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#for the record I know tons of people have done alt dragonair evos before
adobe-outdesign · a month ago
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Dex Entries
Dragine (Dragon + Serpentine + Brine, a type of saltwater) Serpent Pokemon Evolves from Dragonair with water stone
Type: Water/Dragon Height: 22′ 9″ (7.0 m) Weight: 248 lbs (112 kg) Gender: 50/50 split Ability: Drizzle/Shed Skin Friendship: 35
These reclusive Pokemon live in deep ocean caves. Their crystals glow in low-light conditions, which helps them navigate in dark waters.
Their whiskers are very sensitive. They use these to feel the location of cave walls.
Dragine frequently rescue people and Pokemon who become lost in underwater caves. Because of this, it’s revered by cave divers.
Dragine live in underwater caves, and only surface during the fiercest of gales. They use the crystals on their body to turn massive storms into gentle drizzles.
A Dragonair completely loses its ability to fly upon evolving into this Pokemon. What causes this evolution is unknown, but exposure to a water stone is vital.
Dragine caves are easy to spot, as the entrances are often covered in jewels and gold left as thank-you gifts from divers.
This Pokemon usually has a calm disposition. However, they can become quite dangerous if enraged.
A newly-evolved Dragine has ten crystals on its underside. It gradually grows in more crystals over time, resulting in them forming one new orb about every five years.
This Pokemon channels energy through its crystals and uses it in powerful attacks. Some reports claim they’ve even attacked Gyarados who have wandered too close to their young.
Design rational and thoughts on Dragonite under the cut:
Design Notes
People who love Dragonair tend to hate Dragonite. I love Dragonite personally, and it actually bears much more of a resemblance to Dragonair than people seem to realize. It even makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint when you consider that it’s probably based off of an imugi.
However, it’s also true that Dragonite feels a bit disconnected from the rest of the line. This is because there are one too many changes made to it, ranging from the baffling color change to the body type. Even the personality changes, going from elegant and calm to friendly and doofy, so it’s understandable why people would be disappointed by Dragonite.
With that said, I’m surprised Gamefreak hasn’t done a branching evo for this line, as it would satisfy everyone. Prefer Dragonite? It’s still there. Prefer Dragonair? Now there’s an evo that resembles it more. Like both, like me? See if you can obtain two Dragonair and evolve them differently. Everyone’s happy.
The idea behind my design is that if a Dragonair evolving is similar to an imugi becoming a dragon after catching a jewel (yeouiju), then this branch is based off the idea that many imugi fail to become dragons and stay serpents. Dragonair both flies and lives in the water, whereas Dragonite gains a flying type, so I figured the evolution should lose its flight abilities and take to the seas, becoming part water-type.
Design wise, it’s based off a few deep-sea animals as well as Eastern-style lung dragons. It also bears a resemblance to Dragonair’s beta design, though that was unintentional (I already had started sketching when I found out what it used to look like).
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