone, waiting for your boyfriend to call you that he made it home. To your dismay, there was no response to your texts despite practice being over. You looked around the room to notice a photo of you and Daichi on your anniversary.
Thinking back to your fun times always made your day feel better. But it seemed like today it wasn't helping much. Daichi had never missed a day without calling you that he made it back safely. You let out a sigh before dialing your shared best friend.
"Yellooo!" Sugawara smiled.
"Hey, do you know if Daichi made it home safe? He didn't call me today," You bit the inside of your cheek.
"Oh, yeah, he should have. He was very tired today because Coach was putting a lot of pressure on him," He responds.
"Okay...I'll call him just in case. He didn't respond to my texts so I called you," You explained as you drew circles with your finger on the table. You say your goodbyes to Suga before pressing your boyfriend's contact.
After three rings, no answer. You pouted at the sound of his voicemail. You attempt one more time and after two rings, you hear someone answer the phone.
"Babe?" You sat up anticipating your boyfriend's voice.
"It's nee-san!" You heard one of Daichi's younger siblings answer. "Hi Y/n!" They all say collectively.
"Oh! Hey guys! Err- Where's Daichi?" You asked.
"Nii-san is sleeping," His sister answered. You hear your text tone as they sent you a blurry photo of their brother. "He said we'd play together but he fell asleep."
"Aww," You giggled.
"Nee-san can you come over to play with us?" His younger brother asked.
"I'll come over but no waking your brother, he needs his sleep," You scold.
"Okie!" The kids smile with joy hearing you'd come over.
After the kids accidentally end the call, you go to get ready to go over to his house. It wasn't a long walk but it was long enough to see the streetlights turn on. You huffed in the cold weather as you approached the house.
You knocked and waited for someone to let you in. Daichi's mom greets you as well as the kids. You shush the excited little kids as you notice your sleeping boyfriend on the couch. All of the kids trailed behind you as you walked over to him. You pecked his forehead before taking his siblings to play in their room.
It took the kids roughly an hour to get sleepy to which you helped tuck them in. His parents as well disappeared into their room to get ready for bed early, leaving you to be the only one awake. You walked back into the living room and see Daichi missing from the couch. You scanned the house looking for him before reaching his bedroom.
Daichi had dragged himself to his room and changed to go to bed while you were putting his siblings to bed. You giggled at the sight of your sleeping boyfriend. He had thrown off the blanket to the side in his sleep. You shrugged off your hoodie before approaching him.
You sat on the side of his bed, admiring him before kissing his cheek. You crawled onto the bed and on top of his sleeping figure. Lifting up one of his arms, you slid under to cuddle close to his chest. Daichi instinctively wrapped his arms around you, making his breathing calmer than before.
Your legs were intertwined with his as you laid on his chest. His calm breathing and heartbeat helped you drift off to sleep. It was a peaceful sight being able to be so close to someone you love.
Daichi was still sound asleep in the morning as you woke up first. You snickered at your snoring boyfriend before scooting to be face to face with him. You poked at his cheeks, played with his hair, and even tried to call out his name but to no avail, he was still in a deep slumber.
You huffed before reaching up to start peppering his face with kisses. Once you reached his lips, you felt his mouth press against yours. Daichi hummed as he felt your lips on his as he slowly began to wake up. You pulled away smiling as his eyes began to flutter open.
"G'morning princess," Daichi says groggily.
"I should call you that, Mr. Sleeping Beauty," You say softly.
"When did you get here?" His voice was raspy with every word. He trailed his hands down to your waist, rubbing his thumb on your exposed skin.
"Last night," You let out a kitten yawn before continuing. "You didn't call me you got home so when I called you, your brother picked up and all the kids wanted me to come over."
"Aww, I'm sorry baby," He pulls you closer to plant a kiss on your nose. "I was just so tired, I forgot to call you. The kids wanted to play too and I- Wait what time is it?"
"Bubba, it's Sunday," You giggled.
"Oh thank god," Daichi sighed. "I thought we'd be late to school."
"Y'know you need to take breaks, love," You say brushing through his hair with your fingers. "I know there's a lot to worry about but I still need my boyfriend functioning and alive. You can always ask me to hang with the kids while you're at practice...or I can start making you bentos so you don't have to worry in the morning."
Daichi began to smile as he pulled you closer. "I love you so damn much y'know that?" He says. He cups your cheek before pulling you into a kiss. Your lips moved together slowly as Daichi caressed your back. You tugged on his shirt as he deepened the kiss.
To him, this was his cloud nine, just being with you and forgetting the worries. Holding you so close to him was something he could do for hours. You hummed against his lips as you felt him hold you closer. "I promise to take breaks," He says, pulling away from you. "Only if you promise to sleep over more because, damn I could sleep next to you every day if it means I get to wake up to such a beauty."
"Gosh you're so sappy," You joked. You pecked his cheek before smiling at him. "I'll come over more often but you have to remember to take care of yourself too. You tell me to do that all the time, you need to do the same."
"Mhm," He hummed before littering kisses all over your face and neck.
You two giggled in bed as you heard the door open up. "Nii-san is awake!" You looked over to notice the four siblings in their pajamas. The kids rushed in, jumping on both of you.
"So I heard Y/n came over to play, did you call her?" Daichi laughed as his brothers climb on top of him while his sisters cuddled beside you.
"No, nee-san called you and we picked up because you were snoring!" His sister explained. The four kids began to explain to his brother their day with you. Daichi was smiling as he admired his siblings and you. As his siblings talked about their time together, he watched as you held onto his sisters, playing with their hands. The smiles all over the room were priceless. It was a sight he couldn't get enough of, the love of his life and his family, bonding as one.
taglist: @amillionfandoms-onlyoneme @just-a-siiimp @d0llpie @elianetsantana @snowsmuse @joy-laufeyson
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