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zmuzikpradoocera day ago
@flutist_tyler I had a blast learning tons of new solo flute rep this year and @vcolemanp Danza de la Mariposa was a great challenge (and super fun 馃槈). Thanks @austinflutesociety for choosing this amazing piece for the Young Artist Competition! Here is a bit of my favorite part! Check out the full performance on my YouTube channel (link in bio)! . . . . . #flute #fl没te #fl枚te #fl酶te #flautista #flutist #flutists #flautist #flutesofinstagram #piccolo #artistry #performer #music #musician #musicians #instamusician #musiciansofinstagram #fluteteacher #musicteacher #classicalmusic #classicalmusician #woodwind #practice #wearevqpowell #flutistryboston #blackmusicmatters #blackmusiciansmatter #blackmusicians #blackclassicalmusic #bipocmusicians
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elsewhereuniversity4 days ago
I chose this name because it can鈥檛 become my true name unless I actively work for it, which I do not intend to do. PLEASE stop trying to Take me, I don鈥檛 play any instruments, I don鈥檛 really get music at all. The only art you鈥檒l get from me is horrible low effort doodles on my lecture notes. Once again, I do NOT play the flute.
- The Sublime Flautist
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pinceauarcenciel5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Participation au Draw This In Your Style de @/mikankey (sur instagram) ! 馃 馃幖
Cela faisait un moment que je voulais faire un de ses DTIYS, mais 脿 chaque fois je loupais le coche... Cette fois, c鈥檈st chose faite ! En plus le th猫me 茅tait trop cool : une flutiste magique qui fait surgir des plantes toxiques et carnivores *_*
Avec (en commen莽ant en bas 脿 gauche puis le tout le tour) : digitale pourpre, cephalocus follicularis, dion茅e attrape-mouche, ell茅bore blanc, sarrancenia, une plante carnivore fantaisiste, et un renard un peu bancal~~
馃尡 Lien vers le post original du DTIYS 馃尡
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aeolianblues8 days ago
So I started scoring a composition (a waltz for two friends is officially hapoening!), it鈥檚 more orchestral than pieces I would usually write, which would be more popular music driven: your guitars, pianos, bass and drums. This time is all strings and feels very proper and that, and I had to look up the nitty gritties of what makes up the string section (I know, shocker) (I honestly thought a cello was the bass, TIL)
That should give you a pretty good idea that I鈥檓 doing this more by ear and harmony more than anything else, but listening back to the intro section I did this morning, you know what I realised? My biggest teacher scoring-wise, is not the greats, the European composers of yore that everyone holds up as the standard of western classical music (broad term), not the piano composers I鈥檝e been meaning to get into and know a few pieces by but that comprise 70% of my exposure to classical composition and arrangement, no sir! Instead, it鈥檚 the Pok茅mon Nintendo DS game music that鈥檚 been the biggest influence on my writing, and I wasn鈥檛 even thinking about it particularly. I guess stuff you begin with truly does stay with you throughout
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ashes-0f-laughter13 days ago
Quick question - what are some of the big issues y鈥檃ll have when practicing or learning music (any instrument) or in your flute playing (If you鈥檙e a flute player)? or even things you wish you knew when you were younger to your instrument
I鈥檓 brainstorming ideas at the moment and want to poll those who aren鈥檛 me and past-me.
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winepresswrath16 days ago
ZZJ did have a point that JGY got a bit of a villain edit in the drama. Not that he's not villainous in the book, but I did think it was kind of unnecessary to have him knowingly knock up his sister wife rather than for him to have to decide its better to have an incest baby born in wedlock.
ZZJ made many good points! Though personally I thought having him arrange for the second flautist is the real villain edit and evils up his character a lot more than it keeps Wei Wuxian on the side of the angels. In the drama Mingjue is pretty unambiguously in the right wrt his suspicions about Jin Guangyao's character, because that dude is already arranging for things like Zixuan's death and the massacre at Nightless City, whereas in the book you can sort of frame killing Mingjue as the actual moment Jin Guangyao decides lines in the sand are for people standing on firmer ground.
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gasparodasalo18 days ago
Johann Adolph Hasse (1699-1783) - Concerto for Flute, Strings and Basso continuo in b-minor, Op. 3 No. 10, I. Allegro ma non troppo. Performed by Laurence Dean, transverse flute, and Hannoversche Hofkapelle on period instruments.
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360magazine27 days ago
RISING IRISH ARTIST:聽CIAN DUCROT聽 NEW SONG 鈥淐ROCODILES鈥 IS A FAMILIAR TALE OF REEVALUATING FRIENDSHIPS THAT NO LONGER SERVE US.聽 LISTEN HERE聽|聽WATCH VIDEO HERE Irish songwriter, producer, and artist聽Cian Ducrot聽releases a brand new song titled聽鈥淐rocodiles.鈥澛燭he song, a follow up to his recent single聽鈥淣ot Usually Like This鈥澛爄s another prime example of the young, multidisciplinary, stellar鈥
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justanotherpiccplayera month ago
answer 30 questions and tag 20 mutuals
hullo hullo聽
thank you very much for the tag @mattbear-music-nz and @help-i-am-a-music-major :D
name/nickname: I have a list of like 40+ nicknames, some favourites include Oof, Oif, Jeff and more recently Playaa
gender: I am me lol
star sign: pisces
height: average
birthday: recent
time: 1:07pm UK time
favourite bands: uhhhhh, I like orchestras lol, but uhhhhh thinking really hard, Fleetfoxes, trials of caito, orchestras
favourite solo artists: uhhhhhh minor 20th century composers (a lot of them English), Joe Hisaishi, Kevin Penkin, Hozier is great, Emmanuel Pahud,聽
song stuck in my head rn:聽聽(Faron woods skyward sword, what a bop, I can play it on whistle)
last film I watched: Wolfwalkers GO SEE IT
last show I watched: The (American) Office
when did I create this blog: 2016?? I think???
what I post about: music, anime, games, trash
last thing googled: that faron woods yt vid
other blogs: I tried making an acnh one once???
do I get asks? not so much, but they fun :)
why I chose my URL:聽I used to watch a youtuber called JustAnotherFlutist, but also, I am just another piccolo player so
following: 178
followers: 1010
average hours of sleep: idk like 6-8
lucky number: 21
instruments: flute, picc, violin, whistle, singing, occasionally oboe and viola
what am I wearing: jeans, concert band tour tshirt, folk society hoodie
dream trip: JAPAN
nationality: British
favourite songs: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa聽
last book I read: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
top 3 fictional universes I鈥檇 like to live in: wherever Spirited Away is, botw is so stunning I think I鈥檇 have a great picnic there, HTTYD has dragons lmao
Favourite colour: I like cool colours
Tagging (optional to do):
@mayflower-gal @thewholeguacamole @brett-the-tea-drinker @fenfalleen
@thatmusicgeek22 @moosicnerd @soprano-and-the-alto-clef-blog @elliefluteelephant @saxlockian @coffeeand-music @stravinsky @composerinprogress @lesbian-thespians @someonetheelusivefangirl @the-tired-tenor @benevolentgentleman
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ladylilabrowna month ago
馃幖 Bow down! Beyonc茅 is now the most-winning female singer in #Grammys history with 28 wins 馃弳 Adding to my repertoire, decided to learn something new today. 馃幎#flute #music #woodwinds #flautist 馃尯 #inspiration #tiktok near the #philharmonic (at Philharmonic At Walt Disney Hall)
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officiallacrossesticka month ago
鈥淛oin jazz band,鈥 they said.
鈥淚t鈥檒l be fun,鈥 they said.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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notas-mentalesa month ago
Visita al Castillo de Chapultepec y concierto de flauta y piano.
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santoshbvna month ago
Eminent Assamese musician, flute player Prabhat Sarma passes away
Eminent Assamese musician, flute player Prabhat Sarma passes聽away
Renowned flutist, composer and singer Prabhat Sarma died here on Tuesday, family sources said. He was 85. His daughter Tarali Sarma, a National Award-winning singer, said her father woke up at 4:30 am and then went to sleep after talking to his wife. 鈥淲hen my aunt came to wake him up at 6 am, he was no more,鈥 she told PTI sitting beside the mortal remains of the doyen of Assamese folk culture at鈥
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king-galaxius2 months ago
Prem Joshua - Funky Guru
Prem Joshua 鈥 Funky聽Guru
Prem Joshua 鈥 Funky Guru Prem Joshua 鈥 Funky Guru Born in Germany to a musical family, Joshua began learning the flute at the age of five, becoming a fine flautist while still a child. As a teenager he was soon performing in various Rock, Jazz and Fusion bands as a flute and saxophone player, always searching for new ways of expressing and expanding his music. However, a musical 鈥渄iscontent鈥,鈥
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