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#flag discourse
vanillawaiver · a day ago
tiktok is weird because sometimes you'll see a normal video and the top comment just says "dnf" with 10 likes and 500 replies
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capripian · 3 days ago
If I see the toothpaste flag one more time I'm gonna fucking lose it
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localspacelesbian · 5 days ago
@romaniuprising on instagram has a good post about how it’s offensive
i just checked it out, and i can 100% see where they're coming from. like i said, i will continue to do more research on this subject to be more informed. thank you for letting me know, and I'm sorry if my previous reply came off rude in any way. i didn't mean to, and i definitely didn't mean to assume you were white or that you didn't have valid reasons to be on anon. i hope you can understand why it would make me more hesitant to take your word for it, but i also understand why you would want to stay anonymous. thank you for sending another ask to continue the discussion
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valid-stuff · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i decided to make my own version of the acearo flag :)!
> the other one(s?) is still cool, i just think it lost the essence of the old flags its based on if that makes sense! /lh, /nm
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localspacelesbian · 6 days ago
hey i just wanted to let you know that the pride flag with the black triangle is super offensive to romani h*locaust survivors, and really shouldn’t be used!!! (no hate to you, just letting you know)
I personally have a lot of thoughts on the various lesbian flags and their histories and prefer the labrys one to others for both aesthetic and symbolic reasons. I’ve heard a lot of criticisms of this flag before, but I have not heard this one. I will definitely be looking into it and possibly asking some romani people my friend knows about it. If there are any romani people who see this post and would like to share their thoughts, I’d be 100% open to hearing it.
From what I do know, the black triangle was used for anyone deemed “antisocial” which did include romani, as well as mentally ill/disabled people and queer woman, among other groups, so I don’t quite understand why it would only be ok for one of those groups to reclaim the symbol, but not others. I also know that there is a tendency on the internet to try to censor queer expression in the name of protecting another minority group (ie. the whole aspec discourse), which comes off very performative and white-saviory. I’m not saying this is what you’re doing, but knowing that does make me a little more hesitant to take your word for this alone without further evidence or feedback from members of the actual group you are claiming to represent, especially when you are sending this message anonymously.
I would also like to point out that censoring potentially triggering words like “holocaust” does more harm than good, as it does nothing to prevent those who may have the tag blocked from seeing it.
I understand that you have good intentions in sending this ask, and I only have good intentions in my response. I would welcome further discussion about this topic from you or others as long as they continue to be in good faith.
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kaithatguy · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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metallteef · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
two options stand before you. one is a beautiful flag that’s been designs decades ago with each stripe meaning something beautiful to being gay, whether that be the involvement of nature or just magic itself. the other is blue because boy. choose wisely.
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mellometal · 9 days ago
Hi, everyone.
I know it's kind of annoying that I feel the constant need to explain, clarify, and defend every little thing. It's something that I've always felt I needed to do in order for people to understand where I'm coming from, or else I risk people getting the wrong idea. I'm trying my best NOT to do that as much, as it's an annoying habit to have. Believe me, this affects me in my personal life a lot and it's Hell.
This whole habit started when I was in the Panic! At The Disco fandom on Instagram. My account there was initially a dedication to early pre-split Panic! (from when Brent Wilson was in the band). I was eighteen at the time I made my account. I can remember spending HOURS looking for pictures from that era. It was fun while it lasted, I'm not gonna lie.
I got flack from the kids because I was an adult in the Panic! fandom (despite me being fresh out of high school at the time), even though there were plenty of adults older than me in the fandom???? I didn't understand at the time, and I still don't. I also got a lot of flack for defending Brent Wilson and having nothing but good things to say about him. I've talked to him on Twitter a few times. He's actually one of the sweetest people ever. (Even though he's currently in jail right now for alleged drug charges, an apparent traffic violation, and possession of a weapon...but nobody actually knows the whole story behind that. I'm not gonna pretend that I know what it is because I don't know Brent irl. However, just because someone does drugs or sells drugs, it doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people.)
I had a few people in the Panic! fandom steal my art just to shit on it because they don't like me or we don't see eye to eye on things. They called my art ugly and shit. That pretty much made me stop drawing anything related to Panic! altogether. I've had people repost pictures and videos of me to say that I'm the love child of Susan Boyle and ogre Princess Fiona, that they're (CW: 3ug3n!@ C00n3y, weight, and suicidal thoughts will be briefly mentioned) "glad Eugenia Cooney finally gained weight" (because ya girl throws down with a dark smokey eye and thick black eyeliner when I feel like doing so), even had a couple people make these horrible memes to make fun of my appearance more and mock me for when I had suicidal thoughts on and off. (I still do have suicidal thoughts on and off, but they're not as frequent now. They only occur when something that I've dealt with in the past happens to me again and it triggers me badly enough...and the thoughts are more intense.) When I asked them to take down the pictures they had of me and stuff (because I didn't give anyone permission to repost pictures of me or anything), they responded by making my face their profile picture. I had panic attacks over this shit. This caused me to delete every single selfie I took (even though I was having a great day in a lot of them and I felt pretty or cute) and every single video of myself. Yes, I did retaliate a few times out of distress and I said some things I never meant. It didn't help the situation, but what other option did I have? I was out of options at the time. Do I remember exactly what I said? No. Not at all. Did I apologize? Yes.
Fast forward to when I was in the flop community on IG. I didn't get into it until I was like...nineteen? I think I was one of the oldest people in the flop community, if not the oldest. It was for emo flops and other flops that weren't related to emo bands.
(TW: P3d0ph!L!@ will be mentioned here, as well as brief mentions of n00ds and someone making up bullshit lies about me asking for CP.)
A few people made accounts on IG to accuse me of being a pedophile, even going as far as to make fake screenshots of "me" ASKING A "FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL" FOR NUDES. Like, girl. I don't even ask for nudes from women in the same age group as me or from women older than me. Why the FUCK would I ask for nudes from girls who are in middle school or in high school, when I don't even ask for nudes from women in the same age group as me or older than me? It's fucking gross. I'm not attracted to children. Never have been, never will be. I'm attracted to adult women ONLY, meaning I'm attracted to both women older than me and to women a little younger than me. I'm not attracted to UNDERAGE GIRLS. That's fucking nasty.
Yeah, there are kids in middle school and high school following me on IG, but it's because we have mutual interests or we're in mutual fandoms. Not because I'm some crusty, musty, disgusting cretin who goes out of my way to get in contact with minors, or that I apparently want to "get it on" with minors. This has caused me to CONSTANTLY CLARIFY when I say that I love my followers or something, that it's NOT in a romantic or sexual way. Aaannnndddd it also doesn't help that I've always had a hard time relating to most people around my age (still have this problem).
They also tried to make me out to be a racist, violent monster. Oh yeah, they made fake screenshots of "me" calling someone the n-word, despite me not being black and I don't use that word AT ALL. PERIOD. I've NEVER used that word and I don't plan to. Plus they used me lashing out in distress against me when they were the ones who caused the distress to begin with. They've even gone as far as plan to DOXX ME.
It took a lot to get those accounts literally slandering me taken down. I get that they were kids being stupid on the Internet, but making claims about people you don't like being pedophiles (which is a SERIOUS ACCUSATION), or making claims about them being racist and violent when you have no evidence to back it up IS SO FUCKED UP. Especially if you have to resort to making up YOUR OWN "evidence" with Photoshop type apps in order to HAVE "evidence" to back up why you hate this person so much. That shit can and has ruined people's lives. These slanderous lies these kids made about me just because they don't like me nearly ruined my life.
This whole behavior still carries over to the pride flag edits I make, specifically with the lesbian edits. I'm not always sure if people know the difference between the lipstick lesbian pride flag (with the lipstick print, which I've never used), and the reclaimed all-pink lesbian pride flag (without the lipstick print, which I've used since I came out as lesbian in 2016), but I always feel the need to explain the differences between the two. It's not because I'm wanting to feel superior or anything. It's because I want to make sure I'm understood. That's really all it is.
The reason for why the lesbian flag edits are of the all-pink lesbian flag without the lipstick print is because that's the flag I've always used, I have a connection to that flag, and it doesn't give me any sensory issues. The orange and pink one, plus quite a few other lesbian flags that people have created, give me a ton of sensory issues. Mainly because of certain color combinations that clash and how saturated some of the flags' colors are...especially with shades of orange. I don't know why shades of orange seem to always be more saturated when I personally look at them, compared to other colors like pink or purple, but they are. It's hard to explain. I'm not dissing anyone who uses the orange and pink lesbian flag or any other lesbian flags that have certain color schemes. That's not what I'm here to do. At all. You wanna use other lesbian flags with different color schemes because you have a connection with them? Do you! It's your life. I couldn't care less. You're valid.
Like I said earlier, there are so many lesbian flags that people have made, and it's pretty overwhelming. At least to me. I don't know about y'all, but uuuhhh....there are like over fifty different lesbian pride flags. I don't know what to do with that information. Genuinely. However, if there are any lesbians here who want any other lesbian flag with a different color scheme to be used for edits, I'm more than happy to make them. (Yes, even the flags that give me sensory issues, since I know not everyone is weird about really tedious things like certain color schemes like I am. Lol.)
I hope this helps explain things. 😅
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cabinnfeverr · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heyo! here’s a beware on the user @lumishitposts
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genderqueerdice · 13 days ago
Context ( Why We Don't Support The Mainstream System Pride Flag And Why You Probably Shouldn't Either)
So just going to add that this post will contain mentions of discourse, RA, stuff of that sort, nothing graphic, though if any of that would cause any sort of discomfort even in passing, I'd recommend giving this post a skip (it'll also be a long one)
DISCLAIMER: Some evidence screengrabs that were supposed to be here I cannot find atm, mine seem to be gone and I cannot find any other archives atm, I will either edit this post again when I find them and place them in the proper places in the post or reblog the post with further screencaps, either way take this as someone who was there during the time a lot of this happened and as my own account of events. Enjoy to the best of your ability-Leoh & Co
This post is more so being made to give context to our other posts about the Entropy System, a system that while no longer active on social media has left their own impact, for both better and worse. Today's topic is on System Pride Day.
System Pride Day was launched on October 10th 2018, as a day for Systems to celebrate their progress, how far they've come and the fact that in spite of their trauma they survived and that is something that they should be proud of.
While a sweet and great sentiment, something that we desperately need especially in a world where DID/OSDD is as stigmatized as it is, there were problems right from the get-go, one being the date and the other being the flags' signature colors.
Tumblr media
Now, some of you may not quite understand why this is a problem, well you see this is because of RA survivors, you see a lot of Systems have trauma surrounding that time of year and those colors, along with the holiday of Halloween. Many systems spoke out about both problems and it was during that first year that the date was changed to what it currently is February 23rd.
Although the colors of the flag were never touched upon again and for the next two years all complaints about it were ignored and shrugged off. That was until 2020 System Pride Day.
From what I can personally remember it started with this post about what the System Pride Flag is and what each color stands for.
They used the term integration in place of fusion, a common mistake that became more common during the DissociaDID era (that's a whole other can of worms). Comments corrected this and they made a sperate post to correct this.
More comments had started cropping up about the colors, DMs to them, etc and by the point they had been off of youtube. Their response to all of this was Instagram stories and comments stating they would not change the colors in spite of how triggering they were due to what the colors meant for them, that changing the date should've been enough and that they'd follow the DID/OSDD communities lead on what flag to use.
This was dismissive and not good enough due to the nature of these comments and stories, both of which would either disappear the next day or become buried in the sand of other comments (which they did). Along with the fact that Entropy was the one to both kickstart the day and the flag and had the largest amount of power and influence here, a power and influence that makes others attempts become overshadowed
Other Systems clearly pointed this out to Entropy and yet they still didn't budge, despite how clear it was that a good chunk of the community no longer felt safe on this day due to this flag, due to how it could trigger their CPTSD, it was dismissed.
I will acknowledge that before they deleted their instagram, in stories (that disappear after a fucking day) they promoted TWO alternate flags, said nothing more though really and then after a short while, they disappeared, becoming no longer active. Due to, what in essence can easily seem like fellow Trauma victims wanting to feel safe and them not willing to budge on this simple issue.
To put a long story short, Entropy was so stubborn about wanting to keep the flag they grew attached to as the main flag, they did not care if it triggered other systems (a good chunk of the community for that matter) and after growing clearly annoyed at people finally not shutting up about it to their face gave the most lackluster 'we are sorry, here' ass effort of what I'd call 'promotion of change without actually taking responsibility or doing shit' and then left the internet officially forever
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ojibways · 18 days ago
maybe this is just a hyper specific thing ive come across on tiktok that no one else is seeing. but it is bizarre that bisexuality is the only sexuality i have seen where ppl are like “no. read the bisexual manifesto before u speak abt being bi <3”. like they are for real out here assigning homework to like, 15 yr olds in order for them to say “i like men and women” on an app like what the hell r u talking abt
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polyamorouspunk · 21 days ago
wait, wait, I thought the orange was added to the design LITERALLY bc the original pink-white-red lesbian flag design was designed by a TERF & it was changed to be more inclusive?? So now the one w/ orange is TERF-y too?? I'm an ace lesbian and I'm so fucking confused. I don't wanna be using a TERF flag & risk getting called a TERF for using what I thought was the proper flag :c what the hell's the actual inclusive flag supposed to look like, Punk, bc I'm pretty sure I've never seen it, help ;w;
Tumblr media
Like this!
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polyamorouspunk · 21 days ago
I’m genuinely not trying to be a dick I’m just confused but how is saying that lesbians are attracted to men being a shithead? Is she like a TERF?
I don’t think so but she’s HELLA problematic for other reasons I don’t feel like getting into, it’s REAL easy to find essay posts about her shittyness, but also condemning “bi lesbians” which does not mean “men-loving-lesbians” is sketch on a surface level but reading into it more it does kinda have some terfy undertones... idk tbh whenever I see someone use that flag I automatically check to make sure they aren’t a terf because that’s like Their Flag and she’s defiantly pushing the exclusionist narative....
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ugh i just like. on the one hand i feel like im constantly screaming into the void re: the sunset flag stuff but also like. i just want to do something about it. and i know there are other lesbians who agree with me! but it feels like every non lesbian has fallen for the bullshit of the assholes and exclusionists forcing that garbage on creators until it became mainstream. 
and it is garbage! it’s a pride flag for people who harass other actual queer people and use their identity as a shield from valid criticism. it’s basically a clone of the lipstick flag and getting away from that is the whole reason we started looking for a new flag in the first place so why did so many people decide it was fine to land two steps away?? it’s gross and i hate that anyone would associate it with me and my identity.
anyway. i dunno. just stop fucking using it. stop supporting the creator. there are so many better alternatives with a kinder and more inclusive message. god.
non-lesbians are encouraged to reblog
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gritsandbrits · 25 days ago
Some of yall really need to stop projecting personal issues onto fictional ships
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