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lobodobem · 42 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
𝖜𝖊𝖊𝖐𝖊𝖓𝖉 𝖎𝖓 𝖕𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖘!!
“Próxima parada: Paris”. Foto tirada no aeroporto de Cannes por Chloé, dia 07/05.
Foto tirada já em Paris por Castiel, dia 07/05. w/ @ameliasauveterre & @clemantim
Foto tirada na Torre Eiffel, dia 07/05.
Foto tirada na Université d’Harcourt, dia 08/05.
“Homem de preto”. Foto tirada por Holly, dia 08/05.
“Família”. Foto tirada no dia 08/05. w/ @hollvcrap & @ambitchiiious
“Bonito pra caralho”. Foto tirada no dia 08/05. w/ @benjaminfrdrc
“Você não pode sentar com a gente”. Foto tirada no dia 08/05. w/ @hollvcrap
“Saúde!”. Foto tirada no dia 08/05. w/ @hollvcrap & @benjaminfrdrc & @ambitchiiious
Foto tirada em Champs-Elysées, Paris, no dia 09/05. w/ @margotdbsl
Foto tirada no Museu do Louvre, no dia 09/05.
“Namorada”. Foto tirada no Museu do Louvre, no dia 09/05. w/ @margotdbsl
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zorkaya · 55 minutes ago
A collection of some lines that I can see Zarina say in her English VA - Claudia Black. The quality of the recording isn’t good, but the lines are the most important. You can say that she might be saying these lines in a game like Ge.n.shin or Ark.nights. 
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sems-diarie · an hour ago
sem, plz stop dissing my nigga istg i've had enough of yawl
LDMAKKJHSJ you fighting for yo life 😭😭😭 OVER SOME TSKUSHIMA?? bestie this is embarrassing
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iinyxtello · 2 hours ago
Did anyone else read Pegasus by Kate O’hearn in middle school bc those two bitches were gay. Cupid and the other one that had a rivalry with him.
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anxietyravioli · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i know they’re literally half of my f/o list but i’m still thinking about every single one of them and my singular braincell is rapidly bouncing around different corners of my skull trying to keep up with my train of thought all of them bring me so much joy 
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zorkaya · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Zarina is NOT a person who searches for the control of the world, domination of the world, and going towards the full change in the world. Usually, she doesn’t have goals that have a specific end where it may result in just ending or not providing her with additional stimulus to search for more things.
So what is different in Gen.shin? Why does she search to change the world unlike her other verses? What affects her to change her views and her usual approach to the world? 
The answer is easy to explain: she has only 10 years to live a normal life without then succumbing to her body breaking down and she has nothing/no one who she trusts and wants to protect besides herself. 
As a comparison: Even in Arkn.ights, Zarina has Ami.ya and Dr. Kal’t.sit and Rh.odes Isla.nd to protect, but in Gen.shin, she has no one until she sees Victor, who will be the key figure if you ever want to try to make her stop those destructive plans to welcome the Age of Men to Te.yvat. 
Unlike Gen.pact’s verse, Zarina doesn’t know when her end is, which makes her enjoy her life the fullest but also because she has those she needs to protect. There are people who she finds important, there are far more goals and enjoyment in life because she has those she trusts and adores and wishes to have in her life - she has reasons to avoid stupid things that can be achieved and then there will be nothing left. 
However, in Gen.pact, Zarina has only a limited time to live with her injuries, which makes her think of the most logical, rational, and pragmatic way to spend the rest of her days that she knows will leave a major mark on the history. The emotional aspect of life is erased from her life altogether, which isolates her from her humanity much more than even in Ark.nights due to the fact that there is literally no one who she trusts and has an emotional connection (not including any relationships built up with plotting and roleplaying). The fact that she doesn’t have unknown time and she doesn’t have those to live for (until she finds Victor) means that her major goal will have an end unlike her others. 
In a sense, Zarina’s goal is to leave the big red mark on history. To be remembered. To bring change. To show that middle finger to the Gods and showcase that mortals do not need gods. Humanity doesn’t need Archons looking over them because she was already abandoned by her Archon in Snez.hna.ya before and she has prospered and she wants to see how humans will work when they are put on the line of survival - how far will they go and how much they will move themselves forward without being “protected” by “false hope” as she sees Archons above. 
The main goal in wishing to change the world is the only one that appears in Ge.snhin because she knows it will take the majority of her time alive. Zarina knows she’ll die and she knows there’s no one who she’ll ever care about to remain a “human” without her hands tainted in blood, destruction, and death. Because she doesn’t have anyone by her side and she is alone, there is no one to enjoy her life with for real. She is drowning in apathy, existing in emptiness and void without any connections to the society around her because she finds them ignorant - no one understands her and she doesn’t expect anyone to ever get her.
The only reasons Zarina’s goals in Gen.shin are so different compared to how she behaves in any other verse, where she simply plants seeds of chaos to enjoy the show to shoo away apathy with entertainment, is because she has no time to waste, she has no one who’ll make her emotional side actually act up and maybe want her to look at a better path, and because she has failed to protect the only light that mattered to her in that whole world - a boy without a vision. A little boy who wanted to have a vision just like his older siblings and who was driven to go to Il Dot.tore to become stronger to protect his siblings only to die and be used as a catalyst to start the rebellion and push Sokolov siblings to destruction. 
Why should she - a woman who can change the world with everything she has - just sit back and allow herself to live a quiet life of mere 10 years when she can shake to its core? After all, there’s no one who’ll make her stop, there’s no one who matters, and there’s no one who will make her think of a different way. 
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sandblastseo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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coteriie · 3 hours ago
gonna be over on @dirtycrow for the time being if anyone is curious
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badendbirds · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Do you think this is still just a game?”
John and his right hand Lady are done messing around with the THB.
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corrchoigilt · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
@caimkairos​ said: “ the spot of your death is now a lovely gift shop ” (Sophia)
Buzz.feed Unsolved Prompts
Tumblr media
“...No. No, it isn’t…?”
He stares at twinkling green eyes. A veil of innocence not easily pierced. The perfect poker face… She was fucking with him. He absolutely knew she was-
Don’t show hesitation. Don’t show weakness. It’s what she wanted. That moment where he would even consider such an obvious fib a possibility. That’s how she would win. Red glares back with unbreaking eye contact. He can’t check… It was absurd, after all. The stone that marked his death should still be there… Probably a landmark, even.
They wouldn’t bulldoze that for some tacky gift shop that probably sold useless knick knacks with his name attached to them. Nothing else would be more insulting. Disrespectful. Such an outlandish ‘what-if’ that continued to prod at his mind despite it.
The seed of doubt had already been placed. It’s roots stretched thin and deep into the crevices of his thoughts. Such a mundane statement. Just a singular statement. Yet the power it held over him in this moment-
...He’s already grabbing her phone to check-
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achorusofcleris · 4 hours ago
11, 20, and 30 for the ask thing?
Adding a read more since things might get ~controversial.~ Certain characters are tagged to prevent them from showing up in the search engine (though I do genuinely like two of them, it’s just that the opinions I have might not be considered appropriate to show up in the search).
11. Favourite paralogue and why?
Probably Dimitri’s because it’s the only way you can learn what became of Hanneman and Manuela if you didn’t recruit them before the timeskip. I mean, it’s terrible that they might die, but it’s nice to see that they weren’t completely forgotten about like they were in other routes (outside of a recruited Manuela having dialogue in VW/SS after Rhea takes a missile to the face).
20. Character(s) you thought had wasted potential, and why?
By/leth is the biggest one since I feel like they are the definition of good concept; poor execution. They’re this god disguised as a mercenary who can wield a cool sword because they have a rock stuck in their heart, which I don’t think is a bad thing on paper. Unfortunately, making them a silent protagonist who rarely shows emotion and has little-to-no discernable personality made the good ideas fall flat for me, and making them the player avatar only made it worse.
Unlike in Pokémon games or games from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, By/leth isn’t an average blank slate due to their established past, so placing myself in their shoes is impossible for me. At the end of the day, I felt like all of the cool ideas were just wasted so the game to pander to the player.
Outside of By/leth, I feel like Edel/gard could also have been handled better. Unlike By/leth, I feel like there are good things about Edel/gard (her role in Azure Moon is a highlight of the route for me), but I would be lying if I claimed that her development was meaningful (again, outside of Azure Moon, where she sacrifices her humanity in a desperate attempt to achieve her goals). 
In her own route, she just feels really static to me. She’s the same Edel/gard from start to finish, the only thing that’s different in this route is that she has By/leth on her side. I just wish that she was given some sort of character arc that had her change for better or worse. I would have loved to see her interact with her classmates more, have them learn the truth about Arianrhod, and have her actions after being confronted dictate the direction the rest of the route is going to take. If possible, I also think her learning about the Red Canyon Tragedy would have been interesting given her own past. Like, I feel like there was so much that could have been done with Edel/gard, and it makes me sad that we didn’t get that.
Cl/aude is another one for much of the same reasons as Edel/gard. He has this interesting backstory, but it’s never given any attention due to his route being unfinished and a Silver Snow reskin. Unlike Edel/gard, I don’t really have too many ideas about how I would change things, which is due to his route being less unique in comparison. I just wish he got a route tailored to his character instead of one that occasionally feels like he was just placed there out of obligation.
30. Are there any things you dislike about your favourite character(s)? If so what are they?
I’d be lying if I claimed that my faves were all perfect. Dimitri is probably my favorite character in the game, but I wish he wasn’t struck with the By/leth worship bug that a bunch of the characters found themselves infected with. I wouldn’t say that he’s the worst case, but 
Rhea is another character I really love, but if I had to pick something I disliked about her, it would be that she wasn’t utilized as well as she should have been (why did she not have any scenes in Enbarr? why was her development saved for her s-support?).
There are other characters that I also really love, but I figured I’d stop with these two since they’re my big faves.
Thank you for the ask!~ <3
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hcpeful · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
                      ❝  ‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒  A    true    Togami    knows    the    best    way    to    get    yourself    a    MILF    is    to    pre  —  register    one.  ❞
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sobaluvr · 4 hours ago
did you know ,, that i would do anything for you :0
right back at’cha bubs <3
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vulp-vulp-sketchbook · 4 hours ago
Taking suggestions for samples to make a beat. So far we got the 2016 hit by Geb Bush - "Please Clap" on lead
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umomgtarot · 4 hours ago
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achorusofcleris · 4 hours ago
how about 24?
Popular ship/support you don't like, and why?
24. Popular ship/support you don't like, and why?
I’m adding a read more because of salt and uncomfy subjects. Backslashes are used to censor character and ship names so my salt doesn’t clog up the search engine.
I went over one of them (Edel/eth) previously, which basically boiled down to four points:
The power imbalance is one that I have difficulty reconciling for personal reasons.
My dislike for By/leth makes it difficult for me to care about their relationships.
By/leth’s presence not facilitating any meaningful character development for Edel/gard the way they did for the other lords (Dimi/tri especially, but Clau/de at least gets something).
The dynamic reducing Edel/gard into a waifu, even to the point of downplaying her trauma to make her more appealing to the player (see the rat scene).
The first two points aren’t unique to this particular pairing, but the latter two are the ones that dragged this ship down for me. That’s not to say that this is an irredeemable ship, as I definitely believe it had a lot of potential and could have been great if it was handled differently. I can see why people like it, and I’m happy that it sparks joy for the shippers, but it’s not my thing.
I’ve already covered these reasons on a previous ask you sent me, so I figured I’d also give you something new. As I said on that ask, there were two 3H ships that I ended up disliking, and it just so happens that the other ship I dislike is also pretty popular (and one that I know you personally ship, sorry).
Now I didn’t always dislike Doro/grid (I actually shipped it after completing their paralogue), but their B-support just ruined it for me since Doro/thea’s dialogue at the end of the support brought me back to a really bad time in my life. I know some people can look past that moment, and that’s cool, but my own experiences make doing so impossible for me. I do like Doro/thea as a character, and I relate to her a lot, but I believe that In/grid was well within her rights to feel uncomfortable with her advances.
My feelings towards it only worsened when I found out that people were calling In/grid a homophobe for rejecting Doro/thea’s advances. As I mentioned before, I went through something similar, so seeing people lash out at In/grid for establishing boundaries after someone said something that made her uncomfy just didn’t sit well with me in the slightest. In my case, I was harassed by cis men, but I would feel just as uncomfy regardless of my harasser’s sex or gender since I rarely experience romantic or sexual attraction (personally, I’d be fine with anyone provided I find them attractive and feel comfortable with them).
I’m of the mind that anyone, regardless of sex or gender, has the potential to make a person feel uncomfortable. That said, I definitely think there’s a difference between feeling uncomfortable with someone who just so happens to identify a certain way, and feeling uncomfortable with someone because of how they identify. Even then, there is a big difference between someone not being interested in a person who identifies a certain way, and someone being uncomfortable with how a person identifies themself. 
In In/grid’s case, I don’t see anything to suggest that she was uncomfy because the person making advances was a woman, but rather her discomfort originated because the advances themselves were of a suggestive nature. While In/grid only has paired endings with male characters, there are hints that she’s not completely straight (her support with Ig/natz has her pretty much crushing on Saint Sei/ros). As such, I personally believe that her turning down Doro/thea’s advances weren’t her being a homophobe, but rather the result of Doro/thea coming on too strong for her liking. Not to mention, she’s perfectly comfortable with Mer/cedes in their support, and Mer/cedes is also interested in women, so women liking women isn’t something that In/grid takes issue with.
I’m not going to fault anyone for disliking In/grid because she does have moments that aren’t a good look on her, but calling her a homophobe for setting boundaries is something that just rubs me the wrong way due to my own personal experiences with sexual harassment.
Given that I previously shipped the two, I definitely believe that they had potential, and I can see why people like it. If you do like it, I think that’s great, and I’m glad the ship makes you happy. That said, the way it was handled in canon is something I can’t ignore due to strictly personal reasons, so that’s why I don’t ship it anymore.
TL;DR: I liked Doro/grid after their paralogue, but their supports killed it for me and the “In/grid is a homophobe” accusations only made it worse due to personal reasons.
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