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#fool of a took
recallback · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WTook me a hot second, but I finished the refset for Rosemarie finally! Really, shouldn't have taken me this long to get one for a major character, but aspects of her design were harder to pin down than other characters.
But hey! She's finally here and she's great! Queen shit.
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marlenawatches · 2 days ago
Hobbitcore mixtape (cottagecore × The Lord of the Rings)
Music you can daydream to while you fold laundry or do dishes or pack for a dangerous quest.
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zoriis · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Never off the Poe bullshit tho
nope, never off the Poe bullshit. This is the hill I've chosen, the hill I've built a lil cottage on, the hill everyone keeps enabling to me to keep living on (& bless u all for it).
And can we blame me????? I could wax poetry (hehe, poetry) about the guy. He's amazing, wonderful, 10/10, changed my life, annoyingly relatable, needs nice, soft things??? Frustratingly handsome, loyal af, a complete an utter dork, so intelligent, yet also just lacking so much in the common sense department -
I mean...just look at this guy:
Tumblr media
10/10 I love him very much, 2015 me did not expect her heart to be stolen by a flyboy but it was so here we are.
Although if we're being honest, I was kind of off my Poe bullshit for abt three years but we don't talk abt that. I think I've made up for it though.
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winepresswrath · 11 days ago
If Rey has a force baby with Kylo instead of just being a Sheevakin attempt at replicating Vader's powers with a less annoying personality I'm going to be so annoyed. Star Wars is always letting me down with their flavour of stupid; they could choose to be outrageously dumb in a fun, sexy way (Sheevakin test tube baby whose embryo was unfrozen by scrappers) and instead they choose relyo that not even reylos wanted. I've become a bitter old nerd yearning for they days when George Lucas was stupid with vision and unearned confidence in the cinematic value of early 2000s CGI.
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beenovel · 14 days ago
Pippin: Hey, do you think I could fit fifteen marshmallows in my mouth?
Gandalf: You’re a hazard to society
Merry: And a coward. Do twenty.
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thewhiteladyofrohan · 21 days ago
Potter Puppet Pals but make it Lord of the Rings
Gandalf: Say hello, Pippin.
Pippin: Hello, Pippin.
Gandalf: No, say hello to the audience. 
Pippin: Hello to the audience.
Gandalf: How dare you make a fool of me.
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scourge-sympathiser · 27 days ago
Tell us about yewhearts victims?
YEZ !! so like this isnt evry1 bcuz there r other victimz i just havnt rly fleshed out or placed somwhere in the story- rn im thinking he will hav 9 of thm? but tht number is likely to change, hard to pick a number as 2many would be weird as therez like. only 40 catz between the 2 clanz but i also dont wanna be like well. he killed like 2 catz
[name pending]- cockly loudmouth, first victim- started as yewpaw being annoyed tht he kept licking off the poultice on a scratch so he added a bit of somthin 2 make him a bit sick...yewpaw liked the feeling of being able to control the sickness & health of this cat n slowly ramped up the poison until he killed him
pineruff- yewheartz mentor, serious but lovez her clan very deeply, known to humor apprenticez gamez- put together the dotz & realized wht yew had done- assumed it was an accident but did confront him about it. yewheart killed her shortly after gaining his name, in a way so tht she was paralyzed and died slowly- made a show of trying to save her, she was unable to speak & tell wht had happened
owlkit & wolfkit- bearheartz siblingz, killed due to irritation with their mother thundersong not listening to his instructionz during the pregnancy, to punish her, he impliez tht the reason thy died is bcuz she waz 2 active well carrying thm [nevr around cat wht would kno tht 4 the bullshit tht it is] thundersong feelz a deep guilt & doez blame herself thnkz 2 him  
bearheart- originally he meant to kill him, but as he was a bulky kit he wasnt given the right dose, yew ran w/ it and got a kick out of playing god with the young cat- continuing to poison him right until the end well acting as his savior 
oriolecall- seemingly grouchie but a huge softie, yewheartz love interest, first non-poison murder- yew found him bleeding out from a coyote attack & simply finished the job. he got a lot more sloppy aftr this 
moonclan medcat- poplarspringz mentor- killed in yewheartz quest to make himself irreplaceable, he spread poison on the leavez of a herb patch, so tht whn gathered thy would cause death
poplarspring- moonclan medicine cat, dating weevilface, killed aftr bearheart revealed poplar & weevilz suspicions towardz yew 2 yew... another non poision murder- thy were found twisted in the upwalker web, hung- last murder 
those r the main 1z! def got more tho >:3c i can also go into more detailz about any of these characterz but i tired 2 keep it brief lol
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thesis-speedrun · a month ago
finally realized that the reason I always connected to Rose more than Sydney is that while, yes, I too suffer Sydney-esque social anxiety and ineptitude, Rose happens to be a grade-A messy bitch with shades of dangerous fuck-up-titude, and that happens to be my exact vibe in life just with fewer social skills
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