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whatascamp · 7 minutes ago
Who: Mike & @thecatastrophicstarters​
Where: Outer edge of the Fairvale Farmland
When: June 22, morning
Tumblr media
Some damn fool had planted corn. Anyone with a head worth having knew corn grew high enough they’d be dandy cover for freaks. Tomatoes were growing elsewhere, but those didn’t get overly tall unless left unchecked. They didn’t need to be tall to harvest. The corn, wriggling little leaves pushing up and out toward the sun, was the damnable thing.
But did he risk insulting someone, ripping them out? They hadn’t flowered yet, it was early enough he wasn’t ruining anything, and could replace it with something safer. The sickle in his free hand was bounced thoughtfully. There had been acall to check the food for illness; he could say the corn looked iffy, not even chewed on by insects? Spare feelings, keep ill will at bay.
Tommaso rocked on his heels, scanning the field and noticed someone approaching. He tipped his hat with the free hand, holding his greeting until they were close enough he needn’t raise his voice. “Morning. What brings you out here?”
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sunbentsky · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“Prometheus ain’t gettin’ his liver eaten forever for you to serve that shit raw.”
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justarandompancake · 14 minutes ago
its 2pm
anyways lunch time-
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morceid · 22 minutes ago
i went to 7/11 today and one of the hot dogs on the roller had a bite taken out of the side of it
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starvingviolets · 27 minutes ago
food log (17/06/21)
breakfast: orange juice (54cal)
lunch: cornflakes (113cal) + milk (61cal)
dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs (161cal)
calories eaten: 388cal
calories burned: 372cal
total: 16cal
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dyingday · 31 minutes ago
good things from today bc im trying to not be pessimistic:
1. it is raining
2. i had potato curry for dinner
3. my math professor is a really fucking funny guy
4. i understood shit in chem class it was amazing to feel smart
5. my rose plant bloomed today after like months of being dry and wilted and the flower is a really really really pretty hot pink
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ch3m1c4l-w4rf4r3 · 40 minutes ago
Listening to Zayn while making mac and cheese bc why not
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adoginthemanger · 41 minutes ago
What's a brota?
Brota is a hybrid of a sandwich and a pita. It's delicious. I had it a few days back look~
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jeonsdear · 45 minutes ago
tw food:
hello i just realized i can’t eat 3 meals without feeling guilty???????????? when did this happen omg 
as soon as i eat breakfast my day is ruined...that’s not good 
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gay-little-sushi-roll-draws · 47 minutes ago
hi how are you this possibly fine day?
Currently stressing out but I’m almost done with the animation I have to do for math😑
then I have to do a test for science and another project which I haven’t started for ss
other than that I’m okay since I made Dino nuggies:)
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imapursoon · 53 minutes ago
No, no. It's a compliment
soggy pizza is,,, weird bro
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you-sweet-thing · an hour ago
How do you resist food cravings? Do you have chest days?
so for me, i cannot have a cheat day without feeling like it's a binge, so to deal with cravings I tend to eat a little bit of what i'm craving in a controlled environment, making sure it fits in with my calorie limit. because if i dont.. the craving just doesn't go away.
so for example if i'm really craving a brownie, I'll decide how many calories i can have of it, then measure it out so that i only have that many calories on a plate. I will then take that plate, as well as a large, large cup of water, into another room that doesn't have the box of brownies. Then, I finish half my cup of water, then take a bite. idk if anyone else has ever heard of the french method where its like.
your first bite — your hello bite: get acquainted with the food
your second bite — your savoring bite: revel in the taste, really indulge in the senses re: it.
your third bite — your last bite: say goodbye to it
but I do that (with the 'second bite' however many bites i have of the allotted portion), with long, slow sips of water in between. After I've finished the brownie, I finish my water then get yet another large glass of water so I'm not tempted to eat more.
Sometimes you'll still have cravings after you're done with your portion, so when that happens I'll set a timer for twenty minutes then start like my favorite show (i'm watching euphoria rn and jules and rue are thinspo lmao) or cleaning my room or some other task. When the timer runs out, I ask myself whether I still want more, and typically I don't. What's really important in this step is to fully allow yourself to measure out another portion of your food if you still really really crave it. If you're telling yourself that you can always have that food, it doesn't feel so illicit. you'll be more likely to be satisfied with one portion if there's no scarcity mindset going on. sometimes if i still really am craving that food i'll just scrap my planned dinner for the day and just eat that food mindfully as outlined above.
(i know like the whole point of eds are scarcity mindset but this is when mind over matter comes into play lol.) something that's really common on this site but works is the idea that those foods will still be there when you're skinny. There's not a scarcity of them. you aren't deprived of them. it makes your actual restriction more binge-free because it's more balanced (lol again) but it also makes you less likely to fixate on the foods you want to eat and more likely to fixate on the person you want to be.
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aintmyjewelry · an hour ago
i am going to try to have lunch today lmao
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littlemoons-fr · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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bitch-for-water · an hour ago
✨6/16/21 food log✨
finished 19 hr fast at 12:30 pm
(total for breakfast - 0 cals)
lunch - 12:30 pm ish
chicken - 470
sugar free red bull - 10
(total for lunch - 480 cals)
dinner - 4:19 pm
ego waffles w/butter - 225
(total for dinner - 225 cals)
exercise according to apple watch - 2
cal limit for today - 800
total cals - 703 ✅
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soapie00 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
im eating ice creamr ight now . i dont think i want to eayt ice cream anymore ):
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thursday-the-13th · an hour ago
when you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy! then, send to your last ten people in your notifs (anonymously). you never know who might benefit from spreading positivity ☺︎︎
this made me so happy!!! thanks anon!!!
- cookies
- the library
- playing viola
- listening to music
- this ask :)
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